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Local Items.
Mayor’s Court.—Commonwealth rs.
Newton Williams,charged with threaten
ing to shoot Lewis Frederick, charge
Watch Report.—John Armstrong,
white man, drunk—discharged.
Tlios. Harwood, white man, drunk—
Geo. Hardy, do do do
Barclay Welsh, do do do
Augustus, slave of ,T. Talbot,, improper
Julia, slave of Capt. Lansing, hired by
John Am—committed to jail.
Mary Dunniore, free negro, drunk and
disorderly—ordered 10 stripes.
Mayor’s Court, Portsmouth—
Mayor Hodges Presiding,—Thomas
Cubbertson—a Marine, being drunk and
Riotous—fined $G,50.
John McMurry—charged with impro
per conduct—discharged.
These are Advertising Times.—
This fact we sec clearly demonstrated
every clay in the business walks of life.
Business men—real judicious, practical
business men—have long since discovered
that it is much cheaper to advertise libe
rally and stay at home to wait on their
customers that advertising brings them,
than to save the meagre investment, and
run round town drumming up customers.
They view it in the light of “time saved
is money gained,” and they make use of
the Printer to proclaim to his thousands
of readers what can bo obtained at their
places of business. Business and adver
tising are inseparable, and no merchant
who has a proper idea of the former will
fail to use the latter liberally. The Bay
Book’s large and constantly increasing
circulation offers inducements to adverti
sers not possessed by any other journal in
this section of the state, and as will be
seen by reference to its columns, the ad
vantage is availed of to a great extent by
those of an enterprising spirit. It being
the only penny paper in the two places,
gives it the great advantage of reaching
the mass of readers hereabouts; which is
what advertisers arc seeking for. In ad
dition to this fact, copies of the Day Boole.
being sold about the streets, on the cars
and steamboats, owing to its cheapness,
goes into the hands of thousands of per
sons from the country thereby giving it a
country circulation which no other paper
here can command.
Our IIauhor and Business.—For seve
ral days past our harbor and wharves have
presented a very busy and lively appear
ance. We counted to-day over one hun
dred vessels of every class laden with mer
chandize and produce. There are some
ten or twelve barks and brigs, loading
with staves and lumber for the West In
dies and other foreign ports. Though
there so large a number of vessels in port,
yet the increased quantity of grain, lum
ber and produce now afloat and in store
creates a demand for coasting vessels.—
We are informed by our merchants that
vessels are wanted and cannot be had.—
Wo would thank our Northern exchan
ges to note the fact.
We are gratified to see our commission
merchants doing a large business, and
the prospect of active business through
out the winter.
U. S. Steam e it Powhatan.—We
were incorrectly informed yesterday
about the Powhatan getting aground on
Lambert’s Point. Wo are indebted to Mr.
Win. 11. Shock, Chief Engineer of the
Steamer, for the following particulars.—
The Powhatan got underway at 12 M.,
everything working elegantly. When
off Lambert’s Point one of the Steamer’s
Valve Steins broke, in consequence of an
imperfect weld in the metal. Forty eight
hours will suffice to make good the re
pairs, and the ship will proceed to sea at
once. The defective piece was one of
the originals, and from its peculiar con
struction could not have been seen until
the fracture occurred. No other damage
was done, and in itself is but a small
matter. The repairs will be made at the
Navy Yard, and carried down to the
PoH’i’i;it Painting.—Wo call atten
tion to Mi. Prescott’s card in another col
umn. Mr. P. comes highly recommen
ded as a portrait painter from Boston, the
Athens of America, lie has taken rooms
at Messrs. Hankins & Clark’s llaguerrean
Gallery, where he invites the public.—
His life size portrait of Dr. Simpkins on
exhibition which he has recently comple
ted is perfect and executed to nature. —
Give him a call.
ordinance of the Con mum Council, we
observe that mam’of the old, deformed
trees that has for years obstructed the
side walks of that beautiful laid out town,
have fallen by tiro woodman's axe. Wo,
with pleasure notice the groat improve
ment iu the the appearance of those
streets where they have been removed.
