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St. Cloud visiter [sic]. [volume] (St. Cloud, Stearns County, Minn.) 1857-1858, December 24, 1857, Image 4

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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& S & A ..."
!*''*Qt RWAP.— -It purports to he ~},e «f
1.lifinnesota ond iDaeotah and' al
though it is. owr map,.^occurs to, us
Hi^lt it raiglit have been better, with
out attaining the distinction of being
~-W **-nfi*i^aJletl work of art." It
L5fc«It-ainly 4besjso justice,to that part
oC Minnesota with which we are con
'.':-versant nor^loes any map we have
'£$§t -":S«eiti" The heavy black lines
iftinninw mki St, Cloud are better cal
oulateo to make our yo«n# city look
..'.ridiculous, than what the engraver
in^ndedj yiz., important. We re
gret thtf^ore^^t^^ orr artist should
thu5 have failed in his design, since
wevl:mw-that our.city.really is what
he /wishedto make- ii appear but,
our map is an advertisement and our
pubUsher thinks it pays." As
/•thisis thfe grand desideratum in all
su&iuhary ttiiiertakings we trust our
^Readers will exercise ail due forbear
ance until four railroads are located,
whea we hope to give them a map
that shall fsithfully represent one of
the most''beautiful lands that ever
was earjkcted with green.
St. Cloud Is the point at which the
8ted River trains cross the Mississippi
on their way to. St. Paul, which
proves it to be the natural junction
of land travel between these two
*reat arteries of trade. It is at the
present head of steam navigation on,
the Mississippi-, Boats run regularly,
during the Spring and early Summer
:,montiis, from/St. Anthony to this
The .map gives its positions cor
,'rectly with, reference to all the most
important points in the territory, but
P- tfre peculiar beauty of its location,
and fertility of the surrounding coun
try cannot be" transcribed, With
in. fifteen iniies of St. Cloud, on
opposite sides of the river, and at dif
ferent points of the compass are eight
H. lakes,varying in size from 1 mile to 5
miles in circumference, all, save one,
I beautiful, exceedingly, three of them
•/v at least, deep enough to float a man
of-war. "Wooded banks, clean peb
l, bly shores plentifully mixed with coi-
I nelian and waters abundantly sup
plied with £sh.
When Gov. Stevens made his sur
vay of a northern railroad route to
the Pacific, in '53, he camped
on the
western side of the Mississippi, below
Sauk Rapids." The place was narae
less, the present site of St. Cloud
but it is here his route leaves the riv
er. In the summer of'55 a claim
cabin was built on the spot where we
-. now write, a good saw mill, the frame
of a largo Hetel and eight other
dwellings were put up that summer.
This last fall there were three hundred
&nd thirty-two votes polled in the pre
einct, Not the votes of Indians or Half
Breeds, for there are none here. A
majority of the inhabitaints of the
county are hardy Germans, with stur
dy wives and children, cultivating the
soil and working at mechanical em
I The subsoil is sand and although
J* the soil is from one to- three feet
deep, a rich black loam supporting a
ranfe vegetation the drainage is so
perfect and the air so pure., that
breathing is a pe etual pleasure.
As yet, our physicians have dts
eovsred no disease pecidiarT©, the
climate, no inuigenhAis complaint ex
cept Hie Minnesota Appetite"
which iecpires one-fourth more tic at-.
n*e»i £ban a, modest P&M8%h*ania
or Ohio fetfack of & Correspondisg
disease. %pwr*%amsg?r-: -?se3sis^ .--:,'•••• wv-r,^^r. ^'?sa8^^
ism&®m* ^^M s^m^sa^^^^SBsr^^. "^gsssmi&sssss^i&dMr^srswaBisiai
Then, we have no7 dram-sl
hut plenty of beer for Hajun1?, a
olic chapel, a BapUfH and-Epiii
church, regular" OuniberlandUPri
terian, Baptist,-and'^bcjpasional*.
copal service. A beautiful
house, part of the time two sch
-anti a first, class Temperanco.H^
A.. body who wants to .^ink^wh,
kev in peace had better not come here,
for the treaty by which the land was
acquired Ir*m the Sioux, forbids its
introduction and the Legislature
has passed a hv^m^^gpi3X^o
vision but people of'moderate uieans
.and industrious habits w'lio.have chil
dren to educate, will find few places
where the opportunities/for correct
moral training Hewithy development
of muscle, and.the means of pec uin'ary
indtpCiidence are better combined.•
The^e arc gmbiense Cir^ets of. pine
frff^ whiolr the mills
S /Paul, St. Anthony and the-/^:
nesota Valley are supplied. Tin
employ a large and ever-increasing
force of men,' horses and oxen, wh.'
are to be' supplied/ with provisions,
clothing and feed. The-soil waic
ing for ah opportunity to-pr'hdu.ce un
limited (juantilies of food, without.
troubling the farmer crushing clod
while tlie INlississtppi. IVpm St. PatU^
to Little Falls can ajftrd to.tuni.'* mlU
at almost any point and has %vat
power enough to do the manufaet.
ring for a Continent.
-Our natural meadows produce a:
grass from four to s1x feet highland
the beef billed of pni} a if
quite erfual to any Stall'fed «ve
ever eaten. Oar venison is €ue
ten cents per pound, rabbits, prairie^
hens, partridges,.ducks, &c plenty-"
Thou5ands""of bushels of acoilSs fot
the hogs that are hot h^re to e|&
them. Fuel ibrthelabpr of cutting am
hauling Off the jroimW -arid tiierei^
no likelihood of the supply running
out soon, as the "Big Woods ex*
tend from this place some twenfi'
miles or more, down this side d$ t]
river, and from eight to twelv
back. Our prairies are al.
with strijis of wood Jand,.
Openings ". wiiich just look
orchards, dense thicket? of
trees bearing delicious fwut,
vines, doing likewise, thousand-,*
acres of hazle bushes and strawber?
rv vines,, engaged ,in-tl«e "sam& busi
ness'j while somevhundred at:res are
in the ranber'ry ••trade -and ?ur
out an article,' which for *|uant^
ty txn\t quality cannot be excelled.:--
The blackberriesj rca rri^pberr^
and hops tack.up their shingles in
woods and seldom -.disappoint th
:aost K^Tiguine fixpectatdons of
customer^ There is stillyttid ten
liiteen miles back which settle^
et, at gr.A ernment price, by brdldif
a cabin and living o'» i.t-un'tilit coi^:
into market Aetna! settler-s can.b/
lots here at-'froin one to five.hnnui
doilara. and speculators can havc^
same lots, at* from" five to :riif^
hundred.- 1
Jn some of the rive.:- towns D^C*^
place- that will bfe^jieasaiit viilag-^
lots can be had grails by chosc^te
v/ili bulhi and
in placi
live on them* Ti*
a house can j-e:f
for fifty dollars, that would be
lace compared so t-ie d^n« rent
Isrge cities for /and ":-doll?
month, while th*
aid of a grr-bbin
labor, would hris'
a family, and every
3 ores «ippropriat%d

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