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The Norfolk Virginian. (Norfolk, Va.) 186?-189?, March 10, 1895, Image 3

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0')/i|| CASH,rail Hie tcrvlcesofn bright mer
V"W ictic Toolig nino Ina brauch house Ol a
?feilestablished Norfolk cash buslucse, $13 per ?eck
?ua trial lerui of Ihrco months. Iiivcstuient io
tun,cd if not ntisLutorv. No drouoj ?cid apply.
Ai TUE RANGE. li>j Main -licet.
KUSINESS MANAOttltS for tro hxctini'.ue brauch
Office? in be u< eiitd in Caiuden, K. J., Pnlla
?Jclphli, p ?. and Atlaula, (ia. Sioclal Indtifoaientt
to ligtu pmtte-. l'arlUulars Norfolk < rliec, too
?lala ?troit. mrlo-lt*
XlT AN TED?Tra\cllng Lltpmr Sulcstueu. 510?T and
* t per day ex| euios.travellug llioJorySalesuieu,
cm nn<l wife to mauste fnmllv bolel m Keuch.ex
peiieiicid Ur/ ?oi.?s ( lerks. day and night Hotel
vlfik, kteuoerapher and Collee or, Hoiel H?r?
tender, Hotel Steward,life Head Waller alnt littocu
Ilde Walto? tbroa Holoi Porter?, l'elt and Hall
gtoys, ftrty reliable men for Hotel? North. Call at
yilK EXCHANGE, lue Mal? tlrott. mrliMl?
fJlTI tTIONS WANTED by im oxeol e.jt i tu mau
? House Serva ila, iliric good reliable Kurse Girls,
Vnutekccpur, iw. good Lsuiitiressee, two llouse
$;aijs. -\i LADIES' EXCHANGE, I"" Main-um
Jj Matron,threa Hotel Housekeepers, &M> and t40j
?wo niti, ? Clerks, Itc< option Room Matron,
Widowers' lloiisekioper, Goveiucw. LADIES EX?
CHANGE, ion Main ?irret. mrlO-lt*
WAX I ED Two o ? Ihre? room" t-i Muhl hoilsi ?
tl keeping for tliioo adults. Addieu E. S., g?n
e al deliver/, Norfolk, Va. mrlO-lt*
V"Dltl!l NT?mi Irn-tua-on i. et et (iraiiby.
1 i?u desirable ruoiui>,witb all convenience*; gas,
lath and slteutlon; references exchanged; in Hier?
an- icn'. Address IV .1. U.,care Virglulan. mrlO-tf
".UANTLD?The l tnnei - i ? know that the per
*l tnsoii Combi n d l'low, Planter au i lluano
IMstributi r can be bought si 910each, Apply tu
the PLANTER hani)facti)KING COMPANY,
alurfrveilHiio, n. ? '. lurtKll"
\l/an I'Ell?Registered druggist; young mnni
?i most be wefl recommeuded. Address Bos m-,
>>e?porl News, Vs. iurS-St'
\\/Antkd?men who will wokk For
M 37.".i n tnnuih salary oi large i oiuinission,
selling goods i?y sampla to dealers; experience un?
necessary, write n;, we ?Hl explain; for sealed
?iar:Uu riis send stamp. HOUSEHOLD SPECIAL
TV CO., ?3 Fourth street, Clucltioati, Ohio. aa
WANTED- ttellablt man with v.OO ?- cxelnilre
np^nt for t wo ipeall h s sold I > genei at stores,
I artlwtirc and liaruesi denl?ra; unlimited demand
for ttie goods and no compelUiou; tl.10,o6tl lia\? Le.'ii
Jold In eighteen month* if yon uro looking for a
egltlmaiebusiness that will pay an energetic man
12.000 yearly Investigate this Or>ly those baring
fir-i- U-w ro'erenco and the cai lift I tired apply
Call on E. till AIV, si. Ja*uea Hotel. nirS-SH
MfANTED?Oot" :t6y fliiir. ii slrecY, NorlolkTv?T]
M y,hi waul workofc*er? kind. Orders corn
Ins in d'a ly fji nil kltnli ol reliable,Ant-class help.
