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Henry Stein, a German Peddler
The Man is Seriously Injured In?
ternally. Attended by Drs.
Smith and Speight. His Re?
covery is Possible Though
He May Die.
Henry Stein, a Gorman Deddlor,
who hails from Pittsburg, Pa., was
last night saudbugged, brutally
kioked aud robbed by bis ootupau
iou on Olooy road, half-way bet ween
the Norfolk aud Western crossing
and Y. M. (J, A. Park.
William (ireeu and W. J. Qnil,
irho were ou their way home, dis
eovored tho uiiu lying on the road
aide. Thiukiug huu iutoxicated they
were about to pass bim by when Iiih
Agonizing groans attracted thoir at?
tention, lie told them that he had
been assaulted aud robbed aud they
took him iu charge and brought him
on a car to tlrauby street, from
whence the pntrol convoyed him to
the stanou-hoiise.
Dr. Hy Smith was hastily sum?
moned and attended tho injured
man, who was sutloriug intense aijo
ny from a lick on the left side of lno
bead just bchiud tho ear. As lue
skin was not broken it is supposed
to have beeu the work of a Baud bag.
The man also "tillered great pain
from internal injuries iu tho rr-giou
of tue nbdomeu, evidently inflicted
by kicks and other brutal treatment
He had beeu robbed, no eaid, but
bo never becamo quiet enough to
relate the details,
Ho wus given henvy doses of mor ?
phine uud nt 11 o'clock was taken to
tho Retjeat for the Sick, where he
now lies in u critical condition.
Tho physicians stare that he may
Eull through but there is u possi
litty of his injuries proving fatal.
There is no clue to the iuhumau
brute who eommittod tho crime na
the injured man was too weak to
talk last night,
?tru.isli-rf.nl Kvttl i:>lu(r.
Deeds were admitted to record in
the clerk's ollice yesterday trans?
ferring the following property:
John C. Teu Eyck, trustee, to
tho liuukerR' Lonu und Investment
Company, two lots, each on High?
land und tirutivillo uvonues, also one
ou Sheldon avenue; consideration
Silas W. Hurt to tho Backers'
Ijouu and luvestment Company,
three lots, witn buddings and im?
provements, on West Fourth street,
for SI,650.
Edw. Mahoney aud wife to John
W, Giegory, Jr., lot on Tenth street
for $50U.
Comnilitlnnor <?t Account?.
Judge Win. H. Martin, of the now
Court of Law und Chancery, hns ap?
pointed Mr. John Li. Jenkins us
Commissioner of Accounts for the
court, which is considered a good
position, though not so remunera?
tive us the positiou of Commissioner
of Accounts of the old Court prior
to the division. Mr. JameB A.
Kerr remains us Commissioner of
Accounts of the Corporation Court.
IBoW'e Your Witt-?
Does she feel poorly all the time.
Stiller from lack of onergy, und u
general "no account" listless euer
?vatiouV She needs a tonic. Some?
thing is wrong with her blood. Kuu
for a doctor! Not at all, ;my dear
sir. Get her a bottle of P, P. P.
[Prickly Ash, Poke Hoot and Pot
ussiumj, tho very best Woman's
Regulator und tonio extant. It
reaches tho source of trouble quiet?
ly und quickly, und before you know
it, your wile will bo another woman,
8nd will bless the kind fate that
brought P. P. P, to her notico and
xelief. Our best physicians indorso
und iecommcud it, and no well
conducted household where pure
blood and its concomitant happi?
ness is appreciated, should bo with?
out it. For sale by reputable medi?
cine dealers everywhere.
Tin i Are ItonnU iu Mava.
Ladies' Turkish slippers, 18-5, 6do.
Ladies' overgmters, 1 G, 23a.
Gents' embroidered slippers, 6 11,
Gents' line goat slippers, 0 8, 75c.
Doll baby button suoes, 2i>c.
Doll baby strap sandals, 20c,
Misnes' jersey rubbers, 11 HI}, '20c,
Child's jersey rubbers, 6-9}, 15c.
Ekllek's Onp/Price Shoe Stork,
4(J Hank St., op. CourthotiBo.
