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The Probable Settlement of a Col?
ony of 40,000 Northerners.
Mr. P. H. Fitzgerald, Founder of the
Old Soldiers Colony,Headquarters
at Indianapolis, Will Report
Favorably After Conference
With Gov. Northern.
Ev Southern Aesoinalo l Pro?.
Atlanta, (Ja., Mnrch 29.?P. U.
Fitzgerald, the founder of the old
lioliiiere' C olony, vritb headquarters nt.
Indianapolis, was in Atlanta in liuul
?oufureueu with ox-Governor Nortbern
*uout the location of bis colony in
Georgia. Mr. Fitzgerald, through the
American Tribune, published at Indi?
anapolis, has Bcourcd u paid up mem?
bership in the colony umntiutiug to
1-1,01)0 heads of families and com pro?
be nding iii.O in peoiilo who am seeking
loentuiu iu a milder elunuto at tue
Gov. Northen baa beon negotiating
with .Mr. Fitzgerald, thu head of the
colony, for Bevural mouths, unit bo bus
finally induced linu to come to (ieor
gin for u personal inspection of the ad?
vantages ollereil by this State. Tbo
gentlemen have just relitruod from n
lour of the southern purl of tbo Statu
Biut Mr. Fitzgerald will go to Indian?
apolis to morrow fully prepared to
recommend the Bettletnonl of Ihm colo
siy iu Georgia. It is understood that
ms reoonimeudatiou will seenru this
lur^e oolony of Federal loI.tiers for
Many Items Ticked From All Parts of
the World.
Bristol, 29.?The Bristol Dank
and Trust Company assigned this
morning. As-.Lt?, $30,005; liabilities,
?15,000; dao depositors, 817,01)0. It n
the Heeoud assignment of the bank iu
til teen mouths, it m ezpeotod it will pay
lu full easily.
Ooi.Uliucs, O., 29.?Grand Master
Workman Sovereign, of the lvuights of
Labor, in an iulerviuw hero to-day,
oomiuated Mu^euo V. I h hs us the can?
didate <d the People's party lor Presi?
dent in 1890.
Winnii'eo, Man,, 20.?No amend-'
mctit was oObred this uften.nou to the
motion of the government lor adjonru
sneut of tiio llouso to consider the
?ohbol quesliou, and the Legislature i
accordingly adjourned to May 9, when
ecusalioual developments are expeoted.
St, Auoustinb, Fla., 29.?The people
to-day have bceu viewing tbu ruins of
Tcsterday's lire aud counting the cost,
(ho loss is fully 62U0.OUO, as staled this
morning, with small insurance,
Washington, March 29.?Secretary
Carlisle to-day compromisud I he ease
e^aiust B. < >. JeukiliB, of the Fifth
Vorth Carolina district, for re-tlllittg
etnmned packages und failing to pay
lax, by the defendant pay tun 3010. ?).
P. Jenkins, of the same tlistiiot, son of
*hn former, lor aiding und abuttiug the
father, was lined $290.
Nkw Yoiik, 29.?Treasury balances:
Coin, $S ,099,000; currency, 369,012,
Ct'imKni.axo, Md., 29.?At 4:i)0
a'olook tins morniug ibe Washington
iirewery. owned and operated by Mr,
2'hiiI i.Itter, was; totally destroyed by
Are. The loss will reach 330,090; iu
aurauee, cl l,U00.
To ill?ii Hie a n|illilrlte,
Itv Southern Assoolatotl Press.
Washing ion, March 29, ? Seoretary
fierbert hau issuod an ordor directing
that tho loio; tirm men of the cruiser
Chicago's erew bo tra'isfcrred to Nor
(oik um soon us tho vessel goes nut of
commission, whom they will he utilized
to mau the mouitor Ampbitrite, which
will lake tim place of the Chicago ou
the North Atlantic station. Work on
t> o Aniphitrttu was begun souks tweuty
live years ago and she baa just been
completed tit the Norfolk navy yard.
John Roach built the bull, She is now
ready for service with tho exception of
a crew.
J'.-tiiti111"? B rial sol.
Ilv Bouthern Associate.! I'ress.
Ltnciwuro, Vn., March 'j'.'.?At ihn
request of Mr. Montague, United
titates District Attorney, tho Judge
Shis i.. iniiix in the Ullitod States
Court, set the re-bearing of the case ol
l!11? Govorutneut agaiusl Rodert II.
