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Toll. xtjViiij?no. <u:
?11 C1ISI.I
TUf?? Hundred and Flftu
Passenyers Lost.
emu about Twenty Souls pre
Heartrending Scenes. The Passen?
gers Are Asleep at the Time
of Collision. The Sad Tale 1
as Tolci by Two of ttie
Passengers of the
Fatal Ship. Tho
Earely have tho wires Dashed newts
rf snob direful nceideut u.^ the
?inking of the North German Lloyd's
C?4t steamer E bo off tho English
const at yesterday's sunrise. An
unknown vrs.-el rammed her on the
port aud before the frozen ropes
could respond to the frantio efforts
of the orew to lower bout.--, tho ves
*ol I ad beguu to sink und wus EOon
swallowed up.
Of tun passengers und crew of 380
only twouty were resoued. These
were lowered into boats und oller
terrible I a feting with the sen were
i ioked up bv n fishing sinuok und
carried to Lowest oft, where they
ruve out the terrible details of the
London, Januar; 30.?Tho North
Ocriunu Lloyd afeamahip Elbe,
hound from 13remeu for New York,
was sunk in u collision with n small
steamer fifty miles off Lowostoft
early this morning, rib'* earned
}>H souls, Bill twenty one survivors
tiave been lauded, but a few others
<uay still be afloat in one of the
ship's small bouts. At 10 o'olook
this evouiug the u um bor of lives
lost was given out ut 850.
?nit: suit vi volts.
The survivors were landed at
Lowostoft by the tishiug Btuaok
Wildtlowor at 0:40 o'clock tins morn?
ing. They uri : (Stollberg, third ofli
cer; Neusscl, lirsi engineer; Weser,
paymaster; SSohultbeiss, Liukmeycr
Mid Bitting, assistant ptiymiistora;
(F?rst* chief atokor; Viohe, steward;
"Wenning, Hiuger und Seibort, sail
ors; Dreasuu aud liatko, ordinary
eoamon; Deharde, German pilot;
lireeubam, ICuglish pilot; llofman,
Lugen, Scblogel and Vever, oilivtial '
saloon passengers; Uolthuu, u stoer
ego passenger, und .Miss Anna
UolViunn's borne it iu Nebraska, ?
ff la wife and boy went down With]
ihe ship. All of tbein were
IN A I'll I VIlTili CONDI i io.V.
Tho pusseugera were but half
rlothed. iheir few gurmeuts were
frozen stiff, ihoir hair was coated
?with iee, and anxiety anil effort hud
exhausted them mi completely that
n.ey had to bo helped ashore, 't he
oOicers and sailors were fully dress
fd but their clothes hail been
drenched aud frozen and they had
lieou almost
rAUAr.Y7.UI) WITH cold and FATIGUE.
They but) boon ashore three hours
tieToru I hey hud recovered siilUsient
)\ to toll the .-tor. of tho wreck.
Their aoauuuts agreod upuu tho fol?
lowing points, I
Tho Elbe Ii ft Bremen on Tuesday i
afternoou. Tho few hours of the j
voyagu before tbe disaster were mi- |
eventful. At 4 o'clok this morning |
(I e wind was. blowing very haul
?Uli I
Tho morning wits unusually dark, i
numerous lights were seen iu nil
directions, showing that many ves?
sels wero near by. The captain,
therefore ordered thai rockets
thniihl he sent up ut regular inter?
vals to warn tho eruft to Keep otil oi
the Kibe's course. It was near to U
o'clock and the LI be was some llfty
Dilles oil* Lowestoft, ooast ol SuU'olk,
when tho lookout man sighted u
steamer of about 1,?l) ? ions up
proaehing. He gave tho word aud,
<is it precaution, the n um her ol
rockets was doubled aud they wero
SOlit Up at short intervals. Tho
warning was without offoot. The
steamer came on with unchecked
ppced und before tho Elbe could
ebuugo her course or reduce her
speed noticeably, there was tho
The Elba was hit nhuft her engiuo
rooms. When tho hiuuII steamer
wrenched away an enormous hole
was left iu tho Elbe's side. Tho
water poured through and down in
the engine room m u oataraot. The
room tilled almost instantly. Tho
jngioiis wore i till ami the big hulk !
