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C. W. Ml DGINa .V Ci>.,
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j^l ol tiio Democratic votora ol Wed ru
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e.o-y teriua.
Odds and Ends of City News Col?
lected Into Attractive Mosaic.
No Docket in The Mayor's Court, j
A Mad Dog Killed at The Toll
Gate. Base Ball Team Arrived.
Interest in County Poli?
Tho power men uro At work.
The County Court will adjourn to
dav for tho term.
There was no dockot in the Mayor's
Court yesterday.
Much iuterest is manifested iu tho
coming election iu the couuty.
A policemon cannot go oulsido of
the city limits now to muUu an ortest.
Mrs. Dr. F. S. Hope and her
brother Dr. Shirley Hope, will return
from New York to-day.
Tho Stuudish arrived at tho yard
from Aunapoiis yesterday afteruoou
and returned tho fuiuu day.
The baseball team has nil arrived
and wiil begin practicing. The lirst
game will bo on Tuesday next.
Mr. Kitchen, tho County street toll
Rate keeper, killed a mad dog iu Cot?
tage riueu yesterday morning.
Mrs. Dr. Shirley Elope returned
from riorida on Woduesdiiy, where
she had been to visit her parents,
Tho meeting at tho Fourth Street
Baptist Church has closed. There woro
several professions during tho meeting.
Hear Admiral Dautol Cummen, a re?
tired oflicer, is tho guest of Medical
Director C. J. Cleuoruo at tho Naval
Assistant Surgeon J. Shirley Hope
ha- just passed u successful examina?
tion and will uuw rauk us Passed
Assistaut Surgeon.
A iiegro man named Lowis,|who lives
ou Ivmg street, near Washington, went
home last night, smashed up his furni?
ture, for which ho wusntrestcd.
A party of Northern gentlemen, who
aro looking nronud with the view to
investing, will arrive here to day via
New York, Philadelphia und Norfolk
railroad. i > ,
The regular Friday night practical
talk, hohl in the rooms of the x, M. C,
A., will bo omitted this week, uh the
Educational Committee has been un?
able to secure a speuker.
A uegro utiu who is wanted in Wei
don, N. C., is hiding in hweet Canaan.
The North Carolina authorities have
ueked that the police of the city ontch
nud hold him for them,
Mr, M. 1*. aloGeeii.ee, a clerk nt tho
Heaboard Air Line, won thu picture
that bus been ou exhibition iu Daw
reuce & Weltou'a show windows. Tho
young lady realized ?65 from it.
St. John's Church, Friday, 12 iu.,
Match 22d, litany service. Au od
dress will bo given by Kev. Mr. l're
vost on hil work in Alaska. He has
gtcatiy interested tho congregations iu
There was a. number of rumors alloat
yesterday in rolereuce to some pro?
posed changes in the clerical force of
tbo Seaboard Air-Line, but it could
not bo traced to anything reliable, all
tho otlieials being out tho city.
Tho crowd has commenced to gather
around the hotel, each eager to talk
baseball news. From present indica?
tions the interest will no greater this
jenr than ever. Capt. .Brady feels
satisfied that ho has u strong team.
A white woman who was indicted by
the grand jury for a felony about 1*2
mouths ago and skipped town before
she was arrested, wits captured last
uightaud locked up in jail. Showill
be brought before the Court to-day,
Tho negro Bailor who btolo Kens
toiu's money drawer, was carried bo
fore u Justico last night. T in* Justice
decided thst if he paid buck the money
aud costs thut ho would allow lnui to
go. Ho readily did so and was dia
A little chihl of Mrs. Lena Barnes,
who lived on Lincoln street, was badly
burned yesterday afternoon by falling
from its mother's arms on the stove.
'1 ho mother tainted uud fell ou the
lloor, which caused the lutloouoto full,
It was attended by Dr. 1-'. S. Hope.
