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V0 3-. XLVIIII?NO. 37:
Arr.icrvr.n Atrocities in Eastern
Lette-s Received Frcm Reliable
C?urcco. f.-ler.. Women thd Chil?
dren Butchered Like Sheep.
Thirty-Five Villages Burned.
Indescribable Outrages.
By Southern Associated Pros!.
Boston, Jonunry 1.--Letters have
tieeu received by well known parties
iu this eily In iu reliable sources in
Turkey, giving still lurtber testi?
mony regarding the outrages in
Eastern Turkey. 'Iho following!
letters eome from n city not u prent j
distuuee from tho scent ul the out?
rage. The writer is u mnu in whom
the greatest uoutidenca may be
placed, who has speut more than a
third of a century in that regiou
?ud knows the country und people
\ erfeotly. 'I In? testimony is from u
source which is entirely independ?
ent of any which has been given
oefore. Later accounts iucrease, it
possible, 'he horrors ol ?!mi ban
i.ikeu place. The letter just receiv
ed is u.- follows:
the Armenians, oppressed by
?Kuids and lurks, raid they could
out pay tuxes to both Kinds ami
Government. Plundered und op?
pressed by the Kurds, they resisted
them aud there was muio killed.
'1 hen false reports wire bent lo
Constantinople tbut the Armeuinus
oi re in arms in rebellion und orders
were tent to the Mtishire ai Lrzin
fuu to exterminate them, root und
1 rauch. '1 he order read before Iho
?tmy, culled IU baste trom all the
?inet eitles of Eustern Turkey, was:
"H hoover spares man, womun or
child is disloyal.
The regiou was surrounded by
?Didiers ot the army und 20,000
Kurds, who are s..m to have been
massed there. Then they advauoed
t,pun tho ecutre, slaugnteriug tho
people like a Hook ol sheep and con?
tinued u us to advance for days.
No quarter wus given, no mercy
shown, .An n, women, children were
? hot down ami buleherd bko sheep.
Probably, when they were set ii| du
In this way, tome tried to save their
fives oud resisted iu sell defense,
while those Mho could lied iu all di?
rections, but the majority were
Iho most probable estimate is oi),
000 killed, villages plundered and
burned, Womeu were outraged aiui
then butchered. A priest was takcu
to the rool ol Iiis.- church and bached
to pieces und set ou tire. A large
number ol women ami pirls, collect?
ed iu u church, were kepi tor days,
violated by the brutal soldiers aud
then murdered. It is said the iium
her was so lui?e that the blood
flowed out of the church door.
The soldiers contended over a
beautiful girl, they wanted to pre
4>ervo her but she too wus killed.
.Every ellort is I eiug made aud will
tie made to falsify tue facts aud pull
wool over the eyes of Europeau
As u confirmation of tho report,
the oilier day several hundred sol?
diers were returning fr. m tho seat
of war aud at u village uear us one
wus heard to say that he with his
own band bad killed thirty pregnant
women. Some who felt soiueshamo
lor their atrocious deeds say: "V> hut
could we doV Wo were under or
Parade of the Berlin Garrison. Ti;.
Emperior's Speech to Officers.
By Southern Associated Presi.
Bf.hi.in, January 1,?The mild
weather aud bright suushioo al
traoted largo crowds oi j eople to
witness the parade oi the Berlin gar
tisou to day. At noon the troi ps oi
the garrison marched through I nter
3'en Linden, the color com puny and
band halting in fronl ol the arseual,
tAhero the entire stall of otlicers, in
eludiug Prince Aruiilph, ot Ihivarin;
Prince Ueorge, of Saxony, and
Prince Leopold, of Prussia, weie
asBemblod to recoivo the watchword
of the day. 'Ilm limperior walked
from the Castle to the ar ena!, and
after reviewiug Ihe troops by com?
panies, returned to the (Justle iu Ihe
same way, the crowd cheering him
as ho passod,
Tho Emperor addressed Iho ofD
fort; saying: "Wo stand in the face
of serious times, bill as in IS70
when the Prince of Iho Gcrtnsu
nation stood together in triumph
over a foreign ;oneiuy, s ? lo-dtij
they stand togothor lu tho i r.
of their royal commander giving
shining proofs ol the union of (loi
many'a l'riuccs und I er people.