1'annill for aiding and abettiug iu the
ambezzlemout of fuinla from tho lirat
?National Uauk, for the extra session of
tbu court winch convenes iu this city
4111 tbo 23d of Apiil next. Paunill's
tiail wna ffxed ut 819,000, but his
iricuds were unable to raise that
amount to day,
At Atlanta, Ga.?Atlanta, 7; Clevo
laud, II.
At Savannah, Go.?Pittsborg, l?>:
Washington, b>.
At Memphis, Tenn.- Memphis, 10;
fit. Louis Brawns, 1H,
At Old Point Philadelphia Regu?
lars, 82; Philadelphia Colts, 11.
At Washington?Georgetown, 10;
Vermont, 2.
At Now Orleans?LaUiinorc, U; Now
Orleans, ?,
News Noles of Interest From tho
Mae;ic City.
Bpeoial Dihpittoh to the Virginian.
NnwrouT Nkws, March 21).?Tho
City of Para, which was towed into
the Honda Monday and to tho dry
dock, will sail to-night at > o'olook,
her propeller having boon replaced.
Tho accident to tho propeller hap
puued in a Btonn when tho chip was
olMinilns from Now York. Tho ship
has on board over 100 passengors, tho
ri eater number of which aro bound
for California whero they will go by
rait from tho Isthmus.
Among tho most conspicuous aro
Modesto Barrios and his secretary,
viconte Becerrn, tho Immer being the
Minister ftom Nicaraguu to London,
lie bun spent fourteen tiioiitha in New
York, aud says that ho is greatly im?
pressed with America, which ho c< n
solera tl o oomiug country. He 18 por
tioularly struck with the American wo?
men and their push and energy. The
i'uru will reach its destination ou next
The Washington steamer will be
launched ou the Vth of April.
Quite u pretty rectory will bo cou
struuted here by the Cut hobos for
Father Pouoho. The contract has been
given und tlju plans drawu by P.
Thornton Maryo, arcbileut. ihn build?
ing will ho begun at un early date.
.Mr. Ciois. Walker, assialaut super?
intendent uf tho Chesapeake uud Ohio,
was in llio city yesterday.
Ouo of the oddest shaped vessels wo
have ever sccu hero is tho English
whaleback "Turret Age," whiab is at
trading quite a good deal ol att mtion
as she uiuuus at Pier :*>, loading with
grain. 'J be bottom story loot. - like an
urdiuary whalu back, above which rise
two quaint stories like a frame build?
ing. The bow is perfectly tint instead
oi pointed, like the averugo vessel.
A Shaking Up in All Departments Un?
der the New Rogime.
Ilv Southern Assoeiate i Press.
WiTjMINuton, N. 0?, March 2 !.?Tho
Police R?nrd, consisting uf Uvo mem
beie, ol which four were Republicans
aiid ouo Populist, orgauized to day,
tins Hoard was created by the lulu
fusion Legislature uud has coutrol of
nil patronage aud appointments, with
one or two exceptions. 1 hero was a
pretty general shaking up. though
quite u number of positions w ere giveu
to Democrats, among them Chief and
Assistant Chiel of the Fire Depart?
ment, Superintendent of Health and
the secretary of the Police Board.
The duel of Police is a Populist.
Tho Captain aud three out ol lour Her
geatit r are Democrats, Nearly half of
the privates are Democrats. Tho bal
auce are Populists and Roptiblioaus,
including four uogroes. The Board of
Aldermen, consisting of eight Demo
erats and two Republicans, uud thu
Board of Audit and Finance, composed
entirely of Democrats, boid ovei for
two .\es,r* under the uet of tiio Legisla
lure. These two boards control ail ap?
Miners und tho Turin*.
Tho soft coal miners hnvo been so re?
peatedly infornn d that a foreign marlti t
would shut up the mines and destroy
tho trade that they will hardly ho con?
vinced of anything to the contrary, und
yet lu re is u government roport cover?
ing last- year which states that ::,Ullti.?
1)41 tons of coal wcroshippod to foreign
countries, while 1,244,380 tons were
received lure. Tho Canadian provinces
alouo took 9,880,280 tons of this
amount. Tbo miners aro not likely
either to inquire why a tariff on coal is
i necessary to protect their wages even iu
i tho face of a fact like that, but tho
truth remains that thoir present wages
nrosoarcoly one-half tlie tariff rate of 7?
cents u ton.?Philadelphia Times.
