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and Bwcet us u rose? tho
young woman who touos
1 ?p her system with Dr.
[ 1 lorce'8 Fnvorito Pro?
scription. It is a certain
I euro for all tho ailments
peculiar to tho delicate
rgauization of women.
It is perfectly safe in
rauy condition of the
(^jfcj. system and always
V I ??^?^rohablo. regu luting
fiitiwfi' the debeato organs
|to preform tooir
work painlessly.
Women have sallow
faces, dull eyes, hol
!ow cheeks, and low Spirits, when suffer
ng from disorders, derangements and
weaknesses peculiar to their box. Health
Is regained,!after periods of dir./.intws, ner?
vous proatratioD, pain and excitability,
or other manifestations of derangement
or displacement of the womanly organs,
When tho "Prescription" Is used.
antees a
Atttfi tiimitittt of thii clatt, ftre Hnrj or Istt, 24
OSMl tor one intertton: BO emu for Mm.
*> kcojier, tin general store manager, HI
office part n r, SIS; traveling talesmen, sTA and
expenses; farm foreman, Particulars 100 Main
? In* ffeS-lt*
laundress nitli ex. . lie t record freut Isst
?muio/tr i-un be seen at l 0 Mam streot,
M a ..I snlcsl d\ in dry goods slo e a. u
k' >? n> learn drV coods hi.slncts Addrcs',
?iiii rof<reuec' II,"cute if Virginian,
1 rooms, wlllt .r without boar J, at r*a< u
able tales. Apply at r.'i Bank street. fe'J-lw'
4* periem d slioe talesmen In wholesale t nd
retail business Addrcts EMPLOYEK. csre ol
N irglnlan olli< ?. fe2? t
ii pleasing uddrets lor position of trust loa
unta l< party;good salary will bspald. Ap?
v'y after 10 In tue uioruing, Haddington build*
fuc, room lift_ja^lO-w ';'
f.-)- TO $50 PICK WEEK U8INO AND Sl.1.1,
O--' lug Mid lb liable Plan r. everj lata ly Uas
t ity. woin knives, forks, spoons, xtc: uulskly
plated by dipping In nulled metal. No ex|>e
flence or I n .1 work; a Koud situation. Addrtss
V P. II VRRISON .V CO., acrk No. H.iolnni
kus, Ohio.
M S7.Vou month salary or large coniniiuion,
selling goods by snupli to dealers; experience
uuneeexary. write tit; wo will uxptalu; fur
?salcd |i iiiiiiau so oil stamp. HOl'SEIlOLD
H K< IALT1 CO., 73 Fourth street, Cincinnati,
Ohio- ta
granite i|uarry at ^i.1 ? n. n n. a W. lt. I:.,
near Petersburg, lot further Information
apply to J. P. I'AXSON, Indian Hirer Teh
? ;ite, or P. O. addiess 10 Bank sirerl, Ni rfolk,
Ya._ JalMU.ft3w
?1 nged 10; ha- had three rests' cxreritnee
?- shipplUK in I billing il<tk for wholesale
Louse. Aii iro-s "II.," Virginian office. js3l-3t*
*? eonipanion to gentleman's wife and little
daughter; no work and en sil.ry, but a pleas
*nl home. Addreis BUSINESS, VI ruin lau
?.ilice. _jaSl-tr
WANTED Lady ageuts throughout Vb>
?1 glnta to handle an article that sells on Its
noil'. Address 321 Fifth avenue 8. E., Koa?
jiake. Ya._uelM
desiring side Hue to take or iors by
?ample: staple s. Ill r. easily carried. \Yo
|iay expenses and salary or ooiniuisaiou
unit furnish sample on applieat'on. Ad
dtees Lock box 126, New \ork city.
tain hoard and comfortable room
with privat,, family. Tern., inoilei.tu.
references exchanged. Address W. s.,
care Virginian. m 10
YW ANTED.?S|iec!al Advertising Canvai'cri,
*1 familiar wiihjtrtuiiuui mcrcnantlletrade:
money maker ol IS? Also clever fciui-ral
Canvassers on gioatcsl ?fl'.t r or the da* STAN?
