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Rich Resume of Readable Lo?
cal News,
The Elks' First Ladies' Social.
Program Well Rendered. Large
Attendance. Christmas En?
tertainment. Children*'
Part/ Notes.
The first ladies' social of tho Berk
lev Lodge No, 278, B. P. O. Elke,
to'<k place last night at Market Hall
aiiii was largely attended by the
ladies. The following programme
wan ably rendered:
Address of Welcome by Pro. J, M Berkley
fcoio. "Appear at Tijy Window, ' Urogn
M 1? A. J . i 'illi Ott.
Recitation, "The toll of hints faro,"
M in Sophia *v illiaim.
Solo, "?T'Miig is wnly L its,' L.ljQauglorT
Mi* Jolln I?.l''oii'Uhu.
ltecitatiou, 'I uehesj ay,
MifP l.o-.i Wbitwortli.
Dutt. "Beaut tui Moonlight,' 8, mover
Mr*. I . u ?? und M;-r< Ltbol Moon1
rian.> enlo. ' Baltarelle' ..st ot?on LUirk
? rn .lougliiiis,
B rU i> Mandollu Club.
Bold. ''L-?iiuie, ' , .Troloro
Mine Fm'tli
riau > solo, 'Tanfare ites Miagen-i."
.Uoieoirit t
Mis* Cory.
Ch.tit..1 r >. L. It. All u
JiiKtiee .Uro i.oo. O, Marl n
Brotherly Love.Uro J. S. 1:04 ri
Fidelity .Bro. O.M L'ostuii
After this a most sumptuous ban
quet was serzed by our we'd known
caterer, \\". S. Budd. When this
report closed preparations were be?
ing uiade to dauoo the old year out
and tho uew 0110 in. Tho following
geutlemen composed the committee
of arrangements: Uoorgo W. But
ler, chairman; W. S. ttndd, T. P.
Humphries, ?eorgo G, Martin, F.
H. Hollomau, J. M. Berkley, J, 1).
Foremau, J. L, Mornsett, William
M, West and W. J. Heard,
Mam Sirret Christian Church was
the sceue of a pretty Christinas eu
tcrli.iument last night. The pulpit
wus let,'eil iu and was made to rep?
resent a oouutry church yard cov
ert-d wiih snow, Tho representation
wan a good one aud attracted Lnuoh
nttomiou by the luigo assembly that
Lad gathered. Quite a nice pro?
prem me bad been prepared and was
ably rendered,
Tbero wus a children's party given
at Mr. C. H, Williums' residence last
Hr. J, A. Norfleet was called lo
Garrsville yesterday to the bedsidejoi
his mother, lio returned lust u'ghi
aud repor'ed her better.
The W.A. N. Social club will havo
tboir tirei recaption at the residence
of Mr. Cbarlea T. Barry, on North
street, to morrow .light.
Mlmailoii 111 If Avil.
Bv Somborn Assootated I'rmg.
New Yohk, December SI.?The
Dutch steamer Prinz Frederick
Heudrick, which arrived this after?
noon from West Indian ports via
Port An Prince December 'J4th,
brings tho news that at tho time of
leuviug an entire cbaugo in Presi?
dent Hyppolite's Ministers was
about to tako placu. Everything
was very quiet although a great
scarcity of mono}' and bard times
prevailed. Three French meu of
war were in tho harbor of Port An
Prince. It was reported that they
?would proceed to Sau Domingo to
enforce a claim of the French Cov
eminent ogaiust the Coverumeut
of Sau Domiugo owing to tho arrest
ol a French snbjoot lor the recent
robbery of a large eum of money
from the Bank of San Domingo in
which Presnleut Herroaux was im?
plicated. There was ouo Spanish
gunboat at Cape Huyti, and Buglsih
and another French war vessel were
aibo expeotod at that port, ap
paren ly with the intention of back
ing u 11 the claims of France against
San Domingo.
No Christinas nu<l New i ear's table
Should t ewithonta bnuieuf l r Siegert's
Augoatura liitturs. the world renowned
appetizer of exquisite uavor. Beware
of euuuterfriti.
am_?? ?.???..?i
->5^s^ ?
