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Short Items About Every Day
A Fine Banjoist. Scr.ts Cushioned.
Fined lor Assaulting His Wife.
The Georgia's Propeller
Broken. Notes of the
Big Fire.
Jim Kid did good servico at the
fire Thursday night,
gllead udd of C. W. Hudgius &
)., iu to day's issue.
At least '2,000 peoplo were out
looking at the lire Thursday night.
Edward Duller, colored, was lined
|2.5U and cost for assaulting his
Miss Linda Young returned yes?
terday from a visit to friouds in
ftlohile, Ala.
Mr. A. C. Hoffman, presideut of
the Keaboard Air Liuo, was in tho
city yesterday.
f. It is rumored that there will
fhortly bo another marriage, on tho
j mth end of Washington street.
Tho oougregatiou of Triuity 1'. K.
Church huvo cushioned tho seats iu
B . Andrew's Chapel, iu I'ark View,
Tho Homo l'ermanent Buildiug
Association baa declared a dividend
of 10 per cent, out of the earnings of
last year.
Workmen were at work yesterday
easing the doors of the residence at
the county jail, preparatory to mov?
ing iu next week.
Mr. W. N. White's goods woro
scattered all around yesterday. A
negro man was arrested who tried
to steal some of them.
BftSonio one oroko iuto tho cabin of
a'it. Sherwood's boat in Gosport.
'J'boy failed to take anything irom
the boat that can bo missed.
The tug Uloodgood was cut
through by the ice yesterday while
trying to open a plaDe for two
sloops to get out of tho Eastern
Hi auch.
The Cbiueso clergyman, Rev,
Yung Kiuug Yen, delivered a lec?
ture ou mission work last night at
Trinity P, E. Church to a fair sized
Yesterday morning au aged col?
ored woman named .lane Thomas
fell ou County street, near ElUug
ham, and out herself quite badly ou
t-he bead,
Gregory, tho banjoiat, gave au en?
tertainment at West Hall, iu SnottB
Tille, last night, He sang quite a
number of bis war songs, which af?
forded much amusement.
Mr. W. V. H. Williams gave a
lecture last night at the Y. M. C. A.
ou "Character linilding." Ho was
listented to attentively and those
who heard him were will pleased.
[f the city had had a nook and
ladder several of her citizens would
be hundreds of dollars better oil',
'the liro Thursday night could have
been put out in a few minutes with
proper facilities. Ucntlemen of tho
Council, let this be a warning to
Mr. (ioorge L. Rhodes, of Chicago,
HI., has been appointed general
agent of the Seaboard Air Line, in
charge of immigration ami such pas
Beuger and freight business as the
vice presideut may a.-t-igu to him.
His beadijiiarters will bo iu Ports?
Mr. 0. R. Welton, of the firm of
Messrs, Cbae. I!. Weltou & Co., has
lu>t returned troiu the Northern
oil es,where bo has been to purchase
a f ill and complete Btock ol both
Jia s ami men's furnishings. As lie
ha ? selected a very full hue, you w ill
Both the method run1, results when
Byrup of Figs is taken; itisplensani
iiirefreshing fo the Iasto, (induct?
gently yet promptly on t Im K idneys
Liver and Howe!--, clonuses thesys
lcraeflecl.un.lly, dispels colds, heai!
aelios ami fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrupof Figs is the
mily remedy of its kind over pro?
duced, plea ling to tho tnslo nnd ac?
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
it~ ad ion nnd truly beneficial in its
effecta prepared only from the mosl
bealthyand agrc6abfo substances, its
many excellent qualities com mend it
to nil nnd have made it tho niu.-t
popular remedy known
Byrup of Figs is for pnlo hi ,r.?c
find 81 bottles l>v nil leading drug?
gists. Any reli:il>lo druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro?
3tire it promptly i'or any one what
tvi 'ev to try iL Do not accept an*
Jubatitutfl, - '
CAUFmm fig muz ca
LOUISVILLE, AY, (,'HV VOIiK. tt, l?>
perhaps do well to give them n call
beture purchasing elsewhere,
Yesterduy morning about 4:110
o'clock a pistol shot was tired ou
tin- coruor of Kiug und Washington
streets, by whom it cauuot be
Yesterday Mr. Weaver reported
that a colored man hud beuu tuck for
several days at his wood yurd. He
bad uo food or anything to keep
him warm, and was uuablo to get
away. Iiis Ilouur ordered an in
vestigatiuu uud aunt him to the
Thursday night a young man who
bad been to tho tiro und got thor
ouglily wet both inside uud out,
started for home. Before reaching
there he fell, and would hove froseu
to deuth bud it not been for somo
young meu who saw him and carried
him home.