LEY BRADLEY, A i: 10,81., New Yeik.
Highest price pal i for <> t Itagfl. Iron,
?t'oppor, Uriisa. liottles Ito e, Caurass,
tto i BUilNYDElt, 128 Watsr street.
-Co*p*riner?hip a..-...nils regulated and
-Books opened and balanced.
Acci.? kep: in Arst class condition st
nominal cost.
-Tracings made ai thort notirc.
-Estimates ,.n a I (ia..,k r.t i\ork.
-?All biohicss strictly i onndential.
We have oxpi rl< hi I ar,i , xp. n a, nintants
end drouehUiueii and an give thebo?t service
ehtalaaliH In this line. A iiostal and our Ken
reseiilative wlllcall. JOS. L JAM KS A CO
.aeWiillui_Norfolk, \a.
new VAClfs. ^"'ssi
Featurei and l.tuovathig Itlemlahes tu 150
isge Inios for a slaiiip .1 ? m % is. ami. .
li i;?,i 7 \V im street, N. w York. In. ?
?color of W o. .lb ii t'h I'aoial Roan.
/ > i i i .'
K/ li.,
almes Aurloornl at the Breakfast Table."
"Conan Doyle*,'' "Poets" hl.-! sll riiin.iarii
|>oe*s, at reduced prices, NUSBAUM, Us
liaiu street.
nATC__lei I he finest I t.-n Meats,
w* * ?5 Beef. Million and Veal.nicely
butchered ami always fresh,at reasou*
able price* mid delivered free, call at stall
><>. _r. B. HTOisSllU. ic20
fEO. W. RAMSEY, dKr?iis.n
Vecctables aud ?ieneral Produee. Spei i.itiy
oi Irish and Sweet Potatoes. Stalls Wand
5T Drugs, Patent Medicines. Totlel Articles,
( i^*i> ami lobacce. W. V. PHILLIPS,
(It Main i.l net _^ _ H 0
mit UK NT
etdtiirliiniwnM of thU clast. Hi* ui?t ,,< .?.n,t-,
crtil* for im iniei lion: 60 emu fur lhre$.
Iwo Warehouses oa Tiiuis' Wharf.
Nu.i1.it fronting on Idlsaiietb mar
<\ uclioa-o "( " li..iilin^ mi 1 ayclle aud l.co
at reels. Privilege ol I ho use ol wharf,
App j io
J. W. PERISH ?'<>,
d?28-tf tin Pioperty.
j west of Urituby ?triei on Freemason, with
j.i con vi nlcuce* hi-., bath and st tont ion.
l;i i. roi in i xehiinged; inojoiats reut. A lan is
11, R II., tar.- Yirgiuiau._de. -J il
One or two gentleman can obtain a nicely
rmni-tnd room, rent rally located, with all
Slodern ? nvenlenccs, Inofudlng batn, gas and
rat. Mithin Ihres minutes walk oflliecleo.
rio 11 ne. A. O. K,oaro VUglnlsn. uol0>tf
: ?Arsoi. feuilaoit for dui.maUor. uvl
Items of Minor Moment in the
Course ot a Day.
Civil Service Examinations. Cor.l
Shipments. Schooner Sold.
Liquor Case Decision Re?
served. St. Mary's Mis?
sion. Yacht Lou.
Mis. X. D. Bolt is visiting rela-I
tives iu Baltimore, Md.
Mr..7. \V, Womack, ugeut of the
American Hook Company is nt tho
Atlantic Hotel.
Dr. A. Coke Smith baa returned
from South Carolina,where be went
to visit bis mother.
Judge Preutis, of the Circuit
Court, was boroyesterday und heard
a tuocbauice' lien matter.
Tho union meeting for tho study
of tho 1 uternatiounl Sunday School
Lesson was bold at the ST. M. O. A.
last night.
Tho postollice civil service exami?
nation takes places hero to day in
tho United States Court room at the
Dr. Tudor's subject to morrow
night ut tho Cumberland Streot
Chnrcb will bo "Queen Esther, or
Know Thyself."
