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Launched Yesterday Amid a Great
Concourse of People,
The Delightful Lunch Given on Board
the Steamer Norfolk of the Same
Line. Toasts and Good Cheer.
Distinguished Visitors. Di?
mensions of the Craft.
gpeoial Diapatoh to the Virginian.
Newport News, April 9.- Itauemcd
by a special dispensation by Provi?
dence that to-day dawued to gloriously
sifter the darkness aud kIooiu of yes?
terday, lor tho launching of tho New
fiort Nowh for tlio Norfolk uud Wash?
es ton Lino marked the greatest event
of the kiuil that has ever transpired
hero. Ity !? :,'li 1 o'clock nearly 10,000
|ieoplc had assembled at tho yard of
the Newport Newa Shipbuilding auti
i>rydock t ompauy, and the spirits uud
enthusiasm ol tho crowd was thor
oughly iu keeping with tho perfect
success of tho whole affair.
Ou tho wator, surrounding tho uew
eteamur, stood thu Norfolk, of tho
company's lino, winch had brought thu
vrotuiucut visitors dowu from Wash?
ington, bedecked iu hundreds of
IIbkh, while around her, decorated simi?
larly, were the l'ocabontas, steamships
Jjouis, e>f the Chcsiipcuka ami Ohio;
]sle of W ight aud the lugs ilintou and
J3. Luokeubuck, tliu former having on
board Air. II. K. Parker ami family, of
this city,and tho latter Dr. A, C, Joues
aud family uud a parly of friends.
At 9:15 theUuutiugtou Knie.", beaded
by the Newport News llrsss Kund, t u?
tored the yard, followed by thu New
port Nows Military School Uuilvts,
tiurler the chat gu ol i'rufe. Drewry aud
U oilman.
On tho graud stuud immediately
back ol tho bow of tho t>out stood Alias
tiraco Wood bury, niece of Mr. Levi
Woodbury, vioo president of thu line,
wbo, at 11:35, in a most graceful way,
christened thu Bteeiuer Newport New?.
Jibe glided iuto tho water us grucefully
an u lawn, ittuidst the cheers ol thou
funds of voices and whistles of tbe .-nr
xouudiiig vessels. Miss Woodbury, n
charming, petite br?nette, was tbe re
eipieul ol many compliments from the
crowd in the graud ataud, uud for her
ellioieut services was presented witiiu
beautiful bouquet of Uowers by Super
iuteudoul Mniih, superiuteudeut oi tho
Newport Newa Shipbuilding mid Dry
duck (Jompany.
At exaotly 12 o'clock the Norfolk,
with a large party on tioard, left thu
chip yard p er 'or Norfolk, Liu route
one of tho most dcligtit.ul bau<lllets
(hut can be conceived ol took piuec,
?ml tho courleoufa way iu which t ie
crowd was outortaiued l>v -Mr. ,lohu
Callahaui general mauagur of the Hue,
pud ins will, Mr. i>. J. Otilliiliaii. ot
Norfolk; and Mr. Woodbury, the vice
prteident, ?u- thoroughly in keepiug
villi thu entire uud comjiAute pro?
gramme ol the occasion, a? uuo do
eceuded the dining rooms the tables
presented u pioture ol rare beauty and
loveliness, docorufcod ^v 1111 dozens of
Amenouu Beuuty, La Pcauce aud Catb
criiio de Marmel rosos, hyuciutue, etc,
Tboso who participated in thi? olo
gont atTuir were: <? P Norment, n di?
rector of ttio Norfolk and Western
line; A I! lirowu (Ccuuoilmau) and
Wife, It Wilkiua, editor ol the Wash
Jngtcn Post, and wifo;J Laushurg and
wife, Auerbach aud wife, I' t'ru/.ier
en wife, H 11 Katitfinau, preshloul ol
I ha Evening Stur of Wnshiugtuu; Miss
Jlarper, oi liulliiuore; tiuo I'oaraon
(director), Jobu Kcyworth and wife,
JUe-srs ljueeu and liuox, Uravce und
(liosebing, C Woodbury, wifo und
daughter, It T Baker, treasurer of the
Jiue, and wifo; .1 Ii Clark, brother ol
tho president ol the Mime, aud wife;
Mrs Logan, ol Washington; t >) An
dorson, gouornl passeugor agent of the
(seaboard Air-Line; Ii L West, a mem?
ber of the stall ol the Washington i'ost.