\\'e er-- free to atslsl til women, girls oml men
?white rr colored) in retting wotk in i'alli 1 States;
luinhh f.help to ad employers. Conic or s hd
your order at ones, mrs-iw
O^0?000.00"*~ building and loan plau pen
Improved ieai e.tatt seculliy; easy payments lie
dear. Address BUILDING AND LOAN, P. O.
flox 88, Hichmcn i, Vs. inrB-SI
C?'J ?/lfl and other amounts, t< loan at 6 p-r
?> ?.<???, ctntjcltj props: y only. I'KTER X
fMirit, is Mala street. iur*-lw
C')\ TOS.-.0 Pl.lt VVi;i K I .-IN-; ?NH SELL!Nii
O--' Ol?l Itellable Plater;ererj lamlly bus nitty,!
?'.iu knn.s. folks. >|mm>us, 'I. <i?-11 -k 1 v plated by
dipping in no Its t un-tai. No eVuerltnce or hard
Iork; a goo.l si uatllll Addie's w. P, IIAUItlSO.N
CO., Clerk No. 11, Columbus, Ohio. ?.v-i
\VANTBD?An ?elire' Siber ami iudiistrieus
"l colored man who uuderstanda iho cultiireof
vegetable* aud gurdeping i" co I i Hit eouiiti y. / u
die??, with referericcs, "JlPKINC!?," care oi Vir?
en.lau. hirViM
-.t.WNTi I) ? A lir.-l . lai s i Ol. r d er ok: tit 1st : nu?
ll derslatiiU marking. Apply 81 Church sireel
Sftrr s> a. in. f.;l
HkANTED?Ijtdy agents througbonl Virginia te
M handlo an arttels ihat sell., on its u.eili. Ad
dio;? .?I I ifth avenue s. E., Koa-noke, Vs. oc!N
" I ANT. 11 A.int- ;? take nrder? l.y sampl. a:
ll honi ? oi 11 itct; evp n.oi a-d 1.1? d salary or
epumiss'.on to right tarty. Samjhs mill on ap
e> teuton. Addiess, with stamp, I o,i Itox l!W,
V', w V?M 1: i Ity.
, l.M ni: I Wn liKNil.l MI.N .au ol.l.i n l.i.aru
*' : ml tomfo labe room ?itti p:l>.i o family.
Te'uia i.i.Ur e. references exuhangtd. Addresi
< aie Virgin an <elfl
XyAKTRFA ? Speclai AdrcrtTsTn? ranvas-rr?.
*l familiar with premium mcrchaullle trade;
money maker ol IS91 Also clover general eaura*.
ter> on greateal seller ol Hie day. STANLEY'
lUtADLEV, . K. |G, m . N. w Volk.
V ens anil eg - f*i -.tting el reasonable pruts
/i plv to Mrs. .IOIIS CA it i .\ liliHI l Carla i ghl .
wii.if, Va. iurT-.l?<?
MDNEV Ii" LEND in c'. per ir. oll Iva! , -iat ? in
Norfolk, torlsmonlfi, Berkley r Norfolk
41 UN l V TO LEND in amounts to ut; on ,oad
AI city real est dr. C. Wit TITLE SAMS. mr.Vtl
t l'L< l AI. t o up. te s-soituiriu ol Kebruarj
IT1 M.i.a.ine- Itusktn's Works liesiitlfully bound,
13 i? i er -et Kbnkei|iearo's one-ball Itusaia *>ind>
lues .i 5; |fi for tb* sei, and mauj otfeer burgalus
a M SUAUM'j, ItM Main ?licet, No:folk, Va..
i a- i
ftCUf CAflpO ALL AIIIU 'l'l il AN. lNII ig-t,
?tw rHUCO the Eeutnresmid lteiuov r7qL\
Ini; lllomlshes,In ISO p. book r..r u fluni.. (scajTM
Iioim 12. w o.,,ii,in >. im iv.?ast.,N. V. xr^.y
nventor of Woodbory'a Eacbsl Soap.
MC A TC 1 or the ?nesl Fresh Meats, Ucef,
Eil I J Mi, tu in an, 1 Veal, nicely butch?
ered and always fresh, at reasonable prices
aud delivered free; call at stall No. 8. F. II.
fro-.-1. p.. ie30
f EO. W. RAMSEY, ^HZ^i
\\ General Proiluce. Specialty of Irish ami Sweel
Potatoes. Stalls 34and 8C. 1 re* delivery, w.
Drills. I'atcat Medicines, Toilet Articles.