We also notice with much satisfaction
the general improvement in our sister
town. We hope to hail her suon as sis
ter city, as her enterprising and intelli
gent citizens arc petitioning the lc.gi ho
turn to give her a separate government
from the country, which is nothing more
than right and just, On High Street.there
are two large, and substantial brick buil
dings being erected 1 >y ex-Mayer, II.
Sloakes and Mr. Thomas Scott, which
they will occupy soon ns Furniture Ware
Rooms. There are many other buildings
going up in different, parts of the town.
A very handsome and necessary im
provement for comfort during the winter
mouths, is being made in the Markcl
House. The building is to be cl os,-id by
slat work which can he opened or shill
as the weather and season may i> !;
Baptiwnu.—The interesting
ny of immersion was admiiiistcnd n. six
persons on Sunday evening Iasi, u tlx
foot of Court street, by the l!ev. Ah'.
Watkins, Pastor of Court street. I Pi j • t ist
Church. Notwithstanding the in. ■ m
ency of the weather a largo crowd v.ere
attracted to witness the solemrt rite. It
is to be regretted that on so solemn an
occasion, there were persons present
whose conduct was so unbecoming . . il
ized beings who gazed on the impressive
scene with geering ridicule and laughter.
Here we would take the opportunity to
remind those young ladies and men who
are frequently seen at Church, laughing
and talking, that they are noticed, and
their conduct marked by the wise and
good They may think it becoming and
sensible, but we assure them it is just the
reverse. Far better it would lie to ab
sent yourselves from the House of C «l if
your behaviour does not comport with
reasonable and intelligent creatures.
Fourth Street Baptist Carnal.—
In this neat, comfortable and nourishing
little Church located in that part »f Ports
mouth called Newtown and under the
charge of the Rev. Thomas Hume, a se
ries of interesting meetings have 1 iecn go
ing on for several weeks past, during
which a number of persons have united
with the Church. On Sunday night last
several persons were baptised by their
pastor. They were immersed in the
baptistry connected with the building.
Incorporation Meetin< t.—Agreeal >le
to public notice, a meeting of the cit izens
of Portsmouth took place at the Town
Hall on last evening to take into consid
eration the propriety of petitioning the
the Legislature for an act of incorpora
tion. On motion of Stephen Cowley,
Esq., his Honor Mayor J. G. Hodges, was
called to the chair, and C. W. Murdaugli
Esq., was appointed secretary.
The Mayor on taking the chair, staled
in a few remarks that the object of the
meeting was to consider the propriety of
petitioning the Legislative for an act of
incorporation, the establishing Ports
mouth a city, and the extent ion of its
Mr. S. Cowley, moved as them were so
few of the citizens present, that when tin
meeting adjourned, that it adjourn on
Wednesday evening next to meet at (Ox
ford Hall, and that a committee of five he
appointed by the chair to adopt resolutions
for the consideration of the meeting.
The following gentlemen were appoin
ted by the chair.
Stephen Cowley, Esq., Capt. Samuel
Watts, G. Henderson, Esq., Geo. I’.ain,
and II. .1. Phillips, Esq.
On motion of Geo W. Grice, Esq., the
committee be requested to procure< Ixford
Hall for the meeting on Wednesday even
ing, and they have placards printed and
posted in the town, giving notice of said
On motion the meeting adjourned.