The schooner Frances C. Smith
was sold yesterday by United States
Deputy Marshal Cross to Messrs.
French & Cole for S186.
A mission to bo conducted by tho
Paulist Fathers of New York will
open in St. Mary's Cutholio Church
no.\t Suudny moruiug.
Tho special water committee of
the Councils will recommend that
gang wells be used iu couueotiou
with tbo present water supply oi the
The shipments of conl from Lam?
bert's l'oiut lor tho week eudiug
January 31 wero 4.0,708 tons. The
total from January 1st was l'yl.Ml
At noon yesterday Clerk of the
Market Ashley rented out'tho huck?
sters' staut! in the south end of the
new market building, tho price
ranging from $4,50 to 'J?c, only
about 5*1'? being realized from tho
thirty-two stand- rented.
The Bteani yacht Lou, recently
bought by Messrs, Hill, Consolvo <v
Taylor, to bo used in t ieir business,
arrived here yesterday from Kieh
moud iu command of * ant. Hogers.
1 be Lou is about forty feet long,
with n width of nine ieet. She Cau
make twelve miles per hour.
.ludgo Uauokel yesterday heard
the argument of Messrs. Colo and
Sbultioo iu the caso ot tho Comtuon
woaltb vs. 0. A. Merrcll, indicted
for Belling liquor on Suudny at tbo
corner ot l'riucess Auue avenue und
Chapel street. Tbo defeuso denied
tbo jurisdiction of tbo court mid
moved to quash tbo indictment,
.ludgo UuucKol reserved bis deci?
Tbo frieuds iu Norfolk will bo
deeply grieved to learn of tbo death
of littio Frank St. Cluir, only child
of Mr. und Mrs. Frauk St, (Jlair, at
their Lome in Wytbevilte, Va. The
child was wonderfully bright and
iutcrestiug, and uns l years uud -1
mouths old at time of death. To
t be bereaved parents Tin: Yiuui.n
Ian tenders heartfelt sympathy,
Court oi .". i>... ii ..
Lv Southern Associate.I Press.
Richmond, Va., February I.?Tho
following were tiie proceedings iu
the Supremo Court ot Appeals to?
day :
tioanoke Brick and Limo Com?
pany ngaiust Simmous ; further ar?
gued aud submitted.
Jobu Brown ag.'iiust tbo oity of
Richmond; argued aud submitted.
I'liur liidnuri!
Thprospect of rebel from drattio
cathartics lor person* troubled with
constipation is poor iudeed irue they
act upon the bowels, bu this ttioy no
with violi n e, au i ilieir operation i utla
to wcakou tr.e Intestine*, md > i>i ejii? 11 -
ciai to the ?touiHOh. tlo.Uettar's Stomach
Hitters is an ettectual laxative, out it
neiihoi-grines not oiHueble*. Kurther
more, n promotes iHgestinu and a regu?
lar action of tin- i: ii an: tie kidneys,
it ? t.n efficient Imrrtor against and
remedy for malarial oumplaints ami
rheumatism, aud is of urcat benefit to
n. o weak, nervous aud aged. a>u medi?
cinal Stimulant II cannot t>o mir. a?sc t
I'hysiciniij 'ordially reooiunioud It, aud
it- professional indorsement is fully
bor no out by i opi Lr evpotienco. Ap
pi t.te au I eleop are both improved by
this agreeable inrigoram aud altorative.
Ilridnl i'r.-Hi-ni-..
Tbo stock ol sterling silverware at
"Tbo Casket" is the Uuost in the
State. No consigned goods, but
stock ptirebased outright and order?
ed for the special sales of Messrs,
(Ireonwood & Uro, Sterling silver
ton sets, butter dishes, trunks of
spoons, forks aud knives, combina?
tion sets of all kiotis. Articles of
sterling silver from J?c to 8500.00,
Save tune and luouoy aud patroni/.o
'?J'ho Casket."
Hung; IStce Wanted.
