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Small Talk Items Caught in
Casual Conversation.
Pay Dny. Sewering the City. OKI
dominion Guard. Visit the
Public Schools. A Cr.se ot
Stabbing. Tho Election
JikIc^s. Marriage.
"Rcsd tho advertisement of ,Te3oa
C. Bain.
There will be u marriage ou Wash
ImlOM t-t roet tO-Ulg 'it.
The grand jury completed their
labors yeMetday afternoon.
To morrow will be pay day for
tie workmen in tbo navy-yard.
Tbo work of sewering the city will
tu commenced the latter pars of this
it < ek.
There will bo n pMo ii?mo at tho
?anting riuk tu [tight betweou Nor
folk mid Portsmouth.
Officer Megiuley arrested a mu?
ting ami n oitizeu for fighting T'uaa
<Uv. They were fined So each.
Owing tu sickness, the grand offi?
cers ot ihe Koyal Arcanum did uot
\isit I'or'.eiuoutu Council ot Royal
Ai cxinim.
A mnrnnge license was issued yea
t>ninv to Charles Ellsworth Uiulor
lowed Miss Maltio L. liuttou, of
the oou nty,
Messrs.* Whiteburst k Itiley aro
riuiiin^r preparations to put tho gal?
vanized awning iu (rout of the uew
market bouse.
The bbcniT of Edenton, N. 0?
c?.iu? in witli two colored moon
ehiuers yesterday uud curried them
to ^ Ixfot ii last night.
State Superintendent Massey will
?int the public rcho..!i in this city
today. A special programme of ex
Crcisos will l>c prepared.
There will he an e?brt made to
pov all tho members of tbo Old l>o
oiiuion Guard present at tho next
(uci iii)g to tout u captain can bu <-e
T*110 "Mite Society" will giro a
"Social Ten" iu tho church parlor,
pu Thursday ntteruoou from 4 tit ?
o'clock, All uro cordially invited
ly attend.
Tito grand jury failed lo find a
true bill aguiust lue ju Iges uf eioe
liou, Ac, at Zion's Churoh. The
Case of Kail's Comer was carried
over to the Arn! term,
lu speaking of tuo marriage of
Oapt. .lohu 1'. Brady yesterday, i:
rt'iul through mistake, Win, T.
lirndy, Will is still Kiufrle and ex?
pects to remain so for 6omo time to
A warrant was issued yestordny
for the iirrtHt of tuo negro who
stubbed Mi, Ohusiskey at .Mr. ii. V.
ilsm-ll's aueiiou Tuesday ui^ht.
The negro o aimed be stabbed imu
because he ran into him.
John Johnson, a colored mute,
boot u eruiill boy quite bn Uy ou
Tuesday, lie was carried before
Justice Flay cos, who jumlo his
mother pay a smail liuo und give
Security tor his good behavior.
A Etortjiitr I uliuin >S tilt ??II.
Yesterday moruitig about 2:45
o'clock a mau called ut the stulion
bousQ ii ut t told Lieut. Only, who
win* ou liutj I here, that Mr. .luck
son'.-t liquor store,on Market square,
oiur County Btreet,bnd beeu broken
Into. Lic it. Duly accompanied the
niau to tue store, und after iuvesti
cation, the otlicer suspiciooed that
hin informant was iho thief, ami
aecurdiugly look him iu custody,
lie j.-uve his uumo um L. U. linker,
from New Votk, aud stated that be
badouly beau in the city a few (luy?.
