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Matters and Happenings of Mi
nor Interest
A Sunday Violator Arrested. The
Hucksters' Market in a Terrible
Condition. Charges With?
drawn. Condition of
Capt. John Deans.
To-morrow Leut commences.
Mr. Wno. lves, who has been, so
Jtionsly aick, is slowly recovering.
The condition of Capt. John
l)oans was a littlo better yesterday.
The oase of the St. Klmo Llotol
?will come up this morning for trial.
Thu work of putting the roof on
the Union depot will begin this
The only thing registered at tbo
station house last night wsb three
Mr. Robert Shaw, a olerk at tho
IRpftbonrd Air Line, is dnngoronsly
til with erysipolis.
One person was nrrosted Bnnday
Jor violating the Sunday law and
yesterday paid a tine.
Two barkeepers will he before the
M uyor this morning, chorged with
celling liipnor on Sunday.
Both tho Hustings and Oonnty
Courts will adjourn for tho term
oiihor to day or to morrow.
Tho Martha Gilbro Marbrio So?
ciety mot last night and added sev?
enteen names to its membership.
The Rosebud meeting at Monn
nientnl M. E. Church Sunday after
Coon was very largely attended.
It is said that thore are live Dem?
ocrats who intend to run for Magis?
trate from liuH'ti Corner this
A well known yonng man was
ruado to pay S-.?O in tho Mayor's
Court yosterday for fast driving on
Mr. Fletcher Cain bns sulliciently
recovered iroru his recent attack of
pneumonia as to he uule to be out
on yeslorriav.
The B. Y.'P. U. met last night nt
tho Court Street Baptist Church
ond hail n delightful time. A society
wus organised.
Tho case of Mr. Rickotts, charged
with an assault on W. 1"). Ripley,
will conio up before Justice Rutter
to-dav for examination,
'J he funeral of Mr. Friedlin's lit?
tlo sou Albert will take place tins
afternoon at :! o'clock from Ins resi
dence, on Flliugbam street.
Suuday a tiro was diseovorod in
tome sawdust at the Union depot.
Jt wub put out without uuv damage.
How it got tlieru is u n ystory,
Mr. S. \Y. Gary, of Do*p Creek.
Is gotting up a lodge of Udd Follows
in tho village. Quite a number have
eignilied their intention to join.
A site for the j ower houso for
tho Port Norfolk electric road has
lieeu selected at Port No rfolk.
Work on it will be commenood right
Sunday a white hoy and a colored
one got into a row. In tho melee
the colored boy was stabbed in tho
arm. Dr. McMurran dressed the
Deputy Sherift Siversou, of tho
oouuiy, was taken quite sick Sun?
day. A physiciau was called in
and made him as comfortable as j
The ladies of Trinity Church gave
their last entertainment before
?Lont yesterday, They hare worked
iiard to pay the indebtedness on
their church.
Tho i'. M. O. A, are considering
the purchasing of tho Biimoly houso
and lot adjoining the courthouse
property for the purposo of erect
lug r< building.
Mr. C. L, l'ettis, late of the Nor?
folk Pilot, will leave to-night fur
Providence, R. I., his former homo.
While tliore he will represent a Nor
folk peanut houso.
A littlo 3-year old son of the late !
lid want Harrow, on First street, j
fell on the sidewalk Sunday aud cut
Iiis oheok quite badly. He was at?
tended l-y Dr. Cans. Oulpepper, I
Messrs. Wingtield and iinrns,
charged with nn assault on a colored
tnau, wore aeqnitted yesterday in
tho Hustings Cotirt.tbs colored mau
etatlng that he had received satisfac?
tion aud did not desire to prosecute
Tho Stroot Inspector, Hauitary
Inspector, or Clerk of the Market,
one should at least pay a little otteu
tiou to the condition of the huckster
market ou the west side, outsido of
iho building. If allowed to remain
in its present condition it will breed
come kind ot disease.
In another column an advertise
in On I of the trusties of the South j
/Street Baptist Church appears, in
which they oiler for sale tho house |
ikUnwn as the .lohu liodwin houso'
on the corner of South and Effing
jioni streets, the eutne to bo removed
l>y the purchaser. The dwelling is
a three story one.
