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i . . tMuivi-' i - i - r..-. - - .. r " " ' I- i i -- - : - - tt 'iii i . :. ' ' : L '. " ' ' ' . , - - m---
j.; .... .'A .W ..'J. r -i . or , . i - ; - : v
-tThywilt thouirrongly Jndgemej
s f, Why will uM wroiqriy juaja ,
', J Mjr actiou miMunUu( . i ,
"1 'Vfliy wii iia think nijr Yry set" -Aa
uuult u u yoal
-' G know that in pit inmoat heart,
1 mm Id da thee oliuiiil; " "
Mjrryr ar for thy h&iip'mcsa,,
at I -
. t
:J,t .
k ' t
t i t :
- V .1... 1 n.M thA hiul.
r l . WXl hva fault, anU each should atiira
T h Je thine of hit bfOlliw: - ,
Pi if on-another." ' "
l, i a: h 'tt !...
.Why wilt thoy wrongly judga jnel,,.,
VVht have I said ordouol .',. . , ,
4 ' fm not perfect, for we Know 1 1
Mi.i ?erfeUiin tliare ia norw.-. j "'''I
, Duty n tlwiight, iior yot a, deed,
' ' Did ever 1 intend ' ' -.i "' , , ;. .,
-X Towound thyJeelnga,orladea- " 1 .
nij liany ajt oil'viuJ.a u l; i Ji il '-
vi 1i,onltu.te-rofiedV;i!V";li' U
WhtUtoB earth wa Mwu' .- T -1,1
K'ai!ven tiinca" 1 ahould offend, -
, "Soveu liioua" tliou lioulil't forgive; , ,
'' ''TorOodhaeeaiiti'-ict not thy heart -
Krern iu pure love be driven, : . 1
j. i ., Remember they who ne'er forgiva, , , , j i, ;
.. .May nev-T hi forgiven." . . ... ,. . ; ' ,
'r though thou jndge me wrong,
'l know that all are prouetoerr, .
! " -'Yet error laeta nut long; ' '"I
v i llien O let we do fecontiied,
i. Ail aniiry feelings. emother: c ,
L lt usolx y the hulKlnw ,
l' iwi .1 I 1 1. Aftu.1. r ,1
1 nat ouia ua iuto cm.h .
Wl 7tat i Happiness? i .
VVery' thihking man trill look round him
"wTveii W rcflecU'on his situation in this
Wld, and will ask, what will meet my cast;?
Vhatis It that I , want?, what will satisfy
' SrreV I look at'the rich, and I" see Ahub, in
the raidat of nil riches, sick at heart tor a
trdcn oflierbs.5 I see Dives, after all his
"wehlth; lifting up his eyes in hell, and beg-
i Wfjjr for a drop wa'cr to eool the rage of
liis aufftringp 1 see the rich fool summoned
itway at the very rnomeut when he was ex
W'tingin his Jioards. If I look at the wise,
Tme Solomon wiili all his wisdom, acting
like a fool; and I know that if I poseessed all
' his wisdom, were I left to myself I should
net as he Stltd. "I see Ahithophel, with all
liis policy,' hanging himself for vexation.
If I turn to men of pleasure, I see that the
rery snm of all pleasure is, that it is Satan's
bed, into which he easts his slaves. I see
Esati selling his birthright for a mess of pot
iage.' j) If 1 think? of honor, take a walk in
Westminster Abby here is an end of all
inqiury. There 1 walk among, the mighty
ilead! Thcrs is the winding up of human
glory r" And what remains of the greatest
lueuof my country ? uA boasting epitaph?
T one, of these things can satisfy me. I must
meet 'death I must meet judgment I must
Jnetl God I must meet eternity! Cecil.
... The Falling Leaf. . ,
,. It lias, beeu a fai;cy, -born of our day
dreams, that for every leaf that falls, a hu
man soul ascends; furrery leaf that unfold
it spirit glides from the dim past i.ito the ac
tive present: and thickly as lull the decaying
leaves, do forms of human uiould drop into
the soil. ,: .,, ','
We watch the yellow leaf as it struggles
with its, downward tendency, essaying in
vain to hang in midair, shrinking from the
old resting place, and buoyed up with a
momentary hope as a stray breeze wafts it
upward again only to descend more rapidly.
It seems to wail, to shrink, as it sett: es near
er and nearer to the detested soil. As , it
lies worn out anil dead upon the chill earth,
the spirit whispers: t Another has gone, as
the nu;i drops town to the, tomb! , Mature
drops a leaf tor everyoit';. who falls, a bead
for every sin she thinks. t .fi ,u . , ;. r,.
,As we stand, beside the spent leaf, bo
stands weeping ones around the new-made
jjraye, Ah! as , they embalm their dead in
tears and undying memories, so will we em
balm thee, thou lypage of human , frailty.
Thus between the leaves of the book of books
the sickly-hued leaf is laid as a memento.
As I gaxe on the skeleton form, I follow the
decay of the one for whom it felt, and turn-,,
irig thoughtfully away, gaze up to tho my
riad of leaves, and ask, '' Which one shall fall
forme?" y ", . ( , ;.,..,
V-i 'jij iTruflt'in'GocL.;i oj'i-.,-.
, There is 4' beautiful butlarfly. Look at'
it, and let them of little" faith look at it.l-'
Some mothers grawgrey with" thinking what
. will 'become of their : children in this hard
and'i wicked worldi -'One'' might wonder;
Jrow tlie butterfly could live1 in tempestuous'
hts, in' whirlwinds and 'iii storms' but I
Vnoticed It secure and dry underai broad
'Vhile rivers have been flooded and tall
: wkpwoted f v w-'i"'"' n"
$ if.-Athei8m.w-f "'"'
.iat ,ran be 'more foolish' says Jeremy
514. 'J t..'.L. .i 'K-Lll ,1'. :
ha,tr1f' fl ulBa lo l"n.t iimu-Bi,! uiis rare iif
vl hB. wnen an me ekiii oi, an is not aute
hev to ti Vi" ?8uSie; a motion.' Withoiit.a hiover!
if irtti 1' w'lnout centrr ; k time without ah
v-J aiB' secrid without a first: aretbih'f'S
u!5ih't philosophy and natural reason!
