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Assistant Editor—C. H. FOSTER.
THOS. O. WISE, Publisher.
Office, No. 27, E. Mmin Street, Norfolk, Ko.
The Day Book will be served to sub
scribers at 0} cents per week, payable to
the Carrier. When sent by mail it will
be $4 per year, $2 for six months, and
$1 for three months, payable in advance.
The Largest Circulation in
the City,"®^.
The News.
It is thought that the New York city
banks will soon resume specie payments,
in consequence of the accumulation of
specie in their vaults. The Baltimore
Patriot, in its money article of last even
ing, deprecates the policy of an early re
sumption, believing that such a step, be
fore fully justified by business, would be
exceedingly disastrous. In New York,
yesterday, there was intonse excitement in
stocks, and the bank statement made af
ter the adjournment of the second board
created a still greater buoyaucy. In Bos
ton, money is easier, with large tran
sactions, and stocks rule at higher pri
A treaty was probably signed on Mon
day by Secretary Cass and the Minister
from Nicaragua, Yrisarri, relative to the
transit route.
A man who was shot in Washington on
Tuesday night died yesterday morning.
By advices from Liberia to Sept. 21st.,
it appears that that the Emperor of the
French is accused of attempting a revival
of the slave trade. The British cruisers
had seized vessels bearing the American
and Spanish flags, on suspicion of being
engaged in that traffic.
J. P. Henderson and J. W. Hemphill
have been elected to the United States
Senate from Louisiana, to succeed Messrs.
Benjamin and Slidell.
The Kansas Constitutional Convention
adjourned on the 7th inst. A separate
clause of the Constitution, sanctioning sla
very's the only section to be submitted to
the people. A provisional gov eminent
has been formed with Gen. Calhoun as
There have been disasters on Lake Su
3600 bales of Cotton were sold at Char
leston yesterday. At Savannah no trans
actions in cotton are rep orted. At Au
gusta there were sales of 3,010 bales at
12} cts.
8®“ In November, 1811, Gen. Harri
son was at Prophet’s Town, on the Wa
bash, with a body of Kentucky and Indi
ana soldiery and the 4th U. S. Regiment
under Col. Boyd. Gen. Hull, Governor of
Michigan Territory, surrendered to the
British, July 12th 1812, with 2000 regu
lars and volunteers. Can any one versed
in the annals of that period inform us
what U. S. Regim ent was at both the bat
tle of the Wabash t nd Hull’s surrender 1
One of the things most commonly coun
selled, and nevertheless practiced with
least wisdom, is economy. It is very ea
sy to declaim against extravagance and
advise to prudence. It does not require
any extraordinary penetration to show
one’s neighbor a hundred matters which
demand retrenchment, nor does it take
lany wonderfully sharp sagacity to smooth
lout before him, very plainly and prettily,
the ways by which ho should pursue it.—
I But, as the doctor can prescribe for his
(patients, and the lawyer counsel his cli
jents, better, vastly, than either of them
an do when medical or legal skill is nee
led for himself, so the sage adviser of
Bconomy, with his “wise saws and mod
ern instances," find* it never so difficult
square his own habits to his maxims
-to make them the rules of his indi
vidual and daily conduct. Everywhere
the world there is a wide hiatus be
Iween preaching and practice—as wide an
Ine, surely, as yawns between the ideal
Ind the real. Many a man like old IIora
[ius, sees, admires, and would follow
re right, but cannot conveniently attain
So it seems to be ordered in this
phere—that we all be somewhat in the
of the fabulous chap in Hades
Hio was continually clutching after
plicious grape-clusters that were “all
his eye.” That branch of practi
. mathematics which is called Mechan
unfolds the fact to the student that,
the actual application of his principles
Ld forces, certain elements are to be re
rded which the pure science knows
(thing of. There is the matter of fric
I®_aye, there’s the rub—for which the
ffianician is taught to allow one third,
st so is it, in the use of all rules what
soever. Untoward circumstances, un
looked-for accidents, are found to hinder
the putting into act of the fairest plans.
