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Cor. of X. X. Ttimmea u.
qmto up to tho .mwk.or Mr. Tyler and
Mr. Pierce, who lived more hospitably. and
generously than either of those named,
saved about $3'J,00, AlLtfaeso 4'r^enfe
incurred some expenses from Which Mr.
Buelmnan is entirely exempt.
furnishes all the vegetables required
more. A line green house lms been, added,
which is found both useful and ornamental.
Just before the inauguration of Mr. Bu
chanan, the private' secretary of the Presi-j
dent was made a salaried oro*ce, with $2,500
per annum, and a clerkship attached toH.—
Tho steward, who was previously paid out
of the President's private purse,' was also
salaried at $l,20i a year, and messengers
were added, to reduce the outlay for ser«
yants. The only serious cost now incurred
is for the oiiicin! dinners during the sessions
of Congress, and it is we'l known thajt Mr.
Buchanan has been prudent beyond all ex
ample in this respect. His ordinary house
hold consists of three" or four persons and
the servants, and there are fifty gentlemen
in th« city who maintain more style and
ipeml more money without any appearance
of extravrgance. Mr. Buchanan has al
ways been a careful manager, and now finds
plenty of time to examine his market look,
amid all the care3 of stato and the pressing
demands for office. It is not. surprising, in
this view, that he should be willing to try a
second term.
The Century, McElrath'ssedate and able
paper, in an article on the recent match ot
hilimrds between Phelan and Seereiter, at
Detroit, speaks very decidedly in favor of
ihe game, as an amusement for the home
circle. It affords a pleasant excitement, for
the mind, with very wholesome physical ex
ercise, and furnishes another, home attraction
very much needed in these day.% when so
cnauy means are adopted for enticing young
and old to spend their evenings and other
leisure hours in places of publicresort. The
game between the two leading professional
players, at Detroit, was attended with the
immoral and dangerous accompaniment of a
very large wager. Agaii.»t every thing of
this kind, theCentury sets its face resolute
ly, liad the contest between two such ac
complished billiard players been performed
in a large hall, and in the piesence of a nu
merous audio ce who might have been re
quired to pay for admission, fhe occasion
might have afforded very high satisfaction
and been productive of none but good con
The Detroit Tribntn records another bril
liant, play by Richard Belton, a young ama
teur of Sandusky, who on Monday night
last, made, in a win game, a run of two
hundred and sixty-nine points, with the
white and red balls, exceeding by nearly a
hundred the extraordinary run of Cavanagh,
heretofore mentioned.
The Paris Pays of the 10th contains the
following article in large type
Within the last twenty-four hours a
change as happy as it w»3 unexpected, has
taken place in the state of affairs. If our
information is correct, the difficulties which
stood in tho way of the meeting of the five,
great powers are definitely removed. The
conditions of a simultaneous disarmcnt.have,
it is said been agreed upon, and Austria ha*
given her deflate adhe ion, and the Con
gress may now assemble with the shortot
possible delay. In publishing this news—
under all reserve, but" with that einnress
lnent WMcnits rea-*uit.,s ^i.„.a«,i« ,:**»„
natural—we are bound to declare that with
out being absolutely able td guaranty the
truth of this intelligence, in all its details,
we have -trong reasons to believe that it is
the veritable expression of the present situ
ation. This important news sufficiently,
explains the sudden departure ofLord Cow
ley for London, where he will meet Mr.
Hudson, the r'pglfeh.«iinister at Turin.—
This radcal change in the situation deprives
the other news, which reaches us in the or-bat
dinary course, of all interest."
Th 8 announcement of the Pays, howev
er, was not hcrally credited.
Tho Alt 1 California of tht7ih ot March
"Mr. Thorn, on Saturday, introduced in
the Senate a bill amendatory of the consti
tution proposing a new Stato boundary line.
A synopsis of this bill will be found in the
letter of our Sacramento correspondent—
The bill is nothing more nor less than a
proposition to divide the State, setting off
that, portion south of the thirty-sixth degree
of latitude as separate territory, and leaving
that portion north of this line as comprising
the State proper. It requires no very close
examination of this subject to discover a
movement that has for i's eventual end the
forming of the section of this portion of Call
fornia that is tobe set off and .Arizona into
a new Stato. In this way both population
and territory will bo obtained to warrant
the formation of a State, and anew theatre
will be opened for the ambitions desire of
those politicians who are in the movement
The movement will bear a close scrutiny.—
There is much to be said on both sides of
the question of dividing the State, and we
may have occasion hereafter to refer toil
more at length.
It is the advice of eminent fruit growers
that trees do the best when procured near
est home. In bringing them sever dhund
red miles, to the different soil, and, in some
respects, a different climate, they dry up in
the jdimiey and if they survive'transporta
tion, they are Seldom healthy or productive.
