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St. Cloud visiter [sic]. [volume] (St. Cloud, Stearns County, Minn.) 1857-1858, March 18, 1858, Image 2

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general, if not a universal 1
despite of our utmost effort?
obliged to join. According
of hearing and that of evi
audience with whom we Iiav
uiid that is most of them,
in itself was aa innocent as
Jetting fall of his ar
•hev were
'••L'L'.llL1. __,••»_ JJBIl.li J.LUBJMP.'gja '.J!..'1!""
Jane Gray Swisshelm, Editor.
A Sermon.
Rev, Inrrmn had announced from thepui
7)t.thnton Sabbath, the 7th, he would review
"an-ariic»e in the Visi'tr." and although
it snowed fast, the house was crowded.—
After preliminary* exercises he read his
text: "Prove all tilings, hold fast that
which is pood I He" then produced a
cow of the St. Cloud Visiter, No. 6, and
read those portions of our article on dan
cing which he designed reviewing. First,
Our assertion that his statements in a for
mar sevmon were absurd." Second,
That he religious prejudice against dancing
has no foundation in scripture. Third,
That no family is well managed whore
the young folks cannot dance without, go
ittg to a tavern, where they will be liable
to witness scenes of drunkenness and
iiuiU'setinj?.'' At the close of his discourse
too reverend gentleman informed us he bad
spoken an hour and three quarters.
We have no wish to' hold him to anything
ip disavows. Our noiice was written un
tie itjipresion that' he wished to
abandons it, or rather says bo never occu
pied ii, we let that pas?.
Thi* difference of opinion between Mr.
Inman and his audience about what he
•aid on a former occasion, makes it a de
licate task to comment on any other of his
We enter our solemn protest against the
entire proceeding, as derogatory to theder
Holy Scripture and the Christian ministry.
We were not flattered by being carried up
iato the pulpit, with Moses, Hie Prophets
md. Evangelist.*, with being laid down be
side them, quoted verse about and con
atantly referred to as the writer of the ar-1 the dancing, not
tide. We had not, and r.ever can have,
nny juu claim to appear in suoh place and
\n such company. Such a use of the pul
pit would soon reduce it to the level of
ihe stamp," and Mr, Iiunan is vkrong in
carrying this matter, ia this manner, to the ing extract from The Baptist ed:tton.—
pulpit. Otu* co'umns have been open to The Comprehensive Commentary." The
him, cr, if he prefers verbal correction work to which he triurr phantly refered
vfour errors, there are the Wednesday us^
evening lectures, where he is invited to
«reAK on any BUOject he pleases.: 01', lie I ephtxl,^ whicli was light and convenientfor dancing, nni
Can nrpanli 4fr.i:i)vt il.r^'i-,-* oa l/in« owt I
van preacn against aancmg aa long and jpTiwttjt'orSamue,wore0uo. ThruVeat im^e(
attacked him on this subject. but hi^ me
mory rr.u.-t bo at fault. In ourfifthnum
otr we recommended dancing as a sub tt
tute for promiscuous kissing at socinl par
tics, The paragraph was but a few linos
tmouy announccu the Devil has been T*
ottld be no dancing without drinking and
the strictest branch of the Presbyterian! But, says Mr. Inman, Solomon say* there
chureh, could not be pleasant to be pub- is a time to kill. Is ftolomcn a murderer?
himself, cannot avoid the conclusion, for If to "praise fiod in the dance/' the word
dancing is inseparable from fighting and dance means a musical instrument like a
drinking, Miriam and the Virgins had a flute. Did the forty-seven deeply learned
drunken broil at the lied Sea. But in his divines,
matte a
la. tKcravon Mr. Inman says be never made, make David say that people should get in
else, intended to qualify these assertions
understood ng wVaU'unde^ Wai. and! bidden to praise God. in the dance!
in d«^n(Hn^k. :Se|6bdt Miriam and the
women did dame, keep ime to mtip'o in
bodily motion, but it was in honor of (Sod's
great deliverance, a pious not, totally un
like our dancing. Third, Dancing was a
heathen practice. The children of Israel
learned it from the heathen witnet-s the
dance round Katun's calf. Fourth, David
This reminds us of Mrs Grimes'renscns
for not leading her tub. I st, She had no
tub. 2nd, It was already lent. 3rd, It
was standing full of water. 4th, Ih hot.
torn had fallen out of it two weeks ago
and she had never got it mended.