(began to settle.
'1 ho passengers wero in bo d. Tlio |
fitter cold and rough sea had pre*
rented auy early rising, and uono
except the oilieerB and orevf on duty
were on deck when tho ship was ,
Btrnok, Tho shock aroused every?
Tili; STEERAGE was in a l'amo ?
iu n moment uud nieu, women and
children half dressed, or iu their
uiKlit clothe.", cuuiu crowding up tbo j
cotupauiouways, T?ey bud buurtl
tliu Bound of tusbiug water aH tlio
otbet steamer backed otV aud Lnd
full the Elbe lureb and sell!'.'. Tbey
hud urusped Ibe fact that it was then
lifo or death witb them aud almost
to u mini bad BUCCUtnbed to their
terror. Tbey eluug togeiher hi
groups, faeiug tbu cold aud etorni
or prayed oa tboir kueea for do
liveranoe. Tbo oilieers aud orow
were calm, l or a lew moments tbey
went auioog the terror btrickou
groups, irymg ?o quiet them aud
encouraging them tu bopo tln?t the
vessel uiigbt ho suved. li was boou
apparent, however, that the Kibe
was aettliug bteadily. The oflioei'b
were conviuced that sho was about
lo founder aud gave orders to lower
the boats,
[a a sbort time threo boats wero
got alougside, but the seus were
breaking over the eteatuer with great
force aud
before anybody could get iuto if.
The other two bouts, which were
lowered at about tho sumo time,
were tilled quickly with members oi
the crew and hoiuo pa.sscugor:-, but
the uutuber wits btiiall, as tho boat*
could bold only twenty persons
each. Tbo bout carrying the twenty
ouo persons who were lauded at
Lowestoft, |>ut off in silt-U haste
from tue sinking steamer that no?
body in it Dotioed what became of
tho other boat. I ho survivors bo
lieve, however, that sbu
Thoy Bay that they lossod about
iu Ibe heavy Beas lor sovornl hours
before they sigiited tliu Wtldiiower.
Tbo little smack bore down on tbetu
tit onoe anil took them aboard,
L'boy were exhausted from excite
tin .'it mid exposure. Several of
them were iu u .slate of oollapse aud
uud t > i>e carried aud dragged from
one boat to the other. Alma Anna
Uuecker, tlio only woman in tbe
party, was pro-truted us koou us
ibey got clear of the l'dbe. She
loy in tho bottom of tho boat for
live hours with tho sens breaking
over ber und tbo water that bud
been skipped bn'.f covering ber
body. Although ber physical
.-trcijgtb wus gouo,
aud did not utter a word of com
plaint and repeatedly urged her
eotupauious not to mind her. but
look niter themselves.
Llofmuu's leg was burl severely
while bu was cbangiug boatb. The
survivors cannot h;iy too ujtiob in
praise "l the Wildflower's orow,
who gave them every possible at
I pou landing, tbo survivors wero
taken iu charge by B, ,S. BrudbooR,
tho .German Consul at Lowostoft,
who heul Bomo to the Sailors' Home
and others to tbu Suffolk Hotel.
Miss Uuookor, who took passage for
Southampton, will probably be ublo
to go to London m a day or two.
