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Poli rsiioi l it ADVEIITINK.WteN > S
Special For f o-day.
Vino Vr.-u.-h Peat, r.2lc per oau.
v laileorg s Cured Cod?sb, Sc per ponud.
Caniio i Corn a'i I Tom itoe*. 8c per cm
standard Tom it o>. o per can.
C. W. In DQlNd A CO..
??>!?- ? rnwior.l Htruet.
Dwelling House Wanted !
\'o liiro near business portion of nigh
trei't, Biulablo for familv or livo i or?on?.
?Jlti il v, i Btreot.
?nrlQ-3t Iteliable .>hoe Store.
?ilobigan Early Ho-'i tor Beel, and Bur?
eau*'* tor eatiUK. Will unload THIH iSatur
tlay) MOKNiNO. to l>c Bold onenp l.y
Jtlaiih If til. 311 aud lilt IliKh street.
" Rents Goiieciefl-?omtiiK Returns Mode.
~ho old. ft -coney In the citr. We biro
Blty-livc tat'a fled landlords, und oan nave
?o.i luunov,
,1N0. I.. WATSOS.
I'm tsmouth. Va,
|UW. ilesiro to. all the attention of nur
fr omts and tlio public generally t > our new
?in?.-of Silk and Wo I Spring 1) o b Kuitinga.
*t ?> ami lOienta per yard. Time Kabrlos
?ic 31 per reht.leM u.au over be for . o "oven.
inch .-orgex. in Lila U ati.l colors, at 5 )
conn per >ard. !IC ami ?8 Inch Sergei Hen?
riettas, Storm Sorgte, etc., an I 3 ^ eouts
in r va d.
A "tieaut ful liu.* of Tun y Wooitcd*. 30
tncl on w do, IG rents ier yar I.
Lovely India Siiut for dresses and la ties
W.i ?t, U cent* i or v.rd.
I tr.ll liu- of 15." Prostlty's Black Dim
<"o uln iu pi tin aud figure , ot.-.
another case of thoio largo Marsellcs
Quits, $1.12j lents oioh, woith twice tbe
Wo i ave tho cV.aap-Btw.--li made I.adioi'
Jluslin Underwear in ttiu city.
Agents for Bntterwiok'l l'nttcrua
?jrJ High Btreot.
Tuesday f4iqht, march 19th.
An Evening of Story aud i-'onjj on
"Old Times Down South."
Ucliue^tiog 0:o Old Plantation Negro.
Hotel Portsmouth,
Tlglity-five commodious and well fnr
ni-hed ltoouia. i'arlori, l'rivats Ladies' Eu
traut'o. and every conveniouce.
Enicieut caterer and chef recently 011
Sjafto I. Table unexcelled.
ItATES?til and *2.50 per day: ?30 and
Qpwardi per mouth. Excellent hotel lor
Troni MAItUII Iii tu tPBIL 1st. I will
give fre.- of ch.n < v in. o eiy
Waverly Bei!
tu iho <nlv Uigh-Grade La?io?' Bicycle
turn Bella at ^> *?* ~ guaranteed e.in,
tu any Tino >p / ?), Bicycle aai?.
?Mlie. ooituinci besides t'o bloomer, oau
l?o nrrou ed lor. Cull a id m-o samples of
mbe-ei hud costume >. All w.ieela i>.-:d uu
f.ny lern.B.
?11 HIOH .-TKlil.T. - POlti'SMo; 1H. VA.
THE Sheriff of Anne Arundel
Co., Md., says: "I have used
Dr. Dcanc's
Dyspepsia Pills
for indigestion and weak stomach, which had
troubled me for some tune, und was soon
cured l>y Ihem,
"/ eomidtr them lh* great family medicine.
"If taken when required, they keep the
itoiiLuh in it healthy condition."
These pills, one taken after c.uh meat, always
cure dyspepsia and kindred ailments
AI draggKtt*. *S ceata. Baad lo at foi a lue tarnplo.
Kingston, New York.
"Perhaps you would not think so,
but u very lurgo proportion of diso^se
in New York comes from carelessness
about catching cold," says Dr. Cyrus
J'.dsou. "It i.- such .1 Simula thing and
to common thut low people, unless it is
a enso of pneumonia, pay any attention
to a cold. There arc Ii Kfeut many mises
of catarrh aud oonanmption which have
t eir origin iu this neglect of tbo aim
|>le.st precaution of every day lifo. Tho
most (.ciisililc advice is, when you have
ouu get rid of it as soon as possible
Jly all means do not begleot il." Dr.
