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.- I '
LKji" Wi !1 eU,ck7 iba horn Md Hack, '
fv l-h old, h3 tuuih .rf old, ,
' - 1 .Anl " '""' Mill rune ilw nrrcii." u
,V "' tot, ih-msh iu words wdn Cw.
1 at tiy livd liiuugi, u li r
, iu w' W rwe.
5 1- ,h,""c ti.iuMi.pU.ier.ii;
. ten . givi. waning
V Pnl ( - r i. yo know.
- nu tu n u ibo rooming!
' A friendly voice wit that old, oli clock,
. A'" '"1 in tM corner smiiinif,
Ad bUsrn the time, w,.h a uieny ckiino.
In utinr buvtbtgkiliiig',
lint a cevm old voice u that lirnom clook
As it cuiioi at iky t.m boljlr,
Wheu tiw ttawa looked gray iv-ribe uiity v,
t And (be early air Utw culdly;
iV-W tick! it said; quick out oi tied,
1" or live I've given warning
i un'U never hive h.altli. you'll never hav wealth,
I ale j-uu're u; auu in tin,, wdming!
S'jJJ. hourly iho sound goes round and round,
tth a tun that ccmm never,
While tean are she J for the.brijht days fled,
And tin oid hi mis lo-t forevjr!
Its heart bta,t oit ihoufch h arte are gone
I lint ben warmer ani stronger:
It bands still move ikjujih hands we lova
Are claip-id ou earth no longer!;
1 tioV! it is sail to the churchyard UeJj
1 he grave baio'givin warning;
"d iho, arid l.i jU to ilia ski's;
u.'i.ar lor a h.-avciily inon 1 ig.
To Head Cabbages in Winter.
"llead linn or die," was the vow of a I
TKilitir.hm' vi firi n-hil, hn .11. ! r..r.-!
wrinew the cabba-re miirJ.t ae!l die as
forget to head. A jilan that never fails to
eause a cabbage, that hm the least curl in
the inner leaves, to head during the winter;
,. and vqrv good way to keep headed cab -
bagc through thcJeoM 'winter, is the follow-
,ing, which we our.-elve liave tried with
Select a suitable pot in a garden or field
fcix feet in width, of any devised length, f.ee
,-from standinsr water; run a furrow the pro-
' posed length ot your bed and throw a hack
furrow upon it. This double furrow will
form a tide wall of your cabbage house. In
the trench stand your cabbages on their
. roots leaning towards the funow at, an angle
. f An a r. A T ... i... . r.. i...
wi ti w uegiees. jeir iicai. tuiiow ue
tLrown til)or the roots and stalks of lite crtli -
' ,..,. .i. ..... i.. ..!.- i :. .1
ill the
iaic, nxiu miuviiui iui iru jiiieuu ill llie
fronch marln l,v th. cei.nd Vnrr..-tr flo.s '
tiench madtl by Uie second luiro , thus,
proceed UUtll your SIS feet of Width IS plan-!
ted, then let the last furrow be a double i
one, making the othor side-wall abuut the I
whole length of the middle of the p t.ch lay 01 Aiorga... oi ouuho.ana,
rails lengthwise, supported bv crutches, at a! w,vs .
height of about two feet from the cabbages, I 7"' olved T,liU a c'! 6v nediatcly -this
will form the ridge of the cabbage-1 SU, ;I ? the aasembnnj; ot a Democratic
house. Lay lidtt brush-wood from the sTde : Cpnveiuiun. at Columbus, ou the ifih
Walls to the ridtfe Pole, then throw OU salt
- .
, u tr' , ;u. :..
".'uw Ti' ,.? , '.. : .r ...
nn divf until v,, hav a d,.,ol, f r Kiv mp
eight inches-lor even more, when the win-'"'"1' uj,ri-me JuK and Mewber of the
ten are seyere, and finally spunk lite Jirtl lrd ol Public AVorks; and tlitit in oonform
roof with the flat of a spade uatil it will shed ! V ' "f'' uucKr Jhti 'J''"" pled
v;n wi,.. ,i r ,. bv the Democratic otale Convention of 1840,
Louse in the same manner, leaving only j
small air-holes of a foot or two diameter
hieh piavbti close ! with hay ; and opened
ofcaswrnaily on a lair Uav. lhciengtn
the hnu.e should be on the north and suuih
T '
n j n .', f;,t vni1T.
you will find your j '
'..Llti'J,. i ,.r ii,,.;,
liiu.'fi, uiioi ouiis,ii 1M0111.S dir ici.ua ui hihi f
' '. . ... .!
own: and all be thriving ana fresh, try hj
once and you"ll try it. ever afterwards.-
Journal rif Agriculture.
Salting Fork.
It is important to have the pork well
cooled before sailing. And it should not;
remain unsalled very lonir after coolinr. Iti
should never be allowed to freeze. It should
always have a great supply of salt and of
the fctrpngost quality, and brine should be
made and poured into the barrel. For if
nothing but water is put in with the salt the
pork may be injured before the salt is melted
enough to make good brine.
er." . .1.-1.1 i : .1.1 !.
llie meat snouiu iihvo ei-in, upuii u,
to keep It under tllC Dline, lor It peices ot i
meat are permitted to rite above the brine, i
, tl.ey will be tainted, and will not taste sweet
m well salted meat always will. A wooden
' cover is often used to keep the meat onder
thp brine, but a stone cover is better. A hole
may be drilled in a stone cover, and a han
dje inserted at a very small cost.
In regard to scum, we say that standing
pools of water, either salt or fresh, will have
a s;ouin on them. Ayitalion is the remedy
which nature provides. Ihe ocean ts agita-
w.u to Keep it pure, mm agnation, couineu
, i . i :. :.:. .i
with salt, is effectual. Ponds have impure
water and wiiv; J'onds ot small climcn-
sions are not agitated enough. As a gener
al rule, the larger the ponds or lake, the
purer will be the water, and the more free
from $cum. Running brooks have purer
crater than ponds have, because in ruuubg,
the water mingles with the atmosphere, the
grand purifier of all things,
, Motion, in streams of water, brings all the
foul or riley matter in contact with other
matter on the bank that has an affinity for
it so that a long brook may run itself pure
though it may have beeu affected with filthy
matter near its source. Agitation of the
i-icrlr harrtd rlailv. will have the oft'enf nf Tiro-
' 7 . ,:r i ,;( i, ,..i ;,
. i m 1 1 u in Liiid i" mil w.i . viniiiiii ijuii i.jiiii
Kunace may be skimmed off as often as its
l !. ;( f.;i
liave good salt pork. It is the very cheap
1 x ... J
est meat w e can procure and for cooking
Teitctablcs it is ihe best that is ufed. It
v....t, t nriei, ;fK,.f
all with which it comes in contact. Farmers!
ahould not fail to have a supply of pork in
the cellar
That if the hutchoV fovTrPta ,
tome, there will be something'for dinner.
farmer and Artizun.
The Braintree Cider Case.
The Lowell (Massa.) News makes the fol
lowing statement of the cace of Deacon Hot
linsj a ereat friend of the Maine Law, who
was fined 80 arid costs for celling 2 quarts) that never di-ink and never let it alone.
of cider: i We call upon all to come out to this meet-
He fold two quarts which h:.J just enter-' ""d s0 ;ir -pnc' )'our influence in secu
f d it first stage of fermentation, to a neigh-! ring the practical adoption of ihe great prin
or who complained of a bad cold, snd tho't ciplus of "total abstinence." Our appeal is
little cider would do him good. The man j to tho interests and consciences of men.
fiffered him ten certs in pajment Lut as the j We wield no weapons but the aimorof light;
Deacon had no change, he' refused to take j ' employ no insirumenlliiy but the exhibi
it, whpn the neighbor kid the money on the j ion of truth, the persuasion of argumtnt, and
Oearon'B knee aim went sway. Un takmgj
the cider hpme, the neighbor treated a third
party, who was at woik for him, sn ardent
opprWcr of the liquor law man who had
once been leaferi, by Dear.on II. in a law
auit, and had teen a bitter, enemy to him
rer stneo. The third yarty -entered the
fomj.l.iint. : "- '
Thb Pioht Doctri.vb. An exchange pa
jmr, in peaking of appointments to office,
. . 1 dir-pensing the patrona je, we trust that
(fen- Tierce nuy remember the hard work
ing Democracy.. , Heretofore it has been, too
of.cn '') ' thai the parlor-politicians,
, . who. like the lillira of tho field, m iiher
' woik or pin, when the battle is won. have
i permit erl to array tfiemaelvea in all the,
purer anl zkxj of Holomou himself.' .To
t.i mv?.l of dt.p?nin'.puKlie p"ron j j.
r -'an I ft po' if.