A white uiuu named Wilkius created
a sensation in South Portsmouth yes
lerday. While under tho intlueuoe of
litjuor he lired two shots in tho air und
threatened to kill a storekeeper. Ho
was arrested by Oflicer Tatem and was
brought to the station house, whore tin
remained all night, ibis morning lie
will be charged with reckless shooting,
drunk aud disorderly and carrying u
I . ('. I.one .V son,
21'.' High street, next to .1. S. C'raw
ford's, are showing a splendid stock of
shoes. Call uud see them.
lor ? -rlliiljle It O.K. Alum I.line
for plastering or whitewashing cull at
(). L, Williams', corner South aud
Crawford streets.
Woit lor Elofhoimcr's branch store,
'-20 High street. Famous' old stand,
spring ?Miaitina*,
Full line of now spring suitings just
received, l ook at our window display,
suits made to order, $12.50, SM, $15,
SI'-', 818, $20 and $22.50, M. Rosen
baum, 1 Kl and 11^ High .itreet, Porta
mouth, Yo.
\*. c- Are iioiiic Wtiai I
Closing out 200 poir pouts nt 8-'. 10.
worth from $3.50 to $4.50 per pair.
I hese prices will hold good only for
ton days. I'.roslauer & Anthony, 111
High street.
Damps, silk shades, wire frames, doll
carriage!, toilet sets, pictures, tables,
rockers ami every thing elso at Craw?
ford's Fututturo uud Curpot House, ,
F?rtha ?iro [.audio?.
Editor of tlio Virginian:
Will you allow mo b|>8oo iu your
vulimblo paper to announce that tho
undersigned will hold a book recep?
tion at tho Y. M. 0, A. parlor on Tues?
day next from :i to 5 p. ui.V We wunt
in tbie mauuor to procure a library for
our noblo Uremen, who so richly do
serve all wo can do for them. Wo will
uccopt Hildos, histories, memoirs, re?
ligious literature, hooks of first-class
poetry, romances of best quality. mug
azioca and all other good literature.
Our stump will bo placed on every
bonk accepted, and uo book allowed to
bo tukeu from fireman's parlor. If you
bavo it book or books for bolpiug to
swell tho number and no one by whom
to send it, please notify us and wo will
suud for tlio same."
Kespectfullv, in His name,
Tub W. 0. T. U. j
a Ii on Account of Jealous! v?
Wednesday afternoon a uegro woman
named Parker, wife of Jerry lJurkor. u
colored shoo maker on King street,
ueur Washington, went tu her hus?
band's shop und found a nice looluug
mulatto woman in tho shop sitting
down. Stiu had some words with her
husband nbout her and then wont
home, took such furniture, etc., as she
wuutod, moved it to another olueo and
left word for her husbaud that tho hud
quit him. When i'arker went home at
uigbt ho took iu tho nituution ut onoe
and mude tho best of it, Yesterday
during his absence bin wife weut to bis
house, took im axo und cut up every
piece id furniture iu tho house und loft.
Yesterday afternoon Parker uiado coin
plumt to tin; Mayor about hu wifo'u
conduct, Lie soys- tho woman was
having bor shoes repaired and waited
for them. Jealously was the euuso of
tho trouble.
a li i \ ittaiiatlnn.
In response to inquiries as to why a
decision was not reached immediately
uftcr the vote wns tukeu iu the Hoot
nagle case, when three Commissioners
voted lor acquittal and ono against,
Tin: VlKQlNlAN will utato that the
Mayor ruled, that us it required four
votes to dismiss ou oflieer from the
force, it also look four votes lo curry a
motion. There not beiug u full board
present and throe votes in favor of ao
? initial, the Mayor, who is president of
tho' Hoard, decided tho motion lost.
Afterward Liouteuant Only was scut
for, ui was also Mr. Isbam, when fur?
ther testimony was taken, ut tho con?
clusion of which tho motion for acquit?
tal wiis. again renewed, when the Mayor
voted uye, thus mukiug tho required
four votes, und Mr, lloofuuglo was
thereupon acquitted.