A young man, whose experience of life
has been mainly shut up within himself
—a thing of the senses and of faucy—
sits down some pleasant day, shortly be
fore he “comes of age,” to make plans for
the future, and to “calculate” a little. It
seems to him, perhaps, that he will not
do like most men—that he will abjure cer
tain oftheir vices, that he will be “indus
trious” and “economical.” It scents to
him that the necessary' cost of living is
quite small; and beautiful dreams of
wealth dance, like rainbows of promise,
before his vision. He begins to tread this
road, but finds soon enough, that the alar
ming and important item of “incidental
expenses” has been left out of his arith
metic. Before long he goes down, as
many a gallant shallop has before him,
and lapses' into the unhoping shiftless
ness and stolid content with luck, of ordi
nary men. Often it happens that his ex
penditures exceed his income, a big bal
ance is always looming up at him dis
couragingly from the wrong page of his
ledger,and he goes out of the world, final
ly, in debt to it.
Yet thrift is possible. Possible, but
not easy. Like Jordan, in the Americo
African ballad, it is a difficult highway to
journey upon. To keep straight onward
in this road, without wandering from it
like Bunyan’s Christian, or looking back
like Lot’s better-half, is no small job.—
Courage amounting to heroism, energy,
discretion—and these kept active with
out flagging for an hour—must be the
Mentos to his Telemachus.
True thrift is not parsimony nor asceti
eism any more than it is intemperate ex
cess. Thrift is only a realizing in one’s
affairs of that temperance which was the
best practical virtue of the Greek ethics.
The thrifty man is neither a prodigal nor
a miser. He will neither waste nor
hoard. Money he knows was made for
man, not man for money. He uses it and
seeks it, because, as the world goes, it is
useful and desirable.
Thrift—the very term is hearty and in
vigorating—one of those good old whole
some words that it even does one a bene
fit to speak. It smacks of prosperity and
comfort; and may the day be far off when
the dictionary shall be mutilated of it and
when it shall become obsolete as a motto
of honest living.
Suicide.—Mr. John Clemmer commit
ted suicide by hanging himself,near Mid
dlebrook, Augusta county, week before
last. Ho had been suffering under mental
derangement for some time,and had been
placed in the Asylum at Staunton, under
the care of Dr. Stribliug who thought he
was well enough to enjoy some liberty.
He accordingly, the previous Saturday,
gave him permission to take a short walk,
from which he did not return.—Diligent
search was made for him in the vicinity
of his own home and among his friends,
but all in vain, none having seen or heard
of him. On the following Thursday he
was found, fifteen miles distant, hanging
by a rope in his brother’s barn. It was
impossible to tell how long he had been
dead before found.
A Dangerous Fellow.—Dr. Hayne,
a famous bigamist,who has a wife in near
ly every State in the Union, has just
emerged from a five years’ imprisonment
in Kentucky State Prison. He has ar
rived in Louisville, and the Courier says:
“We warn the ladies to guard well their
hearts, for the Doctor says ho can marry
any woman he may choose on first ac
quaintance, and in the brief time of five
A Difference.—A New York letter
has the following interesting item of the
It is stated that a clown town merchant
recently repaired to his wife to say that
he lacked $1,400 towards payment of a
note, which, if ho did not meet, would
result in bankruptcy, whereupon his wife
gave him $5,000 in gold and notes saved
from her house money. That a brother
of this same merchant laid by $1,000 in
gold at home, being afraid to trust the
banks, in order to meet a note. When
its use was required, he found it missing.
Ilis wife had bought a $1,000 set of furs
with it at Stewart’s, and the merchant
The Workingmens’ Demonstrations.
—This excitement appears to have entire
ly subsided about town. The movements
made, and the arrangements perfected for
work and food, have a tendency to allay
the fears of starvation which had seized
some of the men who have been promi
nent in these public demonstrations.—
The great street cleaning contract will
find an unexpected opportunity to labor
for many of the men, at a season when
work is scarce, and the pay of a thousand
men per week in the Central Park will al
so furnish relief. Upon the whole, there
is rather a dying out of the fever which
raged a week since on the work and food
question. There are, however, needy and
bread-wanting men and women in our
midst, they are being sought out, and it
: is to be hoped that they will be reached,
and their cases all relieved, as far as pos
sible, before winter come on.—N. Y. Day
From Washington.
