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—You can save fifty cents a pair
©n Pitzen's Wear-Wei I Shoes. 32
The W. C. T. U. met with Mrs.
Stephen Cook yesterday afternoon.
—The Palace Roller Rink opened
for the season last Monday night.
—Miss Grace Baird's kindergarten
will open the fall term Monday, Oct. 2.
—Patronize the new telephone com
pany and encourage home industries.
—L. D. Baird has plans for an ad
dition to his residence on Maple street,
—Mrs. D. R. Wiseman left yesterday
for Missoula, Mont., to visit her sister.
—Miss May Sodergren resumed her
work Monday as teacher at Spring
Grove, Minn.
—Wanted a capable housekeeper for
owner of small farm. Inquire at this
©fiiee. tf.
—Ben Bas6ler has anew automobile
of the Cadillac make which is a fine ad
dition to the Austin machines.
—Mrs. Charlotte E. Baird and daugh
ter Grace returned last week from an
extended visit with relatives in Wis
—Drop a postal card to the Agricul
tural College, Ames, Iowa., for Bulletin
No. 77 on Corn Raising. It will be
sent for the asking.
—For rent at once half section of
land three miles southeast of Adams
village. All under plow. Splendid farm.
Inquire of Matt Smith, Austin.
So far as possible, all our corres
pondence must come to this office on
Monday afternoon's mails. It is simplj
impossible to handle it all on Tuesday.
—A. C. lirodt, who had charge of the
dry goods department at the Hub, has
accepted a position at Dayton's in
Minneapolis and left last week to com
mence work there.
—Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Walker and
children left Friday for their new home
i» southern California. Mrs. Chas.
Scullin and children of Oakland ac
companied them. Mr. and Mrs. L. A.
Joiner will go with them from Kansas
—We have received a copv of the
premium list for the International
Live Stock Exposition to be held at
Chicago Dec. 2 to Dec. 9,1905. For all
information send to W. E. Skinner,
Secy. Union Stock Yards, Chicago, 111.
—The Austin Cooperative Milk Com
pany has purchased of F. A. Ticknor
the old brick block south of the court
house formerly occupied by E. P. Van
Yalkenburgh, and will fix it- up for a
milk station. The companp has also
bought the vacant lot adjoining on the
—There will be a meeting of the Con
a gregational church tomorrow eve to
consider the calling to the pastorate of
Rev. F. E. Knapf of Cheyenne, W yg.
who has preached for them very accept
ably for the past two Sundays. He 1s
recommended by the pastoral commit
tee and favorable action is expected for
tomorrow evening.
—George H. R. Brush of Villard,
Minn, has been here for the past week
visiting old friends. He formerly lived
southwest of Austin. He has recently
returned from a visit to his old home
in England. Mrs. Brush was formerly
Miss Hickok of Austin. They may
return to this vicinity to locate.
—If you have not already got one get
a new telephone so that you
can talk to almost everybody in town
and country and get the very best long
distance service too. Get your name
in the new directorv the Interstate
people are getting out, then you can
find everybody and everybody can find
you. It will add much to the security
and happiness of the home.
A Cream of Tartar Powder
Made From Grapes
Mo Alum
—Mrs. C. L. West has gone to Man
kato to visit her mother.
—Roy Varco left Tuesday morning
to resume his work-at the state univer
—Otto Baudler left Monday for the
State University, where he is studying
—They have pleased others, thsy
will please you--PItzen's Wear-Well
—Mr. and Mrs. D. Turner and son,
Geoge, spend Sunday with James
—Miss Leah Crane left Monday night
for Oberlin, Ohio, where she will at
tend college.
—How can I learn to make money?
By attending Mankato Commercial
College. Send for catalogue.
—lver Tiegen of Adams has bought
the M. W. Rogers house on south Ken
wood avenue and will reside here.
—Mrs. James Pinkava and Mrs,
Joe Pinkava and daughter, Ivy, spent
Sunday at the A. N. Schradle home.
—A. N. Schradle of Lansing and T.
