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r_?iAM.i?wcn 1855.
M. OI.ENNAN. OvrsKit.
Katero.l ai ?toon.l-ola m niattor.
i? IA.KOE1.Y IS KXCESS of ?n. other
taper publwh'dln East ruvirgiuin.
Its oireuluti u .'i Xorfols ami Portsmouth
i? criater than Unit i f any i>a]>or published
or eitouiate i iu (be two oute?.
it ii delivered m tbe eitles or Norfolk and
ports-^ouib. Bud suburbs for 1U ooul* a
vuek. til ??0 Options, postage paid.
F t?j Dollars per year; ihreo Hollars tor -ix
mouths. One hollar and fifty Cent? for
throe moutbs; anil Hit* Gents lur one
111 A^nerthetutn'-h inrerte.l at the rato of
Ck is a s* r a sEllufi in-ii-.tion: each subse?
quent insertion :i7) Ckktb, or &> Cents
\?hin ism 'ii' f.vv.ky OTttCK 1>ay. Contrac?
tors arc not ?Howe.! to eicoe.l tl eir spa a
nr ad ertieo other than tl.eir Iori ima'.u
business, eictpt by paying especially loi
the same.
Tai. Wi'ii.v Visu-ian ?Nh Carolinian.
eight pnges, is dslivciod, postiuto paid,
three uioniul,28o,;fii mouths. Uio, twt ho
month-, ?1
Kev. TbomM Dixon has uow achieved
tbe distinction of being the boss
preacher iu New York, Ho defended,
Platt iu one of bis recent sermons.
The fact that tbo Atnerioan game of
poker is becoming popular in Fraueo
is not likely to stir American prido
deeply. It is tbe American porker thut
thin country wauls to see become pop?
ular abroad.
The Spauirli Government accept* the
contention of Secretary <'. re-hum that
the warfare in Cuba must be waged
against tbe rorolutionirts and not
againat tbe vessels of tbe United States
merchant marine. This is a good un?
derstanding to have at tbo outset.
"A liHEt I illt fill.''
The YikqixiAS has long realized that
the commuuities near tho head waters
of tbe Elizabeth have separately many
businessi[aJvuutauges . and interests,
which, if nominally united, would rank
far higher iutheeyos of manufacturing
nud othur investors, beuca its advocacy
of "The Greater Norfolk." There is
but littlu difference uf opinion as to the
benefits to accrue if these communities
were under one goverumeut, Souti
nieut, however, comes iu as an ubstaole
in regard to the name of such a city,
und tbe suggestion has been mudo to
pel c? a name other than that uf
"Greater Norfolk." There muy bo u
great deal in tho suggestion ami. there?
fore, as a preliminary step toward tho
end iu view, The Viiumsiax invites
from all who feel interested, residing
iu Norfolk, Portsmouth ur Berkley, to
send in to tbis office that name for a
city which, iu tbe sendot'a candid opin?
ion) would have the great.'st advertis?
ing value, not to a part only,but to tho
whole uf a great city, to bo made up
of onr three comparatively weak com?
The names sent will be published iu
T?E Yikuisian until May 1st, by which
time it is buped thnt u name may bo
suggested which the great majority
would recognize as the must avuilubio
for business reasons.
'I'll 11;\ !?:> IN MlUfl ?'!,*CI>.
The fact that "uu investigating com?
mittee of tbu New Jersey Legislature
is now exposing the cruukedness of
some of tbe ofliciuls of that State,"
causes the Savannah News tu remark,
that after a while tho people will begin
to wonder whether there are not almost
as many thieves as honest men in pub?
lic office.
It is true that the number of officials
who from time to time have gone wrong
"are astonishingly large," and it is
true that every,now and then tho news
papers ooolaiu au accuunt of tbo disap?
pearance of some State Treasurer or
some publio ollicial with public funds,
and it is equally true thut too many
thieves have crawled to high places,
but Tue Virginian would regret to
know that "there are almost as mauy
thieves in public office as there nro
honest men," and it will bo slow to be?
lieve anything of the kind.
There have been, and no doubt there
will continue to be, mcu in official life,
who will pluuder tho people tie-spite all
tbe safeguards thrown around them, but
oll such tuen sooner or Inter are forced
nut, aud in a large majority of cases,
justice is meted out to them,
It is very difficult iu this day for
men to commit any very great ofl'ence
And not bo found out. There may be
delays in bringing some such peonlo to
the bar of justice and there may be
still further delay iu eecuriug thuir
convictioD, but the statistics of crime
boars evidence that the bulk of the
criminals arrested have beou convicted
n;i.I punished for the orimea committed.