I'luternl of IC?v, I?. 1'. W ills,
Tho funeral of ltev. L?. P. Wills, took
place yesterday afternoon from Monu?
mental M. II. Church. The services
wore in tho form of u memorial service,
all tho Methodist ministers of Ports*
mouth. .Norfolk aud Herkley taking a
part in them. At tho oouclusiou the
remains wero placed iu a hearse und
were earned to the Noriolk und West,
eru railroad depot in Norftdk. whoro
they wero forwarded to Uumaii's Well,
Sussex county, \a, Tho following
Methodist preachers aoted us pall-bear?
ers: T. McN. Bimpson, J. 0. Martiu,
George Ii. W ray, J. 11. Hoggs, W. 11.
Edwards, K. NY. Webb, Dr. ?. 8. Lam
beih, Dr. George W. Carter, J. U.
Hunk, J, T, Nash.
a (Kuaich i hiof t upiurcd.
Yesterday Constable Anderson of
the county served a warrant ou a ool
ored Bailor on the receiving t-hip named
Edward Wright. 'Tho warraut charges
that Wrigbt ou Wednesday night went
into tho stort: of ono heilstem, jon
(iodwin street, und stole $5,(30 from
bis money drawer and mude bis escape.
The partioulars, as ?o leurued them,
wore that Koirstoin was iu the act of
countiug bis money with ttho intention
of closing up, when Wright cume iu
and culled for a pound of incut. Hu
left Ins draw erwith ?5.GO partly open.
While bo was outtiug tho im ut, i Wright
grubbed the drawer hui! contents
uml run off, and be could uot over?
take him. Wright will have a houring
bet?re Justice Kutter.
Decided Aantiiai Iteiuoval.
Yesterday the case of llieger vs. the
Atlantic aud Danville railroad for re?
moval from tho Hustings Court to an?
other court came up for decision,
dud^o Watts, after reviewing the testi?
mony, etc., decided tliut there was no
ground tor askiug for a removal, and
that the tamo most bo tried in this
court. Tho couiisol for Mr. Newgass
filed a bill of receptions, etc., and the
case will now bo tried in tho Huntings
Court at sumo future date,
?(?all! Ileoill]
We must have room. Three thousand
yards beautiful spring ginghams, re?
duced from 12c to Co per yard; 3,000
yards 'Turkey red tablo damask, re?
duced from 25o to l?c per yard; It,HUH
yards oxtra fino nil linen crash, reduced
from lOo to <ic per yard, A. J. i'tiil
ips, under Oxford Hull.
While improvements aro going on
wo shall otter nil odd lots of children's
toques, 'I utu < ?'rthatiter's und caps at
half price; also men's nolaunderied
shirts at 37 e. 0. II. Welton A Co.,
832 aud 334 High stn et,
Rfarrlnsro in Scoiuvilln.
Mr. John Overman aud Miss Ida
YYutkins wero married lafd uight at
the residence of tho bride's family on
Qlasgow street, extended. Uev, Mr.
Mastin assisted by Dr. A, E. Owen,
performed tho ceremony, after which
they were driven to the residence of
tho groom on County streot extended,
[ Uo to UammiU's for Bargains,
Commander Folger, ot the Yorktown,
in Trouble Again.
13y Southern Associatot Preis.
Washington, March 21. ? Oom
iuaudor Folgor, of tbo Yorktown, iu
Amalie station, is iu trouble again, ac?
cording to oflloial roporta received ut
tbo Navy Deportment to-day. About
a year ago, it will bo remembered, thin
otlioer wan reprimanded by Secretary
Herbert ior uaiug abusively violent
language to ouo of bis Bubordiuates,
This timo Admiral Carpenter lias or?
dered u court of inquiry into charges
It appears that on Fobruary itn tDo
commander reported Assistant Pay?
master Fdwiu 13. Webster to tbo
Admiral as having boon under the in
thionco of liquor, Tho |Adniiral, us
oiutomary. collud on iho oceused for
ins suio of tho casu as a prelimiuary to
ordering a courtmartial and was in?
formed that Commauder Folget had
called him into tho cabin in the pres?
ence of another ollicer beforo making
tho complaint aud told tho Pay master
that if he would withdraw a charge of
disobedience aud disrespect he had
tuudo against the coxswain of the cup
tain's gig he would let the matter
ilrop. This tho Paymaster declined
to do, and Commauder Folgor for?
warded tho report. On hearing this
the Admiral promptly ordered a court
of inquiry into tho whole transaction,
In the meantime tho Admiral restorod
Air. Webster to duty, Tho investi?
gation was in progress when the uiuil
?lev. A. ?'. Owen.
