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f"eATS.-ir. irim ijnv toutler df fv
fl bill eraiit.g Jh1iU i'T j.ii-a in
Air. 11 irulia intrrdured bill to establish
l!f of teVgrnpli fri the Slils'jfi rirvr J
f ll IV.ttr," i
' The joint rctoliitlon tuihT'T ilw Pre- j
dent K confer tliv titWbf Lh-tfu-n mi On-
rr-U by Uicvjj, ia u. I all-- j
Jwig C-rN'e, ordered tu' 'by engrossedyea i
3Jnv If.
Mr. Cass oi7-rJ a resolution dirteting
Inqirtrj At M ihefroorirTrof raotinga pro--kiua
to 'be i'(. W CapU tiiiuAMon, r-
Mfidy killed U Uuh; adopted. ., .
Sufi-irj nreoia ke directing, inquiry
to hutluniiii-g vrAvr vr draft on; foreign
'-W-'Uio Ut Ui Ut-d in ihe.plasr af"Vfta'.
.ry lUifis fur iimittar.ee, wei .dupted.
' After a shot E.ucujve Kriiiv-.i. tie tit a.
n!e adjourned.
ilotSK Mr. Ilean presented th ernV
u,0s of Hsdly B. Johnson, Delegate fr
,-rmMv; reurreu io tss eotuilt-.t.ee uu
ircliona... .-.. .
' ",Mr. Cobb introduced c O rivirt" further
tiro fur satiatying claixs ita tuiutty luds. !
'cveral lulls wire fiitn-.lticrd Vipropiia-i
lfni laud for radrcads fh the iudi. mid
West, which wr all referred. ''
,'Mr. I'iacj- intrudikvd'the iVfnr.h Spcil
nticn Udl, wliich w:m trl'i ifi; J"" to ihv cum
tfiiu o.i Kirt iif HcUiiun. "
WASiiiMros, Dt'ci'irbw 3.
JK) ! df Kill tij rli-iiiifui the firoptifds of
'ihr mU WpuMic Ufiiiit Mruun;; ihe atver1
ill-. Johnson firr in be excused from
rvin ou the . t lt-xh .Spcrtaiiuu Curamit
Irv', gted to. -
' JJr. Brodhfi fuv M'ice of bill rnn
lin I'urili.r prwviniont niusl foumerft-it-iny
United tititle ctiin.
ilut lew merobera bi iiijj present, the 9tn
HUi ndjiiini(t: '
Ilarss 'After sme unimportant pro-t-dit.
th H uif went into tN)raraitt'e of
xhr u hulf on thu i'rrsideni' M'tssage.
iit. l,hi!Iip lmd the tloor. Afirt- 'hort
itlrnale the oiimrnrtee rose ad- the" Hottse
tuijuuruwd until 'l'usduy. -
i-g!1- - 1-L. M
Arrival of thQ America.
Xkw 'York, 1c. 22 Th? Amfrica nr
livd friy thi morning t Hnlifnx, with
-Ute from livrpol tuthe nfttjinoon of the
'Wth. The l'aeitie rrived out esrlv on the
ih. '
' The Advice nn intprcKting. but not po
litically or conjmvrmMy of marked import
Suce. Jn th L'6ikm .Money r'nikft there
ill too material efmogo. Consul. closed oil
idy irt
' Bhstmivrf. Hrowu it Shipley's Cir
cular quotes Wheat W danr:a 31a5d.
Kd 98dal0; Wheat 9sl0dal0s 41. Flour'
ban advanced la! .J; Wettarn oasfid, Balti
more, Philadelphia and Ohio 3G-od. in
Corn but small huines doing and prices
are firm. - White' 4'5s;-Yellow 41-t; Mixed
ProviF'j;ih. Otrdner quotes a small ha
rness aotOjj in Pork, an.r Beef dull. The
vaarket for Bacon is, atitt'er, but doi-s not al-
er quotaltons. Lard has declined Gd lo Is,
4 the market is dull and prices luminal.
, - , 1 '
Tea quiet. In brt-a-tstuiTs prices area shade
r I.. .. iJ. cc ,
fewer, Itd whec G3s 70s, white 72sa83.
"yVestern etna! flour 3(is3&. Baltimore
mid Ohiq brands 37a3.')s.
: i Two ecmpanie of Wallachia mili ia de
erted toOni';r Pachs. The nma!l Turkish
Reamer Miy;idad was taken by a Russian
f. ig o and afterwards reeapiured by a Turk
tVh frijatc. The Turkish OoverMncnt re
fuses k Kuhmit to the three months armistice
proposed by EiiglanJ, in consequence of
which the English Minister had a long au
ci.wnre wiih the '.Sultan, which w.is followed
ty an xtraodinary mocti.ig of the Divan.
Arrival of the Herman.
" Vkw Yok. Dec' 21 T!e steamship Iler
raan has arrived, bringing London dates to
he7th. " - -
Louis Napoleon charges the King of Bel
gium with bein coucerned in the scheme
which led to the fusion of the BurUms, and
jhreatentd to rtarch au army into Belgium,
ittpou any political movement of the coales
erfd B;.urbons. The recent rapid and unex
pected movements of the Duke Brabant,
was supposed to refer to thi event. The
Cabinet at Brussels is in gtat fright.
Th Ottoman 'Government' has o3lcil!y
declared that it will 'not sanction privateer
ing nor grant letters of marque.
Baron Bruck informs the Porte that Aus
tria would support the neutrality of Servia.
The Sultan replied that he waa resolved to
aompel file princes of Servia to renounce
fceutrality and given order to that effect.
.The. Austrian fnvernnlent are making
reparations for active and open interference
ij&istern affair. .
! The steamship . Golden Age left Liver
pool for Australia on the 6-h. . ..