Washington, Nov. 16.—There is little
if any doubt that a treaty was signed to- j
day by Secretary Cass and the Nicara
guan Minister, Yrisarri, relative to the j
transit route. The route is to be protec- 1
ted by the United States troops during
the inability of Nicaragua to do so, and
a free port is to be guaranteed at each end
of the line. No company is protected by
name, but only that having a valid grant,
which shall recognize the obligation of
this treaty. The Government of Nicara
gua, has, through its Minister, signified
to the Government of the United States
that the only company having such grant
is the American Atlantic and Pacific Ship
Canal Company, created by Nicaragua in
1849, and amended in June last. Yri
sarri will be formally presented to the
President to-morrow.
The sloop-war practice-ship Plymouth
is coming up the Potomac this evening.
The War Department has been infor
med that Col. Bonneville’s chastisement
of the Gila Indians of New Mexico has
induced them to sue for peace.
The military expedition to Utah will
not be damaged by the destruction of the
contractor’s trains by the Mormons.
Assassination of a Baltimorean at
Washington, Nov. 17.—Eugene Lana
han, formely of Baltimore, was sliot last
night in his right lung, producing a fatal
wound, from which he died this morning.
His dying declarations identify a man
named Jos. E. Birch as his assassin. Birch
has been arrested and committed to jail,
bail being refused. Ifo will have a fur
ther examination this afternoon.
Money and other affairs at Boston
—Later from Liberia, <fcc.
Boston, Nov. 10.—Money is easier,
with large transactions. Stocks at higher
The citizens of the suburbs of Boston
are forming themselves into an association
for protection against burglars. Ebenezer
Parker, one of our oldest merchants, is
dead. The notes of the Bankof Litchfield
county, Connecticut, are thrown out at
the Suffolk Bank.
The bark Ida brings advices from Sier
ra Leone to September 21st. The Em
peror of the French is accused of attempt
ing a revival of the slave trade.—The
British cruisers had seized a number of
vessels bearing the American and Spanish
flags on suspicion of being engaged in the
slave traffic. The publication of the Li
beria Herald had been suspended for want
of support. All danger of a threatened fa
mine had disappeared, and the crop pros
pects were improving.
Interesting from Kansas,&e.
St. Louis, Nov. 14.—The Lecompton
correspondent of the Republican says that
the Kansas Constitutional Convention ad
journed on thoTthiust. A provisional
government, with General Calhoun as
Governor, was formed, to go into opera
tion immediately.
The Convention passed a separate
clause sanctioning slavery, which it the
only section that will be submitted to the
people. It is thought to bo the design to
get the constitution accepted by Congress
prior to the assembling of the Territorial
Governor Walker has lie en appealed to
to convene an extra session to met this
contingency. The apportionment of the
State provides for forty-five Representati
ves and fifteen Senators.
Excitement in Stocks—Specie in
Bank—Early Resumption Ine
New York, Nov. 10th.—There has
been an intense excitement to-day in
stocks. The bulls have complete posses
sion ot the market. The bank statement,
made after the adjournment of the second
board, announcing the specie lino to bo
nineteen and a half millions of dollars,
caused a still greater buoyancy, and the
street operations wore continued to a late
hour. The sales of bank stocks were al
so large at a heavy advance. Missouri
G’s declined to 73 in consequence of the de
feat of the tax bill in the Legislature of
that State.
It is believed that an early resumption
of specie payments by the banks is inevi
Sterling exchange is advancing. Do
mestic exchange is easier.
From the Plains.