Tho Iloauoko Times, of PJtu inst.,
pays tho following compliment to tho
l!ov. A. D. Owen, pastor of the baptist
Church. He preached both morning
and night at tho Calvary Baptist
Church, ol Koauoke, Sunday, and the
Times suy ?:
Mr. Owen is a forciblo and eloquent
speaker, and his sermons received the
highest praise from tholarge audiences
that greeteil him.
Ou yesterday morntug ho delivered
an interesting address to the students
of Allegheny institute on tho subject:
"Honesty is the host policy." lie also,
just before his departure tor his home
on the noon train, made some impres?
sive remarks to tho students oi tno
National Business College.
'?'be <>'ii .lull sold.
Yesterday nt noon Mr. John ('. Nio
mover sold at public auction tho old
jutl building to Mr. Joseph Abbott,
deputy sheriff of the Jity, for the sum
of Sii"), the sainu to be confirmed by tho
J Hustings Court aud tho Council ol the
city, and tlio building to lio removed
v. lib in forty days uttor tbo eoulirmu
lion of tho sale,
ltd ik ion*.
At Control Church Wednesday night
about 100 persons assembled, md it
is naiil tbnt liiero was? groat meeting.
Five porsoua professed conversion and
a number of people woro groully oou
Yostorday nftoruoon n meeting was
held for mothera nud obildrea, which
was largely attended. Cast night Mr.
(iurdner proachod hm farewell sermon,
Tlio houeo nan densely packed nud
numbers wero turned away. There
wero uuvoral professions and a glorious
meeting wus held. Mr. Uarduer has
boon quite successful during his stay
iu this city und made many warm 1
friouds by ins ear neat endeavor to win
souls. Tho meetings will cuutiuuo
uutil further notice.
Mliab n NIOCKa
Its immensity is surprising. .Spring
novelties in suite for old and youug.
Kults iu every shado and style, high
aud low prices, ranging from 8">, SO, J?7
to $25. Just received a oate of child?
ren's oombmatiou units, two pants ami
cup, ut populur prices, litink out for
the greatest suit of the age, our blue
Middlesex waterproof suits. Levy .V
.laoobs, 21)0 High street.
j CharloB H. Bturtevant, funeral di?
rector aud otnbalmer, 308 '1 bird street,
corner Harrison. mil 10 1 m
I "Perhaps you would not think so,
j but a vory largo proportion of ilieoiso
iu Now York comes from carelessness
about catching cold," says Dr, Cyrus
l'.dson. "It is such a simple thing and
so common thut low people, nullius it is
a caso of pneumonia, pay any attontibu
to u cold. Tlioro are a great many cases
of catarrh aud cousnmption which have
I' elr origin IU this neglect of Hid sim?
plest proenntmu of every day bin. Tho
most scusiblo advice is, when you have
ono got rid of it as soon us possible
By all means do not neglect it." l?r.
l?.dson does not loll you bow to eure u
cold, but wo will. Take Chamberlain's
Cough remedy. It will relieve the
lungs, aid expectoration, open the se?
cretions and soon efleot u permanent
cure. 'J.ri und 50 cent bottles for sale
by all druggists.
Suow made its appearance iu our
midst again this uiormug for n short
1 timo, but norm disappeared.
Rev. Kilgo bus rotnrued to his homo
nt Durham, N. ?".