The Lecture.—Court Street bap
tist Church was filled to overflowing last
night,-to hear flic last lecture of ex-Elder
Hyde, on “Morntonism.” We were
much pleased to see present, the Minis
ters attached to the different churches of
the town. After the lecture ended, a
Committee was appointed, and waited
upon ex-Elder, thanking him for the lec
ture he had given, aud wishing him all
success in his future endeavours for his
Hanim Ho\ !• i!'! u • y< »nv <mi
md i>e attentive fliai ye may hear. V\ e
ol.'crvp that iht' *.•:i*:«hi I*-r (lie iiif!*<'»«11n■
lion of this fashionable : ]»• *i*L has rolled
round again, and if is being introduced
info cvcay street, much lo the great an
noyance of our coiniTUiiiity and the »i l;
of losing a nose, mi eye, or me mem
lier disabled and bruised. iko: . we do
not object, to your I)-:dlliy out door exer
cise, we would not curlail your innoeenf
and amusing sports, but we must war
againt. bandy, il not only endangers your
own limbs.jmd disfigures the eountenaneo
of many of its volataries, but the safety of
every citizen is endangered, all are a like
exposed who walk the streets. It was
bill a few days ago, a negro boy in
I’oii: mouth received a severe, cut on his
eye. from a. handy ball, which has. caused
the most unfavorable symptom. . 11 i
thought lockjaw will ensue, and flic life of
file boy is despaired of. If you will en
gage in tko sport, go to the suberbs of the
city, to your play-grounds,where the dan
gers and accidents* peculiar to the sport
may fall only oil the persons of those on
Masunii -Tlio Grand Lodge of Free
mid Accepted Masons of tins Slate will
hoi11 their grand communication in ltich
tnoiKl on Monday next. District Deputy
(irand Master, T. F. Owens, has 1 icon re
commended by the various Lodge; of this
Masonic district for rc-elcetten. The fol
lowing-gentlemen have been appointed
delegates to the Grand Lodge. fri.ni this
city and Portsmouth. Atlantic Dodge
Membership “0, 1). D. Grand Master T.
P. Owens, Lodge No. 1. Membership,
104. Worshipful Master, W. D. Itcy
liohls. I’orismotltli Naval Lodge. Mem
bership 127, Passed Master. L. 0. P.
Oowper. Mount Vernon Lodge, (under
dispensation,) Membership Id. Worship
fill M'astcr. Arthur Wilson.
MSj In our issue of yesterday tvo
called the attention of the lnspcet.nr to
the roudition of that part of Queen St,
between Catharine, and Cumberland
Streets, and also to the nuisance which
had been an eye sore to the inhabitants
of that neighborhood for two or t hree days
past, in justice to the Inspector, we
must slate that as soon as his attention
wa. .-ailed to pur remarks, he had the
nuisance removed and the street put in
the proper order. We are well aware
that our “old” friend Capps, will use
every xurtion to do his duty faithfully,
and oblige all those who call upon him
for hi. services.
Aci'U'iknt.—Last night, as the Perry
Boat was nearing her wharf, she came in
contact with a schooner, breaking her
main boom and received for herself the
total loss of one of the cabins. We were
told b> those on board at the time, that
no blftntt can be attached to the Engineer;
the accident would not have happened,
if the man stationed at the head of the
boat bad not given the wrong order.
Cosmopolitan Art Journal.—We j
return our sincere thanks to our young
friend Thos. W, Upshur, Esq., for a co- j
py of this valuable and interesting Jour
nal. Mr. Upshur is Honorary Secretary j
of the Association, and all that may wish j
In subscribe to it, can now do so by milI
al bis --iiice, over the Auction stove of
F. t . Ferguson, Esq.
Market 1’kpokt.—Business has been
move active for a tow days past. The
stock of grain'and product) has consider
ably increased. The I!dlic’s New.-: lias
had a tendency to depress the grain and
breadstuff market.
Bacon.—There is no old liaconon the
markot. The demand for old hams is
good. Some small lots of new hav e ar
rived. Hales of hog round al 15a 16 cts.
I lams 17 cts.
Corn.-—We note a considerable decline
There is a largo stock on the market.— j
The quantity will roach 50,000 bushels, j
Last sales, yellow 58 cts.. white and j
mixed 50a56 cts.