E s' must Je a beast, in )is undersUnd-
5hlM infinite.. --1;'" J 14 V "";
breast ,.. -..-.jT-- 't v-
t fireal (Vtib."- rnl,,,!' ) fl'-its-..
a 1
JailtltM Wllij vivatyWiuw uajr .w MUW nil. aiew
'wt''x t100",1'! 01 aaiKness."i At mere ts
1R. viupreniB. power; iwniuii s.we pan 'trust,
biMu refiirdiiion, , is, ,dpplJljle- enough, j But
'pye.ry one n trust ,,Gpd; and. here we ra
JtofW harbor;. nntjl we need fear po evil..
. ltoafe,harbo'r;;a!
. - Ithehe Lord redeem
' j.ubliVnt3 andfloneof t
s Juord redeemeth tne soul of Ins ser-
' them that trust him, shall
ibova 'fnare; but who 40 putteth his trust iu the
1 'j uv.icai.'.vMiiui . viiuucvM
Smz. . ..2'a tlMiat liltVl Irt vii lit 11a til prill rr1n ilia.
Il.ivMy sea and Jnot, ..wony pnrselye about
ShM,!WVMJ.'and:.bar,,.!,Acv.1- il sl ,yfi'
rJV.nin' is o happy j a jreal, Christian;
iPgicii yanityidoef, be feel; Uioggb he
117 nc"c nimself, .mi$ o Uo4.ts,liow far
i&ia bjeotness tlwugh, ,he rank-tim
tt worms of the earth-
totji i. tune me resposiDiiiry, sam a
jToVb oulJ ni to receive 1
J SllI . ,
t- t ft
. Tut New CosaTtTCTios or Lorrsaw A
naw ConatitaUon La recently. been adopted
m axtisana, whicu eontains several impor-a
tant'ehangea from, the 61 J one.; , W notice
the following, amcni; (hem: ; : .
J. Tbe baia of representation was' tbe
Whiie populrttion undur the "hew Cbnutita ;
tion it is the iW popularioi." '
.. Jj A residence in the State oftd! years
wur essential to (Jie riglit to vote; that ii re
duced tora year" Katur a Jilted foreigners
may role immediately after natdraliaution,
if they have resided two years in the State.
: ' 3. 'The experiment of biennial elections to
4le',-LegUIature having proved a failure,
the new constitution provides for annual e
leolions.ti -' -r-.-it ,:- '.. "' "t.i---r.ti
' 4.' The new Constitution makesth judges
elective by the people, and ties their' term
at ten yesis. The Supreme Court is compo
sed ot a tHiief Justice and Tout assistants.
. fi. Tho old Constitution prohibited the
granting ot acts incorporation tor more than
twenty years; the new leaves it toth- LemJ.1
Iftture to fix the ; duration of corporation in
(lie act ot incorporation,
' P. The Giovernor's term is four years. -
lie may reprieve a convict until the next ses
sion of the Legislature, but cannot pardon,
, 7. State indebtedness is prohibited, ex
cept for objects specified in the act authori
zing it, which must receive the Affirmative
votes of each House of the -Legislature.
The entire indebtedness not to exceed eight
millions of dollars..- When the Legislature
authorizes a debt above $100,0Ut, it must
provide adequate 'ways and means for the
payment of principal und interest when dup;
and such acts cannot be repealed until the
obligation incurred under them is dischar
ged ia full. .' i i - - i j '
: . 8.,,Iu cases of bank insolvency, bill hol
ders are preferred in the- distribution of its
assets. S; o ;,.eiv ;
i 9.i Divorces can only be granted by the
courts. - '.t i ' i : ' i, " !" "
i As Impobtant Discover?. A scientific
correspondent ot the New York Courier has
made an important discovery in voltaic elec
tricity, whicu may be applied to the cure of
weak nerves. It is this: . ,
"If a cylandj'ieal piece of zinc is placed
near the top of a broom handle, and another
about fifteen inches below, connexion be
ingmade between the two by means of a
wire, a person taking hold of the top piece
with the right h tnd, while the left, is placd
on the copper or lower piece, forms a volta
ic circle, which becomes powerful . the more
the broom is used. The hands must be
without gloves so vthat the metals are in
contact, auij the windows of the room should
be opened when the broom is used, so as to
admit the air freely. The discovery is in
valuable to females in a weak state for want
of active life; and for males it in'iy bo appli
ed to axe handles." , 1 ,
Wo suppose all weak j'oung ladies and
gentlemen will be practising this experiment
every day. . i . , .. ,t . , , , . , , ...
, Printisg OiTiciis.-W.hen Dr.Franklia's
mother-in-law first discovered that the
young man had a hankering for her daugh
ter, that 'good old lady said she did not
know so well about giving her daughter to
a printer; there were already two printing
offices in , the, .United States, and she was
not certain the country would support them.
It was plain young Franklin would depend
for the support on the profits of a third, and
this was rather a doubtful--clrnnee.' ' If such
an objection Was urged to would-be-son-in-law
when there, were but two printing, of
fices in the United States, how can a printer
hope to get a wife now, when the present
census show the number to be 1567.
New Coi'nterfeits. Dye's Bank Mirror
for December" 'has 'a' full description of a
batch of spurious notes, which our readers
will do well to peruse. Among the most
dangerous is a &2 Indiana bill. . For detec
tion of this 'note, see . the shading around
TWO ot upper right corner of note genu
ine is very fine; and when the iiote is Worn,
hardly preceptible.- Counterfeit is misera
bly coarse, when inspection is made. The
pinnicle of the steeple is a little to the right.