Joint III the - .-uiiuieut.
Bouator Martin's withdrawal of his
expression about Bill Chnudlor with the
understanding that tho sentiment was
to bo left standing was a compromise,
but so lout- us tho sentiment stands the
country will join iu it.?St. Louis Re?
Tom Itsetl In ilia Specialty.
If there is any acrobat in this conn
try who is iucliuod to be conceited bo
cause of his skill, lot him watch Tom
Rood in bis great specialty of standing
I ou both sides of the money question at
thu sumo time.?Chicago Record.
In tin. Bame limit.
Tbo f rouble in Ohio is that Oovernor
McKiuley does not feel sure enough of
tho presidential nomination to pull out
of tbo campaign for senator. And that
is what is tho matter with Foraker.?
Chicago Herald.
Soutti Dakota Will <;<. Democratic.
.South Dakota is expected to go Dem?
ocratic, next fall. Most of the Republic?
ans aro iu jail or have run away because
of their connection with tho looting of
tho >t.it?' treasury.?New York Mercury.
Itwiisli Isicti Wanted.
Five thousand bnshi Is, highest mar?
ket price. 11. E. Owon, Si?, ^77, 279
Water street,
[ i'Uo Uub Will Ma Merc Shortly.
Both Bradstrcet and Dun Report
Favorable Changes.
A Firm Cotton Market. Rise In
Wheat, Corn and Oats. Actual
Advance in Manufactured Iron.
Improvement in Raw Ma?
terials First.
I!v Southern Arfloemto I i'rem.
New York, March '1'J.?Biadstr eel's
lo-tliorrow will say: UeDerul trade lor
I ho third week in succession continues
to show evideuoe ol improvement. In
uo other ilircotion ih tins eu plainly in?
dicated ns in tho tendency of pnous. A
week ago eucourageuieut had boeti ob
tained from a generally uuexpeoted
advance in cotton und wheat, follow?
ing their idi;;ut reuctioD, I he weok has
witnessed a tirm cuttou market,
Further improvement in wheat with
u fvuijuilLutk- iullueuce uu em u und
oais, lliii effttot ol which is greatly
eiuphnai/.ed tins week by advances iu
quotations, tot only for coke but
prospeolively lor irou ore aud fur
Bessemer pig iron, for steel billets nnd
actually tor manufactured iron at
Western markets. Higher quotations
forc.it meats V\\st are I be outcome* of
real rioted supplies ot cattle, and this is
huhiiid iueroasod demand for sboea for
(all delivery na quotations foi leather
eoutiuue upward ou tbescarcity of bides.
Firmness iu oottou ai the late advaouu
has shown itHoif la higher ipiolatious,
not only for priut cloths hut other
varietives for oottou goods, some of
them ' ;e higher thnu u fortuight ng
A moderate improvement is an?
nounced from Memphis, Nashville,
lifrhiiugbam, Atlanta and Augusta,
dry goods, hiirdwure and plautatioil
Btipplios fueling the ohauge moat. At
Chattanooga ami .Savannah trade is
quiil, luu at Jacksonville there bus
been a decrease iu tho volume, i he
movemetlt iu dry goods at New Orleans
has felt some increased demand, but
shipping interests continued disturbed,
the season is backward at Oalvcaiou,
with ti ado only fair.
ii, o. dux's report.
New York, March 29,?1., G. Dun .'.
Do"?! weekly review ol traue to morrow
will say: Bigun of improvements are
all the uiore satisfactory because neith?
er accompanied not apparently pro?
duced by speculative craze. Dealings
iu stocks, cottoil mid wheat are not ill
verting Uli the interest aud capital froui
productive industry aud legitimate
trade, though the o products are all a
shade strouger. LSut railroad earnings,
bank clearings aud industrial iudica
tioiis arc more encouraging this week.
It i.s a remarkable feature that the
lifting this year begins at tho bottom,
fo to speak; raw materials are raised
before there is any larger demand lor
their liuished products, a thing not
often done with success. Hides rose,
then leather, and theu shoes; oottou
rose, aud afterwards somo cottou
good8; coke was advanced, aud after?
wards Bessemer pig. In all these cases
it in reasoned that the larger deniaud
tor consumption, though yet wnutiug,
must come when it is seen that prices
ino goiug up.
s . I ill \ r ,v
By Southern assooiated Frees.
