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Kvn j linily Sliaultl He Prcjmrnl ? Hun
?* Sealdnt C'lllltl h.t. Cured.
(From Ihr Jl'jston ilrrahl.)
Every person who works around n fire
Cnn save themselves much suffering by
keeping at hand a good remedy iV.>r scalds :mJ
burns. When bucli incidents happen the
chances are that something is applied that
had better been left oft. A person will often
apply cold water to a burn and sutler ten?
fold in consequence. Then there ure many
remedies recommended fur burin sndocalrfs
that only give temporary relict'; they do
not prevent the inflammation, blistering and
soreness that follow a but 11,and which ofteu
prove <o dangerous. No better remedy could
possibly be recommended than Perry Davis'
Pain-Killer. This good old specifle, with
its record of half n century, has no equal,
end it is doubtful if it ever will have. '1 rue,
when first applied it will brill.; the tears tii
eonr eyes for a moment, but after thai the
fire leave, the pain stops, and the trouble
Is ovor.
A case that came under the notice of Mr.
diaries Carroll, editor und publisher of the
Stlinde Island Pendulum, at Bast Green
vrich, It. I., is well worth citing. He savs:
"I witnessed ouu application of Pain
Killer in our family which was ttOCOru
Jianled with woudarful results. A little
child was playing near the kitrhen sture,
en top of wi?ch wfts a kettle of boiling hot
fat. The cook accidentally upset the kettle
r.nd the content < were poured down ihe low
neck of the little one's dress, ll was a time
e-f emergency. Whatever was done had to
lie done quickly.
"Motheralways believed in Pain-Killer,
end without a moment's hesitation she
poured a bottlcful of ltdownthc baby's neck.
Jt wa? heroic treatment, to be Mire, but it
proved wise, for the child's life was saved,
? nd what \va< mo<t wonderful, there was not
s scar left as n reminder of the terrible acci
?cut. Pain-Killer certainly kills pain."
XPEIUHNCEll sai.Ksl \l>lt>
1, a rail
EINItl-.K'.'S. 2-VJ i biiii'ii -tiei't.
fAKTKD-ra Stenad-Ilaml General Mrrclisu
<ii-e License. Address l.lt ense, :bis office,
Oi l l< K MATItON, niaoaatui housekeeper, stesiu
beal stewards, ladies' ?ompauion. tralnad
turse. i'lii ?V- itovvrncet, ihre, i oufei: loneiy "nos
idles, dentist's office attendant, iwenty white
?ervants, LADIES' KX( IIANUE, 100 Main street,
'ANTI.Ii i !i:u-.ller'? cut, otlno mm:.
1 ngcr, |*,V factor; watclimuu si oecc, ISUjj bar
re, basket laakers.sis bpys, two euglueers, ter
yenters,twenty contfrei purpo'o men. ?all em u .
yithl KXCH AfiCiE, 100. Main .strict. uirlH-U*
Op) A 'in .\i;I.NT.S 81X1,1 Ml TMK
Ol- Koynl WhiteMp.<al 1'leter orlakluu or>4ef*
?fr plating; ira?t<- secrets, forinulas, receipt^, etc.,
furnished nee. a Rood eieel ? an uieko two or three
s enssed dollars |? r rear with the Rot el I'latcr.
J i terms, etc., address (.KAY it CO.. I'tetteg
Works, Columbus. Ohio. srAsa
a YOI MR MAN ol im yrnis'(xpeilcnca withes
A s.itustloii es Drug t'lerkj Address Nd.
Cliepel'.atrtet. U?cd i . i. n me. iurl'2-St'
\NTi:n?Mr.N win. will wui.K loi:
month salary or large coniuilsslon,
polllna. goods by saiupls to dealers; experience un
necessary, write ui; wo "ill explain; for sealed
suriicu ars seed stamp HOI 8EIIOL? HIMil IA L
Vi CO.,7:i Fourth street, Clnclunatl, Ohio. n
?|\/ANTED?A Rnt-clssscol r d eeok;settled; tin
?? derstendsiuerklng. Apply It Church .-ir.-u
Blur h a. in. Ii I
Vt>'ANTEI> l.ti.1% scents ihioiighoiil Vlrctuia to
?? b?ndle en article ihet sells on its merit. Ad
CressXtl r'lftli avenues. I'., Koa-noke, Va, oclM
ANTEI) A,, hi. |.. take.I. r< I t ?airiph a:
iKiiu ? u: irsvel; esp n-ci ?? <l iiondsalarj or
analst an le right ,erty. SampL s icut on as
ieitlon. Addiess, with stamp, lu.x Hux ?M,
BW Volk i Ity.