However, there are too many disnou
ost men holding office fur the public
good. Public office should always be a
jpablie traft.
IN (OH M'Oll.S.
"Therefore thirty-tivo Senators in tlio
npper branch of the North Carolina
Legislature," remarke tho Petersburg
Index-Appeal, "of whom six are Demo?
crat* and (ho remaining tweuty-uino
Republicans aud 1'optilists, aud tbo
raid which tbe majority statesmen
made upon tho offices is probably
without ii parallel.
"They hud violent hands upon every
thing in sight," says our contemporary, ;
"and when the smoke of battle had
cleared away aud tho (ioueral Assem- |
hly adjourned last Wednesday, it was ,
fuuud tnut uiuetoeu of tbu tweuty-uino -
[nsionists had voted themselves into i
ofliees ranging from tho judgeship ot n i
< Timiual Court down to positions on'
the Shellfish Commission. There was
uovt-r kunwu before such a shameless
scramble for the spoils, aud such nil
Uttel disregard of the eleuiontary prin?
ciples of deceucy. lint nothing bettor
could have been expected of tho par?
lies tu such a combination?the un- ,
washed aud unlettered l'ups aud tbo
unscrupulous relies of tho unsnvory |
Republicanism of reconstruction days."
Theae aro the mvci who, holore the
election, were going to do so much lor
North Carolina, but after getting oloot I
ed were,all for self. In mauy respects
North Caroliuo is n great State, and
just wnat her mu has been that she
should bo alllu-ted with such uiou as
tt.oso abovo referred to, is difficult to
i i .iiaKi i a i>im i:ici >ck.
If, as tbe New York World remarks
of tho Unstern question, Russia aud
Qreat Britain shuukt iuturforo und pro
vent any dismeiuhershii> of tho Chinese
Empire, ur oven tho acquisition of
Formosa by Japan, the spectacle would
be edifying,
It would bo a great international
lesson if England, holding Uibrnltur,
Malta, Cyprus, Egypt, India aud half
of Mi: 'ii in her grasp, und Htissia,with
her right baud reaching lor Coustanti
I noplo and left for Eastern Turkestan,
should protest ngaiust littlo Japan's
lauil grubhiug, but all tho saruo the
two great noweis named will uot only
protest, but it is reported will prevent
uu acquisition uf Chiuusu territory by
Japan by force uf arms if it is ucces
But then it makes a difference what
power wants to do the grubbing.
If either tho great nations of Europe
wero iu Japan's place tbey would not
hesituto tu acquire nil the territory
they desired und to huld on to it with
their usual teuueity after taking it.
a Country Fellow,
One man Is lo :i city born.
Another tu n ranch;
ilut I go Whisttln through the corn
An splashin in the branch.
The city house is roofed v.-ilh ttu
'Longsido ii noisy strict;
But roses roof tho house I'm iu
An make my morion's tweet.
Distraetln is that city lif -,
But 1? re's tho honeycomb?
a world o' rOSCS, free from strife,
An splathiu in tho hrnn -li.
?Atlanta Constitution.
Heart Music.
There aro hopes which uro horn to dio
Like thoughts unexpressed.
There Is music dwells In the soul
To the- harp unconXcsscd.
There's n lovo that ryes only know.
Of which hearts havo no token,
But there never is love in the heart
The eyes have- tuispokon.
?Walter M. Itave'.tino.
airs. Lena Slttig.
Tho selection for ohnirronn of tna
New York and Brooklyn cotuuiittoo of
tho cxbibitof women's inventions at tho
Atlanta exposition of Mrs. Leun Sittig
of Brooklyn is n most felicitous one.
Mrs. Slttig i9 tbo daughter uf an invent?
or who tins nobly sustained her birth?
right, her several inventions having
gained her wide fame and credit. Hur
latest and best known invention, that >>f
tho safety bicycle skirt, is now being
considered by its clover designer for
adaptation to a much morn liberal nse.
It may help considerably in tho solution
uf tho much discussed dress reform ques?
tion. Under Mrs. Sittig's competent aus?
pices invent inns of women, so far as
tboso two cities are concerned, nro suro
to bo well represented at tho southern
fair next autumn,?New York Times.
The iiousi-iiuiu of Princess aiu.
