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pOHl stun' I II ADVEKTIXOttN i s
k>:PuRD HALL.. .... OX I'OR!> II AI L.
Tuesday Night, fflareh 19th.
An Evening of 8tory aud Song on
"Old Times Down South."
Deliuo.itirg tlio OKI Plantation Negro.
Special For To-day.
Qood (linger Snupa, fo per oonnl.
( Ooo I Oyster Cracscn He per puund.
Hue Evaporated Apples, lOo or t! reo
o'.in Is for 2Sc.
<!ooil liitt r. 20c per pound.
California Pruu s. 7e nor pouud.
c. w. nLUC,INS ft CO.,
bQ'Z Crawford street.
Mombors id t u Company ar .11 ,
er erod tu assemble at tbeir A-in ty at IjJ
? o'eli ck p. in.sharp. Qtt THURSDAY 1 ttli ffl
lust nt. in service uniform, to attend tbe"
funeral o: tie late honorary uietubcr. David
Williams, doeenietl.
iiv Older or
.lOilN W. HA ITEM.
Captain Commanding.
H. P. lie rr. First Serjeant.
PoitTitiioura. Va., Mi toll I. Ifc'.i5.
X ander the name of OKIME3 ft OVER?
MAN us Contractors mid li'i.i -o.e. lias beeu
nis-olvcd by tbe nitbdrawal of Jo'iuu M.
(Irimes. The business will bo continued by
ISDWARD OVERMAN, who "ill srttl all
dolds und collect ?II bills due the old linn.
mr:-10t KUWAKl) OVERMAN.
Orders for stove COAL for immediate de?
livery at */6.60 per ton unywhorc in tba oity.
Leave orders with
Man b 1st. lid High street.
%ice dwelling, corner Holliday and ("he?t
nnt streets, Park View; sov. n roomi nud
kitchen, Bt.ible. in .e porch, ote. Party de?
sires to soll und bull 1 a larger bottle. Will
sell 011 reasonable terms.
Hotel Portsmouth,
ft, R. GARDNER, - - fflanagef.
Eighty-five commodious and well tur
nislie ! itoouis. I'arlore, Privato Ladies' En
lranee. nnd every convenience.
Eflicient caterer and chef receutly en?
gaged. Table nuexcoiied.
KATES??9 und f I.V.) per uay: i ,?' and
Upwards per mouth. Excellent hotel lor
?11 your brothers that they
can save just $15
by buying a
Waverlv Bicycle!
<Vill at our ct. re and lot us shew i ou the
taiteria's tb.it ig what makes the wheel
$?5 & $85 IS OUR PRICE.
on oaiy pu. uiouts.
Conio in aud buy one ?.f those eitr.i large
Marseilles emits, worth 62, which we aro
celling this week !,u fi.1'2 Iso Fast black
lieiivj Ribbed itn.<e lue por pair.
N- iv line ol Spring 1 lughauis from "<c to
Pill*. Out 11 (S ti mil .'> ? to li e.
A lull huo ot I r istley's spring I'rosi
? in ds Drap l>'Almits, India. Cashmeres,
Etulorns. ( reuet and Figures.
All VViutor Dress tlou is must go to make
r... in U 1 Spriu ? Mo k. '1011 will lind ox
cel.ent bargainsiu th 111. Ladies Muslin Un?
derwear at and below cost. W olen L'udcr
wear very ow. 1 uttcriok'S Patterns for
rip! in- hi w in stoe'.,.
?Si1.) liigli slrset.
H0II1118 out t? itiitKn a cltaiico in the
I I nil.