It is always the cheapest to buy the bril
trees. If they cost a little more to start
with, they are more sure of being what they
are represented, and to give satisfaction. As
farmers, and others possessing small pieces
of land, are turning their attention to fruit
raising, thee hints, if heeded, may save
them the mortification of seeing their labor
and expense thrown away upon, poor trees.
Blake it a rule to buy none of the 'trees*
hawked' about the.country by men you do
not know, and who have "no further interest
in the mutter than to get your money.
WA8H|N0TUJ», April 'ii, '5ol
Much has been said of the large exp nits
connected with the White House, and the
eost of keeping up the dignity of the Presi
dent's position. There never was a greater
mistake. Mr. Buchanan must save at least
$15,000 a year from hi* salary, as will be
readily seen by a comparison with his more
recent predecessors, most of whom retired
with very, eomfortnblo provision, "Sir, Tr
ier is believed to have carried away S3t\00
or $40,'OO. Ala Polk took home a -much
larger sum. Mr. Fillmore, who served! RED WING,
somethinj over two years ami a half, was I ^fyr
The White House is now heated and
lighted entirely at the public charge. A
l:irg-? kitchen garden is cultivated, which «*end G4ty\ I««/ /.Wyonc year,I for $4,(M)pose
-rd'h-i a-lvanee also the &>»tinel and Ptterton's
Magazine, for fc3',eo, in advance.
tigeiucuts tor this paper.
S S everywWr^. RreJ.n» »»itl.?rl«erH Jt i«i Strt^Jlh*€nnorTierTtep*tiean paiser
pace is
tSfSuBseniBB.—,Wre will ftirnish the tenti-
A JhMncratic State Convention will he held at
the City of St. Paul In th0 Scr-ste. Chamber of
E&&S&1' K*t*KE8DAY: the 17th day of
ALGTJ8r vr.it, at T8 o'cloeV, M., tor the pur
po»© ot rominatingtbo following officer*:
A SfecSliTA'tT Of STAtI, •J I7/
•'And such other officers as the Contention
may deem expedient.
.The. counties will be entitled to the follow
ing representation:
Delegates. delegates.
Washington Co 5. Crow Wing Co, 1
Ramsey ".-••9 Cuss. .1
Dukota, "....7 Pembina, .*»f...r
Rico, 6 Pine,
OJoodhno. "..».5 *herbonrno, '.*..'.« 1
Scott, ..Anoks,
Olmsted, Manomin, -l
Fillmore* "••••8 L. Superior,
Nioolkt, 8
Winona, "••••6 Brown, "'....g
Wahasltaw, 4 Siblev. *'.:'.'.% I
Mower, S Renville, I :'.
DodROj hit'Avt-H'* MeUod, $ltm£
Freebxrn. "••.••2 Carver, "r«"2
Faribault "••••2 Wright, »..i-2
Steele vitc-«wa«»(j Benton, »*....vj
Wnseea, "....jg Stearns, ",.*T3
Blue Earth, "••••3 Morrison, ^•••1
Le Sner, "....2
Jknnopin Co., West of the Mitsisoippi, 6 Del.
.•' East 3
Counties not enumerated in the above list,
will be entitled to one Delegate each.
Chairman Dem. Ceutral Committee..
St. Paul, May 5, 1859.
O^T The absence of the editor will ac
count for the lack of editorial,
Oscar F. Jackson, was lynched on the
25th inst., in Wright County, in this .State
formerly occupied by Wallacs, an attempt
execute the law. EitherUoar legislature
Immediately upon hearing the above
facts, Gov. Sibley issued a proclamation
offering five hundred dollars reward for the
arrest and conviction of any or all of the
parsons engaged in the lynching.
THE fears entertained by many, that
in consequence of the small amount of snow
upon the ground during last wihter much of
the wheat crop would be injured by the
frost have been dissappointed by the green
and beautiful appearance that the wheat
fields have put on during the last two weeks.
All over the country the winter wheat and
there was a very large crop put in last fall
looks healthy andforward, and premises to
the farmer a most abundant harvest one
that will enable him to pay all his debts and
make larger preparations for the coming
The farmers have been taking advantage
of the fine weather of the last two weeks to
put in their: spring crops. Everybody is
putting in large quantities of corn, potatoes,
oats and spring wheat, and aa there) fa at
least three times more ground under cu'ti
vation this year, than ever before, we may,
by the help of Providence, look for large re
turns next fall.' MtM
334. iLThrPeopie'ibav
C.ty Council.
MINN.. MAY 7, 1359.
S3?" AOENTB.—0. II. driven, G3 Dearborn
street, Chicago, is authorized to raccivo edver-
NoTtek is given" \i\ the St. Paul papers
that the Republican State Convention for4
the nomination of candidates for State offl
cers preparatory':-tv'tTv^xt-''ia1Ps'eTeenofrl
will meet at the capitol, in St. Paul, on the
20th day of July, at 10 o'clock A. M.