Cotton—Stocks light. Last sales 11a
12 els.
1!. K. Peas—In fair demand sales 125. '
Beans—Dull, sales 1-10*150.
Hides—The market very dull. Prices
have declined lVovn sales made weeks
back, 100 percent. Wo quote good dry
hides 8 els., damaged 4 cts., green 4 cts.,
Green Halted, 4.1 cts Calfskins, (i2 cts.,
Sheep 35 cts.
Flour—-Has been arriving very freely
for tho week past, and the demand con
tinues good. Halos-—Family $7,50 n
$8. Fxtra$7 a $7,25. Superline $0,
50 a $0,75.
Tar—Very dull. Sales $1,40.
Staves—It. O. I Hal advanced and in
active demand. Hales $30. W. O.
likd $44. There is a fair demand for
all kinds.
[ »| Cl ; 1 hi I’i cm;"] *lu J I *'ei
i ». .1 ir I i . < '.»|*t . < tat;T. 11 < tin l';< e u.
bound t" B:iItifiH*1'■ " 1-1,1 V I,' Cl - . t i
*.l;i\ morning 4 inilc •*111 »• ■;» I «>f ' p*
I Iciivy, with pa *-if* f :• ami ,m i •
•(liti*iI cargo. TIh* }*;i ' iiiii were all
taken of! !»v the pilot In,at ( 'oqiielh* an.!
Phmu\ and landed at (Md Point Tlie
ship ia lasing, in a ver\ had ifnatim.
• with -I feet nf water in hei hold and the
- e-1 hreals inn, over her.
Oni; MmiIsKT Ef.POHTs.—Our » idem
in;iv rely upon the. correctness oi onr re
port . We give prices from actual sale .
We intend to pay particular attention to
the markets.
Now is the time to buy your Wintci Clotle
in*r, and you can get them far below cost, in
order to close business. Call at M. HAM
j hi: 1UJ I’.ICS So. 21. Market Square.
‘• t» \ i,m or 1000 Ki.ow iaContrary toour
, habit we take pleasure in recommending tin*
above excellent cosmetic lor tli Teeth, t'oin
I plexion and Shaving. Trv it!
Very Cheap.
/T/k 1* US Fall 7 8 all wool Wliitc* Flanml
fJU a‘25cts,
•J cases Pillow Case Col I ons, 12*:f cts,
do do Del,nines do
5 do No, 2. Sheeps’ (irevs, at 31V,' cl*.
1 bales Twilled Negro jeans.
j 1.00 ]>r- lied Blankets at S3
I 20 do Negro do 3 25
i These article have just been received, and
i we can sell them lor less Ilian they have
j hitherto boon sold. Also many other articles
J too numerous to mention. We would advise
all lo examine our stock before purchasing
no 18 BLOODGOQD &00.
No. (*, Union Street.
WE would respectfully inform our
friends and the public generally
| that we have taken the Store No. 0,
i Union Street, and have on hand a large and
complete assortment of all g*oodsin our line,
such as plain and Japanned Tin Ware,
j IIrittania and JManished Ware, side and sus
pending (kimphine Lamps, (5lass and liril
tania Fluid Lamps, Fluid and Camphine
Wicks, Plain and Fancy Coal Mods, Also
Stoves of every variety, of which we keep
! constantly on hand a large assortment for
cooking or Warming purposes, which we
purchase of the best manufacturers in the
Country, and warrant to sell on as good
terms as any house in the State. Come and
judge for yourselves.
Looting Cutters and Pipes for buildings
and Job Work of all kinds done in the most
s u bsta n tia 1 m an n er.
Copper Work for Steamboats, .Mills Ac,
attended to with dispatch. Look out for
Tin Copper and Stove Depot,
no 13 No. G, Union Street.