Five thousand bushels highest
market price. EI, E. Owon, jr">,
J77, "27'.) Wiser streot.
mit MA Lit.
idvtrlutmentiof thitthut, five Unetor uji, 'i.i
etnli fur one tmei nun: to cum fur three.
I lutllLconiforUblc House, 155 BramMelou
?v. nite; two ?tot les, ? ellai un.l atte-; lie a.-1 by
i Heudoisi u'? Het Mr Piitntee; large, in^ii lot,
; >.ith drirewsv. Pot Kale .mi e.i-v term*, JOHN
[ 11, COUl'BK, jt , 115 Hank street. j".'-lui
'j I u IMJAl' KOK ?ALB-TMK tut.. .1. C.
I Hid." I imi i...i Is well known III .-^uiiuik,
Nonolk or lideuton, and Is a suitable boat to
do u.wiiiK eltli. r In lotf?, Imr.l?-r or v, s\rl Ikim
ness. AsThi- Company lias no u?? for said i?>?t
anyone wishing lo purchase a hargsta can as
certslnprloe asd termt by applying to .1. if.
MACLEARY, t.eueral Mainzer, b. ft ?'. Ky.
Ce.,Suflelk, Va. <l.? a
Local Board met yesterday at 5:30
p, m., with Mr. 0. Brooks .Iohnson,
president, in the oliair, und other
member a present,ns lollows: Messrs.
Heiatoud, llitebings, Lowellyu aud
Minutes of last meeting were read
and approved.
Tbc secretary reported tbut he
had written letters to several oar
ties, ns authorized by proceedings
of hist meeting.
On motion, the matter of lights
on Moron avenue uud Uluey road
was passed by.
On motion, the matter pertaining
to tho Norfolk tit reel Und way Com?
pany was left to the chairmuu of the
ISoard to dispose of.
On motion of Mr. tlitobings, soo
I onded by Mr. Lewollyu, it was or?
dered thnt tho Norfolii Street Car
Company be required to comply
with tho city ordinance iu tho mat?
ter of Oluey road, whore it is iu a
bad condition for travel.
On motion, Mr. Johnson was ro
quested to look nftor the mutter of
improving tho sidewalk of Trout
Mr. J. O. 'J'eugue being present
dosircd to hnvo n number ol photo
graphs of the new school building
taken, expense to bo borne by him
Kelt and 1I10 Board conjointly. Mat- j
tor was passed by for the present.
Mr. Jacques was present aud ad-)
dressed the Board ou numbering
homes aud murking streets iu the
On motion a committee was ap?
pointed consisting ol Messrs. Hoi
stiuid uud Nottingham to determine
and report streets to bo numbered,
It was reported that two pupils
attending tho public sobuol were
not residents 01 the ward, where?
upon the mutter was, on motion, re
lerrud to the .School Board.
On mutitwi, it was ordered that j
tho City Council lie asked to trau?
ler $I?3.19, a halaooe of water fund,
to the School Board ol tho hixlh
Owing to certain complaints a
resolution was passed to have a joint
committee of two from tho School
Board and two from tho Board of
Health und three of tho Local
Bourd, viz: Jl^i-rs. 11 eistaud, Bitch
iugs aud Lewellyh to Iu prcscut sit
tho teBtiug of the heauug and
ventilating apparatus of tho school
building o> determine tho sanitary
WUUts oi the Biiine,
The Board was memorialized for
help in the establishment of a night
school for the workiug olasses,
Much was said m luvor of euch a
school by members of the ward, and
there will bo some {g propositions
made with regard to the mutter,
It wiis ordered that tue proper
committees he remiuded ol the con?
dition of the Duke street bridges.
Bills were allowed uud the Board
The long-looked for Demorest
modal coutest oauic oil' at Colley
Memorial lust night, Notwithstand?
ing the very threatening weatbor a
very fuir audieuoe was iu attend*
unco. The contestants, who were as
follows, were at their best: Hurry
Ferguson, Eddie Salter, Waltor
Sprntt, Sammio Hope, Simwood
.Milier, Walter ITn/.ier uud liohert
Sillsou, tinmmie Hope proving the
most successful. The judgos were
Messrs. Venuble, Mollwame ami
Merritt. All the contestants re?
ceived a prize, either a book or a
knife. Mr.--. Miley presided, and
Mr. Veuornl, one of the judges, pre?
sented the medal, also the other
prizes, iu a very pleasmc und eu
courucjuig uay. It was undoubtedly
a very plea-uut tune.