Vladars of Chicago has gone to Glen
yille to visit relatives and friends there
—Mrs. C. E. Dickens Spent. Sunday
in Dexter where Mr. Dickens has a con
tract for a large amount of cement
—Miss Margaret Avery left Monday
night for New York City. She will
spend the coming year there with her
—Misses Amelia Schradle and Effie
Overholt of Manly spend Thusday
with their uncle, John Schradle, of
—Miss Lulu Merrick left Monday
night for Northhampton, Mass., to
complete her course of study at Smith
—Miss .Elizabeth Avery returned
Sunday morning from San Francisco
where she has spent the past year with
her grandmother.
—Miss Allie Kaufmann of Tracy,
Minn., is spending a few days here.
She leaves this week for Fort Dodge,
la. to visit friends.
—The Comical Cooks held a farewell
supper at the home of Nettie Belden
Saturday evening* in ho&or of Misses
Crane, Avery and Kaufman.
—Miss Nell Birge of Jackson spent
a few hours in the city Monday, the
guest of the Misses Stimson and Crane.
She left Monday night for Oberlin.
—Secretary A. notson of the Fanners
Mutual was over in 'Pleasant Valley
Monday adjusting the loss by lightning
of two stacks of barley belonging to A.
F. Kingsley.
—Invitations are issued for the wed
ding of Robert H. Woodburn of Alex
andria, Minn., and Miss Bessie Hayes
of LeRoy, to take place in the Baptist
church in LeRoy Sept. 23.
—Have you any reason for not using
Swift's Pride Soap and Washing Pow
der? They are less expensive than
cheap soaps and washing powders
Worth more and last twice as long.
—Rev. T. M. Cornelison, pastor of
the Central Presbyterian church, has
tendered his resignation as pastor here
to accept a call from a church in
Kentucky. He' closes his labors here
Nov. 1.
—A series of very delightful one
o'clock luncheons were given on Sat
urday and Monday by Mrs. W. T.
Mandeyille with Mrs. Alonzo Decker
and Mrs. John Cook. The guests of
honor were Mrs. Allan Loomis.&nd
Mrs. Harrv Vincent. ... A,
—Rev. C. E. Wright, D. D. spent
Sunday with old parishioners in Aus
tin. H£ left for LaCrospe yesterday
and .will Jbe .'in WlB^siiwin5erieu8
work for the rest 'of theyfiar. .Mrs.
Wright, who has been spending the
summer here, left yesterday fyr
Ashtabula, Ohio, to visit her sister.
„p' JLi'fyj
—The Juni6r League will give a ten
cent entertainment at the M. E. church
Friday evening.
—Mrs. Willv George an?l sons of St.
Paul were guests at theParke Goodwin
home last week.
—Miss Dorothy Wiseman of Lansing
spent $ d^y last week with her friend.
Miss Floy Armstrong.
—Mrs. Abe Watkins, who "had
another stroke last week, is but very
little better this week.
—Mrs. George Brandner and children
of Wheaton came Sunday to visit her
mother, Mrs. Nicholsen.
—Mrs. M. B. McLaughlin and son
went to Sioux City Thursday to visit
Mr. McLaughlin's relatives.
—Mrs. Dr. Bobbins returned Friday
from a two months visit with her
daughter at Spencer, Iowa.
—Miss Tinling of England will give
two temperance addresses in this city
next week, Sept. 28 and 29.
—The Knights of Pythias opened up
for fall work on Monday evening Will
Owen received the rank of Page.
—Mrs. Geo. Crandall and daughter,
Mrs. Alice Seymour of Des Moines are
guests of Miss Elizabeth Hormel.
—Miss Olive Savage left Friday for
Coulee, Wash., wher§ she has accepted
a position as principal ot the schools.
—Mrs. E. W. Marsh accompanied
her daughter Beryl to North field Wed.
nesday. Beryl entered Carlton College.
—Mrs. W. W. Padelford and little
daughter ^returned Friday from St.
Paul where the child has been in. the
—Earl Miller of Cresco, Iowa, is at
tending the S. M. Normal College and
boarding at the home of bis uncle Rev.
G. W. Lutz.
—William A. Goslee of Auburn, Neb.
is here making final settlement of his
father's estate and looking after his
farm interests.
—Mr. and Mrs. Sherm Rice and
children returned to their hom inPlatte
ville, Wis after a two weeks visit here
with relatives.