Washington, March 29.? Tho gnn
boat Castillo left Sue/, to-day for Aden,
1,810 miles away, uu her otuise to Zan?
i ho Cllioago reported at tho New
York Navy-yard tu-day, Commander
Bicard hos orders from tho Socretary
of the Navy to put the Chicago out id
eommissiou. Blio will probably be out
"f cou.mission tor the next two years,
as extensive repairs have been ordered,
includiug now boilers ami new ma
Chun iy winch wul require auuut two
years to complete.
The Mobicau sailed from fair Haven,
Washington, to-day on a trip to lesl
thu product ol the local collieries.
Teaching Latin lu College at Thirteen.
Professor Evanu of Albion college
fell nrjil broke n rib ami is unable to at
teud classes. The professor has n son of
13 summers who is taking work intim
preparatory School. When the Ovid
class met yestorday, this rosy cheeked
lad, who is Email for his ago, stepped
upon tho rostrum, took tho professor's
chair and proceeded to call tbe roll with
tho dolibcrato composure of a veteran.
When bo had finished, he quietly re?
marked that his father was unable to
bo present and lui'l requested him to
toko charge Ho asked full explanations
of tho most knotty constructions, which
Olio or two upper olassincn wore uiiublo
to give, whereupon, much to their em?
barrassment, they wer?1 sot right hy the
13-yoar-old profeai or. The boy converses
freely lu the tongdo of tho Ctcsars with
his father. ? Albion I Mich.) Dispatob.
?.lias, Nllli*,
On Hatnrday morning, at 11 o'clock,
T will begin my first silk Bale ami will
plaee thu nicest and cheapest hue of
silks ever offered iu Norfolk from 'J?j
to per yard, B. A. Bauudors,
Anotber(large hatch of Daisy Holler
Mills tionr toes over our city to day.
\ 'AUofJtub mil Uc liuru Mtortly.
Notes and Qloanii From Suffolk
and Surroundings.
It. I?. Smith, Jr., has moved to Ply?
mouth, N. O., whero bo will accept a
The Oonnty Sohool Hoard will meet
in Suirolk on Tbilr day, April Ith.
Dr. A. W. Kley returned yosterday
from Staunton where he attended an a
delegate ibo anuual convention ol tho
lioyul Arcanum Society,
liov. Sum Small is scheduled to Ico
tore at Isle of Wight Courthouse ou
Lasier Monday,
The wife of Kev, W. W. < Snni?v>, who
has been critically ill, u< slowly con?
valescing. I
A Salvationist- i uducted religions
exercises last night iu trout of the
s. I'. Vanderslico .ih been chosen as
member and secretary of the Nanse
tuoud oouuty electoral board .vice Sid?
ney Bntt, removed from the county.
Wu-hiugtou Uopeland, colored, said
to be oldest oitizcu ol il.o county, died
this week at Elollan ? Stnliou, aged I Hi
years. He had only been sick three
times iu his career a id hird never been
attended by a'physician bofore his lust
i linens.
Peter Causey nn.i Miles Lassiter ro
turucd yesterday from . Saltimore,
where they nttoudc i a medical college
auit school of phanuaoy, rospootivoly.
John Jordan's Pi srhal.?The fune?
ral of lohn Jordan, colored, son of
Daniel Jordan, took place last after
uoou fioiu tho Hint street Methodist
Uhuroh, Ltev. George Williams otlioiat
iiig. The interment was in the colored
cemetery, West Suffolk; The doceased,
who wits IH years old, succumbed to i
Insignificant Fire.? A tiro alarm
turned ou from bos 32 at (1:20 o'clock
last eveniugsummoned the department
to lvilby streut, win-re Mr. Upsbur
Kilby's ki toben was btimiog. i'bo
bla/.u was extinguished without thu use
of Ine hose. |
Proposed (ivms'ash'm.?A movement
is on foot looking to the establishment
of a gymnasium tor young uieu. An
ullori will liu mado to cot lor tin- pur?
pose tho old Armory Hull, S. P, Van
dersliue is leading tho movement,
which, it la thou .lit, will ultimately
Tub Second Installment. ? Al iisa
FTarvov's entertainment, "Whero is
I.Isle." was continued lust eveniug in
tho Towu hull before a fair sized audi?
ence. In uviditiuu to her pupils sho
haa secured the services of several
other girls and bojs. who toko their
parts with excellent taste.
Mu. Oooor.'s Lecture.? The an
nouncomont will be greeted with pleas?
ure that lion, .lohn Goade lias been
engaged to deliver ill Suffolk u lecture
at the City Hull Thuatio on April 8.