1 .
Democratic State Convention for
. . 1853.
e publish ttvday, ay the Statesman of
tin t!Hh nit., Uie enll of the Democratic State
I Central Comuiiilee, fur a Convention of De"
! legate of iht Democracy of Ohio, on the 8ili
; of January m st. The objtret of the Conven
j tk'ti. rs stated in the call, is ihc nomination
j of candidates fur Governor, Litutinant Go
j vernor.Socretivry of State, Treasurefof State
j Attorney Gene ral.one candidate for Supreme j
J Judy?, and one member of the B.wrd of Pub. ;
lie Works. j
I As llie ofli.'cs for wliich nominations are
to be made are of the first importance, the .
' Democracy will not need to be ur.:ed to turn
i :
; out ;o the County Conventions for the seh-c- j
I tiou of Delegates. No county should be
I unrepresented on such an occasion. The j
j Democracy should all feel a deep interest in '
the Convention. It should be attended lartje
ly from every township, village and hamlet
, , ., . .. ,,. .
in the Mate. Ihe day itselt is one upon
which Democratic vows should be renewed,
its consecrated memoiies renewed, mid ils
thrillin recollections revived, that its hal-
! lowing influence- upon the hearts of the old
I , . 1 , . r
I "Ul,lls a,,u Iovtr3 ot ASDK,iW Jacksos, may
j be refreshed : "d in full vigor through each I
j generation. Our enemies, it U true are !
j prostl.a!e llOW but they are endeavoring to
1 ,. . , , -,,
!irouse' 'orm BCW W nnJ 1
! -nve ior the recovery of power under new j
I names and novel devices. Democratic vig-:
i ihince must be etermd when awake and ac- j
j tive tl)S ,,owtr is ttlwBVS ours j.t tlcn j
, . . . , , . !
! 3 ro" ' n"- e
j ;l eomplete representation of the Democracy
; of Ohio on the 8ih.
- .
i 8th of January Democratic State !
I " !
Coil VeTltlOn
1 ,. ""velulou- .
At a mcetin!): oi the Democratic State Ccn
1 M"-.cl'"o i'ow.iniinMii- v,en-
. .
u al conimitlee, lieiu IU v ommous, on 1 nui'S- ;
v . o- , ..-....:
V,' tw"'no; ""',Uir ."' i
vsr. W.-dary, .of h rankhu; r lies, ol Ham-
uioii; iUUUlieJl, ui ivuoa; nt;m;L'r, x uvii-
hotra; Dickey, Cacliti- lor Ueh. McDowell,)
i ?l liMj' . T W,C l l ,,llcll,or
.... I.i, , ,1 IIT'.l e. T in III) ..u.n ril lil.inillir
, i ...... .i . i. i
: "I nomination candidates tor llie offices ot;
Governor. Lieutenant Governor. Secretary
! 01 01 oli,lt' UOI liey uen-
j it is hereby recoinmended lo the Democracy
of the several counties to appoint one dele-
' o!Ue lu salt
iiile to said Convention for every five hun-
i cast for the Democratic candidate
! w rreceumg eicci.on,
. ami jmt i 1 1 1 it 1 1 iti 1 1 tli'lurrtt Ui hir iiti xt t ft iu ir .
i . , . . i i . i i
i m iimmn r oi i-'rinuciiiuu vulus. cusl as a
' ..i i. c n. : .. ..l, i .
I bove, exceeding two hundred and fifty.
, , w . , , , .
In ni'iv.r, hini'i. will tie nhnvn res. .Ill inn
the Democracy of the several counties of!
Ufno are uercuy nctiDeu to meet and ap
j lioint delegates to a Deinociatic Convention,
to be held in Columbus, on the iith day of
January, 1853, according to the ratio set
forth in the following table:
f We omit the list of counties and dele-
: gates. Harrison county is entitled to three
Editors of Democratic papers throughout
Ohio, are respectfully requested t;i givejthis
notice one insertion in their columns.
VM. D. MORGAN, Chairman.
Note. The Committee deliberated on
it..-. ..,-..,.. t l.,.l i , ui ii,- ..I.,
j .vj,..vV "" y !
rresiucuimi eiecuou, tne o.isis oi reiiieseii- i
tation; but resolved to adhere to past usage,
and leave the propriety of making a change
in the hands of the Convention ilself.
In pursuance of the above call of the State
Central Committee, the Central Committee
of Harrison county earnestly request its De
moctycy to meet in County Convention in
the Court House, in Cadiz, on Saturday, the
2olh day of December, ':o2, at 1 o'clock,
i, w . i i
, r , K.r uie purpose oi rppciniiiig mree
ee ! -'
I delegates to attend ike glorious Gih of Jan
uary Convention. Let there be a treneral
turnout. V OHDEK.
itSrWc liope that the above calls will be
faithfully and promptly attended to by the
gallant Democracy of Harrison county. We
have pcliieyed a glorious victory during the
past campaign, throughout the whole Union.
Let us not case our efforts, but labor on in
the goo.l old cause.
Jefiersoa and Harrison Counties ;
ttuarterlV TaHfOeranfifl nftTinftil
a- "
! I he fifth quarterly meeting of the "Quar-
, ... ...
terly Temperance Council," according to
; ..
ouinmenl, will meet at Jew Athens, liar -
. . . I. i .a f 1 r i
.!iison couiny, on uie liisioaturuay oi janua-
ry, at Iu o'clock a. m.
The President, in issuing this call feels
impelled, from a high siense of official duly, I
t urge upon the diflerent temperance asso
cialions. w,iU,i" the tw0 the. imVor: !
Ma . aI t t i '
j " riicririt' , '.; '; . i .
mous lesjionee 01 uus enuiiciauon.
Alltt in
; penning mis can we wish to oe expressly
! 1 . .!.. . t : . r
uuuer stoou miu our nnpeai is net alone lo
. n un, l.-i 1
I those who continue legularly oiganized
J temperance associations, "but to the whole
. j community; to the unfortunate inebriate, to
. the unfortunate moderate drinker, to the
' "can drink or let it alone," and to those
me tore oi examine, anu in tins we des.re
your assistance and cheerful co-operation.
vara lit rr t i t- t . . -.
vvw. mai uicwh, t'res tt. i . C.
Smithfield, Dec. 8th, 1352.'
Keeping Sweet Potatoes.
Messus. EpITons: My method for keep-
; ..... . ii, a 1,,,1. :, :
ing sw eet pouitoc s through the winter is to
put them up III the fall in barrels or boxes,
with alternate layers of wheat chaff and
j potatoes and set them in the room by tho
' cooking stove: We have them thus ureser -
ved in barrels.' now eood for th th!f. hav.
ing been lept safely through the pastecvere
winter, . It frequently froze in tho room.
Tq savp 'well, they should bo dug when
the ground is suitable, and after drying a few
hours in the eun. and air, packed immediate
ly away. The vessi ( should be kept off the
floor, so no dampness can effect the chalk.
Meadow' Farm, Ohio, March, 1952.-i-
Dcmucratic Sentinel.
I dltor and Pr-iprlttor.
ttiai oi icnciiiiios.
D.T One dollar and titty cent widiiu dues months;
or it payment be detericd longer uau dollar and wv-uiy-iit
ceuU. TLu rule will be stiicily adhered
Any person procuring five responsible subscribers to
the bi.ATi.vix, wid be eiiuiled w a eojy tor the suiue
length oi time, iiee.
tehms er advietisixo.
Tor whole column, (one year) $50.00
" halt column, Coue year) le.lU
" auarur, " (one year) I-,1
For 11 mice, or lcso, tUiree insertions) 1M
do do (one insertiin) So
For each additional insertion, '!
For 11 lines, or h ss, (one year) $3.00
M (fix months) 2,00
os ix-rrrKi.
If tin id in mlvnncc 3 cent?.
It not u;.id in advance, i centr. I
To ail stthscribcrs in tlic county where published, j
; More than M mile? distant 5 cts. per Quarter.
. ( ivir ."hi, niul under 300 milts,. . .10 " " "
0vi,r ,md ull(U,r iil!)10 v,
Oyer l.tXO and under 2,WU SO
AfsKNTs roit 'i iii: sentinel.