Curl llobininu who cume anh?re
in the iVildilower, mud in uu inter
vie w:
"My homo iu (.irarid Island,
Nebraska, 1 had my wiie uud boy
of 7 with me ou tliu J-'.lbu.
for I became separated from thorn
and hardly dare hope that they
have been Baved. 1 urn abroad to
visit rolulivoH in Oermauy und
(lin ing the lust (our mouths was
accompanied by my wife und
boy. We left Urcmeu for home ou
I'uesday, 1 was asleep iu our state- |
room wheu a noise like a gunshot
awoke mo, 1 jumped oul of bed mid
spoke to my wiie, who had been
nrousod us suddenly. I asked her
what she thought tLo trouble was,
but she Boomed to pay no attention
to lt. 1 was not greatly alarmed,
although 1 heard Boullitug feet and I
"I hurried into u few of my
clothes, however, and went to tno
upper deck. 1 saw only too clearly I
Iben what bad happened, I rushed
l>i low and helped my wife and boy
tnrow on a few clothes and we Weul
Oil deck together. Tlio excitement
uud eonfnsion cannot bo described,
1 never taw anything like it. Ev?
orybody seoined to have lost their
wits. The scene was distressing be?
yond uuytbiug else I ever biiw.
nlon, women und oliildren were run
mug about madly, tho women
screaming with terror uud every
mau gtdiing into ouch other's way,
Tbe darkness iucreased tho contu?
sion and (right. Suddenly J heard
from the womon Mhoru uro no moro
boats.' I tiieu BttW tlio men at the
(levits. I noticed that tho ropes
were fro/.eti ho hard or were ho tan?
gled or BOtnethiug of tho sort that
the sailors hud to chop them franti?
cally to got tbo boats clear, Tno
Bailors were doiug their beat,
however, and worked with
I Continued on third i>uyu%
H Hl HuliNT
The Sonato Finance Committee i
Will Not Report,
Mr. Vest Refuses io Vote for Any
Gold fJoiuis. His Sharp
Speech. Mr. Sherman
Acknowledges Inabil?
ity. The House.
- ?
Bv Southern a<"wiato l rro?t.
Washington, January ill).?Sr.x
ate? If there hud beou any linger?
ing hnpo left that tho Finance Cum*
mittee oi the Seuate would be able
to agree upon some measure of fiuau
oial relief ut tho uresunt sessiouisuoh
hope was definitely dispelled in tho
course of the discussion which broke
out immediately after tho reading of
tho journul to day. One of tho lead?
ing Democratic members of that
committee, Mr. Vest, in presenting
resolutions of the .St. Louis Mer- j
obauts' ISxchauge, favoring legisla- j
fiou on the hues of tue President's
message, look a firm staud against
any Bitch legislation aud expressed
the opinion that the "Meiehunts' I3x
change had not civou proper con?
sideration to the subject aud did not
represeul tho intelligent opinion of
a majority of tho people of Mis
sou ri.
Ho declared tbat he would never
vote to issue one bond for tbo i
purpose of Hecuriug gold, in order i
thul Ihe country might remain ou a
singlo gold standard. And ho ro
plied, tu a question ns to whetbor
tho Finituce Committee would ngreo .
upon a plan, that there was not tho
slightest possibility of it doing so.
A leading Republican of the sumo
committee ? Mr. Sherman ? ex?
pressed the same opinion,saying that
tho Committee on Fiuaucs wui ut- i
terly helpless to deal with the ones
liou, and thai the best thing the
Heuute could do would Vie to dis?
charge the commit toe from its fur?
ther consideration, take up the tun
jeot'itself aud givo ueoesssry relief
io ibo country.
The Senate prooeeded to tbo con
Bideratiou of executive business and,
having ratitied the Japanese treaty,
adjoiirued at 4:50 p. m.
i'he liiianeial debate was precipi?
tated upon the .Semite ut tho very
opening of ibo session. After pre?
senting the tele.-rams and resolu?
tions iiwui tin.- St. I.oiiis .Merchant's
Exchange, Mr. Ves! said:
?'Mr, President: 1 have vory
great respect for the St. Lotus Mer
chants' Exchange aud lor tuo
opinions und ?ist.es of the geutle
meu who constitute that body. But
1 urn uuublu to meet their viotrs iu
regard tu tho recomiueudatious iu
ihe President's message. 1 do not
thiul. that the Merchants' Exchange
of ."it Louis represents tho intelli?
gent opinion of tho majority of the
people of Missouri, l do uoi think
us members have giveu the proper
consideration to the effect of the
recommendations in His L\
oelleucy's proclamation to Congress.