Air. Juukaoi', upon arriving at Ins
?tore, made au examiiialioi of the
|iremisett,but uolbiu? ??! oousuqunuoo
was found to be.missing except a
tn-yclo belonging to Mr, Jackson's
Before n 3 till Henri . f M?, ,m
I> gathered by that tri ineiid?iul? de
st'ii live euglue, mal riu p.it oii tno
11. kc::? v. ?in nuii i oi ;>..)....,, i, u tiers,
?lu h Will ? Lock it? pruKi'ttss ami u.ert
ahsuBter, ?liills ami to er, bilious ir
e.itteut, dumb ague aud n ie o.iktt are
??!? mpdy roll ved aud u ttmuteiy mired
IV Um i fc? it. ?i ul?a wl'iah ;s a bo a
romprouennve htmil u.eji hie, speedily
a.- it ! in Ca e >.'.' il >?; b| ma, biliousue ?,
t on i p tion u ck ben lache, net t nt
u b rbiMihtatisiu und ueitialgia, Agiiitisi
tho In riful e .eels of Buuden chalices of
tempt-rntiirOi o.vj i i ? n wot ? atbi r,
loo ii|iplicatiou to luberioiis lueiiutl
|i rsuits and otucr luibuii vu pre iiili?
c .ii to bo nil. it Is n i ok. trusin-ortbj
ta eguard. It fortitie tlx vsteiu against
<l-iiis . promotes sppe ite.ami -nop,
aiui lias eii.t ton alesn-n u af er t.eoiliia
tiug .tn l . sali ivssting luouses.
sltoa i? eurer?.
Whore do you buy .your shoos?
1 oxpeul yuiir auswar to bo,
Wh ire we cm get the best
St v lo, fit and valuo. 1
(Jim givo you all these.
Adolph Bruudt, Ji '. High street.
Therojs good reason for the pond*
Iniity ol Chamberlain's Cough
Jlomedy, Davis .v liuzard, ol West
Alohtery, Claiton cottuty, Pa,, huy:
"It has cured ptO| lo t!. it our ii'ny
gloiaus OOtlld do nothing lor. We
persuaded them to try a boitlu of
fJliamberlaiu'a Cough Remedy aud
they now rocomincud it with the
rent of u?." '.!.". and ?O cent bottirs
ftu sale by nil druggists,
Lamps, hiik shades, wire frames,
doll carriagos, toilet Bets, pictures,
tables, rockers and everything el?o
ai Crawford's Furniture aud Carpet
Children Cry for
Firt- Vcntcrtlnv.
Yesterday moroinj? about 4:30
o'clock nre was discovered coming
j from out tiio Young Men's Mission
building, on Chetttnut street, An
I alarm was sounded and iu a short
wliilo botli < u^-iuea were ou the spot
and did most excellent work iu I
checking tbo (lames, especially after '
it had gotten a good bond way. Tbo 1
Inns to the building will not exceed
S300, The origin of tho tiro in un
kuown, Tuesday night a siuging
c.j-i met thcro. About 10 o'clock it
biokc up. A tow youug nieu re?
mained in tho building uu 1 enjoyed
a gaino ui checkers.
lr would be weil tc state bore that
the lowor tloor is used as a Sunday
j school room Sunday afternoons tor
youuk men. A portion of thu np
jiv-r part is used as a bulge room for
j the Cbosen Friend*. Another
small rcom is used as a reading
[ room or i-ocial hall for the young
men who belong there. Iu tho
I room mentioned above tho young
! men were enjoying a gauio ol
checkers. About 11 p. m. they
left, "taking care to close up the
htutu mill put out tho liehtH. Mr.
! Louctis, who keeps etoro directly
opposite, pays at 12 o'clock, whim
tie closed, tiicro was neither lights
or tiro to be semi over there.
! About 4:l? Mrs. Hieo, who livoa
aoroes ihr street from the hall, was
awakened from sleep by her baby
crying. In gelling up she saw a
bright light through the window of
the hall and called her busbaml, who
at once gave the alarm. A crowd
gathered uround, but the tiro had
I such u headway that thev could do
no good, except eave tho furniture
and organ from tho lower tloor aud
buch other things on tho upper ?oor
as they oouid.