?;KN1 I I M?S .an obta ii'b?iird
oiufo laue room %%-ith pri%n?o family.
Sens liiodtr -c. reiOrtnccs exchanged. Addresi
s%. p., cere Virginian, selfl
Vt'ANTI'l' ? Special Adverllslns Csnvns?crs,
fseiiilsr with prrmbiui merehentlla trade;
snoney msker of isal Also clever general eanvss.
r.:.- oil eient.sl seller ol Hie day. 8TANLEV
JIKA IH.U1 , ? I. li. -i . Sow > -ik.
"l^i it NO?A small sum of money wssplckad upon
a Church 'irret a sli.ni time ago, ?hieb lue
c>?ner ran have by discrildiiK same and paiiig
(for il.is not Its Addnss KlNfiKit, Viratnl.n of
Ice. _niiH-tl
/'ll i|i i SiilAlN .if l.lt; I. T Hl; i Ii MA i III' U
\J ens end eg/a for -. lung si reqso sldi prlen
Arply In Mr>..l011N C'Alt'l iVItlOII I. I irtwrighl i
kbnrf, Vu mr?-l?*
\l i ?NKV i O I.ENI i a; ? pel i at..j1 . stal ? hi
Al N:f,.lk lortsmonlfi, Berk lev or Norli Ik
cojiity. I. W. EjSON, Attorney, 8i Liw?nlier(
fleck. i1i|T-!%v
IIONbY 10 I.ENI) in amount. 10 itiTi n .1
Jil city regl est?!.. C. WillITI.ESAMS. inr.Vtf
I'KCIAI. Coinn'ete s'sorlmeni <ii Kebruary
Msgexities; Itusktn's Works losiillfully bound,
J2 iii i ei ?ei Sbskespeero's one-liall Kiisila t>ino>
iiks at $i in for the set. and many otiici liarcelns
e: M .-UaIMs, VU Mam si loci, .V..MI.. V.u.
llbn i .. v. iiu i , .nnd Reinuv
snoj Blomlsl..in loa p. I.h ror a stsmn.
?lohn II. Wowdtinry, in W. i d 31 ->.V.
Inventor ol IVoodbury's l uuai Soap.
rp ATC_1 or i lie ?n< -I I rosli Mi Sis, Ueef,
I C" l O Moltonniul Vest, nicely linlcli
?I and always frosh,al rcasnnsbfe prices
?I delivered free,call si stall No. 3. i n.
ETOSdKlt. se'.M
fEO.W. RAMSEY, t:!;:;.:''.^
IT (.corral Produce. S|>ecially ol Irish and -w..:
Potatoes. Hlalls Uland 3tf, free delivery, oci
. A I
V Hr:n.-s. Patent Medicines, Tollel Aitlil?a,
CIk-sis und Tobacto. W. R I'll ILL! 1'-, :i
fdsin street- ?r.;a
ron ? Ii i.
J Oil >ALL?Pour Story House on tlic %?c?i end |
}' -1 Volk street; late>t liuprovemenu 1
lerios appl) 10 KEN fUKSfSA AtlKlaASTO, n rl3-lm !
Foil KttNT
\< It III ST A very desirable Itusla ?- >;<ti .
X i1 aste I en IVssblnglon Square, the prinelpii
kl'ctt In ?it?idk Control gin n al once. Ad.h ??
?inliN H I'lNNKIC, Allori.oy.eullolk.Va i.i-'.'.'-'i
1*;OitItES*T ? in I re. in lion sir it west of (Iruuby,
I wo dedrolilc i. oius'.wllh all i oiiveoh ui ? s; e.i-, I
??riIi.I slientidn; red rem < s rachenged; m i.Iei
etc ten*. Address Ik J. II.,care Virginian, mrio-tf
SlOIl REST? Nicely fiinilslic I rooms at i'.'i I'snk
T Min i; ait ronvenloucei; leal reasonable. AI o
en vk'saul from parlor, ?peclally suited for mar
tU'I couple, mi"' 11
J;(ilt RUNT -Two ver%- desirabla room? ?M of
' ?rsnby itr^n on freemason, with ?11 envm
snces?gas. hath and st lent ion. Iteferefces n
eliaiigedj im.iriate um. Address U, H.H.. 'are
s Irginisn. ue30-tf
fine or two gentlemen can obtain a nicely far
i i.,d room, lenlrslly located, with sli luodein
Conveniences, Including iMib., Ssssnd heat, with
<n three minutes ualk of Iheelcotric line ?. <'.