A letter was received on the fourth insL,
by a gentleman in St, Paul, stating that Bay
ard Taylor would ••lecture,in that city about
the twentieth of tins month.' 'VvL/J
No pupcr mailed till tho subscription ._ .V«
La. is to be started in' Minneapolis, for the pur
of advocating1 the claims'of Cyrus h\
drichofthat place to a nomination at the
hands of the, Republican .party.
The New York JHbuite recommends that
some of the leading Republicans come out
to Minnesota this fall' to electioneer for the
Republican State candidates. Good idea',
they don't know enough to do it for them
The. question of war'.or no' war. has not
yet been decided, though the newspapers
are full of '.'correspondences," "rumors,''
"proclamations,V "startling announcements''
eYc. It is impossible, «t present, to con
jecture what will be the result, and after a
person has read three or four columns on the
subject pro and con, a little war iii one par
agraph, and a glimpse of peace in another,
one column staling that Napoleon is just
going: to shoot, |he' next that he is anxious
for peace, and peace and war, generally, so
mixed up that be comes .to the conclusion
that whether there will be waror peace 'de
pends considerably upon whether there wil
or not: The fact is: nobody does know any
thing about it, except those immediately
connected with European governments, and
all they knowis that there may. be war,
that there might be pea e.
Com! Bowlin is beinc commended by the
Press, both Democratic and' opposition for
the wise and skillful manner in. Which he
managed the negotiations with Paraguay.
He has secured to the United States every
thing that conld be desired,, and that too
without firing a gun. It was a bloodless vic
tory, and one well calculated to heighten
the respect entertained for the American
flag in the minds of those petty nations who,
inconsequence of our delay in punishing of
fences, have deemod that they could "insult
it with impunity, it opens the Rio de la Pla
ta to our commerce, and gives us a new hold
on the affections and sympathies of the
South American States, and will protect our
citizens residing there fromjiinjury or insult.
The costs of the expedition are greatly
overbalanced by the benefits accruing from
it, and we hope the nation's money may
never be spent in a worse cause, than the
vidication of the nation's honor.
Our readers will remember that Mr. Jack
son was tried at Monticello, a short time
since for tho murder of Wallace and acquit
ted, he came down with his council, Ex
Gov^rnor Gorman, to St. Paul, when he
was re-arrested under a warrant issued by a
Justice of the Peace in Wright county, for
robbery. At St. Anthony, on his way back,
he was brought before Judge Atwater, on a
writ of Habeas Corpus, and discharged on a
technical defect in the warrant. He to be longer unfit for self-gorerh
again arrested, and again discharged., it ment Overrun with robbers, and military
was Well known thai the object of. arresting, chieftains, everyone of which claims to be
and taking him back was that he might be head of the nation, her commerce is ruined
lynched. and her civilization gone. A short time ago
Poor, unfortunate Mexico, demoralized by
the amalgamation of the races, has fallen so
It is stated that contrary to the advice of published' Miramon the "Federalist'*
his counsel and friends he returned to \*Af* weeess one weekafter and Juarez,
Wright county, for the purpose ol pre-empt-'*
ing his claim, which after his acquittal, government The last advices
had been jumped. The St,. Paul Time* con-
a re
aiders that he was kidnapped after leaving '•ntwed the City of Mexico, and has now
St. Paul, and taken back by force, as
well knew that the people of Wright Co.,'first official acts were to give tho American
were determined to lynch him if they could consul nt» walking papers and to order tho
et hold of him. and h? intended 'when he
left St. Paul, to leave tha country, that idea)
seems quite reasonable.
He was hung from the roof of the house
was made to force a confession from a but approaching the city of Mexico with a
without su3ces3. He may have been guilty,' 3 l"OFCC,»
he had had a ftir trial and WAS aciuite 1 I
Nothing is so cruel as a mob," It seems tone can be got together for several months,
•hat in Minnesota, mobs are to make and
S in
shbuld dispense with judges and jurors, or uk it up by jerks, giving a few specula
they should provide some means by which u, „exv Presidency, and dropping
the lynchers may receive adequate punish
The peculiar spring weather we have^imdl" Thp* a a
having started the hudseat^r to l»^^
ped by the freatwt ^m^expect tpsee hao? states that letters are opened and their
dreds of bushels,of wild plums, grapes, 4e.
as well as tame fruit in considerable quanti
ties brought into market next fall.
triumphant, and recog-
Miramon has defeated the liberals,
government. His
of a number of peaceable foreigners.
LATKB.—Another dispatch has been re
ceived from the City of Mexico, one day lat
er, the 19th. It is from Mr. Black. He
Generals Ampudia and Traconis
that the city is again about
declared in a state of siege,
therefore the act oflynching1.him was quite 1 ^ould not be surprising if another at-'
as infamous as if the authors of it had known 7 Liberals Were soon to besiege Mexico,
that he was in»ocent. but I have some doubts whether a sufficient
the adjournment Of'Congress, noli,
has b'en rather doll the newspapers
the subject, as "stale, flat and unprofi able."