, The. jiteamer Orinoco arrived at Southampton,-f;om
the West Indies with two njil
Jion in $-cie. . ' . ''.'' '. ','
,The S'vhf.stiip Jfurjliall frorq Hamburg
for Hull, wif wregkttj with the loss of 180
jive. '
The picket ship Ez which left Liverpool
Air X. York on the 13th of November, put
Jifv.-fc. luvinif encountered a gale on the 29lli
whiflh ept her decks and washed over
t I l-i paswmefs and 5 of her crew, .
' A Sz F.ttt,. On Thursday last, Mr.
C(dttef, principal bowk 'keeper fa W. L
firing A Oft.' Krore.w'ai detected in embi
iHn1 fjhi! snd purloining' goo Is from thV
tore. 'It wii a. once charged h
orae oj ob :
)ifr, bat he toat,ly denied H until the proois
wrre tastonej upon him! when be made eon-i-moi,
It wemsthat he ha I been guilty
tf a long srfi of robberi perfectly as
OfiUbing. I t-w-14fiVoenlly get articles
iVom the store, enter them upon the day
took, and m'aiked hem potted, hut ne.er
owd themt flu built himself fine dwel
ling, aol pjd th hands ' in part from the
."tjr. A great denl 'of cash passing into
i,U bands failed fc find ft" sVay to the draw.
ict. ' On searching hi house, 8460 in gold
nd 'ilvf. atid about flOtf wortli at goods,
t r foiiu J. , Thewe he refunded, and s-
iiVg over liii property for the' benefit of
Mr. atronjr, be Ift town befora Ihe pro-eeu-
tor couiu o louad, ana pipers urawo up
f or its urmv
r: Chitester ra,' 'ilwaTf 'arritilned a
nry h'n eharaoW, fa ti deaeon lii'one of
our eTturcrie. a snrjertnteuden irt Sabbatn
Eoliout, nd lader lu a' I'loif. : SmW wa
'ft- duplicity' aud celf-eosaeKtoa', that even
rrjtKj tui. uvruiig 9 if.icnia wcra id ois nouse
fa ikin' tliftirtcivesiiiatlons,' Ue nt down 'to i
vVsi:iv;roi, DecmiWr ??.
simper .hi ui- laiuuy, uu pronounccu tue 0r which may be found ia another column. !
btiii!f at tlie rb'eH usual. Mr.Bfrong'a y B , u- tv
Rji ly uira. so e a ascertained, is about l tZTyi wuh our readers, one and all, a
? ltfy.MaMj;;J-krart : i kappjrprotperousand pleasant New Year '
irr'jrrj . r- ..." -i i-
l'. xx --r-
Tun People & the People's Rights
lfyonvJ't tu-'p oriioniuc of say kind, Jr
ti iiitte .uuiiu-
It ju v-iii a:iy Ini ofUboror. meclinicj, ur
clt-rim kiiv in in 6. otiiit. . . . .
ujuMtwuitu an uilwa. .lua(, Id'., er firm;
Mir'rii4(U JSanuoaL
It yua want ti efiang Bru,erry, or to borrow
IIKHI')'( wlVrTUM ut drn V I
II )uu aiuik ki laoy, n (jut a, Hitue.-,
aUvt-fti.f 1:1 iLtf S.ii:iaol.
li yu haWi-'Imf anytbiir and wish it it'.urmHj;
aiivertwi in tin rxmiiii jU
ll ywu Uavc louisT a , iiiing ari l w;ali tu Cad the
o ur ui ji; aiv.rl'.sf vi tuw CL-ntiael.
li you warn urrent Or acil Uoua, lou, or farmi;
aiivrrim iJB.tlwemiiiiet ,. . (
It you want to of your buinais odvtrt'js
iiitiiu don unci. '
liy.'Uwmutu rntto0!il3 or office j; aivortue in
tlir .-wnnnali.
If you want any kind of employment; advene j
VVliairvcr yoa want to have, or tadiipoaeof; ad-
virrti! in tin; o. nuai.
iC"Tiw general, litennire and increasiiM cirenn
lion of uie .-jruiii-.e!, rndfrs it ilia very bet moJiul
ui aUvetii'imr j'v rr.j
The following gentlemen have paid their
sub-ri.piion to the iScniiuel, since Decem
ber 81, lOoi;
intiAt Purlin on,
Jviaeph Healea.
Richard Myer,
S.ilomo i Uillt-r,
eor'e Cakt-r,
Cadiz tp.,
German 'p..
Washington tp.
Wy J. A. Vincent, Franklin tp.,
A. II. Bunch. Cadiz,
S. F. Bunch, Iowa,
X5Tiuring the holiidays will be an ex
celleht tpportunity to come forward and
pay up your subscriptions. Try it; and bf
gm the New Year without biiiig in debt to
the 1'rintei: It will nQord such a relief to
tliose who owe their b'jbscriptions, that they
cannot at present imagine.
No Paper Next Weejc.
In order to gjye our hands a little respite
daring tlx: hoilidays, wu have concluded to
iNguu no paper next vffik, Oijr iiubsciibers
will no be the loser thereby.
&. Settlement.
We should like to have a settlement wilh
our 'subscribers in Cadiz, between now and
next Wedatsdav morning. Come forward,
t , iirk 1 1imiin u-a m u (id fi-kiint in nih' sfTi n a
all hours 'between 7 A.M. and 5 P.M.
Will our good Cadiz patrons attend to this
matter? Ci-.'c us a lift during the hoili
days. SrTUi D iily OhioState Democrat, pub
1 . . .", T- t vt i ' i
ted by Messrs. knap dtl'ljod, is an excel-
lent pper. Its democracy l of
raocracy is of the pure
racial. We
hopu it may be extensively
3TM the Democratic meeting held on
last Saturday, the following persons were ap
pointed delegates- to the approaching 8th of
January Convention.
Delsjatss. Hon. Walter Jamison, C. N.
jkjlea. Alternates. Hon. S. G. Peppard,
lion. Joseph R'.-a.
Tliat excellent Democratic paper,
the Cleveland Plaindealcr, is coming out in
an entire new dress on the first of January,
J854. Tha Plainlsaler is one of the be
paper ia the State.