( i^sr. and 1'obsccO. VV. F. PHILLIP-. 211
OB KENT?Nicely furhl?pcrl roomist 131 l ank
' itrcel; ill roavenlcncoi; lent reasoua lc. AI o
ant ir, in parlor,especially suited for m.ir
fn i cnii
(teil co ipli
VOI! l;LN l llrl - House No. '." < ballottj sites)
f >i- a month; >ix roams, two hal's, water,el
Apply to -i<.11N It lAHJGIIKAN, 403 and -.'i
Intirch ttreit. MT-if
1'iroi: RENT?Two eery deslrablo rooms weit of |
' Ursnby >trnt on Ereemason,with all ceiivtn.
tn.es?gas, bath and atientiou. Itefereocea ex.
thsnged; modetat* lenL Address '>. 11.11. rare
Vrgmiaii. ue30-lf
Oaoor t?o gentlenieu can obtslaa nicely fnr
ni-hv.l room, centrally located, with all modern
conveniences, lucludiug bath, gas and bent, with;
|a ihres iiilnute? walk of the eloelrlt in e. t.
?.,caie. \ iJglnlln. nohMf
4 OR EEST It..- lib-re lini Malnstrai Mita
j' ble for dressmaker. noi
S "an WYcics Ao\or>i\ of nvSic.
\ THURSDAY, Maroh 14th Only.
Mr V 11 BOTHeItN, under tlin manage
ta nt of i uiiol Fn h tra. I ir t nine hoic in
gl IS HOW ? Oil) I ,
t aim. lei i Annf.Aiii,
t rtetlv as protlu <? i in New York. Feats on
lale ?i ti a . 1'ricot, 'J5.-. COO, Si nml ?1.C0.
III! I SU,IV,til
Ko. b Hti i. SrttEKT,
. Sir. 8mnll will praotloe in thn Courts of
ttio Mtate aud of tuu Uuitcd states.
[Concluded from (trat />a</c.]
nbove wnter. Such heroism cbBl- I
longed tbu admiration of tboir advorsa- |
riea, extorted cheers Lorn tbo crowB of j
tbo Coufodorato vessels. Iu three
quarters of du hour utter tbo engage- |
went began, tbo Cumberland enuk in j
llfty feet of water.
Iu going up Jamos river tbo Merri
mao had pusbod aud ropussod tho Fod
oral laud butteries at Newport News,
exchanging with tlfoui a heavy tire.
1 he James river flotilla, consisting of
tho Coufodorato steamer Patrick Henry
of 12 guns, Commodoro J. It. < Tucker,
thu Jamestown, Limit. Uarnoy, '2 guns,
and the Teazer, Lieut." Webb, 1 gun,
took advantage of this diversion to run
the gauntlet of tho Newport News bat?
teries and joiu tho Merrimac below,
i hose vessels, together with tbe Bean
fort aud Huleigb, co oporateil with tho
Mornmoc in all her subsequent move?
ments. Tbo Cumberland being uow
burs de combat, tbo Merrimac and her
cnosorts turned their attention to the
Congress, commuuded by Lieut. Josoub
11. Mtnitb. That ollicer seeing tho fatu
oT tbo Cumberland, ran her ashore.
Tbe Merrimac took position astern of
her, and raked bor fore uud oft. Tho
carnage was terrific, Lieut. Smith was
killed and the ship converted iuto a
slaughter pen. Lieut. Pendjof grast who
succeeded to tho command, lieiiloii
down his colors. Lieut. Parket iu tbo
lieaufort was ordorcd to board tho
Congross. About tbts time, while
etatuliug outside of the pilothouse giv
iug orders, Commodoro Buchaucn was
shot by sharpshooters. Thu command
of tho Merrimuo thou devolved upou
Lieut. Catesby Jonos. The Congress
oontinuod to burn until miduigbt. whou
tbo tiro l cached bor maga/iuos, uutl tho
ship was blown iuto fragments.
TUBER .sh1p.s ao bound ?
Meauwliilo thut part of tbo Federal
iloct stationed at Fortress Monroe had
uot been idle. As soon us it becatua
evident that thu Merrimac iuteuded to
attack tho ships oil' Newport News, the
Koanoke, St. Lowreuee aud Minnesota
bad started to their tiFsLstauco. I n ut
temptiug to keep out of the raugo ol
tbo SoweU's Point battery the St. Law?
rence aud lloauoko got unround, Tho
Minnesota succeeded iu gctttug within
a mile and a half of Newport News
whou she, too, stuck fast iu the mud.