The Old Friend
And the beat friend that never
fails you is Simmons Liver Regu?
lator, (the Red Z)?that's what
you hear at the mention of this
excellent Liver medicine, and
people should not be persuade !
that anything else will do.
It is the King of Liver Medi?
cines; is better than pills, and
takes the place of Quinine and
Calomel It acts directly on the
Liver, Kidney and Bowels and
gives new life to the whole sys?
tem, This is the medicine you
"want. Sold bv all DruggUta in
Liquid, or in Powder to be Liken
dry or made into a tea.
> H?? tha Z Stems) lu rod on wrapper
I J. H. JUUL1M * COu. etuliddjihi?, Pa.
Small Items ot" a Newsy and Per?
sonal Character.
Special Dispatch to tho Vlrejlninn.
Ualuioh, N. C. December :tl.?
It has (or some lime been rumorud
that Air. Josopbua Dauioia would
resigu quite soon his position of
Chief Clerk of the Department of
tho Interior. A loiter says he will
resign Jauunry 7, iu order tliat he
may come hero and tnko ebargo of
his newspaper, the News ami Ob'
server, in which ho has invested a
oouelderable aiuouut of tuouey and
which it is hie purpose to mul.c
oue of tho leading papers in tho
Gov, Oorr has honored a reqnisi
tiou by the Uovernor of Georgia
for Lloyd White, who is wanted for
assault with intent to kill and who
is uow iu jail at F.lt/ubotbtowu,
Bindou oouaty.
Information is received that Avory
Butler, the young white man who
escaped from tho penitentiary aix
weeks ago and who was reeuptured
In ileudersou county, committed
burglary iu that couuty. He will
uot t>o tried for that olteuoe, as he
is already Iu for life, for tho mur?
der of his father. A vory strong
petition for bis pardon was in the
Governor's hum's und, perhaps, ho
might have been pardoned but for
the fuot that thero was u strong
couutur petition.
Iu making mention of tho death
of .lutnes 11. Yar borough horo
t'hiistmiiH day, it was said that ho
hud served seven years ns a convict
in Ohio. It was r.u error. He was
a convict iu Kansas.
The State Geologist, Prof.
Holmes, has completed his bold
work for tho your, with the oxcep
tiou of tho examination of some
water powers on tbe Koauoko river,
lutereel on the work on tho water
power of the Statu has greatly in?
creased during tho year. It will
contain 250 puges. Tho examina?
tion by Assistant Geologist Nit/.e,
bus been vsry interesting. This
rare nnd useful mineral 1- ?totind
moro largely in North Carolina thuu
iu any other Slate. A Oorrospond
eueo with several European mineral
dealers who were uot awure of the
large quantities to be hud hero, and
ucxt yeur mouaaite will he mixed ou
a larger soulo than over before nud
tho value of t he product will approi
imate 8100,000, Prof. Holmes bus
beeu examiuiug the olays, building
Mono und tho Kgypt coal deposits,
1 ho Trenton, N. J,, potteries uso
clay from Jackson county, and suy
it is the boost in the market. The
forestry examinations during thu
year have been ultuost entirely in
the eastorn counties,
Tho Supreme Court, in the nota?
ble ouse in which Dr. .lobu R. Moss,
tho Hepublicuu postmaster at Hen?
derson, tried to soli to A. M. Busket
tho position of postmaster, decides
that AIoss tuiiuotscil land which was
iuvolvud iu his deal with Huukut.
Your correspondent last spring re
ported this ease and was threatened
with a suit for (he publicutiou ot the
facie. Aloes contracted to socuro
basket's appointment to the place
as soon as Aloss' teitu einlud, 1 ho
sum which Basket, a country man,
wua to pay was $972, and lie guvo
.Mose a deed for \20 ucies of laud.
Basket did uot got the pluuu, yet
Mose olnimed ho hud to pay the ex?
penses of peoplu who went to Wasii
iugton, und he insisted on enforcing
the deed. Tho court throws out his
case und ropnuiauds him iu eovero
luuguugo for thu attempt to sell on
olli ce.
