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The Virginian's Daily Hints
Momlay; 11 th of February.
Strange tlmt men should hellere iu tin- in?
visible mlud,aud not Iii tue uusveu blesthol
Uod'i love.
BREAK FAST. Urnpes. I'e.irl
louiiitv. Chopped Beef. I'riol Raw l\>
lali>o?. "CjuinceJ-llv. WbiteUreud. Colloe.
tD I INI INJ ElF?. White Souu. Puree Meal
Ifcill?. i i.ld Tongue. Celery, Steams I
Potatoes, Cauliflower. Curraul .ieii\.
'Wh tputid flrahant Bread. Tapioca Cr ant.
SU PPER. Pole ucs In Cieam. Mine .1
Keel on Toast. Stewed Fruit. Cake. Cocoa.
Muk'' veal ami chicken leuii witb rice. Chop
Olio o i pro I of iI;ct<-.iI very fun'. Add one-half
teasp.'roll of salt aud thrnte, out* fourth at
ie|> er, wie icaspoOn?il each of l?un.n line ? and
ehe ped parsley. Moisten iu-.it ?rhu beaten
yol. of r^t. milkt- into i'?lls the aizeot;l "
iuei. I'm llour iu u deep dish, roll ihn balls
uutil cover d. Urowu in frying pati^ ebakluu
to have evilly (lone. Add 10 Wlip in tureen.
Goings and Comings of Society
Several Card Parties and Teas.
Germans and Hops of the Week.
The Kirmess. A Colonial
Entertainment. Personal
Items of Interest.
Norfolk society is too lively to be
Fcnouslv alVected by evcu so cold a
Btiup as the one from winch we Rtill
shiver, aud during tho seven dnys
just past it lias enjoyed quite u
round of recrcatiou. Several curd
parties have boon given und there
were two geruiitue. Preparations
for tho kirmess still go forward
and frequent rehearsals nre held,
The cold weather instead of retard
ing the gayety bus tulded to it, for
the sleighing has been oxaolleot,Kud
bright eyes snd rosy cheeks tell of
niauy a happy hour spout ou tho
Till'. EXTRA Ci Kit MAX.
On Weduosdny night an extra
gcruian was given at the Touiplo,
coiuplimcuturv to the Musses
Heeder, of Washington; ami it is
safe 10 say that it was perhaps tho
most successful of tho season. It
was led by .Mr. H. (J. Taylor, with
Miss Nellie Heeder, Tbe ehaper
ones were Mr.i, (ioorge \V. Taylor,
i\lrs. Oaldwell Hardy, Mrs. Lee
Hardy and Mrs. \Y. B, Glover.
About forty eon plus attended nud
among 'ho visiting young ladies
were Miss Parker, of Hichmoud;
Miss lltircamp, Miss Braxton and
Miss C'rjruiicu'ael, of Frederioksburg;
aud tho two Misses Heeder, of Wash?
A very enjoyable card party was
tendered by Miss Margaret Head nt
her resilience on York street on
Tuesday evening. Among those
present were MissoB Tiuns, Conrad,
Annie Yanghnu, Wilkiuaou nud Old.
Tho gentlemen were Henry, Wood
ward, Ned Willcox, M llhndo, Hroek
enborough, Smith and Moss. The
prizes were wou by Mr. Nod Will
cox and Miss Yanghnu; boobies by
Alias Old and Mr. Woodwurd.
The gerniuu given by the Friday
night (Jlub this week was moat en
joiublo. Mr. John Wiugtield lod
und the cbuperoues were .Mrs. Wm,
M. Coeke and Mrs, Chaplin.
On Monday, the IStb instant, the
long talked of, much - thought ? of
Kirmess will be given at tho Acude
my of .Music lor the benefit of the
Confederate monument, under the
management of Mrs. Jus. Y. Leigh,
nud taught by Mr. .1. JJ. McDon?
nell, whoso wonderful skill in drill?
ing the dancers has made the Kir
mess a success wherever he has
given it. It is safe to promise the
pnblio an entertainment which will
far surpass anything ever given hero
before. Tbo cause is one of such
great interest to the people of Nor?
folk it is believed there will only be
standing room at tho three perform?
ances? Monday and Tuesday nights
and Tuesday mutinee.