"Tbo Uoauoke and St. Lawrence snou
got off .and returned to Fortress Muu
roe. Tho Minnesota, Copt. Vau Brunt,
was not so fortunate. Happily for her
the Merrimaa drew too much water to
get nearer than a milo to bei, and did
not do ber much damage. Tho Patrick
Henry nud Jamostowu took a closer
position aud for u whilo did great exe?
cution, but tbo heavier guns of the
Miuueeoto gavo ber the advantage. It
was uow nearly dark, so thu Merrimao
and her consorts returned to (he mouth
ni the Elizabeth and luy oil Bewall's
arrival r p Tlir. monitor,
Such was tbe couditiou of afl'airs
when tbe Monitor arrived at Old l'olut
ou the night of March *tb. While
much smaller than tbo Mernuiue.beiug
only \27 feet long, while thu Merrimac
was 300 feet or over, combined some
advantages which bor oppouont did
uot possess. She was equally iuvtiluera
ble, bur motive power was new and
uudor much bettor control, she steered
perfectly aud drew only teu or
twelve leet, while tbo Merrimac drew
twenty two feet. Her oommuudor was
Lieut. John L, Worden, au ollieor who
had served twouty-seven years iu the
now. Ilcr seound lu cum maud wus
Lieut, S. i>. Hi eon, a young ollicer of
22, who bud served three years in tbe
navy, immediately ou bis arrival Wor?
den reported to Capt. Marstoo, the
tcnior ollicer of tbe licet, who orderd
I. in at once to go up to the assistance
of lbs Minuesotii. At ll:3U p, m. Wor?
den was alongside of that ship and re
maiucdlliore uutil tho next moruiug,
a four nouRs' uu?i,.
At S o'clock on tho moruiug of Suti
day, March 1), tho Merrimac, under
Catesby Jones, started to liuish bet
work on the Minnesota. As tIto Morn
mac approached, Van Hritut oucned ou
her with bifl stern guns, auel the Moni?
tor, emerging from tbe sido of the
Minuesots, threw herself iu the path
ot tbe Confederate ironclad. Thon bo?
gen a tight such as tho world bail never
seen before. For four hours these two
naval prodigies continued their novel
duel. (Itiu after gun was tired from
the revolving turret of tho Monitor,
und broadsides nud pivot guns belched
answer from the shield of tbo Mem
mac. Tnu Coufederato vessel was ut
mum disadvantage from her length ond
draft of wulcr. She had great diffi?
culty in turning, to avoid getting
aground, and the .Monitor was ublo to
run round bur and choose position,
stoking for u weak spot. Ouco Wordou
thought be had fouud it, nud made a
dash for tbo uu| rotocted screw of bis
antagonist, hoping to carry it away,
but lie missed it by two or three fuet,
Once, too, the Merrimac, in attempt?
ing to change position, got aground,
sud remained so for full fifteen urn
utis, dunug which time Worden
I ouuded her with Ins eleven-inch
Luhlgrccns, aud Vau Brunt poured
tip >ii her all the guns ho could briug
to bear. Cut it did uot phase tbo
Btauuob Coufederate, aud getting slloat
Dgsiu, sho rushed upon tho Moutitor
like a big mastiff who wornod by the
i tigging of u bull terrier. This timo
1 ef jro tbo Monitor could get out of the
way tbo Merrimac was upon her, but
Worden promptly ported hie holm and
; v >ided it direct blow, receiving thu
impact at an angle on Ins starboard
quarter. Tho wuodon stern of the
Merrimac ran over tho low deck of the
Monitor and wob cut by its sharp irou
odgc, causing hor to leak from tho solf
ioilioted blow. Well it was for the
Monitor that tho Merrimuo hud left
her iron prow in tho Cumberland tho
tiay before, Twico Worden biispendad
I thu light, tbe Utst time to supply a dy
Uoieooy of shot in bis turret. Tbo
6cconel time was for more sorions
cause. Hin station was iu the pilot
bouse, from which ho etoored tho ship
ami watched tho tight through slits
I mudo in tbo armur for oye-holos. Ho
wns looking through ono of thoso wbou
a shell from thu ;Morriiurio struck the
slit nud tilled his eyes with powder nud
I partioles of irou, completely disabling
bun. Tho samo shot broke ono of tho
solid irou logs of tbe pilot bouse and
partially lifted its top. This injury to
Wordoti virtually ended tbo tight.