Jv.,care VLiginlsn, nuic-tf
OflltENT -Rooms above 190 Main
lite f..r dressmaker.
senator - nveltiee.
A new lino comicg in overy clay,
book in itr us ami muuiouru pieces,
sjhunmau .V Juke tu an.
"Undo Tom's Cabin" Company will
ho lioro to-uight.
Tbo Suffolk Ureys drilled last ovo
uing in tbe now armory.
Polk Miller will Rivo u diuloot recital
in tbo City Ilnll Ibeatrc ou tbe 18tb,
for tbo benefit of the Methodist organ
fund society.
Miss Ltz/.io King.n daughter of Prof.
Joseph Kiofj, priucipnl of tbo Suffolk
Military Academy, bos bad tbo degreo
of A. M. conferred on her by Prof, W.
A. Harris, of Woman's Coltogo, Roan
Mrs, Dr. J. E. Phillips is quite ill nt
her rouidonce ou Kilby street.
Miss Auuie Ridloy. Who bad been
visiting nt Nnusomoud Seminary, left
yesterday for her home near Court
laud. Va.
Judgo J. B. Prince, of Southampton
county, will preside in Naus?ni?ud
County Codrt ou next Friday, vice
Judge W. J. Kilby, for thu outeriug of
a special order.
Mica (icorgin Ornmp bns boon clcot
ed us organist of the First Mothodist
Church, 'ihn selection is au appropri?
ate one, Mies Crump's nnipicul educa?
tion having been perfected under 10
uowucd artists in Ciermnuy.
Altbough open for business, tboro
was nothiug done iu tho Cuuuty Court
yesterday. Tbo adjournment will not
occur before Friday, whou a special
otiier will bo entered.
An Accomplice AnitESTKP.?Wolter
Taylor, an accotnplco of butler Devins
uuii James Folk in tbo burglary of tbo
depot at Pervis, wob yesterday arrested
by Snerill Baker and lodged iu jail.
Lio was indicted on tbo ehurgo with
tbotu Monday.
Tnu Roy a i. Ancn Ubaptek.?Mr.
Jacob Buuigarduer, of Lynohbttrg, who
lectured to Mt. Nubo Royal Arcb
Chapter of Musons Monday uigbt, and
who was ulterwards hauquetod, is still
with tbo chapter in tbe capacity oi an
instructor. There was another mooting
labt night nt which degrees wero con?
ferred on new candidates.
Reward Fou ESscafbd Prisoners,
SberilV il. 11. Baker bus offered a pri?
vat? reward of S?ll for the arrest of
William Low is ui.d Alexuudor Daweon,
tbe prisoners who escaped jail hero a
few duys ago and ato yet at lur^c,
most probably in North C'nroliuu,
J.ewie l.s ? feet 9 inches high, light
hticou color, small black eyes slightly
sunken, broad forehead uud buld bead:
weight, 130 pounds, Tbo thumb ol tight
bund lias beeli. out oil aud tho lingers
scarred by machinery, Age, ubout 40,
Uuwsun is G feet high, very black, with
large, Hut pose, tbo buir growing low
on the forehead, Ho is 23 years old,
weighs l'Jvl pounds uud weurs No. 11
Cai; R(irnt.i) bv a Tramp,?Sergeant
Ames yesterday received a telegram
from Windsor, Yo., announcing that a
box cur, tbo property of the Norfolk
and Western lluilroad Company, Lud
becu burned at tbut place by an uu
known tramp. The trump was thought
to be on lua way hero, i'bo Sorgcaut
watched all trains Irom that station,
but without sighting hi* uiau. It was
finally leurued (but a tramp ausworiug
to the given description bud come to
Suffolk, but bad gotten off nt Brad
sliiiw'u mill, n lew hundred yurds be?
yond the depot. Tbe oflicers have uot
located blm u? yet.