Thore wan an immenso congregation
at tbo uow Metbodisl Church Sunday
morinug to witness tho dediestiou of
same, but owing to tho latoui:sn of tbo
hour after tho Bervicos wero over the
dodicatinu sorviou was postponed until
the evening service Uev. -I. U. Kilgo,
D. 1>., dI Trinity College, preached
morning and evening.
rVHT<X Her Appearance
C/x^^sAS speaks louder than words. She doesn't
use Pearline. She's worn out. with
V\^^i~(-M\' hard work. Household drudgery, you
can sec. has told upon her. Possibly
'on arc a woman who i-; going the
same way. Now, these are days
when such things needn't b<\ tor
most w omen. Labor savers arc all
around you, and, for woman's work,
Pearline heads the list, l ake advantage of the hints
<>t science. They are broad enough to the bright,and
they help the lowest kind of work as well us the highest.
Ineverysort < ?f\\ ashingand cleaning, let Pearline help you.
^itPuH ^Cf'^'crs ?"? ' *'"?<?* unscni] il ers will tell yi i " this is as good
*JClIUa5"or"lhesanw as 1'earline." IT'S FA LSR?Pearline is never
\f T3^/-?1? peddled, and if your grocer sends you something in pine of
D?CK Pearline, be honest?sendUbatk. 4M JAMES PYLE, N. Y.
~ Makes
Marvelous Cures
Pimples, Blotches
and Old Sores
Catarrh. Malaria 3
and Kidney Troubles ^
in Blood Poison
and Scrofula
P. P. P. i'orlflek i he t.looil. builds np
tbo weak unit debilitated, givo*
Strength tu vrcikcL-'O I.orv?s, il, BlS
dtseases.eivinK the P?t lant health and
happiness where ? 'kaess, gl<mn,y
feellngi and lassitudo nm pr?vuilvd.
c,,r prlsBary,s?oon '*ry !'n,, tertiary
phllls, for blood poisoning, mercu
ill unit skin ill-e;
piropn-s. old i-hronle uli
T7 blotoh
?J**?' tetter, scald bend, bolls, erysipelas.
In aeterno womavaay, without t -:.r ..f
?* contradiction,that ) . P. P. Isthebest
n> i blood purifier In the world,and u:ii<ri
BOsltlve, speedjf ami 1 ermaneut Ottrea
iii nil rufti-i
Ladles whoso systons ore poisoned
ami wboee biumi in in an Impure oooop
tiim, ilne to menat i*n 11 IrregnlarltU s,
arepeculiarlybenefited by toe w.-u
diTtnl tonic ?ml blooil < Inanun,; prop"
ortlesoi P. P. P. Prickly Ash,Poke
Itoni and Potuuiuni
HruiNupiKi.o, Mo., Auk. 14th. 1603.
-1 csn apeak In tbe highest terms oil
irmodlclno rrom ray own personal
_._owladge. 1 was affected wh ii beart
dl?en"'. pleurisy and rhiuniatti-rn fur
8fi years, n.n treated by tt.- very best
physicians ana spent hundreds of doP
fnr--, tried every known rwmpdy ?ttti
? out finding; relief, Ibavo 'inly tnkcn
w one Dot tie of yoor P. P. P., nmi nu
eliuorftilly say it has dona rnt. m ru
*?_-? k".?j1 ban any! hin^ i Save ever taken.
^ 1 can ie ??mimend your oiodlolne to all
r>*" * ouS?ror of ih? utiov.. dl?uai.??.
s> MRS. m. M. Yt.'ARY.
Springfield. Green Couuty, Mo.
Are ? ntlrely removed i>j 1 .P.I*.
?Prickly Ash. Potte Ho >l ami i'r.luv
alum, the greatest blood pur ili-l oo
Anrnnrrs. o. July 21 .lMit.
Me.H'i i.ii - ivs HI1..s., s.M.iiinah,
Os. i dsa? Huts i tiouKht abottleof
your P P P. al Hoi t>prlngslArk..?nu
It has ii..ni?im. more Kood than thi?o
inotttbs* troatmenl ni t hp Hol .springs.
Baud tlirui bottles O. <>. It.
ttoapcetfully yoora, _.
.IAS. M. Nf.WTON. ..'
Aberdoen, Br..wa Cour.ty, O. ?