"It is 0 selfish suggestion thut the
principal part of it is to ho pstd by
posterity. The obligations ou this
Senate in regard to posterity are ns
binding us they are to tlio present
generation. Wo legisluto not ;or
ourselves alouo, but thoiiu who come
idler us. And it might just us well
be said that \vu euu ignore Ihe au?
tonomy of tho government as lo
future ages aud leave to our do
aceudsnts problems to ho Bottled
v.l.ich might involve the country m
till sorts of dilllculties us lo say (as
tho President suggests) that we
must look ulotie to the present and
let the future take c.-ire of itself,
"Mr, ['resident, with groat re
Bpeot to Iho St. I.outs Merchants'
Exobauge, I dony iheir facility us
BOOthsayers in regard to liuuuce.
?'The Congress is now buiug as?
sailed because it will not put this
eohntry permanently on a gold
standard basis, aud will uot perpct
nute the iiattonul banks us bunks of
circulation, Tho president of tho
United States bus issued a procla?
mation of war against tho silver im
sue ol bonds, and ho seeks now ( I
do uot speak of his motives, hut of
the results* to make those of us who
do uot boiievo in a single gold stand
ard accessory to the destruction of
silvor mid to tlm perpetuation oi the
System to which ho is devote.I.
"Is it possible that inlelligout
men believo believe that tho Presi?
dent has not now- the power to se?
cure nil tho gold necessary for tho
treasury, CVOU On his own theory iu
regard to flnanooV 'iho Secretary
of the Treasury openly avows (aud
the President repeats) that they
neoil no more money to meat the
currency expoutlitures of iho gov?
ernment. Vet the impi ession is made
on tho country that unless Congress
gives additional legislation power is
taken away from tho executive, aud
, Ibo country will bo involved iu ouo
I common ruin.
; "Mr. President, under tho rc
I sumption act (so called) tho Preai
| dout of the Uuitod Mates bus tho
powur to mam) ii pereaat. bonds or
I per cont. bonds, the latter to ruu
thirty years, These bonds eau be
idiuIo (lie bonds of national bauk
eiruulatioo, And the President
therefore hau in his bauds all tho
power uccoasary to seoure all tho
gold ho may think should be put tn
the Treasuuy of the eouutry.
"livery intelligent mau knows
that a I per cent, running :'.() years
would i>o tlio ideal bond for tho
national batiks. Every ouo knows
that the national hunks aro inter*
ested exceedingly in a single gold
standard and iu the porpetuatiou of
their powor for the 13.-110 of circula?
tion. The President of tho United
stutr-- wishes to force us lo be uu
c laessory to the siugle gold stand?
ard. I wish to nay lor ouo ilia*
never, never, in a time of profound
peace, will 1 vote to issue one bond
by this government for the purpose
of securing gold tn order that the
country may remain on a single
gold standen!."
Mr. i:ulloui?"1 would like to
hour from tho Senator whether tbo
ITiuauce Committee is likely tn nr
rive at tho adoption of any policy
which would produce more money
for the use of tho Treasury."
Mr. Nest?"It would lie propor
that the chairman oi the committee
I should answer that (piestiou, but in
bis absence 1 venture to remark that
I do not think there is the slightest
possibility of tho Finance Commit?
tee agreeing upon any hill to bo ro
I ported to this body. As to legi? lit
' lion to meet delieieuoics, that ques?
tion is nut now, iu view of tlio
statement of tho Seorotary of tho
Treasury, of any importance. Tho
Secretary of the Treasury stuiod to
me the day hoioro yesterday th.it he
needs no legislation to meal any do
tlcioucies uud that no deiicieucies
.Mr. Shermau, a member of the
committoc, said that the contest,
whether this country should be ou
u standard of silver or on u utaudurd
of gold money, could not ho longer
avoided. That wan tho question
which loomed in tho distance. He
hud hoped that for the present ses?
sion it would not have to be taken
up. Every man who was fumiliar
with the Qoaucial 001/ditiou felt that
it wns ueoossarv to extend to tho
Government some relief under pro
sent circumstances,' aud yet Sena?
tors were told that tbey should give
no relief whatever except with the
adoption of a measure for the free
coinage of silver.