After her return to Norfolk tho Mor
rimao wiib placed in dock to repair her
engines aud on the 11th of April sho
ugaiu appeared in Hampton Knuds, ac
compauied by tbo YorktOWU aud .'amen
lowu, aud challenged tbo wbnlo Fed?
eral licet. Tbo Monitor bad been ro
lutorced by the Naugutuck, another
irou-elad, aud half a dozen othor shins,
but the I- e iernl fleet remained under
tbo gnus of KortresB Mouroc, while
tbe <lauic8to.vu gallantly steamed across
tbu Huudfl to Hampion aud cut out
tbreo F?deral trausports.
It is but just to tbo Federal naval
ollioers to say that it was not their fault
that thu cballengo was not accepted.
Tho orders from Washington wero por- I
cmptory that tho Monitor was not to
engage with the Merrimac. Ullloss sho
could bo drawn down into tho lower
r.or.ds, where tin; whole Federal ileot
ootild combiuo in an attack upou hor
uuder tho gnus of Fortress Monroe.
Again, on the 8tb of May, whou tbe
Federal (loot hail commouccd a bom?
bardment ou Sewoll's Point, tbe Mor
rimao weut down to tako part in tbo
action and upon her appearance tbo
Meet withdrew to Fortross Mouroc.
Two dove after that tho uiovouionts
of MoClellan ou the Penitisulu com
polled the ovueuution of Norfolk, and
tbe .Vici no,no was ordered up James
river to protect Richmond. Tho pilots
deelarod that if the ship was lightened
four or live foct sho could bo carried
up that river. Commodoro Tatuall,
who then coiumaudcd her, ordered tins
to be done, but, after the guns had
been thrown overboard and her draft I
reduced to eighteou foct, tbe pilot.- de I
aided that, owing to tbe westerly winds
that had produced a low tide in tho
river, it would bo impossible to take
her up. Her wooden bull .was now
above the water aud she was uu longer
an Ironclad, aud, without guns, she
was eulire defenseless. In this dilemma
there was but oue course for Ttttuull to
pnrsno, uud that was tu destroy Ins
noble Hlnp to prevent ber fulling iuto
?he bauds of tho enemy. Accordingly, I
sbo was blown up by her own crew on I
tbo morning of May 11th. Tbo ofHcera |
und crow were transferred to Hiewry's I
lilufl', where a few days ufterward they I
defended that place successfully ngaiutt
the (iulcua, Naugutuck aud their old I
autagouist, tho Monitor.
J, S. Tucker,
Tho postponed fourth antiiversary
sermon of ilev T A Hall will be
I : cached to day at Central Avenue
Baptist Church at 11 a m. At night, I
as usual.
Preaohing to-day at the Methodist
Uburcb, Morning subject: "Tho Dis I
tinctivo Doctrines of Methodism." At I
night: "The Rise ami Progress oil
Christian Endeavor, Junior, will
meet at 8:30; thu Christian Endeavor,
Senior, at (P.45 p m at Colloy -Memo
The interest in meetings at Col ley I
Momorial Churon grows steadily. The
bouse is thronged every night to bear
Mr. (isles. There have been thus far
just fifty professions, Tho meetings
aro to continue to day ut 11 o'clock ami I
to night aud every afternoon and night
till further notice,
Lambert's Point PresbyterianOhuroh
I'raachtug at I p m. There will be j
preaching every night during the
week, bcgiuuiug Monday night,
The Heel lor Ilia luiiitty.
Mai on, "I have found Sim-1
motis Liver Regulator tiio best family
medicine. 1 have med it iu iudi I
gestiou uuil biliousness, uud found it to
rottete immediately. After eating a
hearty supper, if on going to bed I
tako a dose of it, I never feel any bad
effects of the supper."?Ovid Q,
Sparks, ex Mayor.
"iiich Priced More,"
To the contrary notwithstanding, it
bus been demonstrated that ''high
grade" goods at tho lowest prices in tbs
city are to be had ut "The Casket."
1 be best grades of watches, diamonds, I
jewelry, silverware, etc, are to bei
fonnd at 158 Main street, uud for high
price, you will su> high grade und low
prices prevail at "Thu Uaske.t"
Krteter u volt ice.
