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tfrtttlstmrnttof tfiiti isi, r.v Ihirs or
rmtt tor one itueniant f>o emu >jf i'utc.
\\ANI i:i?-TWii SI i i'NJi-11 AN!? IIAIillKI
'i ?Iiiiii-, Illlisl bi! ill H.I "lllilll. A?l
irJreiia "j-;t. H." <;?ro ol Virginian, id -it
iron -ai.i: i ill". . i:, \vu i ? i: r.r-i
I lies--, <XC-I'ent bcNtl'l'll, M-ill lltl.ll i ii ,
???11 -in kcil.li v- ii w from >5Uo -IIHl |. i
Apply l" ? ASM I. 11.:?)-., US.Muiii
(tri t. ' lel?r'-'i
yOlSlj MAN \Vi?l 1.1? I.IM. WORK ?l:
I Hliy kind; l a- tili cdtic.itlou; willing to
?tart with low wage*. Address II.. U. ili-. e
W \n 111> iTT ititv a Hoi.i.in?. top
\l ?I K-. -.. .iii.l Im' ?I; iniiiit . . . |> wa ?
nui meloned Ail.lio-s \V. J? licari? IM?.,
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\\7'ANti:i??MKN v\ li" u hi, uoi:K l?>i:
ii Ssi.''.!u ni'julli salary oi i.i ? commissi n,
It-Hint; goods by >.in|il ? til dealers: experience
in i .. t -ai v. write a-, we will oxi.lain; fill
Mated pirtlcu ars n- il si unit. Hot .SKHOLli
Kl \:< I ALT) < '?., I'oiiith >H' el, ? iiainnaii.
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\\ ?? .... -cltl ': ?. ii.I- -..I' i. marking. Ap?
ply bl ? bur. Ii Mut after j ii. in. I. ;
Mi.N ?NI> V,i> ii S t > M \KK WO monky
. with Iii?- Prwllital I'liiti |t lijrnuiMo. [?tili
Occtrlea! iniiohii. l in the great p) .tin.
fn< i i. s. ti.. n'i !?? - --.ii > a week ina<l<- easy';
J'latcs i voi yi liinn. N? cxp-Heitce; Mi prnnl .
A.I.lie -. \y. I* IIAltltp-uN .v i -.. Clerk tfn
VI, Cnlniith'is, ??. w >; a
U;ANTKI? lii.lv agi-itu tlnoii|jlioiit
?iula to lianillo tin article thai M\i oil Us
n.oiit. Address -i l-'ifllt avenue S. IC, ISiiii
noki, Vit. _uriM
iow Ii oral t-alary und expeuaoi "r
CoininiM'im t.> ii applicants: -ttipl ?
teller; ilii-oo at tea put of mi will or |ur.
Aitdrefca, with-tanip Lock Los i'itl Nc?
) oi k city. uiil'.i
Oxk Ol! two Ol VI I.KMKN can oh
taiu boavil aiid oomfortabla room
with private family. Tornia luotlciuto;
rt'forchc?fl excbaiigo I. Addrva^ w. s.,
caro Virginian. ai hi
?Ty?NTKP.?S|.,ol:tl a.P.n-ii- Caiira?.cN.
M l.iiiiili.n irilbpriiuiiiiii nictrbntitilctrade:
money innk. i- ol i1 Also clover h. eurjlb
caiiTMicr? on e'o.o.-i aoller >a lliinlay Sl'an
J.KV-ltKAPl.l^ ,5 15, 1' . ?I . Kl ? Voll..
liOltl) ilKSl j* I'HItlST-Not liio en !
of the \ui Id- Froe ii tir?> oil uboi in?
ject ii van 0\ tl.e 1 t U^!?\,l i FT Kit'
Ntn N at ii ii o :Ork in Mat onlc liulL
com r l'rociiui un u : ? t.jr c mioc! .