—Misses Mabel McCulloch and
Nellie Hart, and Mr. Lee Gibbons and
Farrell Riley attended the Albert Lea
fair Wednesday.
—Dr. E. J. VonBronkhorst and bride
arrived Saturday from their wedding
trip and will occupy the J. C. Belding
house on Lansing avenue.
—Frank Mitchell, and Harry Miller of
Cresco, Iowa, and Miss Arlie McMillan
of Big Lake, were guests at the G. W.
Lutz home last week.
—The Wapsie Valley R. R. Co. have
bought a town site of forty acres four
miles south of Rose Creek. Consider
ation eighty dollars an acre
—Mrs. George W. Remore and
daughter of LeLoy visited Austin
friends during the fair. They were
guests of Mrs. G. Kearns.
—Mrs. W. F. Gilbert and children
who have been guests of Mrs. G. Fred
Baird for the past month, left Thurs
day for their new home at Norton, Kas.
—Work on the improvements on the
Episcopal church building have com
menced attcf will be rushed along.
Stilman & Waterman have the con
—Attend the corn roast at Charlie L.
Rice's tonight under the auspices of
the Epworth League and have a good
time. Teams will be at the M. E.
church at seven o'clock and after.
Everybody invited.
—Dr. Helga Skyberg of Riverside,
Cal., was here yesterday on business.
She is having a fine practice at River
side. She hias been spending the past
month with her siBter at Hayfield and
with friends at Grand Meadow.
—Mrs. W. H: McKenna returned
Wednesday from Hibbing, where she
was called by the accidental death ot
her son-in-law, Byron Briggs Ferguson.
Mrs. Maphine Ferguson, the widow,
and little son Willie came with her and
will reside in Austin.
—Lightning struck A. Milbrad's
barn in Red Rock Thursday afternoon
doing considerable damage to the barn
and killing three horses. Insured in
the County Farmers Mutual. Light
ning also split the steeple of the
Catholic church in Rose Creels the
same afternoon.
—The state university commenced
the fall term jresttorday A large num
ber from Austin are attending includ
ing Alice McBride, Lynn- Varco,- Clare
.Basford. Fred Rayman, Oliver Swen
ingson, Otto Baudler, Hazel Webber,
Viola Dinsmoor, Marion Smith, Robert
Barnitz, Roy Varco, MarcuB Stillmari,
.Robert Carter.
the best the market af-
fordsiirPrteen's Wtwr-WeH Sho^».
—You can always find the best
bargains In dry goods at Fisch Bros.
—Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Babcock of
Mankato .spent Sunday with relatives
,—Ladies fleeced union suits. Special
Thursday, Friday and Saturday ?5c at
Fisch Bros.
—C. H. Decker had a fine trip to
Wyoming -Ask* him how many trout
he caught.
—Mr. and Mrs. Jjimes H. Goslee of
London were guests at H. A. Goslee's
last week.
Either Phone
—Norman F. Earl drew the $15 suit
at the Austin Furniture Co. Thursday
—Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Belding of
Northfield were down to take in the
Austin street fair.
Clothes Help to Make the Man.
All men wish to be well dretsed. We
do not believe you are different from
others. You may proclaim your in
difference to style, but in reality you
do care or else you have a wrong con
ception of the word and fear to be con
spicuous. Stylish clothes are never
Clothes of good materials, ot perfect
fit and that retain their form, make a
well-dressed man, and that is style.
Style in*clothing need not cost you a
penny extra. Above a certain limit,
cost is secondary.
All our goods are guaranteed, both as
to quality and satisfactory fit. We are
selfishly interested in having each cus
tomer satisfied, for it would not pay us
to have a purchaser feel that he has
been sold something that was not as
represented to be. He would cost us
more than many suits of clothes. We
are jealous of our good name and mean
to preserve it by giving value for
will state that we have over ten
patterns from 75c each to $1.50
that are unequalled anywherefor
price and design.
A fine line of Side Boards and
Buffets has just been received
and is now on sale at the very
lowest prices. Don't miss seeing
Birthday Surprise.
A company of the young friends of
Miss Mamie Opie, gathered at her home
on the East Side Monday evening to
surprise her on her 19th birthday an
niversary and they succeeded finely.