J'.dson docs not toil you how to cure a
cold, but wo will. 1'ako Chamborlain's
t'ough remedy. It will relieve tho
lungs, nid expectoration, open tho so
erotious and soon ufl'out u permauunt
cure. 'J? and ?? cent bottles fur anlo
by all druggists,
Charles H. Htnrtevnnt, funeral di
Teotor aud erubalmer, 80S 1 hird street,
lorner ilarrison. xnhlO-lm
Odds and Ends of City News Col?
lected Into Attractive Mosaic.
Removing a House. Stonewall Camp
Banquet. March Term of the
County Court. Council Meet?
ing To-night. Visit of Cap?
italists. Personals.
There was considerable ice in tho
gutters yesterday morning.
Rev. i). P. Wills was reported to be
in a dying condition yesterday.
Phil. Vetter, another member of the
baseball team, arrived last night.
Tho old Temple house is being ro
tnoved from South street to R*ee avo
Stouownll Camp banquet will bo
given on Tuesday, tho 9th day of
Bishop Randolph confirmed a cla?s
of six Indies at Trinity Churuh Sunday
It is rumored that a wall-known
uavnl officer will eoon bo ordered away
from here.
Tho meetings at the Fourth Street
Baptist Church will be ooutiuaed all
the week.
lion. VV. P. Reddy. Stato President
ofthoAncioul Order of Hibernians, ie
in the oity.
Tho Norfolk County Court com?
menced tho March term yeBterduy.
Nothing ot interest was done.
Tho attendance at tho ltosabud moot
mg at Mounuieutal M. E. Church Sun?
day nftornoon was very large.
Mrs. Laura Palmer, widow of tho
lato Benjamin Palmer, is daugerously
ill at her homo ou London street,
jjlr. Gco, A. Tabb has been eleoted
as n representative of Mouiauk Tribe
of Bed Men to tho Grand Council.
Tho City Council will hold n short
session to night to hear the report of
the Couimitteo ou Lamps aud (ias.
The sun will cross the line to-morrow.
The days aud nights will bo equal at
that time. Spring will then begin.
The Democratic primary will have to
held belore tho 28d day of April, but
the committee have fixed no Uuiu yet,
Bev, Mr. Mitchell commenced a
series of meetiugs at his church Sun?
day night. Services will bo held
Owing lo tho absence of on important
wilueHS from thu city thero was no
meeting of tho Police Commissioners
last night.
Bev. Mr. Bransford will remain in
this oitj until Wednesday, and con
duct tho meeting at Ccutiut M. E.
The condition of young Tom Robin
sou, who was hurt in tho polo game,
was considered moro hopeful yes
Tho Famous Shoe Storo commenced
yehlerday remodeliug their bture. It
will when completed bo Lnowu as Hof
beinier's store.
Luther Ashe, colored, was fined ??">
by tho Mayor yesterday for interfering
with au olhocr iu the discharge of his
Tho negro Possum Brown, who was
shut iu Mr, Codd's store, is meudiug.
lie will bo able to appear in court tue
last of this week.
'??< !:.c time duriug Saturday night
thieves eutered tho chicken L ise of
.Mr. Mct'ann, at Port Norfolk, aud car?
ried oil a number of oluukous.
In another column u hutisu is adver?
tised for, in a good locality neur the
business portion of thu city. See ad?
vertisement ami call as directed.
Louis .Lines, colored, ou Sunday
went into tho storo of Mr. Keirsteiii,
in tho county, and stole 6"' out of tho
money drawer and onalu his escape,
Tho party of capitalists mentioned in
Sunday's issue arrived that morning
ami soeut yesterday Iookiug around,
The object of their visit has not yet
been given to tho public.
The uriicle by lion, John W. Ii. Por?
ter, on ''The Causes That Led tho
South to Withdraw Prom tho Union,"
was unavoidably crowded out ot this
issue, but will uppuar at un early duto.
Au attempt was made to burn tho
barber shop of Charles II. King, at -HO
First street. A buudlo of oakum sat?
urated with oil was thrown iu tho shop
through u broken window, but it did
no dumago except buruiug of tho oil
cloth a little on tho tloor.