Tlie entire Stock <>t tbo Famous Shoe
?lore, 220 High street, is offered for
fuio at cost,aud in BOine fuses fur below
cost. The name of tins well-known firm
lias been a household word to tho shoo
fiiiyitiK people of tins ecctiou for the
|iast iivu years und the merits of their
stock are easily antwored when you
Consider their phenomenal success dur?
ing thuir careor, Tliero will bo a
change 111 the linn ou or about March
loth, and until then we have to dispose
of our entire stock regardless of cost
firii'ou. All parties having claims
iigainst said Drm present them at on?e.
mill all pnri ies indebted are requested
to settle same without delsy at the
Famous Shoo Stoi c. '220 High street, tf
ChaniluirlaiirH Cough Koinedy givos
tho best satisfaction of any cough mod?
icum J handle, nnil us n seller leads all
other preparations in this market. 1
recommend it because it is tl.u lieat
Inedicino I ever handled for coughs,
colds mid croups. A, \V. IIalokidok,
ilillorsville, 111. For sale by nil drug?
The News Narrowed Into Neat and
Noticeable Naratives.
Central Church Meetings. Union Mis?
sion Church. A Letter Regarding
Immigration. Rubbish to Be
Removed. Official Visit to
the Royal Arcanum.
The work of rebuilding the Union
Mission Church bau been ooinuicnoed.
Tho El Us reported having hud u big
time at Newport News Tuesday night.
Tho Odd Fellows uutieiputo having a
good time nt Deep ( reek to night.
Quite a uunibor wilt go op.
jjlhocasoof Melviu White, oharged
with robbery, whs eentinnod from yes?
terday uutil Saturday morning.
Thoro was only three unfortunates
in tho.Mayor's Court yesterday ami all
id thorn wero fined $1 and coat.
The grand ofueers of tho order of
Royal Arcanum of tho State paid Ports?
mouth Couueil ou official visit last
A white man,resident of South Ports?
mouth, threatened to kill his wife
Tuesday) while under tho iufluency of
Harrison Shephord, colored, was
tried before Justice Hughes yesterday
on three charges and wad sent ou to
the County Court.
Ki The fuuoral of the lato Mr. David
NVilliurus will take place this aftoruoou
nt 'A o'clock from his lato residence,
No. 903 County street.
The rubbish from tho old temporary
euftiuo-hoime, which bus been lying in
the ceuter of Court street, will be re?
moved in a few days and the streut will
bo cleared up.
The meetings at Central Church con?
tinue to draw largo crowds. A 1 o'clock
prayer meeting in held daily and much
good ie expected to result from the
The uow portion of Oak Grovo Cem?
etery will bo beautified with shade
trees, tbo Council having appropriated
$30U for that purpose, Dunking water
will ul?o be uitrddaced.
The Missis Agnes and Lolia Gutohio,
daughters of the late Nuthumel Cuteh
in und sisters of \V. II. Cutebiu, Esq.,
left last night for 1'hilndelpbia, where
tbey will nsuio with their brother,
Mrs. Jouniu Ariuiatoad qualified yes
terduy ou the estate of her buaband,
the late Samuel W. Armistead,who was
killed at the Mare lsiaud Vur.i. She
also qualified as the guardian of her
A tramp named Cain, who has been
ordered out of the eity three times and
.served live days iu jail for vagrancy,
wus again escorted out of the city it*
terday and given to uudeiataud if be
returned he would get thirty days.
'i he members et tho Purt-uiotith
Piile Company are ordered to assemble
at their armory this Hfternoou nt -
o'clock in service uniform to attend the
funeral of the lute Pnvnl Williame, an
honorary member of the company,
A colored wouinii uumed Watts was
arrested yesterday aficruonu for as?
saulting a woman uained P.lliott ou t. e
street with a cane, The Klholt vroman
claims thut she gave her no provocn
tiou for the act. Tho ease will come
up for trad this morning.
|LMr. dos. E. 15. Branch, grand leo
Hirer of the Grand Lodge ol Odd Pel
lows in Virginia,arrived here last night
and is the guest of Mr. N. P. While
hurst, on Diuwiddio street. He will
go to Deep Creek to-night to institute
a new bulge of Chid Follows.