The following named gentlemen are our authorized
n". nt- to receive tfuhscuiitit-Hi, nuvcrilenieni, lino
, Job Work. We hope they will prove thi-niw Lvt.h tl,
, be L-.iud ,"ent:. All contract miulo by llftm will
: be strictly I'ullillcd by us:
I' reoirt Jnsepri Allen.
Wexteliester W illinm Fleming.
Mooielield A. Jul. Schrt.iher.
Franklin Dr. E. Connwp.v.
lv mil! y Jacob lluHuil!.
Short Cieek Asa Ifolme.'v
Stiieli James lloalaml.
Athens Dr. Thomas Fiadlcy.
(Ireen 8:itnuel lit 11 .
t ftrmau John llrown.
North-A. F. Cro-kev.
lonroe Henry U. iff Her.
Administrator's Sale.
William Maxwell, AdminiMraO
. I w'l !
tor ot Jalut'S A.
Wheiitoii, j Peliiion forlravo
V to si lt lamb to
I liny debts.
Marsnrrt Wheaton, ct nl. J
OTICE is hereby giv.-n that in pu ilienoe to nn
i order of tlio t'otiit of Common l'leas. issued j
i out ot stud Court at their October 1 ctm, lts.a, nnrt to .
( Mi0 tl,rccU:l, i will otter lor sale ai me one resi, euee
ot jtunes .a. v neau.n. uiiwu. ... ......... t.., -
son county. Ohio, on the L.tliUayol January, ,
the folloVMMg Real Estate belonging to llie e.-tate ot
,!sid d, .-cedent, yh: lu-Lots No. Ii, 7. and 1. , and 3 ;
The .snid Lot No. 7 htinir
; in yi" -ji iiwiv-i. . . ..... .. .. -
i rV?.1". .l. Z""". 7 l I XfZW .IV
i ii. . . i y I . wi
!!ii!rdirt tlwi llin:
house. i
i i. i r : i i ...i I... i r : i
Tennis ot t;iiu
ion -nan m iiuiiii, uim ouu-u.i.. in
oue year with interest to bo secured. I
WILLIAM MAXWELL, Administrator . j
Dec. 8, Id."'.'. ol J. A. V lieaton, dec d. i
ria vi:i:uuiiLa.
, , . ., . ., ,...,
XT ul 11 J'' " '"'"."'"y P'Y'-" ."ln,1 1 ""u'"s "l';
I rVl cm,'11l '"vet ."f" VT VOKil' 01
i-on county, unio, to
The first account ol i
ias Moore, Guardian of
I Ann Moore.
The linal account of Thomas Craig, as the
I tor nr the wiil of Samuel Fordvce, deceased
! The first account of Joseph' Clark, Guardian of
Taria Moor, minor.
The final account of Jackson Croskcy, as Guar
dian of Lane Tedrow, in his nutioriiy.
Ami that the same wiil bo severally examined and
nro-sed up in by tlio undersigned, on the lird day oi
January next. JJ. W. VIEKS,
December S, L'J 1'iubate Judge.
undersigned lixecutorsot llenry lsarricKiow,
aseii, in pursuance oi ms nisi tu nun ie
i -ii .i .ii.i i r ii . .. I .. M is-.o
i tlimen'., will oil tile o.llliday ol December A 11
ir.,r I'.ir .in llie in,-, iii .ii s the t'nllmvitur real eK. 1
tale, to-wit: The fioine .tead farm of said Henry
Barrickluw, on which ho resided at the time of his I
decease, situated m Athens township, Harrison Co.,
Ohio, and containing tw (hundred nnd two acres more
or less. The terms of payment will be part in cash
and part on creiiit, to be made known more'parlicular
ly on the day of sale.
Decern' or 8, ltj'J.
Gluis st tail Ju'!i.fvtai Store,
'n !S. Moxhoe Street. Waitliw. V mat.ilA.
THE subscribers respectfully give notice that the y
have imported direct tioni tiie manutacturnrs, a
large and complete stock of the above WARE, togeth
lerwil t an nssurtment oi iUAirrut inuiAJitn-v ami
i,-, ...... i:,. ,' whicl. arn of exouisite taste
i l)r.autv. Iron, Stone, China, and
j iirenkfest, Dinner, len nn.
Ten nnd Toile t Ware of an entire
rd Lamps nnd Lanterns ot
lotion: linmunia ware, cutlery, etc.
We ahull at all times keen ns coninlete un assort
ment of CoSnrnon Ware on hand, tor the ciiy and
country trade, rs can be found at any other store in
the West, and by giving our personal attention to re
packing the snnie, convince all who may favor us
with their patronage, that they cannot do better at
any other establishment in the country.
Flint Glass Mauulaeturers, Wheeling, Va.
January 7, ltfiJ. tl'.
j fRESll TEAS, Gunpowder, Imperial Young Hy
son and Ulonrr Teas, of the latest importation
i Fresh and frnuam. The lovers of this delighltul
beverage are invited to tiy a cup and be refreshed.
It is kent constantly bv S. &. H. McFADDEN.
SILKS, ltich limeade, plnin and figured Silksof the
latest styles, at a small udvunce ou the eastern
' l1n:CB'
.S. &Ii. McFADDEN'S.
T7KENC1I Merinoes, Thibit Cloth's, Alpacas, plain
A' and punted lie Loine-, tor sale cheap, at
AY and Enipira Slato Shawls, selling very fast,
S. Ot 11. .Ucl' AlHlfciS'IS.
it r EKS an expedient, by means of winch, pru-
liy means of which,
1 dent men eseapu losses. 1 heyjtranste.r lo one
"is the risks winch ineviiabiy causej them
rer i
small consideration, these risks, which uiitfht in an
i unlucky event, rum individuals, are safely assumed
1 by Cumpamc.s wed organized and judiciously iiiuu-
.i w ;.w,.;i ... . ..-.
"lioo- -'' "
is uie .
This fmiinanv hnt fi-t .la niHTnlioIlS UlVn Uch a
t ....f-....,J .,1 i' !. : cntfrred
! risks and long experience in estimating hazards,
: il.,lt ,h , inleresla ... ull enneeine.il sro Ol'OtSClOlf.
t he
l.nmnanv in-eivea roin a inosl lnuuuieiasie
sources nnd in small sums, a largo arinunl deposite
l-'rom this fund, held as a public trftit, losses are
paid. - To secure for the public and the Company a
permanent ability to meet every fair demand, all ci
roneous or fraudulent claims are of course rejected.
This is the only plan of Insurance which can long
deserve the public, confidence, and tho undersigned
ngent confidently invite his fiiendi to seure them
selves at his Agency, ngninst
F I Jt E,
The advantnges of this contract need scarcely bo
urged upon wealthy men, or merchants, for they
rarely neulect it, and if they do, fires leave them
other resources. It is especially valuable to Inhoring ,
men, mechanics and otliern oi moderate means
who, perhaps, have littlo else than a home und ils
contents in the worm.
These should never neglect to insure; a fire which
may visit them at any hour, would icavo them
homeless, and with no capital but their labor, to he
Mio Benin the struggle of life, anil years of toil and
watching must pass before they can regain what they
i have lost, if indeed it is never done. To such, insu
rance is a duly. If the individual ii worth littlo, ths
expense is less; if he owns iiiurh property, still, the
expense is trifling, and by investing afew dollars he
lf(,, r ho u 0VBrUlk(;n by misfortune, and his oil
I iniil in ashes, he receives a recompense in a cnsii
! f ';LiuaJ to hiy lorn, and may men restore what
j Eolicien issued at all times upon favorable terms,
1 by
R. W. flMLLIl'S. agent
Iae- 8
for Cadiz and Itariison county.
Trunks! Trunks !!
J L'3T reeeivod and for sale low, a nice lot of trav
elling 't runks, all kinds and sizes. Those want
ing a nice Trunk can he accommodated by oalling
al the Bool & Shoe Store of
Sent. Ui. 1S52. . T. PHILLIPS & SON.
AWfiS and CHILDREN'S SllOliS--Compiis-
ing every variety, eoine ot the handsomest
ivIm ever ofinrsd in this mnrknt, enll at
Cadiz, fapf- . JOHN MWUMICK'P.'
Dr. Guysott's ImprovedExtractof
Yillow Dock & Sarsapanlla.
NINE, tc.