A delightful card party was given
by Mrs. Hiehurd NSnlko ou Friday
night. The handsome prizes were
wou by the following ladies aud
gentlemen. First ladies' prize, Miss
ilobsou; lirst Rentlemnn's prize, Mr.
Shepherd Strudwick; eecoud ladies'
prize, Miss Blund Taylor; second
gentleman's prize, Mr. iJillard.
One of the social events of tho
coming week will bo a tea to be
given by tho Great Hridge Chapter
of tho Daughters of the American
P.evolutiou, at the Morriniue Club,
whioh will bo kil'dly tendered for
tho occasion, on Friday afternoon,
the 15th inst. Tho -ok',??'> of the
chapter wilLxer?"-?>, t0Q will
be scrVd ?? several socioty belles,
jiiaoi^niul costume, and musical se
-?ectroiiH will bo rendered by somo of
tho most brilliant talent of the two
Mrs. W. H. Kennedy and Misg
lreadwell gavo a charming tea Fri?
day afternoon to Mrs. Franklin J.
Bohell, visiting Mrs. Beitio U. New?
ton, Uhent.
Mrs. Georg? W, Taylor gavo n
snpper Wednesday uiglit after the
gortnnn nt ber borne.
Ttio Misses Brougbtou, on York
street, guvo a tea Thursday after
rnF. NAvy-YAttn uor.
Yesterday afternoon was very
mueb enjoyed by those wbo attend?
ed it. Not many Norfolk people,
however, mustered onougb courage
to cross tho icy river,
The foet that Norfolk has soroo
people who aro truly lovers of tho
art of dancing was manifested by
tho attendaueo of quite a nutubor ut
tho Friday night eoiroo giveu by
Prof, Belle/.zu. In addition to the
regular music Prof. Bor j es was en?
gaged, aud a delightful evouiug was
folks you know,
Mias Wheeler, who has boon tho
guost of Miss Horum, brown street,
returned yesterday to her homo iu
Tho MisRos Reeder, who have
boon visiting Mrs. George VV. Tay?
lor, left for their homo iu Washing?
ton last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Waller
havo returned lrom (jloneostor.
Mr. Juntos fuddle, who is iu Jial
tituoro for a short time, has been
here for u fow days,
Mrs. Holt W. Page is visiting hor
sister, Mrs. Richard tioode, iu
Miss MoUormiek, of Berryville,
is visiting Mrs. Dawsou MeUor?
miek, Graoby street.
Hov. Arthur Lloyd has gone to
Canada ou liusmeiB for St. An
drew's brotherhood.
Miss (lay Blaokford is visiting
friends in New York oity.
Miss Brooke Byrd, of Gloucester,
is visiting Airs. Jordan, iu Tazewell
tumes to bo used in the euutatu of
"lielshuzzar" at tho Aondemy to
morrow ovouiug woro souurod
through one of tho largest eostum
ers iu tho country, and uro said to
bo exceedingly gorgeous. With u
chorus of tifty voices and a strong
oastd of ehuraoters, under tho diree
tiou of Prof. Pitz, the buautiful musio
of the cautula cuuuot fail to bo reu
ilorod with oharming elVcot, while
the opportunities for dramutiu uutt
scenic display promise a dulightltil
eutertaiumeut. Tickets on Bale nt
Academy, F. II. (bile's, in Norfolk,
aud U. s. Sherwooil's, Portsmouth.
Son Smith Rrssui.i, in "A Poor
Kici.ation."?On Thursday ovouiug
next this groat artist will once
agniu be seen iu Norfolk in "A
Poor Relation." In "Iho four
Kelutiou" Mr. Russell has probably
the most pronounced suocess of his
career. It oombines tho pathetio
with the cotnit; in the most, happy
manner. In "Noah Vale" he bus a
character that tits his personality
and his tempermeut to perfection.
Its humor is at all times tinged with
tho pathetic. The wholo play is
pervated with a wholesome senti?
ment, Tho box. olliee opens to?
morrow nt '.l n. m. Reserved souts,
tirst Boor, SI and SI.50; balcony,
5Uc. and 81; gallery, 25c.
"A Bt'Nin of Kiews."?At tho
Academy of Musio uoxt Friday
night only lloyt's "A Bunch of
Keys" polished up to, date will bo
proseuteti. Tbe company is tho
strongest that ever presented this
ruttbug satire. Tho salo of seats
will commence Wednesday evening.