"He believes that iho adoption of
the system of free coinage of silver
would degrade the natum among
too liuaueial people of tlio world,
among tho business men of tho
world, yea, among tho laboring men
of tho world. It would do so more
than any other meusuro that could
be devised, if, therefore, tho choice
lay between u gold Btaudard und a
silver standard, and if ouo or the
other must he adopted, ho waa for
that standard winch was the Li^lu-st
aud liest, und which was tho siiiud
ord of all tho civilized ami Ubristiau
nations of Europe, while the other
standard hud boon rejected over and
over again.
?Tint," Mr. Sherman continued,
"1 huvo always believed und I still
believe that both silver uud gold
ought to be maintaiuod ns tbo circu?
lation of this eouutry?gold us the
highest measure ol value in all our
commercial relations abroad and as
11 basis of our commercial and bust
uess rotations at home, and silver to
bo used to tho largest extent possi
hie, so long as it does not demone?
tize gold. 1 urn 61 that belief now,
hut I urn bound to suy that tho
Committee on finance is utterly
helpless to de.il with this vast ques?
Mr. Hill contended that the first
duty of tbe .Senate was to ascertain
what was wanted by the admiuistra
tiou and the treasurv; whether it
wanted temporary relief or Bomc
elaborate legislation involving a
onaugo in the currency and tiuau
ciul ayatetn oi the country.
.Mr, \ est interrupted Mr. Hid to
Btate that the president in bis mes
sage said there wu-- not a deiioieuoy
but it surplus, but mat it was not 111
.Mr. Hill replied that thero wore
those who thought tho President's
1.unsure took 11 rather cheerful
% tow of the condition of tho linaucus,
However, ho cubed attention to the
fact that the estimate of tho Secre?
tary of the Treasury suggested a
deiioieuoy of 81U,(h30,OOU. The
Senat?! should have it definitely de?
termined whether any temporary
IIuanoial legislation was desired or
something more radical, lor the reu
sou tbut ho bolioved |ttlO country
should bo put aright on tho subject
so that tho administration might
deal foirly with Congress aud Con?
gress fairly with tho administra?
Mr. Hill BObmiltod n resolution
and asked its consideration, direct
nig tho Secretary of tho Treasury to
inform tho Senate whether it wns
necessary or derirnblo that legisla?
tion ehould be bad to authorize the
issue of bonds, Treasury notes or
other EOCliritius lo r< ali/.e money s for
tho purpose ol paying currency de?
ficiencies in the revenue und, if so,
1 VonlinueU on jllfh pay ft,]
I Sil] { II W OVER
Every Trolley Line in Brooklyn
in Operation.
tho Strikers' Places Nearly All
Filled. The Proceedings to
Annul the Charier ol the
Brooklyn Heights
P.y Southern Aaaooiatod I'resa.
ItaooKiivx, Jauuary Ut) More
troops wero withdrawn from tho
streets o( Brooklyn to day, All hut
n few companies of tho Second Bri?
gade were ordered from their posts
to their armories und hold there in
reserve. Some of tho regiments
will probably l>o dismissed to mar?
row. Tho second buttery broke
camp ami went houio Huh evening.
Tue withdrawal of the troops was
the result of a couferoooo between
Mayor Sohitcu und Brigadier-tiou
end McLoer, They decided that
the pence and quiat ol tlio city was
pruoiioally restored und that the
police could take cure id such dis
turbauces as stnl continue.