>ob i in ii oi i'ir ii.-n pouplo cor
liull.i iuvitpd itot BO-cnlled .to und Ad
Telilieui, i.?.?;-_? i
Cl'liCIAI, lO.MI'I.UlK \?"lirMINI OK
P l ? l.iiiaiy Maiai/iiu^-; liusl.iii'h Wotkn lioiti
iii .il, IhmhmI, ,.-i -,t Slial.i-|ii'iiie'm.|ic
tiiilf IIiimIh'iiiolini;!, .a i i?,r i lie -it. aal
mail) ollifi htii-eatiis ai M l'-: - M i. - M:.ia
?tieulj Niii i 'ii.. v i . i t
new faces. .^
1'cataro.i and It tiuvuiiiijf ltUniialan in ISO
iiaiie biiok Tor a stuinii -,t ??;>r
?Itiio . l-.>7 W. l-'il atr.H, New lork. In?
ventor of Wooiliimy'i) I'ucial Spa|i.
CATC_I "r Ii:.- i.a.-i I i, a Meats,
C*? ? <3 ItccT, .Mutioti und Veal.nieely
Inileliorcd and niwuye fia-li,al reimni
i.i.I. prices anil ilciivereil lie.- call nt siall
No.:!. I . II. sto si
\J Vi'isolnblosanit (icneriil I'rniluco. Spt i -v
of Irish nail Miifecl I'otatoes. Stalls ;ilmt?J
EC. I nuili iiurj'. -j
K I runs. Pat, at Modi. inea, Toilol Ailteli?,
t learn mill tobacco, w. I'. l'UII.I.H'A
SIC Main -i 11.1 i,i
,ia\tt lUminit if ttitt ...iv, f.;Unfit orlM$,is
emitter out iiuaiion: tu oenU fur I'ner
loit 1.1.\i ran 'i>ii-iit.\iti,l; ?btiM.s
I wfotnl'.Oi nay :tr..l ..ii I'nClausen, with
nil e<?hv? nieiaci ||,-.. Iintli mid al teat Ion.
Itefde us* cxclittiiiaitl; iiioileiate leni. Addn-.ij
ii. Ii. II.. > nru \ lri{iiiiaii. deUO-kf
Ota-.a t?o gcnll.'iiieii can obtain a i.iv
rnrniahed room, centrally located, with nil
?nodurn convobieuce?, laoliKllag bain, yiu and
rieal, within ibroa minutos ?.iiw oflhoelco
Itriellne, a. c. k.,caro Viigiiilaii. unio-tf
1??it ItliNT.r?ItOO.M.S aiiovic l% MAIN
. euvot, buitaole fvX dna-makv:-. col
The Least Space Devoted to a
Full Understanding,
Bond For Threatening. Schooner
Sold. Will Exchange Pulpits.
Schooner Sunk. Rev. G. P.
RutledgQ Honored. Slew
For the Poor.
Maj. W. P, irviue is new able to
Bit up,
Mr. John H. Wiuder. of Atlauta,
was here youterday.
The street force in bard at work
cleaning the gutters.
Tb? jury iu the Corporation Court
will be called Monday.
Tho inner Inirhur was neaily freo
of iloatiug ice yesterday.
(July three persons havo made ro
tnrus iu this city under the iucumo
tax law.
Mr. Chap. Chick has left for Phil?
adelphia, whore he baa accepted a
W. T. Lee transferred to A. S. J.
(laruuiou und others, Hrunibletou
property for $1,500.
'1 be Norfolk delegates toMhosos
siou of the U'uai lirith, at Atlanta,
(?a., will return to-day.
(ico. C. Moser yesterday trans
fern,I to Chin-. Myers property iu
Atlantic- City for ?1,200.
Mr, Howard Stewart, the evange?
list, will give a free lecture at the
Masonic Hall Sunday afternoon,
ggl nited .States Deputy Marshal
Cross sold tho schoouer Intrepid
yesterday for sKI7 to W". M. '.'ore.