An anonymous letter was received by
the Mayor on Tuesday lu reference to
uumtgriiuon, ,Vc. It was communicat?
ed to the Couueil through bun, Tut
that body deeded that ns no name was
signed to it. it could not properly eomo
before tbo Council, so it was not read.
Attention is culled to the advertise?
ment of Crimes' Dattory, in winch they
announoo that Polk Miller, tho great
Southern humorist, will appear nt Ox?
ford Hall on Tuesday, the tilth, iu his
imitation of Southern negro in songs,
dunces, etc., for tho boueiit of that
'I lie Meat for Hie Fauallr?
Macox, Oa. "1 have found Sim?
mons Liver liegulator the best family
medicine. I have used it in indi?
gestion and biliousness, and found it to
relieve immediately. After eating u
hearty supper, if on going to bed 1
take a dose of it, I never feel uuy bad
elfects of the supper."?Ovid O.
Sparks, ox Mayor.
"Perhaps you would not think so,
but u very largo proportion of diseiso
iu New York comes from carelessness
about catching cold," says Dr. Cyrus
bldsoo. "It is buoIi <> limule thing und
mi common that few people, unless it is
a case of pneumonia, pay any attention
to a cold. There aru a great many casus
of catarrh and consumption which havo
their origin in this neglect of the sim?
plest precaution of every day life. Tho
most t-eusible advice is, when you have
one get rid of it us noon as possible.
By ml means do not neglect it." Dr.
Pdson does not tell you how to cure n
cold, but wo will, Take Chamberlain's
Cough remedy. It will relieve tho
lungs, aid expectoration, open tho se
areiiotis and soon effect a permanent
cure. 2G and 50 cent bottles for sale
by nil druggists.
High street, Portsmouth Iusuranco
Company's building, noxt to ('raw
ford's, is tho plaeo to buy shoos ehoap
and good. Call and see. L. C. Doug
?V. Son,_
Children Cry for
Kiiilroiid Kolee.
Superintendent Johu Winder, of tho
Senbottrd Air lino, in in the oity ou
An order wbr issued yesterday re?
moving Mr. McOleuu, superintendent
of motive, of iho Seaboard Air Liue,
niul appointing Mr. Ken), of Chicago,
in hin place, tho. sumo to take effect'
March 16th. Mr. Rent's headquarters
for the present will ho at Knleigh, but
it is thought that ho will soon bo loca
ted in this city. There are also ru?
mors (floating around about tho uiu
t'biue shopu being brought |buck hero,
but it is only a street rumor.
Humor also says that there will bo
B?rne other chouses after this,month
runs out.
'I lm Porteiit?iilti Mreal if uiirontl.
It is rumored Hint tbo Portsmouth
street raiironil Iiiih mado u deal with a
Northern syndicate,by wbioh tbo pres?
ent road will be turned into an electric
road within tun next ninety days, and
that tho lino will ho extended through
Scott's creek to the property recently
purchased by u I'ortsuiotilh syndicate,
mid that it will alto be extended
through n number of other streets in
tho city. Humor further says that the
deal will bo closed withiu a wcok's
\nvi*-Viird Nates.
Constructors Bowles, H?xter and
Bangeley are all away from the yard at
preseut. Carpenter Lldrigo is iu charge
of tbe ?lcpurtiueut.
Tho Alliance will leave tbo yard to?
day und proceed to sen.
Dr. I.. L. Voting, who has heeu sta?
tioned at the Naval Hospital bus been
detached and placet on watting orders.
COUIravt Awarded.
The Tort Norfolk Hallway Ootnpnuy
has niutle a coutruct with tbe .Brush
Electric Light Company, of C lowland.
(Uno, to furuibh them witu dynamos
and ears lor their road, and with a
Watcrtown, N, V., company for motivo
power engines. Ac. They expect to
have tho liue in operatiou by May.
An Acelttunl.