Germany will also triumph over the
more serious internal foe, which h
confronting the Empire, I'bc ami)
is the fuudamontnl kin is of our
Empire, for tho army is tho uotiou
If you have failed to bo cured by
?ther medicines, trv-- l?r. Iteaves'
Wb remedies. Ollioe, l^ueeu,
Executive Council of the American
Federation of Labor.
By Southern Associated l're?.
n : ?? York, January 1. ? The now
executive council nl the America a
federation of Labor met to-day at
tbo rooms of tbo federation, at No.
11 Cliutou afreet.
.t.-.luj MoBryde, tho newly elected
prosideul til tbo American federa?
tion of Labor, who came hero ou
Sunday Irom h.s borne iu Oolumbu ?,
Ohio, called tue council to order
this morning at l(i::H) o'olock.
The other members <>f the coun?
cil present were I'..I. McOuire, first
vice president; .luuics Daltou, bco
oml vico-prcaidcul; llhbdy Hem.
hau, third vice prosideut; Thomas
Llderkin, lourtb vice-president; A.
M?drath, secretary, aud John B,
Lenuou, treasurer. Lx President
llompers was on baud with tbe
books, accounts and other records
ot tbeollice, which will be turned
over to President McUride und the
new council.
This session of tbe Council is of
more than ordin?r*; lutercst ami im?
portance, as it will bo the last of the
meetings of tho Executive Conuoil
beul here, as the. headquarters ol
tbo Federation wilt be removed to
Ludiausipobs, I ml.
Tbe pro. eediuga t > day were held
with closed doors. Tue Council will
remain in session several days,
Tbe British Suiklenly Ordered to
Chelco. A New Council ot Safety,
Uy Southern A<^o.:iato.l I'ru-o.
Ni:w York, Jacnary 1.? A spe
vial cable dispatch to thu Herald
from Shanghai say.-: Tbo whole
British squadron bss been ssnddeuly
ordered to Chtf o Irom Chilean.
This indicates that tome new de?
velopment in tbo situation id im?
Chung Yiulloon. formerly Chi?
nese Miuister to tho United ."-tales,
imperial t'cuee envoy Irom Pekiu,
is en route for Japau, j
It isatatedthat a council of safety,
consisting of Prmcj ivuug, uuele of
i he Emperor; Chang Obi Turn*,
Vice l>uy oi Naukiu; Li Kuno Kill,
ins predecessor, and now roportod
to have superBoded Li tiuug IJbaug;
Wunu Wen shoo, Vice Boy ot
Yuuau, ami Shuo Yiu Lien, who
was rejected by Japan as peace emu- '
missiouer, has superseded the Qruml
I Council io the management of of
J fairs ami 10 devising means for suv
iug the l.mpire. L'bo Emperor's
I present councilor*; are shelve.).
No military movements worin ro
gardiug oro reported,
?hu. m:w riiiNian commaxder.
London-, .January 1.?A dispateh
to the Central News from Pekiu,
Bays thai Liu Ivnu Yi, Vice Boy oi
Linug Kiaug, who uns been up
poiuied to tue head oi the Chinese
ntmies, is preparing to Btun lor tue
front to assume supreme oommnud
ol the troops.
Tho old Japanese fleet, together
with a new Squadron ot war vessel*]
is cruising oil the shun Tung pro*
An Old Man Tortured by Being
Placed on a Hot Stove.
Ky Southern Ai 0 iutadPro**.
Decatuh, lit, Jauuiiry 1.?One
of the most atrueiou? robberies over
recorded in this country took place
a wieii ago Sunday evening, tin
tacts of wuich uover came to light
I until yesterday, Just emt of ihe
I city (lives an old mou named Wil?
liam Fltirey, who owns eighty acre:
of Hue laud. He bus always lived
by himself, end it was generali*;
I,nown in tue neighborhood tiial he
had money. On the night of Do
ceiubor '.i'd three masked men
gained admission to the boilso on
some pretext nud over powered Ihe
ol.i mau. 1 hey demanded his uioue\.
but he deuiod biivii g any.
