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VOL. 24.
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Real Estate Transfers.
Thirty six Real Estate transfers,
amounting to $77004. 30, were record
ed in the office of Register of Deeds,
during the month of June.
Exr's o'f A Wilder estate to John
and Hans Kimtens n'A swJ4 11 104 42..$G33 33
Bliss to Kittle Bumiston 2 lots
in Worthington 3400 00
Vries to Robert Bird e}4 neH 32
101 40 1840 00
Jas Kalkenal to Casper Burchard n\v!4
20 101 42 320 00
W N Beckley etal Village Kimtorae 2
lots in DeForest SO 00
E Peterson to Lars Johnson seJ-4 34
102 39 40 00
A Saclise to Waters neM 20 102 42.... Bo 00
Jno Glovkato Andrew Hanson 6 lots
in Adrian 1400 00
A E Skillli.g to Llndquist etal 3
lots in Dundee 85o 00
Hans Daliletalto JuoM Glovka sel4
SW&4 101 42..., -...1000 00
Andrew Hanson Do »w% swM, 4 101 42.1000 00
Locke to Patrick Brown swM 32
101 40 8680
Hinkley to E BuehMk *&4
and »w* nw*
JOT ae 4m 9
Nel» Holm to Jobn Nla«(oot 3 lot*
to rfworest.
D*Ucf!UB««nMBlo Wm Llndwmau
G«**e*4 sw5418Kffl 41 .73W00
Hoffman to
Mailer eK twbi
6104 41.... 1040 0#
Jis & JnoH Jonea to JM Xothe
lot In Adrian 8B 00
A O Campbell to O Jena and 31 Lang
0 0
Lindquist to Johnson etal a lota
tn Dundee 5®
JB fitryker to
,' A
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
No other article of tollman food has ever received such emphatic
commendation for purity, strength and wholesomeness, from
the most eminent authorities, as the Royal Baking Powder.
Patrick Brown to Gerhart Welp Do 4000 00
PLandes etal to E Lande91 lot in
Adrian 600 00
Davidson toJXbos Pascoe 1 lot in
Biuelow SO®
Hazard trustee to ThosPascoe 1
lot in Bigelow 8®
Bilstrom to €uU«* 0)6 neJi
Exr'BRBSomersettoFW Loflbagea
B«k 5 101 42 1W3 97
103 41 iao#t#
Groeg«r to W S FMebw «*al *V4
*m% 11104 ». l«W
Gillett to L*(«p«ft Bre« ««J4 W
191 30 220ft 00
Vtoca Uiraerbroft to Ne!» Helm Mli
17 aaoooo
Jobnaon Hot
Wortbtngton 126 00
ATatum to Gustaf Johnson neSi 0
104 4800 #0
SC Wilder to O Aaderaen etal *X
—X 10 104 40
BB Humiston Jr to Bliss 1 lot la
Worthington..... 460 00
Chldster to O Andrews 1 lot in
Chas Wood to Bryden 3 lots in
Bnshmore .. 0
StP & 8 Ry toOF Flskator e)i
Si 101 39 ......1160 00
Annie Lambert trustee to B. S. Hurd
Blk. 18 Worthington Maoo
A right step has been taken rela­
tive to dogs in Worthington, compel­
ling owners to muzzle them (although
these home made muzzles will prove
worthless if the dogs go mad.) Why
not go one step further and compel
owners to keep them off the street
just as cattle, hogs and horses are?
One is as great a nuisance as the
other—of the four, dogs are the most
indecent upon the street, ever defiling
whatever sets out conspicuously as
fruit stands, vessels, ice and bedding
laid out to air. Then, too, they are
constant tresspassers upon others'
dooryards and gardens, defiling and
damaging their neighbor's yards
more than their own.
Dogs are all right in their place,
but that is on their owner's premises.
School Report.
Report for the'Bpring term in Dist.
No. 15, Dewald Tp. Number enroll­
average daily attendance, 21
cases of tardiness, 4. The following
are the names of the pupils who were
perfect in attendance: Mable Wil­
cox, Hattie Sundberg, Victor Sund
berg, Selma Sundberg, Lottie Kail
and Charley Nissen.