Yesterday afternoon n geutlemau
named Isaac Fagland while at work ou
u spur ut the U. S. bony yard cut him?
self very badly on tho knee with a
drawing knife. Dr. V. (.1. Culpepper
was cullod iu and dressed tho wound.
Aberdeen, o.,
Mestrs. JJppman tiros,, Stivantuth,
* iu.
Deah Sins -I bought it bottle of
your P. P, P. at Hot Springs, Ark.,
aud it baa douo mo more good tbuu
three mouths' treutmeut at the Hot
Have you no agents iu this part of
the country, or let me know how much
it will cost to get three or six bottles
from your city by express.
Respectfully yours,
,1 as. M. Newton,
Abcrdcou, Drown < onnty, O.
All tVurll i.iinra uleril.
Wo guarantee each and every suit
turned out in our uiuiio toorder do
purtmcut to lit perfectly and satisdac
i torily.
Wo allow no poor work to ieavo our
store. Suits to order from ?17.00 to
I 8^5.
Our ready-made department in ooni
plete With ail wool suits, from SG.fiO to
<j."i. We can please you. Levy A
Jucobs, 2U0 High street.
liciid! s.eiul!;
Wa must have room. Three thousand
yards beatit'.ful spring ginghams, re?
duced from 12c to lie per yard; II,()!)()
yards Turkey red talile damask, re?
duced from 'J.Vc to 10o per yard; '?'?,'"> I
yards extra fine all linen crash, reduced
Iroui lOo to Go per yard. A. J, Phil?
lips, under Oxford Hull.
Dully'a Mult Whiskey aud pure
blackberry juioa for mediciual purposes
at C, 13, Jouea', corner of County und
Middle strocts. - mh!) 101
Lamps. ;tlk shades, wire frames, doll
carriages, toilet sits, pictures, tables,
rockers und everything else at Craw?
ford's Furnituro und t arpel House.
lo-diiy. l'o-iiu?:run. i rtflnv mid Nut
urtliiv. tiiire'.i Ciiii, I Ills, i Stil uinl
I U(t>. Four l>n)'? Olli v.
Wo will oiler 1,300 yards of High
land zephyr cloth, worm lJ-c, at !){o a
yard. 1 he styles of ibis beautiful
fabric mnl tho very latest, direct Irom
New Vork oity*, 200 yards cheviots, cu
tirely now, worth l2to, will go at Djo a
yard; 00 inch wide exquisite pattern iu
table linens, worth liOo, will go at IMo n
yard, together with u bnudsoiuo hue of
napkins nt 4c each, worth 8c; another
lot at tic, worth HJej another lot at Sip,
worth l- o. These prices arc for cash
ouly. Haiuuiiil'f, :iJ'i High street.
IISIIMtrtttlll I il I .> nil ii i u.U.
Wo are gradually completing our
stock ol lino and welluiailo clothing
for the coming spring. We have the
reputation for selling the uuatcst, nob?
biest and best lilting clothing in the
two cities, ut tbo lowest possible prices.
Breslauor A Anthony, 111 High street.
Charles II. Sturtevunt, funeral di?
rector aud embalmer, i)?? Third street,
corner Harrison. mhlOTui
Novellist? iii (lltlldrcii ?? laut?.
Among tho now goods we have re?
ceived uro ?onio of the latest uovcltius
iu obildren's huts, the very latest "fad"
of the season. As we have u very com?
plete lino wo feel euro wo can please
you. Chns. it. Weltou A Co,, 832 and
High street.
spring I'nciilnir.