I Theu tiny built n titu in the oi oli
stove ami Leid Floroy's hands ou
the (op, uulil ho t. hi them where to
bud ?500. Chen to make him leli
where to lind more t. ey tore .1 bun
to ait ou thu stove. They I or I u red
the old man from 11 ?o l o'clock,
and when they bit they carried
Sl.fOl), of which Sl.O'ifJ wus iu gold.
Old I'lorey was afraid to tell ol (he
affair lor fenr it would uttract other
ioobcrs to the place,
rl %'tn untile > lic?l.
Tacom.i, Wash.?"] have used
your Simmons Live! Begulntor und
cau conscientiously Bay it is the
King ot all Liver Medicines. I
consider it a medicine chest in
itself."?Oro. W, Jacksoii. Vonr
(Irtl^gisl .>ells it in a powder or
liquid, the powder ti> bo taken dry,
or made into a tt a.
Did you cvci have 31,001) in your
pocket at "in* tiiuoV Von oau have
it if ?nie particio?f oocaina cau be
fouud iu "iho Newest Discovery,"
for ext. of teeih, no pain. N. Y,
I Dental Rooms only ,162 Muin street,
i L?nes, 10 u ii es.
.1 lt?t tor { mi.
The Virginia Dairy Lunch will
have lui key sandwiches on New
Year's day for 5 cents- each. Upen
ull night. 00 Muiu eiruct.
New Year's Reception at the
White House.
Simplicity of American Institutions
Beautiful Floral Decorations.
Double Columns oi' Army
ami Navy Qtiicer-,. Mrs.
Cleveland ar.d Friends.
Uv Southern AMOisUtai Press
Washington, December 1.?The
Pre&ideut was at homo to nil thu
world who ebose to visit t'.io White
house to day, and with ins ollleial
family repeated the annual object
lessou in the simplicity and iiuprcs
Bivenefs ol ihe A men.-an republi
can lustitutions in tiiu United
The interior of the White House
was decorati d tu day with maxies nf
I alms, ferns ami other putted piano
about the parlors, bank i dowers
ou the muulols and curtaius of ami
lax bet?re the mirrors. Tho oval
liluo Uooui, whore the receiving
party stood, wus profusely adorned
arid all tho rooms were illuminated
wholly by the electroliers.
'1 bo weather wus clear uml bright
with biuiiant sunshine, Iho ap?
proaches to the Executive Mansion
were occupied by double columns ol
army and navy olliccfs, stretching
uwny from thu portico beyond the
Kates. The red tassoled helmets of
ihe artillery, tho yellow of the cav
airy, Ihe while ot the infantry, tue
bund; plumed chasseurs of the navy
showed distinctly ab ?ve the sea of
durk blue uniforms, resplendent
with gold trimmings, while beueath
the great porch carriages rapidly
deposited tue brilliautiy attired
members of the Diplomatie Corps,
and aloug the avuuuu, extended
down the slue streets, stood hum
hues of organizations and privuie
citizeus awaiting their turn to shake
bunds with iho President, Crowd
iug into the lu>t inch of remaining
space within sight of thu Whili
nouse were thousands who bud
In en attracted by the gsy scene.
Promptly at 11 o'clock the Marine
Baud, stalioued in the main corn
tior, hurst forth with "ilail to Ihe
Chief," us the receiving party do
bc.cnded the broad stairway lroui tho
private apartments and took their
places in the blue Uoom,the I'resi
nent being uourest the tied liuum
door, through wbioh the guests en?
tered. At hl8 right stood Air.-.Cleve?
land and beyond iu tho line were
.Mrs. (Jrcshaui, -Mrs. Carlisle, Mrs.
Lutuout, Mrs. Oiuoy, Mrs. JJu-soll,
Miss Herbert und Miss Morton.
Mrs. Stevenson wus iu North Caro?
lina with the Vice I'resideut ot the
bedside of their invalid daughter
aud Mrs. lioke Smith wus iil. Hack
of tho receiviug line were tho follow?
ing invited guests ol Mrs. Cleveland: I
?Mrs. Perriue, Airs. Cleveland's
mother; Mr-. Puller, wife oi the
Chief Justice; Mrs. Sohotleld, wife
of tho general commanding the
army; Mrs Casey, wife ot Chief ot
Army Kugiueors; .Mrs. Thurber,
wile ol the private secretary; .Mrs.