Prices, 25, 50, 75 and SI.
Grand Opera.?for tho boueGt
of those who may desire to attend
either of tho four performances of
the grand opera to be given at tho
<_iruud Goera House iu Washing
ton, D. C., The Virginian takes
pleasure in appeudiug tho following
programme: Thursday evening,
February 21st, Wagner opera, Lo
heugriu; Friday evening, February
22d, Verdi's opera, Othello; Sattir
day matiuee, February 23d, lion
noil's opera, Faust; Saturday even
ing, February 23d, Massenet's
opera, Manou. Tho presenting
artists aro from tho Metropolitan
Opera House of Now York and tho
following aro tho prices: Orchestra
and four rows of orchestra oirclo,
$5; orchestra circle, remainder, St;
balcony, tirst three rows, S?; but
cony, next three rows, S-1; balcony,
remainder. S3; gallery, ull reserved,
S2; genoral udmissiou, S2; gallery
itdmisaion, SI; boxes, $40 aud SiiO.
Tickets to the performance can Be
secured through Mr, D. J, Uallu
buu, agent N. ?V W, S, IS. Co,
Arr??tcd t or stealing ? tvuu.ii,
Charles Reddiok. colored, stole a
watch aud tried to pawn it for a pair
of shoes, Ullieer Suyder, however,
recovered both shoes and wutch and
Charlos now languishes nt the sta?
tion house.
New lino of bridal preseutp, tho
best line of sterling silver wo ever
had. Now Waterburry watches for
?2,00, Chapman .v. Jukemau.
Comma- Hi,
New, beautiful and useful novel?
ties for birthday aud other gilts.
Diamonds and watches can be found
in greater vuriety at Frank II.dale's
thau elsewhere. 152 Main street,
i lork?. Kloclt?. Klux.
A largo variety of clocks him just
been received at "Tho Casket," 158
Main street. Largo clocks, small
clocks, Dresden and iron docks,
nickel clocks, 1 day clocks, 8 city
clocks, :',u day olocks, 400 day blocks,
clocks from 75c upwards. Clocks
repaired by best workmen. For
clooks aud everything in jewelery
lines at bottom prices go to l?s
Main street.
Patronize the Dairy I,uueh Rooms,
ay Mniu Btreet aud 2G (.old,) Alurkot
TOWN liTgiiil)
The Gist of Many Matters With?
out Comment.
Grand Conclave of Heptasophs.
Schooner Aground. Thres
Lots Transferred. Macke
tnie League. The Fool's
No ruarriago licenses wore issued
Two prisoners were released from
jad yesterday.
W. 0, Lewis was tiued ycetordny
$12.75 for keeping a disorderly
ij)iu tho Corporation Court yester?
day Marcellus T. lluyues qualified
to pructice law,
Mr. Hubert P. Camp, son of Mrs.
Anna Camp, died ou the Gth inst,
at Hamilton, Mont.
Mr. L. T, Drydeu, of Baltimore,
special deputy of the Order of
Workmeu, is in tbo city.
Tho Mayor yesterday issued a
proelamtittiiu in regard to cleaning
snow oil' the sidewalks,
Tho barroom license of G.M.Rhen
at :i:5S Church street was tratisterred
to Ii. C. Htiett, 201 I'lutno street.
Dr. Perkins was compelled to kill
one of his tine horses, which fell ou
the ice und broko both of his frout
"Helsha/./.nr," a sacred opera, will
be at tho Academy of Mtisio .Monday
night?will bo presented by local
Mr, W. D. Vooriiecs will address
tho Gospel meeting of the colored
V. M. C. A. this alteruoou tit 5
The schooner Lydia Ii. K?per,
Captain Hanson, from Bridgeport,
is reported aground near the Hip
Hups. Sho is in nino feet of water.
Our readers will uot fail to note
thu announcement of tho Ladies'
Memorial Association whim will up
peur iu tho issue of Tuesday's Vnt
The Methodist Sunday School As?
sociation will meet at Mclveudroo
-M. 15, Churen, this city, ut 3:110 this
afternoon. Address aud inimical
There will bo n meeting of the
Press Club Monday afternoon, nt 1
o'clock, in the otlico of Mr. .). M.
Marshall, in Tut: Vibutnian Huild
^.P. W. Johnson, barkeeper on
Plumo street, answered a rule yes?
terday to Hhow cause why his Ii
cense should not be revoked. De?
cision reserved.