A new Ituo coming iu every day, I
book murks aud manicure pieces, I
Chapman <v Jakumau.
Napoleon unit l lie Art Department
at Nusbaum's is greatly to bo admired.
The miiiiy ditVerout styles of photo?
graphs, in all sizes, of Napoleon, now
ou exhibition, will urouso the anima?
tion of any admirer ot pictures, and
especially during tho present Napoleon I
craze. Don't full to pay us a visit and
inspect our art ami book departments,
Nusbaum's, 128 Mam streot.
Pure fresh milk 5a per glass at Mac's
Dairy Lunch Looms, SWJ Mam street.
26 iold; Market t- j.u-.ro uud PJ? Mniu
Messrs. Horace 9. Peed and Jas. 1
M. Jordun have formed a co partner. I
ship under tho lirm uamo of F. M, I
Peed A- Sou, to conduct the ship I
ohuudlery aud ship supply business, I
at Water street aud Roanoke ave- I
October 1st, 1894. FoUO.su.tu-tf
icnucii lllco Wanted.
Fivo tiuuis;ind bushels, highest roar- I
kot price. U. E. Otven, 275, "277, 279
Water street, 1
Hoy. J. .V. Williams is visiting his
family ou Hamliu avenue.
Miss Lillian West, of Norfolk coun?
ty, who has been ou a visit to Mrs. Dr.
Feild. of Beservoir avenue, has ro
turnod to her home.
Loruo Van Norman Shepherd, of 200
Highland nvonuo, is seriously ill.
Tho good work in the Park Avenuo
Baptist Cuuroli ooutiuuos ami there
will bo tbroo services to-day. llev. J.
.1. ilall will preach at 11 a. ru., subject,
"Ownership and Service," nud at 11:311
p. m. Dr. Hall will begin a noru's of
Bible readings on "The Ubristian War
fare," and at Y^JO p. m. will preoob on
tho subject of "An important Qnos
tion." Baptism will fuilnw tbo night's
Spnrgoou Memorial Baptist Obnrob,
Kov. W. P. Watson ?rill proaob at II
a. in,, uud Boy. F, El, Martin, of Ports
mouth, will proaob at 7 :ui p. iu, Bn
vival services will conttuiiu through tho
Bov. Dr. Boyall will couduct tbroo
sorvicoB at MoKoudreo to day. Thorc
will be communion at tho morning ser?
vice. At IltH.O.tho meeting will bo es?
pecially for men. At night revival ser?
vice at ,7:-10.
Services as usual at Christian Memo?
rial Temple to-day, llev C .1 Jones, 1)
D. pasior, v
Regular sorviecs nt the Park Avenuo
Presbyterian Church to day ? Bcv F, B
St L'ctcr'a P E Church. Bov W D
Smith, rector?Regular services to-day
at 11 a m und 7;$0 d m. There will be
servicos at 5 o'clock .Monday. Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday mid Friday: also
at 12 Wodnesdaj' and 8 p in Ivriday.
Tbe Friday evening service is a speoial
service f?r men ouly and men are cor
dially invited to attend.
Trinity M E Church, South, Bev Mr
Hcaucbamp, pastor?Services regular
Dr. Boyall will deliver a freo lecture
ou '?China" for tbe Woman's Mission
ary Society to murtovv afternoon at 4
o'clook at Molvoudrce. All iuvitod to
at ten d,
Mr. Waltor L. Hiues was married to
Mrs. Measio Peebles nt the residence . f
tho bride, on Pollard street, Thursday
night atiO o'clock, Bev. W. Watson,
of Spurgcon Church, bfliciatiug,
Master Herberl Parker, sou of Mr.
ami Mrs. Joseph (1. Parker, Bramble
tou avenue. Who has has been critically
ill souit) days, had three pbysiciuiiH
with him yusterday,
United Vliantte?,
Tho Uniteil Charities report for the
week cuuiug March 0, was as follows:
Distributed groceries nud provisions
lo 108 persons nud 75 loads ol fuel, aud
memberships domilious as follow.-; M .
UluuiiBU, $0; Capt. Albert Bvon, $5;
MissS. A. M, $2.i> ; Uuorgo Chamber
laiuo, $2,?(); Davia' Bul.ery, ?l luaves
of bread.
Fluttering;,No Appetite, Could not
Sleep, Wind on Stomach.