In purity lb ere is health, is the
motto of the Virginia Dairy Lunch.
Patronize it. Open all night. 99
Muin street, near Commerco slieet.
One car of Indiana lino timothy
hay at ?Iii per ton. H. E. Owens,
Ho. 275 and li.T'.i Wutor street.
Jno.'l'. Iloivnrtt. itlntietaer.
Globe Stove Co., 37 Old Market
equaro, culls the attention of those
who have not been able to have their
leaky roofs repaired to tho fact that
be is prepared to do all euoh work
by a method used only by himself,
assuring a perfect roof with a last?
ing guarantee.
See (fiindav**; Vtrttliiiaii
For our special cut list price on
blankets, merino and wool under?
wear for ladies, gents aud children,
Chenille portieres und lace onrtaius.
Wright's, 196 Main Btreet.
Aom9 Dining-Kooms, S7 Main
street. Meals und lunches oveiy
lionr of the day. Regular dinner,
25c., served from 12 to 2 p. m, For
neatnecs, cleanliness und moilerato
prices. _j*;j im
Children Cry for
Shipments From Lambert's Point
in 1894.
The statement of coal moveruoul
at this port (hiring the year 1891
&hows a splendid total of 2,065,934
tons shippod from the Lambert's
Point coal piers. Of this '2,057,0:51*
tons consisted of Pooahoatas coal.
During tho year Mes?rs. William
Lamb k Co., "agents, have cleored
1,941 vessels loadod with Pocabou
tue eon!, ol which lli',710 tons wus
for foreigu export and 1,810,480*
coastwise; 90,831 tous were used
locally. During the first three
days iu January there wore export?
ed 13,587 tous.
Officers i:icc.tcd.
Cheenpeako Knitting mills: E
M Til ley, president; Alvah H Mar?
tin, vice president; Foster Black,
secretary and treasurer. Tho ubovo
und Oalawell Hardy, D Loweuburg,
Thomas Black, William Sloauo,
George G Martiu and Joseph Klep?
per, directors. ^
Spurgeou Memorial Baptist Suu
day School?H y Jarvie, superinten?
dent; N T Uailoy, assistant superin?
tendent; O N Bailey, secretary; Mr
Scarborough, treasurer; W W Gor
doti, librarian; Miss Katie White,
organist; Miss Martha Arriugton,
a?eistant organist.
1'rovideuco Grange Hall has elect?
ed the following ollioers for the en?
suing year: Muster, .1 B Ferratt;
Overseor, II J Newton; Steward, .1
P Paxsou; Assistant Steward, J B
Doughty, Jr; Chaplain, J B Dough?
ty, r^r; Leoturer, M C Kdsou; Treas?
urer, Mrs J B Ferratt; Secretary,
W E Hermanne; Gatekeeper, Ii F
Qriunlds; Ceres, ulrsJ B Doughty;
Pomona, Miss Bettle Portlock;
Floru, Miss Gurrettu DeBauu; Lady
Assistaut Steward, Mrs J P Paxsou.
? be Metropolitan l.lfo 1 iinumiicr
This Company, as by the recent
statemeut set furth iu tho first of
January issue of The VinaiNlAX, is
making remarkable stridos in publio
favor, It has a capital of over S-l>,
009,000, with nearly '2,500,000 poli?
cies writteu iu the last year. This
is u strong showing. Moro than
$3,500,1)08 wore paid on death
claims in tho year 1893, and last
year the death claims amouutod to
86,807,200, au avc-rugo of $12 a min?
ute. Au error was made iu tho New
Year's issue, by the transposition of
n period, whioli made tho amount
appear as SI,200 a minute. The
company is represented iu Norfolk
by Mr. H. Al, Bird, ollieo 172 and
171 Main street, Ballen tine Build?
C (? FntiK' Una Ituacbod L'uiiadn.
The following letter, which was
received yesterday by tho Southern
Chemical Company, shows that peo?
ple uro not only using Qaratol, but
arc letting their tnouds at a great
distance know of its wouderful vir?
tues. The letter contuiuod three '25
cent uutes, two to pay for Quratol
aud one lor oxpeuse of transporta?