The verdict in the Sicklesease has elicited
various comments. The Press, generally,
expresses its satisfaction, though in some
cases its views-are much colored by political
Tbe Annual Conference of the M. E
Church of Minnesota, commenced at St
Anthony, on Wednetday, May 4th Bishop
Osmond C. Baker, of Hartford,'' Conn. pre
siding officer,: and Rev. Jabez Brooks, of
this city, Secretary., The following mem
hers answered to their names:
Peter Afcere, Albert Gi Perkine,
mlaB.Bolle*, .John Pngh,
Chauncey Hobart. W.H St. Clair,:
Thee. M. Kirkpatrlck, Kara R. Lothrop,
Jacob Myers, 9
Samnel Spates,
Zerra C. Nelson,
John 1). Rich,
David Brooks,
Daniel Cobb,
Benjamin K. Crary,
Samnel N. Foriest,
John W. Towttll,
Lewi* Bell,
Wm. A. Darnell,
Geo. F.-'HKton,
Robert Hoover,
C. C. Kid.ler,
Geo. W. Richardson,
Andrew J. -Nelson,
Gee. W. T. Wriaht,
Lorcnso B.Brown,
Thomas M. Gossard, Alfred V. Hiscock,
James P. Chaffee, VfL M. McKluley,
•I. M. Redvera. EadrasSmith,
Joha W.Siogdill
C. P. AgreliuB,
John XS Dyer,
Jabes ftrooka,
O. P. Light.
-. Gee S Ste.venson,
John Tidland,
James Gurlev,!
G. A. Phoebus,
OCT WK are under obMgaTlonT to MrT
Keach per| of tho slaainkfat 1^mk«naw^ of
the iVJrthet^Lin^r St|lo»i* I a
late d||e. $1 tiff conn#ion,«p wp to
say th|(jthf PpWnaw fa gooff bo*well
officered and deservedly'popular with the
traveling public. From the texas to theThe
lower deck, the employees are gentlemen.—
tha ^emU.^v|iad.,W,flr^iw|»:oTfee
season this week, and was heavily load
with both passengers and freight. We are
informed by Capt. Griffith, that travel is on
the increase, and that freighting is very
heavy at present. .To the Northern Line,
the people of Minnesota should extend their
patronage, L*MoT tb/em ^dfl thow ow^e theMount
present fo'w rates oTfare and freight. Then*
cabin accommodations. R. Downing, E 9 8 5 t„ Lpjais, lasr week
first-class boats,
man who is an honor to the motto of cheap
fare and low freight. He is to be found at
the Metropolitan Hotel at all times, and will
Sell you tickets chap than you cay buy
them elsewhere. Gallon Km when you get
ready to travel rio-ro 6i b1
ASSAc lit TTs
Mr. John 6. 'Tucker, a member of the
Legislature froiff the city of lioston, in
"haye-atso 'heard on good authority, whal^Wm ',„: ""1 u„.
ihake the Hou^e idmost shndder-and I I
fer to the.publie press of Boston .0 a
hjs fayqrite cindidate for Congress. ,fSen
sajtion.i. lf.it-had beo.n,a poor adop'ed .ciii
zen who did that, what a hue and cry t.h'eii
answer to names upon the
who were dead, and,others who- were serv
ing out their sentence in Our criminal -insti
tutions. It happened to be my good or bad
luck to be present at one voting place .and
I had to send foreight additional policemen,
morning, accompanied by a few friends and
a clergyman, they repaired to that classic
spot, wherej before the crystal shrine*of
Minnehaha, they pledged to each other
their lives, their fortunes, and their social
honors.'?- The matter-of-fact -newspapers
of the day will probably announce the wed
ding in this wise
Married, at tho Falls of Minnehaha, on Mon
day morning, May '2d, 1859, by Rev. Nottnnn
McLodd, Mr. II. M. Vroman. to Miss Marv E.
daughter of £dw.n Hedd^rly, Esqi, all of Min
neapolis. ..,
warded. --i A-,
Something more than a year ago, two
loons were sept from England to Melbourne, whole amount demanded as an aggregate
Australia,'for the purpose of experimenting debt. The case stands for trial at the next
Upon the currents of the atmosphere oVor|urt» I'JLai-ikitilh. Jnwrnal
that island,. and if possible to ascertain
Whether it might be practicable to under-1I ^TriK Rusii ,Km'THEE to I N S,.—
take a balloon voyage across its yet unex
plored regions.
OBB'.—i-We-learn from the Detroit papers,
that Sarah Judson, late of this town, who
eloped with.her father's nigger servant Joe,
and: who Was reclaimed with much difficulty
and taken to Indiana where a divorce wasip'ied
obtained- The girl remained in Indiana,
with a brother wljo resided there, until last
week, when she left and came hack to De-take
troit, crossed over to Windsor, found Joe
and was again married to him.
cated, intelligent young", woman, living- in
the fruits of the doctrine taught, in her fa
ther's family, the: same that is taught by
abolitionism in general, and so far from be
ing repugnant to them—if we may believe
the nigger and he is the'most creditable
party—they were cognizant of and favored,
the intimacy. He says boldly that Mrs.