'Ihoro are various RoppoRitiona
about the origin, but tlmy aro all
con jeoi uro.*. ."Some think that a
oigar must have been thrown in a
spittoon which wai tilled with suw
dust, nud that it (-mouldered for
some time ami Quail; net tiro to the
door, It was impossible for it to
havo caught hum the stove, as it
was too far oil, and thero wero no
lights burning. The building wus
insured for $1,000, which wilt moro
than cover the 1o.->h. The lire will
not prevent tho young meu from
holding Nurviaes this bunduy after?
noon. _
a hlrd llnr of >lm lirnnd Jurv.
The grand jury met again yester?
day nud took the eases o( the follow?
ing gentlemen from /inn's Oburob.
who wero charged with violation of
tne election laws:
Not a True Bill?John Bell,
Nathan Dozier, Lowia Wilson,Jamee
I nigerson, ltichard Marlow, J. R.
Spratiey, Charles Batemau, K, T.
the tollowing true bills wero
brought in: Ueorge Lee,alias George
Wright, felony (two lndictmentg;;
ludward Phillips, violating rovenne
law; Charles Litughy, misoemeauor;
Miles Wright, lnisdcineauor (.four
A I'ttltlftll operation.
Tuesday afternoon a small daugh
ter of Mr. John A. (.'odd was OOtniUg,
down stairs ut tiio father's resiueucu
with u long butpiu in her hand, sho
stumbled aud fell, sticking tho pin
up her nose, It weat no deep that
ihe button on tne end of the pin
broke oil aud lodged eomewhure in
tho uose. l'r. tl. P. Butt was sont
(or '.nut uight and removed
the pin, Sho snfl'ered cousideru
my and found great diilicDlty in
breathing y es i er day, Dra. Butt
and Binden wuld made number ex
animation aud removed tho button,
i he little ono was relievod at ou-.io.
t he operation was a very pniuiul
t:y err tblna Blu?l i.o?Cuaiomera
am l?ol iu lif.nl Wltli itia
niarveloua Kiimiuuii
( hi I'r I flea ?rr 1 ? n.l.
that will never again be possible.
Aio you wise? Iben como early to
day. Don't lot everybody ei*o have
ttio cboioo things before you get a
chance at. them. Our enure et.ick
ui dress goods, iinuna aud hundreds
of bargains. Komember ti e^e price.-,
arc. tor cash only. lianimill'B, 32y>
High street.
a |i precinivrt.
The people ol Portsmouth and
vicinity appreciate a good thing
when thoy nee it. riince we adver?
tised closing out one-third OFF <>k
I kkouIjAK riiKiK we've doue a very
satisfactory hiuino*s, giving our
oustomerj good value for their
money and ut aamo time causing us
to dispose ot good many goods, tso
we wouldn't Imvu to carry the 6a:ue
over. Wu wid Mill continue this
sale until February 1st and give our
many friende a obauoo to buy brat
olaas oboTiiiNCi and woolen under
tMtiOE. Breslauer & Anthony, 114
Qigh streut.
??\o lla\ra;alii ii in nra"
Oav.e into our corner window and
see what we are offering for $0, 10,
I soil Bii.l every unit and overcoat iu
the window worth from $12.50 to
816. Bevy a Jacobs,
? iider Oxford linn.
40 inch all-wool Henrietta (black)
cloth reduced from $1 to 7;'<c.; An
droscoggiu cottons, one yard wldo, !
(Ijo. per yard, 4-4 Fruit of the Loom
cottons, 7c. per yard.
A finl i;cc of paper patterns, One
pattern frco to every customer. A.
J. Phillips.
0. R. Welton A 0o, havo Rome
now things in men's ties ami they
want you to help em to push tbeui
Pitcher's Ca&toria.
Norfolk Cotittcv Cnsnattlea?
.Tbiu"? AI Ion was arrested yastor
ilny for mmuli un Nettie Johnson.
! They had n row in Sweet Canaan
and Nettie wus badly worsted.
A man named Brauoh beat Ida
Henrietta Gary thrashed Billy
Carr, for which sho was locked up.
I During tho soullle sovoral cuts wero
received and others injurod wore
given. Jnntioe Haynes will sottlo
tho whoie bosioeas.