When a man is driven to find fault with
the bible, ho shows the weakness of his
cause. If dancing was a heathen prac
tice, and wrong, why did Miriam, a pro
phetess, and all the women of Israel, un
the eyes of Moses and Aaron, &o out
and dance in token of thankfulness and
praise to Israel's God We have no evi
dence that it was ll dancing in the camp
which displeased Moses when he broke
the tables of atone. It was the cai.se of
that execrcise itself, I
HelaiJ asic* his Imperial purple, mid imt on ±\i:am
which excited his anger. If it was the censure for recommending dancing,
dancing why was he not angry with Mi- and argues that we are leading souls
riam I to eternal death We reply, that he
religious exercise* bv (hose who we
hand iu liberality
"d "n
childless from this tim 1
fighting and he instanced in proof of
'.his proposition, a cotillion party of
Friday evening previous, where he des
bed the scenes as tfisgracefil and wick
in the last degree. ror.ndly asser
and repeated that tho.-e who had attend
that party were the very offscourings
the earth," and made no exceptions.
iearoed that some of our be^t citizens were Went 0
at that party, that there were present those these
who in point of piety and mond worth, made every thing beautiful in hi3
have no superiors in this community. Thus we have the expres? declare
In the short noiice we felt culled upon God hath made every event and
to give: that sermon we said nothing of his Solomon eiuum rates that list
attack upon us, although, to one, who, from ml in his litre We agree
the age of sixteen, has been a member of mon that dancing- is beautiful in its time. I
ble^etilahouMbeldj i.e.
In private, we used all 00r influence to in-1 [red esl that love the Lor si ,reconsider cnoic 0 1 a I „!, ,«
To a machine like a S t|ke timbrel, I
was anxious to defend that position, as he \f«h timbrel and harp. vVe insist upon S
remarks but in his sermon of the 7th, Hnj2"ists in an. age and count
inWifc^ni.JSrWiiffi )i
duce others to look upon his sermon in the hate evil. '-—Psalms 07, 10. Christ says, profession aad devote himself entirely I tfZu -1
same l.ght.. K™^ Xe ^ate fother and mother ye to the service nf UA1M K« *..3BI-iil*"o VUiS"*
to the service of the ladies by assist
W« said the ^sertions of the revered cannot be. my disciples." Soloraon i„ them in the arts which ho most 1
icentlemac were ^absurd:' we say still. I did intend to express approbation of the admires. He would, no doubt have!
that if we and others heard him aright, acts and events he enumerated, as beautt-1
,d must rr-main ab-urd. ml in Gods tunc. Mr. Inman's own cited business of se
S S & E S to say! authority the Comprehonsive Gomm.n. S
that any innocent act is inseparable from tary,•' fully agrees with us thts view V™*
•"OK forms o? v'ce More than this,:see volume marked »Psalm 64-Mal." Blaokatone, and
•nake the inevitable application of his I page 250. Mr. Inman says, that when that love of ainan, Monsieur Shepley, Falls Mission of the Protestant Epis
atotement and ii becomes ridiculous. He, *™d in the--Psalms, calls upon the peopl
ou bible,
tnat peoplr nou.n 2 I S
and harps in with them? gb we W O
conclude if we admit thev knew that itfhin
be dance "meant a tJ-.inglike*afiute, for we! .s,lIkfu
taking the bible as wo find it and think
strange promise for God to give ii cont»c
tion with the assurance of His loving kind
ness, if the Jew« learned dancing from
the heathen and God disapproved dflf it
disgraced himself by dancing before tne In the same chapter, 33th verse, the pro
ark, disgusted his own wife and all resjphet aftr saying in the previous verses
pectable women. Vie and Israel had pro-'that the redeemed Slinll tlow together
bably a promiscuous dance nnd general to ihe goodness the Lord, for wheat,tract
broil on that occasion, a*. David had given for win« and for «il," adds, "Then shallM
each a "good flagon of wine For his
disgraceful conduct he was jrery properly
reproved by Michal, whin ho got mad
and separated himself from his good wife.