Judson knew all about it, and we 'have no
doubt that ho tells the truth." 1
A N E W HOOP I S E A S E —A new disease
has made its appearance, since,.the introduc
tion nf hoops. It exhibits itself in cold
weather, and then, is only discoverable in
cities where the buildings aro warmed with
furnaces. Two. ladies were standing over a
register the other a-iy, talking and laughing,
when one endeavoring to sit was suddenly
Attacked and screamed violently M'he oth
er soon also "tried to sit, and war attacked
in the same manner. The explanation is,
8 8
thattliePortOlHce-b an «k..owledced 5 S
.« 7 acxnowieaged nrygtenous to a looker, on, unacquainted
den of thieves." with the history of hoops.
OUT ron rtm.—TnTDelrdir~if3^f^
titer says the
will have to
in Virginia,
time they
high inindedlowi
everything that ca* he turtied
Xew York 7'ribuns states that he has
sold toa citizen of Washington all the tim
•tanes, which is not deducted from the pur
chase money. It is quite probable that he
wnT also sell the materials, of the mansion
for relics. What security is there either,
except his own honor, that ho will not
even sell the bones of Washington himself,
to some speculating showman The Asso
ciation will do well to dispatch an agent to
Vernon, to watch the tomb, and
•piifsloK aiidrferests a
storekeeper ran to the door, stared, up,
down imd alrove*r, hritf 'rWtunied: with the
cheeringannouncement,.. nothings visible."
The lady thanked him, gracefully, and then
retired, and the storekeeper only ceased to
congratulate himself on being/ a knight pro
tector of female virtue, wlien he found that
two hundred dollars worth of his most val
uable goods had gone with her. Tha
man, !5arah McGrist, was subsequently ar
PlttE RooHRSTtsKi^On Wednesday
last, a destructive .fire occorred in
out in'the statement—that the. very.judge
on the I bench did leavei a court of, ustjce 121
was purposely set on fire.
cours™the*jr'were notagrea't lengtL time,
7 o'clocki caught fie M»ni
a similar ejiuse
before 1 he Uiip w.^ disejvere
were strearnitt fron thWroof,
space of |imeMhe frhoH buiii
tirely coh'ffurrntd.
it of
rer ID iiir'iiuuuc prew owmii 10 nearinG _„ 1,,j'Lr„ /1 '••*..,%.. 1101 oe a iisne one. lik«lvt to
N E W A E We are pleased to learn
DoMESEip,.—Sickley tragedies are quite
common just. now. An effective scene of
hind took plstce not a thousand miles
a a
because the design was apparentr that these describes MS
men were going to snatch the ballot boxes) ('ndigni'nt husband to hi3 wife's lovyer.)
in the probable event of /the Democratic —Seoiindrel! you hnvo dishonored me, and
candidate being eected. [Sensation.] The
Massachusetts, frauds like these were per- j*)0.' Would you murder, your children's
prtrated, or Ihe integrity of the ballot box '8ltoer
threatened by adopted citizens? It cannot
be done."
Crescent which the Banner thus
officers of that ward will certify to the tru'hj^SSpr.) ,.
of what "I sav. .Now, will the gentleman Ovife seizes the dagger.)—Hold, wretch
sho sr me when and where, in the history of!C(I
(Makes a rush at him with a
'mprudetjt. man What would you
of other people, and so early on Monday! that defendant presented to the bank §3,0001 this is the sum ot" his expec ation of life.— I HoisM Cloths, Cassiniers and
nmety-eight head of cattle, besides
horse teams and a number of saddle horses,
and extra freight.—St. Juacph'tfows 21th.
TUNO'S CASE.—-The gratifying intehig'ine
reached us about noon today that Judge
Wright has, granted the writ, of error ap-
by the counsel of Mary Hartung,
Mr. William J. Hadley, and that theexecu
tion of, that unfortunate woman will not
place on Wednesday ncx,t. The writ
,. of error is made returnable at the next gen- ,„„ .,.„,,,„,„
They arel^
now enjoying their second honeymoon. tnen be argtied. Should the decision of- Y. Eminy Po tj of a recent date, notices
Thus, says the Free Pratt, is. this,disgust- that Court be adverse to the prisoner, thej his efflux of westem gold_ it says
ing farce at last consummated, and wo bavt »& cat!be* carried to Ihe Court Of Appeals. "The specie remittances from 1
as the result the spectacle of a.well .edu-
communicated to her by
Sheriff/Aley^^aud was received by
the marriage relation,with a lame and tooth-! deep feeling. She laughed anil
less old nigger, under pretence of love. It is] Pf alternately, but made very, few re-messenger
m.wks, the intense joy apparently nearly
overpowering her.-r-^Wony Statesman, 23i
11 I I 1 ,• ••_
•Wvkltf Vititar, tpposition paper, published
at Rising Sun Indiana, has an elaborate lead
er on the l'residential question, in which it
declares thai the assertion that Sewad could
carry Indiana is ridiculous. It insists that
ftfty thousand Opposition voters would with
hold from him their support N Fillmore
man will go for him.