? apt. .1. ii. Jotanaton.
To o'l tr.'.or/t \T m.iy rencariii 1 liars*
l.v testify to tt.p ? onderfol propprtirs
i.f P. P. P. fir oruptloas "I the nkln. I
huft*re'i for sevoral) mm mill an on*
sightly ?ml dimgr.-pabli- r-rupth.n ..n
my faco. I tried every known reme?
dy bm in valn.nntll P, P. P. wasuaod,
und sir. nor; nnur*/lv . iirml.
(Blgnodbyj J. D. JOHNSTON.
Savannah, ua. ?
Skin <Hirer lined.
TiitiStony /ram ifcl Mmjerof Sri/Uin.TiJ. '
BaQCiit,Tux., January 14,'IMS,
Mnssae. l.ipr?.\n linos., tsuviiuti.ih,
ti, QtnlUmtn' I have tried your P,
V. '?. fur a dlaeaae Ol Mir, whin, iisn illy
la.iiwn as .-l.ln i ani pr.of t liirty \v:,t>'
atandinK, and found itri-at relief! it
purltleaihebl.1 nn?l roaioveaaltlr*
rltatlon from the soat of tbe dlseaea
mi l lureveats nay ni.r,:iilluK of tbs
h.irxK. I bavo taken '. all bottles
nu'l feel eonfldenl that anothercoorss
will effect a onro. it has also relieved
me fn.ui Indigestion ami stoumub
troubles. Yours truly.
Attorney at t-iw.
M w Blood Diseases Helled nee. ?<?
pnopRiETOiia, ?^?3SP
Uppuiao'a Ulock,N!>.vuiiaaU,<:a
^?5? nun $i7S
**-5? FiBKI $1.75
$4.50 I yU $1.75
Raiid McNally's
of the Work!,
C ontainlng eolorod mapa of svery oouu*
try mi I oivllized division upon tho
faro of loo glOUO, \illh a coiiomo
historical, descriptive and
statistical i evlew ol oach,
richly ilhiHlratnl by
engravings ol
tho world's
Political Developments.
Geograpnicai Discoveries
arid Explorations.
A novui und moat Interesting review of
tin world'* pooplos, their origin,
hiatorloul and etunologivsl do
velopmetit, ?a will as tho
politn id HtAtuM and rela?
tive import mm <>r
thoconnti lux ilmy
Inhabit, pro
with i ut-j i!?
peondly obtained
for tho purpoao, ty
picidlv portraying tlio
subjects tin lor ' ouaidera
lion. Charming Uiographical
Fket Iiih of Htutesmeii, 1'atriota,
Boldiers, ldtornry Men aud Inventors.
of all citiei, so.mi- r.u 1 villager
in tho Uuitod Btatui.
in colors, compiled from tho latest
oflicial report. Tbo.o .harts ox?
bibil hi attractive form tho
urea, p p ilatioll agri
cuiiiirNi arm mineral
pro nets, together
vr'.XU the com?
mercial ami
ns tho map thowa the crORraphi
cat ami topogi-aphlcal de?
tails o: countries
Au Education for Your
Information fa Yourself!
An Encyclopedia of Knowl?
rpiir VIRGINIAN hau --eciirod a limit
I_ ml number of these valuable volumes
of Information, and as I.oNO as ilii-.Y.
LAbT will supply its reader? at
Publisher's Price, $4.50
And such lias been the policy
of the Pioneer of the In?
stalment Business
of Norfolk.
It may savor of bad taste
to sing our own praise, yet
we do so, without fear of
contradiction, and each year,
as our facilities increase, we
become better ablo to ac?
commodate our friends and
Such uncial Terms Were
Never Offeiefi Before to the
Good People of Norfolk.
jioo mw oi ms, ti mm odd
$2 o ml .
ffi worm oi Goods, $1.50 Down
m SJiO u Ml
In all of the latest styles
and designs.
in endless variety,
New Bregh and Beautifulj
The Liberal Terms Offered]
205 and 207 Church Sfc

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