Toronto, Doc. '2S, 1891,
Southern Chemical Co., Norfolk,
U. S. A.
(Ihm i.kmkn:?Will you kindly
forward mo u bottle of your remedy
Quratol, of which 1 havo lately
heard so much, together with the
directions, 1 enclose 50 cents,whish
1 understand is tho price of tho bot?
tle. Yours, etc,
John A. Ewak,
10 Victoria Ave.,
Toronto, Out., Canada,
Police Court Docket,
Josie Collins aud Edna Hamilton
bad u slight dispute in u house on
lower Church street Thursday night,
during which Jobio siapped Kdna
and struck her in tho face. Justice
Burroughs lined Josie 84.75.
George Washington,colored,about
12 years of age, who wus arrested by
I OlUcer Al, A. Pitt for having in his
possession about eight yards of
changeable silk that ho could not
a.-count lor, was committed for ten
days for ftirtbor examination.
Eight drunks were dealt with iu
the u>ual mauuer?SI and co*t9.
Tho oharge of adultery uyjuiust B.
F. Vuideu was diamissed, the oom
plaiuaut not uppcuriug. Yaiden's
attorney charged that it was a ca. e
of spite.
"Tnc Passi.no Show."?This was
tho attraction at tbo (Acudomy last
evening and it.was grouted by a very
lurgu audience. It was a little of
everything aud good iu all,
'?The White Bqoadhok."?The
WLito Squadron is billed ut the
Academy for tho 11th and 12th
iust. _
C/learlMfl Sale,
Special low prices will be offered
by us ior tho month of January to
reduce stock previous to taking in?
ventory. Save money by buying
now. Chapman & Jakeman, le'wei
ers, eoruerMuiu and Bank stroets.
Notice to tlie Traveling Public.
The Passenger aud Ticket Oftice
j of tho Bay Liue, Washington steam?
ers and Baltimore and Ohio Hail
road and connections has been re?
moved to CO Main street, under At?
lantic Hotel, next to Main street en?
trance. AUTHOR G. Lew is,
jau4-10t_P. & T. A.
Many stubborn and aggravating
cases of theumatism that wore
believed to bo incurable and ac?
cepted as life legacies, have yielded
to Chamberlain's Pain Balm, much
to tbo surprise and gratification of
the Kuft'erere. One application will
relievo the pain and suffering and
its continued use insures au effectual
oure, P'or sale by all drutjgisty.
g.tcher'e Caetorla.
employment for the idle
An Industrial Home for Nor?
Subscriptions for This Good Ob
ject. The City May Help and
the Establishment of a
Workhouse and Reforma?
tory is Probable.
What may prove to be a great
itride toward relieving waut auu tho
bad couditiou arising from auy con?
siderable number of persons being
without work iu a city was inaugu?
rated yesterday by the formation of
a society to establish an Industrial
Homo iu this city.
Tho Council at its session Thura- j
day evcuiug granted the use of the
old AlmtdioiibO for this purpose-, aud
all that is uow lacking are aulhoieut
fuuda to put iu tbe necessary ma?
chinery, etc., and to this eud an or?
ganization has been etleoted, with
tli6 following officers: Mayor C. W.
Pettit, president; Mr. Win. Henry
Vouuble, eeoretary; Cnpt. John J.
Burroughs, treasurer, and I, M.
Blood, auperiuteudout.
The society is tho result of the in?
vestigation made by Mr. 1. M.
Blood, of Richmond, of various
prison reform scbemus. lie believes
ibat many who now Hud their way
into jaiiB can be made useful citi?
zens by an institution of the kind
ho proposes to establish. Ho was
ouoo Jtidgo of a Polioo Court in
(Juliforuia and there his plau tirst
At the> meeting yesterday it was
resolved that tho president, secre?
tary aud superintendent appoiut a
oollo^tor. That all money bo paid
over to the treasurer upou his or?
der, aud paid out upou the order of
the president and secretary, and
that all donations of money, furni?
ture, tools, machines aud material
of all kinds shall beloDg to the Nor?
folk Industrial Home, aud be uuder
their control and the disposul of a
majority of tho officers.