Tho Bay Liuo steamer Georgia
started for Baltimore Thursday
night, but had to como back,
having broken her propeller, Tho
Alabama left Baltimoro yesterday
morning tor this city and arrived
hero about 8 p. m. and returned tho
same night. She will do double
j duty until the Georgia's wheel is
' liuishod.
i It looks aa if tho city ordinances
are doomed. The Council paid $100
to have them all codiliod and miido
a coutract with Mr. Fiske to print
them. They were nearly ready,
when they wero destroyed by the
tire Thursday night. Tho whole
tiling will have to he gove over with
anil several mouths will elapso be?
fore they aro ready for use.
'i in- Second unit 'S'btrd Alarm.
Thuraduy night at 10 o'clock tho
iiremeu, after a hard iougbt buttle
with the flumes, reeled up their hose
uud went buck to tho ougiue-honse,
as they supposed for tho night.
About 11:15 o'clock they were
ugaiu called out to subdue tho stub
burn tlamos, which had broken out iu
the same place, which it took but a
short while to do. The second tune
they went to tho eugiue-house. At
12:15 au ulurui was ugaiu sounded,
caused by some papers catching on
lire and causing the Humus to spread.
The Department agsiti came out,
and this time worked for nearly au
hour. Yesterday tho iu.-uranee men
went to the ruins and looked over
the dumage. 1 ho exact figures of
eneb one's loss could nut bo gotten
owing to Air. W. N. White being
absent from the city, but enough
was learned to know that the uetual
loss will nut exceed $21),000, which
is fully covered by iuauruv.ee. t- apt.
W. A, Tiske is the heaviest loser,
having lost olotbmg and all. The
losses will be met promptly and the
parties will resume business.
Could Kot A a rue.
Y'esterday the ease of B.K. Baker,
charged witji breukiug into the store
of George Jackson, Craw ford street,
was tried. The evidence wub about
the sumo as that which has been
previously published. Tho ease was
given to tho jury about 2 p, in, and
at ,') p. in. they reported that they
eould not agree. Ibe Judge allowed
them to go iioino until to day, but
gave tbem positive instruction that
uo oiio was lo talk to them ou the
subject of tho trial; neither were
they to meutiou it to anyone,
A Ciuod Kecouimeudatlou.
La Fayette, Ind,?"A Mrs. Jas.
Fay, living near this city, claiinB to
have been cured by the use of tjim
luoiis Liver llegulator after live or
six of tho best physicians had pro?
nounced the case hopeless.'"?Albert
A, Wells. Your druggint sells it in
powiier or liquid; the powder to be
taken dry, or made into a tea.
A Society ? r j u n Is 'it.
Tlio Martro lubbiro Moratare, an
Italian society, met uud organized
Thnrsdav night at the place of busi
liess of Mr, Joseph Mlano, ou First
street. The following ollieers were
elected: Joseph Miano, president;
lbilpii Itlaohi, vice president; Trunk
Gatti, treasurer; N. La Genestra,
Unanoial secretary; Kucco Gnllo,
recording secretary, and D, Antonio,
direotor, A banquet followed, at
winch there was considerable mirth
and merriment.
ic delimit! >ii<?t it imse i i.
Yesterday afternoon a youth
named .Smith Weyent, accidentally
shot himself through the baud while
playing with a pistol ou his lather's
boat l\ ing at the Compress wharf in
liosport. lie was attended by Dr,
F. ?. Hope.
I lllierul Ol Mi*. ICrnKltli.
The funeral of Mrs. Catharine J,
Reagan took place yesterday morn?
ing from ISt. l'aut's Catholic Church.
Tno services wero conducted by
Rev. Thos. J, Brady and the re?
mains were interred in Oak Grove
'I ruilaw Appointed.