Attention is calied toad, of a dia?
mond riug lost ou Friday. A lib?
eral rewind will bo paid for its ro
111tu to this olliee. See description
iu special column.
Hov. T. P. Saiinders, of Fred
aripksbnrg, will preach at the First
Prsbytoriuu Church this morning,
Subject, "Tho Blessed Life;" night,
"Tho Prosperous Soul."
The Makcmie League will hold a
meeting at the Second Presbyterian
Church ou Tuesday evening next at
8 o'clock. Hov. Thus, 11. Hieo, of
Alexandria, will deliver au address.
The liruud Conclave of lleptu
sopbs of Virginia, will meet in Nor?
folk Tuesday, the 12th, An address
of welcome will tie delivered by
Mayor l'eitit. There will be a bau
Mr. J, G. Simmons yesterday had
Mr. W. 11. Freeman, of Atlantic
City, arrestod for doing the husi
nessjof an architect without license.
The I'olico Justice reserved his do
Dr. M. B. Wharton, pastor of Iho
Freemason Street Baptist Church,
will deliver two character sermons
to day. In tho morning the subject
will bo "David;" ut night, "Mary
of Botbauy."
Rev. J, 13. Sueuk, Lutheran pas?
tor, will preach in Prohibition Hull,
corner Gruuby and Charlotte
streets, nt 11 a. m. und 7:30 p. in.
Confirmation services ut tho inoru
A deed was recorded yesterday
from William A. Wretiu to tbo Nor
lolk Heal Batate luvestmeut Ooui
puny, truuslerring the lots at the
corner of Marys und Colouiul
uveuuo, 88,000.
Attention is called to the adver
tisomeut t of tbo Seaboard Wharf
and Wurehouso Coinpauy announc?
ing that they uro prepared to do a
general storngo business und furnish
insurance in good companies for nuy
The spaoions buildings Nos. 13
and 15 Commercial Place have bceu
leased by Mr. Louis Hichurdson, of
this city, ami will bo fitted up aud
occupied by hitu as a Wholesale and
retail crockery,glassware and notion
In the eiifo of Harrison Brown vs.
High Constable Hayes, for Helling
more of too plaintiff's effects than
was necessary to satisfy an execu?
tion, the jury gavo u verdict for tho
plaintiff for $250. The levy for
which tho good.-, were sold umouut
cd to about c- in.
Mr. W. B, Burton, a spociai ofli
cer of the Society for the Prevtiu
tiou oi Cruelty to Annuals, yester?
day urrosiod Mr. VV, P. Sei Oer t, a
dairyman, for working a horse with
o sore leg. Mr. Seibert was taken
before Justine Gregory und lined
$">. Later ho was taken bofuro Jus?
tice Burroughs and discharged.
In tho case of W, T. Logget t vs.
tho city of Norfolk?tin action to re'
cover $1,000 damages for loss to
pltiiutifl by reason of dolayed con?
demnation proceedings, tho city
having started in condemn the
piuiutifTs property, but after bigbl
mouths abandoned tho proceedings
l? Judge Mai Uu huj auuturned the
doruurror wbioli was outered by
City Attorney Sheltou.
Rov. Dr. Coko Smith is quito siek
ut hit* residence.
"The Fool's Paradise" will bo Dr.
Tudor's subject to uigbt.
Police <.)l)ieer Joynes is disabled
od aooount of a fall ou the ice.
Tho publio sohoola will oo Th?rs?
day. tho 18th, celebrate the 100th
birthday ot the grout philanthropist,
Mr. A. Ei, Spandour, I. Moritz
aud Jaeub Huoht left last eveniug
via tho Seaboard Air Inno for At I
luntn to atteud us delegates to the I
fifth district convention of Lodge I.
?. 15. IS.
Mr. 0. S. Hubbard. of Boston,
vice-president American Humane
P.diicutiou Society, will speak nt the
Young Men's Christian Association
Sunday a'ternoon at -A o'clook. All
men welcome.
Notwithstanding tho extremely
cold weather wo have been haviug
for the past week tho management
of the baths ut St. Viuceut's Hospi?
tal hns l een ubio to have the desired
temperature iu all tho rooms.
That's What Rumor Says of tbe
Norfolk and Western.