Tho home will be opened next
Mouduy, tho 7th, in the old Alms
house buildiug ou Queen Auue nve
j mis, whero Supt. Blood can be
found day aud night. Coutributions
I of all kinds are solicited.
' It is purposed to support tho
: home by the manufacture of shoes,
' brooms, bnskets, Ac, thus providing
employment, food and lodging for
the unemployed.
Since bo bus been in Norfolk Maj.
Blood has beeu ti^unug ou the coat
of takiug care of prisoners in tho
city jail, aud, kuowing of the reve
uue tbe Statu derive* from tho work
none by the prisoners in the pom
tautiury, ho has evolved a pluu for
establishing a workhouse hero for
the employment of the prisoners
who low live at the expense of the
This latter plan of the Major's
took shape last night iu a resolution
introduced iu the Common Council
looking to the appoiuimunt of May?
or Pettit, Mr. Barton Myers and
Air. F. S. Taylor as a prison com?
mission for tho establishment of a
workhouse and reformatory, which
resolution was referred to a Epecial
If tho city establishes a work?
house and reformatory Maj. Blood
will merge that and bis Industrial
Homo into one institution.
by Jraiiit Falber?.
At the chapel of the Sacred Heart,
on York street, a mission will be
conducted by the Jesuit Fathers,
Campbell and O'Kane, two gifted
orators of that celebruiod order of
preachers, tho Jesuit Society, com?
mencing on to morrow at tho 10:30
s, iu, mass. The missiou will con?
tinue for onu week und tho daily
| services are us follows:
Six o'clock a. m.,inass aud Rermon;
7 o'clock u, m., mans; '.i o'clock a, m.
mass und sermon;7:30o'clock p. m.,
instrnetion and rosary; 8 o'olock p.
ru., sermon: Benediction of the
Blessed Sacrament,
Instruction for confirmation and
fir.-t communiou, for persons of
; both sexes (over 15 years of age),
aud for converts to the faith during
the entire week, at 7 p. in., at tho
Confessions will commcnoe on
Tuesday, and will bo heard from ?
; a. m, to 7 a. m., aud from 'J u. m. to
', 12; and from 8:30 p. m. to (J p, m.,
and from 7:du p, m. to 10 p. in.
! The Catholics of Norfolk are gen
erally invited to make the exercises
I of the micsiuu.
I waut every man and woman in
the United States interested in the
i Opium aud Whiskey habit, to have
, ouo of my books ou these diseases.
Address P.. M. Woollkv. Atlanta,
' Ga., Box o^O, and one will bo sent
l you free._we Asa
j Dlaiinsruisued Ked Man < ?min?.
; Andrew H. Puton, Grand Inco
I bouee Gr*at Conned of the I'nited
Stales, Improved Order of Red
Men, will arrive in this city next
Monday, to confer with tho Great
Chiefs in the interests of the order.
He will visit Black Hawk Tribe No.
57 on Monday evening, and mem?
bers of ail tho tribes In the city aud
vicinity are invited to ho present.
j Vvlien niby was slelc, we pave her CasN.rfa.
j ?Vbeu She was a Child, sho cried for < tostoria.
j When ahr became Miss, Rhe clung to C'astoria,
I When bbu bad CluMdroo.Sbe fave them Castor
A Good Showing for Norfolk'6
Tbo Mutual Building Association,
ot Norfolk, has just motored its first
Etock. 4 40 shares, wtoioh beflau on
the 1st of May, 1889?a run of five
years and eight months, which they
eay is a mouth quicker than any
stock has ever before matured in
Norfolk. Iu paying off this stock
they paid out $26,500 in oash.whiob,
?with 817.000 in matured loaua, made
up tbe $14.000, the full value of the
410 shares of matured stook.
Tbe dividends during the time
this stock vras running avaraged 6
per cout. eeini-auuuolly. The Mu?
tual is n perpetual association and
this matured stook is, as above indi?
cated, tho "first batch" with which
tbev started. It now has running
between 5,000 aud 6,000 shares.