McAdoo, wile ot Assistant Secretary
! of the Navy; Mrs. Walker and Kam
6ey, wives ot the admirals; Mrs.
Chadwick, wife of the Chief ol
N'uvul Equipment; Mis. Uoywood,
wife of the Commaudaot ol tho Ma
ritie Corps; Mrs, Sherman, .Mr.-,
rainier. Mrs. Mcl'hersou, wives of
the Senators; Mrs. i risjj and Miss
Hertha Crisp, wife and daughter oi
the Speaker of the Bouse; Miss Inez
Felder, Mrs. Cockrau.Mrs, Strauss,
Mrs. Catch ogs, Mis. Daniel- and
Mrs. lleudriN, wives of ihe i.epie
sentaii.es; Miss Murphy and Mise
Voorht'cs, daughters ol the Sena
t rs; Mis. Maxwell, ivife Of the As
s.i nit IMstuiSstcr-tJeiierul; Mrs.
Howler, wife 61 the Comptroller oi
tho Treasury; Mis. Bckels, wtto ol
Ilia CouiptrOllei of tho Currency,
umt many Ulbert ol uots.
CO. .lohn M. Wilson, corps of en?
gineers, I . s. A., assisted by Lieut,
.i. C. llilmoro, Fourth Artillery,
made the presentations iu the fol
lowing older:
At ii a. m ? ihe luenibora oi the
Cabinet aud the Diplomatic Corps.
.\i ii .l.i 1 be Ciiiel .Justice, Ihe
Associate J indices ol the Supreme
Co. ut of liie United Mate-, the
Judges of the United States Court
oi t .aims, the Judges oi the Court
of Appeals and tho Judges of the
Sup!etna Court ot ihe District of
At 11 :'2??Senators, Represents
lives and Delegates in Congress, the
Commissioners dl the District ot
Columbia aud the judicial oflicers
of the district, ex members ot the
Cabiuel uud ex Ministers ui Ihe
United Slab -..
At 11:10?the omcors of the army,
the navy and the marine corps,
At \'i in. the liOgeut.i and the
secretary of the Sinithsouiau Insti?
tution, tbo t? ? v 11 Service Commis
siouers, iho Interstate Conim ice
Commission, the assistant secre?
taries of Hit; dt , artineuts, tiie
o-Hisiant Postmaster Uduoruis, the
Solicitor-Qeueral. the assistant
Attorney Ueucral, the Commis
Bioner of Fisheries, tlie beads of tho !
bureaus of tbe several departments, |
HhiJ tbe president of tho Columbian
Institut? tor tbu Ueaf and Dumb.
At 1*2:15, i). tu.?I'ho A ?social od
\'o".ernu3 of tho war of ]S4ll, tho
Grand Army of tbe Republic, th"
L yal Legion, the Uuiou Veterans'
1 1 ??.?<; mid the uiembi rsof the Old
est Inhabitants' Association of the
District of Columbia,
At 12:35p. m,?Tbo public.
Secretaries Oresbam, Carlisle, Ln-I
mout,Attorney Qenorul Gluey,Post
masler General Bisgell, Soor 'tunes
Ih mert Smith and Morton led the
procossiou past tho Prosidout, Mr.
Gresham remaining to a sist in an
nouueiug thu names u( thu diplo
mats aided by Assistauts Uhl, Hook
biii aud A dee.
L'hore were over 100 meinbors of
tho diplomatic corn- prosout, iu tho
full court dress of their respective
countries. Thev stayed only loug
enough to pay proper respect to tho I
Chu t IIxocutivu and then departed
for their breakfast with Seoretary
By hurrying people along many |
Wl re nine to grcot the I'resi lent ami
Ins wife. Uy tho lime the populace
begun to puss through all those
assisting hud dropped out und Mrs.
Cleveluud bravely stood up alone,
shaking bunds ut (he ruto of sixty a
minute. Old and young, blaok ami
white wcru treated alike, and some,
atllicted with "stage fright," after
passing Mr, Clivelaud, became aware
ol tho presouoo of the Urst lady ol
tho land only by her reaehiug out
and grasping tbe hum) that hud just
in uu dropped by the President.