The strike Itself is over. Tho
placos vacated by Iho 0,000 men
who cpiit work ou .1 unitary Mth,
have uoarly ail boon Ii I let! iiuil every
trolley lino iu the city was in opera?
tion today. Tha strikers to-day
have directed their attention to pro?
ceedings before tho Attorney (Jeu
oral to uuuitiil tho charter of the
brooklyn Heights Company uud iu
r hiitKui have moved betoro one
court for u peremptory mnudnmus
agaiust the Atluutia avenue railroad
to caoipol it to operate its hues, und
before another court for tho arrest
of its president and superintendent
lor violation ?l tho ten hour law.
President Nortou, of the Atlantic
aveunu line, when asked what olVeol
the issuance of n mandamus against
his Company would have, replied:
"Wo uro mulling an tho cum of
our line which have not boi n inca?
pacitated by strikers. We hold the
city responsible for tho damage to
them aud it is not our fault that
they are uot now running. Wo have
plenty of men aud will run our ear?
ns soon as we can repair them,"
At 0: 10 p. in. car No. 1 1 11 of the
Fiatbusb wvoutto lino was nttnckod
by a gang of strikers uour tin.- res
ervoir opposite Prospect Purl:. The
moturmau, Benjamin Middlemur,
was pulled from the car und beaten
ami was dually rescued by Special
Uilieer Lorauge, w ho was riding ou
the cur. Some one in tho crowd
stoto ihe motor bundle of tho ear.
Assistant United "-dates Attornoy
Roy said this afternoon: *'l have
looked Up the statutes in tho care
and Und n law which positively for
bids tiie uso of sigUs ou u vehicle in
which mail is not carried. 1 Inno
been informed that tlio com
pauy claims to Imvo bean
given tho right to put these
signs on their curs by their contract,
ii this is so it is in direct violation
o: the lew, which is positive on ihut
point. I ho attention of the district
attornoy has been onllod to th i mat
ter of tlio company carrying cars
with the nigii "l ulled Status Mail"
attached to them which curs carry
uo mail."
The Case Against tbo Brooklyn
Heights Company.
Uy "Southern Asao^utto l Pros*..
AtiUAXY, N. V., Jauuary ;l I,?The
hearing before Attorney General
Huiicook this morning on the appii
cation of .lohn Gibbon, master
workmanfof District 'Assembly 1?,
Knights of Labor, und Andrew best,
master workman of District Assem
bly 76, Knights of Labor, to com?
mence action against the Brooklyn
Heights railroad, was set ior mi
c.'.-lock this moruiug. Qibbeu ami
Best wero present, attended by
Congressman elect Wm. Sutzer and
James A. Dennison. Raphael J,
Moses were uiso present in tho in?
terest of the strikers. Editor lira
ham, of tbo Mercury; Johu li. J-'ife,
of New York city, und T. J. Mo
tiiiire, of Amsterdam, member of
tho Oeueral Executive Board of iho
Knights of Labor, wero present.
Tho Brooklyn Heights Company
was represented by Thomm? S.
Moore, of Brooklyn, and William O,
Trail, Of New York.
It ih asked that action bo begun
to annul the charier id tho company
for failuro to properly oporato its
hues during tho Rtrike.
Mr, Moses addressed the Attor?
ney-General saying ho did not. ap?
pear us tho petitioner, but he de?
sired to be present, being interest*
od in the case us the counsel obtain
nig thu maudamus is, io compel
tho oompauy to run its cars.
Mr. Moore asked an opportunity
to put in answering affidavits for tho
company. This would tukotwoor
three days, Presideut Lewis was so
busy ami counsol ho tied up with
legal proceedings thut uothing oouid
bo arriiugod iu tho way of a reply
on the au?rt, uotico given.
Col. Douuiaou ausworod that the
company win ouly seeking delay,
i'lici charges n iw laid wen; identical
with those made before tliu stito
Hoard of Arbitration und before
J ml r Qnyuor, and tbe uouusol had
hud three distiuot opportunities to
an.-wer. I'.vcry dny'a delay moana
hundreds of thousands dollars los?
uud a trcinoudoua inuonvouioueo. It
bIho involves l>i;; losses to mer?
chant'!, i ho counsel wcro not died
ut Iho einliest hour Tuesday and the
company's officials oerttuuly bud
time to muko u denial.