The following are its olllcere: E
E White-burnt, president; I Moritz,
vice-president; Ira T Holt, record?
ing secretary; George W Black,
financial secretary; A S J Gammon,
treasurer; Thomas H Willcox and
W D Pender, attorneys; T R Bor?
land, J W Hunter and George W
Dev. trustees; J B Lioweuberg, R G
Bunks, R Exnor, George W Taylor,
E Black and W M Hannah, direct?
? ravolrra' Protective Association,
Mr. John A, Lee, tho National
Prsstdeut of tue Travelers' Protec?
tive Atsuoiatiou of America, will ar?
rive iu Norfolk this morning, and at
8 unlock this moruing will orgauize
a "Post" for this oily. The meet
ing will be held in the Atlantic
Hotel, aud a large number of the
jobbers aud wholesale murchants of
Norfolk will attend, as tho forming
of this "Post" will benefit not ouly
them, but every interest of the
j city.
Mr. Lee will explain the objects
of the order and the inauy benefits
aud concessions it bus already ob?
tained for tbe merchant and traveler.
Tho National President met with
uu onthosiastio reception in Rich?
mond Thursday night, and was wel?
comed by tbe president of tbe
Cbuuiber of Commerce and othor
public spirited citizens.
A committee from the Virginia
Stute Division will arrive in Nor?
folk und assist Prosident Leo iu
forming ths "Post,"
All manufacturers, jobbers and
traveling salesmen are requoeted to
be presout.
Funeral of JTlr. S.SMtg'ley I.anil.
Tho fuueral of this well-known
young man took place at tbe resi
deuce of his father, Mr. Emersou
Baud, of Princess Anne comity, ou
Thursday evening, January 3d, at 2
o'olocK, uud was conducted by Rev.
J. S. Wallace, of the Priucoss Anno
Circuit, assisted by Rev, W, R.
Savage, Episcopal rector of the
Lyuuhaveu Parish. Tbe following
young gentlomen acted as pall bear?
ers: Mr. Keeling ilunter, Mr. Sid
noy Poddy, Mr. Julian Cornick.Mr.
Paul Woodhouee, Mr. Edgar Macou
aud Mr. Jobiinio Sbepheard. One
of tbo saddest parts of all was that
out of eight children, all grown,this
is tbe first time death bus claimed a
victim ami it is the lirst death iu
tho family for many years. Che
funeral was largely attended and
tbo lloral offerings very touching
aud plentiful. Interment was in
tho newly mado graveyard at tho
old homo.
i iiii'.ii Mates court.
Yesterday in the United States
Court, Judge Hughes presidiug, the
bale of tbo libeled schooner Mary
Anu Bebecca wus ordered.
Tho suit of P. N. lebam vs. the
tug Tatiraus, whioh had been enter?
ed (or recovery of damages for lous
of barges, was dismissed.
A decree of distribution was ou
tered in tho case of John II, Wilson
vs. schooner E. M. Tilley.
Augustus C. Paul, Postmaster at
the Hampton Soldiers' Home, who
was arrested some days ago ou tbo
charge of embezzling ?G5 iu Govern
incut, luuds, was released from tbo
Norfolk jail ou a recognizance of
SI,000 lor bis appearance ut tho Muy
Iii? Unexpected Oiacunrire of a
l ?III II Oil.
1 oBo by would nut bave a more iiisturb
uk efie11 u] ou nerves which are vigor?
ous th .ii au or i n.oy uu.-o Upon tli ue
(hat are weak and unstrung- An a ner?
vine, Hostetter r Stomai n uitter., u uu
ri. ded. By promt tudigest.on snd as?
similation tiioy .overcome that gaatto ills -
orttor, which i< tbe most prodtie oause of
liurvuua dein lit ?, uu<l w.nob. so long an
it e\i6to tie sati in large mea uro tbe
action of sedatives uu I opmte?. Much
remedies nuieovo:, ueosts taio tbe u^e
of lucreashi doses, and Hnaliy corse to
net ii together, exoept in dangerous
qunutitits Tiny n ver rea'h the ioun
tain hu <t of tlib trouble, uu i quiet ti.e
nerves only by asm-pnraly iu; them.