1 here were no iuoideute of u sen
latioual character. Tho usual crauk
failed to put 111 un appearauoe. One
old man was present, however, who
uppearud to have .a missive of some
sort lie curried a volutniuous doou
tuuut written in blaok and red ink,
but if it was an "address" be in |
tended to urcsetit, he was prevented
from so doing by the celerity with
which ha wuh moved through the
< lue patriotic youngster in Ins
father's uimn removed bis cap and
snouted. "Hurrah lor Grovor!"
while h.s father was shaking bands
wito Airs. Olevelaud, A man ou
crutches, with both logs orippled,
was asked by .Mrs. Cleveland to ait
down and root, which he did, to the
great delight id himself und wife,
until the ceremony was over.
"Graudtnotber" Obapmau, aged
85, was invited behiud tho lines to
rest. Au amuaiug incident occurred
wheu u doorkeeper attempted to
prevent tbe passage of Secretary
Lam out, ami earlier in tbo day,
when the entrance to the bluo room
of Col. Wilson, Superintendent ol
Public Built1111 i's and Grouudd, iu
all tbo glory ol bis lull dress uui
form, was hatred by one ol his in?
ferior otlicers, who hid not recog
uize mm.
Tbe First Sessii n 10 be Hold Next
Norfolk now bus two courts of
equal dignity und importance, ami
wiide the Governor lias so 1 itr failed
to uumo tho pel Sou who will preside
over tbo C riminal Court, all of tbe
machinery provided by thu lust
Legislature will be put in motion
und will movo off as smoothly us 11
the sncoessor to Mr. Willcox was
upon tue bench, Judge W. B.
Martiu is uow upon tbo beuch ol
the Law aud Chancery Court. .Mr.
.1. A. (Jolemau, the senior deputy
iu the Clerk's oflice, will have ispu
end charge ol the ciericul work ol
this court.
Judge Brooke will preside over
tho Criminal Court for the present,
with air. Hugh G, Miller u- clerk,
iho Ursl term of the Corporation
v burl under the changed conditions
will begin nesi \londuy. The tirst
lernt of titi Law und Chancery
Court begin.- uu tbo I bird Monday
in January un I the third Mommy
every mouth thereafter, Tuet run
inal Court wn- created lor tbe
purpose of disposing of. with greater
dispatch, tue nuiueroua criruiual
cases carried from term to term and
will likely reduce to someextent ihr
lees ot tho Sheriff, It is uot gen?
erally known, but is nevertheless a
fuel that ontsi Ii bl the amount pai 1
for feeding prisouers conliued ih
jail the olliau 1- not worth moio
ibufi 81,000 per j ear.
ISU Uliill Mrci I, J. J. (ruber, i'lio
1 .i_ 1 . ,1 Ii. r.
Twelve cubineta nud one D\1
crayon, jI! imomber, bead of
Urn .Market Square.
.Itiniiurt t lenrittu mui ,
lioioio taking inventory, wo will
begin Monday, Beceinbei illst, to
o :et the balance of our stock ot hi
un s' and chlldrt n's clnoks le.-s than
coit, Cut prices ou dress goods.
\Vtitter uudorwear for ladios, gents
un 1 children ai greatly reduced
price j. Cull early if you want some
gm d bargains. Levy Bros, 17-1
Mttiu street.
We can suit you with Hue umbrel?
las, oanei and gloves lor Now Year
presents, at the lowest prices. L.
J. Oliver ?Sc Co., butters, 111 Mum
A Vory Creditable Demonstra?
The Colored People Rejoice and
Make Glad Thai They Are Amer?
ican Freemen. Interesting
Exercises at St. John's
The Afro Auiorican citizens of
Norfolk yesterday oelohrated the
thirty-tirot vaur of their Ircedom.