? Gardner, J Wheeler, 11 I Wheeler,
wife aud party, Tbos aud Samuel Ott,
Jdi Tucker, ol tho Treasury Depart
gueut al Washington; Miss Clarke aud
Mi.s.i Elizabeth Clarko, of Newport
News, und their guest, Mrs Kennedy,
o( Waahingtou, aud Mr M IJ i rowel),
pf tbe Old Dominion Company lit Nor
folk; Mr I'. tut, aud last, bul ?ot least.
Miss Uarmansoo, of Baltimore, n bru?
nette beauty, und niece of President
\Vni E t lurk.
Mi. Wilkius, roproscntativo of the
J'ost, was the toast master ol tbe ooca
?ion, and ho lirst culled on Mr. Levi
Woodbury, Vice President of tho oom
fiauy, to respond to tbe toasl ol tbe
|iew steamer, whieli ho did, makings
few apropos remarks. He spoke of
|be etlioieut way tho "Newport New?
iiad been handled by tho shipyard, of
Km-- quickness iu which thu work had
tieou done, etc. lie lamented tho ah
Bunco of tho President, Win, K. Clark,
aiio could uot be prescut uti aocouul
of siokness.
Speeches were made by "Sir. llrown,
pf lirittou a Itrowu, attorneys, und
>lr. John Callahan, Mr, Uallaban's
speech was practical and to the pBint,
Indicating u desire ou the part of iho
Company to nervo tho public by giving
th. in a day line between Norfolk aud
Washington. To Mr. Cullnhaii is due
thti plena for the Newport Nowa aud
\p?r nsproYonieuta over tho two Bieter
boats, Norfolk and Washington, and
tbo ruiuarkal'lo success which tho com?
pany has mot with.
Mr. Kaufman, editor of tho Evening
Star, followed Mr. Calluhan, and ho
was followed by Mr. Obau, G. Elliott,
of Norfolk, wlio inado a beautiful
speech, paying a trihtttu to the com?
pany and tho officials, to tho magnifi?
cent harbor around Newport News,
etc. Tho party reached Norfolk at a
fow minutes before 1 o'clock aud the
steamer left tit her usual hour, G:IU, for
Thu new boat ia ouo of the bebt ever
built in thu South. She cost less money
than either the Norfolk or Washiug
iugton, which were built at Wilming?
ton, Del., aud ia four miles an hour
fuster und about sixteen feet longer
uud has a greater pusaeugor corryiug
Her length over nil ia 274.C feet;
length between perpendiculars, 2G0.fi
feet; breadth of beam over side, IG
feet; breadtb of liuam, moulded, 37
feet; depth of hold, ICG.
The specifications call for tho best
material from deck to keel. Steel
deck, .r< 16; shear stuke, Mil iuche9 deep,
from 9 to 10-1(1 thick; plntiug, from
7-1 (I to 12 lti, held by cxtru rivet shaped
This deck will extend tho otitiro
length 'if tho vessel,with seats tilted on
both sides, fore uud aft; forty-eight
slate rooms, eight ol w hich will bo ol
su| erior st/.u lor bridal ohambers, all
fitted up iu superb style, with bard
wood lloors, dining-room to be finished
iu quartered oiik. Thu social Inili is to
tic finished iu quartered oak, with
cherry borders; the barber simp oak:
barroom, oak; ollice, oak; pilot house
oak. The freight room is to he finish
ed up with piue lutticu liuish of yellow
'i'riplo compound, cylinders to be re?
spectively ill, uud iu iuches in diani
etor, 3G inch stroke,
'1 wo rotiud boiiors, Scotch type, 13
feol in diameter, -1 feet lone. feet
corrugate,I furnaces at each end, mean
inside diameter, <S fcot head, GO,000
pounds tonsil, for a working purpose of
I Oil pounds per square inch, United
States inspection, guaranteed twenty
Lude* uu bour in speed,
Spurious Two-Cent Stamps Issued in
Large Quantities.
I!y Soutlieru Asi<nci.it,! I Praw.
Washington, April 9,?A Chicago
morning printed this morning uu ue
count of the discovery by l ulled States
secret service operatives of uu exten?
sive counterfeiting ol the piuk two
cent postage stamps. It WSS stated
that u package containing tcu thousand
of ibese counterfeit stamps hud been
discovered in thu Chicago ollice of
Wells Fargo'a express, l be uauias of
tbo shipper aud consignee wcro with?