Let all who wUh to purge the blood from impurities,
nnd prepare the system to resist endemics, resort
to "Uuysotl's Fltruet of Yellow Dock and Sarsa
pnrilla," which is proving itself an anudote for
ninny of the most malignant diseases that Hesli is
in ir-lo, and they never will be disappointed: for in
this remedy public faith has never wavered nev
er can waver; tor it is founded on experience, jusl
as their want of fniUi in other and spurious com
pounds is founded wn experience. They tly from
mineral nostrums to seek hope, life nnd vior from
this lir.iLV vtutTAULr ek.midv, however broken
down in health and spirits however loathsome to
himself and others, let no one desjviir of recovery:
lot tiie palient only understand that his hope of
physical restoration lies only in 'Guysott's Extract
of Yellow Dock and t?:irsapnri!ln," ami p"rsuadc
hiim for his lilt's sake to try it, and we have no
hesitation in prrdirtinj his speedy restoration to
tjj $ g y y '
The following cao of Hcnnjali Hughes is one ot
the most astonisMiijr on record. Alter forty year's
sickness, two yetirs' excruciating torture, the ampu
tation of one le(j, nnd the body and limbs almost a
mass of eating, putrityinij. discliaririnii ulcers, to he
cured by einlu botllt s id Guysott's Extract of Y'ellow
Dock und tiarsaparilla. is ulmost miraculouj.
ill All Till: eCTTItll'A'l K.
Tallapoosa Co., Ala., Jan. 1S.VJ.
Dr.. (ivAsoTT Dear Sir: 1 send you this to certi
fy to you that your Extract of Yellow Dock nnd
Snrenparilla has performed one of the most wonder
ful cures on mo that has ever been eil'eeted on man.
1 have, hi t n ntllieied for tony years with irruptions
on my lees nnd toot: in lrt'18 they trot so bad that I
had to ko on crutches, and iu iKlll 1 had one leg
amputated above the knee. Iu about 9 months alter
niy oilier leg broke out in large eating unit running
sores from my knee to my loot, and discharged u
groHt ileal oi olt'em-ivo mati.r. Aly groin also broke
out in large hilt h, which disc liargi d much oil nsive
matter, and at the same time my lett hand broke out
in large running sores nearly to llie elbow.
The iMistrv thill 1 hnve Hinieied fur the lest Km
yraM i caunot dvscrilie to yjii. 1 was in such agony
,h.lt j n,.Ver rested day or niglit. 1 was (riven up to I
,,., nm, ,;y u. ,.,, OI ,,0I ! llilU mftUl, p, (.p:,r 1 101)
tor d,.nlh, nll( ,,(,inlcli uut t0 u,y 1;lll,jy the
pine where to bury my remains.
l Udober last ,y son brought mc one of your
ituitir.'-wiaiijH'rc.; i rnm it, nnti nmuu rixuru ui sniiie
wonderlul cures iierlormcd bv your "Extract of Yel
low lioi-k and Sarsaoarilla." I pr'nt and fnt two
holt! os ol it, and commencing taking it. In two
. . . " ... 1
weeks, to mv erent astoms unent. mv sores nil uo-
come ear, and 1 could sleep nil night, n thing I had
,10t done 'for two years. When 1 had taken six bot-
ti,,Si my sflrr.s i,.i i,,.:lr!y a healed. My sores got
well us if by enehatitnieiit. I have now used in nil
eieut oou es oi voir !Jxirne.i oi l enow ijock nrio
r?iirsiiparilla," and I now consider myself Weil. I am
t u Ions for terms to set fonii the worth of thi.! mei!
! or to express ,y gratitude t.rwlmt it has done
for me. I must call it the Savior ofnian from mis.
rv while living u'.oo. earlh.
' I entreat all of the alllicted to try this medicine, for
j j ( i,,vi, ;t wj (:lir(. ul y (,own disease, iu the
i world, liiiy aside nil prejudice and nisi try it, and
proclaim its great worth to sull'ering mankind and
I entreat them to take it, for it will cure them
i My ease is well known in a large portion of South
Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, and if th. y should
douhl the above euro, I invite them lo cnli on me,
and I will show them tlio scars. 1 can hi found in
Tallapoosa co., Ahibumii, one mi'o from Sloe's Fer
ry. iir.N'Al.UI JKlillKS.
UCr Price SI per bottle pjx- bottles for $5.
Sold hyJDl'AKK, Cincinnati, Ohio, north-east
corner ol 4111 and Walnut struct, entrance on Walnut
street to whom nil orderH must be addressed.
Akents John fleull nnd M'Hean & Knox, Cadiz;
Ifogi; it farrish, .Mooreli.dd; John Hogg, Mt. Pleas
ant; J Crunihacher it Son, Wheeling; T S. Helming,
Mt'iilienvillc; isane lloliow,iy, riusluiig; Isaac l.ew
is. Georgetown; E li Yost, Wnrreiitmi; Thos Nichol
son, ilarrisvilli
December 8,
B II Kice, Martin's Ferry.
- r'";- ."
' 1 '
"Wister's Balsaxn of Wild Cherry !
For Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Croup, Bronchitis, In
fluenza, lileeding of the Lungs, JJili'ieuli Breathing,
Liver All'cctioDs, 1'nin or Weakness of tlio breast
or Side, First Stages Consumption, & c., itc.
IN short, this Halsnrn is peculiarly adapted to eve
ry disease of the Lungs and Liver, which is pro
duced by our ever-viirytug cliintite.
Wild Cherry has long been known to possess im
portant medicinal properties. This lact is familiar
to every matron in our land, and FhysiciaiiB often
prescribe it in different forms for a variety of com
plaints. Tar, tileo, has been equally noted for its
virtues; and some physicians, whoso-namo is famil
iar to the whole country, have gone so fur as to de
clare that even consumption could lie cured by that
alone. In other hands, again, it was nearly value
less, owing, no doubt, to their ignorance iu prepar
ing and administering it a diliiculty now entirely
obviated by pntient experience nnd long experiment.
The extraordinary medicinal powers of these two
substances are now, tor the lirst time, combined and
embodied in Dit. Wistar's Malms of Wild Chmky.
l!y a nice chemical process, every thing deleterious
or useless is rejected, so that what remains is the
most extraordinary nnd truly ellieaeious remedy for
nil kinds of pulmunary and liver diseases over
known to man. To couvice all unbelievers that our
theory is really true, we refer to n few cases of cures
performed by this wonderful medicine.
I? 1$ H ' q
Mr. Eirev, K'v., July at, W52.
Messrs. Ifnreourt Howard &. Co. Gents: Tho
"Dr. Wistar's Hnlsnm of Wild Cherry" lhat 1 bought
of you hns been of such fiirnitl benefit in niv fainilv.
tluit I wish to inako its virtues known for the benefit
ot the public.
My wife look cold at the time of her confinement,
which settled on her lungs. The physicians pro
nounced her niseinso consumption. Wlie find profuse
night sweats, slid had coughs; she was given up, for
we deepnired of her recovery, and her child partook
of her complaint, fjhe then commenced taking "Wis
tur's Balsam of Wild Cherry," and 3 bottles effected
an entire cure with her and the child both.
I have no doubt that they would have now been is
their graves if they had nut have used Wistar's Bal
sam of Wild Cherry.
Roth R. Searcy, whose certificate is nhove, is a
man of ns much voracify as any in tiiis country, Rnd
a limn of good judgment, and we piuco entire reli
ance on hu stnicmcnt.
CotiMimpituit Curable!
Robert Sanderson. Justice of the Peace in Rush
Creek township, Fairfield county, Ohio, and brother
of "Mnj. General Sanderson," un, officer in the war
of 1812, cured of Consumption l y tho use of "Wis
tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry."
.-Brush Creek township, Fairfield Co., j
February 25, 1851. !
Dear Pin As I consider that my life has been
greatly prolonged by my being cured of Consump
tion by the use of "Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry," I will Btato the symptoms of my case, that
others similarly afflicted may bo induced to try this
inviiluahlo remedy.- I experienced great difliculiy
in ureatning; uau tiie necne lever witn violent Hush
es of bent and freoucnt cold chills, with severe pain
in my eiue ana oreast, accompanied try a Very bnd
cough; was very restless at nighta, and had great
night sweats, perspiring, I should soy, at least two
gallons a night, wetting the bed completely through.
I hnd not boon nblo to work for years. But 1 was
much emaciated, nnd almost helpless when 1 com
menced iiting Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. 1
have used in all 13 bottles, nnd I urn now free Horn
all those complaints, for niy health is cood.