; The other" new counterfeits ' are j5's
States Bank of Indiana, 2's Hartford Bank,
100's Northern Bank of Kentucky; 2's Bank
of Middh town, Pa., and 2's Farmer's Bank
of Kentucky.. ; ., ,; ,, ,;,,,'; .;!, H'7 v.
t .'jBTA country editor js "giving, boots"
to a riyaFtown.i and , among pther saucy ;
things,, says that "it takes several of their,
pigs to pull, a Wade of rass, and they are
so poor that the' foremost seizes' the Spear in'
his nouth, the ballance havins;-taken" each'
other by his tail, when they. All give a long!
pull, a strong pun, and . a pull, altogether,
and if, tlie spear breaus the whole tumble to
the ground for want of sufficient strength to 1
support tliem' JV: ' I "'',il-'
j "SWA- clergyman being much pressed by'!
a ladyof his-acquain'tance to preach a sermon :
Ort the first Sunday iifler her. marriage, com
plied and chose the following passage in the
Psalms for his text "And let .there be a
bundance of peace' while the moon endnreth.",
, Matkimokai. Ms asubet'T wo Polkas make
nnn Flirtalinn. . .
! 'Three flirtations' make one Sfueezo'of
the Hand.1 -s,V u .
; Fou Squeezes make onrj Klss.if j -i-n
; Five Kisses, make one Moonlight Meeting. J
iwo Moonlight Mtetinjts.make one Wed-
j Two Weddingr my Fmtr'j'ools'i i,ia '
! SW Ah Id" toper "chancing" to drink"
glass of water, for want of something ' stron
ger smacked his lips; and turned to one of
bis companions,' remarking, "Why. ft don't
taste badlyr I hnveijrj doubt 'tis wholesome
to .females and tenderdiildren:" ' ' u",'(
! Jmpobtsi, A0T.)-i-The Editor of the Wall
StreeV"flpurnari'!; says that,; it is; considered
fair .to steal.a ltisg and, au,turabrella at all
time?. Oar fair Allie pbje.e'ta to tl e former,
saying thatsha always wtoras it --;r;
; ' JtWA .-funny chaprebently entered an ivo-
ry-tumeis'sf shop, ;, and atked If anyone a.
boutthe' establis
,ui' . Jt-. . . ... ;
an honest neniiv
iiiiiicuv ftiieyy iiov
... - i
ow to" "turn
.. rA.yocaiist says lie could , smg L'Way
down on the old Tar Jtiver," if he could
get.the'iVcA, it t jm.j frav 4f
! ' itarA medical, writer ia the ScaipeVspeaks
of two old maids, "so dry they j-atQedl"-r
.ftPoirer cf a Mother's Wane.
& writer iahe Boston Tlrm describe a
viajt to the p&iteaiiary at Fhiladelphis, and
giveatue- n nowing . ste.cn oi an interview
between Mr. Scaittrgood, the humane war
den of fhs prison,' and ' a young mxn who
we(ebout ton!er on liis imprisoameat
iw jrill reads it without dee emotion- '
We passed the, ante room again, where
we, encountered a new'comer, who had iust
Reached the' prison as 'we entered." He had
been sent up for five years on a charge of
em Defilement. t; a a .. . .(.-. i
He was attired in the latest, style of fash
ion, possessed all the monchalence and care
less appearance of. a genteel rowdy! ' He
twriled his watch chain looking knowingly
at a couple of ladies, who chanctd to" be
present, and seemed utterly indifferent a
bout himself Or' the predicament 'he was
placed in. The warden' read his commit
mentand addressed him with:1" ' '.
'"Charles, I am sorry to see thee here."
."It.cair. be helped.'old fellow."
"What's thy ttge, Charles?"
"Twenty three," . '
"A Philadelphian." . . .
"Well kinder, and kinder not." ' ' ;
"Thee has disgraced thyself sadly."
"Well Iain't troubled, old stick.'' '''
'Thee looks not like a rougue." ' - i
"Matter of opinion." ' ' ; J 1
"Thee was well situated?"
"In good employ?" i . -
"Well so-so." 1 ' 5 '-' - ' ' '.'' ;
"And thee has parents?" :! '
' -'Yes." ':--:
"Perhaps thee has a mother, Charles?,
: '- The convict: had been ' standing during
this brief dialogue perfectly unconcerned
and reckless, until tho last 'interrogatory
was put by the warden. ' Had a thunder
bolt struck him he could not have fallen
more suddenly than he did when the name
of his mother fell on his ears? He sank in
to a chair a torrent of tears gushed from
his eyfs the very fountains of his heart
seemed to have buist on the instant! He
recovered partially, and said imploringly to
the warden
"Don'tsir, for God's sake, don't nail her
name in this dreadful place! Do what you
may with me, but don't mention that ftame
tome!" i ; .i -
There were tears in .other eyes besides
the prisoner's and an aching silence perva
ded the group which surrounded the con
vict. - ' J' -i 1 , : : ' - ' '
' A Death BeU.
A pretty story is told of the cas tins' of
the bell for the church of St. Magdalen, of
Breslau. When the metal was just ready
to be poured into the mould, the chief found
er went to dinner.and forbade his apprentice,
under pain of death; to not touch the vent by
which the metal wasconveyed. The youth.
curious to see the operation, disobeyed or
ders, the whole of the metal ran in to the
mould, and when the enraged ' master re
turned from his meal, slew the apprentice
on the spot. " Oil "brealiinjj" awrty the mould
ne found that lie had been too hasty lor the
bell was cast as perfectly as possible. When
it was hung in its place, and the master had.
been sentenced - to death' by the ' sword, for
the murder of the appi entice, he entreated
the authorities that he ; might be allowed to
hear it once before he died. His petition
was granted and the bell has since been
rung at every execution. ;
4 Dress for the Mind.
Sunday morning before' going
moniino- betore' going td
church, what a dressing there is among all
classes, and what a stir to appear gay und
pleasing! It is quite sufliuientfor the great
purpose ot our existence to wash the outside
of that platter! 'Curls may"" be arranged,
fine tortoise shell combs fixed, sparkling ear
rings hung, splendid garments displayed,
and yet pei haps, the giy fair one's mind may
be poisoned with conceit, and troubled with
rivalry-, and kept on the torture by ig'noranoe
and vanity;-! Windsor soap does not wash
out the heart.- Colonge water cannot throw
a fragrance over an impure, mind; nor will
the rubies of Golc'onda dazzle the lecording
angel into forgetfulness nf filling up rflje
leaves of the book of retribution
' Boyhood ' and its Clatters.'