I ii? tlotiarii Stoiber?
Has found that her little ones are
Improvod more by the laxative,
tSyrup of Figs, wheu in need of tho
JaxatlVO offset of it gentle remedy
iLau by any other, aud that it is
niore acceptable to them. The truo
remedy, Syrup of Figs, is manu?
factured by the Caiiioruia Fig
fiyrup Co, only.
cuff*, la i?2c.
\\l[c. pays for a lot of cutis while
they last. Wo have also another lot
sorduroy enps. Ohas. R. Weltuu A
Co., i).i- it ltd i331 High bticeU
To morrow, Ash Wednosday, will
mark tha beginning of Lout, a sea
Bon of special prayer, of ponauco
and of spiritual participation in the
passion and ornoitixion of our Re?
deemer by constant meditation ou
the soones of His suffering as nar
rated iu the Scriptures. Thia aea
bou, aooordiag to Catholic tradition,
is of Apostolic origiu and is in?
tended to stimulate the faith of all
Catholics by moans of, self-denial,
Bvoidanae of sia and its occaaions,
oombating the bad habits and re?
straining tho passions by prayer
and, iu a word, by imitating the
Uod-man whose life is the ideal
which the Catholie Church teauhes
hor children to follow that they may
saoure eternal lifo hereafter. At tho
masses te-morrow ashes, niado from
tho pulms used ou Palm Sunday
lust year, will bo blosssd and the
people, kneeling at the altar rail,
will be signed by tho priest with
tho sigu of the cross ou the fore?
head, being Eat tho same tiuio ad
monishud: "Remember, man, that
dnst thwu art, and unto dust thou
shalt rotarn."?Gen. 11-9.
? ho Ilriiirt of Doath.
Thrioe within three woeks has tho
Griss Reaper visited tho threahhold
of our esteemed towumnn, Mr. P.
J, Friedlin, aud resaovod from the
family iiraBide mother, wife and
child. This last occurred yesterday,
when his little 4-year-old son, Al?
bert, was called to join hia mothor
who had gone to that better land.
I Tun Virginian extends to the aftliot
I ed father its warmest sympathies m
these, the saddest hours of bis life,
Mr. and Mrs. Milos J. Cox lost by
I death Suuday afteruoou their infaut
Eson Miebael. aged 7 months and ?
I days. The fuiiorul will take place
from the residenoe, No. 816 Third
1 street, to whieh friends of tho family
I aro invited.
Cituiu >u?r Mtrangr 11 Hj.
Sunday morning n littlo 4 yoar
old son of Mr. Dashiells, the hooper
of tho cemetery, was eating a candy
gooseberry, when it slipped down
bin throat aud choked him so badly
that he turned black in the fuoe.
Thero wuro no gentlemuu at home
at tho time and tho assistance of
Mr. 0. L. Daughtery, who lives
next door, was called, und at tho
same time Dr. Chua. l'arish was
.tent (or, hut before he arrivod, Mr.
Daughtery succeeded in removiug
the candy bnt not beforo tho littlo
one wu-j nearly strangled.
\ Vnrd ,\oli..
It was remarkably quiet around
tho yard yesterday. Thero are but
four ships thero now; tbo Alliance,
tho i Marblekead, Vesuvius aud tho
Amphiitite and Texas, Nearly all
of thorn are very uearly completed.
Admiral Brown will return from
Auuapolis this morning, He has
been visiting his son, George, at the
Yesterday was pay-day,
1'saas I.adle?' De I Iff bt.
What is the young ladies' de- I
light? Step in Charles 11. Woltou
A Go's, 332 and 334 High street,aud
discover, Wo have yR beautiful se?
lection in fancy Lira O'Shautere in
all stylos and pricos.
tolling oiii to VIiikc- u (.'bAiiffc in
Hit- I Irnt.
The ontire stock of the Famons
ShooKtore, 220 H igh street,is oll'ered
for sale at cost, aud in some oases
far below cost. Tho name of this
well-known tirm has been a house?
hold word to tho shoe buying peoplo
of this section for the past live years
nnd tho merits of thoir stock are
easily answered when you outsider
their phenomenal success during
their career, There will bo a change
in the tirtn on or about Muroh loth,
and until tbeu we havo have to dis
pose of our entire stock regardless
of cost prices. All purties having
claims against enid firm present
same at once, aud all parties in
dented are requested to sottlo same
without delay at the Famous Shoo
Store, 220 High street._ tf
.a "How Improvement.