Tue PnouitAMME Rendered.?Tho
following progrommo, which was reu
dcrod cl a roettul in the music ball of
Nausemond Seminary ou Monday even?
ing, Maroh 11. 18D5, is published by
f.p;-.-iai request:
btreubbog?Walts .I luu> So'.o
y.im LulaBoykin.
Bocht-Lit.h Fairies l'ulka.. Plauo Sol -
Mi s ii: ace Bl Wagner.
Ourlltt-Rittor?Spring song Violin Solo
Mut Hor nee . huh.
-Trying to Uet Bveu I ou t Pay_
.Rcuitat on
Maater Jo.eph K Holla lay.
Gnstave Lnugo?A t<"t:au,o Co nitry. .
VI s : a'.iie T I agau.
B?hm?Moruiug tree o 1 lano Solo
silts Mm> L in ik.
Papiul?( h.uisou.Violin Ko'o
Mies .Myrtle Matt lea*.
I Werner s Mega due?An l Vet she Cue v
Him.I.e. itation
Mi;- Uljr a King.
I Dickona?From Pick wi.-k l'au r* lleadiug
Miss Maini? i'r |Uti r;.
Cnpitaul?ttlusioni Walt/ ..PiuttoSolo
ttiasUsatrlea II Daughtrey.
Holhwell Hary Jane and I Recitation
Miss Eva 11 Dartlett.
I uraud- Se oud \ ?liio .Ii mo :-olo
Mis< Kate It Asbhurn.
Werner n J agarinc?Tho ur .auut.
I .Recitutlou
Mi s i !is i II I rqtihart.
Qnngl?Sounds from M nuo .... Violin ?olo
Mi-i- It ulah Savage.
Thomai- Margery.Recitaton
MUs 1. // ir M Iii other-.
Theo Boniteur -The Red Scar, ..Void Solo
Mr Edw ii M i.nimby.
Salt, r?Bei es of Now tork, Valeo do
Concert.l'iauo Sol >
Mhs Sallio Cor el Cotton.
JJiBbop Randolph will preach nt St,
Panl'a Ohiiroh to-:iiglil nt 8 o'elook.
A numbjr of Illk.M wont to Newport
News yesterday to uHsict in orguuuiug
u new lodge of Rika at that place,
A grout niiiuy inquiries liavo been
made about the proposed mass moat
in? wo nro to have with a view of con?
sidering tbo bettermout ol our lown
uharter, Ac. We wero assured lust
night that iu all probability it will bo
held Within tbe next ten days nud duo
notice wili be given bv advertisement.
? in n ilie < fails Mini*oi um Morning
Haug like a pall over the surfaced! tbo
earth; il wi! ho well f ir vou before veutur
i i.; into Iho raw vaporohi air, charged,
porbaps, with the o- h of malaria or i ro
vocativo of rbenmatie twinge-, to take u
Miiioulaaafnl nl Una tetter's Siomaeh bitters,
nu i th.w -Ii i Id yourself .rom atinosphorlo
iiiilnone h threatening to health, if you
hap on t> gel anowoil, slotted or rained
upon, use the sani preventive aud a oi I
the rheumatism nr a dauger as 1 old. Tho
agrees le warmth Infilsou in:o tin circula?
tion hj lllil genial atniiiMOhn-, itl lltvigoi it
lug and regulating prnpartiei commend it
to all appreciative of Iho faot that proven
tiou 1. hotter than itirn. Uno tie Ritters
fur dyspepsia, h horn-en. nervou uess and
kidney trouble, si.-k h- >? u.-hc and debility.
Mrs. Jennie Johnson, of Noupemoud
county, is visiting her suiter. Mrs. G.
W, Koefe, at her resilience, till 3 High
luud aveuuo.
Rov. Dr. ltoyall preaoheil n sortuou
of great merit to a good congregation
nt MoKendree last night on ??The Puty,
Valor ami Victory of tho Truo Chris?
tian Soldier." From tho beginning to
tbe close of tho meeting hiB efforts have
boon marked by groat powor.
A mud dog caused some excitement
along Highland aveuuo yesterday after*
noon. No ouo wits bit. There ure
quite a number in tho ward, so it is
Several of tlio property owners on
Keservoir aveuuo are putting down
brick pavement iu front of their resi?
lience. This will bo quite an improve?
ment, particularly if tbey nil do it.