'Few men have an objection to 'making
a noise in tho world ;"'nnd all boys delight In
a hideous racket, -whfen produced, by them
selves observe the relish' with iwhich they'
"holler," stamp, .pound on tables, upset
chairs, shim doors; drive "'nails, roll clocks
of wood down stairsV'throw missiles against
a building, draw, slitiks across -a slat fence
discharge, crackers and pistols, rattle casti
aeU thumb tinpans, )low penny-lrtimpets,i
scrapecracked fiddles, ring bells, jini'le mon
ey, shake buttons" of marbles, tread round
in squeakingV shoes; mimio the cries of ani
mals, and plunge into hubbud i of A tire or
an accident.? , The first, whistle, a youngster,
gets hold of no matter how "dearly" he
"pays" for it drives .hira almost" crazy
with his hilarious joy,' and at the same time
drives 'those s about hira almost' crazy-' with
ear-splittingi braiu-tearing, ' aerveTacking
shrillness. Bullimore Zi(vMustqm..i .'.
j (J,, r r, : ", "". "' ' '
! m .-How tol Chose a Wife;
'A Wace for everylhingi i ft its 'plafiS,'"
said the patnarch to his dattghter. ''Se:
lect a wife, my son, who Vilf never step
over tt "broomstick."'! Tho' sen was obedi
ent to the lesson,. "Now," said he plesant
ly 'on a gay May'day,'' to one . :pf his ! com
panions, - "I appoint that" broomstick 1 to
uhose me a wife:1 'The youhg lady whd will
not :step dver it 'shall liaVe the offer of my
hand'" They1 passed from the'' splendid
saloon t the" grove some1 stumbled over the
broomstick, and others jumped over it. ' At
length a young lady stooped and put herself
in Uaplaco.i- The promise Jwas' fulfilled she
became the wife of an edusa'ted and wealth
young marfarid he' the hbsbhnd of a pru
dent, Industrious and" lovely wife,', lie
brought a fortune to her; and she knew how
to save one. " It was not 'easy to decide
whieh-was- unber' the , greatest 'obligation';
both, were rich and each enriched 'the' ' 6th-
. II '1
jCTWlBaltimorenhs are exerting them-"
selves lo mne their eity the great depot for
Wrestern;;flgiy;tfv-Toefleetf the4ol)jeot,-it is
nroposed and; wrgedthat the freight on flour
irom umcinpati to Baltimore ahall bt sighty
cents per bBi-reWtwenty eento,' by tlie rinr.
er, to- Wheelings and sixty Keentk by!the
Baltimore and Ohio .Railroad, to Baltimore.
, . ! ' " . Sale bf&wlc Stock. ' ' V
- The Sank Stodlof the late Hans Wilson
was sold at publn luetionin front of" the court
Aouse.on fratiu-dHVlast.- The whole amount
sold was tl2,aOt which was all taken by
David MoGowaa on account of widow.
The sales were Made in lots of 5 shares
eacn. i
" Cimzna'"BkvitlSUuleville.' $1,000 at
a premium ranging from 12 to 20 per cent,
and Belting-1 S pes cent
Jsnsoaoa ISracu, Stcubetiville. $4000
at a premium ranging from 20 to 30 per
cent and netting nt-arly 24 per cent. . .
Union Bans or Iassilon. 84,000 at a
premium," varying from par to 5 per cent,
and netting 1 pee cent s t
$4,000 stock dep4-iu, with 7 months div
idend accrue', at $ premium, varying from
1 to, 4 f tr' cent, lad netting nearly 3 per
cent. - ,; ,; , ,
The above isva fretty fair indication of
the estimation in which these several insti
tutions are held. At shows another thing,
to wit: That the7Tax Law has not killed
off the Banks, notwithstanding the outcry
thatsucb. would bVthe cme.SUulienvUle
Union. '",t-"i'-.i. .w-.-a ""
Alleged'Kass-licre of 0,000 Chi-
nese. -
We have a report from China, by "way
of California, thatch rebels had made an
incursion into lluoau, where they bad cap
tured the city of Ctua-chow, after a slaugh
ter of three days in d three nights, during
which ..O,'O0O people men, women and
children were, killed. These dates pur
port to be of the 7ri of August. The story
is hardly credited py the journals that make
public. A correspondent of the New York
Observer writing Jiom Canton under date
of August. 20, rfpresents therebelion 'in
Kwongsi Providence to be in a measure sub
dued, the insurgents having been driven to
the mountains, and says that at no time has
it been considered as endangering the over
throw of the government. There is. proba
bly but Jiulo foundation for the report of so
large a slaughter. , . , ,-...,, . ..
Bom os Scott's Dffeat. According
to a letter received by a friend of the Phil
adelphia Ledyer, from one of his whig fihnds
in Hanover county. Virginia, Bolts was ask
ed the other day, how he accounted for the
defeat. He replied, there was nothing more
easily explained, for tho foreign vote was
against Scott, and so was the . native vote,
the Catholic vote, the Protestant vo'.e the
north, south , east and west, were all against
him and it was impossible, in a democracy,
for any one to resist tuch a deeided and
unanimous expression of popular feeling.
This is undoubtedly and pliilo.-ophicully true;
Scott was a victim, to unanimous public sen
timent. 1
5TThe editor ot thePoughkeepsie Eaale
in KKvn . Bueuiiaena or ann a irrown in
Uuchesscour.tr, that disnlav the
ty sometimes discovered
in tlie growth of
truit. ihe apples are six in'mimlwr. nil
grown upon the same graft; two of them are
sour or tart, having ail the essentials of a
regular greening, two are perfectly swee',
and two mixed, each being part sweet and
part sour, tho different properties bein
marked by seams on the outside, and by
the different colors, i Such a variety iu ap
ples from the same 6tockis very unusual.