.% Ktnbbintr ?(iiar.
Tuesday night a noe;r.> known as
?"Bat? .Sam" and dim Allen had aomo
words on Ohestnut street. All at
onco Sam pulled out a knife nud I
stabbed Allou in the neck, ou the
cheek and ou tho thigh and loft him
for dead. Allen was carried to his
h<>mo and medical aid was sum?
moned. Sum is Mill at largo aud
the ollicors are on his track, tic is
( known as a bad man.
Examination of iii? Nuppoaed
,M n r?l?-rcr?j.
Yesterday at noon Jnstioe Hawkn
examined n number of persona con
lined in the county jail who wore
suspected of home; implicated iu tho
Laura Davis murder. Tho testi?
mony wuh not Silllicient to hold any
except .). U. Martiu uud Itebeoou
Wilson, who were remanded for
further hearing aud to await de?
Crnaitv ,o ??? < u?iu.
Yesterday morning Constable An?
derson arrested a white woman
named Anne Leo alias Skooter, for
cruelly beating a small obild of Airs.
Anno Mo.Mahon, who lives ou the
suburbs. It is said that tho child 1*
now lying in a precarious condition.
The case will he heard by Justice
I _
Small Items of a Newsy and Per?
sonal Cba.-ncter.
Special DUpateb to The Virginian.
Balbiou, N. ?. January 23.?
Slate Treasurer Tuto to day turned
over that department to William 11.
Wurth. Henry M . Cowuu,the uhhif
clerk, who is succeeded by J. W.
Deumork. hue been in tho Treasury
since 1660. Lruest B. Bain ia sue
caedted by Josopn l'otta as teilur.
It, L. Burkhcud is tho only ono of
the clerks retaiuod.
In tho House ttranoh of the Legis?
lature to day, in the cases ol Abbott
a^EnuM Lyou, from ?Tranville, the!
majority of the Committee ou Eloo
tious reported in favor of the con?
testants, uud the latter wore seated.
The committee ia now hearing argu?
ment iu the uu.?u of liiddtck (Jailing
against L. L. Smith, lrom ?atue.
the contestants iu all these oases
aro funionists and tbo oontestees j
iu the Senate there is also an olec
tiou contest iu progrest, in whion
Harris oolored, contests the seat of
tho Derajcrut from Halifax. The
latter has never appeared. It is
said Harris will ;,et tue seat. There
.. s a lively spat at tho aessiou of
the rouimittec lost night. Chant,
ftmiouiat, said a fraud commission
oucht to be raised to investigate
frauds in U>i!itax and other eastern
couutiea. liu charged that all sorts
of frauds were pcr|ietruted in Hali?
fax. This aroused the wrath of W,
H. Day, who was of counsel for thu
coutestee, ai d be called ?ruut n liar
in the plainest terms.
Josiiib i'uruer. ol |Billsboro, onco
tLe most ardent Democrat iu North
Carolina, in tbo days of reconstruc?
tion, last night sent in a note to the
fusion cauoui*, asking if lio might
address it. He was invited iu nun
mude a long speech.
There ia considerable indignation
in l'atnlioo cuuuty at the elopemeni
and murr.ago of Henry Martin uml
leuu, the 1- year old daughter of
John W, Seweil, iho latter is u
preacher, *,aud while ho was oou
auctiug services Man in induced
lena lo leave the church. They
went to the homo of a magistrate
uud were married, Mirtin had asked
to be adowed to marry the little
girl, but her parents refused per
Ifonr correspondent hua positive
aasmanoo from leading fusiouisis
iu the legislature that the olllce I
.nsurauee commissioner will lie
created and u tusiouiat appoiutod to
Uli it.
The attack of the fusiooists in the
raiiWay commission is based ou the
usaeitiou that it doos not go far
en I.,.i in "holding down" ttie
railways. They proposo to make
tho sol muoh htronger.
Lnrg? extcnaiouH of the Erwin
Cotton Mills, at Dnrhaui, aro now
being bunt.