Services at St. Peter s to-duy at 12
Mr. und Mrs. 0. E. Dudley, of 123
Reservoir avenue, lind tbo misfortune
to loso by death ycslerday tboir little
daughter, Sarah,
Interesting meotinga arc going ou
nightly at Spurgeon Church under iho
preaching of llev, Mr. Martin, who is
aiding tho pastor. Rev. \V. F. \Vatsoo,
The Cheerful Workers of Trinity M.
E.Church will bold au experience party
Friday, March 15th, at K o'clock p. m.,
for the beuolit of tho church. An ex?
cellent programme has boon arrangod,
consisting of recitations oud music.
Au enjoyable evening is promised to
nil wbouttoud. No nilmi6sion lee, but
a silver offering will bo taken up.
E. II. SOTltP.ltN, ?It is n notable fact
Ibat while tbe elder Botbern ? "Dun
dreary"?was bitterly opposed to auy
of bis children following tho profession
of bis or. n adoption, and strenuously
opposed it in every instuuee, all of
them have achieved more or less sue
cess npou the stage. Tbe oldest son,
Litton, waa an actor of grout promiso
in the London theatres, when bis early
and sudden death from pneumonia,
prevented the knowledge of what ho
might have become. The second child
uud only daugiiter, F.ditb, astonished
London some ycum ugo by her work in
tho s< Mlictie comedy, "The Colonel,"
but has since married und retired from
the stage. Tbo next child was Edward
Hugh, who nppears here iu "Capt.
Liettarblair" nt the Academy of Music
next Thursday night, uud whose sue
cessio too well KUOWD to need com?
ment. The youngest of all, Sum,
mimed after bis father's piny of that
title, though as yet burdly more than u
boy, if. o recognized member of Charlea
Wyudbam's company at the Criterion,
LioudoD. Like the father, tho line of
all the children uns comedy, although
in noue except Litloti was it at ull sim?
ilar to thut of tbe parent.
The rovivnl meetings now in progress
nt Coney Memorial are still of the
biguc&t interest ami uro doing great
good; There were twenty-three con?
versions last night und uboiit that uiim
ber stood up for tbe prayers of tbe
Cottnge prayer meetings will be held
this moruiug ns follows: Mrs. Baochus,
Avenue B, at IU o'clock; airs. Stoics,
Aveuuo R, ot UiIMJ o'cloca; Mrs. Lnhs
ton, Avenue A, nt HI o'clock; Mrs. T.
?. White, lliverview avenue, at 11
o'clock. .Meetings to continue us usual,
As yet it is not known whether there
will be any meeting of the W. C. T. I".
this week, owing tu the mooiiugs at
Coliey Memoria!.
I wrinl every mou und woman in the
United States interested in tbe Opium
und Whiskey habit, to have oua of my
books on those diseases. Address 15.
M. Wuoi.i.t.v, Atlanta, (Ja., Box 880,
end one will bo ssnt yon free. wo.vas
MipolCOII and lilts Art Department
at Nusbaum's is greatly to bo admired,
i be many different styles of photo?
graph.-, in all sizes, of Napoleon, now
on exhibit urn, will arouse the anima?
tion of any admirer of pictures, und
especially during tho present Napoleon
craze. Don't fuil to pay us a visit ami
inspect our art nud book departments,
Nusbaum's, Main street.
Try Murray's dinners and breakfasts
50c. ench. They aro tbe best in the
Stute; ?l Roauoko avenue.
Messrs. Horace 8. Peed anil .las.
M. .Ionian have formed a eu partuor. I
ship under tho lirm name of F. M. j
l'eed k Hon, to conduct tbe ship
chandlery um! ship supply business,
ut Wuler street und Ronnoke uve
uue. I
October 1st, 1894. se30,8U,to tf
\ -n ?i. M t;> ? s
\TAN \YY<!K 'm AOVl>r,!\ OF Mt-tf.
\ 1I1UBSDAY, Maroh 14th Onlv.
Mr. E. H. st) Uli.us, tiuiler thu manage?
ment of > ?uioi Kr?bern. I'ir t lime hen- In
his new om-d >,
? API. LEI*! Mil,:.All:,
o notlvas piodu.'eii in New \orii. .eati on
talo Honda v. 1'rice.i, 25e, 60c. ?1 and St.60.
mrlu-su, w,th
Irwin's Twin City Express,
An.pie la-ibtiuR f. r hauling anything to
and fron;'anywhere in Ihntbreocitios. Pole?
phone N? ii, riarco* reasonable.