Johu Whitehurst, colored, was
rcquirod to give a houd yesterday of
olOU ou account of threatening Lelia
Hev. O. P. Hutlciigo, of Norfolk,
has been appoiiiled State Supenu
feudout of Christum Endeavor in
Funny Ibeo will nppoar at the
Academy of Music February 'Jiith iu
her latest success, "Nancy," for the
heoelit of the Ftks.
Doteelivo Laylor is laiil up with a
broken rib, the result of the kick
iin: received while arrostiug a uum
ber of young tuen.
No appointment has been made of
u Deputy Collector of Internal Uev
on no to lake charge of tho lucotne
tn\ busiuei s here.
Mr. .1. N. Mushy has arrived and
will dt oue? enter upon the dis
charge of his duties as assistant
observer of weather,
't he Governor has appointed Mrs.
II. N. Pago, of this city, a member
from Virginia of the Colonial Com?
mittee of the Atlauta Exposition.
JJ'l'be Police Commissioners and the
Msyor were in consultation for some
time yesterday. Nothing was given
the newspaper men for publication.
Hev. .lohn 1.. Allison, of Ports
mouth, und Uev. Dr. J.acy, of the
Scooud Presbytoriau Church, Nor
foil;, will exchange pulpits next
Sil inlay.
dn account of tli" illness of Dr. A.
Cuke Smith, the meeting of Sunday
school teachers was not held at tho
Young Men's Christian Association
last night.
I he police will this morning, be?
ginning at 8:!i0 o'clock, serve out
ibruuKwick iitew, etc., to tin- poor oi
the city. 1 he .supply will be at the
station house,
'hie .Schooner Minion F. Sprigg
is sunk at the mouth ot Chesapeake
(lay. nho was cut through by the
ice. The Vissel was bouud from
Norfolk to liostoii.
The body ol Air. ,lames Brook?.
Robertson, who died lit his b?me, - I
Yarmouth strict, Thursday after
noon, aged 51 years, will he tor
warned to Petersburg for inter
Cumberland Street M. I',. Church
? Preaching to morrow bv the pas
tor, Uev. W. V. Tudor, b. 1 >., at
II o'clock a, m. and 7:M'(J o'clock
p. iu. .Subject at night: "I he Ark
of Safety."
The local Alunini of the Uuiversity
id Virginia, which has in hand tue
arniugcmcuts for the eutertaiument
of the Paujo and Mandolin ( hit) ol
the P'Diversity id Virginia, at lire
Academy of .Music, decided to give
the clnb a geriuun at the Masonic
IV'nijile tho i veiiiti." oi the concert,
l\ briiary 25.
ltuv. Joseph A. Vance, of Haiti
innre, Md., is expected to occupy
the pulpit ol the J''irst Presbyterian
(Tunch to-morrow. This divine is
an earnest ami forcible i peuki r and
possesses similar traits ol mind ami
spirit with his brother, the fecent
pastor. those who hear him will
be delighted and be uu tit ted with bis
uiaunor ami matter,
UmiSlll Kmc- naiilnl.
Vivo thousand bushels higher t
market price. II. Ii, Owen, 27.'?,
277, 27'.i Wtaer st reut.
\ro Von iti'.ni >
Don't you want to hoary 'I he
Aurupboiio will help you if you do,
It is ii recent scientific invention to
assist 1 lie hearing of any one not
b o n deaf. When in tho oar is in
I visible; and does not catiso the
shgbtost discomfort. It is to the oar
what glasses are to the oyo, mi car
spectacle. An experienced Aurist
will bo at lhe New Atlantic Hotel,
Norfolk, on rimrsday, February 7,
from 0 a, in, to ? p. in., where they
can he tested freu of charge, Tho
Aunipbone Co., 71-3 Metropolitan
P.uildiug, tMadisou Squarej Now
Now line of bridal presents, the
best linn of sterling silver wo over
had, Now Waicrbui ry watche-i for
$2,GO, Chapman .v Jakoinan.
Another invoice of lamps and
tables and ueivelmtics, Chapmiiu &
1*ol6|?li?mi! <i<uhm>'> v?