Third Assistant Postmaster-Gonoral
Korr l'riiig, said bo thought the story
somewhat modified, but in any event u
would necessitate tho recalling the
issue of 2 cm stum pa, as postuiastora
throughout the oouutry would bo
warned of the counterfeits umi be di?
rected to keep a close watch lor the
spurious article.
\ package of counterfeit stumps
winch were seized yesterday by Uov
eminent oflleials wan addressed to Na?
than Herzog, ii cigar dealer in the ro
tunda of tho Chamber ot,Commerce
They were shipped by exprojw from
Butlulo by thu Cauadian Novelty and
Supply Company of Hamilton, Out,
When a messenger brought tho pack?
age Mr. Herzog oxamincd it, aud Und
iug tiio stamps were counterfeit refused
to receive thcru. tie then telephoned
the I lilted States marshal aud Post
ollice Inspector Stuart.
11 win.ion, Out., April '.'.?The ('n:in
dtuii Novelty Supply Company, re
ferrod to in a Washington dispatch it*
suspected of counterfeiting Uuitod
Mates postage Btatups, was located this
ovemng in tho rear ol u store occupied
by P. I?nun, painter, at 2\L King Wil
liam Btreet. I'he plaeo is only ball a
block from police hendiiiisrters,but the
uatues ot the men who oomposo tbu
company cannot be learned* to-night.
Tbo police are working on the clue,but
decline to furnish any information,
l.vncliburi: tl?ata i liucitalcr.
?y Southern associatoJ Press.
LYNCiintTto, l'a., April'.'.?The Lnti
oastcr, Pa., team joined laeuo hero to
day with the Lynch burg State
Loaguora and roceived u souud drub
btug. Ortti pitched the entire gamo
lor tho home team aud did tine work.
Lancaster put iu her two strongest
twirlors, Buckley aud Verkors, but
they could not stop thu heavy-hitting
"tobacconists," who pounded out four
runs ou the former and livo ou the bit
ter. The PonnsylvBuiaua made three
runs iu tue first inning, but could got
Pi t ouo other man across the homo
plate during tho game, Sooro:
f.ynclibttrf; . ?.' U U
Lancaster. 4 V ??
Batteries ? Orth and Ferguson;
Buckley, Verkors and Arthur.
urn , tin, . liny.
Choice Michigan Hay lti lots to suit
the trade cheap. D.I'. Ilm? & Bno.,
BplO B&Wlm 2(19aud 'JTO Church St.
Pr. D. S. Harmon, Consulting Opti
oian and Master of Optics, 1?U Maiu
street, Norfolk. Vo. Consultation frco
Constablo Bros. <V Wall have removed |
to Academy Mueio buildiOK,
Five Story Buildings Collapse With j
Deafening Roar,
To Add to the Horror, the Debris ]
Caught Fire From a Natural Gas
Leak. The List of the Dead
and Missing. Several of
the Injured Will Recover.
13v Southern Associate I l'raM.
Wheeling, W. Va., April 9.?A few
minutes post 8 o'olook tins morning mi
accident occurred which threw the city
into Kreut excitement, The live story
buildiuga Nds, I?2U aud 1222 Minn
fctroi.'t, occupied by Hutchison a Co.,
wholesale hardware aud saddlery deal?
ers, aud W, II. CbaptuanA Sons, wholo
snlo painters aud builders'supplies,col
lapsed with deatouiug roar,burying teu
turn beneath the ruius. Tumid to tlio
horror of tliu situation tbe debris took
tire from u natural gas lenk nud a dense
elotiil of smuko arising, tho efforts of
the rescuers was greatly impedod. Tho
greatest damage tu life was among tho
employee of Uutobiaou & Co., nil of
whom were nt work. At'.'o'clock to
uigbt tbe list of tbe dead and missing
was us follows:
rather 1'. JI. l'orkc. Vicar General
til West Virgiuiu Dioooso and chaplain
of Mount Do Obautel, tbe Catholic
Seminary here; Benjamin l'ritebard,
carriage butldor, ol Buckbsunou, W.
Vu.; Kotiert "Aiuclnr, Eugouo Kirch,
nud Michael lioru, employes of Elutob
iusou a Co.; Uurry Cowl, Western
Uniou meaaeugor boy.
L'be injured aro: T. T. llutchisou,
senior member ol the hardware llrui,
two nlm broken, bead cut, will recover;
M, J, ford, employe of Butobisou A
Co., slightly bruised uud cut; ?. I'..