The New School Lw,
The Hancock Courier in speaking of the
present School Law, says: "Soma of the
wiseacres of Cincinnati and some other parts
of the State, arj getting ut) a petition- for a
change of some of the provisions of the new
School law. It is probable that the present
Legislature will not take the trouble to make
a cnange until the new system U fairly tes
ted. Any new arrangement will create a
little trouble at first in learning and apply
ing the various details; but time sets all
things even, and it ii but just that the new
School Law should have a season for a fair
and impartial discission, and that its friends
and the cause of education should meet with
no unnecessary opposition. ' It is far better
to endure the present, apparent evils than
fly to those we know not of. . Let the School
Law be as it is, say we, until the various
provisions ah -il h tve boen trUJ and approv
ed orf-JU'iJ unsuited toour Wintsjand then,
if a change Ur needed, tha light of experi
enco will b caded io to say herein thai
modification shall be made, v,
X-T'Ve have emitted our market reports
.l: i. .. . ,l l r
una ween un bcuuudi 01 ineir Being no ina-
xnal rdi!in'e in laem. : i ... , . , :
07 L. It. Hoe, editor of the Columbian,
the I rue Soil Organ of Ohio, ' the same gen
tleman who so ardently opposed their publi-
caUon in the nef saapers lout spring, has ob
tained the contract inf publishing tl laws
of the coming Legislature, at the" extremely
low price of 30 cents per 'thousand1 ems.' He
is a oeauuiui mess of cons.st'nc7. . ,, .
Messrs. Jlitihard it Fies.oftlie Columbus
Westbote, hav the outract for- publishing
thera in German, at tJO cent per thousand
ems. . . ,v . ( . t , J; ' '
When mm A. D. VVright. of Perryshurg,
who published tha'laws ct the lat Legisla
tura at 15 ceuu perthouenrid emswhen the
bidding Wooing on?' Va do not find his
name .among tba.Jist of bidders," t is an
old adags that "a burnt child always drwds
the fire," nad we suppose) Mr. Wright was
Dot anxious to hare lirs oocket burnt aaain.
--.' i. - i i -ii ,-. , ;
1 -jylhm of oui whi-,' friends who wish
full and corrccf reports of the proceedfnjs
of the Legislature, would rlojrell to subscribt
jor nm wuio cwiejoarnaj, tue
.... . J
. . i
Tli'sttarcer i'a .r'rri:U al New York '
ori rkvidsy li'ft w:li 'ate and very important
Jjirw'n .org th cuat if war. Ti
he telegraph
tii'ipMtidi jj llia "a trrinrnJous aaral bat
tle had biti frjr!it, in rl;x-h the Russians
auuk tiiMtsaivTuiLiih off Kinope. Ira
tuente exriu-ment w;u created by thii news.
It U conKiJercd the gretet 'nasal battle
fought inee the battle of Xavatino, and was
attended with an appalling loss of lite, aud
the total destruction of J t slupif of war. Oo
the "Oth of November the entire Russian
Seet from Sebastopol, nader Admifal Machi
nolT, 4 sail, appeared off the- Tiirkiih harbor
Sinope, where Vice Adtairal Qsrpan gey
lay with 14 Tarkiab sail. The battle bwae-
d'ately conimeticed, and the ahore batteries
! biog-of no use, the Ilu.ssims forced-(he
I harbor. The Turk fought like devils, with
j the U-ptra)e bravery, and would UtM.
i surrender." -.
I Flour has advanced 1 Bl. Westera
Canal and Ohio beinir wonh37a.
Til$ Ilailroad Difficulty at Erlft
The editor of the R t iro id Record, in
speakirr of the late disgraceful proceeding
on the" p irt of tlie citiiens of Erie, Pa. in
buruina bides- JfC auks the followin'
. ,
"Where is the Coveroir of the State of
IV-nnsylvania? Why was he not prepared
for this emereocy wliich he could not but
have known -would occur?"
Why, air, he is I'tving aij and comfort to
uiosc lawiesa noiers. lie has written to the
citizens of that place, informing them that
if his auffuat presenie should le foand
necessary, he will be on handi b cij them.
Is not this a disgraceful position for the Gov-
ernor of such a state as Pennsylvania
place himself in? - A man who is placed in
the responsible position that Oovernor Big
'"r 's' w'10 '3 manner 8u!h"a set of
mubbish outlaws, as the citizens of trie are
now showing themselves to be, sluuld be
whirled from the position that lie occupies,
and stigmatized throughout the length and
breath of the land for his outrag eous course
of procedure.
We trust that the approaching Democrat
ic Convention of that State, will give him
his walking papers, and show him that the
peaceable Democracy of that State do not
favor him or his unlawful and riotous pro
ceedings. It ia a pity that the great State
of Pennsylvania should be disgraced by
having such a man us William Biler occu
pying the responsible position of Governor
We are slad to learn since writing the a
bovc, that Judire Irwin of the U. S. Court
at Pittsburgh, lias granted an injunction a
gainst the Mayor and citizens of Erie, to
prevent them from destroying the track of
the E. & N. E. railroad.
The Plain Dealer s:sys "The company
will, in pursuance, proceed to- change the
gitage throu'out, rebuild the bridges and
run the regular trains."
Of course, from the bad state of feeling
at Erie, the line will need careful watching
to guard against secret dejyedations. '
its? At a large auction sale of wool in
New York, on the 15th, the following prices
were obtained: ' '
800 bales foreign unwashed, frm 10 to 2Gc.
200 pulled wool ' 33 to 44
iJoOO lbs. tub washed woof, 404
soo.ouo ios. wnio nue oiooa
and extra Saxony and Merino,
from , 40 to 50
The sale was spirited and prices better
than anticipated.
The Herald of the next day, says:
Wool. Since the auction sale, full details
of which wc published yesterday, no trans
actions of importance have taken place.