St. Louis, Nov. 1G.—Chief Engineer
Magraw’s wagon road train arrived en
route at Washington Territory, and have
gone into winter quarters. They corro
borate the reported destruction of a gov
ernment train by the Mormons. In con
sequence of the new discoveries by the re
cent explorations, the military have aban
doned the old route and are approaching
Salt Lake by the open plains of the Bear
and Malade rivers. Young disclaims all
knowledge of or participation in the des
truction of the supply trains.
The Sante Fe Mail reports grass and
water plenty on the plains.
The Cheyennes were alarmed and desi
rous of peace.
Explosion of a Steam Tug—Eight
Persons Killed.
Detroit, Nov. 14.—The boiler of a
steam tug exploded this afternoon while
in the river, opposite this city, and the
vessels instantly sunk. Eight of the
crew were killed. The vessel which she
had alongside towing had her rigging com
pletely riddled.
The Financial Credit of Missouri.
St. Louis, Nov. 14.—The bill to lega
lize a mill tax to sustain the credit of
the State was defeated in the House yes
terday by a majority of 30.
Disasters offlie bake.
Cleveland, Nov. 10.—The propeller
City i Stlperiof, with a large ami valu
able i rgo, was totally wrecked on Lake
Suj)< i tor nn Saturday. The propeller
Jersey Oity, bound to Toledo aiul Dun
kirk. me in collision with tbe roeks and
was i a lly damaged, She will discharge
and repair.
•tending Railroad.
Philadelphia, Nov. 1G.—To-day the
Reading Railroad executed a new mort
gage of seven millions to take the place
of the mortgage bonds of 1800 for the
purpose of paying those bonds and the
floating debt. When issued this mort
gage will leave the debt something less
than 811,000,000.
New York Markets.
New York, November 17.—Flour—
The market to-day closed firm; sales of
8,000 barrels. Common to good State
at !j54,85a5.00, Ohio $>5.40a5.85; South
ern $5.20a6.50—an advance of 10 cents
on Southern.
Wheat—Is heavy; sales of 32,000 bush
els. Southern white 112al23 cents; red
lOOallG cents.
Corn—The market is firm; sales at 83
cents for mixed.
Pork—lias declined 25 cents; sales at
$19.50al9.75 for Mess.
Whisky—Is firm—sales of Ohio 231
The Queens of France.—The Dublin
University Magazine, commenting upon
the lives of the royal and imperial wives
of Franco, states there are but thirteen
out of sixty-seven on whose memory'
there is no dark stain of sorrow and sin.
A cotemporary', in summing up the state
ment, says:
Of the others, eleven were divorced;
two died by the executioner ; nine died
very' young, seven were soon widowed;
three were exiled; three were bad in
different degrees of evil; the prisoners and
the broken hearted made up the remain
der. Twenty who were buried at St.
Denis, siuco the time of Charlemagne,
were denied the rest of the grave. Their
remains were dragged from the tomb, ex
posed to the insults of the revolutionary
populace, and then flung into a trench and
covered with quicklime.
An Old Prisoner.—Last week, Joel
Schoonhoven, one hundred years of age,
was discharged from Sing Sing prison,hav
ing been pardoned by the Governor. He
is a native q£ Orange county, N. Y., and
reached the age of a century in prison, on
the 4th of July last. He saw Washing
ton at Newburg during the war.
“Belle Britain,” writing to the Boston
Transcript, alluding to the hot chase, re
volver in hand, of Woodman, the Now
Orleans druggist, after Furniss, whom he
caught in his wife’s room, at the N. York
Hotel, adds: And here I cannot omit to
mention a pun perpetrated on the occasion
by “mine host,” Cranston, one of the wit
tiest and cleverest of men. “What is all
this noiseabout Furniss and Mrs. Wood
man !” inquired an excited guest or tnc
landlord. “0, nothing of any conse
quence,” replied Cranston, scarcely mov
ing tiie risible muscles of his serio-comic
face, “only he was chased and she wasn’t,
that’s all.”
An Irish gentleman was recommended
to a bill broker for a discount. The bro
ker looked at the acceptance, and,as usual,
stated some difficulties- “It has,” ho
said, “a great many days to run.” “That’s
very true,” replied Pat, “but they are the
shortest days in the year.”