From ibo .Mlant.i Journal.
Tho placing of tho Norfolk and
Western Railroad Company into the
hatids of a receiver day boforo yes
terdny by Judge Qoff, of Richmond,
has boou tho livest topio of disuus
sion for some time iu local railroad
circles. Perhaps it will bo still
livelier when tho probuhle full im?
port of the receivership is under?
stood by the rtulroud world.
"Does the Southern railway want
tho Norfolk and Western?"
The information comes from au
authority which is reliable not only
ou account of tho accuracy of its
judginout, but from tho point of
view from whioh these judgments
uro obtained, that tho Southern ruil
wuv does waut tho Norfolk aud
Jt is even intimated that the gou
eral debility of tho Norfolk was
brought about by tho fact that thoro
was a deal between parties iutercst
eil, so that tho outcome of tho whole
matter would be the final merging
of the Norfolk and Western system
into the grejit Southern railway.
Oue might us well look into tho
reasonableness of Bitch a proposition.
Why should tho Southern railway
want this property '!
Tho following aro tho lines of tho
Norfolk and Western system:
First, thero is tho main lino from
Norfob;, Va., to Bristol, Teun,,
which, by tho way, is an oxcelleut
stretch of track and road-bod mo
uiug through a beautiful and fertile
reg on. This lino is 10S miles long.
Second, vs a branch from Roau
oko to Hagerstowu, 239 miles loug,
a city iu tno extreme northern por?
tion of Virginia.
A third brauch runs from Tulnski
toU?Bbeu, forty soven miles long; a
fourth from illuetiolds to Norton,
lOo" miles long; a fifth from Lyueh
burg, Vu.. to Durham, N. C, 110
miles long; a sixth from Roauoke,
Va., to Wtnston Salem, N. C,, 122
miles lung.
Tho longest spur is from FubI
Radford, u station between Rounokc
aud Bristol, to Columbus, O?, which
is 100 miles in luugth. Tho lino
runs through Bluetield, through
Iroutou, O., to Columbus. There
ttre other little spurs aggregating
thirty ouu miles iu length.
Tho total mileage of the system
is 1,172.
The Southern railway crosses tho
Norfolk and Western at Lyuohburg;
the Southern moots tho Norfolk aud
Westeru also at its Western termi?
nus, Bristol, Teuii. Thus at two
points tha Southern oomes iu eon
tact with the road which is iu tho
hatids of a receiver, Among tho
tinest water terminals ou tho Atlan?
tic coast are thosu owned by tho
Norfolk aud Westeru at Norfolk.
Several millions of dollars have boou
spent iu erecting ttiem. With an
outlet ut Norfolk, via Lynchburg,
the Southern would bo right iu it to
compete with its formidable compe?
titor, tho Seaboard Air Liue,
At Bristol tho Southern System
would be completed, ami via Fust
Red ford, Vu., it would huvo a con
nectiou with Ohio, West Virginia
ami other points in tho North by
j means of tho Norfolk ami Western's
branch from Fast Radford to Co
j luiubns, Ohio.
This is n consideration of the mnt
tor merely in the light of geogra?
phy. It does not include the tact
that the Norfolk aud Western is on
; the list of tirst-ehiss railroads aud,
by good management, could bo
made a paying institution, Thu
Southern would hko to huvo it for
this reason.
The Norfolk and Western is a
natural complement of tho Southern
railway system iu tue South, and
from tho point of tho logic, of the
Situation it would seem tnut if the
Southern desires to extern! its milo
age at all it would most naturally do
so by tbe addition of the Norfolk
j ami Western.
I If such bo tho intention ot the
Southern, it goes without saying
that for the present it would bo im?
possible ol confirmation, for if there
is anything which is kept, B secret
by railroadmen, it is their kuowl
etigo of proposed deals of this
Hut Tho .ionrnul has iu nn indi?
rect way which easts tho strongest
probability upon the outcome which
has Leen here suggested.
Kirim?* ICi-lii'.-trslils.
The Spanish, Swedish and Ger?
man dunces were rehearsed last
bight and gave much satisfaction.
Tho Greek and Kgyptiau dancers
meet to morrow moruing. Ouly one
week remains to perfect tho work,
bo ull inunt attend faithfully.
The City Fifty Years Old Mon?
The First Mayor and Other Offi?
cials. Her Progress in
the Past. What She
Will Be in
the Future.