Full lino of new spring suitings just
received. Look ut our window display,
snits made to order, 812.A0, Sil. Sl?,
S10, -SIS. 820 mid 822.50, M. Rosou
baum, IK. and 118 High stroot, I'orts
mouih, Va,
Pitcher's Casterla
Charged With Selling Whiskey to a
Yesterday afternoon ISmanuel daek
80U made oouiplaint to Sergt. Liudsuy
tbat a clerk ot A. Bennau had sold
whiskey to Joshua Cruss, a minor. A
warrant won issued for Barman's arrest
and he appeared last night at G o'olook
before tbo .Mayor. Cross admitted
that ha bought tho whiskey, but two
witnesses for the Commonwealth swore
that ho did not. The court was of tho
opinion that the accused watt guilty,
but reserved his decision until tins
moruiug at 10 o'clock and bonded Her?
man for hla appearance.
Last night the statiou huuso was
packed beyond standing room, br col
ored people mostly, to hear the trial of
four colored women, charged with
swearing on tho street. Some of tho
evidence proved to bo "very spicy"
and brought forth laughter from most
of the spectators. The Court had to
threaten to havo tho doors locked and
tine every one iuBido for contempt.
Gertrude Wood house was first called.
About u do/.eu witnesses hud to testily.
Tho Court lined her $2 ami cost. Too
next called worn Lula Brown, Anuie
Beod ana Betsio Gibb. Nearly an hour
was taken up in these casts and re?
butted iu a tine of ?2 and cost for each
olfender. I u default thoy wero locked
up lor tho night.
Luv. dosiob Elliott, of Currituck
county, N. C, was the guest of Lev.
H. N. Quiaenberry yesterday.
Visa Modern Wnv
Commends ltsoll to tho well formed, (o
do pleasant iy and effectually what was
formorly dono in the crudest manner
and disagrcoably as well. To cloauso
tho system nud break up colds, head?
aches ami fevors without unpleasant
after effects, U60 the delightful liquid
laxative remedy, Uyrtip of figs.
Preparing tho Land For Coi n, Cotton, the
QraiM nn?l'Clovers -Fertilizers.
However much opiir Iis may differ
couci ruing full plowing, all arc ngroed
on tho importanoo of early spring plow?
ing. Whom tho soil is deep put tho
plow iu deep and turn each furrow com?
pletely, but if tho soil il shallow and
the subsoil nenr the surface put the
plow just deep enough to biing u little
of tho rlay to tho surface and Icavo tho
fuir.iw on edge. Return as far as pos?
sible all tho vegetable matter left on
tho surface. Tho stubble and lands not
planted last year ought to be broken
first. Land which whs in corn should
come next. Tho cotton land?that is,
where cotton grew hurt, year?should bo
broken latest of all. It is better to brenk
this its near plantiug time us is conven?
ient. (Jivo tho rye nnd barley lots all
tho time possible to go ou with their
growth and then turn under. It is as?
tonishing what may bo gained in this
way, says South, rn Cultivator, author?
ity for tho following:
The soil for coin ought to be well
und deeply broken. Corn is more B< nsi
tivo to drought than our other cultivate d
crops and needs a deep, mellow bed iu
which t.i send nut its little fond search?
ing roots. If tho land is broken some
time before planting, it may be neces?
sary to harrow it, hut much is gained
by the additional labor. It is u most
effectual means of preventing the Iims
of moisture by evaporation, of conserv?
ing tbo water deposited by the heavy
winter rains. Once this crop begins to
grow, it is tho presence of moisture,
more or less, that makes or mars it.
Humus, deep breaking, repented and
shallow surface stirring uro the three
powerful agents t.i invite and retain
thin moisture.
The best time for seeding to grasses
ami clover is the lattor part of Februu
ry. Noxt to sowing in land especially
prepared for this crop is tho plan of
sowing in tho stauding grain. For this
purpose it is well t<> harrow tho grain,
which will bo of advantage to that orop.
Th?-n sow the grass seed, which will
thus bo washed in, instead of off, by
tho lirst rain. The best varieties are red
ami mammoth olovor, tall meadow oat,
orchard, rod top and ryogrosses. Alfal?
fa and Japan clover should not be sown
until later. Tho former rcqnircs a rich
soil, but Japan clover will grow on land
too poor for anything else. It is a ni?
trogen gatherer, good for stock, and can
bo used aa a starting point for more <!?