There was great animation at the sale of
Messrs. Wilmerding. Since that time there
has been something of a reaction, and par
ties regret having bought so freely, as sev
eral of the parcels can be duplicated at low
or prices than were then paid. Holders,
however, are moderately firm, and there is
but little apprehension of a material decline
JCZTla the reported proceedings of the
State Board of Equalization - in the Ohio
State Democrat, we find the, following pro
ceedings in relation to Harrison county:
Harrison Mr. Jamison moved to strike
out the 5 per cent, increase.
Mr., Westlake thoughr the Board liad
better consider, and not ruo into the oppo
site extreme, of reducing all those that had
been raised, and leaving those .that had
been reduced, kc, i
Mr. Walters thought it but justice to
strike out. ... , . ',:..
Mr. Dixon said it was on bis motion it bad
been raised; it was more , valuable than
Columbiana. .
Mr. Jamison wished the Board to take
(o,lo consideration the value ,of counties a
round it. ' , .
Mr. Ibrig spoke briefly of the time spent
in commute oi tne wnoie, ana now wi,ued
to see every member in his et, - t , .
Mr. Anderson spoke to the point, and
went with tha Ilepreteutatiye for the reduc
tion. . ;.: -, . '
: At this point the wheels of the lightning
train of the Board became somewhat clog
ged, which caused it to lag a little t.-
Mr. Coulter elt disposei to go against
the motion; if they were going on in this
way, reducing, he should feel constrained
to yet ask for a reduction on Richland. c
Mr. Jameson's motion was lost ihe a
tueodment agreed to 5 per cent, increase.
' P. S. It will he tf. fa by reference to a
table io another column, that the final ao
tioqof the Board fas to reduce the appraise
raeut of this county, two per cent., which
now leavc-a it nt Si 8, 13 per acre instead of
$18,50 as equalized by the County Board
of Equalization. ! ;V ,J( i'h"' ' ..'
Oar excellent member, lr. Jamison,
performed his duty well and faithfully. . He
war always as his post; and the redaction
in this and Belmont county, shows that he
fully represented and attended to the wants 1
of hU constitnenty.; g
The Board closed its. arduous labors on
Friday morning last at 1 o'clock,- A, M , and
Mr; Jamison f returned to hi home bn the
'' '' ' ' ' .". .11', .:. i
next evening. -.,..,,.,! .....
' 'jtSTAn attempt to repeal the Homestearl
Exemption law of Tennessee has failed J '
Eusinesa Notices. .
yT" James Stewart, at the corner has as
Cue ncd as nice a stock of gxiJi as any oth
fr storu ia towa
lie aelU uocouasqa
f tTjht Uujs when they w'wh to maLc '
purcb!k. alinoat invanbly goto John Me
Corowk's. They say that John keeps as
neat a store and sels as cheap as any one
they are acquainted with.
2T.? F. Moore has the largest assort
ment of ready made cfothlng in this coun
try. Besides he has everything else in the
Dry Goods line that you need.
jf?"If jour' wish- good gooJs and cheap
goods, 'go to- ShotoeD it Crash's, and you
will obtain thua and no mistake.
BThe enterprising firm of Wool !c
Smith are never behind their neighbors;
and the U yut as cheap as any of them.
Zf"Wm. Hogg it Oo. have a large as
sortment of goods, which they are selling
uncomiuqn cheap. If yeu wuh good bar-
XSTll is not worth ou while to tell our
readers how cheap S. it H. McFadden sell
their joodg; because they have as large a
list of customurs as ar.y store in ' tero
Ohio. ' .
you need any article in the Book
or Drug litre, be sure to go to John Beall's
and make your pur :bases. AU of his drugs
are of the purest quality.
irR. J. Bennett' Vis a large and ex-,
tensive assortment of Hardware, which he
says he he will sell as cheap as they do in
Wheeling; carriage only aifded.
3TAny thing in the toy or confectiona
ry lice can be had very cheap nt Divine
As this is the hoilidays the urchi is will
know where lo go.
jtSTLofiland has a very large and exten
sive assortment of Jewelry, &c, which he
says he ia selliug uncommon cheap, in order
1 1 make room for a new supply.
' XiTJohn Mitchel the Irish pa'riot, assis
ted, liy his devoted firiend, T. F. Megger,
are about establishing a new paper in New
York, to be called the "Citizen."
In Oreook. We are glad to learn from
private letters received in this place, that
R. R. Thompson, David Thompson and oth
ers of our citizens who left for Oregon last
Spring, have arrived safely in that far dis
tant country.
They say that the "Sentinel" comes, Uere
Ohio Right $ide up;
In the organization of the House of Rep.
resentatives Ohio has at last obtained her
proper position. Thanks to Speaker Boyd
for the same.
Olds is Chairman of tha Committee on
Post Offices and Po3t Roads.. Disney of
the Public Lands. Edgerton of Claims.
Green of Enrolemen.
The three fiist ara the moat important
committees in the House, and luckily for
the country and ths credi$ of the State
no abler men could k fouid fur tl;c sta
tion. '
. Ohio is represented off twerty cowntiftees.
Our member from this district, Hon. A.
Stuart, is placed on two committees, that of
"Invalid Pensions."and ''Revisals and Un
finished Business." - , .
jCiTDr. A. Patterson of Guernsey and
Cof. George W. Holmes of Hamilton county
ars announced as candidates for Member of
the Board of Public Works.
We snppose that Col. A. P, Miller, the
present excellent Member of the Board, will
also be a candidate. ' - ' ' j
iCThe State Jourual says there never
w is a time Jhen the people should watch
with more pare the doings and suyings of the
Legislature; and to this patriotic end should
subscrbe for a session Columbus Paper.
VVe second the motjqn. SWian.
i3rWe third it.
SrTle New York Musical Review and
Choral Advocate is the cheapest and best
Mnsical Paper in the world. This Journal
(which has heretoft re been published month
ly) commences its Cftli year in January next,
ane thenceforward it will be published every
two weeks on every other Thursday; thre
by givihg more than twice as much matter
without any increase in price. Each num
ber contains sixteen quarto pages,',' four of
which are new music, 'consisting' of glees,
hymn tunes, chants, anthems,' ledteation
aid holyday pieces, anc!, lu shct every va
riety of mnsic adapted to nurnoses'fof re
ligious worship, to public odcasioos., and to
the home circle; all of. 'which, .will be of a
practical character and such is can be sung
by persons of ordinary musical attainments.