HERE, Here. - Be certain to
Read this.-- We have received the fol
lowing kinds of Boots and Shoes, that we are
determined tosell very low for the Cash down
Ladies fine gaiters ami bootees
Misses do do do
Children’s shoes and boots, very line.
We have a lot of youth’s and children's tine
patent boots, with beautiful red and fancy
tops. Cent’s fine calf boots, thick and thin
sole, double and single uppers. Ai.-o. a
splendid lot of bellows leather boots, water
proof. Thick coarse boots; thick brogans;
women’s dutch boots; women’s calf bootees
with and without heels. At Vo. 15. east
Main street. Norfolk. Va.
Rientzcl’s Non-Explosive Burn
ing Fluid.
HPilE SUBSCRIBER has purchased
X the exclusive right to manufacture the
above new and valuable article. It i- what
it really pretends to be, a> all can be satisfied
by calling on the subscriber or testing it
themselves. It burns as well if not better
than Lthcrial Oil. 10 percent- longer and wit!',
little or no smoke. Thus science triumph
again for the benefit oi man.
no 20--Gin W. H. BUCK.
Why Don't you Cali m to
M. Freeman’s Store,
AiN D LOO K, at his splendid stock ' 4
of rich sets ol’ Coral Cameos, '(£j V
Lavas, Garnet Ac. Also his stuck tisuyaifla
of line Watches—Chatelaines, Brooch, s. anti
Bint's, Diamond ami Seal Kind's, Bracelet-.
.Necklaces. Thimble--, Cios.- ■>, bo.-om and
sleeve buttons,Lockets,Key s Guards ami vest
Chains, studs, breastpins or cameo and pearl,
silver forks, spoons, cream, pie and h.-idal
knives, ladles anil sugar spoons, goblets
tumblers and cups, fuel knives, butter kuives,
cream and jolly spoons, lish knives and fork.--,
napkin ring’s, table tea and ilessert spoon*.
Coit'ee and egg spoons, waiters, rich plated
tea sets, waiters, goblets, urns, forks and
spoons, ladles and tongs, urns and pitchers,
sugar and butter dishes, salt stands and
spoons, casters and wire bottles in sets, egg
boilers, tea kettles, waiters, fruit and caVo
baskets, butter knives and sugar tongs, card
eases and porte monnies, with a host of other
Always on hand a large lot of steel, gold,
silver and.shell spectacles and eye glasses, to
suit all ages. Gold pens and pencils silver
pencils w ith gold pens, gold dish pens. In fact
if you wish to purchase there is no store mi
-Main street so fully supplied as J. M. FREE
MAN'S and for the ready cash you can
buy every thing low. no is
8 T It A i\ GVRS
VTisit ing the city, would do well to bear
v in mind that they can save money by
purchasing their heady -Math* Clothing
and furnishing Goods of N. 11 A li M,
l. nion Hall and Temple of Fashion,
.No. 21, .Main Street. Having secured
tin* services of Messrs. John T. Johnson and
15. N. S. Blogg, who will take pleasure in
waiting upon all who may favor me with a
II. ‘ N. BAUM,
Union Hall,
no 10- tf No, 24, Main Street.
2 0 0 0 L O A K S .
.lust Received from New York,
and will (>e sold at half Price
THIS lot of goods has been manufactured
.1 expressly for tin1 New York city retail
trade, and are lined, 1 rimed ami finished in
the most magnificent style. They are fully
2b per cent under the cost of manufacturery.
Those who w ish to purchase a splendid Cloak
for half its value should embrace this rare !
opportunity of doing so.
No. 0, .Main Street, l Door from Market
no 24 Square.
Q'UGARS-25bblsD R Crushed Sugar,
O 25 do Low’d do, 25 do C Yellow do, do
do Uvown do, in store and for sale by
no 1U No. 14, Roanoke sq.