The Grand Lod?e olj Masons Las
rased S?,?UU to match the liko gift
from B. N, Duke, of Durham, ia
aid of the Oxford Orphan Asylum,
aud tho entire ?1 \ UUU is to be ex?
pended ou building.i.
The "Uefoimed Proas'' Associa
ttou of Ibis Mate is called to meet
here February 6th, dunug the ses?
sion of tbo National Farmers' Ai
domo of the sub Alliances of tho
Farmers' Ailiauoe have adopteil res?
olutions that they will uever receive
AR'tin uh membora auy persona who
withdrew subscriptions to the busi?
ness fund of (tie order, under the
terms of the act of the legislature
oi l?93.
O?'0red Shirts mnt Ifnls.
New Mock of colored alurta, fast
colors, at 7?o. Rlen'a Fedora and
Derliy hats, reduced to SI, 81.20,
Sl.?U and 81.75. M. BoHeiibanm,
116 aud 118 High stroet, Forts*
mouth, Va, I
Mnny Matters to Interest Peters?
burgers in Norfolk.
Spoci ill Dlsoateh to the Virginian.
PkteRsBUIKI. Vo., January 2?,?
Tbo Petersburg Greys will have n
parado aud turret practice 011 tuo
2'i l of February, wbiob will bo fol?
lowed by a banquet at Library Hall.
Au invitation will bo extended to
tbo Lee Bides, of Norfola, to take
part in tbe parado and be present ut
' ho,banquet.
Mr, Thomas j, Cumhoii, of Hair
Island, on Jaoaos river, and Miss
Sarah V, Elder, of this city, were
nuited ia marriage last night ut tho
re.stdoueo of tue bride on i'c.irl
street. i?cv. Mr. Vaiden officiated.
Tuo marriage was followed by a
(?upper nud danoe. The newly made
couple left this mormug for tho
homo of tho groom.
Mr. Thomas \V. Kay and Misn
Zolcman MoC?nu were uuited iu tho
holy bouds of wodlock last ui^ht at
tho homo of tbe bride,
A little child of Mr. George flail,
of Southampton oouuty, was burned
to death it day or two ago. Tbo
mother ha I lelt Iho room for a few
moments to carry some ashes out
into ttio yard, aud during liar ab
seuee tho clothing of the ii'ile one
took lire IroMi tho grate, anil was
ho badly burned that it died shortly
Tho indications all point to the
fact that Petersburg will hive a
tir.-.t class baseball c.ub next seu.-iou.
L'uin ia iho oouceuMis of opinion
among ball players heie with whom
1 have talked to-day,
lieury Jouos, a colored hod our
rier, fell from a Udder at St. Jo?
seph's Catholic (Jiiurou, now in
course of ooustructiou, this after
noon and was badly mjiired.
A very interesting and unusual
ease was trind in tho county court ol
.Surry yesterday. Thomas Biggiu,
a deaf mute, charged with horse,
stealing, wan on trial. Kivx 111 was
uot educated in the doaf aud dumb
language and a jury was sworn to
aecertaiu whether ho was sane
or not. On trial ot Ibis question
the court instructed the jury that it
they believed from the evidence that
tho urisouer did not havo suliicieut
iQtolleot to understand the coure of
the proceedings to make n proper
defence, to oi.ullengo aud strike ofl
jurors and to oooiproheod tho de
tails of the evideuoe.they should Hud
him not of -ou,..j mind, Tbe evi
deuco hhowod that R ggm was intel?
ligent aud could iiuilt-rsiund sulll
uiently to do any work that he was
I directed to do, but that no oun
could commuuiouto to him what
were his rights to tho trial. The
jury very prouiply brought in a
verdict that he was uot of sound
mind for tbe pnrposo6 of that case,
und the Commonwoalth's Attorney
uutered a nolle prosequi.