I nm now bo years old, and have noi taken any of
mo Duigtiui siiico zoo, oecauhe my neaiiu is so goon
as not to require any medicine. But if I should have
any return of my former symptoms, 1 should use
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. I procured tho
medicine of Messrs. Full & McCnickeii, your agents
in Lancaster, Ohio. ROjjEltT SANLEii.SOIM.
- The genuine Wistar's Balsam of VViid Cherry has
a fnc simile of the signature of Henry Wistar, M. 1).,
Philadelphia, and "Snnford &, 1 ark," on a finely ex
ecuted steel engraved wtnppcr. No other can be
genuine, fry Price l?I per holtlo six bottles for $5.
Hold by J D PARK, Cincinnati,. Ohio, northeast
corner of Fourth and Wniuut streo entranco on
Wuhiutstreet lo whom all orders must" be addres-
ed. ' . ' . ,
Aomts John Isenll and Mcliean & Knox, Cadiz;
Hogg ife l'arrish, Mooreliehl: John Iogg, Mt, Pittas-
nut; J Cmmbaeker v. bnn, Wheeling; I s Helming,
Stetihenville; Isaac Holloway, Flushing; lsnoc Low
is. Georgetown; E B Yost. Wanonton: Tho JVichoI.
on, HarnsviUot H B Kice, Matta'a Forry.
Pew(nr $, 18&t. i
V .?tr '. v
. V. CuL Gaston,
Tir ILL promptly and csrelully attend to all legal
kosincm entrusu A to his care iu Harrison and
the adioimnz counties. .Mr. I. ia ... m l..n il,
"Vi,t. rn Farmer's Mutual Insuranee Conipany' of
New Lisbon, Ohio. !
fryiiflice on Main street, ntnjly opposite Ecall'a '
Druij J'lore, Ciulia. Ohio, . j
, S - ptember t, lott.
. s. cowix t. c. ror.iVTtii.
Alloritt-ya iti luu aml Holicuui in
4')i:i ttrei y.
V.1I9IZ. Oli MO.
HAYTNG formed a partnership in the prsetire of
tin ir prof. ion, will prompt. y attend to ii,; bv
siiiw enmisteil toth. ir care.
63" OFFICE Immediately oppodtc tlio Mnnion
House. . npriiO-ii-ly.
,11 f orm i A' otins(lhn-at Laic,
XTJTLL practice in Harrison nnd the adjoining
sf counties. Collections, the hu.niies of Exrcu
tor and Administrators, Guardians and Wards, Pe
titions for 1'artition, settlenitnl of Estati s, and nil
other bu tii( s enirusted to his care, will receive
his prompt attention. Oliico in thj old stand o;h
sile liarreti's Hotel, oct2.i-lv.
wilson stuxvoN josirit stunor.
tftoiiieyi iimi ('ititi-lii! ai l.:iv,
siikI Siieiioi lit l'l::in cry,
HA NIG formed a partnership in the practice of
their pio.es.-ion, will proiupilvallciiit loiliie bu
siness einrii.-ted to their cere. Oiiicc upposi c Iia -rett's
Hotel. ocUD-.y.
s. w. nosTwtcir s. a. ititahd.
Atlonii yi. :n;i! oil us.el n k stl I.siw,
suiil Selii'iloi s in 4':siii'i y,
TTriLL practice in Harrison and the surrounding
V counties, fty All business entrusted to their
care will receive prompt and diliireut attention.
i Of-
onnnsiie lhf
:lansinn House. iiiafjl'ily.
Atloiiuy in Law niul Solu iiui' tn
Ii II ! r y ,
Office with P. B. Rhotwoll, Esq. All husinoss in
trustod to his c:ire will be promptly attended to.
Januaiy 1, ls.'ij-ly. ;
.f TTO tt.YS; 5 .2 T jL,J K
-:JIZ, ! i it,
10I.I,ECTI0NS mnde in Harrison, JolTcrsnn, Tit. . !
yj cmiovas,Curroll, belmonnt and Cirjrnscy eouu-
ties. - i
Strict ntlenlion given to tl- lminessof Executors
Guardians. Partition and Hales of Land, ef k-ttle !
inunt oi i'tutt'?, etc., inc. DUlOt .vwtrttu-t HtrnH
dine--, east of Main srreet.
apiill-l.s.VJ. i
Wil .-.cull J.'Ii.Y A. Bi.VJU.'.M
Atlnriiry unci 'oi iin'l tn iti S.:iw,
:iiil .l;.t.u . In Si:i!i . y
TfTlkL attend rajl'tnauers entrusted to them, in
T tiio couiiiVMniartMtMl and adjoining counties,
t'llice in liiiighulvvV block, corner of Main und Mar
ket streets, Cadiz. Ohio.
Cadiz, July 3d, lOJ ly.
Dealers in l'oou1., Shoes, Leather, etc.,
MAis siiueT, olios. u; thi: n.w.ic, in.-u.pi.xos,
Confectionary and Variety tcrc, I
Oi'i'UtlTE THE I'dUiIC BfirdJlXiJS. ' !
MRS. M. DIVINE rcFDcctutliv informs her friends
that she has commenced bu.-iJien, in the build- i
I ing directly opposite the I'uhlie Luildjngs, where she
1 oilers for sale a huge and w. 11 selected nsstirtnii ul ol i
c o n l e c t i o N a ii I u s, &c, uiiiong wfiiefi i.iiiy be '
lOiiuii tiie louowing:
Coinmon and laney Candies of all kinds, i
Almonds, Filberts, Cream and l'en Nuts:, j
Knisins, Figs, Dales, French Currants,
Sugar, Soda, llutter and Water Crackers, '
Western Keserve and Engli.li Chei se, '
Ground and Hark Cinniimon.
l'epper, Ginger, Alsj.iee and Starch, !
F'ine and Common Cigars, Tobacco and Snuff, j
1'ulveriz'."! Wlulc hugar,
Assorted Tickles and l'epper Sauce, ,
Combs, Porto Monies, and Pen iuiivos,
Visiting Curds and Envelopes,
Watch Chains, Keys and Guard'-;
A fine lot ot Common Jewelry,
TOYS of all descriptions,
Jttr As she intends to sell cheap, she hones her
friends and the public generally will favor berwill
their patronage.
Kr Country Confectioimries can he supplied at her
establishment on the very bent terms,
mar 10-ly.
TJIE undnraignod wo'ulil respectfully oo
aniiminro lo liis ilil lii.'iuls nnrl cits- tt'3Cii
I, ,i, ..,,.1 il.,, ,,ll; ,,l.l;.. ;,. rFovn'.-v
...v .ii.tiiiii j.iii.i.i. in uii- ;isiiiH.
crin, unit nr. lias njrmii tuKnn nunMoutiiou "
of his Old Tavern Kiiind in Cittliz, (tho
Nnlimuil Himmi,) ono Hriutirn west of tlio Public
Uuiklings, wlieri' he inluiiilx id tu-i:oiiiniii(lrite all who
may leac to favor liitn with a rail in tliu Lest nian-ni-r
tlmt liu fan. No pains will ho (.pared to make
his guests comfortable. Thankful for pn.-t favor
while encased in the hiisinrss, ho ho)es to nteril und
iitiiti receive a liberal sharn of public patrnna.je, us
he inteiiiln to devote his whole time nnd titii iitiou to
that ohjfct. TINS. (J. VINCENT,
Ajiril 28, 1852 ly. Owner nnd lJroprieIjr.
1. Mfl-l'ITX J. C. ClitLLl.N.
RESPECTrTLLY inform tho citizens of Cadiz
and surrounding country, that they have enter
ed into partnership, and nre prepared to execute ei
ther meeluiiiieal or miririoul Dentistry, in the latest
and most improved styles. Their work is perform
ed in the very best manner, with strict regard to u
lilily, durability, convenience nnd neatness.
All their operations warranted, nnd are repaired
free of charge. Oll'iee r?teuh.:nvillu street, nearly
opposite the riepublicttn office.
Cadiz, December 8,
Fresh Drugs .
TUB subscriber is receiving his slock
of Spring and Summer Dares, which Vfk&fe
have ell been selected by himself in the WE3
Kastoni cities, pud is lunch thn largest B$J33
assortment of the kind ever brought to lat-Si
ibis market; nnd in point of quality, price, etc., will
compare with tiny stock in tho country. He will sell
ns low ns any establishment west of the motmtnins
for cash or approved country produce. Persons
wishing to purchase any artichi in the
It O Ii O It U 14 V ii 1st n G ,
would do well to call and examine his stock before
pin chasing elsewhere. JOHN UEALL.