Tho Supreme Court decides the
case ttgaiust Hill and Dookery,
deputy sheriffs, who two years shot
ami killed Audrew bryson. lie
was undur nrreet in Cherokee coun?
ty, but when near the Tennessee
hue ran over into tbut State. Tho
deputies, standing ou this side tho
line, shot and killed him. They
were tried for murder iu Cherokee,
and wero convicted. They op
pealed on tho ground tbut tho mur?
der was done in Tennessee, A uol
pros was entered and they wero dis?
charged. The Governor of Teunos
Mt-e made requisition for them.
They resisted arrest under this,
ei., innig that they were not fugittvus
from Tonnossoe*s justice. Tho Su?
premo Court so holds. The only
thing to be done i? for the Legisla?
ture to pass a speauil law to cover
their blruugt) cuso. '1 hero never
was such a case, and the Constitu?
tion does not proMdo for it.
In the case of the Moravians of
Salem against the Commissioners of
Foray lb county, who had levied
taxes on church property which
they deemed exempt, the Supreme
Court decides that properly and
reiliuls used ouly for religious pur?
poses BIO exempt.
Four inches of snow fell her!) lust
night, and about half an inch more
to dnv. The full ceased at uooti.
1 he weather is to-day much warmer
and'tbere is u partial thaw. In parts
of the State the snowfall is very
A petito.i! has been sent bora for
a commutation ot ouo of tue two
Buncombe county murderers, .Ve
Daniel and Shaw, for whose oxecu
t:ou, March 12, Gov. Curr bus issued
Mrs. Nom on Jonos, formerly of
this city, now of Wilson,was thrown
from a buggy at the hitter place and
one of her egs was broken iu two
places. Sue was u Alias Skeltou, of
More quangos in tho ofhciols of
Die Seaboard Air-Line, 1'o-day
Win. F. Wniiuni-', trainmaster, is
succeeded by J, M. Turner, W. O.
Shepherd has reeigued as foreman
ol the oompuny's ebops hero. 1 he
name oi his aucoessot is not yet an
Col. Thomas S. K?nau, olork of
the Supreme Court, who has been
extremely ill, is again at his post.
Judges elect Fairolotti and Furobee
of tuiit 'Juurt, arrived t?> day umi
will Im Mwurii ju to morrow. Tbo
oilier uow .lodge, \V. A. Mout
gotnery, lives bore.
There is a movement at Durhaui
for M high sohool, on the plan of the
one at Wiluiiugton, and into whieh
pupils will puss liuni the other pub
lie school*.
A live y^ar old daughter of Mr.
O. B. lludsoD, was burned to death
at Wilmington Saturday. Iler
olothea touched u red hot stove.
Temperatures ss low as 12 de?
grees bblow zero arc reported in tbo
extreme w.hteru part of the State.
It is alleged by some Hepubliuau
members of tiiu Legislature that
Peter Pritchard is losing some
ground iu his ruco for the United
States Souatorship. Iiis oluso friends
deny this.
Bov. .7. Iv. Jollille spout Sunday
iu Fdenton.
'1 lu-re wus skating Saturday aud
I There was no preaching at tho
Baptist Church Sunday, owiug to
Ihu absence of tho pastor.
Mr. Klbcrt White, the olovur
salesman of Mr, J. A. Woudard, has
returned home with his bride.
Bev. N. M. Watson conducted
services at the Methodist Cburoh
Mindny morning and nigut, preae.li
lug able sermons on both occasions.
io the delight of many, wo uro
uow huving snow. It commeuuod
lust night (Sunday), and ul this
writing it continues to fail.
Mrs. Waiter M. Jewell, of Pork
ley, Va., accompanied by her child
run, is iu F.denton spending the
holidays with her sister, Mrs, A, II.
Touch and Go.
Touch the spot in the
back, chest, limbs or side,
where the pain is, with an
Porous Plaster
and the lameness, soreness,
stiffness, congestion, will go
at once, leaving comfort,
health and strength behind.
Imitation* are never reliable. Therefore at
v. i, i ; .in Uf-on having the genuine ALLCOCK'S
Allcock's Corn Shields,
Allcock's Dunion Shields,
Have no equal at a relief and cute for coral
aud bunions.