I he p'ltbt quarter of a ooutury has
been eventful years in thu history
of this country?years iu which,
from a parched battle held, the
Sunny South has developed into the
most progressive end prosperous
Bcctiou ni tiie Uniou; ? Btroug com
petitnr tor all hues of trude, a com
poteut manufacturer ot all raw
materials and acknowledged thu
world over us u certain aud proliU
hie held tor the investment of capi
Duriug the past thirly miu years
the negroes ol the South have been
furnished the meaus of public educa?
tion, which, especially iu the cities,
they huvo put to good acoouut, und
tu Norfolk many of them uro well
educated, and make honorable, law
abiding citizoiis. Many of them own
comfortable homes and have erected
haudspme churches,which, us a rule,
are liberally supported,
The emancipation festivity is their
greatest holiday, a day observed
v\ 1111 all the joyous enthusiasm ol
their nature, und their demonstra?
tions huvo in the past been ot mi
orderly und creditable character.
Somo months ago thu colored
people perfected their arrange?
ments for tho celebration of 1805.
They elected James I* Carter presi?
dent ami.i'has Ueslow, Goo John
I sou, James Wilson, .1 1'Card nur,
Stephen Wilson and Frank Carter,
vice presidents, with IS W Gould
secretary, .lus M Collins assistant
secretary, and Lewis Duwley treas?
Vurions committees wore appoint?
ed and the programme of e^eroises
was earned out with praiseworthy
exactness. The procession formed
ou Nicholson street yesterday ut I
o'clock and marched to Smith, to
Princess Anne avenue, to Church, to
Johnson avenue, to ('hupe!, to Alain,
to li ran by, to Freemason, to llote
tourt, in Vorl., to ?oiish, to Quceu,
to Ctimborlaud, to Bute, und iheuce
to St. Jobu'sA.U, 15. Church,where
uiipropriuto exercises were held,
I here were about 1,000 people iu
line, many oi them riding excellent
horses mid others in couveyauces,
?.\hilo ii score or more rode 'cycles
I. M Jones was chief marshal; with
Daniel Laugloy, ?oorge NN Cordon,
-I .1 l'aikor, D Stalling und D II
Sherman as side. There were seven
divisions, designated by vatioua
I dee rations. J ho colored military
i companies, various societies, Grand
I Army of the Uepublic veterans be?
ing conspicuous.
St. John's Church, one of the
largest iu the city, was appropriate?
ly decorated, aud more than 1,500
people were present to witness the
! exercises, which were us follows:
Siugiug uuthiiiu, by church choir;
prayer, itev. A. L. Gaiues; siugiug,
selected, choir; presentation ol the
ollicers, by lb v. lt. H. bowi ng;
president's introductory; o Moers'
reports; rciduig proclamation, by
Miss lluttic Duruaiu; poem, by Miss
Mary L. Loe; oration, by Mr. GeO.
L Pryor; benediction, by Itev. J.
M. N oung.
1.1 lit -.omni.
bv Southern As; joiatc I Presi
. :i \ i..1. - ion, W. S'a., .luuuary 1.
-J, 11. Floyd, ex Stete Senator, to
night auuouiiecs himself a candidate
for United Slates Senator to succeed
Carhdeu. Mr. Floyd is a Itepithb
cau aud iii strong opposition to
Stepbou 13. I.lkius. i loyd recently
loll the DemocraLo party aud has
been elected oucoon tue ltcpubliuau
I c.i t to the lower house ol toe
Theatrical people sillier greatly
from chapped face-, produced by
tho daily application ol pain.-.
Nothing is so elleetivo in curing
chapped hands or laces us Quralol
FuCi) Wash. It l- u-e.i by members
ol the 'U'eucing Muster" opera
company, "liubiu flood" opera
com puny, (im ton's Famous New
I Orleans Miutitrels and many others.
I Prof. John I'owell, principal of
the lliohiuoud Female Seiiiiuury,
Itioluuoud, V'a., bus given Qtiratol a
trial. It is oiiiy uecuaaury to usk
his opinion oi it.
?si,>nfilier ?nie ni Winter IVrr.ps
II 11(1 Hur t n:>c.
Drown ami black Mai tin capes
worihSlO, sale price ?-">; Martin
capes wbrth i.lo, Mile price, S19:
I'orsiau lamb eapes worth S-5, sale
price, 815. Cloth ooetcs and capes
ut wuy down prices. U. A. Suuu
Annual Review of Southern Busi?
ness Conditions,
b. Southern A-troouto 1 l'ceej.