They took possession- of the house and
proceeded to decorate the rooms in
Japanese lanterns and flowers. A very
social evening was spent and Miss Opie
received from the guests a set of silver
orange spoons and a cream ladle, Willis
Edwards making an appropriate speech.
Ice cream and cake were served.
**r wiac •, sis
We are placing on sale this fall a larger
assortment of Chairs and Rockers than
in any previous season. We have bought
them so that we can give better values
than ever before. All the styles are new
and up to date. Many of them are in the
Mission Designs and Weathered Oak
finish which is becoming very popular
this season. For want of space we are
& unable to enumerate many of them, but
Licensed Embalmer
T5he Carnival a.i\d FeJr
But you will want to eat and be clothed the same as
ever. You will want to know where you can do your
trading to best advantage. You will not need directing
to the best place if you are a patron of
If you are not, try the Big Department Store.
Your Groceries, your Clothing, your Shoes, your Hats
your Candies, all under one roof.
Austin, A\ina'.
Off for South America.
Ezra L. Griflin came Sunday from
his farm at Des Lac, N. D. where he
has been for some time. ,IIe has had
charge of the business of the Parsons
Co. at Minot all summer. He left Mon
day for Newton, Iowa, and will go
from there to New York and sail di
rect for Buenos Aires to spend the
next eight months in settyag up self
feeders and having charge of the busi
ness of the Parsons Self Feeder and
Band Cutter Company during the en
tire harvest season in the south temp
erate zone. He is the inventor of the
application of self feeders to English
and German threshers and has worked
up an immense business in this line.
He takes with him two experts from
the factory at Newton, Iowa.
Supper and Experience Sociable.
The ladies of Mclntyre W. R. Corps
will give a 25 cent six o'clock supper
and evening social at G. A. R. Hall
next Saturday, Sept. 23. The supper
will be 25 cents including a ticket to
attend the experience social, at which
time the ladies of the Corps will tell
how they earned their dollar for the
soldiers monument to be erected at
Oakwood cemetery next spfcing. Come
and hear what the ladies have to say
and help swell the fund for the monu
ment. By order of Committee.
To the social in the evening, 10c, to
all who do not attend supper.
Christian Science Lecture.
A public lecture on Christian Science
will be jfiven at the church on Maple
street next Saturday evening, Sept/ '23,
at eight o'clock. All who are -interest
ed are cordially invited to be present.
The lecture will be given by Bicknell
Young, C. S. B. of Chicago.
Either Phone
Ladies of the County Fair.
A meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary
of the Mower County Fair was held at
the office of Miss Fanny Gies Saturday
afternoon to check up financial matters
and elect new .officers. The ladies
served meals on the fair grounds last
week during the fair and also had a
candy bazaar and other lines, out of
which ttiey cleared $200 making a total
of $500 which ihey have now ac
cumulated above expenses. It is hoped
that enough will be added during the
coming winter to insure the building
of anew and permanent dinihg pavil
lion on the grounds next year.
The following officers were elected
for the ensuing year: Mrs. J. H.
Skinner, president Mrs. J. L. Mitchell,
vice president Mrs. Harry West,
secretary Mrs. P. A. Reilly, treasurer
Mrs. C. L. West, Mrs. GeorgB E. Ander
son, Mrs. George A. Hormel, executive
Mrs. Chas. Hans, Mrs. E. H. Sterling
and Mrs. Nels Jensen were appointed a
committee to cooperate with the board
of fair directors in revising the prem
ium lists in the women's departments
and the following superintendents
were recommended" for next year's fair:
Miss Elizabeth Hormel, Fine Arts
Mrs. Chas. Hans,, Fine Needle Work
MrS. L., J), Carter, Textile Fabrics
Mrs., Fay B. Smith and Mrs. John
Krebach, i'antry -and Kitchen Mrs.
Thos. Beattie, Old Ladies',^Boys' and
Girls' special departments Mrs. Schu
bert andMre. O..C. LaBar, Flowers.
The plan of wbnien's tickets follow
ed this y6Urf' will be continued. These
women \have, wpyk^d hard and per
sistently in accumulating funds for
permanent improvements at the fair
'grounds and nfaktf the women's de
partments and exhibits at the fair
excel and they deserve great credit and
praise for their arduous and unselfish

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