Brandreth's Pills
nro a marvelous specific for oases of
biliousnous and indigestion.
endorses a
remedy her son is taking
for MALARIA. We do
not know her and she
writes of her own accord
to praise
Iron Batters.
Tho letter is dated July 17,
180?!?Just the other da}'??
"Washington, D. 0.
M . . . . My son
is taking Brown's Iioa
Bitters for dangerou9
Malaria, and it 1ms llono
him agreat dud of good."
Mns. Maiiy LRAcn,
Ull Grant Avc.N.W.
Ferhaps you're suffering
lrom the same disease !
In buylnjr look for cronsed
keu Line* oa wrapper.
BROWN CHOI. CO. UAl.ro , Mt>.
f? ? lilehclrr'. l ncll.h lllamoml llrand.
z-?>".v Original ami Only Qenulnr.
fft^\ ???**.. alwaj* r*HaWa. laoico ... /fv\
h-'tfjMy'--.'""1! lB*U*V*ai itt/S>
?O?_> <; ?' . .. inl.dwlUitla.rlt W
i *^*v;' ? Tike other. Htfun N7
'* nf in.;,rum .ut..r.rur.?n, .r.<l fatl/allaa*.
E ttt *'" '"'"K'<'.?. M MB< ?!<-. Ii> .l.i i . I.r
B* ?S pattleafara, UlUn.alaU ?.4 ??Keller
. _ If t.ir LniUrfc" i'. -.IK . h'r.-tnrii MalL
-' l".OI)(J T<i.lin<>i.lal. X . il r*,.,?
< hk-Sc.ter Clirulcul Co., Aludl.im Square,
>m ... >llUmIDrauuu. 1'hll.i.t.i..
cures promptly, Without ?ddi,
'QSJtional treatment, all recent or
H&l9cnronl0 disoitiers, J, Ferrc,
... (mi. . e.-orto llrou), Plmrmaclen,
RWMi V"8- Sold by oil ilruirgibts in
a? Now is your time to
% secure anything you
5? want for household use
^ on credit.
I Pioneer InslaMment House
I 205 and 20? Church Street,
g has an immense stock
^. to SELECT from
5? everything in the line
Furniture, Carpets,
Linoleum, Lamps,
Crockery. Cook Stoves,^
^ Heaters and
k Laundry Stoves,
Z All of which can be sc
cured on my liberal In?
stallment Terms to any
responble housekeeper.
Credit, the protector
of the masses, enables
each and evey house?
keeper to obtain just
the goods desired with?
out the ready cash.
Nothing like my system
of credit. All are tak?
ing advantage of it.
Every purchaser is
pleased. You know
what to put aside each
week or month to make
your home comfortable.
Why wait longer when
you c;in furnish your
mme on such easy
terms? All of the many
things yau want to fur?
nish and beautify your
homes can be secured
Pioneer Installment House,
205 ad 207 Church Street,
What idea does the prico ha the newspaper convey to you of tha Appoaranae
aud Vnlue of a Suit ? 1
Absolutely none. Yon r.e.id to ant- tho Clothes.
Suppose wo just iav, ??YYe havo Suits lrom Eight Dollars to Twenty-rive;
Ovaro'oat Irotn 'leu tj Korty-Uve, and ctory Garment ims a'l the Value we can af
fot Jito crowd into it at the prioe.
Von are not foo'a. You expeet to see a difference between an Fight Dollar
Suit and one ut 1 wertty-flvo belv, oeu a. Ten Dollar Overcoat und a T. irty.
Can you buy as good a house for two thousand dollars as yon fan for live
thousand - Can yon got an many applet tor a ''quarter" as you can tor a oo.lar ?
l iotbes arc i U ; auy other commodity; yo : k< t Value according to t o nionoy
you pay.
And you waut to c*e to it that you buy Bouud Apples, and houses tliat will
not tumble don u.
160 Main Street, corner Talbot.
Uso the Celebrated
Hill Dry Air Reliieralor,
Which La.- uo zino lining to oorro la
1,3 ; CHiiaa the contents to t.mto. It hat
the Hill
Patent Condenser and Purifier
which m?ri 10 decrees of coUl air.