"For along" time I hnd :i terrible,
pain at my heart, which fluttered
almost incessantly. I had no ap?
petite and could not sleep. I would
Be compelled to sit up in bed nud
belch gas from my stomach until 1
thought every minuie would be my
last. There was a feeling of op?
pression about ray heart, and 1 was
afraid to draw a full breath. Could
not sweep a rot m without resting.
My husband induced me to try
Dr.Miles' Heart Cure
and am happy to r-ay it, has cured
nie. I now have a splendid appe?
tite and sleep well. Its effect was
truly marvelous."
UBS. IIA!:HY E. STARR, Pottavllle, Pa.
Dr. Miles Heart Ctiro In sold .in it posi?
tive iruui.-uitcc tlikl the lirsitc.nl.- will
benefit. All utaRs/lsU seil it at tl, >> bot?
tles for !.*>. <-r It will lie s-uit. prepaid, > :i
receipt i.f price hy the Lir. Miles Medical
i:.... Elkhari, Ind.
Sold by All Druggists.
?> O o
Nlee Spring ursss Qbotli from
10c. I'J c au I '25c per y. r I. <;, ?ca
Unlaau Jried hurts, pleated
Ibosoms au I plan.it '1 c worth
do. Caps. :iew El b o lerh
ery cheap 0,\I1 a.
igo Main St.
offers many Aiivant.-.-tij to it* .
lomir* i i.i- id i tiitude oT its opi
lions lowers tieprices of it' goods
ui.J simplifies buying by conci iitu
ting it to one house A large aud Ohl
concern . at a reputation to su'ta i
aud w II not ri k disa tiefaotion b
beiilK ?Ither cureless- or grssping.
PltlNTlNti. l'M'KIl HAiiS. BLANK
? Is Made from Fine Ripe Old Sun Cured Tobacco.
Sun Cured Loaf, ?;rown in the counties nmimd Richmond,
Va., makes (In4 choicest, sweetest, most hist in?* chew on earth. )Jv
<!> WM IS PIHDE FRfiPl THIS?CHEW 18111! *
I Yard Fast End Falkland and Charlotte Sts*
wOcai 6?T Telephone. 494.
1 give all orders prompt attention, and
try to suit my customers in every particular.
Dress Goods In all latC3t
Silks in the Newest De?
signs and Fabrics for
waist3 and dresses.
Made up Skirts in Crc
pona and Silks.
In our Carpet Depart?
ment a Inrfic variety of New
Designs in Japanese and
Chinese Mattings.
Nos. 98 and rear ol 92. 94,
96, 08. 10U and 102
Main Street
Camphor Balls!
Oi'^vwt Albst,
Insect Powder,
Powdered Borax,
Carbolic Acid und
Carbplatc of Lime
l:or Disinfecting Purposes.
Bed Bug Poison,
(lamphor Cum.
Fresh Stock and
for Sale Low at
PHONE 783.
'HIE i M Y.
Coal and Wood!
llnvu aceptc- 1 th ? nRouey for tbo Alexan
lirla l urtni/er and monnoil t'omj.miv h
and will carry a supply mite'i to tiio use of
truck growers pa- liciilarly. Tin so nr? r. IIa?
Li KPods, made by an old and reliable tirm
Mil I PHONE 778.1
Sawed, Spill anfl Delivered.
OFFICE AND YAHD?East Bud Ente street
extended, Norfolk, \'u.
I'ersonal nud prompt atu-ntiou given to
all or.fere.
Oftico and Wharf--Kart end Avenue A. At
Istltie City. 'Phone "SO.
I For Daily Service! |
?? New Supply of New Edition ?
T at Special Low Prices at
I N U S B A U M ' S ,5
j. BEiETT. me Diamond Iraner arm Jeweler.
ItodU e 1 from (.51 to $90 llnndfonio IS Knrnt Hold Hopeattl
Watch, williliorsutlinocoinblno l,w rtli fjiit), v.ili be so:d !or ti,'0 ut
J. BEMMETTS, 110 OhnrcK St?
l kiisii fish ^ Oysters, fish smiT^MEe
FRK->H I I Sil j "nc Mml ami '.itlicr I i?h In great Variety:
PK KS 11 1'iSll i:'" I. ! .i :<1 o City l;ish Market?