I Judge Watts yesterday appointed
Mus.-rs. W. S3. Davis, A. Buir and
W. a. Barton trustees of tho Ma?
sonic building of Mount lloreb
Uoyal Arch Chapter No. 11. R. A.
i iidnr Oxford ?*ali.
Blanket-, blankets cheap; worsted
gloves, buckskin gloves, boys'
gloves, boys' mittens, ladies' mit
tens, children's mnteus, new kid
glov9S, Agent f..r the celebrated
Gold Medal black dress goods. A.
I. Phillips.
I.omps, silk shades, wire frames,
loll carriages, toilet sets, pictures,
tables, roekers uud everything else
at Crawford's Furniture ami Carpet
Children Cry for
Notes and Gleanings From Suffolk
and Surroundings.
William E, Gaboon, a well known
knight uf the gripsack, hat? returned
to bis home in Suffolk after u South
urn tour.
Some of tho road contractors are
contemplating tho purchase of road
mauhiues to facilitate their work.
Kev. J. F. Love will loavo on
Monday lor Raleigh, N. O., whore
ho will assist in tho conduct of u
Tho Baptist young People's Union
held an interesting meeting ut their
church last night.
Mr. Donald McLeod wili repre?
sent Welcome Lodge No. 50 at the
meeting ot the grand lodge in
Stuuuton next Tuesday.
Tin'. S.milin n i.i> BIltilTARTi ?
Company 11, Fourth Virginia Regi?
ment, located in Sniithliold, will
have a streit parade, to l>o followed
by a lurget pi notice, on nest Friday,
February 22d. There will aho be
tilled on tbi? occasion by election
vacancies in the company resulting
from resignations, There are sov
eral candidates,
Killed uy a Hand Oak,?A col?
ored muu named Louuie Brown was
aocideutally killed near Boykius,
\ a., by a hand car. Ue, with sev?
eral companions, was pushiug tho
car upgrade for the purpose ol rid?
ing back. On its return he foil in
front of the ear und wits run over,
receiving injuries which shortly tor
minated fatally.
Police Coi-kt,?Tho following
judgments were passed in the police
court, Councilmeu M, 1'. Lloyd and
Dr. A. W. Eley presuliug in Muyor
Bri rer'a absence:
Sidney Britt was taxed S- for
permitting au oil lump to uuru alt
night in bis afore.
Isaac Nicholas, lor stealing coal
from the Norfolk and Western
trams was assessed 810.35,
Ellen .'Smitii, for breaking aseaiod
letter and purloining a ?5 bill, was
fined $11.(35. In default sbo was
committed to jail tor thirty days.
M ? ? ? McDonald wus shown to
have appropriated to his private use
a quantity of coal, tho property of
tho Norloik and Western railroad
eompuuy, and wus bound over for
??ji". do.
Additional Constaules He
quired,?All orders previously en?
tered in Nausemuud uouuty provi
ding for the election of extra die
trict otlieors have been ievoked, and
tbu Court holds that public service
requires a greater number ol Con
stables in each of the Magisterial
Districts than the State Uouatitu
tion speeilies. it is accordingly
ordered that the unmbur of said
Constables be lucrereased frem one
to two iu each district, The ad
ditioual officers wiil be elected at
the general county election on the
fourth Thursday iu .May, in the
mode prescribed for the election ol
other district officers, and will cou
tinue to be elected ut each succeed
lug election until otherwise ordered
by the Cunrt.
Subject to Accidents,?Tho it
year old son ot J. Lctoher tSay had
his hand badly ma.-hed yesterday
by the fulling of u heavy window.
11.:. family has been attended with
acoideuts of late. Mrs. Cay is tin
able to use her arm from injuries
received in a fall, while < >?ie, a 11
year old sou, is still confined with a
broken leg.
Oiijecteii for Patriotk Reasons,
?There was a rather interesting
and amusing scene on Washington
square. Two gentlemen Iroui the
North, beingstrnek with the novelty
of a sleighing turnout, wanted u
photograph and employed Photo
grapher lluriell. J he vehicle con
sisted of a goods box with rudely
improvised runners. It was driven
by a gentleman from the country
nud (be horse was no relation to
Nancy Hanks,
A well known man about town
took up the theory that the photo
graphs wore wanted for publication
iu somo magazine as a char?
acteristic type of Southern
sleighing and strenuously object?
ed. He became greatly en?
raged and usod abusire language
towards the Northerners and per?
suasion with tho photographer, but
without eQ'eot, lie offered to pay
the latter his price if be would make
no photographs, Personal violence
was prevented and matters pro
eceded till the negatives were .se?
cured. Apologies followed.