Tho meeting for men at Ceutrnl
Church Sunday afternoon waa largely
attended, Bov. Mr. Bransford snoko
to them iu the moat feeliug manner.
1 our persons presented themselves for
prayers. At night thero was hardly
standing room, aud thero were several
A iiunit.fr of email boys who will
persist in pluyiug ball on ti.u corner of
Diuwiddie ami County streets, tiavo
been aummoued to appenr before tho
Mayor this morning. A pohco officer
has warned theso boys koveral time.*,
autl still thoy coutinuu to play. Sat?
urday several windows wuro broken,
hence this complaint.
31 tl
High street, Portsmouth Insurance
Company's bmldiug, next to Craw?
ford's, in tho place to buy shoes cheap
and good. Call and bee. L. C. Loug
.v Sou.
Nuctt n stock,
Its immensity is surprising. Spring
novelties in Mills for old aud young.
>suits in every shade and stylo, high
und low prices, raugiug from $,">, $ii, S7
to $25. ./ust received a case of child?
ren's combination suits, two pauts aud
cup, at popular prices. Look out for
tint greatest suit of tho age, onr blue
Middlesex wnterproof suits. Levy it
JaoobB, 200 High street.
Poiu. Miller'ro-ulcui.
The above nainod Southern deliue
ator will appear at Oxford Hall to night
for tbo bouetit of C.riuios' Mattery. Mr.
Miller ia highly spoken of by the press
wherever bo has appeared, nud is greet?
ed wtth full housos. Tub Virginian
bespeaks fur liitn to night tho samo re?
ception. Grimes' Mattery ia composed
of workingmeu whoso tuoaua aro limit?
ed aud as thoy have decided to visit
Atlanta iu the fall they have adopted
this luoaus uf giving entertainments to
raise ftiuds to defray their expenses.
Decides this, they afford our people
muoh amusement.
The Third Mattalion aud (irimoB'
Battery, headed by tiio l'ortsmutitb
Hille Drum Corps, will meet tbo visit?
ing military from Norfolk on tho 7:45
boat, aud eseort them to Oxford Hall.
The suldiere will oootipy tbo baloooy,
leaving tbo mniu tluor of the] hall for
A Woman Annum liumcd 10 m mr,
Saturday a colored man named F.dwin
i Harwell, who lives uoar Smoking
Town, camo to market nod left his
wife at home. Ho did not return until
Suuduy uiorniug, aud wheu bo did so
he found her burned almost to u criep,
she having gotten up Sunday morning
about ?". o'clock, mails n tiro uud then
set down by it aud weut to sloop. My
Minio menus her clothiug caught on
lire, which soon bla/.cd up ami in a few
minutes she was nil over iu a bla/e.
Every rag of clothing was burned oil"
of her, aud tho Itcsh fell oil' in large
pieces. Her face was so badly burned
that she was scarcely recognizable.
Her arms and body were literally
charred. Dr. V. G. Culpepper was
sent for, but could do her but little
good, as tboro was no hope of her
j living,
officcm ?-:iociodt
At a stated assembly of Portsmouth
Commaudery No. 6, K. T.. held Mou
day evening, March 1Mb, lS'.t?, the bil?
lowing oilieers were elected for tho eu
suing Musouic year, viz: August Bnff,
eminent commundor; .Job F Weaver,
generalissimo; W S Huston, captam
geucral; ? \V Walker, prolate; W (.
Edmonds, senior wardeu; Jno \V
Barclay, junior wardeu; Hobt S (irnut.
treasurer; Jno W Hulter, recorder;
Jno W Tilly, standard beater; Jno T
Cox, sword bearer; W T Dill, warder;
H O Joues, captain of guard; Hugh
Huriow, Hcury Pile, Jno 1' Towuseud,
Attempted la Bribe an Officer.
Saturday night Constable Hodges of
tho county arrested Clara Parker, an
old oQ'duder, for druukeuuess. On the
way to the jail eho told tho coustablo if
ho would let up on her sho would steal
u suit of clothes aud givu bim. Yes
terday sho was tried on three charges:
For drunkcuuess, uttouiptin;; to bribe
mi officer nud for disorderly conduct
ut the jail. Sho got tou days for drunk?
enness, tweuty for uttcmpting to bnho
uud tt-u for disorderly couduct.