Auction Sales,
n \ u liu* oi :nn<iry execution? in my
D Wi.i V •' I shall sell at pub
i. i i.11» . . 18th da> of Do
coiiii . Mi - -lock of . Liquors &v.
in \\ nelioii a■ \o. h. on (>amphells wh irl', to
■-uli-lN v; t i 11 e vecni ion Sale to commence at
Id1, o'clock.
Tmmi- cm'1i in Ikinkabl.- fund belor, the
delivers of t he gOOCR
■nidi .i lor piiew
d s — KM Sergeant.
(A. A- FI. Copv.J
o.f nearly 100 acres having many advan
tages will learn particulars by calling on
Auctioneer and Land Broker,
do 7 No. 0, Roanoke Square.
. H. & A. i lopy.)
Real Estate at Auction.
PI1 ItSli A N T to a (lcerce of the ( lircuit
Court of lie City of Norfolk. I dull on
Saturday the 'tilth day of December at 12
o’clock,"sell at Public’ Auction on the premi
ses, the 2 lots of land and improvements
thereon, of which la 1 ward Watson died
seised, siluate on North Church Street, near
(he corner of upper Booth street.
Terms of sale accommodating, and will b e
made known at the time and place of sale.”
de 1 —2awtd Special Commissioner.
ftUlil u.
IN virtue of a deed of trust from Moses
Herz, of the city of Norfolk, to me,
bearing date on the 1 Oth day of November,
1S57, and duly recorded in the city of Nor
folk to secure to Joseph Nusbaum the pay
ment ofa certain sum of money mentioned
in the said deed, and of a deed of assignment
li out the said Nusbaum to John Howes, also
dulv recorded in the city of Norfolk, and by
reiiuest and direction of all parties concerned,
I shall sell to the highest bidder, bv Public
Auction, for easli on
\vKDNESPAY , the 16th instant,
at tlie store of said tier/., No. It Market.
square all ..took ip trade of the said Herz,
consisting principally of ready made Clothes,
Hats, Ac'., and all the store lixture* belong
ing to I he said Herz.
Sale to commence at 10 o’clock, A. M.
J. li. HP HARD, Trustee,
de 3 tds .1 AS. (i. POLLARD, Auct’r,
ON THURSDAY, the lOthof Decem
ber, inst, I shall offer for sale to the
highest bidder bv public auction, at the late
dwelling wl H. Mary Cone dec’d in the coun
ty of Norfolk, and "4 miles from Hie city of
Norfolk, on the road from the city of Nor
folk, to Kempsville, all niy crops of corn,
fodder, oats, and hay, consisting of about 66
barrels corn, several stacks of oats and hay,
and the usual quanity of blade fodder, two
horses, and a cart and harness, and all my
farming implements, Ploughs, Harrows,
hoes, Ac, and all of manure.
And at the same time I shall offer for rent
the house and Plantation belonging to the
estate of Hillary Cone, dec’d, for the next
year. Rond and security will be required to
I keep the house and Farm in as good condition
as il is at present.
.1. (f. POLLARD, Auctioneer,
At I he same time and place of the above.
I shall offer for hire for the next year, negro
man Jim and woman Mary, belonging to the
estate of Hillarv Cone, dee‘d—bond and se
curity for the hire, will be requied with con
dition to supply each with a good blanket,
de 1 " J. R. HUBARD, Adin’r.
Located on Bute Street, second
door from Catharine
Street No. 3.
N\7I LL BE SOLD, to the highest bid
> \ der at 12 >..< o’clock, on the premises,
WEDNESDAY’, Pec. 9th, the comfortable
and nearly new brick house, No. 3, Bute
street, nearly opposite the residence ot Jno.
K. Ludlow. Esq. The house lias two good
basement rooms, two on tile s eniid tloor and
two on the third floor; good kitchen, ei-lern,
smoke house and paved yard. The lot trouts
about 36 feet by 62 feet deep. Terms will be
made as accommodating as the circumstances
will justify.
no 23 JAR G. POLLARD, Auc-[ r.