Bai/i imoiu:, January I. ? In its
am.mil review ol riouthoru condi?
tions, tho Manufacturers' Becord
hays: Tho mdhstrial situatiou iu
the South duriug Iho past year was
characterized by a steadier ro-estub
liuhuieut of ooutldeuoe aud a Blow
hut solid upbuilding of inaufactur
iug iutorosts. Legislative problouis
nl national moment hung in uncer?
tainty during the groatur portion ol
the year, I'ho panicky fooling of
the tun previous years ocoaHiouully
'.undo its iulluouoe felt, and thu n'ti
tude of foreign investors towards
Auinriouu securities euuliuuo.t us a
doprcsstug tue'.or.
Iho year hau been u period of
recuperation more than pi ogress.
Capitalists have been slow to losler
new enter prises, und oulj those on
listed their support whoso environ?
ment has oflero'J the most oucotiru
giug und legitimate prospects.
The luvestor became uu investi?
gator during the year, aud well
planned iudustries beuelltted there?
by. Kudu ring good results to the
South from this movement audits
siguitiuaueo is already shuwu by u
wiilornud mote personal acniuiul
anue of thu investing puhiio with
its resources.
I'ho record of )>rogross made
during tho year evidences a well
detiued preference lor Southern iu
vestmouts ami rctlects a more gou
unil existence ol favorable impres?
sions that, with the tuli testorution
ol coutidonco in the business world
will iulluouoe u considerable tide ot
capital towards Soutbaru chaouols,
uml as the aspects nl things for tbo
New Year uro more oheorful than
tin ho which ushered in 180-1, it is
a perfectly rousouablo deduction to
look for greater prosperity uml
greater progress iu 1805.
A ICutlrOa?! Heul.
by Southeru Amsocmtod Press,
Uniomown, Pa,, January 1.?Ou
Saturday the Haltimore and Ohio
Hai I road Company completed the
purchase of the Munongahela River
road in West Virginia, extending
from Pairmont to Clarksburg, a dia
tauco of about thirty miles. It is
also said a deal was consummated by
which tho Haltimore and Ohio gets
possession ol the West Virginia und
Pittaburg road, which extends from
Clarksburg to Camdeu, ou the Guu
ley, a distance of Kill miles. This
gives tlie Hultiuiuro and Ohio b di?
rect tine froiu L'iltsburg to the latter
1 he plan is to extend the line
from Camdeu to t hurlestou,through
tho interior of West Virginia, where
it will conned with the Chesapeake
and Ohio, giviug the Baltimore ami
Ohio a direct lino through the most
valuable coal ami timber sections i .
Wo-t Virginia. Iloth these lino, have
beeu run m conuectiou with tue Hal
limoro and tilno siuce the o implu
turn of the Stute line branch.
The roads will go into iho posses
siou oi thu Baltimore und ? do to |
morrow. 1 he 1'ennsylvauia Uii 1
i o ol Company and also the Vun ler
hilts have beeu cndeavoriug to get
possession ot Ihm lor several
Jual v* iim Von Yiiim.
A largo and selected line of urn
brellas, uauus aud gloves for Xuiua
presents at. special low juices from
to-day. L.Jack Oliver & Co., but?
ters, 1 I 1 .Main Street.
J uml l{ ?cot \ ?oi.
A tiew lot of gonts' calf lino.l
wintor tan shoes at Ask lo see
tho wet weather shoes, tile only one
ol the Itluii in this market, nt AI. J.
Maddeu's, 80(1 Church street, nearly
opposite Wood street.
Dananas, apples, oranges, lemons,
potatoes, onions, cabbage, pears,
etc., at wholesale. Ceo. tl, Dawes,
110 Water street.
We will pa) :*0> to ANYONli who will
?ho? a policy of ANY KIND. oT ANV
t oMI'AN V ropros iited m Nor.oik which
I has equaled in IIESOLTS to tho holder
the llESULTd paid by'J lu- Northivestoru
iijiou an exactly simi ar policy as to dste,
ago. cost and kind
D. Humphreys & Son,
Alil.N i'A.