A Uis Maul.
Saturday night there was a general
row in Sweet Canaan. Constables
Bodges and Wbitohtirst made six trips
to the County Magistrate's oUice,
carrying two each time, Sonio of the
twelve paid their lino while tho others
weut to jail. Tnia place, which is
situated uu the suburbs, is a disgrace
to our community and it should be
broken up.
ItnkeliHll Players Arrived.
The following players, members of
tho Portsmouth ball team, are regmtor
ed at Hotel Portsmouth: Kdgar Leach,
H. J, Knox, J. F, Quinn, Harry Full
mer und H. .loanes. As soon as the
others arrive, which will probably be
to day, tuen they '*>U have a few prac?
tice games before tue regular games
? [.v.oriu l.euffue.
Tho Kpworth l.enguo connected witii
tho Park View Methodist Church will
meet to-night at s o'clock. Hev. W. M.
Mcauchamp, a former puMor, will ad?
dress them. An excellent programme
hajs been arranged. P.efroHluuout* will
be served alter the meeting by tin
ladies. The public is invited to attend,
it um in i 11i?raiid >?irr >uiu oi
f'niliioiiiibli. lirrtt i.oodl Hi
UUM Yralcrdftv IMorillMff
and throngs of en;;er buyers swellcil
the crowds at our counters throughout
the day. If yon want to participate iu
tl ? feast of bargaius lose no time to?
day, Teu yards of Audrnscuggiu cot?
tons to each customer at -l-c. and the
Print of tho Doom ut -5;c. u yard. These
prices ute for cush. Uammill's, 320
High street.
Our spring stock of bats includos the
latest styles iu still', Fedora, tourist
and cloth; iu fact we have auy styles
tnat you may wish, 1 n children's huts
wo huve uu immense variety of tho
latest fads uu.l novelties, tor both girls
und buys. Ohas. H. Wclton St Co,,
332 and .'CM High street.
DnfJy's Malt Whiskey and pure
bluckberry juice for medicinal purposes
at C. K. Jones', coruor of County and
Middle streets. mbH Hit
Dumps, silk shudes, wire frames, doll
carriages, toilet nets, pictures, tables,
rockers and everything elan at Craw?
ford's Furniture uud Carpet House.
Iraportaui Information?
We are gradually completing our
stock of lino uud well mudo clothiug
for tho cotuiug spring. Wo have tlio
reputatiou for selling the neatest, nob?
biest and best titling clothing iu tho
two cities, at the lowest possible prices.
Hrcsluuer .V Anthony, lit High street.
if rot It HACK ACTtKS,
Or you nre nil w.irn out, really good furnotb?
Int;, It UKencral .lel.ilitv. Try
bhohn'h ltttt.s n/ /tkks.
It will euro you, cleanse yonr livur, and gin
a (rood aiinclitu.
Children Cry foi
In Honor or si. Patriett?
Lost night tho members of tho An?
cient Order of Hibernians und St.
?losopb's Sooiety celebrated St. Put
rick's Day with n banquet at tho Like'
11 aII. About 0:30 o'clock tboy uiarcheii
to the hull, whore tho tables had beeu
prepare.I, aud alter a few remarks by
P. J. Riley and theu a blessing wus
nskcd by Mr. Jumna Liiley, und thou
uli begau eating. After eating for about
nu hour liquids woro brought in und
impromptu speeches wero mndo by u
uuruber of geutloineu present.
ISututi members of tho order favored
l the Hsseiuhlage with snuio good old
Irish suugs, nud others with rocita
ttons, otc. Tho festivities wero kept up
until a lato hour, when nil departed for
home. Owing to having to close oar
report by 11 p. m. wo could only givo
u brief nooouut of tho ploasuroH of the
occasion. Tho following was tho monu:
Rpioed I.ynubaveu.
Fried, St. Pati toll's Style I'otato Baled
Hurst Turkey, Cranberry Sauce
Smitbdeld llnin Bool Tongue
Celery Picklos niivoi
Jelly (Tnkn Lit tuen Cake
lludwoteer lleur Claret I'nucb Ci;ara
The principal toast of tbo oveuiug
was "The l)ay We Celebrate," which
wus drunk in siloneo no 1 wus responded
to by Mr W F Roddy. Tho noxt wait
"Ireland," responded to by 1' .1 Riley.