School closed June 19th with the
usual literary program after which
ice cream and cake were served.
Fifty-five visitors were present.
Farm For Sale.
Farm of 240 acres, situated seven
miles of Worthington, Minn.
140 acres broke, barn 34 40, house
18 34. For further information,
call on or address,
46 8 Worthington, Minn.
Children Cry for
Destructive Storm
Thousands of Dollars Damage
Done by Hail.
Last Wednesday evening a de­
structive hail storm visited Nobles
county, extending into Jackson coun­
ty. Chunks of ice measuring ten
inches in eircumfrence were picked
up by different persons in many
parts of town. Many fields of grain
were totally ruined. The following
have suffered losses and reported
claims to their respective agents.
Those insured by Gilbert Anderson
Sam Anderson, Chas, Johnson
and K. Lowe.
By Hedberg & Clausen: Henry
Derks, Fried Erickson, Chas. Alvord.
By S. Kindlund: Rev. C. Brown,
A. Williams, Hans G. Hecker, David
Jones, J. Fitzgerald, Thoe. Hutton,
Van Vaulkenberg, G. L. Bond, John
A. Good, H. S. Reed, P. Fonberg,
Fonberg, J. Matteson, John Swan
son, Ferry Johnson, Thos. Ferguson,
Peter Anderson, Geo. Dabner, Jno.
Smith, Gus. Swanson, R. 8. Hurd,
Geo. W. Weedman, Geo. Shugard,
Alex. Young, A. Shelquiet, Gust
Grant, Gustaf Fiok.
State Fare Program.
The State Fair managers hare «r
ranged the following program.
Monday, Aug. 31, the opening of
fair, will be Deere-Weber bicyie day
and $1,000 will be given in prizes by
the firm getting up these sports.
Tuesday, ia to-be St,Paul day. The
racing programme will be inaugurat­
ed that day, balloon ascensions will
occur and other attractions put on the
Wednesday has been set aside bs
G. A. R.day. The programme of
amusements at the fair will be light
on this occasion on account of the G.
A. R. parade, which takes place down
Thursday will be Minneapolis day
A good racing programme will be put
on for thid day,a balloon ascension
will take place and other features add
Friday has been set aside as farm­
ers day, when the racing programme
will be finished, a balloon sent up
and a parade of the lire stock on the
grounds take place.
Saturday, the last day of the fair,
has been designated as newspaper
day. The press clubs of the Twin
cities and the state editorial associat­
ion will furnish the programme on
this occasion,the receipts of the grand
stand being donated by the fair
association to the clubs. The pro­
gramme on this day will be a very
attractive one and will include some
of the best features of the fair.
Meeting held Friday evening, June
26th. All members present. The
general grist of bill were allowed.
An ordinance regulating the run­
ning of dogs at large was read and
passed by full vote of the council.
Messers. Utly. Bly and M. S. Smith
were appointed a committee to pur­
chase a whistle for fire alarm also to
purchase half dozen pair of rubber
gloves for use of fire department. F.
C. Turner to report, each week No.
tanks of water for sprinkling streets.
The committee appointed on the
stone crossings previously reported
unfavorable to putting crossings
in the middle of the court house
To The Public.
Have made arrangements with O.
Oppen, to run his blacksmith shop.
Have had 35 years experience. Will
do all kinds of blacksmithing work
Horse shoeing a specialty. Satisfact
ion guaranteed. Also diseased feet
doctored and etc.
Pitcher's Castor!a.
1- *V a- ,1, 1 iWlf,i 'I 1 4
The Fourth of July in Worth­
ington ami be Assured of a
Grand Time.
A programme of eutertahiment for
the masses that will visit Worthing­
ton has been successfully arranged,
and fills the entire day with amuse­
ments in fact the time will be short
for the alloted sports to take place—
consequently there will be no lagg­
ing in events to occur at the specified
time. Visitors are expected from all
surrounding towns and the weather
prognosticate rs fortell a day of
weather suitable for the occasion.