Unlit to unit any purpose auoU aa
bntohera. grooera, ralouu*. rodtauranta,
eto. A grimt many in u ?? iu the oily
Cell aDil sea it lor yourself.
Ceo- L. Cfow,
4 and Reservoir avenue.
Orileii Lv until itUenilfirl to ii.iineiliate
ly. Batlsfaottoii guaranteed, doj-lm
ha In 4H liourn tlrrairi-htva kimI
VR. dtfcheTB (tfroui tlietinimry OT? .
k'?tJ?, ?rrwt.il liy Hantel Mi.'lyl
nilialllc'H'YltllllutltliHJitellli'nt'tlt JfllUI I
PnMfll. nf AtXprugtrltla,V 1
or.-.?..i.a?aOS,l,S?wyor?. 2S?m
Wines for Xmas!
i have (elected and luve now in ?tor?
a larije stock of n*A (INK WINES fur th*
Holiday trade. Which I am now telling
for (i per gallon. Houthautptou A ,< ?
I iftti.lv Mott H Sweet t'l lor. Also a lar ;0
?took ?f tMil ltve. (J?rn and Pcotoll Wi.i
kies, Imported French bran lie*. 1'orfc
and Mit.; ry \\ itiea at rcducoil tariff rates.
Native Champagne Equal to
Imported a Specialty.
I have i-eeiired the agency for the ('el
ebratail Mount Vernou Whiskey, .lust
received?'^5 ca?es. which l am oflcriug
to tiie trade at distillers prices.
Teg, ^^OTcsaa
C ommercial Place (Old Market square)
All persona are oantioUuU against pur?
chasing t lopiioue insu amen is re>iutr
lug balloty tor their operation, or us.ug
iustrumunti of thin oiscriotiou exoupt
anuer license of the aaii.hu an UEuL
I'KLEl'HONEt OMPANY.oi Itostou.Mase.
'J bis i oiupauy owns l.eiters-i'.iient No.
468.6ti'.'. granted to Emde lierliuor. No?
vember l.tb. Idtfl, for a combine I tele?
graph and telepuou?, and ouutro.s bet?
tors Piteut No. -til.i'.i granted to thos.
A. I.dison, Mav 3d. 1892. for aspeukiug
telegrapurwhich patents covers funda?
mental inventions an.) cmbrsce all forma
of microphone transmitters und of oar*
bou telephones.
of y.ur nee is in a I
v. u.e of your war.',
nud lnoo a very u I
nne oi I ouble nud
M!..:lo Kntrv Ledgei?
Day and ? u-.li u .
Journals. Don't huy
until j on have exMin
inc-d our ?look and got
ten DUM PKtCKS. ..t>l)
PrlUt ng. New types.
J.ou e..; ; rices.
Miaryl'95 "JBUB
I I I I I I I I 11 U I 11 I
Marvelous Cures
and Scrofula
r. P. P. purities tlio blood, balldunp
tby Wenk and ?ubllltlltod, gives
strength to uoikoDou norvea, expela
diseases,g;?U g tho patient health nml
happiness ?Linn nlcknoss, gloomy
fueling* and lassitude flr.it prevailed.
For primary .snooudary and torllnry
?>;?( .11 . forblnod poi.oiiluic. mercu?
rial poison, malaria, dyapopsla. ami
In all blood auil akin dlaeuaos, like
blntchos, pimples, old chronic ulcers,
tetter, si aid lieao, bulls, erysipelas,
eciema - wo may say, without, fear of
0(.nlr.Mli?tlon,tbnt P. P. P. I* Mm beat
tuood purlllar in tho world,mid mnk^a
FHi-it Ivo. speedy and permanent euros
n all onset.
Ladies wboso system* are poisoned
nnd w hone blood !?ln m 'inpurc condi?
tion, duo to menstrual irregularities,
are peculiarly benefited by the won?
derful topic and blond cleansing prop?
erties of V. P. P. ?Prlokly Aah, Poke
Boot and potassium.
eirRiNoiMBt.n, Mo., Auk. 11th. 1898.