Two FACTS.—Tho black Republican Le
gslature of Massachusetts has amended the
constitution of the State so" far as to pro
hibit foreign born citizens from -^voting for
two yeaiB after they are naturalized. In-the
same State negroes are allowed to \ote af
ter a residence of one year.
*hat by standing so long over the register,' fih^n voted ft^lrai proposition to' alroV ne
t&eir metalic hoops became heated to such a groes to vote on a property qualification of
degree that when they attemptet to be seat
TfiffeJ Wack Republican Legislature of Mi-'
to vote on a property
hundred 'dollars.. The
tyo, nun?red doPars Same proposi
lion fir idreigh-bom citizens was voted *n
by a large majority.
Through the timely aid and assistance of
damaged condition
The loss is estimated at a thousand dol
lars. There is an insurance of three diiin
dred dollars on the house.
iP6in ^JsGAKm^ii^^A//gentlemin
living near Santa Rosa discovered one even
ing considerable tumult among his flock of
sheep. Going among them to discover the
cause, he found a couple of them with their
throats cut and dying. Imagining this de
«Uawtioa4oJbAJburaduAC wiUi
he cu them open pryi secrett
1 lastv. week, he cutt them open,, atU secrettd a lot of!
wh*ha« insulted .strychninein thefr bodies. iWncxt
ning he found the poison had dine its work.
Pourfpanthers, measuring each not less than
eight feet from tip to tip, were discovered
within a few rods of the place where the
sheep hau been left.-!-ivj»'t (Cal.) Jic^rter
threatens is uiiliMy to ba a short and can
not be a little one
hour* miniitns «n.1
3 S
in notes of its own issue. The bank offered If man'be now sixty, he will have an ex
to redeem all notes under $10, in silver, and pectation of nearly fourteen years more.
all of the denomination of $l», in gold.— By the same rule a child of five has a eon
The defendant demone I, which raised the' tingent lien on life for fif years. Every
question, When, the notes of a bank of!one can apply the rule to his own age. M.
the denomination of five dollars and under! Willich's hythesis may be as easily reinem
are presented at one and the same time for'bered as that by Do Moivre in the last cen
rcdemption, and the amount so presented i'uiy, which has now become obsolete, from
exceeds in the aggregate five dollars, is the th» greater accuracy of mortality
bank bound to redeem the whole amount in (The results obtained by the new law cor
old coin as one aggregate debt, or may she respond very closely wij.li' those from S)r
separate the notes, and redeem those of five
dollars and under in silver coin
.The court sustained }he demurrer, there
by deciding that the bank could not separate
the notes, but was bound to redeem the
1 nn RUS FOB TH O W I N S Wc al means let these big guns of Republica
1 thought some weeks ago, that St. osephl ism visit Minnesota—the larger the opposi
I was very lively, and that there was a great tion the greater our victory.—La Ores. Ban
S S S S S S S S msh^eehts Unprecedented. Countbss l^nmcEn.^The- recent attempt of the
into our city 1 Republicana of Boston to I op. iate
S S S S S & Marvel has jusfshown us the jZl&W "ante 6f THOMAS JEFFEUSON toPtheir
S S & & S S I S N 25th: Numbe of wagons fer- chun..that he was the father of their sec
route M?ColL\l is said^h
& A & S S horses, and cattle, 1 428 foot passengers, without numberrdec'*red, himself bitterly
ful experimenter,and if he should be j^uc- 3
0 h(jr y^^
cessful in his discovering evert Some of the
bleached, bones of lost explorers on that is- E S E 7 1
land, his labors will no doubt be amply
'""*tT"'.l "I nw-a-^ae*WBMeJ^MewiiBBiliiiBBiiw
atinn 1 ,"7.AT, UlIUFP.—A. B. WilT &7. ~W~m~'M
lit S
the flames
tnd in a brief
Ins was en-
likely array
subtracting many time-! that number froni
brought before Judge Perkins, of Madison, «s Pfl««l to two-'birds of the difference be-
VEBY ROMANTIC—A, young couple, of! Indiana, 1 he Indiana, Hank brought a suitjtween the age of the party and eighty.— I
Minneapolis, took it into their heads to be '"gainst Henry L. Davis for damages sus- Thus, say a man is now twenty years old.
married at the Falls of Minnehaha, instead tained by a protest made by defendant Between that age and eighty there are sixty' ». 1 i» 1 a*
of having the rite performed in the dull mode against plaintiff. Tho facts in the case are, years. Two thirds
Parr's English Life. Table, constructed withI
great care from a*i immense mass of retufns.'many
"^-Scientific Am ricav.
ado to visit Minnesota the ensuing sum
mer." This is significant of the fact that
tho Ropuhtioan* will make a powerful effort
to carry the State at the fall election. By
alll means let these big.guns of Republican-
'y *t Bellmont, for .ihe week!dirty party,uses,and the absurdity of the
S S $ ?M?k P^ellmbnT, 359 t.onal principles, against which he, times
tiernooVtri^Tshei»l»posed, met with the proper rebuke from
nineteen heavily loaded wagons °f the more prominent of the Black
Republican sheets.: The Providence (R. I.)