In. the Editorial department of the Review
are engaged (ia addition to Mr. Cady,' the
the former editor Jgentlemen of the highegt
talent aud ripest musical expsrience, among
whom are, George F. Root, Wm. B. Brad
bury, Thomas Hastings, and Lowell Mason;
and its circle of correspondence, home and
foreign, is complete. The ruusic alone in
a volume would cost, over five dollars in
the usual form. . Besides this, there will be
an immense am aunt of musical news, essays,
criticism, instruction, &a. die.,- all for onlu
one dollar! ... Every one feeling a particle of
uierettv in; w euse oi, inusie will 'surely
subscribe. The Review will also be a regu
lar medium for the announcement of new
musical publications by all tbt leading pub
lishing houses in the Union, The Subscrip
tion list of this paper is now larger than
that pf any similar journal ia the world, and
the new arrangements, rendering , it th
cheapest as well as (it is' hoped) the most
valuable mqsioal paper ever published, must
largely increase its already unparalcled cir
culation.' ' " . - . , . '
TsBis.-On)e tjollar per ariuam, or six
copies for five dollars, always in advance.
Specimen numbers sent qu 'receipt of two
letter postage stamps '.'' '. ,'. '
Address, (always post-paid) 4 J',! , f
23 Park Row, St" turfr. .
" XTThe Steubenville and Wheeling pa
pers say' that the Ohio River is now fall of
running ice, , Navigation. we suppose will
be soon closed. ".; (
""Lot," Mostitz. A suit instituted by Mrs.
Hull, (Lola Xiffitz) for divorce, was to come
up fortrihl a't Gra'ss Vallev Hal
! bout the 20th instant. 1 ' i
Board of Eqnali?ation-ThEesult!9 Earpers-IaveEtiTes toVounj
j The following table will be foand to bep men. ; . ' J-t
accurate in every respect.' as it was drawn 0a Monday morning we anr,outced th
p meJiaMriy air me report oi me worn-,
osniee. auJ bnal action of the Board. ,
1 it uliow the value per Acre of land- re
turned; die per cent, addtd to or deducted
from, each county, and the consequent val
ue per acrn as eqaalixed:
B t
a!--3 a 4 -i
-2 j-i
1 2-5- x 6 S
AUanv.m.M.w... 3 93 7 . $3
Allen ys 7J 7 a 03
Ashland.-.,,i,l., 15 S3 . ' 14 19 3
Af-ktbula U 04 7 li M
AUHua 6 69 li 7 49
Auglaue 8 41 7 . 7 bi
lleliuont ti ui 7 . Si V'J
down 17 Bi 2 ' 17 4-J
Duller 41 00 12 -ju 19
Carroll-.. li SO la 13 02
CUimjUjj;;.......... , 24 no 7 IJ 0b
Clark Ui 01 3 21110
Clermont..;.....:.! S3 4 1 113 95
Clinton 20 U g , u bl
Columbiana '20 83 14 . li 3o
Coshocton.....''.'.... 13 39 " 16 ; 13 53
Crawiord. 16 9S 7 15 73
Cuyahoga M 96 16 3i 73
Darke 12 4i 7 11 53
Detinca 5 19 7 4 83
Delaware..,.,: 15 85 t ' 15 SJ
t-rfia 1M 2d 12 24 87
t'airlield 2ti 2ii 7 21 42
Kayotte 2114 1Z Id 53
Krank!in.;..o 31 40 2 33 05
rutton....v..-. 2 31 . 7 2 69
Uallia 7 26 3 7 04
tieauga. ' 17 H 7 16 08
Grojno 3194 10 24 'i 5
tiuern-y ...... , 1061 SI 12 t4
HaiuilUiu. 86 73, 7 60 63.
Hiinc.-k M S5 7 9 66
Hardm.... 7 31 7 6 8
HarrUon....' 19 50 2 . lb) 13
Henry..... 3 50 7 3 23
Highland 18 24 2 18 60
Hocking...;, 7 41 T 6 89
Uohiie 14 73 , 2 15 02
Huron .' 22 W 7 91 22
Jarkson... ......... 6 18 21 7 4i
Jetfursoa..;.,...... 19 41; 12 2174
Knox . 14 53 16 16 83
Lake 23 95 7 - 22 27
bswrence - 6 60 12 . 7 3,1
Licking 22 36 , 2 22 81
Logan 15 07 7 , 11 02
Lorain 18 44 3r 17 89
Luca ..: li 3 9 39
MaJi-on..., 6 14 7 ,17 27
Mahoning. ,. 26 61 11 22 86
Marion 16 90 15 72
Medina...., 2 44 li. . SJ 77
Meiga 8 99 7 8 3.
Mercer 5 94 2 5 79
Miami W 34 10 25 51
Monroe.. 8 91 3 8 73
Montgomery 37 0 7 . 34 48
Morgan.'.' 12 93 ' 7 12 04
Morrow 7 01 7 15 82
Muskingum 20 36 12 22 80
Noble. 9 71, 'i 9 90
Ottawa 6 90 7 ' 6 42
Paulding...; 3 77 7 3 51
Perry 12 22 7 13 Oi
Pickaway 2.172 , 11 S2 33
Pike 7 71 16 8 94
Portag? 21 35 7 ' 22 63
Preble : 23 89 2 24 37
Putnum.... 5 00 3 5 1J
llielilani.... 15 91 30 20 68
Ross 18 89 '21 22 86
Sandusky 9 32 , 1 1 , 10 35
Scioto 8 00 16 9 28
Genera.. 17 12 -- 7 18 32
Shelby....... 13 It 12 22
Stark 24 41 2 24 90
Summit............ 20 11 7 27 07
Trumbull 17 33 ! 17 6S
Tuscarawas 16 20 7 : 17 OS
Union..;, 10 92 7 10 16
Vaftwert.. 4 61' 7 ' 4 2
Vinton....'..:..... 6 03 2 6 1 5
Warren 31 10 5 32 65
Wnsllington..i 9 00 2 . 9 18
Wayne 19 35 16 22 4o
Williams. 4 35 ' ' 2 4 43
Wood.............. 5 93, . 7. 5 52
Wyaiot 10 87 7 . 10 li
' Added. Raduced,
Cleveland i ' i ' ' 2 per cent.