Miss ISIouise Carroll, of Pin nor's
Point, is tho guest of Mr. Ii. \V,
Gill's family, Wiiloiighby avouue.
Mr. A. B. Walker, of Claiboruo
avenue, returned fruui North duo
linn yesterday,
Mrs. B. T. Harris, of \ irgnau
Bench, v, ill spend somotime visiting
tier sister, Mrs. Itobert Webb, -J."
Marshall avenue.
The oyster supper at the residooco
of Mr, L, .1. Savage, Cluiboruu
avenue, last night was very mueh
enjoy oil by all that attended it. A
Bpeoial programme of music, etc.,
hud been prepared for the occasion.
Tho meeting of tho Vouug People's
Union of lurk Avouue Baptist
Church last night was a very enjoy
able occasion. Quito a largo croud
witnessed tue rendition of the nicely
prepared progamme, The (Jill
brothers were preseut ami added to
the outertaiument with their music,
Bev. (i. I'. Butledge preached in
ii good sized audiciicu at Molvendrou
lu?t night.
lb v. W, McC. While, of Blob
moud, N u., will occupy tho pulpit
oi ihn Pirat PreBbyterian Ohiiroh
to morrow at 11 n, m. und 7:30 p.
in. Morning subject: "Jesus Our
Substitute." Eveuiug: "Sorrows
iu the Service of Sin."
A QtlOStiOli lor KefI I ?-tiii-ii f.
Tho ipicstion raisotl by Capt. duo.
W. liapper in regard t.i the city
lino on Chestnut street 1ms caused
(plite a stir, aud there is iikely to he
some action taken in tho mutter to
settle whether porsons living on tin:
west side of Chestnut street are iu
the city or county. If iu the fornii r,
the city has been losing ooiiKldera
bin taxes for some tune, aud some
other question may ori?e which will
reipiiro settlement. Tho matter
should ho settled heforo -May so that
when the merchants doing b mntm
on t hut street goes to apply for license
iu May thoy will know just wheru to
go. According to the 1 lie drawn by
o< uuty und city Hiirveyor they are
evideully in the oily.
Children Cry for
Many Matters to Interest Peters
burgers in Norfolk.
Special Dispatch to the Virginian.
PEtEKSUOno, Va., February 1,?
At a meeting o( the Tobacco Ex
change held this morning if. was do
cided tb rout Kamsd'dl Hall, ou
Union street, into which they will
remove after tbo 16th instant. Tbo
Exohuugo have boeu meeting and
buvmg tboir naloi ou tbo second
lloor of tbo building ou tho ooruor
of Sycamore and Washington streets
for many years.
Mrs. Harriet Richardson, residiug
on Halifax street, was Btrickeu. with
paralysis n day or two ago, aud her
oonditiou is quite critical.
Epworth League, of Washington
Street M. E. Church, iu this city, is
tho largest league iu Iho Virginia
Conference It has two hundred
and thirty two members. Tbo uext
largest is the Icaguo of Coutonury
M, E. Ohurob, iu Lyuebburg, which
has one huuilred and seventy mem?
bers. There uro about llfty leagues
iu tbo state, with n totul member
ubn> of about three thousand.
I William Wise, tbo negro boy who
stabbed another colored boy named
Amos Waareu, iu tbo back a few
days ago, baa boon arrested. Ho
will have a bearing before the Mayor
I as soon as the injured party is ablo
I to appear,
Rev. A. [, Fristoe, pastor of tho
Second lliiptist Church, in this onv,
who bus been in Hnltininro for some
days soliciting funds with winch to
aid in the completion of bis church,
has arrived hero uud will occupy
bis pulpit Sunday morning and
night. .Mr. Fristoe told me that bo
met with a very hospitable reoop
tiou in I'aitimoro and received souio
contributions. Among tbo contrib?
utors was too Baltimore Sun. Mr.