Tho following gentlemen composed
tho committee ou banquet: 1* .1 Hi lev,
\V J O'Connor, PJ Lyon, M ,1 Mtil
voy, John lirowa, Joseph V O'Connor,
John I* D?lau. Johu 1' Murphy, J T
Serviere O.I SI. .lollu'n.
Tuesday night, 8 o'clock, sermon by
l!ov. B. 1?. Tucker, of St. Paul's
Church; Wednesday. 12 in., Litany
services; Tbnmday, 5 p, m,, prayer;
l-'riday, 12 m., Litany, atldress by Rev.
Mr. Provost, of Alaska. Rev. Mr.
Prevost will givo n very lively account
of missionary lifo ami work in far oft"
He. niic ol sieimwHii i ninu.
Stouewall Camp, C. V., held their
regular meeting last night with the
obmuaandec iu the choir. After trans?
acting tho usual' routiue business, lis
tenetl to nu t-?v by iiou. Johu W. 11.
Porter, whioh will uppear iu a subso
quant edition.
Wnit for Uofkeirucr's brauch store,
220 High street. Fatuous' old staud.
Mirluir ?>i>?-ii Inc.
Full lino of new spring suitings just
receitod. Look at our wiudow display,
suits made lo order, S12.">0, 814. S?l:~>,
S1U, SI?. $20 uud $'22.50, M. Rosen
b?um. 11G aud 118 High streut, Ports?
mouth, Yu.
lieud! Itvail!;
We must havo room. Thren thousand
yards beautiful spriug ginghams, re?
duced from 12c to i',o per yard; 3,000
yards Turkoy red table dauiaBk, re
dnced from 25c to l?o per yard; 11,000
yards extra Uuo all linen crash, reduced
from 10c to Cic per yard. A. J. Phil?
lips, under Oxford Hall.
Be Tried to Get Abend or Ills tVI/e, but
"Do you over try to get ahead of your
wife':" Mr. MoBride asked of Mr. Cum&o.
"Not now," replied tho latter, with an
air which indicated the failure of some at?
tempts In that lino. "Do you'''
"I haven't been married us lone; us you
have, anil that may ho tho reason I have
not yet given up all hopn of succeeding,
but I must admit that my last utlcmpt
wus anything but successful."
"Let us hear it."
"1 found in the morning paper what
looked to mo like n very attractive adver?
tisement?that Is, I thought It would bo
attractive to my wife. It was n glowing
description of a now lot of saalskiu sacks
just bought from a llrm which hud gone
into bankruptcy, ami which were to bo
sold by the Arm which had been fortunate
enough to secure them nt an Iniruonso re?
duction from ruling prices. Now. I did
not feel uhlu to indulge my wife In a seal
skin, and 1 was desirous thot she should
not seo the advertisement, but 1 took thu
wrong means to keep it from her."
"What did you do:-"
"Why, I cut out tho advertisement be?
fore she saw the paper."
"Well, 1 went down town, und nfter 1
was gone she picked up thu paper. She
saw tho hole. The rest of tbo Shoot bed
no charms for her. All theother Interest?
ing news it contulned might as well not
have been printed. Sho wanted to know
what was out out, und she put on her
wraps and started for a newsstand without
it minute's delay. Tho rest of tho stmy is
easily told. When 1 reached home, she
had one of those sacks."
" It was such a perfect bargain. I could
not resist it,' sho explained. 'I really
needed it, too, for 1 hadn't a Wrap that was
IU to tin seen on the street, you know. And
you won't havo to puy for It until tho 1st
of next month, ilnrry, dear, for I had It
charged. Now, toll mo if your dear little
wife isn't an excellent manager?' 1 had
to admit that sho was," added McBrlde,
with a sigh.?Truth.
An uottmciy Reminlaconce,
Fair Caller?So that, is your dear little
hoy'a work? So Olovcrl Hut then he In?
herits his talent.. I am told that his grand
father was a successful painter.
Tho Dear Little Hoy?Ho was thatl
Papa told mo ont o how grandpa foil off a
ladder while ho was nt work on u house
and nearly broke his neck.
Fond Mother?Tommy, It is bedtime.
(Jol?Pittsburg Bulletin.
She?I have been listening to an awful?
ly el< ver man for the past hour.
Hi?Then you may find nie dull.
