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The Virginian's Daily Hints
Bill of Fare
Thursday, 17t)i of |anuary. |
?? R'c have ideusantteords for the stranger,
Ann smiles for the sotnvtlmes great,
Jivi oft for our own the angry tone,
Vhough in (ore our oion tlu best,"
BREAKFAST. t>niiK<-,, Oi'.iu?-al.
Lainli Cliop?. Coro UriddU- ?.akes. tyrup,
DINNER. Roast Beel. MaJ'ie 1 Pota
I08011 ? !. Cranberry Sauca. White Bread.
swiei I elate Cobbler.
EJUPPER. Rice KritteM. C.raiiaio
r-Milk. Bread. Apple .'vilj-. Sponge Oake.
Mare In a deep riisb a la jer of sweet fota.
toes (cooked or raw), soiu btsol buileranda
layer of sugar; ?da nutmeg or olnnatu n as
taste lequlies.anl strlpt ol pastry; repeat th i
laver, cnTrr ?Ith r ell blsi nil putry, but have
i e imstry ratbsrtbln, If t >o thick it will ab?
sorb the Juice, peur o'er w-t?r suOlcienl to
rc.ver hecobbler. link* slowly for two l.oui s.
i ... plenty o ?upai and buttery sn i the w.? er
will as-Initiate mid make ? rieb die ?log.
Police Commissioner Verdier
Visits Portsmouth.
Mr. Verdier Reported to Have Said
Notice Must Be Taken by
Norfolk Commissioners.
Will They Hew to
the Line?
Sovernl daya i\p,o Tint Vihuisian
published an account of tho arrest
in this oity of Officer Warren, of tho
Portsmouth police foroe, for being
drunk on tho streets. It will he ro
menibrred that ultor Mr. Wurren
wbh taken to the police statiou by
Ollieer Puss, that at tho instance of
Deteotivo .luiuea and by the oousont
of Cupt. Ivii g, in clinr^ro of the
elation, Officer Buss, withdrew tho
obarges aud Mr. Warruu was re?
Copt. King's conduct creatod
something of a sensation on account
of the decapitation of two otlicora
previously, tor doing
Tho only dilVereuco in tho reoords as
they now staud id that tho Mayor
feit duty-bound ami susponeded at
once Cbiofs Jretlell aud Murruy,
while he has allowed Capt. Kiog so
far to inovo along in tho even touor
of his way unmolested. Why this
discrimination, will doubtless be
explained at the next mooting of tho
It appears, howovor, that tho
Commissioner "will how to the lino
let tlie chips fall where they may,"
uinl haw taken the trouble to visit
Portsmouth to secure facts. 1-ieurn
ing that the Commissioner had been
to Portsmouth Tub Virginian sent
one ol its staff over thero to recou
uoitro yesterday afternoou, who
talked with the Portsmouth officials
ami learned that n Norfolk police
man nad been
visiting portsmouth IlAHS,
and that Mr, Verdier had been so
The Virginian's reporter inter?
viewed tho Mayor and Police Com
niissioncrs. ol Portsmouth with re
card to developments in the case of
'lbe Mavor waa found at his resi?
dence, No. 431 Randolph street,
"I think," said His Honor, "that
the report of tho trial as published
in Tuk Virginian is substantially
the tamo uh tho record iu my office.
"Buss, the Norfolk ollieer, who
nintlu the arrest, etati-d on the stand
that the Portsmouth ollieer was not
drunk, but that he bail been drink
ing. i
"I think 1 can eeo how Officer
Basil 00tue to arrest Ollieer Warren,
as 1 understand thut iu Norfolk an
officer in uijilonu oven when off duty
is uut allowed to loiter on another
officer's boat, aud when tho Ports
mouth muu, us ia claimed, was seen
"tiOl.SO in ani< git op saloons
"and disreputable bouses and talk?
ing to negro women on tho btroet, I
sco how Ollieer Bass arrested hiro;
but as he would prefer no charges,
of couree Officer Wurreu could not
be held.