Ask to see our > 1 black serge and
Honrietta cloth, reduced to 6'Jo; line
broad cloth, in black and light
shades, reduced from ifl to 69o, \Vo
intend to begin remodeling our store
frout and wo want room. To got
room prices will be slaughtered this
week. A. J. Fhillips, under Oxford
Hail. _
\%'? Arc taiistlmtf
to tuako room for tho enormous
stock of spring goods wo havo pur?
chased, and il you are desirous to
purchase anything iu our lino re?
member you can get that article
from us at priceB romarkably cheap.
Levy & Jaoobs, Portsmouth Cloth?
ing House, 200 High street.
?f Intereei to lue Public.
We nro closing out the balance of
our stock of clothing at oost. Wo
uro agents m this city for the cele?
brated Silvorinau hat, tho latest
Spring stylo just received. Also
Sweet, Orr St Cos pants aud over?
alls and Foster, Paul ,t Go's kid
gloves for gentlemen.
bubslaubh .v anthony,
_114 High street.
I.. C l.ona ,V ?ton,
219 High street, under Pythian Cas?
tle, aro showing a splendid line of
toon's shoes from SI to 33. Cull aud
see them,
Lomos, Bilk shades, wire frames,
doll carrinaoH, toilet note, pictures,
tables, rockers and everything eUe
at Crawford's Furniture and Carpet
I Hoti80._
{ Children Cry for
grip inpic
Whole Families Stricken and
Many Deaths Reported,
Nearly Every ? Ulrd Parvosa ?uller
inu n nh a. Colil. (rhlrh Often
Itctiilta lit ?-rlp, t'lettrlay
or iMioiiBionin*
Colds lea I to coughs, i'ou'zIih | to Grip.
I'neuntouia aud Ooustiuiptiou; tliurefore,
it is all important to ooeek a cold be?
fore it roaches the lun.:a. Muayon a
Culd Cure will positively broaW a cold
iiiejde or twenty-tour boars if taken aa
soou as thi- cold manifests itaolf. When
the cold roa 'bee ib > luugs or brouehial
t lhes the Cough ('are should he urod
alternately every hal1 hour with the Cold
Cure. The Cold Cure is guaranteed to
prev tit pneumonia ll used iu tho begin?
ning of a cold. I'ueumouiii. or iuttaiu
matiou of the lunga can i>o coutrollcd
by the une of ft.ose two ? uro?.
1'he Cuuirh i.'ure positively cures brOU
ehltla, tu- .img in tiiu throat, buarri ncsi,
bis-; of TOioe, ?oroncs of the eh"> I, difli
culty iu breathing, bucking cough au 1
all pulmonary din<-a<;e? where tho lungs
are not too far decomposed or coverod
with tuhcrelea
lf youaro ailing, .t p iuto the noaro^t
dr.ig store aud get a 'JTu) vial of ouo of
MuilTon'i Uernu no*. No uiattor what
your ilikoaso. or how many doctors havo
tulh d to euro, it will givo you rel e'.
Ilm ?? wlio are in doubt as to the na?
ture of their disease! should aUdioss
Prof. Miunou, 161)6 Arch street. I'hila
delphi?. Riving full aymr.tom<< of their dis?
ease. Prof. Munron will carefully diag?
nose the ca?o and cive vuu tae benefit of
Iiis ndvice aba^lately free of all otearKU
The Keine lies will I 0 sent to any aidrosS
ou racoipt of ro;ni. prio.
< Imr. Ii t omplatcd.
Tbo colored Baptist Church,
which has just been completed for
tbo congregation of Zion'n Baptist
Church, ia tho handsomest edtticu
in tho city. It was built by Messrs.
Llutchins & Moody at a cost of
about 825,000, and when furnished
will cost over S?D.OOO.
Its seating capacity is greater
than any other church, either white
or colored, iu this city and tho main
room will seat about !, >" i people.