K nnlly oh.ti tiuiublo aro lirev mi?
med cate l slooholio stimulants. Kitlnevi
! bla lder and liver trouble, malaria, ou
!-tipation an: rheum itirm are ralie.el
by the Bitters, which also promotes ap
I etuo und nightly reposo,
Five lia>? Only
Will you have tue cbauco to pur
Chase such bargains as will be offered
at the gruud cloning out sale at Nus
buuru's Book ami Art Plaoo, 1'28
Muiu street. Prior to taking in?
ventory will sell beautiful pictures
and fmo picture frames at loss than
factory prices. Books by tbe very
best writers in sets or in single
volumes, at less than half their
positive vaiuo. Hank books,tablets,
box paper, inks, mucilage,und paper
bound books at a Bsoritioe, Mirrors,
nlluims and pictures, us well as holi?
day editious of line books; Gorman
translations, biblos, dictionaries aud
music folios at less than price of
production. Picture frames tnsdo to
order at short notice, Nnsbaum's
Book and Art Place, 128Main street,
Norfolk. Va,
Itonsru If ice Wauled,
Five thousand bushels higbost
market price. H. E, Owen, 275.
1 ?77. ii79 Wuh street,
Officer !l[iui?nr;;fv-? Mlamiaaal?
The dismissal of Oflioer Bambur?
ger by tbe Police Board upon a
charge of "Ronoral iuefBcieuoy and
ineompeteDoy," baa created quite o
breeze. The Mayor states that be
understood that the officer was die
charged because bis wife kept a bar
on James street. Tbe records show
no license to nave been issued to
Mrs. Bamburger, and tbe facts in
tbe tase are uuderstood to be these:
It appears that Bamburger owned,
prior to his appointment to the po?
lice force, a grocery nnd liquor
store at tbe corner of Queen and
James streets. This he sold to bis
brother-in-law, John Calvin, who
moved to corner of James and Soott
street. Tbo grocery, it seems, is
served by Mrs, Bamburger.
The Mayor has said that if it is
found that Hamburger's wife is not
keeping a bar bo will movo a recon?
sideration of tbe officer's dismissal,
as tho charge of making too few ar?
rests is too llimsy to stand.
W?^^t.JJ!-LL?-^s^?I 1
Both Cured
by Hood's
Dyspop3la, Headache, Etc.
Saco, Mulno.
"C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
"For years I havo luid dyspepsia, grow?
ing worse,and became so discouraged that
I thought of selling my farm and going to
California, Added to iny misery wero the
painful effects of a fracture on the end of
my backbone, which resulted from a coast?
ing accident when a bey. 1 happened to
read about IIood"s Sarsaparilla and decid?
ed to take two bottles, and before tho last
one was gouc, 1 could cat a hearty meal
without any distress. The fracture of my
backbono is also healed and I do not have
any lameness. I can truly say 1 am now
weh, aud 1 believe Hood's Sarsaparilla,
Saved My Life.
It has also been n great benefit to my wife,
who had distress in the stomach and
severe headaches. Bho said the ilrst doso
Hood's Cures
of Hood's Sarsaparilla seemed to go to the
right spot. Now she enjoys good health."
Elijah lircic, Lox -toe, Saco, Maine.
Hood's Pills ?uro sickheadacho, bil?
iousness, and r.U liver ills. 23 ronta.
.it a.*, ri ?ua,
Jancauy ad.lSaaT
TIONAL PANIv have thia .lav do
Otared a scni-anuual dividend uf 3 . er
cant, from the net oarninga of the bank
tor the paat six month*: payablo on aud
alter JAMjAltt l?th. 1?!?.").
13. YV. LEIGH,
jafi-lw Oimhier.
It stockholder* of ibo VIRGINIA Itt_Al.1V
CoMiw.W ?rill be held ou Tl'H?DAV, Jnuu
ary Mh, 1195, tt 6 p. in., at i lie office of i>.
lAjwenbiru, room SOI, Columbia It .il ; n/.