Mr. Verdier seems to think that
the Norfolk CoiLuuissioLor? will havo
to notice the matter aud came over
to tee me about tho evidence iu tho
the case."
'! be reporter then eaw Commis?
sioner King, who baid:
"Mr. Verdier eauiu over to see
nie yesterday about the evidence in
tho VVarreu case. He seems to think
that ou investigation bv tho Norfolk
Commistioners is necessary, and he
reviewed tbo evideuoo quite extou
"The whole affair, to my mind,"
said Mr. King, "haugs upon tho
fact that after tho Portsmouth offi?
cer was reieaHed Capt. King tele?
phoned to our deparinient that ho
wus drunk, and an ollieer was sent
to Noriolk to bring Warren to
< ommisaioner Friedlin was next
seen anil ho stated that 6iuco tho
trial ho hud resigned from thu
Portsmouth RoarJ.
"Yes," said ho, "Mr. Verdier
called on me and i took him around
to eeo the Mayor and togotuer
wk ai.Jj went 0vb8 the evidence.
He seemed of the opinion that li
Officer Vinnen wan arrested iu Nor
folk on a ofaarge el drunkeausss and
released,soniu notice should bo takon
by the Commissioners.
"lu tny opiuion," "Bill Mr. Fried
lit), "vfliuu the Norfolk ollioerH die
covered their bill oder the tried to
maku it as ligtit for Oflieer Wurren
hh possible oti bis trial, for tboy
knew that his couvietion upon a
charge of druukeuues* by the Ports?
mouth Commi8Niouotd would ouly
make tbeir position all tho more no
comfortable. However, please un?
derstated that this is only tho pri?
vate opinion of an ox Commission
er," he nddrd.
While looking for the Mayor, the
reporter saw tho Oliief of Ports?
mouth's Polico Depnrtmout aud dia
covered that Ollieer Warren's visit
to Norfolk had been ropaid by
a norfolk bciistitute,
who entered in uniform a bar near
the navy yard. The oflieer on the
beat has reported him to tho Nor?
folk department.
At tho next meeting of the Nor?
folk Police Commissioners the mat
tor will be brought up, it is under
stood, by Commissioner Verdier.
What the decision of the Board
will be cannot bo determined.
"Onarlottb Cohday" and "Fran
rtr.i.oN." -As previously aunounned
Mrs. I'otter and Mr. Bellow will bo
Been at tho Academy on Thursday
aud Friday evenings of this week.
In the uotico of tbeir performance
given in Buffalo tbo Bonnier, of that
c ly, had the following to say:
"Mrs. Cora Unpthart Potter has
oppttruutly realized thut the inclina?
tion of the tlieuiro going publio in
this country is not toward the grue?
some, morbid aud unbnly passiouA
anil conditions as pictured by Zola
aud others of his class. The charac?
ter of Churlolto Corday is to an ex?
tent n morbid one, but her raotivos
ore high, if mifguided, and her self
sacrifice inspiring. It is tho motives
thut makes a play or au action hor
nblo or heroin, 'Therese Haquiu'
won horrible, 'Charlotte Corday' is
In Mrs. Potter's production of
"Chorlotto Corday," wbioh is in
four acts and six scuuos, history has
been followed snlliciently for dra
n.atio purposes. The character
seems to perfectly suit Mrs. Potter,
aud she pluys tho earlier scenes with
a quiet repression of force that is
porteutotiH, hut fascinating. The
supporting company is good, and
especially is this the case with Mr.
HousA'fl Band ?This brilliant or?
ganization of first clasH musicians
will givo one concert at tho Academy
of ftlntio nest Monday, tho 21st,
SonsB will have two brilliant assist?
ing artists at his return concert to
be given in this oily. The soprano
will bo Miss Myrtn French, of Now
York. Tlio other art tat is Miss Cur
rie Duke,the daughtor of tho famous
Coufederate (ieuural, Basil Duko,
aud a violinist of luarkod ability.