The Next Congkess.—The elections
for members of the House of Representa
tives are now over and the result is the
choice of 128 Democrats, 92 Republicans
and 14 Americans. As the House con
sists of 234 members, 118 constitute a
majority: The Democrats have a clear
majority of 22 over both the other parties,
which will be increased to 25 at an early
period of the session, by the admission of
three Democratic members from the new
State of Minnesota.
The Pennsylvania Railroad has raised
the fare one-half cent per mile for each
The “Merchant of Venice” was read at
Boston on Friday evening, by Mrs. Kem
ble, for the benefit of the charity fund of
that city.
pgr Listen, Ye Dyspeptics.—Go
andcloLikewise. Permanent Cure
—The Rev. James Hunnicutt, proprietor and
editor of tiiut excellent paper, the Christian
Banner, published at Fredericksburg, Va.,
in his editorial of June 5th, 1857, thus speaks
of his cure:
It will remembered by many of our readers,
that several years ago we stated in the edi
torial columns of the Christian Bantier^ that
Hampton’s Vegetable Tjnctuke had effected
a cure for Dyspepsia in our own case—that
we had labored long with this terrible dis
ease, and suffered most awfully, the pain and
melancholy which necessarily accompanies
this horrible enemy of man and man’s hap
piness. For a long time we lived in constant
fear that the fell monster would return.—
But, thank God, and thanks to Hampton’s
Tincture, the gloomy demon has not yet re
turned, and we begin to think he never will.
We now feel confident in saying that Hamp
ton’s Vegetable Tincture has made a radical
cure of Dyspepsia in our own case. We have
not taken a drop of it for the lust two years,
to the best of our recollection. We eat what
we please, and as much as we please and chew
tobacco to our heart’s content, and all is well.
We believe that twelve bottles, judiciously
taken, will cure nine cases out of every ten of
dyspeptics. We conscientiously recommend
it to all dyspeptics. The spring time and
summer it is most recommended, therefore,
as a philanthropist, we call attention to it.—
Editor of the Christian Banner.
Call and get Pamphlets, and see cures of
Cough, Rheumatism, Scrofula, Ac. As a res
torative aud invigorator, it has been highly
jimp* Delicate Ladies and Children will
please give it a trial.
pSi- See advertisement in another place,
oc 3
Hotel Arrivals
Wm. Walters, Proprietor.
A H Cooley, Philadelphia; II Fitzger
ald A L Knight, W G Webb, W Booth,
Sami Livonson,Baltimore; James L Wil
son, N Y; J W Warlord, T J Taylor,
Camden; A Wiles, Farmville; Mrs.
Dance, Mrs Pitcher, Miss Bettie J Clark,
P Edwards; T J Orborn A- Lady, J S It
Clarke N B Butler, Ya; W II Stan, P E
Whitlock, Richmond; W J Chapman,
Cincinnati; 0 P Donn, Washington.
E. A. Beaton, Proprietor.
Sam’t,. R. Veale, Superintendent.
Jeff Sinclair, Thomas Phillips, Hamp
ton: II P Itivlus. Richmond; A B Wall,
J Holloman, B Well, J M Edwards, N
C; O T Beaton, Baykins Depot; George
Murray Southampton; T Long, Bos
New Advertisements.
The beautiful and gifted young Artiste,
WILL MAKE TIER first appearance
ber 18th. In a bill admirably calculated to
display that sparkling
Genius of Comedy
Which has won for this accomplished favorite
a popularity throughout the Union
And but rarely equalled. Miss Mitchell’s
style differs essentially from that of any
Comedienne before the public—it is Sui
Generis—itself its only parallel. Blending
with the gushing and earnest impulsiveness
of youth an Exuberance of Natural Vivacity
the effect of which few natures are stoical
enough to resist. She is indeed
Nature is some frolic mood shut up a mer
ry devil in her eye, and spiteing Art stoic
Joy’s Brightest Harmony to thrill her laugh,
which peals out SORROW’S KNELL,
no 18—3t.