Shortly after tho arrival of Princess
Alix in Livadia .she was given a largo
album, containing xnoro than a thou?
sand photographs of members of the Rus?
sian aristocracy, SOU10 of whom wcro
eventually to he chosen to form tho
household of tho princess on her becom?
ing empress. With every picture was a
biography and a short description of tho
character and disposition of the origi?
nal. It is said, however, that Prim ess
Alix immediately returned the hook,
accompanied by n letter in her own
handwriting, to tho effect that she pre?
ferred to submit to the guidance of her
future husband in all such matters
rather than trust toany passing impres?
sion she herself might receive from
meru portraits.?London yueen.
Stella J. Tibbets of Boston hns suc?
cessfully passed tbo examination in?
quired by tho board of registration in
pharmacy. Her name was tir?t on tbe
lint of the uinowho received certificates
out of tbe 49 applicants examined.
Tho box platted norfolk jacket roap
penra among costumes and toilets for
spring and summer wear.
A new ornamental shoo is of Crossed
kid or patent loather perforated like tho
fashionable cloth and velvet fabrics.
There uppoars this season n choice va?
riety of soft beautiful iudin wooloue,
brocades and very lustrous corded silks
in tho si Ivory pink. English pink and
paler dahlia shndos.
Velvet Mouses uud other waists in
black, dahlia color, browu and groon
will bo in highest voguu this spring.
Theso velvet garments givon rich effect
to u costumo at comparatively small cs- j
pan so.
Long ostrich plnmos nro just now
greatly used in combination with short
full tips and tufts or nigrots-. Theso
trimmings nro seen upon picturo hats of
various shapes and ou toques and tur?
bans as well.
With drossy post Lentuit costumes
will ho worn single or double breasted
Eton jackets of black velvet ninde with
full mutton ley; sleeves, lined with shut
silk and trimmed with cut jet in points
or narrow lines of gimp.
Gold, jet and bronzo spangles and
sequins are to hu nioro used than over
on galloon and passetnonterio trim?
mings. In very many handsomu spring
toilets the entire yoke of thu bodice is u
mass of thoso glittering garnitures, and
tho sleeve decorations match ic from
Wrist to olbuw.?New York 1'ost.
Tho end of thu century piano stool
has a back to it.
Froezing water in rock crevices often
splits off immense bowlders from tho
Bides of cliffs.
Hun a lighted match rapidly around
tho top of a fountain pen which refuses
So unscrew. It will generally succumb
At once.
People smell bettor with their mouths
chut because till tho nir for the uro of
the lungs must then bu drawn through
tho noso.
In all particulars save sizo tho Vene?
tian gondola, tin-Siaine.su barge and tho
old Scandinavian viking ship aru very
much altko.
The average annual amount of ivory
received in London from tho African
I wilds is ill tons. Tho average price is
I IO.??? per ton._
Doctorloc Tea I.i nTm.
According to tho police reports, n
firm in London was rocently convicted
of doctoring used tea leaves and sell
; them fur leaves which had not yet
been infused. Tho ingenious method
adopted was to collect from largo res?
taurants spout leaves ami to subject
them to a kind of withering process.
This was achieved by projecting tbem
through a rcdhot iron pipe, out of
which they came curled up and dried
ready to bo resold?wo trust not to tho
restaurants from which they came.
The business appears to have boon a
flourishing one, for it catUO out in evi?
dence that 11:010 than C>,000 pounds
weight of this "revived" tea had been
sold in less than two months. Unfortu?
nately for the promoters of the indus?
try, an old ai't of parliament has de?
clared that thu sale of spent tea leaves
is illegal, and so, for the present, theso
leaves, except for what uso tho bouse*
maid makes of them, must ?tili remain
n wa.sto product.?Chambers' Journal.
Mrs. J. V. Kemp of Minneapolis has
boen employed in tho office of tite regis?
ter of deeds of that city for more than
threo years and is said to ho ono of tho
'yetit copyists in the oflico.
The Spine
is one of the most tender
parts of the body. Inflam?
mation there results in weak
nerves everywhere.
Porous Piaster
will be found to have a bene?
ficial effect in allaying the
inflammation and restoring
strength. It is invaluable in
all suits ?it lameness and
Never put up with ' j it ?t cood et Ail
cock's." Insist upci having th* genuin?