Journal, edited by United Senator Anthony,.
has the foHowing :3fl3 fl
The idea that thja Republicans may ap
propriate to thems-lves any portion of the
reputation of Jefferson, real and factitious,
which the Democrats have so long appro
priated to their own uses, is extremely dis
tasteful. Having alwavs had a
strong prejudice in favor of Washington, we
arc not entitled to rank among the uncondi
tional admirers of Jefferson."
f£iFj$%3$ ^VO shipped Eastwar„ i„
term of the Supremo Court, and wilYtnarge^amVMihf's to mfcke excharige.. r.rThel N.
specie remittances from the West
are increasing. This morning, the Ameri-
age, the amount received to day would reach
two and a half tons."
It is gratifying to know. that the pinnacle
of the ascending settle of Exchange has riearl
ly .or. perhaps quitenbeen reached—in the
payment of our Eastern debts*
OCT A murder occurred in tho town of
Sand Lake, abbot 14 miles from this city,
on Sunday.. A old man named John
Beldine beat out his daughters brains with
a baramer.r He was laboring under a fit
of fn-anity, and imagined that his daughter
was possessed ofa devil. The 'murdered
Kirl was aqont fifteen years of age. Beld
ing was brought to this city and i& now lii
jsJLV The Grand Jury is in version and has
already acted in the case.—Troy, N. Y.
jByeaejMsH 4t'J™*?'^*™*
Cab foreigii -born citizensa have an confi-'
dence iM th* party Whfch grre¥ negroe* right
and privileges it refuses to them %—Prti
VKXEHABLB MixisTsa.—Upwards, of
years ago, Rev. Ebenezer Price, of
Boifawen, U..was settled atlielfant, Me.
d'was the first minister of that1 pface.—
tcne member of the parish that called
Mm,is now living, but Mr. Price, at the ad
Vanced age of eighty-seven years,*w still
living, and^ now resides with his sort in Bos
n«el Busle Street*, Red JK
be constitutional to prohibit the sale of rum'imd twelve (112), north 6Yrange number seVen
on 8abaths and election: days, and at
L'*frj a
Red Wing, Nov. 13, lWgr- ll«tf
MORTfiACrfi SAL& Lu '!:„.,
fan been mad* in Ike
condition of a certain indenture of inert
gage, made and deli vera*by Hugh Montgomery.
county of 6goy.™'7the Sute (then
^rito ofMi 80tli
titutiomt to nrohihir it
time ^constitutionall to prohibit ifo
all other days Is drunkenness at other
times so harmless f'-^-Wis. C'hlcf.
That is a good question, and we would
like to have some member of the late repub
lican legislature answer it AVecan't.
then of the1county of Jefferson and State of
New York, bearing date the twenty ninth day
of May, one thousand eight hundred and itty
ven, whereby the said Montgomery did grant,
bargin, veil and convey to said Hoihrook. his
h'iir* and aligns forev«rr all the following dia
cribed tractor parcel of Und tiUiat«4 in-the «aid
county of Goodhue and State of Minnesota, vis:
of the fifth principal meridian,
hereditament and
t»g«ther with a!l the LereditamenUs and mtMMar-tnp«
tCnancei* therewnt••» in anywioe appertainiae to
secure to the said Holbrook. hia rein and
»ign» the payment of one promiaeory note^daud
the twenty-ninth day of May. one thoasrnd
eight hundred and fifty-seven,' for'the taimf
Dnii't ^i 4r«d doll»T8.due one year from.d*ta
with interest at the rate of three and one half
per cent ^er month, mado by the said Mont
gomery, and payable to theaaid Holbro-k.
at fl»c: 0iHy1«B TU4bHoV Up Mra
er and holder of the «aid note knT mort(?ig«'
and the aatdHlortgige wan duly recorded the
onice of the Kegister of Deeds of said, county of
Goodhue, oh the fir«t day of June, one thousand
eight hundred and fifty-seven, in Book two of
Mortgage Deeds pages fire hundred and seven
:ty-four and five hundred and seventy-five
a a of A
I he war which ,now
productive industry to einu'oy them' in to recover'the said debt secured hy BaM
A -eat a
aeciinatipn bO degrees and o7 minutes north. Wing, (his 17th day otMarch, A. 1). is.*»».