Job Printing Office,
No. 27, East Main Street, Norfolk Va.
JNO. R. HATHAWAY, Proprietor.
in successful operation, having most of
the approved Presses and other facilities for
doing neat and expeditious
and is daily turning out the finest specimens
of work, such as
Particular attention given to tine
work for Banks, Public Offices, Insurance,
Railroad and Transportation Companies, Ac.
Printing in Gold and Silver Bronze, and
various colored Inks, executed in the highest
style of the art.
In use in the Dcnj Book Office enables the
proprietor to supply large orders for large
sized Handbills, Posters, &c, at a greatly re
duced price.
2/33- J ob Printing done at Northern
Prices. Tebms Cash.-SKI
no 18
Why Don’t you Call in to
J. M. Freeman’s Store,
AND LOOK at his splendid stock
of rich sets of Coral Cameos,
Lavas, Garnet &c. Also his stock
of line Watches—Chalelaines, Brooches, and
Rings, Diamond and Seal Rings, Bracelets,
Necklaces. Thimbles, Crosses, bosom and
sleeve buttons,Lockets,Keys Guards and vest
Chains, studs, breastpins of cameo and pearl, i
silver forks, spoons, cream, pie and bridal
knives, ladles and sugar spoons, goblets
tumblers and cups, fuel knives, butter knives,
cream and jelly spoons, fish knives and forks,
napkin rings, table tea and dessert spoons.
Coffee and egg spoons, waiters, rich plalid
tea sets, waiters, goblets, urns, forks and
spoons, ladles and tongs, urns and pitchers,
sugar and butter dishes, salt stands and
spoons, casters and wire bottles in sets, egg
boilers, tea kettles, waiters, fruit and cake
baskets, butter knives and sugar tongs, card
cases and porte monnies, with a host of other
Always on hand a large lot of steel, gold,
silver and shell spectacles and eye glasses, to
suit all ages. Gold pens and pencils—silver
pencils withg old pens, gold dish pens. In fact
if you wish to purchase there is no store on
Main street so fully supplied as JAS. BRER
MAN’S is—and for the ready cash you can
buy everything low. no 18
Gold Watch Lost.
LOST yesterday evening about twilight
a small Anchor Lever Gold Watch,
somewhere on Fenchurch or Bermuda street,
between my residence and the corner of Ber
muda and East street. A suitable reward
will be paid to the finder on its delivery to
the subscriber, F. W. Seabury, or at the
Store of F. W. Seabury & Son. ‘ no 18
Attend a Meeting and Drill of
your Company at tlio Armory ut' the
Juniors this Wednesday evening Nov. 18th.
As there is very important business to be trans
acted, it is desirable that every member be
By order of the
no 18 JOS. SMITH, Orderly Sergt.
Very Cheap.
-A PRS Fall 7 8 all wool White Flannels
a 25 cts,
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1 bales Twilled Negro jeans.
100 prs Bed Blankets at $3
20 do Negro do 3 25 .
These article have just been received, and
we can sell them for less than they have
hitherto been sold. Also many other articles
too numerous to mention. We would advise
all to examine our stock before purchasing
no 18—
On Thursday morning, the 12th instant, by
the Rev. Geo/W. Langhorne, Henry Har
wood, Esq., to Miss V in lima J., youmjesl
daughter of the late .lnhn A. Chandler, Esq.,
all of this city.
On Tuesday afternoon 17th inst, at the age
of 45 years, Mrs. .Fanny A., wife of John VV.
Stone, Esq., of Vrinceni) Ann County. Her
illness was long and painful, but she was pa
tient in her sufferings, and met death with
the calmness of a Christian; fullv and tri
umphantly exemplifying the truth of the re
ligion she had possessed for years.
Tuesday, Nov. 17.
Steamer North Carolina, Cannon, tin Balt.
Schr. Cleopatra, fin E. Shore, oats, to
Bockover A Wilder.
Schr. Sam Eddy, Patten, fm New York, to
Myers A Co,, mdse.
Schr. G. W. Glover, Thomas, fm Camden,
Me., lime, to J. B. Hardy.