Sandusky City - - 7 "
Cincinnati - - - - 2 "
Irorvton, East and AYt-st
li-onton. Iron Iock, '
Hanging Rock - 30 per ct.
IfeWiirk ' - '
Towns in Medina -
Piqua and Troy i
Others iu the county
Mansfield - - , ' 1
Chillicothe ' 'if.' '
Portsnioulh . ' .
Republic - -
Galli',.olis -' '-
1 "
7 "
16 "
2 '
7 "
7 "
Steuben ville,
Springfield, Columbus,
Zanesville aud D lyton were passed as re
turned. All others the same n: the coun
ties in which they were located.
There is one fact curuntctedl wtl the, ac
tion of the Road worthy of notice, vij: not
one acre of land in the State but has had its
valiuim changed by the Board, and all the
town? except the five above mentioned
The Reporter is indebted to the ever gen
tlemanly and obliging Auditor (of llijO above
facts. V. S. Dim.
'' 'jL Coughing ia Consumption.
The New- York Herald, of .'July' 10th,
states that during the week preceeding, fif
ty persons died of consumption iu that city
Per c ntra, a gentleman called upon us yes
terday, who actually escaped from the fangs
ji tnat aiseaso some years ago, and we are
induced to present the circumstances:
V You speak of cousrbinr continualfY.
Let me suggest to you the query, wlmther
this is not unnecessary and injurious. , I
have' long been satisfied, from experience
And observation, that much of Ihe coughing
which precedes and attends consumption is
voluntary. ' Several years ago, I , boarded
with a man who was in the incipient stages
of consumption.; 1 slept in a chamber over
nis Deuroomt ata was ooligea to hear him
cough continually and distressingly., I en
dured the annoyance Dight after night, , till
it , led me to reflect whether , something
could not he done to stop it. I watched the
sound which the man made, and observed
that he evidently made a voluutoiy effoit
iq cough. After this, I made experiments on
myself, nnd found tlat I could prevent my
Wlf from coughing, sneezing, gaping, int.,
in, cases of the strongest propensity tu these
acts, by a strenuotu effort of the will. Then
I rejected, that coughiug must be irritating
and injurious to the delicate organs that
are concerned in (t, especially when they
are in a diseased state. . What can be worse
for uleerated bronchia or .lungs, than the
violeiitwren.chuig of a cough? It must b
worse than speaking,; A sore on any part
of the body, if it, ia conatantly kept open
by violent usage, or made raw again by a
contusion just when it is healing (and of
course begins to itch) will grow worse, and
may end in death. Certain tnen; a sore
on the lungs may be expected 4of terminate
fatally, if.lt is jonstantly Irritated, and nev
er suffered to heal; and this it seems to' me
is just what coughing does for it '; Oa the
strength of such considerations as these. 1
made bold to ask hint' if he could hot 'stop
coughing. lie Answered NoJ vJ lold him
what I thought about it as abov. ' Hrt .
greed lb make 4 trial and, on so doing, found
to nis surprise that he eouid suppress bit
cough almost entirely? The power of his
will over it, increased as he exercised it,
and in a few days he was' most rid vf ' the
disposition' to cough. '' His health at the
same time evidently improved. And when
I last saw bim, he "was in 'strong 'hopes of
getUrJg utof- death's bands. '1 f . u i -o an
Tint occurred eighteen years ago,f and
the' man comes round nor, an active busi
ness 'man, averrjng that he has not had a
sick day since. Kx.
destruction of the great estahliaament of the
U.rrW . W ii-v .,,),; , .,r
kind draw forth from all quarter such a
degree of sympatheue kitiilneu as is given
lo the Harper and, ami is: our own recent
ail misionuiicsof a similar kind, we fell
when uS'ectionaif gooJnt-as uiftred its act
ive sympathy, how it buoyed us up above
the calamity. The intimate connection l
thu Harpers wiih all department, ff ineuUl
progress in this couutry, j'nj their well
known virtues have m.u'e them f tmiliar ac
quaiutaiices at almost every hearthstone in
He Union where there is a taste for read
ing. Their excellent capci:y for the pub
lication oi aseful books, their well-directed
enterprize, tner,-y, anl unswerviug integri
ty, had enabled them to build up ene of the
noblest establishments ( in dm . world, and
every wlere in English civiliz i;iou the ac
knowledgement was in ic'e that siieh suc
cess us the Harpers had won could rot be
in worthier .hand. They furnished eiaolot-
ineiit tp between five uui six thousand peo
pie, and MX luiuJred of these in their own
establishment. . At half past one o'clock,
Ixst Saturday afurraiion, in the tstab'ish
meuton Pearl street, the Harpers had con
siderably over cue iiUiou dollars' wonli ol
property, tL. fruit of Jlyir own euterpi ize
and industry, nd- iu two hours ironi
the time we have aamed a)l this wealth was
a heap of - smouIdrin aslies. , Th .nat
difficulty in recovelig frou such a disaster
is in the almost uiter impossibility of com
mandijg machinery. It is rare that an Ad
ams or iloe printing pr ss can be obtained
under four months afier it is ordered, be
cause the orders are aliysin advance of
the means ol Adams or Hoe to supply.