A general meeting of the htoe'ihoblera
?CM 'ANY will bo hrld ou MONDAY,
January 7th, 1895, 7:80 p. m , at the offico
of Uoor>;o I). Parker ?fc Son. 11 Barkley
uveuuo. Herkley, Vn,. to pas-s by laws,
eloct oftiotrs anl directors und othor pur
poaea. JO ^. A. WALLACE,
do7-30t Secretary.
The annual Stockholders' moating of
the City National Bank of Norfolk, Va .
will be held at tuair otllca TUESDAY,
January Sth, betwoan hours of 1 to 3 p. iu.
?. \V. LEIGH,
doi-3 t Cn*hier.
I desire to return thanks to rny friond
nnd the public or their liberal putrnuiige
in thu p.tst >ear ami aak a coin uuntiou
Ol I.line. vYiehing all a happy und pros?
perous Now Year, 1 am.
Yours trulv,
We deure Ito eipresi to our patrons
our grateful ap reoiation if tbe liberal
Patmntge bestowed ou m ?luring tnu
past year, and tru-t by prompt attention
to orders, low iuioe< an i cour co:n
treatment to morn a eoutinu.incu of the
OL'It 8 l OCa OF '
j Builders' Hardware,
I House Furnishing Goods
wai never moro com} leto and wo have
uoded an eutirely now bue of
FircPlace Orates,
Hantels and Tiles,
which WO invite all inmal'o inanect
beloro |i acillR the.r orders elsewi.eru.
\ ore ie pectfnlly,
Cor. Commercial Place. Norfolk, Va
O U'V T fiv ? !
for SO days, Now i? your chance tor ?ood
I Largaiui.
j. m. tAim,
W Main atmet.
U'EAillKit KKfUBT.
frorecauji far Io-(Jbt.
W*??m?Toar. d. G. January 5, 1895.
For Virginia; Fair; alightly cold
[er: nortliorly wiuda.
For North L'aruliuu; Fair; north
erly winds.
Misatl'bb Aluavac?dun ritat. 7:19 a. m.
"J ???. *0S p. m.: htsh watar. 3:81 a. m.. and
3 ?0 p. ?.; low water, 10:0? a na. and 10:09 p. m.
Local lUcteoroloslcnl siivin.
'ob 24 aooaa SNDhia 8 o'clock UAin
U. 8. Dti'abtmbmt of AOHtCDL70HH, "j
Looa.1 UUioo. Dodion Balldias. (
Nobfolk Va., January 4, 1805. J
Maximum tsmnerato.ro....? 42
Minimum temperature. as
Normal temperature, deduced from
20 years'observation.. 4*
Oeparinra from normal. ?
Acoumnlated dopartnres for tbe
tno nili. _30
Acoumnlated departures ilnoa
Jan. 1st. . ?30
Preoipitatton, in indies. .0
Total precipitation amoe 1st of tbe
month. .X
J. J. Obw, Observor.
No Evading These Fads,
There are eight regular life as?
surance companies besides the
Equitable organized nnder the laws
of the State of New York which are
now in aotive pnrsuit of public
patronage, the oombined "ad?
mitted" surpluses of whioh on the
1st of January last amounted to
S.>6,3o7,3?(3.f>5. This amount in?
cludes the surpluses of tbe two com?
panion uext in size to tho Equitable.
The admitted surplus of the Equi?
table alone is over Eiuhty-one and
a half per cent, ot the total sur?
pluses of tho othor eight Now York
When It is understood that surpltiB
is not only the measure of flDanoial
strength, but that from it alone can
dividends bo declared, the pre?
eminent position of the Equitable
ou the vital points of eecurity for
the assured aud tbe cost of assur?
ance beoomes apparent.
States is tbe STRONGEST and
LAHGESTLife Aiinranoo Company
iu the world.
A. MYERS, M'n'gr.,
Norfolk. Va.
We are slaughtering our
entire line of Dress Goods
to close the line out for
the season; all of them at
Blankets, Blankets, Blankets,
Hilf Pries! Half Fries! Hilf Priss!
We have marked our
entire line of Blankets at
about Half Trice to close
them ouc. Now is your
chance to buy Blankets and
Dress Goods. You will
never have such bargains
offered you again.
89 Main Street, Under Academy of Musio
O'Neill's! O'Neill's! O'Neill's!