His subject will he "A Retrospective
View." The proceeds are for a good
Cause, which fact coupled with thu
speaker's great popularity here will
draw a large audience,
Dam auk Sun Removed.?Tho suit
instituted by Mrs. Susie Holland's
counsel, iu the Circuit Court of South
amptou county, aguiu.it tin* Seaboard
Air Line i ouipauy,tu recover dnmagea
for the killing of her 1st? husband,
Chur.es K. Ho.laud, bus been removed
to Greeusville county.
Bai krt Ball.? Norfolk and Suffolk
basket ball tennis played an exciting
game last eight at the skating rink, re
mg iu a score of 'J to 0 iu luvor of Sut"
fulk. This ?ii3 the third game of a
series, Norfolk winning the Ii ret two,
'I lie Hub Min IIa Here - liorll)'?
Time is but a freckle on tho faco of
Economy may bo as unwise us ex
Becanso a woman trusts a man is uo
sign that be should bo trusted.
A nickel makes more nolso iu tbo con?
tribution hex than ti dollar bill.
Nover nccuso a man ? f insobriety
when ho slips on your orange pt ul
A man may win a woman ou "moon?
shine," hut be can'tmaiutaiu tier on it.
Many a tea:: who is waiting for it.
; chance has boon standing on the wrong
; coruor.
A man novor learns bow to step on
tho tack of adversity with comfort to
Eudoavor so to live that when you
conio to dio even tho o oder taker will
' bo sorry.
i ho llub Will He|tl<ro Miorily.
Fallen Into Line.
Tho Photographic society cf Philadel?
phia, after having boon a bachelor for
u3 years, has fallen into line with mod?
ern sentiment. At its last mooting it
honored itself by clouting four ladies to
membership?Mis.Dr. Bi njaroiu Sharp,
Mrs. William H. Hau. Miss Mary M.
Vaux and Mrs. Dr. Charles Scbaffcr.
To attend tho society lueotings, lantern
shows and exhibitions is indeed a privi
logo, Justly valued by those who are
fortunate enough to obtain an invita
: tiou. Tho Eocioty has arranged nn at
tractivo programme for early Bpriug, u-s
: its bulletin will show.
I I Us Hub Will Ho M?ru Maorllr*
Many Matters of Interest to All
Good Citizens.
The Contest Over Iho Troasureship.
Portsmouth and Norfolk's Fine
Showing Has Set Baseballists
Guessing. Mr. Jones' In?
fluence Weakened.
spcci.d Dispatch to rtxi Virginian.
Rioiimonh, Va., March 20. - There
was au unexpectedly huge vote polled
in Hemico county at tint Democratic
primary yesterdav. It reaoliod nearly
oilO. ' .Should nil of these people ho id
fiuihful to their pledge to support the
Domitiecs any fusion movement won Id
In: defeated. The contest in which
Dearly all interest oeutercd, was that
over tho nomination for ; trcasuror. I
.Mr. Uralter, tho iucumbont, was op-1
posed by Mr. ?lohn Lindsay, dr., und
Mr. George IS. Audersou, the hitter a
former treasurer and a late convert
ftoui the Republicans. Hrauur won
~ily, nearly beating the combined
vote of his oppoiicuts, :
The fact that the Norfolk and Ports
moiitb teams have defeated Led Bulli
vau's aggregation of playors. which in?
cludes BOUlO of tho pick of hist year's
Virginia loagne, hus set the bist hull
people here to guessing. < X oourse the
natural presumption is that the homo
cities have exceptionally strong mou.
; Sullivan's team will ho hero next week,
[aild their coining is anxiously awaited,
lor aller they urn seen on the Held
against the Richmond-, some idea can
bo Lad of the strength of Portsmouth
ami Noriolk players. There is proba?
bly no doilbl ol the (not that the Vir?
ginia League is gOlUg to bo fuster than
last year. All tho clubs, with perhaps
I one exception, are stronger.
A gentleman who whs in Washington
much during Iho time Congress was in
session aaid to nie to day tie thought
i ougressmau .Lines, of tho First Iiis-1
tuet, had lost nearly nil of bis inllit
unco theto on account of his tight
against pensions, lie admitted that he
thought .Mr, duties was right in tho
[ posittou ho took, but ho believed the
First District Representative would
have been able to do more for his peo?
ple hud ho not pressed tho light to tho
exteut which ho did.