L'ristoo will leave in a few days for
Philadelphia aud New York to seo
what be can do in those cities in the
way ot obtaining the funds that ho
wishes to raise for the curly cotnnio
tiou of Ins church.
(.'apt. PerkiusoU and Lieut, Shef?
field, of ttie police force, have boeu
busy to day summoning parties to
appear before the Mayor uext Mon?
day morning to auswer the charge
of not having tbo snow removed
from tho sidewalk iu fiout ot their
ibc City Council at its meeting
to-night adopted a resolution an
tbori/.iug the liunuce committee to
ooutiuue negotiations tor the con?
struction ul the Richmond, Peters?
burg uud Carolina ruilroad (old \ ir
giuia aud Curoiinui, ou the sumo
basis and terms us ware offered by
the city iu its lato negotiations with
Li, I!. Puvisund his associates, nud
with the same or additional securi?
ties tor the completion of tho con?
tract for bin ul i ug tho road, The
committee wns also dnect.-d to iinug
the matter to the public notice by
advertisemeut through the railrosd
journals or .Northern or other ugenis
who are engaged iu railroad uegotia
An ordiuauco was presented,which
lays over tor thirty days, providing
that bonds oi tlio oily ot Petersburg
be issued to tbo extent of Sll)t,500,
bearing dato on tbo lirst of March,
1 aud payable iu forty years nud
benuug interest at the late of 5 per
>utbiug has yet boon beard from
Capt. J. i>. Eldridue, of the three
mastod schooner .!. Dallus Mar vie,
from Delawaro, now moored at the
wharf in this city, who lias been
missing since Monday last. Police
(Jllicer Young received n telegram
this afternoon from Uov, Mnrvie, of
Delaware, asking if anything bad
been board from Capt. Eldridgo.
An answer was sent back to the
effect that tbo Captain was still
missing, Clov, Matvio is part owner
of tbo sehoouer ot which Eldridgo
was cuptuiu.
1 dli tho method and results wli<
>yrup of Figs is taken; itisplcasni
ml refrcsliing to tho tasto, ami a<
jently yet promptly on tho Kidncj
Liver and Bowels, cleanses thosv
tfiu cflcctually, dispels colds, hen
ichfls and fevers and cures linbitu
constipation. Syrup of Figs is tl
nly remedy (>? its kind ever pi
rluced, pleasing to the tasto andai
ccptable to tho. stomach, prompt ii
its action end truly benefit inl in ii
fli eta prepared only from tho mosl
licalthy ana agreeable substances, its
many exccllcntqualitics corn mendlt
to till and have made it tlio most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is tor enlo in ?"?c
Rtnl SI bottles by all,leading drug*
triste. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro*
cure it promptly for any one wlie
wishes to try it. L><> not accept any
B:ihstitute? *
Pitcher'ft Uastoria*
Womn WIM irs Easiest
To Regain HeaitH.
Bel strong Before Debilitating Spring
Comes Rgain.
Feed the Worn Out Brain With
Paine's Celery Compound.
Let Changing Season Find Sys?
tem in Health.
Take the Groat Remedy That Makes
People Well. f
A perfectly hoalthy bodv hai its r>art<
cOuipietoty no irislicd and it- nurveacoli?
st.uiily retro*, lodaudst ir .1 w th ouoi'fcy
froui tliu vi erous Moo I thai alt the
time bathes it.
li it to do this not ortant work of con?
vo ing h iflio out nutrition to tiie tic-ue?,
lUi. liluoii tu ist bo kept rich mid full of
red corpus? 1 ta.