So that the evil effects of dancing were
proved by its having broken np that family.
the virgin rtjoice in the dance, both young
men and o\J together"'
In the parable of the Prodigal Son,
our Savior mentions dancing as
of the human expressionist of joy
which represent the rejoicing of the
Heavenly Father at the repentance
of sinners. Mr. Inman informed us
that the eaily fathers of this christian
church approved of dancing, and that I
this was the reason the English trans
Iators rendered the word as they have
clone, and yet this practice which
has received the itospuecxi approval ol
Moses, David, Solomon, Jeremiah, the
Savior of man, the early fathers of
the church and the forty-seven trans
lators of the bible, Is now stigmatized
as inevitably leading to the lowest
forms of vice. Surely, the wisdom
of this age Is astonishing!
Mr. Inman holds'us up to public
For answer to his opinion of David ami and others, who labor with him, a re appears to .take one's breath.!'
Miehal we refer Mr. Inman to the follow- responsible for having outlawed a whose conversational
David liming dismissed the congregation withwlitess- ,'*• +hp c'xrmbnl nt' Aivirtt* in ,i
4, fetorne.1
r.n £nr them aii' to oiler family fnt'.nVj.givhi for Tin na
tional merer. Ministers miut not think their public p^r
t'orinanei'B wi" excuse om i'.uni!y worship,Bavi(l,tliotlgb
he had prophalB. pciests and L«v-itos about him, fa be his
chapliint, yetcul not devolrethe work on thorn, Imt him-
0 ft bceu iirj-gi' the
oiion otters, but s,!ie looked"upon it ai -i hing be-
I 0
poor judges of the respective correctness oil loss to account for the
ditf rent commentators. The translation I
agreed upon by forty-seven
natural, innocent, healthful andhea-j ble at the furthest side of the next
on the contrary sanctions, by making! ^i class of th
would be creditable to a professional,
lecturer, and would be well received I
nteti.t'Ob} wiitinghcv fo ever t\\r criz-iuoHu t„
ard. They that l-.-n-oi-rCud, ,,.in coquettes. he lavished3his
rho can possibly be more|
.«. *u«v 1 I
Lord should yet hiss choicee
a a
of a
hne a
Mr. Inman and our.-telf mav probablv be so: voluntarily turned to see the stru^-!pleted, and the other nearly so, whilei
lar ru:ted in the original to.igues, to captive. We are wholly at a both have some vaiuablo a
a in
by'.shrieking, irom tne io.\*um, lor nig
ger's rights and woman'*, right.* and
of that distinct class whose highest
ambition it is to fill the columns of a
newspaper. His .ideas on this point
presented nothing new, except that
high flavoring of double distilled e*-
compacied by sin, i3 the fault of those They *~'~u •*u-' i-«—i«f««- o.,^ .„:!, ««u, X* «.«- jutt we willi
lua^-inthehaw. ta:,.ui«5 won\d convert the pure wine of I coarse prints, of bed-spr"ead patterns I
life into vinegar, who make piety a and rainbow hues, made it.to fnn«vlhas 160
minute in his knowledge or keen in 1j-f wr ,, .• 1 ,. .,
His appreciation of the effects nf dr
W a S if
great pleasure to
"Missionary Voice."
would soon be the rage. His keen copal"Church. Th number S S
states that in the past year the
tission has completed six ch'.rches
appreciation of the piscatory amuse
ment of fishing for husbands, savors
of the relish of a practical sportsman, and begun three "others." Tw ofj for a week past has]* the time
0 a a S
a in in the las a
a to
captor played fast and loose others are "abl and willing to iaf-.
was tain a minister.' We presume the
ncn protessional. treat, and one m-i which has her church building com-
ransiatio est upon any other hypothesis, than considerable pecuniary ability but!
r«-iparishess here alludedl to are those of |j_. sevend
..tog, I St. Cloud
with the idea tha' he had r«-1 parishe Her alluciec to are tnos of blocks of chrystal
spent years in the'any joy the people may feel at the
rl shadow oi some fair ander's crino- prospect of a settled minister, will be J„ r^ fear ±&-JZ\
The word translated dance' never meant! many enumerations we nave ot the sins a surety, tne 01a maws -to wnose W I he is prepared to take contracts ad do all
2 E 5 S 3 for which they were often! whom he so commisera^^^^^^^
lund. of work iu this line on the tnWreu
rfWlflfh_iM2S with holes in it ~J»puaished, dan,c4ng is net meutionedr 6ut to double themselves," as h^ ale, church a stipend equal to h,s entire %fr The lioayy parts of the Breck~
'.'» I Wa is^^so verv imperfect that he "in Ii,M J^ife**!***!* .«$Jr-,.4'3-,Mrh«Btr«r C^oat'Mi 'piitBrtnerai'! gfaxatly ~e-xj|T'-rs«ciaai it, cc»ajal«il.'iiro't-''Cr 1«^:-t-f.la-wia-fc^^ that he may be enabled to enridge: engine were sent forward on.] manner,
thc^ ter than take a course of lecjuj^^ontu^e
genus woman,
is an actress
anea(J hasn thQ parlor for her theater,"
and as the absorbing object of her
life is to attract the attention and ad
in card
poor re*
that grief,
pley so touchingly dc
scribes, at the loss of an infant, forUwere
in common with all female'
urn for ihe toss of
,„w^ .. ..-,. v-v... wi» ...v, 1 o*-""" market, in small towns they always A gentleman rattie penurtou 1 an a Amen.