J Spectacles nccuiateiy Fitted, i
$ ? \
$ DR. QEO. I). LB V Y, Q
\ 17 Granby Street, \
^ lives Examined Tree. ^
CM\0 <l US, 3'Jc I
n.NB HAM!?, lie per pound.
?l GrauUv ?tro'jt, ''o'uer City Hall
OF 300
M?rses e Mules
Dealor* mil other* wanting stock, ila
not lillow lain opportunity in pass to buy
wli.it ynu waul v\o tain.- Kreut iieusino
iniiiaiii. il.; utir petrous lor tbeir pat
ron .g? in t'.m past, ?ml we auk the con
tinuuuee of same. We nnvo increased
in facilities with otir now btuble-i coin
plptcd. nur tiitilo increasing to such an
extent, we will litre (21 two Bales every
wtOH Ii K8DA1 n:nl I-'. I DA t lit lit a.
to. The stock will ho furnishoil by tho
miiuo roliablu shippers in tiie \v'e?t.
selouted es|.hilly tor the Motuhern aud
Kasteru Virginal trade.
We refer itli pleasure te the open,
btriiiKht-i rwiitl manner in ivlueb our
past An -non -iiioi h .. o been con I acted,
nnd HHHiir.) the public tint here Will bo
im oxcoption to th" i uii> in tliu fntur ?.
I'.v? i v nuitnal mihi im let n guarantee tu
be as represented or iu noy refunded?
\li hours trial on all stark sold.
ItemonibM wo kd i :? t auction ovi-ry
Ttiusduj nud I r ii i during the isusoa,
and assure the publi fh t ihm cmi nn.l
u Ini'go supply ic. hand at pri iito yule all
the inif t)ui motto is to sell them ami
don'I If f\> t em. V? ishiiig all a hanpy
uo? veur. we are Ve y respectfully,
I IVB HTOCK <: impa \'Y,
6i)nnd .VJ 1-2 L'niou street.
Railroad- Steamboat
KAill ?:- Supplies.
3 and 6 West Marko! .Squara
Noriollc. Va._
F. L. SL??E & CO,,
Railroad, Steamboat and Mill
WOOl; PULLBYd of all sizes; LATII
MILLti l.Ml.u. KMr'Ji UULVDfcKb,
IN i. l'LVMO 1 11 CORDAGE: iiOILKltS,
a 1 ?i/.os for steam lieatiug. A^eui foe
Maguebin e itioual i overing and Boilers
Ullil tit< am Pipes.
8 Market Squarea
Commercial ?u i other busius-s papot
Loans Degotinb I on favorable terms.
Oll? uonds ami other securities bought
ru i nuid.
i opus i-.rnc.eiv i au I acoouuis Iu vitod
Interest allows : on utnu lopusitd.
halb . ei'osit boxes tor reut. Charges
mo lerate. , "
Prrtw i il>s oi I \. nuugo nud make eable
transfers to Kuropo.
I.otters o! eiem i-tiel ou principal
Cities of the world. oc^7
J| metiy l'wia Oity>. Kubber ritataps,
l'.rasi! (Jh<"eK^ sud S si ?'resses ma in ta
order. Stanch lirn3tiet anil I'ast3 ui
?*!oo?- Factory aud otttce roar of me
llopev bulldiuij on Water uroat. Ea
tranos also from Stvlson street. !riri>
f'iM, ?orii guarautoed.
eiass ?ui? sn TOttN Bit Sl 00.,
?root letari
suns TO ORI
, $23, $25,
iug upauy gooJi in our MHRV
To mco'. Iii? low price* < I Hie coming year prbsosc in
CUa.ni i'AILultlNO UEPAuTMEN'l t.t lue n*?( tbirty Un
These Good* includ? SC iTCII CIIKVIOTS and KM'.I.ISII WORSTEDS ol the very bMt
Imported 610 ?. KIT UUAtiANTEED, tit we make all our sulu lo onler In our owu home,
suits . i ih? beal n< o Ii :u 5.1, il l a.ul S'i), but llu'ro price* arc Poll CAStf ONLY.
OJ~,-cVUl)13 W. NOKT11 lvIr^?V *Xs CO,,
Live Ta 11 ore arid Clothluro.

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