Noiuoi.u, Vs., February 15, HJ">.
I\ditor Norfolk \'ir:/iiii(tu:
Tho Southern Boll Tetopbone
Company, which ia now and has
beet] operating ibe Norfolk Tele
phono Exchange for I lie past sixteen
years, under the American Pull
i TolopflOUa Company's patent, have
not hUd any street franchise granted
by the city (.t?ey did not require
any, as their patent gavu them all
the protectiou against competition),
but as their patents have expired
and conipetitiou is ready, they have
at the last Common Council meet
nur, under cover of an ordinance
for more tire alarm protection, of
lured to ooustrnct fur the eity
$2,01)0 worth additional lire alarm 1
system for $000, and in 0 >usid- ra?
tion thereof ttio Southern iieil Tele
phono Coinpauy are to have i lie
! rights and privileges of continuing
aud renewing their now existing
poles aud wires.
This ordinance, it passed by noih
branches of tint Council, will give
the Southern Hell Telephone Coin
puny the right of streets forever,
und allow them to charge what thuy
please for telephones.
This will practically exclude ail
competition, as tho Southern Bell
Telephone i ouipuuy would, as soon
as any competing coiupnuy had
started construction, reduce tho
price of telephone.! to probublo $S
per year, if necessary, until the
competitor is wiped bill, ami with a
Iruuehtso from tin; city without any
limit as to telephone charges, would
make up any loss sustained for a
tinio being, by charging whatever
price they fait ttie people would
Tbe Amoricau Boll Telephone
Coinpauy, winch is the parent com
pauy, has- been gathering millions
of liollars from their brnucboB ell
over tho United Smics, und in order
continue to gather morn millions
they cannot ami will not let money
stand in the way to wipe but nnv
competing company so as to keep
all their brauch companies iu es
isteuce, The Virginia I'oiGpbouo
Company, which has been chartered
tor Hie purposo of furnishing good
'phono service ut ,13 pc-r iieut, less
charges, aud as it is impracticable
to have but ouo telephone excllaugo
in t>no cny would necessarily, it
successful, break up the Bell lelc
phono monopoly iu Norfolk. Us
charter members are ail Norfolk
citizens, namely: Win. II. White,
Judge B. W. Arnold, Washington
Taylor, .Maj. Chue. Pickett and l>.
Low&uborg; and whenever the ox
elusive franchise from the city is
granted wherein thecoinpauy agree;
to iuruisb 'phones from $2Q to $10,
or o.i. per cent, reduction iu all
lines, and not uutil then, will the
slock subscription books bo open
to tho citizens of Norioik, giving
this preference first to ail subsorib
eis of 'phonos, I hereby nilordiu^
the 'phono routers the opportunity
of receiving the benefits ot the
iuntil! charges,
Unless, however, an excltisivi
franchise is giveu to the Virginia
l'i lephuuo Coinpauy, couditionetl
Ibat tbb charges shall bo ouo third
less than present charges, under
such reasonable rostric ions ami
conditions as may bo fouud right
and proper to impose, I, as prosi
dent of die company, would not in
vest a single dollar in n telephone
exchange plant, nor would I remain
president of the com pauy, as, iu my
opinion, tbe moucy invested would
bo lost t.) the stockholders, with such
a monopoly as lho Bell telephone
Com pauy for a competitor.
It is a very plain Ihitttor for tin
Norfolk Ipeoplo to decide, whethei
i they want to continue to pay S'O? or
more per 'idiom- to tbe Southern
lirll Tclopbouc Oompuuy, which
will let the m i earniugs muoiiutiiig
to thousands of money go out ot
Norfolk, or whether they prefer to
pay to their own citizen stock
I holders s-iti per 'phone and keep the
uet earnings in Norfolk to as&iat in
developments^ if the city will upe'r
ale tho telephone service which lliey
inighl do us easy us they operate
the water works plant, our comuauy
would be willing to withdraw it*
franchise potitidii, as \ye are only
after breaking up a monopoly and
to make a lair return if money is in
ve.-ted. 'ihn Virginia telephone
Company will cover all territory
now Covered by the .Southern Bell
I'ulepliouii.Coiupnuy at n teductiou
of oue-tbinl preseut charge,?.