She?Not nt all. One can't stand too
much of that sort of thing, you know.?
Pitcher's Caetoria.
Fry Fish
and other food in Cottolcne and thrre will be
no complaint of indigestion or dyspepsia. It
is more licalthful, more economical, better in
flavor than any other shortening. Genuine put
up in pail with trade mark?
steer's head in cotton-plant
wreath.?Made only by
A Folding Bed Tlmt MUbofaared nt tho
Wrong- Honuoi.
"My dear, thorn's n guilty look In
your ovo," remarked tho young woman
in tho lace and jot bonnet; "toll mo
what you'vo boon doing now. "
"VVull, for ouo tliint.', I've been derid?
ing to booonio a Christian scientist and
never to sloop in a folding bod again
wbilo 1 retain my souses," replied tbo
girl with tho diruplo in her chin.
"Humph! I didn't oxpout you to toll
mo right away. .1 list take your time,
my dear. By tho way, havo you sue
coododyot in attracting tho attention of
the handsottio young doctor across tho
"1 havo, but. not in tho way I intend?
ed to. 1 was born under an unlucky
alar, I oncobroke a looking glass, mid I
havo an opal ring iu my possession, so
I can't expect much of fate, but really
tho last blow sho dealt mo was tho un
kiudeat one of till."
"D?n't trouble yourself to tull mo
about it, dear. If it is anything unpleas?
ant, Grace will givo it to mo with a
wealth of detail such as you could novor
loud it. 1 shall rail upon her as soon as
1 leave you. Lovely day, isn't it'.'''
"Look here. Cor:?, if you so much ni
whisper this t<> (trace, I'll ?I'll tell
your hnsbnnd just how much you paid
for tho gown you uro now wearing. I'm
dying to toll you nil about my misfor?
tune, howover. This is how it happened:
You know, l'vo been dying to meet that
young doctor ever since he moved into
our neighborhood, but never could ar?
range it. lie Rooms to look upon girls
tuoroly as anatomical specimens or pos?
sible patients, but 1 just knew if I could
ouco meet him 1 could touch him some?
thing very different, oh, dear, I won?
der why heaven ovor wasted such a pair
of bluo oyes upon him!"
"Perhaps he wouldn't bo ablo to prac?
tice bis profession if ho bad none, doar. "
"Well, our doctor is off on a brief
vacation, ami I caught a horrid cold out
skating the other night. Don't look
that way, Cora. I assurer you I did,"
und sho coughed pathetically. "Thu
noxt morning J was us hoarse us a frog.
Well, perhaps I wasn't, as ill us momma
seemed to think after I hud groaned for
j her a few times. Still 1 did foul bail."
' "So you frightened her into sending
I for the nearest physician, who happen?
ed to bo thu bluo eyed one, oh?"
! "She sent for him of her own accord
and then put mo to bed. Pretty soon I
heard him come in and stop to speak to
mamma in tho hall. 1 hadn't a mirror
within reach, bo 1 sprang out of bed to
see if my hair was all right nnd to put
u dab of powder on my noso. dust as
I bounced back I heard mamma saying,
'Yes, her voice is just the merest whis?
per,' whuii, oh, Cora"?
"Ho came into tho room, bluo eyes
and all. Well?"
?"when tho folding bed Hew up with
a jerk and olosodon me. It didn't scorn
to iu0 that 1 screamed very loudly, but
thu people next door sent in to sou if
uny ono was being murdered."
"And the young doctor-"
"Oh, ho helped mamma to extricate
1110, und then ho remarked dryly: 'Our
patient seems to havo miraculously re?
covered her voice. It seems that my
professional services nro not groatly
needed, ufter ull.' Cora Coldsteol, if
you don't stop laughing in that idiotic
fashion, I'll never spoak to you again us
long us I live!"?('hicago Trihuuu.
on Dangerous Ground.
".ledge," said tho coloretl witness, "I
wish you, please, sub, make dat lawyer
stop pestoria mo!"
"Hut ho boa a right to question you."
"Dat may bo, jodgo, but 1'zo got a
kinth-r rnttlin in my bead, en of ho wor?
ry me much fiit-t t'ing you know I'll
toll do truth 'bout dis matter!"?At
luutu Constitution.
The Hi-owning: Memorial.