?irable crop*.
Oats can be sown on until the last of
February. Tbo use of commercial fer?
tilizers most bo determined by tho crop
planted, tho noil, a> well as tho ability
of the farmer to pay for tho grass. Asa
general rule, commercial fertilizers ap?
plied to barren land, destitute of hu?
mus, aro not profitable. Let us there?
fore make ?II tho hi mo manuro that wo
can, plant leguminous crops, und as ail
adjunct \vu will flr.d that we can uso
profitably all tho commercial fertilizers
(hit wo uro able to buy
Dow IO Mai.i' Mtillncatawny Boup.
Cut. in small pieces tho breast of u
young chicken after it has cooked in
?oup stock, l'ut on the firo the carcass
and bonce of the chicken, add ouougli
soup M'.ek to cover it, simmer for one
hour und strain. Fry two small onions
in oho onnco of butter; add three-quar?
ters of nn ounoo of floor; stir well; pour
tint broth iu tho butter and onions; boil
up; add ono tablespoonful of diluted
curry powder, half a cup of milk, pep?
per and salt. Simmer ten minutes. Put
tho chicken meat in the soup tureen,
two tahlospoonfuls of boiled rice, pour
over thu boup stock and serve.
What foiiuti Doylo Owen (<> Poe?
Of Poo's genius as (i writer of short
stories Dr. Conan Doylo cRtiuot say
enough. Ho regards hiui us pru-Oini
UOIltly tho muster of this literary form
and as tho iuvuutor of tho detective
stories to whloh tho "Sherlock Holmes"
series makes tho most dctlnlto and ex?
tended English contribution. Tho im?
aginative quality, tbo intellectual skill,
tho keen adapt ion of means to ends, tho
subtlety of insight, tho management of
drauintio effects?upon all these quali?
ties Dr. Doyle delights to dwell by way
of otnphasiziug his own indebtedness to
Poo und his recognition of Poo's great
abilities.?Ladies' Ilotno Journal.
The Siek Man's Diet.
The BUltntl of Turkey, according to
Tho Ltovuo d'Oriout, bus recently given
olio more proof of bis unceasing mid
high solicitude for tho welfare of tho
army. Ho bus ordered that ten shall he
served to till soldiers twice n day and
throe times on Friday, which is tho
Mussulman Sabbath. Of course the uu
nouncoinent of this imperial order has
been recoivod with great enthusiasm by
tho ottoman soldier.
Three of it Kind Nine Times Kuuulug.
It. A. Dauville received a telegram
last night from Qoorgo F. Danville, a
farmer near YnnktOIl,reporting the birth
of triplets. Mr. and Mrs. George l)nn
ville have now l'T children, although
Mrs. Danville is not years old. Sho
is a Norwegian; her husband is n
Hoosier. All tho children were born in
triplets, tho oldest lot being under IS
years old. All aro boys but thron, ono
l?-t of triplets being girls, and they are
i.ll sturdy and healthy.?Duluth Dis?
Kconomy In Rochester,
"A straugu thing happened to mo a
flay or two ago," said a butcher. "A
swell sleigh, oouohman in furs, and that
t.ort of thing, drove up to my place, and
u well dressed woman cinno in. Shu
bought a chicken costing 40 cents. Im?
agine my auxpriso when she gnvo mo in
payment 10 cents and a 35 cent ticket
from the county poor office Sho loft
I rather hurriedly, I noticed."?Rochester
11 n Ion.and Advertiser._
Brings comfort and improvement und
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet?
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the need- of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced iu the
remedy, Syrup of Pigs.
It- excellence is due to it? presenting
iu the form most acceptable and pleas?
ant t<> the taste, the rel resiling and truly
beneficial properties of n perfect lu.\
ative; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling cold.-, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions und
mot with the approval of the medical
profession, becuuso it acts on the Kid?
ney, Liver and Dowels without weak?
ening them and it i- perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Pigs is for sale by all drug
gi-t> in 50c and i l bottles, but it is man?