Fifty years have rolled around
since the town of Norfolk was hon?
ored with a city charter, years in
which there has boon some adversity
as woll us a largo degree of prosper?
ity. There are residents of Norfolk
who well remember the "good old
days" whcu the oity could not boast
of 10.UU0 souls, when bor business
was confined to ono or two streets,
when the arrival of n large ship was
a great evout, Compared with those
times, noun thore bo who will deny
that Norfolk has made very substan?
tial progress.
The Borough of Norfolk was in?
corporated in 173G. An act for en?
larging und ascertaining the limits
of Norfolk was passed iu 17G1. An
uot adding certain lands of Thomas
Newton to the town of Norfolk was
passed in ISO I. An net lor ascer?
taining the northern boundary of
I Norfolk wus passed iu 1807, Nor?
folk secured her city oharter Feb?
ruary nth, is id.
W D Delaney wns first city may?
or; the other oilicors wero Jos H
liubortson, register; Tassewell Tay?
lor, attorney; G W Chowdory, phy?
sician to tho ultus house; William
Walke, collector; Arthur Cooper,
iuspeutor; T, T. Forgusou, Assess?
or; das Murphy, clerk of market;
A A Martin,'.inspector of provisions;
F M Steed, guuger of liquors; Sam'l
Seiden, weigher of buy; T U Leo,
sealer of weights; J It VVyutt, meas?
urer of wood; \V N (ilieisleu, as?
sistant; Josinh .Tones, keeper of the
magazine; Mary Doos, bell ringer:
John Williams, president common
council; Jas F Hunter, vice-presi?
dent; Thus Newton, rocorder. Mr
Cbiis Heed, Norfolk's most venera
ble citizen, who is now living and
enjoying good health at tho ugo of
95 years, was n member ot tho
The Mayors who succeeded Mr.
Delaney wero s3 follows: Simon S.
Stubbs, 1851; Hunter Woodis, 1853;
Simou Stubbs, 18?1; Hunter Woudis,
1855, he died iu oflieo iu tho fall of
the same year, a victim of tho yel?
low fever; Ezra T. Summers, lSfin;
Fiuloy Ferguson, 1S5H; William W.
Lamb, 1858, also iu lSt!() and 0*2,and
was serving Mayor when tho United
States military authorities entered
Norfolk; Wm. Brooks, 18ii3; Jas. L.
Helote, 18dl; Thos. C. Tahb, 1865;
William W. Lamb, 18G?; Juhn R.
Ludlow, 1SGG-68; Francis Do Curtly,
lsilS 7U; John 15. Whitehead,1870 72;
John Ul Ludlow, 1872 74; John 11.
Whitehaud, 1871 to 7tl; John S.
Tuoker, 1S7U to 8U; Win. Lamb,
1880 80; Barton Myers, 18S'J-88; It,
G. Banks, 1888-90; E. M, Henry,
March 7th, 1890; Frank Morris, July
1, 181)0, died Jnuuury 13, 1892; S.
Marx, January 18th, 1892, Juno 30,
1892; A. Ii. Cooke, 1892 to 94; C. W.
Petiit, the present Mayor.
Norfolk's greatest development is
in the memory of tho younger gen?
eration. Within tho past ten years
ling stations upon many of tho lend
lug railroads have grown into cities
of lurge proportions, with oxtensivo
manufactures und trado. While
Norfolk is older than these none of
them uro more energetic or active,
l'ho half century is passed with its
joy and its sorrow, its failures uud
its successes, What of tue future?
Fifty yunrs hence Tin: Vikuinian
will record tho arrival of tho Nor?
folk und Liverpool steamers at the
wharves of tho company at Sewell's
Poiut, Lumbert'a Point will bo iu
the heart of tho city, Ocean View
uud its hotel und clubhouses will be
within tho corporate limits.
There will be four suspension
bridges over tho Kli/.uboth river
Irotn West Norfolk to Sewoll's
Point, Pinner's Poiut to Lambert's
Point, Portsmouth to Norfolk,
Uerkiey to Not folk. Over theso
bridges electric cars will make five
minute trips, und tho United States
Congress will have saved oiiough
money to build a postollico mid
dredge out the channel to tho navy
yard, und Greater Norfolk will be :i
HASTY At bis residence, No
Wytho sir ot. Portsmouth, \n.. on Fob -
ruari atli isa>, l iu p. in., ltulitiKf
HASTY, Hg id so years.