Are Von in \? nut
Of a suit or overcoat at prices re?
markably cheap for tho tine class of
goods wo have the reputation of
soiling. If so, call and make your
selection, and wo promise you that
we will save you money.
Levy ,v. Jacobs, 200 High St.
??our I,nailer."
Not the best hat ever made, but
we never saw a belter one for 81.50.
It's a graceful shape and good Btook,
too. Cull and be convinced before
it's too late. Charles II. Wolton A
Co,, 332 ami i!:;i High street.
(irouleal Sacrifice
of fust-class clothing and woolen
underwear over offered to tho people
of this vicinity. Wo am bound to
close out every dollar's worth to
make room for new spring goods,
which will begin to arrive about 1st
of March. Breslauor ?v Anthony,
114 High street.
Pitcher's Castotia.
Facts From His Private Re?
The Eminent Professor Receives
Congratulations--Humane Meth?
ods Produce Marvel?
ous Results.
Mrs, 51 iHtera.No. 130 West Washington
1'laoo New Ynik city, earn: "I hud Mi?
ll..minatory rheumatism >u bally I ?'" int
scarcely move mj Joints wore fright
ml v ?, ot on "in! aiilY and i-o c udor I
Could nut rear tu he to loliud. Millivolt 0
I heumatiain ?uro net ml like mage, ro?
ll viu|{ tue pain ami aoreuoaa nt once
anil effecting ? complete euro in a rej
luarkably short tin o. I am a thorough
1" I i v. r in Munyon'a KeinedhM.and ni
wiivh ko p them eu hand. They are :d
wuys reliable an i have uuvod niauy a
doe or h eo."
Mauyon'i Ithouiuattsm Cure ia guaran?
teed to euro rheuniat atu in am i-:*rt of
tho no ly. Ai ute or u -e in rh uuiu
t sin euro 1 in Iroiu one to live days, it
novor f.ula to euro Bltarp, abootiitg paiua
in tho arms, to ,a. aide-, back or broai-t.
or aoteuOiia in any part of the body hi
from one to tin oo i out^ it is niinr?ti
teed tu i r itnpt y ouro lameness, still aud
!-?olU ti joints, -t IV back, and all paiua in
the Id; a an I loins. I hronlo rheumatism,
sciatica. luiiil)R?o or paiu in tho back .'re
sp eililv eurod.
Munyon s Hom ? opathic lloine Kcmo ly
Company, o! Philadelphia, put up speei
Idea Vor nearly every disease which are
sei i by all druggist*,'mostly for 2> cents
a bottle._
inaval New?,
hv Southern Associated t'raaa.
Washington, February 15.? The
15-iuch Ilarvoyized curved plates
for tho turrets of tho battleship In
diana will bo given a ballistic test
at Bethlehem, J'a.. next Tuesday,
when a projectile from a 10 iuch
gun will be lired at a typical plate
I in tho preseuce of Commodore
Sampson, chief of ordnance und a
! board of naval officers.
Passed Assistant Kuginoer U. 1>.
Strieklan bae been placed on the
retired list of tho navy.
The cruiser Outline, which left
New Yoik for Madagascar early this
morning reported her arrival at one
of tho Western islands oil tho West
o 'ast of Africa.
I.in? ii Niavc.
i he ? hief uuction of the kidueyg is to
sepa at iron) tho 11 o ', m its pasaii e
through them, of cert du imparities
and watery panicles ivhiuh make their
tiual exit t iromib tbe bladder. Tho re?
tention oi these, in couaequence of ma -
ti.ity nt tho kidneys, ia product va of
j brig lit'a disease, <lr ps , diabetes, mbu
iiiiuuria und other maladies with a fatal
tolidcney. Iloaiettor's Stoinii b bitters,
a lii^i.lv saueinaied diuretic und blood
riopuront, impels tue kidneys when in
ue;i e to renew tbelr Bitting unction
aud -train from the vital current im; n
rltiSi which itil st ant threaten their
onti e latfiioo aa oigaiis of tin* body.