II.nlv trou lo with two-thirds <>l
the* men und wontoii whom the coining
t in? will olaini tor its vi -111118 is n pitt- I
fni I ca of proper 11 r.o food. Wliat
those weak, not Tons people need i- a
mo u general to ding mid Htoritm of
l-ir hi. ml uud 1 h-iiu.i witli fresh, high?
ly unit id material. I'.ioreia undoubt?
edly tiotlmi : that ? an ooniparo with
I ruf. I'helpa' ramnrkabio uiacovery,
Paiue a celery compound, for restoring
in-..! ii an 1 atreugtb
l lie gr< at t ody ,.f physicians through'
nut thu lulled " Htntes, l< gland and
an on believe profoundly m it. and
proscribe it in all uiuim 01 nervous ?enk
u ? < an 1 debility, In prop it lug ti
greats to all iiorvo tonionaud ill.l-re
rora. the eminent professor of Ihtrt-j
mouth t'ollege, I d ard R. I'belps M. l)?
LI.. I)., lind in mind the countlesa mou 1
aud women with bra us overworked and
nerves tin tum ; by worry and lack of
1 r per n itrition.
Uerks, their employers, lawyera, die
tor.?, mothers ol fetniies, hard working
a.on oi 1 u,>n,on in 0 ? r. t?te anil ooun
, and liojts of brniu workora tho
most inti lie t ai 1 an ol the community
are to day taking Paine * colery com
pound, with iho happie t rosultK, to ro
? t ctusolvea of rhounialiaiii, noural
gla, tier vous exhaustion,il ipepsia stoop
Icssitesa and low a; irits. I'aiue a coli ry
compound euren itisouaua of the Imj or?
tant orgatis of . igest on. circulation und
cioretiou, lit purifying the blood, by
regulating the oiit r ? nervous aystorn
hihi supplying the holy with strength
9 coin'iat disonso.
Paine -i cc 1 t y cbmpo n 1 makes peo?
ple well. It tii.es away all tbs tremor and
irritability from the nerves und kh
that cnim, fcttoug fool itg o assured
bcall ' that iuvatitbly accompanies a I
perfectly well no rishod bodily system.
Hot rid nf languor, clear tho muddy,
anhealthy -kin. pump out the botlv nu 1
k t buck 10 a normal vigoroua eon ition
with .uue's celery coafpouud, aud be?
gin now.
is the most common foim
of dyspepsia.
Dr. Di anc's
Dyspepsia Pills
(white wraj per), one after each meal,
clire the most olatiUnti eases They
eon h.ii no nierenry, d > not \< irgo nur
gripe, and impart a natural healthful
10110 to t 10 stoiline i mi I bowols.
28 cent 1 at i.riigisi-.t.-. 8 ud to us for
a (reo sample.
Uli. J. A. HEANE <<>..
Kiugfton, New York.
) L7I.?
? sii mod
Sawed. Sp?l anil Delivered.
OFFICE AN1? YARD?East End l ute
street > \ten ie l. Norfolk, Va.
Personal and prompt attention given
to all orders.
O a I T IV ?\ T IC ?SJ !
for .'30 days. Now is your chance for good
J. M. ( AUK.
No. 86 Main street._
A Now Pastry Book.
MISS L. A. W LlilS,
Principal of tho Baltimore Cooking
Mcitool, ha? oompiled a new Pastry Cook
liook, which is Innig ilt triinite 1 to tlio
patrom oi III M*?jRl> YEAST PuYYuKi..
1 In- reputation ol the a thor rim er
thol'uuk a. special valu^. Unit (.no of
tho small labels from the bottom o.' a
bottln of RUM FORD to THE RU.MFuHD
CHKM 10AL WORKS, ProviileilOCi It. I.,
and a oopy will bo sent free. ja31-3t
It you haven't.anything worth selling,
ll you arc selling more than you can make,
If times arc too good to keep up with,
You might consider the question of stopping your ad?
vertising, lint
When you have a "good thing" to offer,
When people arc looking for bargains,
When people are hard to please,
When only the "fittest" can survive.
When times are what they are to day.
Advertising is the steam
propeller of business suc?
cess. It your business is not
worth advertising, advertise
it for sale.
< II . (- I i .V.
The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company,
Im removed from 39 Market srniafe to its new store, Mn in-) ft/Mil
No. 192 Main Street.
4'lll\ \ MTOItK.