Col. Uenuisuu Bald bo would
muko bis otiso largely on I'rosidcut
Lowis' admissious,
Attorney General Hancock an?
nounced that he would bear tho
arguments, mi l if it becainu neces?
sary mi adjournment could then he
Col, Deuuisou thou hogau his ar?
gument, which ho said was on bo
half of thoKeiierul publto mid not
uu rely tor the striker.!, Ho asked
uo assistance of the attorney gen
end in tho effort to settle tho qnes
1:011 of wages or anything of that
s:>it. Tho theory ho brought tho
notion upon was to stop the enor?
mous iuconvouiouco and loss to tho
general public. The ground upon
winch tiio attorney gouoral was
asked to interfere was louud under
sootiuu 1708 ol the code, The com
pmy had been godly of acts speci?
fied under this section which made
it possible to annul ils charter, 'i ho
situation showed that tho company
which originally bad threo quarters
of ii in do of track had leases of
other roads which cave it about 8011
miles ol track and bo understood il
churned 11 capital of 816,000,000.
The men might work for 10 cents
a day ii they choose, Unit wits not in
the question here. Tho disregard
of lives und property bud resulted in
drnwiug out 10,000 troops,
Mr. Moses objected to delay. At?
torney General liuuooek saul be
would adjourn tho bearing and serv?
ing of uOiduvita until Monday at '2 p
m, counsel for tlio petitioners to be
hoi yed .Saturday.
Freight tram No. Ti, louthbound,
on tliu Louisville ami Ntishvilu
road, was wrecked last night near
Uroenville, N. 0., by a split switch.
Big lite u oar* went off the track
and tratlio wns delayed for soverni
hours. Conductor (Jogill was eligin
ly injured.
Sutiirdntr*, l-'ubrunry via. Wo Will
llarc ?Mir i.'runil opuulng ol
II iu.nr v,
I biuk of the prioes mentioned,
which ilofy competition. Ladies'
Hue silk Uuisbod hose, worth otic.,
uow !)5o. or :> for SI.00, Ijadies
hose, worth 30o., uow lOo. Ladies
Beam less hose, worth l?o,, uow Uo..
or pair lor 25c. Children's Lab
hose, worth i'.'io., uow 12 Jo. Gnu
(lemou's j hose, worth 25o., now 0c,
Hose uud half iiose trom 5c. u pan
up. I!. A, Hai ndkhs.
I iro i\ lariu.
An alarm of tiro was turned in
box 15 about I o'clock last night,
but tbu department was not in set
vice, the alight bla/.oou Muin street,
near Chtiru?, boiug put out by pu
See Oliver's leaders iu umbrellas
"Newest Discovery."?Ext. teeth
no pum. N. V, D. Looms. 162 Main.
- OP
Tuesday, Jan. 29, '95,
AT 10 A. M., AT THU
Norfolk Horse Exchange.
To be sol 1 for Iho high dollar, o n
.; ?ri-- I to Us trOIU the I ,|loW Uli Well
known shippers; A. Ashler, u tit-ad of
?ors s < 1. U i on, 3) head o llureoi
L. (.'eii.laus, .li bum! Ot noises; 11. W.
Purr,'25 neaddf Morses; V. K. Hafer. 28
Head of Horses, .loo Ken lig, 116 Ii ad ol
Hi,i ns. Itibort H?ndige, .0 heal of
Uoreesi ^m. ?I. Heart, Poplar Planes
Ki., M bead o; Mulos; Maxwell A Orouob,
?j , head ut Mulu.. John tleloian, 60 bead
ol Alu.es.
our usus) tomis will l>e observed?ab?
solute sale, no iiv-biiidlng. Twenty-four
hours'trial and if stock isnut mm repre?
sented. VOUr money Will t>o re uudod.