Catarrh oi tho bladder, gra el an I re
teut.ou of ttio urine uro niao mala ieg
arrested or avarteit by tbia boni^n pro
met r and restorative of organic act.on.
Malaria, iheuma^lsm, constipation, bili
ousueas and <ly peps la a I r> > :el i to i e
outers, which is ulto b eo.hly benetuial
to the weak au I nervo is._
Worltiiiu ,.?. Uro.? sitioew.
l.argo variety for men just re
coived at L. 0, Long & Hons', 219
High street, next to Crawford's fur?
niture store.
tin to 11 nin in 111'? tor BarirniuN.
Cou'.d Not Sleep.
Prof. L. 1>. Edwards, of Pro-ton,
Idaho, says: "I waa nil run down,
weak, nervous and irritable thro'
overwork'. I Buffered from brain
fatigue, mental depression, etc. I
became so weak and nervous that
1 could nol Bleep; would arise tired
discouraged, blue. I began taking
Dr. Miles' Nervine
and now everything is changed. I
sloop soundly; feel bright, active
and ambit :? u>. 1 can do more in
one day n'.w than I used to do in
a week. For this groat, good 1 give.
Dr. Miles' Nervine the sole credit.
It Cures"
Dr. Mile ?' Nervine Is sold on a poiltlvo
guarantee that the first bottlo will bene?
fit, A II uruue-isis sell it at 21, C bottles 15,
or will lie scut prepaid on receipt of i>n :o
?? nr. Miles Medical Co., Liuimrt. tud.
Sold by All Druggists.
For Over Fifty Years
Soothing Svrup
bita neon used fi r cbll ireu while teeth?
ing. ,t soothe* the ohild B?llens tue
Hums, allay a all pun cures wind uhouc,
regulates the Btomaoh and bowel-, and
is tbu best r< medy for di irrh i a. Twen?
ty-five cents a bottle ? old by all nrug>
gtsta throughout the world. aalu-su.w.
may ho swept away without notion,
and that life a period of duration ia un?
certain. I'rsprtru for either oruer^eaoy
by wisely plaoin? iNSnitANOE witb,
lt.s. UOYKIN A CO,. No. 9 Main street,
Bffolk. Va, -t?|a3
WAVERLY, - - $85
COLUMBIA, - - $100
EAGLE, - - - - $100
OTHER GRADES Ai $50, $60 AND $75.
Wo have the lust lino or Bicvolos in
the. i u ted statu-. I11UII1&ST IN OUAL
ITY ami excelleiieo of 1'iuiTi.'iOall an I
see tbo t-nmidcs.
lOH I I IiiH 8S1%,
I. ?rein: is fort loir;: owner < an havo
?itnio by proving proporty, payiug cost
oi advortfsenicut otc. ? ply t > ?'. \V.
UAI.LAUD, Uhurolilau I. Va ' fol.-iot
Iioap Apply t.. .1, b. UEA, Hoili
day struct, Turk View, loU-?t
Nice dwelling, corner Holllday and
(Hiostnut ?t roots, I'urlt Viewtsevon rootuH
u.i l kitchen, st?hle, nies porch, ate.
art', de*ire? to t-oil und build a larger
lid H'-. Will -oil on reasonable terms
.1 NO. I,. WATSON.
17*011 itFA'T.?STOKK No. 72.1 COUN I V
?treot, ^OxSU feet. Qood loeation
for uui km 1 of Ijumut'tf*. Apply on
inanities, s. l. lo.no. fo5-tf
-CO TO ?
mi.1 you will I'm.I Iba prottii ?t mi l most
l uiupiot)' line of Kmbroidrien 1 vor 1 x
)i bitoil in t .a oity. The priuoa ploauo
tho .-loHc-t huvor-?.
Von w Ii also Und a great rednct 011 In
nil olassei of 1 ri-hh Fabrics. Ladlea' ?111
'?out-' Underwoar, etc. Von wiltgct the
full beuollt or tlio Now T.irifl' rodiiotieii
mi nil .? ?m uf |{oo'Ih in t!ii< liue.
l'r tty in w OutiuK?. .'io por yur 1 mi I up
A lot o * .?. in: bargain** Iii BoiuuauU
mi I other goo Is .
AIwivh ha\o on hand a good line ol
Oenta' Hail ug? und Furuisliiuga.