RR 17 ?51-. I- ISM i t" a- bullock, Agent,
1 11 I ? ..i l,rr and Wholesale Dealeri
PRFSH FISH I iiinm I i and OCaninbell'i Wharf,
I I 100 J , f.,,?. t ..i U .-l,u,.i.,n ?ml BroWor ?treet?,
under new management.
EverytliiDg first-clan, liar i-toekod uit , the best end tlin rcstatiraut fumlahea tbO
best iu k.iimiu LYN NllAVl.N OVS I't'.ll^ ii rp .-..a . -otvi.-e the vary boat,
Permanently Cured in Thirty Days.
No Knife. No Pain. No Honey Until Cured,
Atlantic Hotel, Every Wednesday from 10 A. M. lo I P. M.,'
Beginning February 6, 1895.
MW ,/rAT,0N ,1:u- mu rupture cure cqmpaht.
t. i-^i 1
We decline lo take advantage el Itie tea! snap by adraiiclat
|rlee?. roae aio iu (lie Coal 1 xclitnj , but we n e uot fall on
11* for prlrs or|i one" As long is we bate coal on Mud yoiaro
wil nine to It at iho low tigures. - >? jgSj
ISO llormliJa street.
$5.50 Ter Tou-2.240 PonMs-DASH!
Tlic.ni>, rt?, Office and Yard, 3 Hivlidn street, next els*, of ferry.
BI C1 II D 1 C T I A N I ? < I ?'1 I"viit imune. Phone SHO. Yard full of Cojl
L. I. rl K 1 J 1 1 A TI, und Wood. I'llces :<? low n< iniybodv. Finest facilities for.
Am 11 Ulna best Olk and Pino Wood,nit in stir lciie.Ui B5ld split ct SI.25 per
?nun r center S3 per oerd, Stock always Urge. ?
PHONE Mt. I.ov. ti und I:--.m rolr avennM.
roAL and wood, i :v ?>\/::\:,,::^,r,AM oa *bo*
East Ma
Received le-ilar large quantities of l*. Inresa Anne Poultry; of all kinds. A
full supply "i liest selected Vegetables; also i-mils. Chow-Chow, I'lckloi. etc. Choice
California I'cacbcs and fine Apple, or whatever tha you may wallt to supply your
table. ? ,,
H. SCHLOSS, Proprietor.
families making marketing TO-day T^-?p*^
P ni-:i.i - i',.i.\ - "\ 'Kiitl'.s, uu chin, ii -11..: l"n-'t -ir.-et.anil 63 New Harkea'
?piee.on brewer ?Imet.ei. iyii.tux ni.e in lie p .-i ai.d ito-.i-.u-: I'm-. IT hut Hie lowest.
The Best Stove on Earth tor the Money.
rarl.or suits, bed room SUITS
and all other FURNITURE at 1 r.i<- in., low lo mention;
,., isif Ol! CREDIT -7- and.T- Church street.
Private dijeases of ulinlercr n.iliire. Tie'd re'dlly. Keinn'o diseases of
all kin.:* ..re st eadily cured by Clark's Bed Cr??? I'.lcitric Naturit Medicinal
Water or oil.
tVholeiated l?j w. II. TERRY A CO., No, 113 Water itreet,
Southern Agcocy?311 cinuch street.
L, thai.brands a^you wRUmeke ao etbir. F. T. WISE &. CO.
?*> TAPODC P. Dfift Pawnbrokers, 378 Church sire t (four dOOM
JAtUDJ C_- D-VU, train IJiu-eii) arc th.t liber d money lend
Queen) ;
oonanoicallons will he piumi.tljr intended 10.
i ri of Norfolk .>n ill kiml? oi personal property at .? rate oi Intsrej . Mail
loinpily 1 "
in the lineot pio^ies< iJ the new pulverising iricbine, k|i elsily f>m tie dr-lMn? <oft.? ktouoA'
v.r. in . I'ol?- ?? erk? mid ptompt attention \ -n. i-. ? 111.A I A I I.ANTii: ANI? I'AiUs
FIC 1 i:A ( OMl'AN V. 1'.'-' M.iin ?Inet._
I. 80111. havobeen llinutne *: tit. Nev: Hprlrit lUnids .'. in.11? in ?vir/
.t.y ui tbo lsteat stylfs. J, M. CAUR.fW Main sliccl. _^__
TARD1NIERS, 10c, 15c and 20c This Week Only.
J -4? to _-?rai,..y street. JOHNSTON '

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