The gratest feature of the day will be
'Will positively appear rain or shine
and exhibit free to the multitude the
most distended and incorrigible con­
glomeration of intinitesimally
unique prognostications ever pro­
mulgated. All manners of laughter
producing and mirth provoking de­
vices. would-be comedians jumbling
themselves together in the most
amazing and ludicrous possible man­
Hilarity will reach a pitch which
the Btaid people of Worthington have
way to heretofore.
A glittering pageant of kaleido­
scopic feats, replete comedy and
splendiferously burlesque grandeur.
Takeoffs on every ungineable thing
and person in the universe. Orer
one-thousand people will take part
and BOO carriages and rehiolee in
endless variety.
This most gloriously ludieroue
pageant will be biought to a dose by
te funniest burlesque ever eoncocted
which is the hits on the Aneient
Trades Carniral. In this unparallel­
ed panorama will be exhibited our
merchants' angenguity in eemical
advertising and it will only be neces­
sary to watch the parade moring
under irridescent sheets of their
cheese cloth banners to burst forth
into uncontrolable laughter. Ap­
pended is the route. From oorner of
12th St. and 2nd Are., down 12th St.
to 9th St., down 9th St. to 3rd Are.,
down 3rd Ave. to 12th St., down 12th
St. to 6th Ave., down 6th Are. to 10th
St., up 10th St. to 2nd Are. and re­
turn down 2nd to I2th St. and Sod
In the evening a grand ball has
been arranged and the best music
obtainable has been secured, an at­
tendance will insure a good time.
Come to Worthington ana spend the
most pleasant ana most enjoyable
day of the season
Programme of the Day.
Sunrise—120 guns.
9:00 a. m—Gun Club Shoot, prize $10.
11:00 a. m—Hose race, purse $20.
Noon—Picnic Dinner at High School
12:30 p. m—Grand Calithumplan Pa­
1:00 p. m—Addresses at
by Hon.
r, WW1-^
B. Sketch, orator of the
day, and other noted speakers.
2:00 p.
m—Small sports on Tenth St.:
Foot race, boys under 18, $3 to first,
$2 to second. Foot race, boys under
12 years, $3 to first, $2 to second.
Three leg race, $5 to first, $3 to sec­
ond. Sack race, $3 to first, $2 to
second. Potato race, $3 to first, $2
to second. Blindfold race,$3 to first.
$2 to second. Wheelbarrow race, $4
to first, $3 to second.
:30 p. m—The following program will
be carried out at Klaus' Athletic
One Mile Novice, purse $20.
One Mile Handicap, purse $33.
Boys' One Mile Handicap, purse
One Mile Open, purse $40.
Boys' Half Mile Handicap, purse
Three Mile Handicap, purse $55.50
Ladies' bicycle exhibition, open to
all lady riders. First prize, pair of $5
bicycle boots second prize, pair bicy
cl© shoGs«
Open foot race for purse of $15.
First, $10 second, $5.
Other sports are on the program at
the park. For particulars see other
N. B.—Klaus' Athletic Park is a priv­
ate enterprise and the amusements
there are under the management of the
proprietor, Peter Klaus. An admis­
sion fee will be charged to enter the
7:30 p. m—Chas. Martell, the famous
tight and slack wire performer, will
give an exhibition on Tenth street.
8:30 p. m—Grand illuminated bicy­
cle parade on principal streets in the
city. 200 wheels will be in line, form­
ing one of the best attractions of the
The exercises of the day will con­
clude with a grand display of fire­
Hon. D. M. Clougli.
Special to the Advance.
Governor Clough unanimously
nominated. He receives nine hund­
red and three votes on the first ballot.
fevery individual has aright to his
own opinion and very probable the
lo?al physicians expected a difference
of opinion, as well as an expression
of it, when they took the action they
dia. against the cancer doctors.
However, when one goes into print he
should be sure that the statements
aria facts—not only facts as far as
the writer can learn.