There ia a Sunday eehool room at
taehed, which iu only separated by
sliding blinds, which can be thrown
iuto tho rnaiu room and will seat at
least ,5U0 more. The design of tho
church is something uew in this
locality. The wiudows are of tig
urod glass and are very costly. The
pool ia of tho most improvod style.
The church is oue that uuy congre
gation might feel proud of and re
Hoots oredit on the biulduret, Messrs.
Utitchius & Moody, who turned it
over ou yesterday.
There are 2,100 connected with
this church. It will uot be dedicated
until Home time in May and then
there will be a big time.
Atter tho ( 111 u?.
To-day Mayor Davis will issno
summons for tho presidents of ull
the social clubs in tho city und have
them before him to show cause why
they should not bo required to pay
a license to do their business.
About sixtv witnesses will be sum?
moned aud a lively time is looked
forward to. Tue cases will probably
be called on Wednesday if they ut e
ready. ? _
Thore is a rope stretched aerofia
Grecu street iu front of tho uew
Baptist Church, which is so low that
yesterday morning the O, K. IJakery
wagou, iu pu-siug there, was caught
aud wtu turned over. Fortunately
the hor.-o was a gentle one and did
not run. It is dangerous aud should
bo removed._
Kavai [Me we.
13v Southern Associated Trass.
I Washington, February 2o.?Tbo
cruiser Alert sailed from Libertad
! to-day for Sau .Jose de Guatemala,
where bhe will remaiu peudiog the
adjustment of the Mexico-Guatemala
boundary question.
Mar ab tue i?t i? fast a pnrancblns
und our Aittl-suocit- raiting
.*>;>. I <? tlurrit'w On t<> Ii? < t ii ,
Guo thousand yard of colieooit,
worth 7c und ?>e, sale price. 4joj 500
yards ginghams, worth IUj, sale
price, l>;? per yard; ouo lot all-wool
dress goods trioh patterns), regular
price 50o, sale price, '!'.>? per yard;
one lot gents' 6ilk scans, worth ~?c,
sale price, i;'c each; oue lot chil?
dren's --!?o merino under vests, salo
pricu IJ'0 each, together with our
entire stock of ladies' and Kent-'
wool underwear,blankets and thous?
ands of yards of Hamburg edgings.
These goods must bo sold this week
to mako room for spring stock.
Come early to day, These prices
aro for cash only. Hammiil's, 820
iiigh streot,
A Des Moiuos woman who has
been troubled with frequent colds,
coueludod to try an old remedy in a
uew way, and accordingly took a
tablespoouiul i lour times tho usual
dose) of Chumberlaiu'd Cough
Remedy just i.eturo going to bed.
Tho next morning she found that
her cold had almost entirely disap
pearod. Duriug tho day sho took a
few doses of tho remedy (one tea
bpoonfttl at u time) and at night
again took a tahlesp .??ntni before
going to bed, and on the following
morning awoke free from all symp?
toms of tho cold. ISinco then she
ha:<, on several occasions, used this
remody in like manner, with the
same good results, anil is mu^b
elated over her discovery ol so
quick a way of curing a cold. For
Balo by all druggists.
If you fc feel weak
and all worn out take
Pitcher's Castoria.
Coa?'.r.:;r.g MONDAY, February 11%
Guus, Rovolvors, HportiiiK
CiooJd, Tablu and 1'ocliet Out
I'-ry, Holl r bkattfs, Bcbsors,
Bweatsri, harwi all (loads,
Vtolinsi Mandolins. Banjo?,
fln.tnra, Arcorjooue. Hard.
w\ro und hundreds of uaoful
articles will be sold ?t
Ladies arc especially mvitod.
_ 214 High Street.
H otel Portsmouth,
R, R. GARDNER, - fflanager.
T?Klity-flTo coraniatlionR bhU wall t'ur
r.i ?! c tioonis. Parlors, Privat? Ladios'
Eutraiico. an 1 ovory convenience.
EHi.'if :it eat* ror and ohef recently 011
RftKf ?? Table luiexcBlleil.
KATES?4'J nuU *a.5'J p>r day: ?30 and
Upwards per moutb. Excellent hotel for
DtltliKiiso* on the Homhoast corner
Of South HU?I l'.rtiii;:hf\m BttOoU. Known
a* the John Gordon Property, tiio build?
ing to bi> removed bv th? pnrehasor.