ANQUET LAMPS IWo'WC0** lu,a n,tk- Cowe *r?u,,J sndiiee our prices.
J!>;:,:$:t"'Mrcet- JOHNSTON CHINA CO.
i ic r v ii ii r \ ? s.
n^iiiki.ii inkats.
deceived i-?-<!?.>v Innre quantities of I'rinceis'Anne Poultry ol nil kinds. A
fall sti|inl) ol liecl leleeted Vegetables; ntao Fruits, Cliow-Ohow, Pickle ,ete. Choice
California Peaches ami fine Apple, oi k hit ever ol<e yon may want tu supply your
_ _H. SCHLOSS, Propr fetor
Enterprise Beef and Provision Stores,
isn i hureb, omostte i oil streit, mid 03 New Marbel space,on Brewer it.
There Is tiotlihlg In the bee and provision line, both fresh or iniaked,
that we vaiiaoi ??? I ymi all s?costttiaa anywheroelso.
us imn ick.
. :>n huj nioro
for 810 cash from mo than you bnvo er< r hod otTurcl yo i before, If yon wish anything ouour
"ew Credit System It ?iil pay ;un to visit mo. Picture Fraiuoj iuad? c> order.
3D?. 3?Ln ?h? Jh^l^ILn <
leader in bow Prices for Cash or lu-tallraent,
?jyjj and '?71 i linrcli street.
\ i i I It i.-s it;; ii s:i? v.
.\,vt inn 's iea:.iii:t>v.
Private diseases o( whatever nature, yield retdlly. Female diseases ef
n ; kiadi are speedily cured by i lur kIted fr??? Electric Natural Medicinal
W atei ..i Oil.
Wholesaled i>t W. lt. TERRYA CO., No. IIS Water street.
Southern Agency?341 Church street.
? I?. iIC"
tbeso brands oj.d youw ill smoke no other, p T ty^SE & fJQ#
128 Wot ?? r slre-t.
i.iia?? llti 11 1..
i in >. on h i:.
. JACOBS S- BkO, ,::SM?ii;rp fQ\
i mai.. WUU?,
want IVood'wo hnve nil kinds, and fill all orders
promptly. 4 ll llrnmbleton avenue. A. S. COOPER.
i; i:.. ot rulii'-. All mail < mum unnat Inns mil lie |>r..uiplly attended t?.
$5 Per Ti-2.240 Poiis-CASH!
Phone, "I". CMTIee and Yard, ?*? Siiir ,ti t rie', urxt ??!>! <>f ferry.
Don't Be Bamboozled!
fInv vonr coal from in and you arc inrtain <>f 2.210 ponndff,
Eni? agents for the celebrated Elk Harden Steam Coal and tha
oniy i.i i.nine I loorco'* I reek. Cumberland for blacksmith*.
Telephon? t
Office :10 Ttermuda street,
REMEMBER I he only !>K CORDY In Ilm fft.il huMne-a in Norfolk. i
LriftllCTTAN 1 ""'I End Lovilt aveuue. Phone 580. Yard full ot Coal
. l^rli\IC> 11A1>, .aid Wood. Prices as low ns anyhodv. Finest facilities for.
'??'-ii.,, ? i? chy. _PROMPT DELIVERY.
Am Mllin^ best DaW and Pine Wood, cut In any length and split at St.23 per
quart i cord or 15 per cord. Mock always large.
Lovett aud l;<--ervoir aremiea.
'Hie Oldest! The Most Reliable!
1?? Olxvai'Olx Street.
M/tMPV I 1U MCb on Diamond*, Watches, Jewelry, OloUtlilg ?ni,.M**
AlONhY LOAlNbl) r!!?Ti!hse ol every description. All 0?"?*??U|2:
poH, o . with us sre kept m t: 0 finest rite ami burglar I rpot%ti^^>O^Wg?
the p.otecuon oi tue .lexToler's. Security Alluuico. sneoi..I Ua is on .
and over. All tran.-aotions kept Strictly Coulldeutial. Mall oouuaue.i-atiom w?s?
xaeuiv? prompt attention.

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