Allcock'9 Corn Shields,
Allcuck's Bunion Shields,
Have 1,0 c.j- relief and cure tor corns
Brandreth's Pills
not only cleanse,but ton ? tip t hr? ?73.
tera. They can bo depended up'oiL
110! ILO"
ot'ors communication nltli met ei-.'!.:
hundred st 111 > briber*. Ato yon ou iho
ist Ii not oau you a 'or i not :o have
a t lepltone at v., it plane of U,tailless?
And nrlia u eo ufort mi i aafegtuii i it is
to l.a\e ii telephone at you: reatd u e.
Attention is oalled to t e i.O.vti 11
1'ANOE -Ysit.M OP Wilt BS, by which
communication I? to bo had, pon tav
rnent of a an a:l toll. ?it.. .Siwp.n t N(.n'<,
Hampton, Cheaapeake Oil v. Old Point
Hnffoik, Broitblield, JJarrett'a and Chuck
Call on the manager, or scud bliu nor 1
and ho will call OU Voll.
j. \v oi: ws. Manager.
0. B? McCLLKK, Lustnot Sttpt. fe28?tf
Seasonable Spring Novelties
now on display. EI very tiling
bright as a new pin. Mo back
numbers, Every Pattern in the
stock up to date. Mot an incb of I
cloth in the house but what is
guaranteed for Service and Sat?
Investigate what counts real value iu
Tailoring. Elegance, Economy and Artistic
Work is the combination that makes Solid
Worth. Poorly made Clothes are high at any
price. Garments of Our Own Make are Un
passed in Durability and stand unrivalled in
Style and Finish.
The Tailoring Room, on the second floor
over the new annex, is filled with Stylish
Spring Suits for gentlemen, some finished,
others under process. They are fair specimens
of what we are doing in Tailoring. Particular
folks, who want their Clothes just so, are espe?
cially invited to look at the goods and note the
neatness of the Workmanship.
TUB materials come to us direct
tluGiigH tue manufacturing Headcjuar
ters from tue most Gele?rated millers
and Producers from ail over tue world
at tne LowBst PossiDle Casn Cost mat
it is ever Dossitile for moneu to own
ttiein, ana we are ttius ena?led to
figure on trie Finest Goods at Rodt
Bottom Prices.
_g_ b=bb osdii osaa auaa ncaa as=n poaa at so 02.111 anna cuss asaa 0
ggaaii aaaE aoeu bibb Eons siua acca icsnx uaoa utafi bo?nfl coal ?iij?
: to Save
"That's tho anoslion." If bo, read tlioso oxtraordinary stipu
lutions offered you 111 reliable Clothing. Wo have cBiled your atten
liou to tho failure of Hoed, 1 iat)uo 11 & Co., oue of the lur^t-st maun
feeturera of ['ante in this country, ami of our coming in possession of
tho entire Btook at '.i? per oeut. on tbo dollar. Our branch store,
received but $12,000 of Ibis remarkablo purchase, of which no less
than one-half hus already beeu told; so thi^e who have not already
witnessed this salo had better du so at once, and be convinced these
are iuout\ savers for yuu:
Ml n s Workiug Tsnta.v all
Men's K no nss i uuts. V.33 66
Mi ii - Extra Pauli . :i Ui) 1 41
M< n i Knaliah Cor.luror Pints. i.. o :mo
Mens I IVool hair I. no l'..nta. 4.7. 2.75
lieu Inli orti-.l Worn e > Kitr* i me Pantl 7.00 :t.50
Meti s uorkhig suits. 6.Si 2.01
Men s ?II Wj .1 i us ness Suits. H>i)j 6.03
Men s AI Wool Trasa Bult? . 15.0? T.Mi
Vena Worsted Eitra i-ine Dress S?lls . ".1'.00 in.On
(hiliireusHii.t4fro.il. . OS to 4 oj
? -i.il- r ? ? s Kiiee Tant? in eu Mo,, rnriet . 'J5 m I.tfU
EXTRA -This Week Only?Boys' Combination
Suit. Coat, Two Pair Pants, Cap to match at
So Main Strcei
,sa ??? fiiKB ?>n
SO BOOB hbbj BUBS BISO EI? UZBB bbu9 bob
For One Week Only.
C< mmencing TO-MORROW at 9 a. in.. 1 will
offer for sa.e
worth $10. $12 50, $15, S11. $20 and $22.50 at
B. HOFFLIN, 162 Main Street.
None afterwards. A big liver in Knotted Frings
Damask Towels, giant size,
IX FOR $1.25
No less than six sold. More if you want
them. We never limit the quantity, no mat?
ter how low the price.