5rIlowdyisui ,h.is reached such a bold
ness in Baltimore, 'that it is extremal vFun-
sai'e to be oil the streets at night. Instan
ces have occurred nightly, of ladies being
taken from the gentlemen who accompanied
mem, ami grosseiy insulted, while the gen
tlemtn were dangerously beaten; " In con
sequence, announcements have been made
from the pulpits, that there Will be no even
ing service until a.better state of things ex
ists.,. ri )' -K f. t'i tv.".l ft
: Cabe foh Pthebs, A poor man, busy
planting an apple tree - was rudely asked,
"What do you plant trees for? ycu cannot
expect to eat the frui ef tbe'm!" , He raised
himself up' and leaning upon "the spade,
answered-'Some one planted trees for
me, before I. was born, and I have eaten tlie
iruit... a now plant for others, to show my
gratitude, when I am; dead and gone,"-
Thu3 should wo think and act for tlie wel
fare of dthers." '"
' JtSTA- class of pur population known un-
aer iue narae ot "nice young men," may be
seen, at almost all hours, promenading the
streets oi our city,' wearing shawls, and
iloaks with big loose sleeves, giving the ap
pearance of having their arms' shot off. -The
daily papers have hit ,with some power
at these delicate and weakminded youth,-..
We trust1 it will be remembered that there
is a possibility bn'the part of men! invad
ing women's rights, as well as'women invad
ing men s rights.
l ind'innii CuUtian Ad-
wcaie. ,,.. , .... . , ; ,.,,,.!
JSTTlio system of teleirranhinff invented
by pur ct untrymen, Prof. Monsa, is rinding
great favor in and 6n the entire continent ol
Europe, and is fast ' snpersecdihg1 all other
systems throughou-t '.the. .world, -t Three
crowned heads have - honored. the. inventor
with "State medals,' first the sultan of Jar:
key, next the' King of Prusia, ' and latterly
the King bfvirtembufg. ; " w" ' u '
ii f !?'"' .H'Ui.'.ni'nn vtt i(l
' I .FajbiiTFi't, Loss ps , Mkmori. :Jh New.
QrWns "Picayuue" gives tbe'exampie. of a
man who cannot recollect the hut wathing
ddy.'i y iil; -,s)"t --jhlL wt':r'A
i He., must bq a, brother to the man who
acknowledged that he, no doubt, had done
actions he 'had- firgfttreh,' and .'that conse
quently; T he - might hse. married several
times, wiiboutaiiy intention "of Committing
bigamy.,., -ft..4 ,,f.?. -m, r r. H -'1 .t.-J
Jone". however, disputes this, and declares
that, although he has only carried once, he
h,as never forgotten it; and defies' any' living
man to do so. d-i n';; 4 ( ) :U lltK " j
I ' - ,,'-
, ! jty"Have you all voted?'f said a lady in
'one af tho stores in Ocvolnnd off T uculnir.
"Ne" was the ifeplyv . "Has your husband
voted?", ."Not jet," replied the Jady, "he'i
St nome, su a a ue, put uu s got 10 get up
this afternoon anct vote for Pierce i it kilU
him." tw '-,'- at iTi-M t tmu im
a lew aays since ,"-wouid yo:
J . . . ; ' " ti - 111" . i
any Nation to toe K falher hada! Married
you? (i-fiit'ti J u--u.:'h i,.,yljji,'a',v.:
, . Xonieiana Senators.
The New Orleans Delta makes the follow,
ing notice of the U. 8. Senators from Louisi
ana, Mr. Soule, a native of France, and Mr.
Benjamin,' a West Indian Creole :
- : After the 4th of March next, Louisiana
will have by far the most eloquent Senators
of that bodj, and, what is more remarkable
and rather puzzling to the exalters of An-glo-Saxouism,
neither of them will have a
drop of that all-eonquering and boastful
blood which, by virtue" of its orkrin in the
bleak Caucuses, claims the privilere of look
ing down with contempt, upon all the rest of
mauiiind.' Jiotli are children Of the bouth,
the one born in the West India Islands, and
the other in the South of France both are
full of tlie ardor, energy and eloquence that
Dclongs to their olive complexions and lust
rous eyed natives of the Tropics. Tl.eir
presence in the Senate will be the first oc
casion in the history of this State, that both
parlies have been represented iu that body
by its first class men. - - -
iCSTThree things to love Courasre. Gen
tleness, Afl'ectionateness. ' -.
Three things to adiuiie Intellectual pow
er. Dignity, Gracefulness.
I hree things to hate Cruelty, Arrogance,
Ingratitude. : -, : .,;.
. Three things to dispise Meanness, Affec
tation, Envy. , ,' - - -'. .(. , '-
Three things to reverence Religion, Jus
tice, Self denial. .;. ' - r ,i , .it. ,
Tluee things! to delight . in Beauty,
Frankness,, Freedom. j
Three things td wish for Health Friends,
Cheerful Spirits. - . .. ,
Three things to pray for Faith, Peace,
Purity of heart. - i ,-. ; , . - u j
l( Three things to esteem Wisdom, Pru
dence, Firmness. , i ' . ! ,
Three things to like Cordiality, Good
Humor, Mirthfulness. ' - ,';
Thiee things to suspect Flattery, Self
righteousness, Sudden Affection.
Three things to avoid Idleness, Loqua
city, Flippant Jesting. ,
Three things to cultivate Good Books,
Good Friends, Good Humor. '.,
Threee things to contend for Honor,
Counky, Friends,,; , ,. .
Three thiugs to govern Temper, Im
pulse, the Tongue.