Cadiz, Mny l'.i, JSjJ.
TombStone3, Monuments, &c.
F Quiff Icy,
WOULD respectfully inform tho citizens of Har
rison and the adjoining counties that he has
tnkon the shop formerly occupied by Wm. Kennedy,
Main street, Cadiz, Ohio, wliero he will bo nt all
limes prepared to furnish Tomb Stones, Monuments,
and in fact every thing pertaining to his liue of busi
ness, oil the most reusonabla nnd accommodating
terms, His work ishnll not be surpassed by any other
shop in the fcitate. Ho respectfully asks the public
to call and examine his work before purchasing
elsewhere. A. J, Ci,
Cadiz, Ohio, April 28, 1852 ly.
Tlio Cheapest Goods in Town, ! ! !
HA3 tho cheapest and prettiest goods in this town.
People lire (lockhi( there continually to get bar
gains, and Ihey nover miss them. His stock consists
of every variety of Dry Goods, Groceries, Queens
ware, Hardware, etc. i'hero is no use in making a
long story about it, for I am determined to sell cheap
er llian any store in this town. Como one, come all,
and see his goods, for thr-y aro all tho rage.
Cadiz, November 3, la2. . ,. - , .,.
PIE partnership heretofore existing betwocn Mn
LiKiM oV, GitiMns, is ibis day dissolved by nmtuul
consent. The accounts will bo settled by either of
the firm until further notice, and ns we are anxious
we wiBh ONE AND ALL tu call soon and close
heir accounts, cither by nolo or cash.
( . ; : :. J. MILLIKIN,
3 Cadiz, April 1, 1853. . i T. D. ORiMKA
N. II. We have on hand yet somo of 11. U. Dunn
& Co s.. best steel back (Iras and Grain Seytbfw,
whih will b sold for.eoit or leuthan cunt. Those
ioim.y waat till ooa. (any V) M. h U.
K. 207 Main Street, Buffalo, X. i.
THIO erVbratml mmlr U eauuallr iwimiii ill Hum bf
It hn aw lm l' matui ftr tmilt aM. and la
pamcslwr kiwbmIW i
all m f ll fomptiiint lmiHiilT ml, so !"
f k.w lont un.lm. PSt fm 'f!
I a, inil.Ilu: mi t liol suJ llw itow liul 4rJlul
of ilr milailr, I.lu41iu llw isw lo s tlem iiic
MM, ilw ,uimil IlllMlf uiil 1 . IMB4 WM W
Mil diMmMM Irato.
"nTpnv.wlr with iwlt 11 mt " l 1
M rmn'M ol l'i"l', Hisnwi" P
hi uwn, vi.l. it dir i.i.l avwl n miimai
"wSr?".!, i. nil P '. ' '? " '". ''"i
k .ui. Ii Uii. irr ii m nr oti'm lie. awl agara
kmnaia.il ur ill i o o'".
ikI all ilmn r lit onunrr nl f th iliiilM
eomiilainH, u mni.li iW; no oil " '""
ml ilci uliJ W mil Miiurinin U " Mpumli
0ee psfupiuel-
rak ba.-k, weakM of lli Kiiltieyi. fce.;or itinnmniiilloa
oi niae, ii mnwiliaiftf frlwvod br f".0' .""
MilieliK, uai a cur alwin a mult ol m aw. It ituniU us
for iscb eoaipluinu. and alio for lernitemnli of tlis rental
pslnful im-nMnniiom. No ntlirl Iim frr b"n tferti ecIt
thn, winch would lunch dm kmil ol lt.n.eoii!iiii. It m.,f
ba li'.ifil upon ni a mi nn.l (lecu Kinedy. au4 Uld wo leol
veruiiueil to ilow, omlil
as proof nf mm in tliii ilirtre.sin .ln of complnhill. 8m
oamel.lft. All tiroken .hum, iMiilnaM coii.iiiinioni, from
S?fllerl or m. iirv. will find llw Lnitms iwr ol ll.ii liill
clo lo net iminnliauily, anil tlw poliououi ninieriil emiliciited
r"ie "hslmct proiiirti wltich compiwe llii nrlli:t, msid.
fct ihemirlvra pnriienlnrly in tlio iplie.ion ol tlio coin
pound, lur llie ililrn.inlr eln.i ol conii.li.iiiti winch
tliio uuriimiili. Kol ceulurioi thorn ku oeeu uied Ul luo
norlli ui uniie, a
which In nil diwue" or ilernnsnnenli or ihe female frame.
oi.iriclioin, ililli.-ulllw, wsimful nMiilrnatioiw, Inc.. hoi
enVrteil ii oure. Tliin root M iiidineninn lo our nl, anil runnil
in lame qnuntiliea, and ui a nie.lici.ial propfily, ilnn.li wuh.
out un eniial : it lornn Olio of tlio compounds In Ihe piep;iru.
tkin. vrlnt Ii, in n wlmlo. it llie itniwly evpr pivnn to
ilehililaleil ffin.ite; it u mro, unil Ihe lyitem will be reilore-l
"fS'Sti ZiYo?M Srmiiatiielli! niwniei nllendiinton nn.
iwmsyi it allay" diow di.lr.'.n and paintiil irniililM w uc
orten occur liolli lo munieil nn.l nniniirried Irmnlei. and i.
aoveii llicee pecioilicol obalrucUom winch aruo Iwnl lukin(
cold. tec.
CiiNSI'MPTKllH sd l.iva Complaint, Bilioiu nit.
tnsts, lvtta,mutUiaH of ihe i.viiRt, iMiiahn, CViil, ihmw.
fiy, Au'A( 6eiil.i, Wnaknnit. o o., lot ah those ibieiowe no
Mediuine hue ever been lUeijual.
AKKK.I."l'KliN.S lAi li'ii'i-Ne htm and is curing the vorl
coxr: Irl ne oiiratllttlrd wtlA Ihust cuntitlaints, or any uthtr.
hesitate, to try thn Mrtttane, as a cart wit, t kktaim.y re
euil rie its use, thrre being ho Mnhciar nine bijor one
worU its euoV. Coil oh JinenU and get a t'amohttt.
To tho flirut Wtit especially, nnd wherever tiim com
pluiuu urevuil, Ihil inoiliuiiie U oltercil.
no !o1otioui coniiioitml is a imrt of tliis nii.itnre. It cure
tliwe (twins wiili uertuittty and celerity. Qtitl d( nut lav
Ui fiyMem (nriiit. , ,
It i niiule-jfruotn alont?, anH i piitriy a Vpieetahlo PritMwi.
tiim, Hnd iim iiolliiiin in in coiiiniuoti which can in te kiwi
injure Hity tiersmi hihIw uny uirciimaiiLfft . wliatevH. Nu
icruiu .terltltc.-itea of tho hialieft tMieci:tliilHy me publlahcd
in tit iiuiiiiihleu, wtiKh are thdiriliuuid KratuitoiMly.
cnnuilnint or a most paititul clmrn.iter, it
rthn a curt? fol In wa liy f I'pw Hnyn ol hii itrtir-le : Ull fai
l-i'ore any other jirpiia ration tor llii iltwwe, or lor any lii
iiisetae oritdiiuUtiii tioni iin:iire blootl. tteti pumpulel.
wilt find the ukerutive properlie ol' this article
unit drive nch dMpasei from tho syMcni. H pi.mih1et fol
ttotimtmy ofures in nil (lisnuses, wltuth the luniinot tin ml ver.
tiM-mt'iit will Ntn ppiuiit lo he mum-il here, AjJ'-hU kiv tlum
Itwuy ; tlivy coiitfiiu iJl pu ol' ccrUliualea ul htKh uhrtiui-.tTi
bid a auunuei
of ita virtiiM of a meilicin, never appe'irf il. ft ! on of the
.fculmr teatiirw of tins article that u iwver (ail to hrnehl w
any case, ami if hone and muscle are hjil to huild upon tel the
tuuuiaiijd und hnKeihiR invalnl
HorE ON,
fd kern tnkine the medi. iite ai Ionic u I BB improTtv
meiit. Tlw: proprietor would
Mainil a nnmber ot artiolee whiuh come out unnVr the heiJ of
m curpi ftr Mropey, Gruvel, &i:.: Tliey tire good lor nothing.
ftna coiiUKitu to un me uowurj-
Their ieventftr never thoucht of citrine inch drucatrt tilt this
arti:lt) hud dune ii, A panicutur tiudy of the piiinplilot tf
turiivHtly xnlnnted.