'l'ho f.inerid services will take place nt
tliu A. Patil i atho ic (Jhuteh TO-MOH
ItO'W I.Monday i AKTKltNOON at il
u' lock. I riouda au.I acquaintances m o
invited to uttuud.
I IliKDblN-Portsmouth, Vn? Febru?
ary Rth. 1881, :i ifi p. in , at her rusi
ilouco, No. ml King atreet, .Mis. i.t.i. a
Lib i ll FKIliULlN, aged -u yonri and ii
'I'h tuneral services will take place at
ti,o looditi o Till. (Sunday. aPIBU
MO'in at :f o'clock. Friends and ac?
quaintances nro res, ectfull. invite I to
bAVfS?At her lato rosideno ? N i. 7P)
South street, Portsmouth. Vs., Kebrunry
8:h ls'.l., ui 7 a. m., .Urs. OKOltlilE I,.,
rdiot of tli i 1 tu lohn 11. Davis, iu the
4 Uli year o h?r go,
l-unoral from die residence THIS
(Sun (ay) AFTJfiKNUON a: i n'olook.
Kriends an I acquaintances are invited
to .It to nil.
-. , ..?^yyp??.^?.-*.. . 1'
?11, 113 & 115nant SlroeL
SOliPULiK. Va.
uloD?inenis and Unmioati"
libauXos laiiuedl&te dsllvsry
How A e These for Value Received ?
the: league bicycles i
$60 ea ih. citbpr Indies' or Rent's 2:1 pound, 2s Iiioll nheoR Tauceut Suokoa, as
high grime tie any whvel ma !?? thut sells fur lose than $100. The nemo of perfac
tiuu iu cycle construction is the RAMBLEB AND Sl'ALDlN'U. " ' 116" model wheels,
will do you good to see thoin, Cash or ins'.nlmout. Easy terms.
something new
J, BENNETT'S, the Diamond Brolei and Jeweler,
INDUCEMENTS 1 Oil BARGAIN .SFKKEHS. I will rItc iht.it tocrory tenth purchaser ?
r.OOD TIM I. PIECE, no lUHlt.r how sinull the puicliase It, fur the uext thirty days ooly. 'J lies?
are facts. Call and bo convinced. foi?
l'nreuui ?nr-To-d??.
Warbiibtos? U. C February 10, 1895,
For Virginia: l'air: slowly rising
temperature; west winds.
Kor North Carolina: 1 air; warmer;
northwest wiuiU.
Minatukk amlajiac?Sun rises. C:"iC t. id.
sum seta, r>: ? o. m.-. hinu water. 9:23 a. in. ahd
'J:p. in.; low waior. 3:80 a.m. auU :1:5*J p. uq.
moni/rnas, 1
tiit.linc. r
l.oui&i ftloiooroloiricial Data,
FOB Ji HODllS k3im.NO ? O'OLOOti lilBI
D.8. Dr.rAnTMEsr us1 Aaiuo?LTUim.
VVeaTHKU llOHK.ac,
Local Ollioe. Liodsnn Utiildine.
NotU/OLK, Va., February 10. U95. J
Mftxtmnur tomtioracurn.- 24
Minimum temperature.
Normal temporuturo. duduoed from
'JO years' observation. 43
DoDfirtare' front uoruiai.? U7
Accumulated departures for the
month. ? 169
Aconmulated departures Bince
Jau. 1st . ? 1C1
Prooipitation, in inches. .0
'1'otal proeiuitauonsinoo 1st of tbe
mouth. 1.60
J. J. QRAT. obsorvor.
Tho Old Dominion Stonmship
Comunny will huvo no steamer Bail?
ing for Now York ou TuoaJay, Feb?
ruary l'llh._2t-lU&12
ii t.t. it > i. -..
61 i III SAl'EAKE TltlUE No. SO, 1 ? ?. It.
M..uic called to meat al tbilr hall Tills (San
?i.it) AFTERNOON, lit :; o'clook'sharp, to pay
Ibe ia t ?ml tribute ol respect to oar deceased
brother, William Smith.
Alljsi i i : r.l e.s nr.- iiu I ted to attend.
11? order ol ?.iobem.