1loaso n iiioiuboi tlio 1 Inco.
_ 220 lliiili stroot. _
Hotel Portsmouth,
R, H. GflRDNEH, - Manager.
i KIgbty-Ove coiumodloua ami woll fur
niblio.l iioouiH. Parlors, 1'riTiito i.udiotT
Eulrauce. au<l every eonvouieuce.
Klllcient cut ror uuil ohol rocoutly on
gaged. Tublo iiuu\i'olle<l.
KATES ?i'i unit 1*2.69 p r day; MO anil
npwar 1? per month. Excellent hotol for
AUo choapor evi'<'n at
Ill, li:i High Btroot.
l'oi-tdiuoiitli, Ya.
Special For To-day.
\ Duo ouiiJ of (loo I Toa anil two poun 8
; of tlrnuti nted t)u ?r for Duo;
Flue EvupoiMti .1 ipptes, l' 0 por pound
1 i.r three pouudii f 1 21 <?.
[ Wo bavo 11 lol of Swo t Potators Unit
havo not boon liurt by tins col.I, iui'1
' lino oiil mttbflold lltum.
('. \\. Ill D.ilNS A CO..
K02 Crawford atreat.
mooting ?f 1 '"? no Ml'. PBItM \
bol l a' No. 0.1 High ?Iroot, TUEsllAV
EVKNING February Ittb, 1- . ?I H
I o'clock. All uiouiimra uro roqiti ?t .| to
, bo present. JNO. h. W M'SO.N.
1 fcs-iut Be rotary.
Out of the lioust
Is a problem which has often puzzled en?
gineers and builders, especially in a liat
country like Norfolk, the simplest receipt
we know of is to
Omit to Pa}
Your Water Tax.
We know of another receipt, however,
which is just as effectual and mo.ic fre?
quently used.
o keep trade
om \ our store
-Omit to Advertise.
What is
Castoria is Dp. Samuel Pitcher's prescript ion for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine
nor other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soot hing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by
.Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
i'everishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Cnstoria assimilates the food, regulates the stoinach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Castoria
is the Children's Panacea?the Mother's Friend.
"Cnstoria is an excellent medicine f"r
children. M^thum have repeatedly told ine
01' ins good effect uj>ou th<-ir children."
1)11. G. 0. OtSOOOD,
Lowell, Muss.
"Castoria is the beat remedy for children
o( which I am acquainted. I bone the rtr.y
di .1 tar distant when in others will consider
tlie real Inb real of tbeir cldldren, and use
Castoria instead of the various quack nos?
trums which are destroyingthelr loved ones,
i v forcing opium, morphine, sootnlngsyrup
and other hur. tul agents down their throats.
I hereby sending them to premature graves."
Da. j. F. Kisoiilob,
Conway, Ark.
"Pastorin Is sowed adapted to children
tSat I recommend It as superior to any pre?
scription known to me."
II. a. Archer, If. l>.,
in Bo. Oxford St., Lirookiyn, N. Y.
" our physicians In the children's depart
meat have spoken highly of their experience
In their outside practice with Castoria, and
alUlough we only liavo unions <air medical
bupj,lies what is known as regular products,
yet wo are free to confess that the merits
of Castoria has won us to look with favor
upon it."
United Hospital and Dispensary,
boston, Mass.
Allen C. Smith, Pres.,
The Centaur Company 77 Murray Street, New York City.
?OF ?
* has a limited sup?
ply of valuable books
si ill on hand from
its Premium Depart?
ment, operated in
the year 1894.
A few of each
kind, any one of
which will form a
valuable addition to
youi' library.
it order to close
out the supply, any
one oi these books
will be sold at the
actual cost.
A Photographic
Portfolio of the Mar?
velous Works of G od
and the Wonderful
Accomplishments ot
Man: embraces a
rare and elaborate
collection of the
most beautiful and
noted examples ot
Palaces, Cathedrals,
Paintings, Lakes and
Pict Liresque Scenery
on the lace of the
globe, interspersed
with instantaneous
photographs oi
street scenes in the
World's Greatest
Cities, designed to
take the place of
an Extended
Tour Around
the World.
This valuable vol?
ume, and several
others, can be had
as long as the
limited supply
lasts at less than
half what they are
usually sold for.

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