Apply to OKO. U. 'MbUNOK. Ml
County street. fe2'Mw
t'omo in ar.d bnv ouo of those cxtr.v
large Marsoilloa vuiltB. worth fJ, whic h
wo art soiling thi. week for $1.12!; ;>l-to
Fast liUck Heavy Ribbed Ooie. lUc | or
N ?? lino ol ttpiiug Ginghams from 5o
to I2\c, out ui;.s from 6u to lite.
A tnll Im. or I'reistUy'ri H\ ring Cress
<io .)? Drap D*Almas, India. Cashmeres,
En t ras. Uropa? aud Figures.
All Winter" Dru--* Goods must go to
make room t.-r Hprin : stock. Yon will
find excellent I argninsiit thum. Ladies'
Muslin Underwear at and below cost.
Woolen Underwear very o.v. i uttorMc ?
Patlorns for Dpi ins; now in stocL.
_ U2U lli?h streot. _
Special For Monday.
rinn Laundry Soap, 4o, or uiuo bars
for 2Co
Ouo do 'on bourn of Parlor Mat -hos, 5o.
California Prunes, 7c | ot pound.
Wo ba.e jntt ru eirod .i new barrel of
oxtra liuo Now Urb an? Mola BOS.
O. W. IIUDQ1N8 ?V CO.,
_?U2 Crawford strootj
OAR LOAD POI A1()E>. which wo aro
ofleiiny low to the trade;also sorna n ICE
Ul' IT Eli ANl> OHEE.SK. \orv low piicos.
THE E. C. BltOOKH <0 ,
111, 118 MikIi !-t. ?.
Portsmouth, Ya.
N ee dwnlliuc, corner Holliday and
Chestnut streets, Pat s. View.mvurooms
au.I kitoheu, stable, ni-0 porch, etc.
lart\ desires to red and build a Ja:;;cr
Iho ise. Will toll on reanonabl'i terms.
stieot. 20x60 lcet. Good location
. for snv kind of business. Apply on
, premises, s. 1. LONG. te.i t?
Notes and Gleanings From SufTolk
and Surroundings.
Mr. .loo Little, iu the pastor's nb- I
souce, oouductod religious services
iu tho Haptist Church Sunday morn?
ing. The church was unoccupiod at
Mrp. S. W. Gary, of Deep Creek,
ie vinting her mother, Mrs, K. B.
During Lent thero will be aervicos
in the Episcopal 'Jhuroh at 4:30 p.
ru., conducted by Rector Johu N.
[ McCorinick,
The Randolph Society of St.
Paul'* 1*. E. Churoh will hold its
monthly meeting this evouiug with
Miss Kate Holliday, Bank street.
Miss Lizzie Booker left yesterday
for Churchland, Va., whoro she
will bo the guest of Miss Em. Car?
Dr. W. W. Staloy has returned
from his visit to rolatives in North
Thero was n reoeptiou at the Nan
seuioud Seminary last oveniug by
the Misses <x?uimby.
Cbarlio Farley, of Suflolk, haB
been temporarily engaged um ti
mcmbor of tho .Jay Circus Cmupauy
and will tour with it for a time.
There was a swell daneo and re?
ception at lslo of Wight oourthouso
last uight, in which some of tho I
county's most prominent society j
peoplo participated.
Col. K. a. Spillmun, of the Suffolk
.Military Academy, has returuod
from Warreutou whore he was au
attendant at his lister's marriage.
A novel performance was present?
ed at the City Hall Theatre last
evening under the title of "A .lay
Circus," which was something of a
parody on a genuine circus.
Tho revival at tho First Methodist
Churoh still progresses, and the
number of professions is constantly
on tho increase.
Sekmon to Men.?Rev, J. W.Loe,
the evangelist, preached a spoeiul
sermon to men Sunday altaruuou in
the First Motho.hst Church, where
he is conducting a revival, an im?
mense crowd attendiug. The speaker
forcibly portrayed and criticised the
prevailing sins of to day to which
I uiod are addicted.
M?s. HaTOHELL A.djddoeu l.v.
sans, ? A sad case of montal aborra
tiou was brought before thu author?
ities yostorday in tue case of Mrs.