Mr. \V. T. Lawrence has tho oou
tract for paiuliug the now St. Jos?
eph's Gatholio Ohuroh,
i'ho exocutivo couiuiitteo of the
Virginia Normal and Oollegiate In
slitute met iu that building to-day
and considered the applications of
eoruo twouty or more applicants for
tho pohiliou of eugincer. Mr, A. ii.
Sudler was elected.
A largely attended meeting of the
[subscribers to the stock tuat has
been raised for the orgaoizalion of
a basoball stock company licro iu
L'etersbnrg, was held at the eourt
uouso to-night. Tue value cf the
^tock is S1? pt-r eboro aud 217 rnisrt?
have been ukeu. R, O. Scott was
elected preeident,aod Charles Cohen
vice-presi'ioLit. These two gentle
men, with F. K, (.foments, if. P.
Harrison, E. U. Blakouuy, Robert
Gllliam and M. Levy, wore < 1 ictod
a board of directors. Tho sei reiary
j and treasurer will bo selected from
among tho d'reotors. Application
will bo made to tho Corporation
Court for a charter. Tbo ludioa
lions aro that Petersburg wd, have
a very good team noxt eeai-ou.
Paragraphs of Interest to North
Carolinians Generali/.
Special Dupstoh to tho Virginian.
Elizabeth City, N. 0., January
21).? Miss Lena Sbult/,, of Newbern,
M, C, formerly of Elizabeth City,
is visiting friends here.
I There will oe au oyster supper at
tho V. M, 0. a. rooms ou Friday
night of this week for the heuetit of
.ho ST. M. 0. a. und the W. (). T.
U, Every one should go and put
ronize it.
We bear that a cotton factory to
cost $100,0?0 will soon bo eroeted
Tue baseball club known as tho
"Cyclones" met lunt uigbt to organ?
ize lor me ti'-xt season and the fol?
lowing officers wero elected: Malin?
ger, \V, Z. IMirriis; captain, Head
Sauodera; seoretary, J. H, Simons,
aud treasurer, F, li. Sbipp, Tho
club has ou its rolls the name play
ors that composed it last year and is
strengthened by tho ftilditfou of Btv
erM now ones.
Dr. O. L. Stringfleld, of Raleigh,
N. O,, will deliver a lecture on
"Woman aud Her Education" ot
the baptist Church on Thursday
eight, Admission free and every?
body invited.
Naval Newa.
Vallkjo, Cal? Jaiiuory 211. ? An
order has been received from tue
navy department to prepare the
cruisers Langer and Alert for sea.
and the coaling and provisioning of
these vessels is now being rapidiy
pushed. It is stated both vessels
will put to sea ou TburiMay under
sealed orders. The cruiser Boston
is also being rushed.
Vises Have < ome<
Those splendid calf gaiters and
lace shaeB tor meu at tfi.?O aud
83. L. 0. Long k Sou, 210 High
1835 Styles Just Received.
$75.00 to $85.00.
c /\ u l_ and l,g:e the beauties.
No. 103 HlC i ST. - - - POI1TSMOU FH, VA.
Balosiiian unniarrio I. A ilroaa
S!lO!.S, Ui a o :i. o. Jail-It
Bolicits your l> isinoss. civo mo a call
wiitu lu no (1 o( hu KU tiotl or.
.!. ?. UAIN.
jalG Oeucral au< tiuuocr.
Hotel Portsmouth,
H, R. CAiJDNEH, - Managet?.
Eighty-Qve cornniodioui ami wall fur
in.hu I llooois, I'arion, l'r v (? 1.adieu'
Kin ran o au I every couvemeuca.
KlUcistit f it rer all i cliot roceully on
gage t Table nnoi uile i.
UA'J KS ami t/J.6J p r day: t ;l I an I
Qpwar 4 por inouib. Exeelloul butel for
nnuilios _
AUo cheaper gratloi at
Ill, 11J High Street.
Portsmouth, V?.