One o' the Fancy. Two apprentice boys,
with long forelocks and funnel-shaped trow
sers one being very shabbily attired, the
other rigged out iu a suit intended to be
irresistible met the other day in the street,
whgu the following colloquy took place:
" Vy, hallo, Jim," said the- shabby one,
"vot's the meauiu' of that highfalutiu' tog
gery? Yer ain't agoiu' to get married, are
".Married? go away d' yer think" I'm
green? I doesa't resign my liberty fur none
a' the g'hals." . "".
: " Yell,, vot is it, then vot's broke?" '
" Can't yer guess?"
' "No, sir-ec, boss." , .' "'
" Vy, lae got to be on V tht lncyJ.',Utt
Prom California. ' '
, " . New York, December 13.!
' The steamship Illinois .arrived yesterday
morning with 550 passengers, and $2,000,
000 on freight. . : ' ' - , ,
The fire at Sacramcntoon the 10th of Nov.
involved more than 810,000,000 loss.
Contributions for the relief of the sufferers
were immediately opened in the' principal
iv wus. oau -1 iiiicisgu i aiseu, in ten uav s,
130,000.," !' 1 ";.' ';'," ::; '-'", ;
! The amount of moncy'in the hands of the
passengers of the Illinois is $500,000 mak
ing a total of 82,500,000. '
Tho loss by fire, at Marysville,' will not
exceed 8100,000. At San Francisco, it
will not be over $100,000, only a small a
moimt in goods. ' , . ..
The votes polled at the Presidential elec
tion are over 70,000, and, the . Democratic
majority is nearly 5000.
The entire Democratic State ticket was
chosen, including McDougall, and Lantham,
for Congress.' In the Legislature the Dem
ocrats have 20 out of 27. Of the Senators,
the Democrats have upwards of two-thirds.
'The rainy season had set in, and there
were copious showers, throughout the State.
The rivers are rising. The miners were suc
cessfully empluyed in washing ore.' The
dry diggings were fully supplied with water,
and were expected to yidd a rich harvest. "
A letter from Maj" Doss, who has been
prospecting the mining regions at Chepo,
reports gold as abundant in every stream. .
lie also found Cinnibar, Peruvian Btirk, etc.
, ;si !:m;iJ . :. ,;f f- .'i I'.i ,J, i-i-t ' y-
J3T The genius of the Cleveland Plain
doaler is about as profotind; as "Seth Stokesj
the man who knew how to manage the
women." Hear him! f.i -.,-.t. 1
Look Out fob mi Womew. Young men!
keep your oyo peeled when you are after the'
vAniiin.:,.'. If vnn itA kt thn'naL-&4 UruV
ar gren:n Is a pretty dress dr form 'sV at
tractive f Ur a pretty face even? flounces.
boy, are of no sort of consequence. 'A pretty
lace win row oiu. rami win wasn on.
The sweet sinflc of the flirt will give way to
the scowl of .Uie lermag6nt;.'Jl,hil1teal form
wUlfje pitchett into dirty; calico,- .Another
and a far different being will, take the place
of ihi lovely ' goddess, who smiled sweet
smiles and eat your sugar 'candy"'" J'
1 ! Keep your ye peeled, bovy when you are
after , the women.. If (he little dear w cross,
and scolds' at her mother in the back room,
you may be sure that you will get particular
fiti 'all lrotirid'fte,'t(rt.W.,': If she : blushes
when found at' tlie wash tub with 'sleeve
rolled up,, be sure,' sir, that she .is Of the cod.
fisl r aristocracy t little, b.r.eding- and Jess,
sense'.' If ' Jou marry . a gal wuo knows
nothingi but to commit woman sl-Sughfer up
on the piano, you have got the poorest "piece1
of music ever got up. Find the one whose
mtyiif isr rigfytj and then pitch- in.; j Don't be
hanging round like a sliuep thief, as though
ashamed to. 'be. seen in the day 'time, but
want ttp'like a chicken to the dough and ask
fori die, articld like a man. . - tii i-'yv-yn .
it3TDickens, in speking ofa friend, says
nq was so 'long 'in- -tne legs mat ne looaea
like tht the aiterhoori shaddw 'bf potu&j&f.
&vt'ikt ; i iuii. s'iiao u s-;i.
,;,n3"'!ini'i. in.i .ni.;. ,i, . ',,.' ! auoiiu'd
' X"There is a fellow in California' so ti
travagant that he kindles the fire twllk bank
notes- artd ekatea on. ic erearaJl' mHKium
t J' Joioinz hands in. Matrimony" A
eutini sriwnir from the praeliea of puirUitta
hakinjr hands bsfort they Vgt tq 6ht. -J
Superioity of American Iron.
It ss a matter of national importance to all
engaged in the iron tra le, both in the man
ufacture and use of the article, to know the
comparative value of the English and
American manufacturer.
The following, from the American Rail
road Jimrnol good authority ou the subject
gives tlie decided preference to the Amer
ican article:
The testimony of the celebrated mettal
urgist. Dr. Mushat, of Scotland, is decisive
He says that Scotch bars do not contain
moie than 90 per cent of pure metal; where
as, American iron contains 09 per cent.
fliut we have evidence on this score stronger
than an opinion founded on chemical analy-1
sis. Late experiments at the Wusbington
Navy Yard demonstrated that English chain
cable, of a certain thickness of diameter
was ruptured by a Lref.king strain of 71C
pounds less than was required to rupture
American chain cable of tlie enme diameter.
During the experiments at the Washing
ton Navy Yard, the strength of a chain of
French manufacture, was also tried. It
yielded at a breaking strain of 1081 pounds,
while an American chain of the snme thick
ness only yielded at a strain of 1277 pounds.
Similar results followed after ovei two hun
dred tests. With reference to Scotch and
domestic iron, it is shown that the tenacity
of the latter was more than double that of
the former. .:. t- -
""' J' Castor Beans.
fc"On a late trip of one of our New Orleans
steamers, she ,was crowded with German
emigrants. As might be expecteJ, their
appetites for fruit aud vegetables, after a
long sea voyage, was most voracious. At
Salem, a short distance below this city, the
boat received some fifteen or twenty saoksof
castor beans, consigned to Mr. Blow. - The
appearance of the beans being "good to the
eye," excited the cravings of the emigrants.