Additional interest will be lent to
Konsa's concerts by thoso aocom
plished artists. The sule of seats
will open to-morrow at tho usual
prices?25c, 50u, 7?o and SI.
.Tustico Burroughs disposed of tho
following casos yesterday and was iu
I court several hours:
; dame ? Biggin, a ooloiod boy,
charged with lorgiug the name of J.
\V. Downing to an order on tbo
Empire Bhoe Company, on Church
street, aud getting u pair of shoes;
Andrew Freeman, colored, steal
iilg a wutch and chain from Andrew
Purvis, colored; continued until to?
James Luck, white, breach of the
pence; continued to lpt1)?
iloury Wright, colored, stealing
an oil barrel from E. P. Roberta;
twenty daya iu jail.
Kail it Sinn?
Mr. H. Ii. Wise, a well-known
borse trailer of Norfolk, was quite
painfully injured by a fall from bis
buggy yesterday. Mr. Wise is a
very heavy muu and with Mr. J. H,
Kobinson. of fcldeutoo, N. ?., was
driviug iv horse hitched to u road
buggy by the station-houso about
1 o'clock. When in front of the
st?li;>n-bouee door a bolt gave way,
throwing Mr. Wise over the epattc-r
board, lie received au ugly out
ovor his right eye aud several
bruises about tho face. Ho was
takeu luto the station bouse aud bis
wouuds dresNed by Dr. Hunter,
Kletllui) of Officers.
Castle Virginia No. 69, Knights
( I the (ioldeu Bule, has elected the
following ollicers: W F Gregory,
commander; E J Wbitehurst, vice
commaudtr; J M Hudg^us, seoro
tary; Oeorgo W Camp, treasurer;
(ieorge F fiale, master at-arms; J 11
i'oweil,prolate; 3 W Tarrant,herald;
J W 1 hayor, warder; J E Barker,
: sentinel; E J Wbitehurst, M J Dod
j son, E_?l_Henry, board of trustees,
4-oiiii: Bravely on.
stock taking is going bravely on,
Ye good people of yo Clreator Nor?
folk, appreciating a gooil thing
when they see it do patronize homo
folk, when tliey know that tho old
timer,reliable jewelry establishment,
15H Main street, is offering best
goods und best work at lower than
! Northern pneos. Call on Green
I wood k Bro.
flraud < iviiriuu-i t> %ulc.
I Beforo taking iuveutory, stock
I must bo reduced. Price and cost
I loot sight of in our eudeavor to cuu
: vert the goods into "inonoy," See
j prico list in last Sunday's VlROINlAN,
I Prices out lower I un ever before,
1 and all over the store.
Wright's, 196 Main street.
I A few of those tailor-made over
? coats still left. We are selling them
i at cost for cadi. Nic?ols Je Wallace,
UC? AlAin sliest.
IHE filJLiEIll
Held by The Chamber of Com?
merce Last Night.
Mr. DaWson McOormick Presi?
dent. Full Board Directors
Will Meet 22nd. Business
Men's Asociation Invited,
Noted Speakers.
Tbo ndjournod anno'al meeting of
the Chamber of Commerce was bold
lust eveuing. Tbe meeting was
called to order by Captain N, M.
Osborne, vice-president, who pre?
Too reports of tbe presidoot, sec?
retary and treasarer were deferred
to nu adjourned meeting to be held
22d inst,
Tbe election of officers and a
beard of directors resulted as follows
without opposition: Dawson Mo
Cormiek, president: N M Ushorne,
vice-president; Jobn L Boper, eeo
oud vico president; Washington
Taylor, treasurer. Board of Direc?
tors?B P Loyall, A Myers, M Um?
stadter, O U Edwards, it A Hudson,
J G Fiveasu, Bobert Johuson, J T
? Heid, Barton Myers, it W Stires,
W T Walke, B H "Wright, M Glen
uau, W T Cooko. Von Hermert.