I.'olt liEXT. - NO. 10? LONDON
1 itraet, eight large room<, front Mini
b?. k porcbia lar^o hall, oily water, pau
try, ulca closet., ilru plao<i lioitor u I
Ktitto* Biul double vur l. Tin? properly
l>.a }n?t liouu paiutod an.I papered
throughout ami is m Urst-olaaa couili
iidii. Ik niy t?u ruiuntea tram ibf ferry
hu i live minute* from ill 1 market Itoat
tJ'i par ruontli tu mm mil tenant. Poised
Muu luimo u.itcly.
l'orUimiuih, Viw
Special For To-day.
?iuger Etna ?. no err pound,
Oy tor Druckers i <? per po nd.
Con leuse I .Milk, H ? per can.
Uuu L'onud u Uoo ? Tea an<i two
po.tnda of Urauulateu Sugar rorttSo.
C. W. HI DO IN* A CO.,
80'2 Crawford Rtreet.
1 OBT?MEDIUM 8I/.B l)t)(l, DLAOK,
.1 J with white brciHt ami lout, with
tail ourleil, aul lia- a ? hi o tip on It
?na er-i to I o name of black, (toward
i( la tat-:0l Wam.iu?tou St. <a:3-lt
Jl r.'-si.two ulwte glas?, 18x81. Ap
piv toj. I,. IslLIddOLY, Hank or 1 <irti
niout i. JaW- t
\\ ? AN i 1 I> ?A tlllll. OK WOMAN. TO
* ? cook, wnuh mid iron. Apply cor?
n?r Fht. to.hi.11 ogbani streots i righ
tou, W. N. tillloUD jn22-it
Bargains! Bargains!
Wo ara se 11 ? n a; 36-inoh Mixed Drnn
(ion I; lovely style?) n ortl? 2 o an 1 H io,
fi r 1 o. All-wool i.'asliiu res. Henriettas
.in . 1'.ui v Mixed I>iens .oo i .. worth fitfa
ami lice, lor Ma mid 1)7>o.
itlaraeiltoa Quilts at 91.25, worth twios
the iiiiniey
Hants L'ndorwoar for 91 por salt.
Oouin' All-Wool IJnderwoar for $1.20 pas
954) I.ii lea*, Misses' n 1 Children's
Cloaks win U wo will sell for much lets
ti.an hall pride. Alsu a ba<iUtlful Ins of
? ii ! Btyiish i o?u wliiou We will
sell at Very close ni<ures.
Try us before you buy. Ws enn sava
you money.
Ms ai,;u streak
Tho lights for tho uow Methodist
Cblirob ?uvo arrived und uro buiug
put tip, '1 ho f urnnca has been or?
dered und it is tho purpose ol the
members to have tho church dedi?
cated about tho second huuduy in
Tho representative of tho Har
riette Weorua Company was in town
Mouduy and Tuesday muiiiug prep?
arations lor tho appoorauuo of ttto
oompuuy bore AluuUuy aud Tuesday
nights next.
The now box factory of tho Urau
ning Mnunfaoturing I ompuuy will
soou bo ready to commence work.
0^125 KXJOYS
^oth the method and results when
>yrup of Figa ia taken ; itisplcaeanl
iul refreshing to tho taste, and art
ently jet promptly ou tho Kidneys
Liverand Bowels, cleanses the ays
cm effectually, dispola colds, bead
cluw and fevers and cures habitun
omUpation. Syrup of Figs in \\
mly romedy of its kind ever pro
luceil, pleasing to tho taeto and ac
reptailo to tho Btomi_ch, promptii
its act ton and truly beneficial in i'.
effect* prenurcd onlv from tho 1110.-;
healthy ana agreeahiosubstances, its
manyexcelleutqualitiescommend it
to nil and have mndo iL the moat
popular remedy known.
Byrupof Fi;- 1 i-- for s.tlo in
and cl bottles by i'!l lending drug*
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro?
cure it promptly for any 0110 whe
w 1 dies to try it. i>o not accept any
SAti FflAKQlljCO, CM.