Schr. Marine Law, Packard, fm Camden,
lime, to A. Bell A Son.
Schr. Joseph Nickerson, fm Balt., ballast,
to J. M. Smith A Bro.
Schr. JohnS. Milson, Mason, shingles and
staves, to J. James.
Ship Minnehaha, Beauchamp, fin Chincha
Island, guano, for orders to Hardy A Bros.
Wednesday, Nov. is.
Steamer Louisiana, Russell, fin Baltimore.
Steamship Jamestown, Parrish, from Rich
mond bound to New York.
THE above reward will be paid for the
apprehension of the person or persons
who disfigured the Aid Engine on Tuesday
last. By order of the CAPTAIN,
no 18 " VVm. II. Freeman, Secretary.
A Word or Two Prom Cliurcli St.
OUR FRIENDS and the public will
please boar in mind, that while our es
tablishment has been steadily acquiring a
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New Pennsylvania Buckwheat,
Choice Goshen Butter, and also inferior
grades at lower prices,
Superior large Pine Apple Cheese,
Balt, and Smithficld Bacon,
Sugars of all grades and Prices Ac, Ac.
No. GO, Church St.
(H. Copy.)
no 18
Illusion Gapes,
WM. P. STEWART «fc CO., have
opened thW morning a very handsome
lot of white and coloured Illusion Capes and
Berthes, white kid Gloves, Setts, Hkt's Ac,
Ac., in store.
no 17 WM. P. STEWAltT & CO.
(A. A H. Copy.)
Mechanics’ Hall.
THE first lecture of the course this sea
son, will be delivered at Mechanics*
Hall, before the “Norfolk Literary and Scien
tific Institute.” on THURSDAY Evening,
the 19th of Nov. 1857, b\r Prof. Edward L.
Youmans, of New York City—Subject,
“Chemistry of the Sunbeam.”
70^ Tickets 25 cts each—lecture to com
mence at 734 o’clock. no 17
Cigars—Real Havana Cigars,
WE are in receipt of a supply of the fol
lowing choice brands of genuine. Im
ported Havana Cigars, viz :
La ltitica very superior,
Argueller pressed Regalias,
N i a g a r a,
Descubierta London Size,
Una Cubana,
La Teresa,
Don Quixote Opera,
Ducal Crown,
La Augelita,
Maria Macaria Conchas,
do do Operas,
Rio Honda,
Of fine flavor, and the choicest brands im
ported, to which we invite the attention of
Smokers. GEO. W. DEY A CO.,
no 17 Druggists.
Sugar Coated Spruce Gum !
THIS unrivalled preparation is without a
parallel for the use for which it is de
signed. Its superior qualities over alt prepa
rations of the kind are numerous and conclu
sive. It cleanses, preserves and whitens the
teeth, instead of destroying them ; promotes
health; impartes a delicious and aromatic
flavor to the bueath ; braces the Lungs and
Stomach ; is Anti-Dyspeptic in its tendency,
and gives new life and vigor to the wiioi.g
system. For sale by
no 17 C. JORDAN & SON.
New Fall and Winter Stock
Norfolk Hall of Fashion,
No. 1C, Main Street Norfolk Ya.
THE subscriber would respectfully in
form the citizens of Norfolk and vicinity
that hois now opening a very large and hand
some stock of
Fall and Winter Clothing.
Being myself the manufacturer 1 have spared
no pains in making this the largest ami best
assorted, as well as tho cheapest stock ever
before offered in this or any other market in
the State. 1 am determined to sell on the
most reasonable terms, advocating the maxim
of quick sales and small protits. 1 have also
a first rate stock of
Including all the latest variety of style and
quality necessary to complete a full and per
fect wardrobe.
Adapted to the ages of 4 to 1C years at the
usual very low prices.
Which will be made up to order on accom
modating terms with our usual promptness
and despatch. Satisfaction guaranteed in all
cases or no sale. Persons wanting Clothing
ready made or made to order would do well
to give me a call,
oc 14

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