It is well known that cities in ilie
West with as large p. population iis
Norfolk, are successfully operating
lolcphoiio systems, which givo.boi
I?r service than the Bell system al
pries ranging from $!IU to 3 it) per
'phone, ii?d Lynchbtirg Bits jit t
completed and put in the Masou ays
tern, which l am informed is giving
good satisfaction.
Viiiuima Tiii.KiMioNK ComrANv,
by l>, Lowknuimui, Presideut^
Vest er day an otlioer in Atlautic
City War?! noticed a good many
littie tracks in the almost untrodden
-now on one of the streets of his
beat ami following them he was
surprised to encounter face to face
a little gray rabbit, who had doubled
on hu track and was coming down
the walk like lightning. Tbe ulllcer
lannoed his club as uu Australian
native v. mild a boomerang and
caught Bror Rabbit square in the
head. The remains brought I".
cents and tho oilicx-r dined on
in essential to go d health, been so tho
bhiu.l h iho \ t.il mi .i Inch Htippl ??- ill
ilio < r. rt.u with 11 o Hood's 8 rsapiirillii
is tho groutoai blood p riiior.
florin's I'u.i,. are purely -ogopible,
haiwlaas, affective, tlo not pain or nriyo.
Ilrer ICnliliit Main.
t'nre llicll Itlitn?
Elites' Rknbpit.?"Niuioy" is nil
operatic comedy of a lino type, bub
tiling over with fun and humor and
lull i>1 lively niiiaio. It will be
presented by tho little rj?eeu of
lnirth-pmvokors, Fanny Uice/ou the
iJOtll instant, for tbo benefit of tbo
Elks. Anyone who has soon her
I knows that Her amiga aro nlwuys
j rendered with oliio and piquancy
whioli atanip her as an artist of tho
highest character.
Tu.. Qu.vNii KinsiF.sis.?Tho Kir
iness, hu long anticipated, will be
presented at tbo Academy ol Munin
next .Monday and Tuesday evenings
and also at matinee on the latter
day, Norfolk has never witnessed
buoIi a bcoiiq of grace, beauty an I
nplondor as sbo will then behold.
The people have boon lud to groat
expectations, anil they wiil not bo
disappointed, oh tbo daily rehearsals
give promise of a da/.zlitig speotaclo,
bewiidoring in its beauty ami im?
pressive in its inaguilicouoo. Tbo
salo of KiutH opened yeetonlay and a
largo number woro taken.
"A II; sen or Ki vs."?IToyt'a
"A Munch of Keys" was pro
senteil at tho Academy lust night
to a lair sized audience, During the
performuuee specialties were Intro
tinned, s.imu 0f which were very
good. Tbo whole play was.a fair
one ami sec mod to give satisfaction.
Mr. Hubert Whitoliurn, master
inecbnuic uf the Norfolk, Albotnnrlo
and At laut iu railroad, bus left bis
recent bnuiu in tSutVoik, Va., and
tuadu bis resilience at tho curuur of
Clay ami Harrison avenues,
I Mr.-i, Tucker, principal of Kast
Norftdk Institute, has removed hor
school lioni (Jluiboruo avuuno to
Dr. S. Iv. Jaokaon's icsiduuco ou
brambletou avenue.
Air, stark LJarclay is putting tho
fr.mt of his store, corner I'ark ami
\ (Jlaiborne avenues,in better shape to
show bis goods,
I ftlr, Unarlle Humphries is sick
I with pneumonia ut his home, 120
Graiivillo avenue.
Heir. L. Broiigbton, M, l>.. ia
expcotetl to rotum to the ward to
assist l>r. Hall next week in Iiis in
tonst ing revival meetings at L'urk
Avenue Daptist Uhiirub.