A. 11. TAYLOR, C. of 11. f Ill-It
t boldens of THE NORFOLK IttTKIilNH
ot tho elliro of M<?>r.?. Myers * i'6.', 4'J Main
ktreel, on MONDAY, Fcbrnarv nth, ISV5.
Hy ord r Of the President.
jy'^7-'J.t Seoroiurr.
T1IURHUAY. t'euruary 14th, only.
Tun Kminent Comedian,
B 0 L SMI X II It V S S K L L.
Iu tlio Vcrv Successful t'omody Dnimn.
Prices?'2?c, Wo. $1 and 91.60. 8nlo of
seatsJlouil.lv, Ha. in._fe3-0t
DAY MAi'lNKE. P10 BUD Alt Y 12 m.
JUS 15 ? I-X /V & S? AR.
lteiervei sent;. $1; geucral uriniiflsion.
T?c: balcony, 50cj matinee. ?Oc. Pox of?
lien open fur sain of reserved Heats Sat?
urday, Pobrmiry 'J. and Monday, Ftbrit?
ary 11_Ja2t?-l'Jt _
WuNtiinctoii, i). <:.
Mr. Alien tikes pleasure in announc?
ing to the music-loviug public that a*
arrangement Ii?h hteu made with Messrs.
Abbey, HoboelYol KUd (irau, lu'Seos ami
managers of the Metropolitan Oper?
lluuuo. Now York, lor a a'.aiiou o(
Grand Opera,
?is xni:?
to take i'ini a on
Thursday Kvcniiij, February '.Ms'.
Warner'? Uj.orii, LOHENGRIN*
FriJuy l'voutni:, feb'uary 2?d,
Ve.di'a Opera, OTHELUX
rfaturil?y Matinee, February sud,
i .?uu?d h Opera, KAL'St
Saturday Evdning, February 25ld,
Massenet's Opera, MANON?
KAI. 13 or RF. AT"?Season tickets f??
tho four porlorthancea will be on -air at the laj?
otitceof Grand i >,>i ra llohse 1 rlday arid ^ntni
ay, February Ath ami i'ib. Tliu sale of s-Mt?
ror slnjile perf-irih-'ncea will open at the same
place on Tuos lay, February I'Jtli, :<ml cunttuuS
nuiiy to the close of the onKaxeuu'Dt.
Orchestra.Sh4 four Rows of Orchestra
CiroU.J" o
Orcheatia Circle, reiuaiuder. 4 o
Balcony, Am three rows.?
Balcony, next tiirre rows. t u<
liileonr, remainder. s oj
i .all. rv. all rli-ived. - ?0
liei era) Aduila.Mou. 0 e>
Gallo.y Adiuiiaion . l uj
Hi sea, S40 and 880.
Tickoia i i the performance can lie ?eenrc4
throiich Mr. 1). J. CALLAHAX, Aaent N'. m
W.S.B. CO. M,5,1U,I7
Crepons, Crepons, Crepons.
We havo just opeuod an exquisite llitei.
which tiro very swell and now lor tba
Just received. Now Wash Silks, tn-w
a ota Silks id' ovory description lor
waist and tlroaaea.
Look at orir new Ctepou Bilks, win 1?
are very nobby, lor '1)5.
Black Cheviots. Black Cheviots.
In the how wide tvnl? for skirls, lirt?
dllTerent stylos in ti?iirod I'imittosiA
diiiuiy and protty limir.* - mi I Hirine.
Kitty i'i o diii>'ient styles in liirnr, I
Ducks an I 1 i ,uo-. It ? II pat yo t.?
look, at our ox itiieila lino (it1 KMl.HOll>>
ltlK->:uul 1.?.()' ?-. We urn showing th?
largest nfsortmetit that baa o\er been,
shown in tlio city,
Our Molto--Lo\v Prices.
88 Main Street, Uudor Acadomy of Mualo
Tito Bosl 50 Cont Cap*
in the city.
Walter J. Simmons <v Co.
NoRrot.K, Va,, February 6, 1S ?I.
oi! again i trusting tho oaj.tdu o?
crow ol the sloop. G rno Ypnu ,usl shall
n n I," loaputiai I for ?iiy debts coil*
trneted l>y tit on tvithmit a wi ,ti n order
rr, iu me. W. P. SliUMADlNE, ownct
'Woop cassis Vouus. i?tS-lut*

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