Richmond is going to send n big
lologation to the Confederate Veterans
Convention in Ii oust ou Texas, in
May. A number ol members of 1,00
I and Picket! Camps Will go; the South
joiu Literary Society Will send a dele?
gation and many others will take the
trip, The Riobmonders will bo in?
structed to aik that the uoxtconveu
[ tiou bo held in Richmond, Gov.
O'Ferrall expeots to take his full stall
with him 011 this trip. Mayor luv lor
will go too.
I he residence and eight outhouses
ui the farm of Mr. William Taylor, in
Hanover, were burned last night. Loss
?.hilt 1.
It is saiii to-day that the 0BUS0 of tho
suicide ol Mi>-. Jeuutu Warn, the Bar?
ton Heights school girl who killed her
self |witii ;stryohniue yesterday, may
have been disappointed 111 love. Those
who know tho young lady best dis?
credit the story.
A Medicated Toilet
Soap ; made of the
purest materials, com?
bined with powerful
curative properties, it
is unsurpassed for soft?
ening-, healing and
beautifying' the skin.
It Cleanses and Cures.
at all pavcaiSTS.
NAVY CUKE f-.r Skta disease* is a
i.?rniini-nt anil unfatlinu remedy for
rVx-ma, Sr.'.. Rheu'n, Tett-r, (.im;
\V.i, Poison 0..k. finplu-, Uj.Mche-i
wul every form of c uption. Multi?
tudes testify to ill merits. 50 cents
per box.
ueiiklcy uriefs.
I Tho lunoral ol Mr-. MarthaE. Alton,
l Bid) ol Mi. I , i:. Allan, took pluoo
from Btrkloy Avonuo Baptist yostcr
day afternoon nl i o'clock aud was
largely attondod hy rolntivoa aud
friends, I lm servioca were oondnoted
liy ltev. Ii. N. Quiseuherry, i'lio lloral
designs With numerous nuii very hand
Bome. Tbe following geutleinen acted
as pall-boarors >ludguUoo, I'. Parker,
Col, K. II. Uriftiu, Maj. J. b\ Orooker,
.lohn Ii, Jenkins, B, ho/ior, ?. W,
Itookolullow, K W. Doyle and Ohas.
Blivco, Tho remains wero mtoretl in
Mnguolia Cemetery. Mm. Alloc was u
member ol tho lurun ami prominent
family of Wright, of Nausomond comi?
ty, ami tunny of her relatives wore
Maj, ('. W. Wright, of Suffolk, and
Dr, Wright, of Uburcblaud, were in
town yesterday to attend tho funoral
of their stater, Mrs. I,. It. Allen.
I Maj. II. Woodbotlao isquitosiok
I at Ins residence on Main Rtreot.
Safety gutes have boon erected on
thu west siile of Chostont Btroot, at the
crossing of the Norfolk ami Southern
Knili mill.
Tho upper I'onehiirch strool boys
colon over yesterday aud played the Ii.
M, 1. n gome of hull, which resulted
in a victory for the latler.
Workmen worn at work yestorday
tearing 'down the building formerly
occupied i?y Mr. (i. K. Baker as u ma
uhino shop, t?? make room ior other
AI a mooting nf Rorklov l.oiign No,
278, It, P. t). IJlka, Inil night, the fol?
lowing ofUccrS wore elected for tho
onsuiug year: L, B. Alton, exaltod
ruler; Qco. > i. Martin, estoemod lead
iug knight; J, B. Hogers, esteemed
loyal knight; 1'icil Holland, esteemed
lecturing knight; Oeorgo T. Tilley,
trustee; Alfonx.n Loolmcb, tiler. Tho
oilier otlloor will be elected later.
The coudition ol Airs. J, .1. Kdwards
is unchanged. Her frleuds entertain
little hopes of her recovery,
|[|ili<i Huh \\ in tte Hi ro Miorilj.
I>r. I>. s, Harmon, Consulting Opti
oiau aud Master of Optics, I8U Main
strict, Norfolk, Va, Consultation tree
Catarrh originates' in scrofula's taint.
P. P, P. pni ilie . tIm hloud; and thus
pertuaneotly < tires catarrh.