Finally, curiosity and appetite triumphed; a
bag was surreptiously opened, a larga pan
full extracted, and ahuge luncheon of soup
prepared. In a short time the passengers
in the cabin, and the officers of the boat, i
were startled by the report that the cholera,
in its worst form, had broken out on deck.
On going below, they found that the castor j
oil was doing its work. The bag lay exposed,
and a large pot full of this rare delicacy
steaming hot on the table, the thing was
soon solved, and the captain had to jio into
quarantine, because, as ho said, the Dutch
didn't "know beans." wi Iiejpubli
can. .; , ; ., , , . . i . ,
The Milwaultie News is responsible for the
following., . It has the air of truth and is
funny enough to last a fortnight;
"A iriend ot ours, who possesses a quiet
vein of humor, was recently on a visit to
Maryland, and relates an amusing account of
a -colored chorus" witnessed by the ''rela
tor", at one of the African churches. The
masculiuedarkies were arranged "like four
and twenty black birds, all in a row" on one
side, and the females on the other. The
latter commenced the chorus with 'O! for a
manoh! for a man oh! for a mansion in
the skies;' to .which the former responded:
'Send down sal send down sal send down
salvation to my soul,'" : j .,. ... ., ,,. .s
Cubas Strbnoth. However formidable
an, expedition , might be, which would un
dertake' an onslaught upon Cuba, it would
have a "lusty time.., 1 here are now in com
mission on that station six or seven war
steamers, all built in England, of the high
est qualities of vessels of war, and five or
six more are also in process of construction
in England, destined for the same service.
The military force on the 'island exceeds
30,00(J men, all well disciplined and equip
ped, and the police system puts the Govern
ment in instant possession of eveiyjmove
ment by , which the government is threat
ened. Tod mpch EDUCAHo:."For my; part
I can't deceive what on airth addicatiou is
co nun in to. , When I was young a gal only
understood the rules ef distraction; i provis
ion, multiplying, replenishing and the com
mon denominator, und all about tie rivers
and their obituaries, the corvents and dor
mitores,, the provinces , and . the umpires
they had!, abdication enough. But they,
have to study bottomy, algier?day, and have
to demonstrate suppositionsabout sycophants
ofciicuac-Hn tangents and- digonies of par-,
adegrames, to say not'iing about , the ox
hides, cowtick8, and abstruse triangles." ,
And .the old laday was so, confused, with
the technical unties, that she, wa forced to
-t"Pyf' f. .-'.'' 35 '' ''
!w',t ;iP.esctiv jFixft ;';.: .,
: . ( Vi f JJaltimore, December l.n
i The -extensive wholesale' grocery ware-1
houses of iDavid Hays and James George,
on the corner of commerce st. and Exchange
Place was. totally -destroyed by lire1 this
morning, n- Tfeero. was a largo stock in the
buildings Joss-, estimtaed at . i60,04K), of
wliich ,35,000 i eovered by. insuranee in
the Baltimore Fireman's Insurance Office.
Tha wall fell ort an adjoining building occu
pied by Jtieliard Bi Miwhell, as a printing
offiee, crushing in the roof and severely ' in
juring' Mr- Matche)! And his son,, eat-h ot
whom had a leg broken, and the latter his
soull fractured so aa probably to cause
deatht t Three, others were also seriously in
jured-., iiTJhe lire is sapposed'to be the work
oi an inceuuiury. !eim:i,-i yi (...;- - 'i n-
jt",Miss Doffs saysk, the first, time a Co V
sleeve enctrcieane, waist, sue , was in -.a, pa-
villioh buUt of piinbows, the ,,wiadp.r sills oi- j
which,, were composed of .jiolian; harps,1,
i - rr. - , -. '-' ' tb
, MiWOn Monday Professor IVewfea sawed
away a "prat of the jAW-bfjne of , Misa Moon).
Clermont' county, 0, . Tie young; htdy was .
nnder ihe (bfiuepce of chloroform, pad expe-
rk-nced no' paini '.The iborie, was ,dL$eaaed
and; was iawed thro'ugliwicv,,,
Jt&'Lnte California papers state ' thai ten
tnen w ee;dav urn Siindy tr.'toi it buf bin1
hundred ani fifty one pounda W fihl dust.
Placing elean river dust at a raljie of it per
oupive, tjni amount would ,bjj 4t,D72.1 ,'r
' "' ' """iJ1 !""'"- '"! -"--' t i
, 'tlT'Tne Spaniards do not often pay hy."
perbolical compliments, but one of their ail
mired ,writers, speaking; of a lady's black
eye, says,, "they wet e ra mourning for the
muraere tnev n4 commit!. y, . .' ;
The Siamese Twins.. - t
Many persons who, in days gone br, nar
taken a lively interest in the welfare ptt
Messrs. Eng and Chang Bunkers, the cele
brated Siamese Twins, may be glad to leant
that these gentlemen are well, and live at
Mount Airy, in this (Surry) county, ur-'
rounded by their wives and children. I
Mr. Eng has six and Mr.' Chan fire"
children, all of whom are apt scholars and
remarkably well behaved, manifesting the
strongest possible desire to learn their lessons
and to secure the good will of their teacher.
They all partake strongly of the most refined 1
Siamese cast of countenance, form and
manner of deporting themselves. In tntb, '
they are a credit to their parents, and to the
community in which they live.
Messrs. Chang aud Eng are alike remark,
able for their industry and belligerent dispo-'
sitions. They are strict and thorough goin"J
business men, and woo to the unfortunate
man who dares to insult them. ';. ' '
Formerly they resided in Wilkins county,
iu uouaequeucu oi tne numerous actions
for assault and battery bro't against them i
the county, ihey removed inte the adjoinirs
wiuuy, snoruy aiier winca they were fict
9 1 n ana costs at uockiord, the county sea
tor epiiwing a uoara into splinters over
neaa oi a man wdq had jnsalted them."