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name i> printed on every
package, also the nninc, Syrup of Pigs,
and being well informed, yon will not
accent any substitute il offered.
Sick Hendselieami relieve nil tho troubles incl
in toe bilious state of the system,such us
i ?????? ???????? Nausea. I>r?>?sun-s?.' Distress after
eating, Pain in the Hiilo, A> While their most
l showu iu curing
ems iu
fleadache, yet Carter's l.irn.e I.ivfr Pitta
are equallj valuable in Constipation', curing
and preventing Hu3 annoying complaint, while
thoy als.rreel all disorders of the stomach,
-imiiiiato tin- liver ami regulate tho bowels.
Even if ttiey only cured
Ache they would be almost priceless to those
who suffer from this distressing complaint;
hut fortunately Ihelr goodness <!..0<i not eui
here, nnd tho?! who once irv them mil llml
Ihese little pills valuable in so many that
I hey will not !?? willing to do without theiu.
Hut after ull sick head
,1s the hnno of so man v livnsthat here Is where
we nmlr.. our great boast, tinr pills cure it
while other-, do not
C*nT?H's [4TTLK i.iven Piu-S are very small
ami very easy to t ike ' Mie or two pills make
a dose. They uro strictly vegetable nnd do
not (rri|x> or puree, but by their gentle act too
please all who use them. In vials at 85cents,
live for $1 Hold everywhere, or sent by mail.
CAET12 lOBlCMZ CO., Hew Tcti:.
MfiiL Small Dese. Small Price*
%ak FOD &
$4.50 1 H? $1.75
Rand McNally's
Library Mas
of the World.
Containing colored niapi of overy 001111
trvand civilized iliviaiou upon tho
tare of tue globe, with a oonoiae
historical, iloicriptivo and
Statistical r<>vlow ut each,
riebt.? dloatrntod by
eni-raviOK? of
the tvorld'*
x people.
Geoorapnicai Discoveries
and Expiorallons.
A iiotoI and moat intorestlug review of
tin' w,.rida people*, tuelr origin,
biatorie.d aud ethnological de
velopuiout, ?8 wrli on the
pobtu ul etnliiN au 1 rola
tlVl import moo nf
tbo . ouniriOH ihey
inhabit, pro?
with elite es?
pecially obtained
for tho purpoao, ty?
pically i oni hving the
iiibjui.'te un lor eouaidera.
tlou. Cbarndue lilogr.i uhleal
Bket he* of Rtatoimen, Patriot?,
Buldiors, l.itornry M< n au.I Inventory
of alt oitiea. towns and n.l.no,
in the United Stato .
in colors, eouipilcil from the latest
otticial report. 'J'he-e charts ex?
hibit iu attractive form tho
urea, p ipulation agri
cultural ami miiieral
pro lllcts, together
with tlio com
ruert'ial and
nr the map show.- tho geograplii?
cht mat topographical de?
tail! Of iuuutrie9.
An Education for Your
nformation for Yourself!
An Encyclopedia of Knowl?
mrJE YtHOlNIAN baa seenrnd a limit.
.1 e.l nuiiilicr of these valuable lohimes
o: Information, aud as LONU as J'HICX
last Will supply iis readers at ?
Publisher's Price, $450.
And such has been the policy
of the Pioneer of the In?
stalment Business
of Norfolk.
John B.Loughrao
It may savor of bad taste
to sing our own praise, yet
we do so, without fear of
contradiction, and each year,
as our facilities increase, ws
become better able to ac?
commodate our friends and
Sucii Literal Terms Were
Never Offered Before to tue
Good People of Norfolk.
In all of the latest styles
and designs.
in endless variety,
New Bregh and Beautiful.1
The Liberal Terms Offered
205 and 207 Church St>

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