Horses & Mules,
fuesiiay, pprii i. ii?J
"Inch will consist of oui> cur from a. Albor
uue mr trout i, Co Im ?. one cur from r\
k. Ilster, on" oar from Krmi lloberta, ono
car tr.iin ii. K. IMcOinc, one car largo
Molen fiom Knurl nein weighing l.OOIl to
1,300 oaob, also some from other shippers.
Remember wo u,ivo twent four houra'
trial on all ilock a lit ut mtotiou. mi.i if not
im represented money will be refundo I.
M?YER tSTc?.,
Railroad, Steamboat and
IYlili Supplies.
4 and 6 West Market Square,
Xorlfulk, "Vfa,
Ou mi annual premium of is'H.oo paid to
tiie best ouo . t the Nea i oi ?. Life Insurance
Companies in December, lvji. the e??li
j liivideud wo only f-'j.z>?li. per com.
uu ,n aim !.<! pro nun of fill po.il to
Till NO IHWheVTEUN tho cadi divuhu i
in December. 1994, ? < $M -30\ pir com.
Both ordinary life plitu uml insuring tha
same nuount Ihme are aoi'OaL be
HCl. I sj, 1 wo an i ii half limes as large.
D. Humphreys & Son,
Aii Armistice Granted China by
Jjjuin Without Question.
China's Request for a Cessation of
Hostilities Promntly Granted With*
out Condition Upon the At?
tempted Assassination of
Li Hung Chang.
Itv Snatticru Aie.oeiato I 1'ross.
Wakhimhon, March ".!).?The fol?
lowing telegram wan this afternoon re*
ceived bv the .InpnUeso Legation from
the Japanese Foreign OlUoo:
"On the opening of tho negotiations
Chinese plenipotentiary proposed
armistice, which .lupatioso Govern?
ment uro willing to accept on certain,
"While this negotiation was going on
the untoward event happened oo tbo
pi rson of the Chinese plenipotentiary.
Mis Majesty, Hie Kmneror, having in
view this unhappy oceurrotico, com
mauded tho Japanese plenipotentiaries
to consent tot- mporary artutHtioo with
nut conditions. This was communicat?
ed to the Chinese plenipotentiary."
I lie ISnl. u in I'..- H. re Miorllv.
Nickel l.evei Watch, SL Kopairing
a speoialty, Drown .V Wolf, jewelers,
successors lo S. It. Smith, 11 Bank
Try Murray's dinners aud breakfasta
DOc, each. They are Ibo beat in tho
State; Til Roannke avenue.
"Newost Discovery"?Ext. teeth no
1 am. .V V. I). LuoniH, ltjll Main.
Aud apparatus to determine the
defects of refraotiou und accom
odatiou, uro uokuowlodgod to be
uucch'u: y, in order to adjust
glasses properly for imperfect
vision. Mut lino optbalmic ap?
pliances in tho bands of oue who
is not an expert iu tboir use, or
who is tint skilled iu tbo soionao
ot optica, are like linn snrgicul in?
struments in the bunds of aa un?
skilled surgeon.
That Dr. Ceo. D. Levy, the
Norfolk Eye Hpeoialist, baa the
highest cla?a Instruments and
appurtenances muntifaoturod, a
visit to bis establishment will
prove. That Dr. Levy is an ex?
port iu their use, hia reputation
after ibreo years residence in
! Norfolk, should be BufUoient
i guarantee,
I Yon aro cordially invited to oali
i and havo your oyes examined,
> whether you are in need of glasses
J or not. Tno visit will prove to
i you that Dr. Lovy understands
I his business, nud is an enthusiast
> in his profession. It will also be
> ugreeablo und interesting.
Established 1892.
The Leading Style
o 9
???? ?
? ?
9 9
00 e?o
?> 9
a o
eeaoc ????
9 9 9 9 9
9 (D
? ????
0 3 0
? ?
In all colors an 1 sizes at tho Lowest 1'ricos.
ill MAIN Kl'llEET.
Burruss, Son & Co,
' Commercial ami other business paper ell*
I.uaik uo t'itiato.l on fa.vora.bla torxni.
1 uy Bonds niii oilier securities hnuffhfj
and s?ld.
l'cpo? ts roceivo.l am", accounts invitod.
liito.0-1 ailoi.od on t me <:epo.4?ts.
( Bit? lleio.it, lOMii for rim
\ nm.iarate,
! Ur??* 15 I s or Kxchnngo nii'l make cs*bh*
; tre.n fer i 10 Ku.r01.11.
j Lotto? of ctooit 1**u0'1 to print io:
ot tho world.

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