5 I S I S S a S S I boarders, sometimes to eke out habits, owed $8,40 to a farmer whose As to the bu iness partof the
matters, and added, He hath coquetry. We had no idea St. Cloud 1 .!: A A K« *UMA L-*#U k— *-t:«» 1
liations, and sometimes for both ob-
Ramds, one
S 5
of gall, one might expect from tary traveler with their hoarse bay- 5 I 7
Ki'K^iia *«a» ri a A- tcred at the Cloud La
a omo.us man. rl made an- error in iing. has often come Irom St. A.n- „,„„_, vr
point of fac wheu ft. stated that thony here,son foot, walkingp 3s
these woment who write politicsrar a day Hi place of worshi some
always higher^law politiciaiisjjShd times an uninhabitable store-room.
that that law requires tnem to
be "subject unto their own husbands.'/
So far as our knowledge extends, the
class of women who publicly appear
City,TMISS., Whig and^urselfV
markable production called wo-i Th Spring work is beginning, and
inan^'' the learned lecturer overlooked
ven-rpproved amusement,
banishing it, in as
ence goes, to become
of evil. That daneing is so often ac- fly like showtrTo?melted pearls*iIn» country. Without any gain by I !and»
where part of his audience sit behind
the counter and part on the stairs.—
He comes to it often worn with fa
tigue and begrimed with the dust of
as political writers, ie'confinedtVtwo I travel but no externals take fitom
individuals, Mrs.Prewitt of the Ya- hi* appearance or his ministrations lens and instructs. An American
trie bearing of a christian minister—'family, of advanced literary culture,
should no more think to be without a
copy of, the Ailantic than.mi
husband- While we, a perfect model, whom that church send to labor in mis
of wifely obedieitce, support the Bu- sionary fields, she will surely length
chanan code. If there is any law be- en her cords and strengthen her
low this, one would require a long!stakes."
line and heavy lead to take its sound-' ~f—r~
ings. In his classification of that re.- Building-
She maintains the law of chivalry (the solemnity of christian worship.—
which is no,t very high, and has no] If he is a fair specimen of the me.nregular
several varieties, to one of which we Several new buildings are commeu
beg leave to call his attention, viz.: |c«dybut'theiitt^ifo1rwiard'wadweUin^
the large, thick-skinned) coarse, sen- I house^ on Fifth street., belonging to
suah-featured, loud-mouthed double- Kennedy, 30x21 feet, and two sto
fisted dames, whose entrance into a {Ties high, with an 17 feet square,
4 iS
showers of melted pearls
deck their portl- persons in speculation 2
a patterns
into fousy
streets are locking more lively,
already closed in and the enter
tones are aujdi-!P«sing proprietor expects to have it
&* use by the 1st of May.-—
ation, and with only the pro
farmers and mechanics.
.... ,..,,. ,, Island, and on close under tho fringed womeD .share
sunshine and clear, frosty air.
culled vthe debtor to a short distance
description, from his house, and under a threat ot trons is shorter than the 10II of Gideons
because it is a pity Mr. Shepley 1 personal violence, compelled him to army, and a large proportion of them
[should have overlooked a class of pay the farmer $10, the surplus of must eat potatoes and corn meal this win
women« to whom it must give him the debt being
it must give him the debt being counted as pay for the ter for want of money to buy flour. Stiii,
be introduced, as trouble and "disappointment of the intend to publish the VISITER, weekly
want and sufferinir on the
and that i( it had
6 A 0
are outraged in chopping and sawing bo directed to the publisher,
1 smuted and have members ot vervi_._i.Jl ... r* _*. A^ ^.averUSemeittS.