As regards the supposed sympathy exist
ing between them, it may be stated that'
their most intimate acquaintances deem them'
to be entirely independent of everything of
the kind, and give us instances to sustain
their opinion ; that not long since they at-'
tended an auction sale of hogs, and bid a-'
gainst each other till they ran tip the prices '
altogether above tho market rates. Also,
that on one occasion Mr. Eng or Chang,f
was taken ill and took to his bed, where he 1
lay complaining for some time, although his 1
bru:hcr scolded him severely all the whil
for detaining him in bed when he ought t!
have been attending to the business of their '
plantation. ',,- , . - I .,-;-n- ,,'
Ou another occasion, as they were pass- f
ing up the road, a gentlemaa inquired of t
them where they were going whereupon
Mr. Eng replied, "I am eroing; over the Blue r
llidtre in a staire;" at the same instant Mr. t
Chang, looking over his shoulder, replied,
with an arch smile, "I am going baek home
to look after our wives aud children.''--When
questioned about their mother some-.
time since by au acquaintance, they stated
.1... l l l e i. . . . '
mat. tney into lonneny received letters trotu
her, but latterly they had heard no tidinsra,"
of her and even if they were to receive' kt.
ters from her, written in the Siamese lan--guage,
they would not be able to read them, ,
as they had forgotten their mother tongue.
They are excellent hands to carry up ;
corner of a log house exceeding ail their ,
neighbors in cutting saddle and notches irt t
corner logs both of them wielding the axa .
with a power and dexterity superior to any
of the most expert wood-cutters in thi t
wooden country. When they chop or fight,;
they do so double handed ; and in driving a ,
horse or chastising their negroes, botu"of -
th f-m rise tblttsfi wilhout mercy. ....
: A gentleman who pm chased a black man
a short time ago from them, informed the .
writer he was "the worst whipped negro he
ever saw." . ,
They arc inveterate smokers and chewer ,
of tobacco each chewing his quid and smo- -king
his own pipe ; it has been remarked. ,
however, in support of the sympathy suppo
sed to prevail throughout their system, that '
as a general rule, when one takes a fresU ,
quid, the other does the same, v It is ah-o
generally admitted that there is a , marked i
difference in the systems and temperament
of the gentlemen, but still they almost inva
riably draw the same, reference from topics
submitted to their consideration, and arrive
at similar conclusion s," Mr. Eng not unfie- ,
quently gives serious offence to Mr, Cbane,
i... ;.,.,:.. t.... .'. t a'
ujr jvouiig nun nuviii pis navmg one more
child than he has. When shooting, (asport
they are very fond of, ono sights or takes '
aim, and the other, it is Said, pulls the triij- "
ger; now if this be true, it would go far to
prove the doctrine of supposed sympathy 1
existing between the brothers, but it is ques- '
tioned by most of the neighbors.' " ' " " '
They- readily ' admit and acknowledge! .
themselves to entertain a strong Christian '
faith or belief, and are regular attendants at 1
church-aud other religious meetings, where (
they deport themselves as becomes good c"'t- "'
izens of the land of their adoption. They are "-v."
strong politicians, and take a lively interest 1
in all the elcerionsihat occur in their district!
A 'the 'writer was informed ty a lady of '
Mount Airy, "they kre mighty stay at home-'''-people
"rarely ever going from 'homa un-'"
icesealled away by business. OrteidHifvHgh,
V.-U, PutrLt. ''' ti-fr..
j , ; -? t i- ti , i .M.t A t ij'i l
,, ! -t Excess in Exaggeration,''' ;
t ,The late Bishop Heding use to tell an fa-
cident m his Episeopal career, strikingly il
lustrating the despotic power of king indul
ged habit.-' At one of the conferences wiiero
he presided a young preacher wis charged, '
with indulging tod great exaggeratitm.1 lie
was not said to be, guilty of positive false-
hood, but superlatives flowed so freely from
his tongue, that the truth bad all the sem- v"
blanee and frequently did all the mischief of
a lie. The young man was sentenced to be 1
publicly adnionished', by ths' "Chair,"' He
stood up in the presence of brethren, and the
Bishop; with Jfieat kindnt-is, pointed out (he '
evil resulting from the habit.' " After hoariu''
him' through,' thi accused, bathed in tear,
reiiUested permfesioa to say a few words. "
He commenced by a candid acknow!ed-""i
meat of hU fault, and thanked the" Bishop
for liU adnirjnition. "filming lo his breihieu ' "
irt the'rjtnistrvrhe'assurei them cf hi du- '
terrtjnatfoii to eonqnerhis besetting prorwn, J
. " "aT:, "i H,ui pint n as anj '
of reu -1 have wrurrgTed against it. Yen,
brethren, by nltjht and ty day, I have went !
oh atwunt of it, and t can truly say ft has A
aireaay caaea me to ttieu barret uj teart.' '
, j - . .....,..- ..j
' ; JP-i?Har how the-fdilor of the Vermont ,
Mercury eothe" borrowing individual,-:
"Gt a paper t spnrt-fYes, mi ; lu-re's ne
of ear la.4. ' Would yoit iike to auhr-'ciibe
nnd take it regularlyi" fj Wuuhl; but I
ftrn 1eo jpooii'" That 'msrf has jiut come
from 'the cheu.; which cost him fifty cents; '
lost time front his farm, fifty cents; liquor,"'
juJglnlfttfo th smell, least fifty cent
-tnaklnga dolliiranda h.tir actually thrown '
away; and then beotginjj for a newspaper. U
lejyinr that he was tuo poor to pay for it l '
That's what 'we pall "savin j el the sni t "
and It ljij at tLe bung hole.
-a 1
I- : .
V 1
5 :
J t
it t
.If ; -.
IK" '
! rrt'-l'!;!'?
: 1 S
- If
'ilitwwW ijiir

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