Tanner's Creek Tax-Payers.
I will have tho tax books for Tanner a
Crook at J. A. Wilson .t Co.'a Mime Stjro No.
42 bank Stroit, N.'rfulk. Va,. BACH SATUR?
DAY from '.? o'clock to 6 p. m.. beginning
the lsth instant, a- ?1 combining till the
hooka ure returned to rcooivi the laxes of
wm. I shall lit- conipolled enforce >ioiloo
ti"iia, and all porsoni aro roi]iio<ted lo mil
ami nettle what taxon they ?tili owe, ami
tlieruliy save the costs of levy and other ex.
penso .
Deputy Treasurer for Norloik county.
The Richardson Amendment Lost
at the Baltimore Conference.
The Galleries Crowded to Hear the
Result. A Storm of Applause
to the Ayes From Kid Gloved
Hands. Discussion ol
Communion Cups.
liy Southern Associata I Prass.
Dai.ti.moiu', March 12. The last day
of ihu Baltimore Qoufereuoe of the M.
K. Church wan tho liveliest of tho bob.
sion, oeeuuso of the notion on the
"(Tornau question." Tins subject baa
sorely vexed tho Methodists for several
years past, anil those who took the
position that thero was nothing in (lie
cooetituliou expressly forbidding the
election of womou delegates to the
Oeueral Conference have been inttefat
j gable in their efforts to secure their
ml mission mi lay delegates;
The Hiohardaon amendment caruc up
nt 11 o'clock to-dny the special or?
der und t tin nlsl?s of Ml. VctUOU PluCO
Church wore packed with fair feint
umity looking for the result of tlie
vote. When n delegate voted "no"
dead Hilenci) reigned und women's oyos
looked disapproval. Uut when "yon"
wna heard a perfect storm ol applause
witH putted on kid gloved haUils. Tho
applause liecutuo ko troublesome that
Ihnbup Andrew's felt culled upou to ml -
mouish the fair spectators to stop it.
The motion was linnlly decided ngaiost
womou being oflloially admitted?11G
to G5.
Then, tao, tlioro was groat interest
manifested in tho ceuforeuoe appoint?
ments, which were rend. A bitter din
cusBion ut tho (}ucstii>u of mdividunl
coiuniunion cups, n condemnation o(
tlicntrcH and Mimotliinft lively on per
eonal liberty und prohibition added
spice to the tcenos of ibo closing hos
Saved From St. Vitus Dance.
"Our daughter, Blanche, now 16
yoars of age, bad been terribly af
flictcd with nervousness, and had
lost the entire use of her right arm
Wo feared St. Vitus dance, arid
triocl the best, physicians with no
benefit. She has taken ? bottles of
Dr. Miles' Nervine and lias gained
:? lbs. Her nervousness and symp?
toms of St. Vitus dance oroentiro?
ly gouc; she attends school recn
lurly; Atu recoil red complete usi of ner
arm, ami her appetite is splendid."
MKS. K. It BULLl ICK, Drlshton, N.Y,
Dr. Miles' Nervine
Iir. Miles' Nervine 11 sold nu a posit Ivo
guarantee ibat. tin- Iii t bottle mil ik-ik
lit. All druggists sell ii at $1, il bottles (ft,
or wlli bo Sent, prepaid on receipt of pricu
bv Pr. Ullas Muuical Co., Elkhart. lud.
Sold by All Druggists.
CUT" THIS ????so**
It i oSlalns tke fa ? si.
t ?;- >?> i see ibe utlliei
li your oy.s arc tirl'ilii
you ?io entitled to n i.
et>-1 kc proprl -
iii N n ? ion
m lui t:
Ulllilal p: -
rat her anil three daugli
cr.- aie Ihe daughters)
Oil lb 10 i il l iiiki K
lel-nMiVs'uy *
ooi- (.in. .-.n make / ? ,.,1-l\|i|ii,/l
-..i the ihrecds igh I, Jit M
f.l c-i
These picture*
rere uperlly en
iii il ... . <ii..r?