After the eleetiou of tho above tbe
meetiug adjourned to the 22d of
January at 6:3U o'clock,
BfSISKSB UEN'S association,
A meoting ot tbe directors of the
Busiuesa Men's Association was bold
last night and among other bnsinesa
transacted, as advisod by Tim Vir
qiman, redoiutiouB were adopted
luvitiug Mr, Thomas Marticdale,
chairman ol tho Canal Commission
of Philadelphia Trades League; Gen.
Angus, of the Baltimore Amerioan,
and Commodore Marshall Parks, of
Norfolk, to discuss before a meetiug
of the Business Meu's Association,
the advisability of opening up a
great, lulaud water way, from north
to south, via the Chesupoake bay,
the Albetnarleand Chesapeake canal.
Tho prompt action on the part of
tho HusiuoBs Men's Association will
impress the country with the fact
that Norfolk is alive to tho interests
of the Atlautio trade and will co-op
erutu with any sister city iu its de?
Carrier vs. itnuio .4 acute.
Tho Police Court was engaged for
soveral hours yesterday betting a
cbargo of assault preferred by a
carrier of tho Laudmark against two
routo agouts of the Pilot. Judge
Neely represented the Landmark's
carrier aud Mr. Small tho Pilot's
routo agents. The Pilot's peoplo
charged the boy with taking a paper
from the stops of tho Morrimao Club
aud stopped tho youngster on tbe
streut und searched him, Tho yoiiDg
man, as a vindication, charged them
with assault, which was sustained to
the t-atitdaonon of the court, '?ud the
route agents were lined $4.75 each.
Lamp llxploatuii on tlio Washing?
Tho explosion of a lamp in the
alleyway ol the steamer Washington
at her wharf yesterday about 12
o'clock brought out tho lire depart?
ment, but their services were not
needed, as tbe bauds had effectually
extinguished tho llamoa with water
from tho river. As there was con?
siderable smoke, it was, however,
thought best that Chief Iiynn
hb r.id turu on a stream, which wits
done. Tho lire occurred in a part
of the beat where there was but lit?
tle woodwork and the damage was
A Q it tint i on inewurecl.
That emergeucy remedy, Quratol,
has made wouderful cures of ocxe
ma, pimples, ringworm, face ertip
tiouB, sprains, boils, erysipolas and
inflammatory awmliugs, bono felons,
rum .-Kinds, ulcers, old sores, soro
throat, inflamed tonsile, soro mouth,
fever blisters aed i>kin diseatos. It
cures othors, it will cure you. Only
a few months in existence and more
testimonials of prominent people
than uuy other preparation on the
2 . u. itlaal at iiru. avsikh*
Walter C. Masi, doing a genera]
drug business at No. 308 Main street
under tho firm uacuo of F. H, Musi
ir. Bro., mado on assignment yester?
day to Bobert W. Mallett. trustee.
The liabilities are estimated to be
about $2,500. It is thought thut
the resources will pay out.
I tilled M:.ten Court.
The United States Court, Judge
Huglios, presiding, was in session
for a short while yesterday, Tbe
jury for tho trial ol criminal cases
wan called, but owing to tho absence
of Uistriot Attorney Lassiter, was
adjourned till to day.
Ill Olli. Ii 'limes
People overlooked tho importance
of permanently beneficial effects
and were eatislled with transient
action; but now that it is generally
known that Syrnp of Figs will per?
manently cure habitual constipation,
wtll informed people will uot buy
other laxatives, which act for a time,
but finally injure the system.
< icariiia Male,
Special low prices will bo offered
by US lor the moulh of January to
ruduce stock previous to taking iu
veutory. Save money by buying
now. Chapman & Jakeniau, jewel
eis, corner Main and Bank streets.