But n Monday after the fire the Harpers
had already perfected arrangements for giv
ing employ uient to the mos,t necessitous of
their operatives, and in few days they
will have fifteen or twwenty presses at
wora upon tne re-publicallou ot then valu
able works, of which Ihe stereotype plates
were saved. The entire Mainizine for Jan
uary made up almost entirely of original
matter, splendidly illustrated, nnd which
ws to have been one of the best numbers
of that popular work, was destroyed, but
by Monday af;er the fire the ariagements
were made so perfect that a Urge edition of
the January number will be ready for deliv
ery on its regular day of issue.
But what a lesson for young men is con
tained in, this Harper calamity. V Oirly a lew
years ago these four brother went into tne
city of A'ew York as poor as nay boys iu it.
nicj coi mete to le trn traues. II ey are
new among the most active and enterprising
men in N,.w York: each of iliem has a large
n.,,i!.u u-nuiie, tuiii tne linn possessed in
their bus tiess over one million of dollars.
Vvhiie builoiiigup this fortune, these gentler
mi-Knave larg.-ly ctitributed to tho intellec
tual wealth, of thus confederacy. And now
young man, look at the results of a life of
untarnished integrity. Tne New York
limes says, that several of the insurance
companies on Monday after the tire, sent
word that llie auotmtof lhir liib-ili:ies for
losses would bt sent to ihem, without inqui
ry, whenever it would be mom acceptable,
and numerous oiler of large, amount ol
money were placed at tneir disposal."
They were fortunately uu ler no necessity
for taking advantage of ' this kindiwsa, but
the offers show how conspicuous is- the ia
legritj of these brothers. Most cordially
do we endorse the following remark's of the
Times: "We are inclined to believe that
the brothers Harper have been far mure
touched bv these indications of kindly re
gard, coining, as many of them do, from
men with whom they hare had no business
transacibns for many years, than by any
sense of the pecuuiary loss they have sus
tained. They show that, the bonds of inter
est which their extensive business connec
tions have created, strong ns they may be
are not asstroni as the ties of friendship
and personal esteem which their high-toned
integrity, their unvarying kindness and their
widely-ditfusod bfflevoleace have been si
lently forming duriosj
rltll.ir HM.1 nnl'.....
q ivug n,r4 CT(.LVtT
on reel.
There are useful hint in these facts for
all who are engaged in the battle of life.
A spotles-integrity rises superior to the
most extensive calamity riches rany fly a
way on the evening breezes, but integrity
survives tho greatest misfortune. Lonit
iUt Journal. i
Short Session cf the Ljtislaturi;.
The following, from the Steubenvilie Un
ion corresponds with views we have hereto
fore expressed on the subject: "The wish
is warmly entertained by all elasses of our
citizens, that the Legislators will attend
promptly to the business which mnv be be
fore it, and not proiract the session us was
tne case last winter. This wish Ks reason
able, and should be heeded bv memh(r.s
Their shortest and most certain method to
gain respectability and credit as legislators,
is to mane trieir stay in Columbus as short
as possible. As far as we are informed,
mere is. not any great amount of busine?
demanding tiietr attention this winter. All
that is essential to bo done, need not detain
them at the capital exceeding three months.
But at the same time that we wish io hh
a' short session we would not eveilook the
necessity of having such laws ns they may
pass, well matured. , Let them sciutimize
caremUy every sentence which thev may
spread upon the pages of the Statute" Book.
and thus suvo the people from the evils of
u-cousiaerea and halt Uuushed legislation.
It is is important that they should adjourn
soon; but it is more impjrtant that their
worKsiiouid be web and thoroughly done.
Let thera take whatever time may be neces
sary to effect this purpose and then, with
out spending weeks in useless wrangling and
quarrelling, adjourn and come home., .-This
is theeir duty, the people expect its perfor.
mance and we, trust they may not be disan-
pointed..". ';. , '.,-,
Temperance Home Influence"
Under this head the following sensible ar.
tide comes to us in an exchange, without
credit. In a long while we have not seen
more good sense ; compressed into the same
space. .. A crying evil of the times is to nee-
'home teaching,", and lb invoke kvis.
lative aid to cure the evils that grow but of
uv-u uugiiijciiua. uit. j(X, j i t ,
"I am fearfnl that the public are ' looking
too much to the legislature for help in aid of
the temperance cause. Its friends must not
for amomeut forget the benefits and bless
ings of home example. These will influence
when legislation would' be' powerless.
Home teachings are far mora important and
beneficial than the teaohing of the school or
the' pulpit, or the laws of the State we nt v
er forget the lessons taught ns at the home
fireside. These, -whatever may be ' the
changes in after life,- are. never erased or
blo.tted out from our memories. How im.
portent is it then,; that all home lessons
and teachings, and examples; should be of
auchacharaoler as to lead the !'little ones"
of the houcehold to virtue;- to truth and to
Sreai4eat Pierce at Church.
A correspondent of the Philadelphia Pres
hytthan -fives a description of President
I k-rce at chuoh, a few Subbats siuce, which
wiil be recttgnid as atricily true, n. t only
as lo the pancular Sabbath referred to. but
d every Sihhath, by a large number of the
citizens of Washington. W copy the leU
U-r that our readers abroi I m ty know the
personal habi;e of the Chit-f Magistrate,
and t! at lliey may know hotr to Mi preci'atf
the Ivie calumnies upon his moral character.
The letter rune as fcd lows: ?( , ,
rMie Rev. Mr. Bsird, of Sonth Carolina;
preached a plain, earnest discourse ia the
morn in r. In the aftcrnnon I attended at
the saine place of worship. The President
of the United Slates, although evidently not
expected by the congregttion, was -present
at this second service, he being a stated hear
er elsewhere. There was a simple mnjesty
in my own mujd, very impressive, iu the.
faot that the Chief Magistrate of this mighty
nation should thus come alone and unatten
ded to the hqne of Ovid, and sit down a
mong the humblest ef the people, so miau
stentatiouly that it w4 impossible for me,
a strHngon U single bini out. He waa
pointed out totxs he retired; and he went as
he came and, 1 believe, without a car;
riage, for tsaw none mingling wiih the;
throng on the sidewalk as he wended his
w y hack to ihe While House.