The schenio to erect a memorial to
Elizabeth Barrett Browning at Lod
bury, Herefordshire, England, projected
over a year ago, has assumed propor?
tions which warrant oomplcto success,
nnd its promoters confidently expect to
dedicate it iu June. The memorial will
bo in the form of an institute und clock
tower. The building will contain a read?
ing room, library and assembly balk
When Ttaliy was tick, we gave her Castorla.
When she wim a Child, she cried for Castorla,
Wien she became Miss, sho cltlDg to Castorla.
Wkeu she had Children, sho gave thuin Costoiic.
Made In Sfinln itml Portugal und Ini|iurtoiI
hy Steamship Men.
"I wonder how many of the men who
enmo in hern and use those m ango wood
toothpicks," Kind a uinn in mi up town
hotel, "know whoro they ooino from
and how they nro mndo. Thoy are mad a
by tho elovorost whittlors in the world,
nml ovory one of thorn is of hand mnii
ufooturo. Tho peasants in Spain nml
Portugal mako thoiu, mid thoy first
found their way into this country
through tho medium of steamship offi?
cers. It is n fact that hotels in all parts
of this country aro using thnso orange
wood slivers now in proforouco tooithor
quills or tho old foshiouod toothpicks,
and tlu> demand for them horn has liccu
a purfcut godsend to tho peasants who
Uiako thom on the other side.
"A year or BO ngo I was ill Spain and
saw tho peasants making them. They
could turn ouo out with three slashes of
tho knife, and it was thoir enstom to do
them up ill package*of 110and sell thom
to tourists and steamship ofUcora for tho
equivalent of a cunt of our money. At
that time tlm poiisnuta mado thom in
thoir loisuro moments, but now 1 am
told many ponsauts lunko their living
inaiuifacturing toothpicks. You BOO, tho
demand for them has increased to Buch
an extent that tho peasants can Hell all
thuy mako. Tho steamship officers sell
tlium hero nt n profit of about it cunt on
each pnokago, which amounts to cousid
ornblo whon a largo number nro sold.
"A peculiar phaso of tho matter in
that not n cent of duty is asked for or
paid oil thom. They word formerly ru
coivod in snch small quantities that no
attention was paid to thom, and tho
steamship officers urn still nblo to get
them in frei?, because toothpicks aro tho
last tilings customs officers aro looking
for. And ns toothpioks they are really
excellent. Thoy aro strong anil flexible,
and instead of brooking tear, so that
there is no danger of tho end suddenly
breaking oil and remaining in tho tooth,
a characteristic of tho old brittle tooth?
picks. It is a wonder to mo that somu
one doesn't mako a business of import*
iug thom. 1 believo that steamship n0i
cers have a monopoly of the business uj*
to date, and I inn B?ro that tlu-ru would
bo money in it for somebody if ho
snatched tho business out of thoir
bauds."?New York Sun.
Two English writers, well known this
sido of tho sea as well, aro seriously ill
from overwork in a literary way?Mme.
Sarah Grand and Mrs. Lynn Linton.
In tho Washington legislature tho
amendment extending full sufl'rago to
womon baa iven defeated by a majority
of two votes.
Mrs. Louisa R. Robio, a granddaugh?
ter of General Stark, now 8? years of
ago, is living in Manchester, N. H.
llrinps comfort and improvement find
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet?
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, l>y more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in tho
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
It- excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas?
ant to the taste, the refreshing und truly
bcne?cial properties of a perfect lax?
ative; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
ami permanently curing constipation.
It lias given satisfaction to millions and
met with tho approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid?
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak?
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale hy all drug?
gists in 60c and fl bottles, but it is man?
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well in formed, you will not
accept uuy substitute if offered.
And such has been the policy
of the Pioneer of the In?
stalment Business
of Norfolk.
It may savor of bad taste
to sin? our own praise, yet
we do so, without fear of
contradiction, and each year?
ns our facilities increase, we
become better able to ac?
commodate our friends and
Sued Liberal Terms Were
Never onered Before id He
Goofl People of Norfolk.
10 iiiii oi Goons, ti Down ii
11 o week.
m ii oi Goods, $1.50 Down
? $1.50 o Week.
$50 Ml 01 Mi $1 Dill
In all of the latest styles
and designs.
in endless variety,
New Bregh and Beautiful*
The Liberal Terms Offered}
J0HH 1 Will,
205 and 207 Church St*

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