r s Htm "? a t p iu
Isncrs tVllO ".ere 'Jf?p
ligC.I l . liquid.) ? d*
i budnosj ihsl
duel I no beleg
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s<- i-orl 'lines,
entire dm k
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isjlually (Oil iliou-and. o: ? - :.r< m.i m.? tu
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.lll.lllli.NO. I'K.IViIi ~ M Ki. - lOI l. V |,..,n ?|
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I in, i-iit w- srlu send lhem (s (elected series
even) sis reward tj<\?-r? person nadln, ir.l
linking the Hire.- daughters taws w.llianX
nil :i.i.li- lii,' lbs i:ri. ..!t?t n..| c.i lw.i-.iiil
iam|S for N.vnoNii i .ii kotioh No. 1,6'ntsln
tig an Immense variety ol Ihe choicest and med
ran iful Hotter ie? .. If you purchase your retdi
I f.i m ns one lesson; we will ajsreyj have yotli
r< Ive guarantee peife i uhmiu o.i <>i tuou.y
: indid i Kin mi < s-.it .-ii . i . ,\ ? .
I he p.'ison sending at abov ? whose . ntelope hisis
? rlir.l poilmark ?ih t. ? glv< i ? H:til(i
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|.Ith. -.:?>. and to trie pi-vi ?<?% ?-?> will i.
- . ??.% in iioiii. If ahle^ti And the Ibn ? fi
i - h mid sii'trer | rom| ty.ni eui i *'a at - ii ?<
...Ii l-.Stt. sie up . and you will re:. Ivo the ta n
a' ie K.i ol pictures and -?? is by rttar.i nun Ad
ii Minim, MJ.Ksl ii.., v..
I Ion, Ii. I". inrl j-1 waW-ji
If you [feel weak
and all worn out take
I Is Made from Fine Ripe Old Sun Cured Tobacco.
Sun Cured Leaf, grown in (he counties around Richmond,
Va., makes the choicest, sweetest, most lasting chew on earth.
1 give all orders prompt attention, and
try 10 suit my customers in every particular.
Yard Hast End Falkland and Charlotte Sts,
Bd&~ Telephone, 494.
Just Received !
Dress Goods In all latest
Silks in the Newest De?
signs and fabrics for
waists and dresses.
Made up Skirls in Crc
pons and Silks.
In our Carpet Depart?
ment a large variety of New
Designs in Japanese and
Chinese Mattings.
Kos. ?8 and rear of 02, V4,
bo, l>8, IUU and IU2
Main Street
Camphor Balls S
Cfy.sf Alhfi,
Insect Powder.
Powdered Borax.
Carbolic Acid an I
Carbolate of Lime
For Disinfecting Purposes.
lit d Bug Poison.
Camph?r Gum.
Fresh Stock and
tor Saie Low at
PHONE 783.
Coal and Wood!
Have sc< epte I Ih ? agenoy for the Alfcxnn
tiria Fertilizer uutt Cnomloal Company s
nil I will i arrv a snpplv stlitod to tlic one of
truck growers particularly. These ar? relia?
ble goods, ran ie by im ntl und relinnlo lirrn.
1,11 I m m. I
Sawed. Spin and DeHvereti.
OFF I OB AND VAltb?East End buto ?irtoi
o\t?n led. Norfolk, Va.
Persoual and prompt attention Riven to
nil orrlers.
Ofttoe ?nd Wharf- East on 1 Avenue A. At
Untie City. 'Phorie 78 ?
% Vor Dailv Service! 1
jf New Supply of New Edition ?
T at Special Low Prices at J
? 128 MAIN STREET. ?
f?AL AND WOOD! ?^r?^--^1
411 IIP-AMPM ION AVENUE. a. s. cooper.
Bf I' II 1? IC T I A N 1 I i ' i ?????.. I iut,. vu. Yard full of Colt
L. l> II It 1 O I Iii. 11, und WuuU. I'tleri us low n? uuyhodv. finest facilities toe
? **"'????-? ? PROMPT delivery*
IARDINIERS, 10c, 15c and 20c This Week Only.