There is an aristocratic gathering of
Plisse Wash Fabrics in the cotton goods aisle.
You are invited.
Peach Bloom Pink, Topaz. Ultramarine,
Blue, through which meander rivulets of
white tucking, 20c and 22c. Some as Iowas Sc.
134 Cliurcli Street.
Offers the following INDUCEMENTS THIS WEEK:
?o ?
26 isseu Drees Goods, latest Btylct, 20c j.er yard, worth 32J0.
4-4 Bleached Muslin, uood quality, 5c.
Fifty do^cn L*d es' lltbb* l Vests. 5 \ worth 8o.
MiH.eV ltibbed llo e si. oi " to 9. kou.I value, 5c pair.
Fifty liozcMi Genta i Sdbriggan Shirts. 250, cuustderud cheap at 37lc.
Fifty dozetl l'ore Llueu Napkins, fringed, white cr colored border, 13 incho? squoro,
Co each
J'e. utiful lino Crcpous, 1210.
One Price Only and Strictly Cash !
5^Y??~f?T B El eft"
Of cc-nrco you do. Eut l nvo vou tried one of our JUCY ROUNDS OF steaks, ff
not. do ao. We keep the beet, not oolv UEEK, but all kinds or FltESH MEATS. People
?h? buy from u? ouco. rarely leave us. ?uppoau you try ua.
J. S. BELL, JR. & C8., flrcaoe market, Comer Queen and Gtiurcn Sis. PHone 635.
Cat prlcei this week. We must sei tlioso roo-Ii at oucs. A ?00 t Corset for :ioo.
Ladies' Pluck lloae.be a pair. i.a,lio< and dents' I'u lor wear iru:n ."iOc tj il-tcaud 4tle to 'Ja.'i
Men's llandkeruhiefs, were two for 23a now throe for 2,*>o; MetiaTeisk s a t aud Kour-in
II u! : ?? were l.le now l'.i-: Meu's Half llo<o. were two pair lor '2ic. now tu roe pair
for Sac; outing Klanuel'. wor-j Vi c now So a yard: Cotton Serins, w to 10c now Sis
a yard: s.Ik Itetnuauta and Draper ea down t> 60c u yard; silk I'isplav fringes, ' no
a yar,I Silk au i Wrol I riltges, 1 r; >ill> "ltd Cotton, X'lC a yard; a lV\v l'iettv UilU I.amp
Hhadcs at ?'2.'2&. 99.&U and a>i.fO: llaiidromo Onyx Table, was HU.ftO. now *l5.ti0: Oils
Oda ra, ?erc *4 ;is, now rS.'Jfi on ih: White Chairs, il.49 each. A I.no of P etty Kmoroid
eries at low- r pin es. Toro'.ion La o , all leaa in prices, bargain* iu many guods tGiilo
we have thcru. Cull and a?c US.
A. McFarland, Mang'r.-M. (i. Levering,Trustee,
And th-j corner at Church and Charlotte streets in tho placo t? spend it- If you want
l?s^-Fine Beef or a Smithfield Ham^J^1*8?
I have tin m Maybe it I* FINE FAMILY GROCERIES. If so. ree what we have in this
Hue. Everything trtsh an I cheap for cash. s. J. WIIlTEUUitST, Agent.
sparkling champagne cider t
Keep* any length of time. a delicious drink, Sold in bulk or by bottle, All first*
< lutB ;.?. (.?.a keep it, Out ot ton n r l-r- uill receive prompt at: ntion.
\S'utl.s i "iiior Avelino !', and CI nr h Slivot.
M Elm-ore
Rubber Neck? j* ,,;!t,:;'.'r\.L^Hpaelf.
Et thau
^nn^wHiTE & dodsom.:::::::;0
ICSI IVliin ?S< a?c*ot? O0OO*0O<> iTV Of foil*:, "Via.
J>B*ranest Show lloouis iu lite Mate j??_
Pabst Milwaukee Beer. J^!j^L
PHflHE.587,7u. BETT7SHLEPP?BTEH n*m.
j. EL. FULFORD, 3o!e Agent.
$ turkish ?nd russian baths, 6
%p Corner Chun h and Hute Streets. %j}
/<4 Hours Reserved for Ladies: Tuesdays, Fridays; 8--A P. M.
Vf phone ve*v. Ii.

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