?I can speak In tho highest toriiin of
your medicine from my own personal
Itnowlodieo. I wasnftectod with heart
disease, pleurisy and rheumatism for
86 years, was treated by the yery best
physicians anil spent hundreds of dol?
lars, tried overy known rouiedy w Ith
out finding relief. I have only taken
ono onttlo of your P. p. p., and can
ohocrfully say It has dono mo more
food than nuytblng I havoovortaken,
can tecominend your medlctno to all
eudcrars of I tic above diseases.
SprlugOeld, Qrcoo County, Mo.
Pimples, Blotches
Catarrh, Malaria
(and Kidney Troubles ^?
Ar?.- entirely rt-iijov*.! by f .IP. I*.
? Prickly Aah, Poke Root ami 1'olns
nlur.i, the greatest blood ;,ur 4uf on
t Aucttntrns. O. July 21,1691,
I Mstsiis LtrrHAtt Bhne., Serannah.
Ga. : Dkakmihs 1 bought annul* of
?'our P.P. P. At um Bprlngs.Ark. ,*nd
t has di.ni" me more eooil than tinea
tnnn'. )i<.' trrattuoutat the Hot Bpriug-s.
Uond three bottles ('. p. D.
Beapectfullj yours,
?ias. M. Nl'WTON, ?*
AberUoeu, Brown County, O.
Cupt. J. !>. Johnston.
r' To nil uKom it mny rone em I I here?
by testify to tho Wonderful properties
of P. 1'. P. for eruptions of the akin. I
Buffered for several yearn with an nn*
sightly and disagreeable eruption on
my tnoe. I tried every known reino
dy but in vain,um II P. p. p. was used,
aud am now entirely eureil.
tBlguad by) J. L>. JH1IN3T0N.
Ha .-amiah, Ua.
?ih In Canoer Cured.
7Y;fi/tit>siy/ro;ii the SUiyoroj' Seuuin.Tex.
BnqviN. Tvz., January 14, 1893,
Uussss. Li pi-man Hrios.. Bar an nah,
(i.i xiUinen?I Imvo tried your p.
P. ''. lor a disease of Mm skin, usually
kmi-.vi; as skin . an, cr.ol thirty vears'
?landing, und found treat roller: it
purifies the blood and romoves all Ir?
ritation from tho Beat of t he disease
end prevent i any son ailing of tho
Mires. I have taken flvoor si* bottles
nml feel c uih.lent th it unni her enurso
will effeci a eure. ii has also relieved
mo from linllg. stlnii and stomach
troubles. Yours truly,
OAPT. w1. m. nnsT,
Attorney at Law.
M on Blood Diseases Mailed Free.
Ktlppuinu's IllocU.Havannnh, Oa
96 Main Street,
We ofTer nouio o{ tue moit desirable
investments uun on tho market.
r iae West Knd rosidonee, 07x1.0 foot.
No. 107 UrauDy street.
No. aoa Sii Bute streut.
'! euemeut remal properties on Churoh,
Hm Ith, YYillougLby. James and lteiley
btr- att
\aoant lots on l>uutnore, iirewer,
Princess Anno, Pinnae. Riverside, Wind?
sor in t New i antic siroets, and I'arlt,
Wiliouffiiliv, Central and 11 Aveuaos, ami
tunny tuoru at Lambert's 1'oiut.
filoro It) Union t-troet, 8)3, 337 1,'ueeD
riioio 31 Union street
House ?fi ?Ui ?n street.
llousr on l'lllllIC Kir. ot,
Houhi h on I erniinla street,
I'.'il i\am strei t
'.?'j \ nrmoittli stroet.
Store it) I .ait k street,
Otnecs him sleeping apartaioat* oa
QrHiitiy street.
liow of new tiocdtia 1'. A. areuutt es?
tan.? d.
.\o. o Loyally lane.
Offices on grouoil Hoar. BG Main street!
film i to "int Applicant*, m
Ntiw house, IliversMc 7 rooms and!
I cUUe (3 stalls), ( 12 BO,

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