J ini.:?.,..,., JOHNSTON china CO,
^??V?^,3,,'s^ a'?-h.^m^:;?:.;."?inisns tf
Vf In the line of r,: ?? it lie inw pnlrerUlu*: luuchlne sp riallT for ilufo di-sii luv eoITeo ground,
very (in I'oilli elerks ud prompt attention given everyunc.' '.111.A 1 ATLANTIC AND PACT
ric 11 \ i <i\ii'an v. mi Mi in mi ? * ' 1
I* lAPflR^ Rr RPfi l'n*nhrekor?, !!?>? Choi i lire ? (leer doers
.,. JALUDO Ot ?I\U? from Queen) arc the most liberal moncylerid'
crsol Norfolk on allktntls.of pn?on?l prop? ity al alow retool let rei .' Mail
eommnnica'tohij ?in lie promptly atleae?itio.
y HNfiPPi i nws r h n i r f nnA ),n;|,ul; "'? ""? ''??''8= 0??? oqi&o
B UlMjrLLLUVY O L II U 1 L L market. Ilie Exchange Is all Unmans. Try
l tio.".f._t. wise & co.
amilies making marketing to-day TMuAfll
Iii I I AND PROVISION ? K?i:l -. i-y t'hoiili strr.t ..,.|,.v. Hull >trict, and RH New- Market
-pai.e. mi 1.11?? I >lif. t, cm i viIniiu' iilii' in lir l>. i ami I'rov i. on line I'rbo. the lowest.
1 .'nit tvn< Choleo litlttgh Stave, Nut and Rgg Cool, Just; re?
tched, N ?dvsht?in prlers, . . M
\\ i' nccllne in ISknadv milage ol ' I?' ? <:?! >nnn by advent ing
I rlci .. I un e mo in Iii. 1 oal 1 xebeiigi . lull we ai<i in t. fall oil
ii> price or phone. An lone, i? ?e have ? oal on band yo i aic
?il 1.um 10 it at 1I1- Inn Hunte?.
Telephon? 105. Hormuda street.
The Bcot Stoic on tjrth for tin: Money.
anil all otbei I I'UNITI ItE al prli i - ti o low lo mention.
??,-('.mi: CREDIT end 874 Churclntreit,
Private diseases of whatever netitre.yleld ro'dlly* Pemelfl diseases of
all kin.in are speedily cured by ? l?rk> l>4 Cresa EJejtrh Natural Medicinal
Walei or Oil.
Wholesaled by \V. II rKRRV A CO.,No. 112 Waterilreel.
Southern Agency?311 Church street
j. bWett, ins Diainona BroKer ^nfl Jeweler.
RetliKod from $250to$9O. Handsome 18Herat Qolil Uopoater
VTatob, with l.ut8c time combine .1, vrurtU 9250, will be lold lor v?0 nt
J. BENNETT'S, 110 Churcfr St,
i ri:sii fish , OYSTERS, FISH and GAME.
fresh i " 1 s 1 1 j I'iue ?ba.l .u.d other l i.h In great variety.
FRESH FlSfcl '<elail at-5'. 32 and M City Fish Market.
I 1)1 I IJl'CIl j T. A. BULLOCK, Agent,
1 Kr.^Il I loll i.itfliir ami Wholesalo Dealer,
PUPCI-I PISH I rviPftTH * i au.l SCamnboli's Wharf.
1 lW-.ni ' lO?.a J Mi.iui. ( corm r of Washington and Brewer itieete,
i orytl or Brat-oleas Ilm Uockod with the bent nuil the rosta.ur.mt furnishes tb#
best iu Benson LVNNHAVEN ?VSTKIts a epeoiulty. Servii-o the very best,
Permanently Cured in Thirty Days.
No Knife. No Pain. No Honey Until Cured*'
Atlantic Hotel, Every Wednesday from 10 A. M. to I P. M.,
Beginning February 6, 1S95.
S5.5? Per Tou-2,240 Poiis-CASH!
Phone, ^t'. OIVhc nnil Yard, ."> Nirison ilrcet. m-xt Ball Of ferry.
Am vi-Uini; l>r?t Oak and Pinn Wood, rut in but length and split at Sl.0.">per
<;uiui 1 i.ord or :0 pur cord. Stork always large.
PTIONE 2.11, 1 ovrtt and Iteservotr ?f*D.n*?,
^^*=vt Main Market
IttVclTcd tii-dav lariro i|iianll'ips of 1'rlncrss Anne I'oiiltry uf nil kind... A
full supply of hfl ?li <tid Vegetables; olio Knills, Chow-Chow, Flckle?. eto.? hold
California Peaches and Pine Apple, or vvIui?tc" elao you mny want to supply your
,awu h. schloss, Proprieto
? 6

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