AK't uiid ull who f11 the nttlde ate
trn tit i timely. Put ui in 3!l oz. bullies, rx $1 13 or . Ho. at
So its. each --tit) larger hoMiirtr t! nuirt than two inall Jut I.
ties. J.ook flit: and run get iinfumcU upon, livery boilli hat
" Vnuuhu's VeijHiuble liithontriplio Aiislurp," blown upon
the ghiss iiuswrittta itieuiiture of " 0. C Vaiiuhn " on the
direction find " (J. C Van uim, llntlulo," xtamytd int. tin
cork. None other are uounine. I'miiiiei. hy nr. (i !.
V,.,,irl. .m.,1 ,il,l m ll.f Priuciital Oltiee. "AU Main utreet.
Btiti'ato.'ut wholesale and retail. No aitfiition eiven lo litere
.ani post luiid Ir. item, or verbal notmuiiuiuulioiia
iolii'itiiiir mlvliie, .roiilill altfii.leil to, Krnlli-
WliolMinle Aenila. Dluolt, McKewon Si Rnhini, No. 1117,
Maiden l.iini.1 Neiv Vink Uiiy ; IMn. K. Kidder Si ( o-. Boa.
ton ; O. S. Hnnlaall St I'o., CineiniiHli ; J. Owen it Co., He
troil; Sean t Kuy, Uliii-airo ; Fn-k c Hull, Cli'velund : R.
V- Selleri, I'lltslinreli : Winer U Sirai, Hnmiiton, C. W.
and lor mle by all Ihe remiectable llruileiiU UiruU(riout til
Uuited siuief unil C'anuiU, and al reluil by
AuK.vrs John Beall. Cniliz; W. Plinrjer, Jeffer
finii; A. Croskey, IS'cv.- Market; Win. Lee, iNew
Alliens; 'rhonias (ireen, Frecport; K. finis & Son,
iX-ersvillc; J. 1'. Watson, llanisvilie; A. Jul. tfe.hrei
ber. Moon -field. June lit, 1S:2 ly.
JWni'I.D ropectliilly announce to tiie citizens of
('mliz tliat 1 have tipaiu taken my old shop on
Market street, directly opposite McCoimiek's atorc,
vvlacli was feeeiuly iiernpied by Jones nnd Koier.
1 would rrspoTtf'ully nak the publie to yive me a call
at ".Number two."
terms rv Tin; Qf,tnTi:n.
Once a week per quarter, (3 months). .
.$1 09
. 1 50
. 2 io
. 2 51)
. J2.
. V2'i
Twice a wnk do
Three times a week do
four limes a weel. do
i-'indo Shave,
Hair Culling
Simrpeninrr Ifnz ns,
lloannig kiizors,..
All who have beards to cut or htiir to crop.
Ju-;t call un me nt my old shop;
Yes, friends, I'll tu'U'yim what to do i
Give me a call nt "Number Two;"
At noon or eve, by night or day,
Or any time that you can stay;
lint give ine time, dear sir, to rest,
l!pou that day tlmt God has blessed.
Sly room is neat, my towels clean.
My scissors sharp, and razors keen,
And everything 1 think you'll find,
To suit the ttisto and please the mind,
And tlifii I move my hand us true,
As any burlier e'er can do,
With rapid touch I'll smooth the fnco,
And dress tho htiir with equal grace,
And all that nrt and skill can do,
Vour money will procure for you:
October 8, 1851. LOT WILLIS?
. atresia. HvvL
THE Subscriber would respectfully inform the cit
izens of Cadiz and Vicinity, that ho intends to
have nt the Market House every Tuesday, Thursday
nnd Saturday mornings, good Fresh Beet, Veil, Mut
ton, &,., which he will suit as cheap as tho season
will afford.
Meat can be procured at all times nt his Slangter
June 23, 1852.
r AD1KS Shoes nnd (.niters, nt
ACE and Friimes, silk nnd cotton, nt
SILK, and fiiiieu Handkerchiefs, at
tILOTilS and Cassimeres, at
C1 LOVES and Mils, silk, kid and cotton, nt
BOiNJSETS and Ribbons, silk brado, &c, nt
WOOLEIN and Cotton Hosiery, nt
UEAUi' Atade Clothing, a Inrge stock7nt
liMtLiNCli Merinos, thibit cloths, and alpacas nt
O NDER Shirts and Drawers, at
GUM Shoes; Men's ladies' and misses', at
)LUSI1 Gum and Cloth Caps, at
COLLARS, jaconet and sweed eduinit, nt
Two New Waggons.
TWO new and good two horse wagons for snle or
trade at WOOD iSt SMITH'S.
Also a good strong Ox Cart. 1 V. & S.
July 21, IBM. - "
; I, , i
Real Estate Agency.
SCOTT "i BINGHAM, n JIeal Estaw Amsts,
will give especial altention to buying and soiling
of Real Estate, examination of Titles, Conveyan
cing, &e., on reaaonable tenusi :
CndiayJtily 30-ly. ,., , , . , .
BONNETS, fancy, silk and.solin, white ami col
ored Albino, very pretty; also, Bonnet Ribbons
and Flowers of every variety, call and urn them as
tiey ar sailing fast.. ; i WM. HOGO h CO.
. i
uu ri.it3j i.tu iujiiiiiiui.i
ysim is lTt , t.
TKol we " friMlefc w ia ie merieleo of li
n k.J-t. one epinu wili a emiwiui-ol ou.no
en I ..Inuu. it.im.ml U"-m olloe pnw.r ku ihe eotiHe
of l.fc at a. .In pl.yr.l keahh. ouwy of oeita,
ani wm. ily ol i-a. anauf Liu a coiuoa of taoallb.
en-.olij lie pnOnoimaiK. . .
Miy ofihe cm ..f her en (Tenoia at rrt perher" Tea., -
a&H..!.iH,r. during CullitMiO.O the Prat ..lioi m.nloro "
we oi rloiu ofiaMauIiUailolwuinMKeil,eooolcMOi g
HinitamM,., .
too Ute to ! WneCttetl v tmr kwWi. WO Uefc j
tick i'l nivoni, mi rvgrvi Ue full cotMOMueuCM of t
kfiiiiratX-. ,
U lut would we em often giv ro poMeta, in Hrly life, th
Imnwlrd-'c we uhtun m after yetva ! Aii4 what itf
mtUti .r a.ticiiih we minht tufet hT ba H-d, tf tho ,
luowlrd) uUHljrHaMrfMc4. llii . . . i
To bTolj the tiekneM m4 ttinVrinw iwil bf Mif a wife
fwr iiuir yrrt, fntn ciwei annv! eii cHtroiib., OMtlf
emciiKd-of tMtior will, out iateunetl, tfvvory - J
Poeied the infnrmitiofl eootoiiml ia Utile ItM, tvttk
:.. .1.- I. ..r-lll I....I, IJ ...e I., U.n.lt . .- '
kmi 10 her lihn4 tiie eonttmit toil and ariitiv of leind, , , '
rresnlr devolving uHu him iam irkaeM ol the wile, - 1
without ivim him the upiHrtoity of citrh'l ifcar -fienr-t
whirh Vm eiertioiu rc enLitted, and the immi 1
ol which Mould aoca.e the bjiuucM ol iumeeif, we, ad
childtea. .
Br neeominf in time twwseued of the knowledge, tKe won
of which h. caused tli icltir and mvrtyol ihQUiid ,
In view oi ueh roniiiM, no wife ot tnotlver ia vtcn : ' t
fahle it ihe Meckel lo avail herself of that knowSt-dge ia
retpect to herv ft', wlnrh would aparr her Binrh sulfcriKg, be - .
Ihe inesit id' h.ipphiea and prosperity t herhuibartl, and 1
confer upon her ehildrett ihM bletting above all nriee healdiy
faurite, with heilihv miuds. 'lhat kuowlcdife MCmteja.edM ' .
a litilc work mtitlrd
Private Medical Companion.,' (
BY DR. A. M. MAURICEaIT,- , i .
,.,..... or D..a.. . wo-... !
Ou Uaniri4t FMtion. IIW,;i. 550. Frict, 50 cla, , , f
ox riKi rim, urn ainmao, tl OU.