Tho King's Untight is hohl tho r
regular meeting yesterday aftcrnoou
at Mre, Judge iSpnuldiug's, On tie
count ol i ho many ii Ego 111 cullu from
tho needy in this waul and their
funds being very low they appointed
a committee to solicit donations or
weekly subscriptions to assist them
iu th. ir work of charily during the
bud weather,
Linie Miss Otolia OoorWou, of
Outteu Btrcet, got the medal yos
terday at the public schools for do
poi tini!iit tbis week.
Messrs. S. l<\ lluniiltou a (Jo.,
have opened a furniture repair shop
ai ' 12 Central avenue,
A pretty marriage was celebrated
Ii. lu v. W, H. lifiike at 9:3(1 o'clock
iVeduesdai night, at the residence
ltd Mr. tuul Mrs. John Lambert,
No. (Jill Central avenue. Tue
COUtrncti?g parlies were Mr.
t'homus Ogle and Miss Lillio May
Purser, both ol ( leveland, Ohl t,
l'lie bride looked oliariuiug in the
fawn oolorod silk witli trimminp* of
swan's ilowti itn.l with a beautiful
b.mottet of bride's rosos iu her
lniml. A delightful reception was
enjoy od by the invited guests. Mr.
Oglo.is uleetrieiun at tho power?
house of the Norfolk IS ten in Kail
nay, au l will make bis. residence in
Tun VlttiiiNiAN extends many eon
;ratttlutions to I he uew coiners thus
entering congenial life in the midst
ol strangers in the city of .Norfolk.
if ynvn hack Aonws,
!>r vou arc all warn . at, reallv r<"'d for noth
Ina. tt i-1?< Herat ?!? Ial.lv. Try
nttOH'Jt's iin>.\ mm-us.
It will cure you. cleanse your liver, and give
a coo;! i.ppctite.
1 he c.'tt.li! jou of .Mr. J, (i. Bur
goas was rt ported yesterday as being
about the same.
l'lie yV, v . 1. I . tuet Thursday at
tbo residence ? Mrs. (Jhesser, on
I'oolo street. No business oi nn
portnnca was lrauf>aoted.
It is arid to rt port that Miss Dey,
living with Mr. \\. U. Simmons, t ii
I'oolo street, who was bo,seriously
hurt ou Monday by falling down
ftuirs, is no better, .She is in a cr;t
ical condition.
I'rcc from till llie disagreeable greasy efTccls that result frotn the
use of laid will be had, it" COTTOLENE is used. Fish and
t akes fried in it are simply delicious because it add:; a flavor it)
them that cannot possibly be obtained from the use of any oilier
frying material; Get the genuine COTTOLENE, us there uie
s^0?*a^c^ numerous questionable imitation?. The
'Cj.o' ^^y^v tr.nle mark given here is on each pail.
c Company,
A SPECIAL BLENDr\.'",!;,c;r"'' 17 !reW
The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co,, 192 Main St.
< l : I v si,,
< ?l I > i VI oil l
a ii i v:? tj ??: \ rs.
.n IJIMv c I? 'I !?: \ B'V.
E * 242 EAST MAIN.
Itccciv.itt to>?nv lurjo nuRUtttio?or PrltiroK-t'Atino I'oiitlrr of nil kin.!?. A n?-???
itl v.j,, ty ..i Lot H-lt'ctM Vegetable!-; alio I niilx, i Iiow-CIu>w, I'lrklo .??:??. ? lio'nii <P\<\i \n\
iilifliuU l'uilolii'i and I'tuii A|i|.1o, oi wliutOTor otsv you iaaj want to supply your fA"*$
_t_?.;.,....?._.? _ H.__S(V>-1 LOSSi' Proprietor.
'enterprise Beef and Provision Stores,
JL/ ir?U t'liutcli, onuostiit Holt Mrrit. mat .:i n.-?i Miitki'l spaeo. oil
It,- ivrmt. V-'-'Ji
Thmv is ii..|liio.-, in IL- Ihm rim! oiv.vlt-toii lino,; both Irosli or suiokctl,
thai w? can no si von at i-ohi than navwlu-ru eist?.