Mr. Maxwell says in the
of'June 18th: ''In those cases where
the operations have been performed
by local doctors alone, without any
outside help, death has resulted in
every oase." Mr. Maxwell's state­
ment is not true. young lady liv­
ing four miles from town operated
upon last summer and a young man
near Brewster operated upon last fall
by the local dootors, without any
"outside help," are both alive and
Of the other eight operations I can
not say in how many eases the local
physioians had assistance, but, in
etti)h and every case the operation
itMlf was performed by a local phy­
cuVred, no fairminded person who
knows the real facts and who does
not base his opinions upon the gos­
sip one always hears, blames the
doctors. If Mr. Maxwell knows any­
thing of the history of appendicitis
outside of Worthington, in the state
and the United States, knows that
the percentage of deaths to cases
compares very favorably in Worthing­
ton to the same elsewhere.
Murphy, of Chicago, one of the
best surgeons in the West, can not
eave all of his cases, and one of the
professors of&ush Medical College,
with the the rery best medical aid in
this country, has just died with the
"So- much for their being as com­
petent as other doctors."
What True Friendship Means.
Between friends there must be
clotee sympathy, and one must be able
to give the other what she lacks, but
even between those friends who are
nearest and dearest it is not necessary
to lay bare one's heart. Such confi­
dence is too apt to be greeted with a
curiouB satisfaction, and even from a
friend this gratification makes one
feel as if one's bruises had been
touched with vitriol.
real friend
asks no questions. She takes the
best that comes, the best that is in
you, the best that you care to offer
her, and demands nothing more.
She has long ago learned, being wise,
that to all of us there comes a time
when nothing should be said it is
true there is a time when something
should be said, but there is never a
a time when everything should be
said. There is very often a silence
between two woni(fti friends that
means rest, and she is unwise who
breaks that silence.—RCTH
in July Ladies' Home Journal.
S. M. Weuholm of Moline, 111., ar­
rived to Worthington last Monday
and is visiting with Mr. and Mrs.
Carolus O. Peterson for a few days.
Mr. Wenholm is a local preacher in
the Swedish M. E. church, and while
out on a missionary tour is also look
ing up a suitable tract of land where­
to direct an immigration and establ­
ish a Swedish colony or settlement of
his people down there.
Children Cry for
At a special meeting of the Board
of County Commissioners held, Fri­
day Jnne 26th. liquor license were
granted to Edward Manuel,of Village
of Hersey and Joseph Budde of St.
Bridge appropriations were allow­
ed as follows
Bloom, $175.00
Hersey, 200.00
Larkin, 40.00
Leota, 175.00
Lismore, 160.00
Olney' •. 150.00
The Auditor .was instructed to ad­
vertise for bids for construction of
two steel Bridges, one 96 feet long on
North line of Sec. 22 in Westside
twp. and one 32 feet long in Village
of Worthington.
No further businesss coming be­
fore the Board they adjourned sine
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Forty Years the Standard.
Pitcher's Caetorla.
"We "Want to Talk to Yon this
Week .A."bout
Bed Room Suits.
just received
The Furniture Store
care load
at our own prices, and can show you some Beauties
Neckties for the next 30 Days, in all kinds
and styles.
A. Anderson,
Bring Your Plows
|^9 ^oriljiagton Jlot
Proceedings of the County
J! :-3- W*^l c!^l? '^lif
sawed oak and Curly Birch with French Bevel
Plate Mirrors
that the
to unload. We Took Advantage of the Situa­
tion, and transported that advantage to our
We offer a Special bargain in a 3 Piece HardWOOd Suite
with bevelled mirror at $ 13.00.
G. A.R.
|THE SEASON.3 iareeReceived^
For Repairs. I
NO 47
Tell Your Druggist
To Give You
Minnehaha Tooth Paste
the next time you buy a dentifrice.
Don be content to take something
said to be "just as good." Dont
take something else because thepricer
is lower. You can't afford, to buy
cheap things for the teeth.
Suits in Foreign Novelties of The 53
Latest Patterns and Styles, E2
A large line of Straw Hats at prices
fc! that will satisfy every one that gets a look
at them. I will also erive Special Sale on
Minnehaha Tooth Paste costs 50.
cents a box. If you measure its price
by the pleasure that com6s from u$
ing it, you'll say it is worth five times
as much. If you fix its value by the
beauty it imparts to the teeth and the
sweetness it gives to the breath,you'll
say that it is worth ten times 50 cts.
Bold by druggists for SO cents or
sent by mail.
mc Ul
Worthington Minn.

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