W A li E.
J'AS. K. BAllRY , would most ie,
!tactfully inform his friend.- and Uie(
public generally that. Ids China, (ilass°^fe
and Earthen b air .-lablishiiient has
arisen Plioonix like from the ashes; and that
having laid in an entire new stock of every
thing in hio line lie is now prepared to enter
tain his friends and ensUem-i-,. on the most ac
commodating-terms. lie feels assured that
long experience in the Crockery- business will
enable him to give satisfaction to .the public,
to whom lie gives the assurance algo that his
sloc-k will always be found to contain nearly
every- :u tide which wav be called for.
Give him a call—at his old stand corner
Union street and Market square,
no 3—tf
Manning's bating saloon,
Corner Market Square anb Union Street.
rplHE subscriber would respectfully an
.1 nounce to the citizens of Norfolk and
vicinity, that lie has neatly fitted up the
above House for the accommodation of nl!
those who may favor him with a call. The
bar is well stocked with the best of Liquors
and Segars- and the Tables with the best
the market affords, and he hopes by strict at
tention to business, to merit a share of pub
lic* patronage.
no 25 - 3m A. J. MANNING.
Roberts & co..
Are now prepared with a large and complete
assortment ot’Cooking, Parlor, Oltice, Church
and Factory Stoves, for Wood and Coal
comprising over thirty different patterns,
many of them entirely new, to which they
solicit the attention of buyers, as they will
find it the best selected stock it has yet been
their pleasure to offer to the public and upon
terms that will give satisfaction.
Tin, Copper, Brass, Japuned and Hollow
Ware, Tin Roofing, Gutters and Copper
\\ ot ks of all kinds done in a superior man
i! i. Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Sheet Zinc, Wire,
Pumps of all the most approved patterns,
Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead, Ac., Etherial Oil by
thebbl, and at retail. An examination of
their stock is respectfully solicited which
they are determined to offer to cash or
prompt paying customers on the most liberal
no 2G WM. 1). ROBERTS, Jr. & CO.
Cheap! Cheap!! Cheap
J UST RECEIV ED 40 bbls of j
Superfine and Extra F L O U R j
at the Flour Store No. 7, Union St.
no 20 E. A. ABBOTT.
For the Clergy
JD. GHISEUN .1R, is just in recap
• of the following, new and valuable The
ological and Religious Works, to which ha
would call the special attention ot Clergy
An Annt\Meal exposition of the Epistle to
the I tomans, By John Brown I). It.
The work is said to* be the most profound
• ■vegisis of Romans ever made.
The Knowledge of God. Objectively con
sidered, Bv Robt. J. Breckenridge I). 1).
L !.. I).
A remarkable production, and bears on every
page the stamp of the prodigious Intel
lect that produced it.
! A Translation and Commentary on tho
Psalms, By Augustus Tholucn D. D.
A commentary on the Acts of the Apostles,
By -I. Addison Alexander D. D.
Expository Thoughts on the Gospels,Mathew,
By Rev. J. 0. Ryle, Christ Church, Ox
■ . ford.
The Life and Epistles of St. Paul, an invalu
1 able work to a Clergyman. By Cony
bear e and Howson.
! The Parabolic Teaching of Christ. By Itev.
I). T. K Drummond B. A.
I The inspiration of the Holy Scriptures- By
Win. Lee, M. A., Fellow and Tutor of
Trinity College.
! Essays and Reviews, being selections from
! the Princeton Review. By Chas. Hodgo
| I). D.
Bacon’s Essays, with Annotations. By Arch
bishop Wheatley.
Hand Book of the Bible. By Joseph Angus
D. D.
Mornings and Evenings with Jesufl, a series
of Devotional readings. By Rev. Win.
Jay of Bath.
Scripture Characters. By R. S. Oandlish,
I). D.
A few copies of the Oxford Edition of the
Greek Testament, bound in English Calf
and Muslin.