Chapman A Jakeman are offering
special low prices iu jewelry und all
goods iu their lino this mouth. Ask
their prices, Corner Maiu and Bank
Maj. Blood Will Go Ahead Regard?
less of the Council.
A Virginian reporter visited the
old aloishoute yesterday to see the
oondittou of the property, what im?
provements, if any, Maj. Blood, who
now has possession, is making, aud
the obaraotcr of the people who have
been oconpying a number of the
rooms for some months past by the
grace of the Counoils committee.
The building is a massive pile of
brick, stone and mortar and in very
fair condition. There are a few
looks and window glass needed, but
in other respects no repairs are re?
quired. The people who have been
allowed to oooupy Ihe rooms aro old
women aud children and objects of
the truest obority.
Maj. Blood called at Tue Virgin?
ian otlice yesterday and said he had
not applied to tho Councils to es?
tablish au Industrial Home, but that
be asked the Councils to arrauge for
a work house as a publio institution.
Tho Industrial Home, he said, was
to be oontroled by private parties,
therefore be felt justified in going
ahead and npplyiug to the publio for
suoh assistanco as tho moneyed poo
plo of Norfolk felt disposed to give.
That tho affairs of the home would
be m charge of a board with Mayor
Petit as president. Ho has author?
ized Mrs. Ida Swindle to solicit con?
tributions, and that she has received
some money wbioh she desired dipt,
Burroughs to take os treasurer, but
he refused.
Maj. Blood says that there are
about lifty rooms at the old alms
house wbioh can be used; that be
will not turn the families now in the
building out, but will cause them to
niovu luto other rooms. He says
the refusal of the Couuoils to order
tho workhouse will iu no way inter?
fere with his plans for establishing
the Industrial Homo.
In regard to bis antecedents, Maj.
Blood bays be is a native of Massa
chusetts, that he went to California
in '51 aud remained till '68, came to
Virginia from Washington in 'ill
and was in Richmond in '1)1; lived in
Washington city about thirty years
ami was in tho secret service and
newspaper business. He is married.
He expects to receive such salary
as may be allowed after nil expenses
at the borne are paid. He says if
Justice Burroughs don't act as
treasuror, Mr. W. P, Ashley, Clerk
of the Market, will,
I want every man aud woman in
tho United States interested in tho
Opium aud Whiskey habit, to have
one of my books on these diseases
Address B. M. Woolley. Atlanta,
On., Box 360, and one will be sent
you free. we&aa
Bananas, apples, oranges, lemons,
potutoes, ooious, oabbage, pours,
etc., at wholesale, Goo. H. Dawea,
110 Water street._
si k trr i kos.
IfBRRlMAC TRIltE NO. 'JO, t 0. R. M.?
ULjfBrellirou: Your presence 1? .loslrnl ?t
soar ? Uiucin 'liilt- ? Wvdntsdi.y'?; t>LKl-:i',
j.DUjrr 10th, 1895, ?t 8th run.
Twen ?-isrj )>a!t* facts wll! to a io; tci
Members of all ?lkur Iribiia are LOiaia'lj In?
vite tu attend.
j.ii6-n J. E, DUNBAR, Ja.. O, of it.
Sawed, Spill and Delivered.
street euon io I, Norfolk, Va.
Personal aud prompt attention given
to all orders.
RUDD CK .V. 8Av D9 havo rpened n
sliot) at .no. 19H Chapel street f ?r the
purpose ot conducting Ilia US and
Sili ETI RON BUSINESS Its ots i nd i ut?
ters repaired in b ?t n aimer at short
jal?-tf 199 Ohai o\ street.