J^ character of the
and destitute I re that Minnesota is
to W admitted to the Union at once,
Messrs. Shields an Rice having con
sented tp^ot for the Lecompton^
(Constitution, jf this is true, Minne
sota has thrown her full share of
dough into the National kneading.
charge, in the new
places around him! This most rea
sonable request would surely be
granted if-..the wealthy members of
the P. E.,'Church knew, as we know,
of his labors and long suffering, in
traveling near 400 iniles per month
in a country where the streams lack trough,
bridges, where these are no railroads,
and Hie wolves often cheer the soli- -T-*-, rrt ,.
iL_r Iheh
plot ot our railroad is en-
0 miles! S S
nus the Declaration
of two vear's industry, Mr! making personal observations and
1 i.» not mislead onr readers bv hdse or exaff.
0 acres, his town lots, and the
A RIDS.-—-On the 1st inst, on our in all lands urea e.I by its author,
way to our office, we heard our name I 2d. Ail men are created fre: and
called by a.merry little party on the equal in their right to Ik's, liberty and th
riven, and on/roing down found the pursuit of boppineas.
Messrs. Taylor and Tuttle with their 3d. The B,ble,apd the Constitution o^t
wives, and Mr. Noel, a youthful ba~j State^are ami slavery undhumati
chelor, in high glee. Th a is-unconstitutional in any a
seated on tne cross ties of a
1 1 1 0
,, I tunuarmntai iaw.
011 skates, acting propeller.-- and is a privilege which should be
took a seat with the riders and exclusively confined to »»white & I fi
WHWG- —Jt is wii sorrow and 1 ff the path cf duty lies through ti:-f- deep
mortification' that we record a case of waters, go forward!" and the irrefutable
lynching in o?.).r orderly community, right arm shall divide the wavea. A*n:en
r\ gentleman
otf ratherr penuriouss
W embedded in the ice, )flfi
a teams are busv secur-
by bridge
iDr'The March number of the .At
lantic Monthly is on our table. In point
of literary merit the Atlantic has no
equal amongst our monthlies. It in^
terests and amuses, while it strength-
The S CLOUD VIAITBR will not be iho
organ oi" any })arty or sect-, \AV the mem-
ber.-j of any, can he hesad tliroogh its col
umns in any article, of suitable length and
sufficient literary merif. The fiivst page
will contain tales, poetry, anecdotes fec
and '.vestern readers will always findasunj
mary of news gleaned from* Eastern ex
changes, while a large spare vwill be de
voted to giving Eastern readers correct ie
formation about the great North-WeBt. In
this department we expect the assistance:
of several hundred local reponers
a a

w,e.W u*('
I of a on S a a a
arj{ a ra
P^-ble diili-
out the convictions of the edi or.
tjuently its creed ill be:
1st. The Divine law is the Supi^me i.-j,-
Pfot«s»iig to receive either as
th. Paying u.xes is a* unwOmanlv as
of this and other c-untrie,." r*
1 and Aajen.
ermg. So they procured a ran, 1
---i-pot-ot r...v.u
The 1 Look straight towards the biifer land and
impression left by the half hour's ex- [to the greatest amount of good you can
cursion is one of unmingled pleasure, accorap.Wh on th© journey. Then—*• go
forward!" What! into the Red Sea of
-Tt is with sorrow
toil, of danger and appaseni deal!."? Ves!
fb» VVe have very little tvoe and th»t r.oi oi
ilroad. Our list of pa-
power on Earth/' and publish the obiuw:y
of all now engaged' in sending it out upon
its rai-s'.on.
ne we TERMS-Single copies $g per annum,
t*T? Hpresente a lively scene'from our of-Jpaid. Single copies Bet* Letters on
^V**™"™ sub, ribe^ out of Yearns couatv who
are not. proprietors here, 5 copies for $8
110 copies for $15 20 copies for &&, all
strictly in advance, andjib paper sent af-
business or concernin» ih Vi^r should
Special Notices.
Rawing off to be Stored ior
SC Th Saw mill which Graduating tpay.t¥ *^^|t^*ioJ_*5Sj»? ForCireufura
weather, OTXIOTTG.
,t go-off a E
fepw days_ and fear„ are entertained
all or a great part of trie logs in WM fggjj
boom may be carried off. joinerv, in any or. all of its branches, thnt
to pn
]eMgned takes this metho4o
those who may have houctes to
a 8 a
come back^ March .18
/jt. E. RUSSEY

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