INti BHO*,
! Sporting and Athletic Supplies,
i DUllli BELLS,
1SU1AN CL?na,
87 Main Street, - ?> NORFOLK
The firm of STARKE.* MARTIN list
l>< eu this ilsv dissolve ', \V. D. Martin re?
tiring to go upon tbo Bench. The prao?
tice of law will e coutm od by ibo un?
dersigned under tho firm name of
L. U. STARKE. .In.
Pbckmbkb 81,1694. _ja'i-jt
111, 113 & llBBank StreaL
U8lk ?lu'?K Or FINISHED*
j McDuaiea[3 toil u'ravesrones
I Heady fas iramsauts aeliTcr/
Cure Sick
At a", Druggists', 25c.
ACHE is us?
ually caused [bf
indigestion. If
you take Dr.
Deane's Dyspep*
sia Pills, yon
won't have eich
s'aud to us for a fre ?
Klagstoo, Now Yorkt
IN Y. M. 0. A. HALL.
Subjeot--"Good Mediolne."
Admission. GO centB. Tickets exohaogeil
for reserved seats without extra ohergs
at Y. M. 0. A._ Jalfr.sa.eu.tu
When You Visit the Market You Will
bind it to Your Interest,to Call
at the Following Stalls :
P ATC.J'or Hi. tiurst Vrr.h .Meat*,
A-AlsJ Beof Mutton and Veal, niool/
bntoaerud uml always rra>b,at reason*
able prices and delivered free, call at stall
No. 3. F. H. STOSSElt. ie2fr
GEO. W. RAMSEY, d?.9
Vegetables and Genjr.il Produce. Specialty
of Irish and Sweat Potatoes. Stalls Stau)
80. Fjee delWory. oc!<
10 1} CUSlOlWS
(who hare fo kindly bestowel their \
patronage on rne doring the?e m ,nr
yturs passed, 1 wish to ast'end mv 1
I hearty thank* with iliocloseot theo d
ye.?r, and wish thorn all a happy
i and prosperous New Year.
190 Main St.
Caps, Driving Rota iwi Gloves,
Walter J. Simmons & Co.,
Finest Winter Toilet Article
An elegant oOtnbinatiOD of karmlene
BUbtttaucit prepund lu s ;oh a jmannea
as to obtain the most gratifying results.
it onus n most deligntfol loilet Arti?
cle forth.- purposes for which u is iu
tetl led. Ni thiiiK enters the comnosl
tion of tiny mi i iiabio article whioti
could prove injurious to the mo* d-li
oitii hkiu: as it is perfectly liurmleKB it
migiit bo taken internully with entire
b.ifnt v.
it is not only a substitute lor. but its
every rexpaat auperior to Camphor leo.
Ooid Croa.i., Vaiehno an 1 like prepara*
lion .
.\'oht remedies uio.l for ihoir Miiolhont
effect p >eflcnr.e* the vary object ouabla
featuree of heilig Sticky and i rnasv. but
tli h detect'! !:...?? boon ovurcoiuo by the
production of
It dries at once, und kid K'iovna may ba
Worn im me late y aft r applying.
I or ?. ni i-u> .n'~ n?i' after ahaving, 1?
?tan la without mi eo.il el, the aeiuatiou i*
pro In es when applied to tho ?Uiu being
highly p i um llg.
it is not a "euro all, but it lias in*
power ol preventing and removing Bun*
hum, v. in.i mi unit (Hiafod Skin, ni ?oia
as il urdina' v irritaMouB.
it nu s by" in proving tbn p ftneaw
cleHmnsH ami healthy tone <.f the skid.
nint it? daily applications lends to pra*
serve it fr. ni the " tionol ry n ? winds,
extreme temperature an I the like. Piio*
witmntho reach of everybody
Only 10 Cents a Bottle.
111 W. B
ISTo. 1^1*^ Mfiin St*
Head Ol Uld Markot sepjuro.
gjt?TGoodS delivered to all pat tg or tin,
citv- Also i" Portsmouth, Berkley, At
Inn tie > iiy. etc.
Eef Telephone No. 346,

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