The most sxnnl ito lino ever ibowQ in
the c tv ami tlio Urg.st a-sortruoui 111
all the new .out UaL.ty patterni iu > am
brio, Nainsook aud Swi s. THE NEW
MADEIRA. Als. a handsome line of
AH O Cr Embro denes for Vokoa in Very
tine aud dainty e lects We make a s e
cialty of hue und dainty patterns for
Wears Showing tho larro-t aulntnst
compl- tu lino u.ur Lrousbt to tbis mar?
ket, in all tbu latest fun1,;* out. The
new Liuro. Knollsn and I'lauwn Laces,
which .ire ti e newest aud tatost thiega
foi ?6,
A very large lin? of Torchon Laces in
all vri.ims aud iusertings to match.
Our Motto: Low Prices.
88 Main Slreo*. Under Academy ot' Muslo
Shoes 1 Shoes I
8U? Church street, u arly uyv.?iio
I WeuU street.
weiTiii.k tciftM?Jt&'r
Forocuf for To-tl?T>
wi.HmHrpi. l). li. January 15, 139&
? D>.,| ! For Vlrelnla: Kalo, warmer, emt
I MAI ill erly winds.
I_I For Kurth Carolin t: Bain; wartn
I ar; aoithiaslerly winds.
Mimatubb iLaimo.-Sun rise*. 7:17 a. D>.
aun anta. 6; 4 o. ru : htarh water. 1*41 ?Im., aud
lOiOC p in.; low water. 7.12 a.m. au J 7:36 p. ta.
A Pretty Marriage Yesterday Af?
" A quiet but Tory pretty marriage
took place yesterday evening at tbe
home of Bev, Fattier Doberty on
Chapel street, the contracting parties
being Mr. J. Howard Tnnetall, with
tbs hardware ?rm of White & Dod
con, aud Miss C. Bernye Delaney,
of Richmond. The ceremony was
performed by Father Doberty, Miss
Nellie O'Kueie, of this city, was
maid of honor. Mr. Ohas. Barnard
was best man.
The brido was dressed in a hand?
some traveling anit of brown olotb,
with hat to match, and held in ber
hand a prayer book. The maid ol
honor was dressed in a beautifully
figured silk, with Vandyke trim
minus, and carried a olueter of La
France roseS. Tbe newly married
left on the Washington titeamer for
a tour North. The bride was the
recipient of a number of beautiful
If you have failed to be cured by
other medicines, try Dr. Beave's
herb remedies. Office, 257 Queen.
in i.i?.
BOOLB? At tin' to M n o of her ion.
Mr B. a 1 null, No. 114 Brambletou ave?
nue, J uesJav uioin n ?. January i6tb, at
7 o clot k sa 1.1.L1C ISOOLK. Bged74 years,
bclu-.eil wife of Dnvid S Boole.
'1 be luneral wilt take i.laeo from tbo
res deuce THIS I Wednesday) AFTER*
NOON. January ICth, at 8 o'clook.
Treu!? and ae uniut?nco< respectfully
in-, ited to attend
HI. 113 ? 115Ban. StreaL
30ukolh,. VA.
Monuments and kxmmm
Heady for imtuodla.'.e deltvory
Slack ol Druas, Fancy Alleles, tic.
By virtue ol a deed of assignment executed I
by Walter ?'. Ma?sl to me, as liuate, datud j
Januar? 15th, I8S5, and of mioid,l hivi-tluai
d. y taken late mr to?-c!s on. as inch Iruit.e, |
al, the itock ol Drugs, I . u .y Arilt'le?, etc.. to- I
(r'.licr srl h too Sxtuies unJ utipunenancca li
the samo belong log, contained iu nore No. 20s I
Mala street, Not o k, Vi
A suitable Sgent baa been placrd In cli?r e \
of I he said i took, who will, for a lltulie I ilmr, j
' Uder my direction, rell mid ato It by ro ail.
Perseus desiring anything in tue hL.iyq hie
w I: tind it to their interest o exa iueaiid
Ti n t *.
Norfolk, Va., .January 15, 1695._j*lti-2t
Corduroy Yacht Caps,
Largest stock in thu city.