It lias a tail aboutjt quarlor pf.a.degree in
length5,- and the riurileu^iiWal'*• b.ijrh^as a
star of the eleventh magnitude. The obser
vations this c\-eiiing show that it is moving
west about two degrees, and south one de
gree and fifty minutes daily.
A ES C. W A S O X.
Cor. of the D.troit Daily Adwli*r.
"EiPKCfATIOX OF LiifE."-^Mr. Charles
M. Willich, of London, has published a.si m-i
pie rule for computing the probalwe value of'
property in life at an\ age from five tu sixtvi
llis formula stands thus XbO—'
«), or. iu plain wouis, the expectation of life
note or of the interest
tnereof ha been paid, and there is claimed to b*
du thereon, including interest, at ihe date'of
ftmigeytTreratn ofrithundii-dand ui—ty
-. ^•fehjidolla^saiidwxty-siBcentstie**^) that
at, Jaw or pnKjeedfnga havabeen instl-
s^d mortgage contained, and o?the sutute
Dattlehelds are not adapted to, the growth of in such case made and pi ovided—notice is here
food. We shall be disappointed if Europe
g«ven-that the said mortgaged premises will
occasion 10 commence a toreclosurc ot said
'*s mortgage, for condition broken. Dated a
1 Mortgagw.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
sixty are [ortv and '„,,«,**• J, vJolfcina
Tailors' Trimings.
I also have a Tailoring department for thf
manufactory of Cloths to order. Wurrantcd tc
tit or no sale.
Also a large stock of
will further staid to the public that (which
already know,) I will sell Goods (fi,rcnth)
as cheap as any Merchantin .this city. Now
'Friends, Countrymen and the rest of mankind.
SIGNIFICANT.—The N. Y. Trib ,na advises ("cl«ding women und children,) please call at
Senators Wilson Fessenden, Trum a
0 0
in examine Goods and -Pricee. and 111
you tha' you will not go away dissatitfie
Red Whig, June 4,1853. »«y
g. OF-*UJR,
LtfERARf MZfiTTl:r'
Published, monthly, by
."Uarie Louise Hankinsdc Paani*: f^acele,
Under the immediate superintendence of
r^i And seat by -mail, fcr
O N 0 .CfcEXTS^A E A
To Agents (and Clubs of 10 or easre.)
.only 30 cent* year.
Postdge only six cents a year, when paid quar
terly in advance. h-."f
Thu latest reliable FASHION PLAT18,
Dress Patterns, useful and ornamental Needle
Work Diagrams, and Embroidery Design* in
every number.
r\ |-3 f—r
riiBSset WBITEK\S, ru nss STORIES,
83T" Specimen copies sent free of poetare, on
receipt of a stamp but Stamp* will not b$ re
ceired rnr tubicripti nt. Subscribers and Agents
m-ttt incline he twenty—CASH and write names,
Pi*t Offices, Counties ami.-States, plain and dis
laiiy Female*,) wanted everywhere. Agents
are allowed toretain 20 cents out of each 50
cent subscription they obtain, .and some are
can express Comnanv Messrs WelU Rur 1 «»"ng high a» 625 a week proSt for
torfi.i7*r« N 1 ®,!?» themselves. Post Masters and Teachers can
ter,field& Co.,) brought down by their early act™ ajrent*,'on the wme terms.
(7 A. M.) two tons of specie.— j-' .-SBT" Persona reoeivla«r»pecmMacepieB of the
^M de^noOncludeA thejlO/%1^. M^ and 1 WsOfT.
1.30 P. expresses, yet to arrive wjnen we
Gazette are requested to act as agents,
ow it to those who will, and they-shall
easy way to pay for a year's subscription, and
the efrort will put money the pockets of these
who nced.it, and extend our circulation. In
stead of earning *o to 75 cents a day with, her
needle, or by teaching school, a smart woman
can procure from 10 to 20 subscribers every
fair day in the week, and clear for herself $3
to94 dollars, while she wonld have made only
76eents at her old occupation. I
t^TAll persons extending the circulation of
th^pajia*coofitiusUy gatV*Qpy-gr«ti».
2W Applicants lor Asencie* an rannebted
to send us the names and post office adjuess of
the leading people they krow of, who would
be likely to Subscribe and a specimen copy for
jQspnction, will.be mailed to each 0/ them free
feSf postage. Agents And tliuvpUtfVtry profit
able to them, as they obtain saSuriptionB
much easier.' t_ ,,.
£a7~Iaolose ua extrs.three cant stamp when
a written answer is wanted. ,' Addfeas,
87 Appleton Building, New Tork City.
ceipts for Unl sold for MM Taxes of 1857,
dltor. at bis fffiee fn Red Wlps
P*r order Bowed Stfput tbois.'
^r'T'TM ©vfv orwgr. GOING,
U*-wi Co. Auditor.

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