?'?Hl M i l It!
M OV IIS, l-;JT.
i ? i ran Loy i loir
M UN'iil U,ni: ANY K INI? tiKllin SK plIllNISHINO <.00p3 STOVES,S
Im cadi from motliuit you have err-r Li? oil Wot) you lioCoro. H yriu wlili nnytbti'ig on oar
New , mlu System ii will |iuy ,?ii i0 visit mi-. I'ivturu t'ranio.nL-to orilor.
$ I A SALE. $10 SALE.
JO)* 3Cm j?k^JLadESgi
l?utlui in Low 1'riii-- for ('ash or lu-talluirni.
?j;.! .not -J7 I Clitircb ?tro.it,
i ? rtci 's ii w i ::?
\ ill ic I .\S IS i.M l.1> V.
I'rivalc dbua.tiN ot wbalevor ii it uro. vliM rOJ'illy. l-'-nialo ?iseawt <-i WfegRKR ( 1
nil tm - in ;. Uly ?up l . i t': - I,,:,,- ? v, i.. I-, .. f-,:;v-V-,\-^;-:..-.'^,'
in "it. ? KSP^lSnra
W holcaaiwl by IV. tv 11 Kin A i .... No. 112 vv.ii. i itreiM. P /^Wi'S^Nj
atom Agency?tlIt Olli roh itrret.
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ViM Per TdB-2.240 Ponnds-CASH!
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D L. CHRISTIAN, '^Vu1.;^.'-,1,.'. : ;,M;,v:,??ill'?
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The Oldest! f ile Most Reliable!
iSitS Ofliiftj'oli Street,
MfllSJPV I fiANIPH on DlanioiiilH, AVatclies, Jovvolry, piot)lh?R and Mer
LiU/\llCl/ rliniiiiiso oi every tlekoripttou. All coilataral do
jiuroo i with h :,r>? kopt iu tiie l-iuuat Phoand ltiirglar I'roof .tiifou. vybicb aromnlor
tbo protbetiou in tin- Jeweler^ Beourity Alliance. Speoinl Ratoe on sura* c-i *lM
aud ovor. Alt traiirnotions kept Strictly Coniidential. Malt oommuuioationii win
reuuiva uroiuut, ?itcuiiau.
Rand McNally's
of the World.
'Hin Univcrsa
Containing colored ninpn of every oouu-<
fry and oiviliy.od division upon the
furo of Hid ulobo. with n conoiae
historical, descriptive aud
.statistical roviov ol each,
richly illiiHtratcd by
engravings ol
tliti world's
Political Developments,
Geooraptilc&i Discoveries
and Explorations.
A novel mi,1 moat interostlog review Of
the w rid* peoples, their origin,
historical and ethnological de>
vol.out. na will aa tlio
polltii ai status mi l rela?
tive rportiuce of
tho countries they
inliabit, pro?
with cut a
peoially obt tiued
fur thu purpose, ty?
pically i orii bviug tho
Btihjuots under i utiaidera
lion, Cliariuiiiu biographical
Rkot lies of Stiitosnieu, Patriot?,
Soniier.-, Literary Meu and inventore.
ol all eitiea, towns and villages
iu the United States.
in colors, compiled froio the latest
Official r |i rt. 'i'ho-o charts es?
b int in attractive form the
area, p >pl 1 itioil; ajjri
eullural nud mineral
pro I nets, together
with tlio com?
mercial and
as ilia map show* the goograpld?
Ulli ami topographical de?
tails of countries.
An Education for Your'
i nfcrmati cn hi Yourself!
An Encyclopedia of Knowl?
rnnrc VIROINf AN haa secured a limits
1 ed number of tbpso valuable volu?iaj
ol iaforinatio'n. ana AS buNU AS 1'llt.X
L.VbT "ill mippij its readers lit
Publisher's Price, $4.50./

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