With many other valuable and important
Books. *
Just received and for sale by
oc 27 J. D. Gill SELIN, Jr. Agent.
No. 30, Main Street.
Rear Enter wce Through Marsden's Lanb.
THE SUBSCRIBER has leased and
JL fitted up the above premises in the finest
Where lie would be pleased to see and serve
his triends and the public, with everything
required for the satisfaction of the inner man.
liis Bar will be stocked with the choicest
Mis larder with every edible delicacy in sea
son. Mis new Hating Saloon is fitted up in
Private Room, for the purpose of Gentlemen.
Confident of pleasing, he only asks a trial.
Walter Taylor’s Brandy on hand.
Dinner every day at 1 o’clock, for the
purpose of accomodating those who have a
long distance to go.
oc 23 B. PEDDLE, Proprietor.
New Fruit.
JUST RECEIVED from New York.
25 boxes Raisins,
25 l/i boxes do
25 bbls. Apples,
10 boxes Lemons,
10 boxes Oranges,
In good order and for sale low.
oc 12 Xo. 10, Market Sq.
Exhibition every Night.
CN AS LAM PS—These Lamps make their
T own Gas from Burning Fluid, and will
not explode. They save twenty five per cent,
of Fluid, when affording an equal amount of
light, and the Gas cost but three dollars per
thousand feet. All kinds of Lamps altered to
burn the Fluid Gas, by
GLO L CROW, Agent,
oct 14—tf Xo 4, Newton's Wharf.
■\T E G R O E S w A N T E D .—The
*•' .-ubscriber having located himself in
Norfolk for the purpose of buying Slaves,
wi.'in - .ill persons having slaves to sell to
him .t call. For young men and women
Richmond prices will be paid. All others
oought at highest cash prices.
Office Union Hotel, Norfolk, Va.
Segars, Liquors <fcc.,
JA. MOORE, Xo. Id, Roanoke Square
- Successor to Edward Decormis, Dealer
in fine Brandies, Wines, Segars, Tobacco
and Domestic Liquors of all kinds.
Excelsior Flour and Breadstufi’s.
No. 7, Union street, 4 doors E. of Market
Square, Norfolk, Va.
See advertisement. oc 26—1 y
Ladies, Misses and Childrens
Ill AV E now in store of recent arrivals,
a very large and well assorted stock of
Ladins, Misses and Childrens Shoes, of
every kind, style and fashion, such as Shan
ghie Boots, plain Morocco Bootees, Goatskin
Bootees, Buskins, Ties and Slips, and a host
of cverv other kind too tedious to enumerate,
and will bo sold at prices to suit the times.
No. 15, East Side Market Sq.
Sign of the Big Yellow Boot.
no 1G
Norfolk Oysters.
designing to conduct it extensively and in
the best manner, desires to commend his
purpose to the attention of his friends and
the public.
He will prepare and keep constantly on
hand for transportation to any part of the
The Best Fresh Oysters,
Hermetically {Sealed, Spiced and Fried, put
up in Cans, that the Norfolk market can pro
duce, Spiced upon an improved plan, impart
ing to the Oyster the most delicate flavor,
and insuring their preservation in any cli
mate for a reasonable period i*n their first ex
cellence in every respect. Also, Fresh Oys
ters put in Cans, and in Kegs of 8 to 12 gal
Having hud abundant experience in the
business, and perfected his plan with the ut
most success, he submits his enterprize to
the public, with confidence in his ability to ..
satisfy the most fastidious taste.
Orders from all parts of the country res
pectfully solicited and prc mptly attended to.
Terms Cash. Address,
no 19—lm* Norfolk, Va.
trom Coughs and Colds, when a cure is
so nigh at hand, JORDAN’S Veoetale
C o u o h Candy, or Cold Killer, is ac
knowledged to be one of the best remedies
ever used for all diseases of the throat and
lungs. de 5

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