.Minnie Uatchell, aged It'!, and the
mothor of five smuli children.
The board of lunacy met at the
county jail and was composed as
IkjIows: Mayor R, Li. Brewer, Jr.,
Magistrate F. W. P.uwlos aud Coun?
cilman G, S. T. Holland. Dr. W. W.
Murray attended iu a professional
capacity. After a formal osamina
tiun the patient was adjudged msant
and ordered to bo sent to tho Eastern
Luuatio Asylum at Willianiabnrg,
Va. The children will be cured fo;
by a brother of Mrs. Hutoholl, th.
town of Suffolk probably teuderin
sumo assistance.
Deeu Recorded.?William N.
Camp and wife to J. C. Edwardh,
one lot near Suffolk, beyond the
county bridge,in Chuckatuck ma^id |
terial district; consideration, $60.
A Happv Kliding;.
Otterville, Va, ? "For fiftsen
years I -was a great eullerer from
Dyspepsia, and nothing relieved me
until i tried Simmons Liver regula?
tor. This is tho best medicine iu
tho world. 1 am low in good
health."?Mrs. N. J, Collins. Your
druggist sells it iu powder or liquid;
tho powder to bo taken drj, or made
into a tea.
Affaire in Vouozliola?
Bv Boutborn Associated Prens.
New York, February 25.?The
steamer I'aracap, from Porto Cabel
lo, February Iii. which arrived here
to-day, brings tbn news that politi?
cal utlairs uro very uusettlud in
Venezuela. A great feast was given
at Porto Cabello a short timo before
the ( arcaens sailed, at which Presi
dout Crespo was invited but failed
to put in an appearance. The peoplo
of Porto Cabello are much inceu?ed
ut the slight and a revolution is
predicted within thirty days.
Aberdeen, O.,
Messrs. Lippman Bros,, Savan>
nah, Oa,
Dbaii Sirs?I bought a bottle of
your P. P. P. at Hot Springs, Ark.
and it has douo me more good than
tbroo mouths' treatment at the Hut
ilavuyouuo agents iu this part
of tlio oonntry, or let me kuow how
much it will cost to get three or six
bottles irom your city by express,
Uespeotfully yours,
.1 ts. M. Newton,
Aberdeeu, Iirown County, ().
TacoMA, Wash., 'Jj,?Two slight
Sbooks of earthquake were fult here
and at Stunner, twelve miles distant,
at 5 o'olock this morning.
Both the nether] snu ro.-ults when
iyrup of Figs i? takm ; itispleasanl
tnd refroshius' to the taste, and act:
r_"'ntly yet prom ptly on the Kidney?
Liver and Bowel?:, cleanses tLo sy.
tem effectually, dispels colds, head?
aches and fevers and cures habitua*
Constipation. r'-vrupof Figs is tlio
only romedy of ltd kind ever pro?
duced, pleasing to tho taste nnu ao
eeptable to the stomach, prompt in
its Ri<ion find truly henehci.nl in itj
eUfetft., prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeabfesubstances, its '
inanyexcellentquali ties commend it
to nil and havo mado it tho most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for eslo in 5Sa
and -Si bottles by all leading drug
gi?ta. Any reliable druggist who
may not h.tvo it on hand will pro*
Cure it promptly i>r any one whe
wish 03 to try iL Do not accept any
Substitute. -
cmimm fto smug eft,
[ , SA.'J fHAfiCl&GQ. CAL
205 m 20? mm mot.
Etc., Etc.
Now is your opportunity
for furnishing your home
comfortably and on conve?
nient terms of payments.
You can buy any kind of
Household Goods at my
320 Wont), 5Qc Gast), 50c Weekly
$50 Worm. $i Casti. Si Weekly
$75 Worm, ?1.50 casui.50 Weekly
Sioo Worth, 32 Cast $2 Wekeiy
Grand Assortment of
Arriving Daily.
Prices to Suit tue Times.
Beautiful line of
ns mt sens,
lies, ttrsj*,Eic.
Etc., Etc.
REMEMBER, 1 sell all
style Household Goods on
the above terms.
Men's, Boys' and Chil?
dren's Suits sold on time.
All styles, sizes and quali?
I 205 and 207 Church St.

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