Walter J. Simmons & Co.,
O'Neill's! O'Neill's! O'Neill's!
JNO Oi'.O.-,
Sporting and AihieticSupplies,
87 main Street, - - NORFOLK.
In the weather always brings die?
estrous results. It checks the cir?
culation, doses the pores of the
skiu and tbrowa the blood of the
body back npon those delicate or?
gans, the kidneys. Then come
headaches, colds, cougbiug, sneez?
ing and the tbonaand trouble! so an?
noying and often dangerous,
The kidneya are tho most delicate
organs of the body and almost tbe
first to sutler, whether in men or
womeu. To keep them in order
means perfect health more than any?
thing else conceivable; to allow
them to become disordered means
certain disease or death. Do yoa
know that there is but one great
remedy for kidney troubles, and
that is Warner's Safe Oure ? This
faot is admitted by tho best sclent!
flo and medioal skill throughout
the world, aud the great revolution
it baa wrought in onring complica?
ted kidney troubles, female diseases
and even liright's disease, and in
preventing the evil effsots of the
season upon the kidneyB has justly
made it tbe most popular of modern
remedies, Your druggist can cer*
tainly supply yon with it, and if
you are wise, you will not be with?
out it, especially during this season.
Finest Winter Toilet Article
An elegant combination of harmless
substances prepared iu snob ? |iuanaef
as to obtain tbe mod gratifying results.
It orms a most delightful loilet Art!?
ole for the purposes for which it is in?
tended. Nothing entnra tha composi?
tion of this inl:r.itabie artiole which
could provo injurious to tBe mos deli?
cate skin: as it is perfectly harmless, it
might be taken internally with entire
It is not only a Substitute for, bnt in
every r< speot superior to Camphor loa,
Gold Cream, Vaseline and like prepara?
tion .
: o j: remodles used for their emollient
effect ponsesset the very ob.'ect ouable
featuras of being stlokr aud treaty: but
tli- s > dofect* have been overcome by tho
production of
It dries at onco, and kid gloves may be
worn imme date y after opi ljiiw.
Tor gentleman a use after shaving, it
statins tTitiioiit an equal, the sensation it
Ero Iu es when applied to the skin baln0
ighly pleas ug.
it is not a "ours all," but It has tha
power of preventing aud removing 8u??
burn. V ind 1 an and Chafed Skin, as well
as "11 oriliiia- y irritations.
It ac a by improving the scftneifc
clearuoss and b. althy tone of the sslo,
and its daily applications teudt to pre*
[?erve it from the a-.-ttonof ?'ryln-r winds,
extreme temperature and the I ke. Prlc*
wltiun tho reach of everybody.
Only 10 Cents a Bottle.
iVo. X--5:SJJ Main ?t.
nead of Old Markot square.
G2~Goods delivered to all parta of tlio
city. Also in Portsmouth, ?erkley, As
lantlo 1 ity. etn.
(^"Telephone No. 346, _
Kemovcil .\otico
Wo bavo removed our Heal Estate of
f.cu ;o No. It! flunk ?tre i. near .Mam,
wbera ive will o pita <d to s.-e our
friends. Telephone No. S8 .
LEt?ii into-. A PKELPS.
fai9 lw Beal Estate Agent.
II trete I i ntjtosi J 5is i Icl i st? j?, C ? f( 11 * it y
Stenography, Bootkeeplog Penman* Ip, Typewriting Ac.. Ac., taughl in an or ugh nn?
practical manner. Kleganl roomi overlooking NortuU llarbor. Student* admitted ii lof"
Urne. Scpatitu ludie's uepartnicnt. lndn >dual imtruition. Day and evening claaaes. Write
or call ou
_1. W. PATTON. Principal.
The undersigned takes pleasure in announcing that
they have taken the
which they have fitted up in handsome style and stocked
and that they will be open and ready for business on
an \ n.il be pltaied to strro nil wi.o miy n*od anything in tbelr line.

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