Wo wi ll to cull Uio intention oi tho
public to tiio fact that wa have auction
aal * every t'UBSDAY and L'KIOAY, and
also that vp have ou hind, for private
gale, u largo hue <>!' ilor-os aud Mules,
the KdCltuj-MoCldlu Lire Stosk Co,,
59 and 69 L2 Union streu^
~F. L. SLAOE & CO.,
Railroad, Steamboat and Mill
WOOD PULbHM of all Bizo*; f.ATH
mills em Buy knipk ohindeks,
Ml N?ON'? & PAGE'ti LEATH lilt BELT
lNii. PLVMO? ill OOKUAOE; llOH>i:it8,
all ?ize.8 for steam heating. Agent? for
alaRUaaia sectional Covering ana lioilers
mu Btcam 1'ipes.^
8 Market Square.
The Probable Union of Central
American Republics.
Government Officers State No
Official Confirmation of the
Announcement Has Been
Made. The Sentiment in
Mexico Increasing.
I)y Houlbom AB-iicialod Tress,
City of Mexico,;Jauuary 30.?Tha
announcement published bore this
morning that tbe Ci ntrul Itepublioa
if Nicaragua, Hotulurau and Salvu
dor, with Costa Rica to follow,
b-oulil form an alliance with
luutemala iu the ovcut of troulilo
nib Mexico bus caused con
odernhlo oommeut. Senor ('astol
lauoiis, tlio .Salvadorean minist- r
here, on being iuti rviewed, deuied
"laving any knowledge of the mutter,
und government ollii nds statu that
no uflioial conlirmation of tho an?
nouncement bus been receivod. Tho
formation cf Buob a C entral Ameri
aau longtin r/ould doubtless tend to
increase tho fust rising ptihlio senti?
ment in Mexico against Guatemala,
Panama, January SO.?The Stur
and Herald says: "Tbe (lovornor of
l'olima, commanding tho troops of
Ibis State, has started north nt thoir
head to meet the revolutionary
forces. Tho (loveruruout troops have
occupied Niuvu und Irahuquiu,
Tho department of Autoquin is
coining to tho nupport of tho Gov
erumout, Tho revolutionary forces
huvo been intercepted in Toiinm
and all the Liberal loaders huvo been
imprisoned. The revolutionary
movemout is widespread. '1 ho Gov
irnment is exercising a rigid ouu
snrship over the telegraph ollioes.
Many citizens iu the State of Pan?
ama are offering thoir services ta>
iho Qoverumeut.
I The One 'filing Needful |
In uiy busiueu ieexpcilenc* v
I Have It, I
and tuy cuitouicra ^
Get the Benefit of It. S
What a Difference.
Tho not cash cost of FIFTY TitOO"?
?and d d.l.AHs insure 1 upon your|lit? in
ANY of tin; Now York lifo insurance oom?
! uii b Will p iy forSEVBNTY THOUSAND
<)N .^AML" PLAN iu tho Northiveetorn.
[}. Huniphreys & Son,
MAYER :&( co.;
Railroad -:- Steamboat
fj'Mill -> StappH?!*.
4 end 6 West Markat JSqttar^
Norfolk. Va.
1 will sell fo.- tlio n-it ten i'ays ALI.
RU?BF.B aO?D? .Vi 00 T. A rino line
of Ik.IIoi' und gouts' Bhoea at prices
low< r ihm o\er. U ve nio a call.
Jl. J, MAl'Dti ?.
801] Church atreei, u ?riy opposite
Wood streut.
, Son & Co??
Commercial ancr other business papot
dttw nogoliatftrt ou favorable t?rim,
Ouy livauaa and other decuritioa bounul
"llopoetta reoeirmian.t aooounta invited]
interest allowu.t on timo deposits.
Balo i oposit lloxo? for rout. Oharftas
"SrawWUso? Kxutianice andmakocable
*$&%ot*SX im*i onprinclo**
cities of the world. ?**?

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