Fint published iu 1617, and it il not . ' J ' '
ran.lilerlne that KVIEItY PKMAI.H, !
ncqnlre. full knuwIcelK of tha tintliro,, ,
clinrncter null rnueea of hrr complaint.
Willi ths voilou. syiuptoiua, auU Uwt r
ihnuld hare been lold. ' . .. . . " . , '
It i imprneiioAlitv 10 ronvey fullr the Tanooi aotijeeu
treat. d ol, a tlicv are ol a unture atricily iiit.iid.il lur llie .
mnrriei), or llmse cnutrtnldatiiiK m.rriiei, liut uo f.mal
di.iroui nr.iijiiiiiic he..ltli, and ilial b.mil v, comeiiucnt uuon
health. flii!h ii in ennduci.e lo li.r own iai-iiit.ia, and UiH '
ol' h.i- lilisu.iid. lint iMlhri- Iim or will nl.tain It, ai Iia. or will
e.ery liulmntl who l.ai thr lov. and att.clinn of h wife at
liean, or llial of hii own pecuniary niiiiro.enieiiu
Hare been SENT UY DIAIb within llie laat few nonlka '
ij $ $ :
HaBasc and Shameful Fraud!! ;
FNrnt aid ktef.ired, h been anrreiititiotitlT iieiitd, witl
thtrsme f'nn and li.e, ti-tily the iimx Tulk iUa, and
ciacil- the nine ;
Tut ar-nther name snhximted fr.r " Dr. A. M. Maenctao,
ami " Bmm'' lor "-New oik," and the vrordi, 1f,.
KTERiii) arcoi Jim: lo .Art df C'oiipieii, in the year 1147, by
In the t'leiVa O.Ti'" llie DUtrict Comt of tho Bdathtto
Utiliict nf .New Yhik, t
: ' t i
Trie etiiitett'l, t!ie tnltject miller, and renting are
rihitci. on poor, hrowimli, iliifr ipar, wtih a paper . )
Il rt lt kii'MTii lo Vom llie ii)iri.tUle tirl iMcihl wii.
C"iu fMiieiJ iliiotijihinit iaif.. 'i'fi enjiyrifht eifl j
contain ttive.
H thee aie any t' the trs'le au It'll lo tliam anti enmvW
Imiiv.ty n ta be tv:ilii.R naitiea '
uKFHruixcs vuicin custowkrs, ,k
No l 'lian ilic legul ownei tf llie property in rnayri-ttl, .
1 1n-y vi iti ti pu'secied, ami it!1 ill lie taken to etiKt.a
tltctn ui ilte ii-ii'lir. m
-A coiiy will Uf .fit m erli KmVvt-lUr or f'rm, (with ttt '
tfitn tn:i viln.'li tltf' will te ftuiiUlie.1,) itj'un ici;t eft
Ins or itieii ijui..eii t.d o. ;.'ldrt.
: . I
rtui ha 1 k ii -tr-i Ilr. A. M. M-iiirii-em, I2! t.ii..itT..
N. Y . i. ...I th. .i'-'r rare, a-id il.e r;ilr. in rlrik'i llftV. eo
111. bu-V nl'.l-.i till- pji;. ri o.'t'n .is li.ipin, ai d hnf oilr
nl'iTii r1".llil(- i- it !iir:iir.ilili' ilr.lrn, in nd by mail, a.ij
di..Mn 111 A. M. M'.lrK.ni.
I'li'l till, v-i;-: Willi r-.i.'.rii'., trrlli.r will, a f.w p.H-
tr.,iin cil' im mil .ntijpi la In ...tj .a.riltil tVwt,-ritl ;
li. ,. it. I"ir id' i'li i n.. In an y on. .ucloiiiif a leil.r atamr ia
a liP'.ii. I. u.i, .-.ijiiir.ird al li.i.m.
3.TO11 rri-rltit of fll'lf Out.; for On.
flnHiir for ritie lr.llll:ri rlrrt llm!liir.i
1BKD1CAI, CtDIMMOS" I. a. lit (,n.7. '
rr..'l liny I'art nf ltn L'nllcil SItbP. All -lclfri-a
mii.l he pot-ir.lil. aitirl ailili-rsaarl W '
Itlt. A. HI. MAl'ltltKAl', llox H-i4. Nw
Vorkt Itj'. rnlillnhlligOmce.Illu, ISai.Hisrlf
strrrt. New orh.
Fen siLr. nr L. Stratum. Cincinnati-. Hunter &
Madtlox, liiplry; Parker it Henile, Urbane; Z. A. R
v ilErlit. piiniilielit; J. nxton, Canton; r. rilirll,
Gnorii town; Win. f',nrle, Masf illon; J. Donatilsori,
Bueyrii".; l'ctnrs i Co., Marion; J. I). Lamb, Finillity;
M. F. fierce, Section Ten.; J. Perkins, Allien; K. G.
Conwell, Coshocton; J. Speed, Medina; Brown &
Worley, Washinpton; E. Newman, Norwalk; K.
Miller, Millersburgh; J. Burns, lloscoe; C. i'ina.
Chillicothe, Ohio.
June 23, 1852 ly. . .i
Sale of Real Estate by order of
Court. " , ,
iTIlN Hie 21 tli day of December A. D.
I - 1 8i)2, nt one o'clock in the afternoon,
' on the premises, in the township of Monroe,
! Harrison county, Ohio, bwintr the lute resi
dence of Robert Trimble, deceased, will be)
sold to the highest bidder the following tali
iinble real estate, ns the property. of siil'
Robert Trimble , deceased, to wit: Beirig ai
llllli. if llin Alllll llulf .iT ll... OMlll, 11111.1 n'lin ' V
lii. ti ji Liji. i.e. nun v i ill. ouium kcdi iUIII
ter of Section No. 6, Township No. 13 and'
Range No. 7, Bituated iry said Harrison Co.,
and in the Steubenville Land District, con
taining fifty acres more or less appraised at"
81,000 00. - 1 :
Also, the followinfj tract of land situate in
the county, State and land district aforesaid,,
and befng a part of the north west quarter
of Section No. 5, in Township No. 13 and
of Range No. 7, containing one hundred and
sixteen acres more' or lees; Thn aforesaid"
tracts of land being the same lands of which'
Robert Trimble, died seized. .The . lant,
named tract being appraised at $2,400 00.
Said lands will be sold free of dower, in-"
cumbrances and on a reasonable credit.'' :i)
JOHN TRIMBLE, Administrator, :.f
.of Robert Trimble' dee'E .""'
Nov. 23, 1852 4w, " .... ; -
Hew Tall and Winter Goods
joiiiv iMTOTi Mime
TTAS iust received from New York and PhflaW
XX phia, a large and extensive stock of Fall j"
Winter tioods, to which he invites all, his old ci-"i
mers and the public generally to call and exaii1 .8
as he is confident, if they do they cannot fail t':""1
pleased both in prices and styles of goods, asjn"'
goods were purchased undor as favorable circunnf cn
ces as any house in tho place, and at a time
the eastern stocks were bettor than any other!",
foil, Mb stock consists of every variety usually jur
and lie would soy to the public call and see for
selves, as ne consiaers it no trouble to show t
Cadiz, Septembor 22, 1813. . , t
tiidd and 1
fc J. TAGGART resnectfullv inforrl rui 1
i . .', . j .. . -
. customers and tho public generally, tf, i
always keej) on hand a good stock of Hats fn!j
own manufacture, in addition to which they hjk t
ccivetl a, very large stock ot hats and caps If" . v,
enst, consisting ot fine Mole Skin Hats off lte(
1- l 1- 1 I r .... ' 1 . .
iiisinou, iur arm wool nosstun Mats, a rrexf 1st nn
oi wilt piusii vnps, Ot tlio fntest styles far iLif ....i.
hoys; also a great variety of boys and childr , H
Caps, which they will sell at prices thnt cnVf''M
i -ii i i r. . . ' O 1 "H
"".""' "iiyor. - u. UL. i. I a.j.WlK)B.,
uuiiz, oept. v,.u'4iy. , .; ;; j I
TAEALER iii all kinds of Drv f:. JuJr
I I eVf . wi.ii.b I,a ...II. .ko.i. c. HI tTiari
Pr0(1. f ... .cll t(Tt
w-..,, ... . .. . . iinvitiv.
S 6
i I uie, DBS! 0l 01 julvertwi Slliri rttJi-er
X Csdii, just re, vd sad for nr. tvi
....... WI.""
f n
-- ' ;'"'

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