LOUISVIllt. ?A tV?W YO/lK, (f. C. 4
I.IDUA: !<y special rf iuo'.i front |.attriiIj
at a distance, who can nm personuiiy consult
?He, ?ml Li-til.- .11.?Ms to .iiis?cr th? many riir.
respnnrtenl*, and furnlah ot ?hcri notice :he
Fx?Yot-lle PrescHptlsm. as 1 ?d b) merttir
in^ 11 |ir?cnri-ui twenty
Ave years, b*vi? . i,n
srnlwi 1(? prepare and
supply ti> you Ibis 'in
riv?ied romedy tor Fa
mute I rre g 111ar 111ev
Tho climax of lueillcal
chemistry sttHlnod la
I>r. llttrktinrct's
IVrl.rMiT.I PlllB, he
/^?&y\ Ins six decrees Rlroo^er
<^/y\ ?-V?V' than any Itnown medi?
cine. y>>'. to mMd thsv U10 feuMofl c?i> n?W<?
Uiom with psrfcet security : jret 10 powerful
in then effect* Iii?' thry can Im safely called
a N-ver-Kttldne Kegiilfttor. Each bos con?
tains fifty pills, with full liireciiinn enclosed.
Price, rive Itollam psr box. Sold by drug
rlttt or snut by mall upon receipt of price.
Refuse all patent medicines. Take, only ths
preoared proscription of a physician In prac?
tice. Dr. H. Curb; llcarkliartl. Iba ra.lubls
specialist. Ofncs. 10j Park xvenus. Baltimore,
Hd. Cut this out (ei lutu*? relaraac*.
Short Breath, Palpitation.
Mr. G. W. McKinsey, postmaster
of Kokotno, Ind., and a bravo cx?
soldier, Hays: "I had been severely
troubled with heart disease ever
since leaving the army at the close
of the late war. I was troubled
with palpitation and ehortness of
breath. 1 could not sleep on my
left Bide and bad pain around my
heart I became so ill that I wai
much alarmed, and forbunately my
attention was called to ^
I decided to try it. The first bottle
made a decided improvement In
my condition, and five bottles havo
cutuuletely cured me."
O. W. McKINSEY. P. M.. Kokomo.Ina
Dr. Miles' II?n.rt Cure Is sold on a posi?
tive guarantee that n>e first bottle wiil
benefit. All ciriifriit-i soli It aid, 6 bot
tl-H for V>. or It will bo gent, nrenuld, on
receipt of price by tbo Dr. Miles Meillcai
Co.. Elkhart. lud.
Sold by All Druggists.
Duplicate Whisl
< srdi,
an I Illustrated
I rfk ul I U 6?.
Na.iou .1 uieihod.
Before Duplicate Play. 83 Commerce St.
For Over Fifty Years
Soothing Svrup
hud bean used for children while teeth?
ing, li aootln-8 the child. aotten* the
UUuiB. aiiay. ail pu:u eure? wind chonc,
regulates the muninoh an i bowel*, and
Ik iho best remody for durrh >?%. Tweu
tv-tive t'onts u bottle -old by nil emu
gute throughout the world. ael6-gu,W,
fTalobeetrr** Knrll.h Illamenil Brand.
Original and Only Geoulne
a.rc, alwar. r.U.bl*. LA9ltt.ll
fr^j^WS'tJi*??"<< l" Ho* ?< <-'?I*
H ? _. j' J i n.i?Ui. h.i?Y ai.lfc) ?IIb blut rib
?A Take ?? otber. t.tfuti
'danytrutt rulJlifurtr.. ... Inllnli'ML
flrsigt.U, -ii l.a. 4f. It tum?, f
D.rlloul.r., taitun.Bl.l* tti It?II
..adit*," In l?tt*r, by return "~
" :x:
ItMl kf ?11 Uwl BtitlUM.
MM f?
i ilajg,
i?.oeo tV.pmoBUii. V.i?i P*ft<
ChloB.eeter Ckeaaleal Ma4U?n gqii?re|^

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