President Pierce is a reh'ned,' polished
looking man; and his countenance is judica
tive of groat sugauity md decision. His
di-J-ss was plwiti, (simple bla,ck.) an I scru
pulously m at, his hair arranged in tie most
perfect order, lu person he is, I should
judge, about, live feet ten incite. high So,
far as personal appearance goes, there is no
American who nould not look upon the man
with pride.
'I am told that he is a careful observer,
of the labb ith; refuses to receive any vis
itors, and refuses to look into any coprf
spondence on that day; is a coiistiHit alien
dam on public worship, and his indolence,
here in favor of sound morals and religion,
is strong and decided. The appearance of
u:e i lesi :eni yesieraay was strictly devsat.
his attention win given' closely to the seri,'
inon, nnd nt one passage, in which the
preacher spoke of the manner in which God
overrules the nfllict;ons nnd trials of men,
he was observed lo shed tears. May God
give I iai the garment of praise for the spir
it of heaviness."' ..-,:.
How He got it. -
On day before yesterd iy Treasurer Skel
ley deputised Deputy Sheriff Thompson to
go mill collect the tuxes as tsed against the
Alt. Pleasant Bank. He accordingly pro
ceeded jo J,Jt. Pleasant anil entered the
Bank. The morniiiL' was null. .,! o,l
J being or pretending io be cold, he er'essed.
Hie counter art got between the vak and
the stove, ostensibly in order that ho awglit
ivarni himself, living thus favorably miu
ated, slruld ulterior measures become ne
cessary he presented the cashier, whose a
was wreathed in blandest smiles in antrei
pation of a good abave, his authority to col
lect lliost tuxes. V hereupon he was inform
ed that the' B,iiikf didn't intend to pay them.
"Well," says Thompson; "we'll see about
that," at the same time inking the key
from the vault aud snugly depositing it in.
his pocket. Tha brought the Hiiswer.
The "needlul'' was shel etl out, and Thomp
son returned home, rejoiced to know tkaj
he lmd ".done it up brown."
Vie are informed that the Jeffjrsotj
Branch of iHs city'has n.tiSed 'W 'freas
ure that Us taxes await his dtspos!,!. Ve
hojie that tins repWt may-, be true,..' 'Viie
people of Ohi'r hitve time au J again.' a( tlie
ballot box demanded,' that its Uinkfii-r in
stitutions should be taxed as the farmer, th'e
mechanic and all other classes uf citrieii
are. And the people of Jefferson county,
by his le-election, have bestowed upon Mr.
SUelloy the well earned meed of their up.
probation, for having' rorrpelled ihem lo
disgorge at the point of the crowbar. And
if it ahould become necessary again, it will
be applied vigorously with an untiring
hand. It is high time that the Banks ,ff
Ohio snould cease their warfare against the
law of the land. And they may ns well
learn now, as hereafter, that "privileges,
must haTe an end, but tbeceople are eleiv
tml. SUn. Union. ' " ' - 1 - v 'i ;
: SFssfory ioTJKirAT,, ;- '
Daily,' Tri-weekly and Weekly.
The Ohio State Journal will, be publish
ed, during the ensuing session of the Legis
lature, on uie following terms:
D'-.'iy--.-. . .':.'... 82.oa :
,J"'eeklv i,oo
Weekly 50,
, An extra copy will be allowed anv one.
forwarding a list of ten subscribers. , ., '
The proceedinirs of the legislature wil; be.
duly aoted particular atteniioii being paid;
to the spirit oS debutes, rather than a literal
transcript; relievieg the reader from wadinjj
through columns of motions and resolves
not always the most attractive reading.: :w '
The present Congress promises to be one.
of great interest, and ruore space than nav
al will be allowed to its discussions. The
revision of the Tariff, the- PaciJic Railway,
the true reading of the President'sMessage,
the "Hard' and ''Soft" features of. Admin
istrative Policy, as developed in the beauti
ful mosaics of the 'Baltimore aad Buffalo
Platforms, certainly promise rich return
to the po'itica! gkaner. A gentleman per
sonally acquainted with the various sphere;
of Congressional life, will give this depart
ment his special attention. ; Vly.
The Journal will suit receive the service
of i Mr. , Bascom. , Arrangements are also
made for such further assistance at its means
may warrant. Two gentlemen, long and
favorably known to its readers, will be reg
ular contributors. , No expense, indeed. will
be spared, by those iuto whose hands its
contro) has been devolved, , to, answer any
efforts, however liberal, in its behalf. ,
iST Terms, invaribly in advance.
1. THOMAS,ylwiiW(0', Scott, r
s ' ' ". ' ;Country Crackle. '5"
, The subjoined liialofrne is riimored ioliavk
transpired at a "fashionable" wateririrr nhutai
one of those late tomd , eights" after wove
was done: , '" ,- ' :' "' '
'.'Gracious.' how not! ! fictRftv 1n'n'V..
think Jupiter Jones has married his house
keeper?" ', ' ' . , ", -
"Mercy sake", wh'o,s"Jupiter Jones? t
don't know him from a broom'8tieik''."?rs
VLand he's a surveyor hojcPs un a pole
for squire somebody to squat 4own and fook
a through a sky glass ort U ni'dder d he
hves out on tke turnpike vender and mat
ries Ids hotisekebper!' '.' ' , " ." '"' : '
.Did?" ", '"' ' ' s s,f ..
''t aYeg '"'. ,V.-:-; Bifc4 Vh '
" "Well, he must be a fool to do fha whea
here's so many gals want linsbimds." , ' '
,' "Betsey 'Horner, you're ,oM, you UKS
that's wha' these Boating oliaps .say when
tliey atcb '. another green. ; Jupiter, Jones
am t ho fooL He married ; my sister and
her name isn't Smith now its Mrs. Jones--Jane
Jones,' and ; she's . hishouse keeper,
ain't she, toU goosr;'," , " '"
Was she before alio was married v''n'
V "No, you ninny huad,", ' -, '.,..
"Get out Sal, you're altvsys qnizzSi
Botton Post. "

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