Williams, carpeutor, bead cut aud
severely bruised about body; G. W.
Cliftou, carpenter. All the above will
Tbe lluleliisou bnilding Mood on the
corner of Alley '.> nud Maiu street, the
(Jhrpniau buiidiog ndjniuing. At the
hour mentioned tbo employes iu
Utttcbison'a beard au ominous crsok
nil* und witboul a moment's wuruiug
or giving the unfortunate men time to
tnuko nu effort to escape, the alley
wall fell duwu with u territic eraab,
oarryiug with it tho entire structures
of botb buildings. Only the roar wull
remained standing.
Many Matters to Interest Petersburg?
ers in Norlolk.
Bpecial Dispatch to Tho Virginian.
Pktkhsiu'hu, \"a,, April :?.?II,e
County Court of L'rinoe Oeorgo will
couvene ou next Tbnrsdav, when the
caso of Joe Ivuight, the uc^rocburgod
with making u lelouions um>ult on Mr.
?icbstreiim, u Swede of that oouuty,
soiuu mouths ago, will be culled tor
Ms;, .luhu I. .1 urnit'ii,iu, grand regent
of Virginia, Boy a I Arcanum, has up.
pointed thu following gentlemen dele?
gates fur Petersburg: Ueorgu A.
Thompson, for Sycamore Council No.
705, aud ii. \V, Collier, for Soutbside
Cotiuoil No. 208,
I Master U. J, .'-kill, a messenger boy
iu tbe I'ostal telegraph ofUee here, re
aeivod a telogram tins morning from
Titusvilio, I'm., statiug thut it whs now
believed that ins Bieter, Miss Ellen
Louise Skill, and Mr, Karl Munson,
were drowned wbile out bout sailing on
Sunday aud Ibat tho river wus beiug
dragged, Tbe telegram wus from
Skill's sister, Mr.*. O. il. Fulkos, wbom
tho unfortunate young ludy wus visit
.Mr. Cliailcs Leako, of Riobrnond,
who believes bo will be the possessor ol
g2O,0,HJ,(W0 worth of property iu tbe
< itt ul New *i ork, married a daughter
ol Mis. Alvira U, Uiilifaut, of Huh city.
Mis. Leuke resides with Mrs. Bulifaut,
Shu told it newspaper mati to tlay that
the report that bei busbuud bad bad n
largo ustnte l< ft him uns tree, und pro
duced u letter received some days ago
from n brother ol bor busband in New
^ork. The letter explained Hint .Mr.
Leako's grand falber, who came to Ibis
country from Bug laud more tbuu iu>
years ago, died leaving au estate worth
\<> ( till lor ( Outero??.
By Southern Assoeiatel i'r..<s.
WasUISgtox, April '.),?Private Kee
retary Tborbcr's attention being called
to the statements in a Wasbingtou
evening paper tbat the I'resuleut was
bonig Hooded with telegrams lrom ul 1
parts of tlio country appealing to bun
to call an extra session oi L'ougress to
repeal the incomo tax law, states thut
not a aiugle telegram, let tor or verbal
communication hud been received on
tho subject, _
?tig Contract for ilia Koiitli,
Dy Southern Assosiated Press.
Mobile, Ala., April '.'.?The Edgar
Thompson foundry and Machine
Works hero have secure 1 tbe coptreot
for tbe castings for the murine railway
to bo constructed ut Balifax, Novit
Scotia. The material factor in uebiev
iuy this success wus the fuct that Ala
j bum a irou is a least 81,GO u ton cheaper
thau any other iron in the world, while
[tbe tpiaiity is of thu highest.
Tim Newsiosl Hash N v. 3 in Abbrevi?
ated Form.
Koxise.y, W, Yu.,9.? Daniol K. Shawn,
whoso eentouce was cotnuiiited tu lifo
imprisonineut by Uov. MoCorkio lust
week, narrowly esoaped death at tho
bauds ol n mob of iudignaut citizens
lust night. It waB found yestarduy
oveuing that nu organization had been
otTeoted and be might he lynohed be?
fore morning nuii HtC[)s wero at oiiuo
taken b> proteot bun.
Pittsbuho, Pa., t*.? Kobbins mino,
at McDonald, which resumed yester?
day with about fifteen men. is idle lo
day, Tho strikers were successful iu
getting the new men to quit.
PlTTSBUito, Pa., 9.- till is still on
tho boom. This morning the Standard
Oil Company announced that u would
pay ?1.27 per barrel for tbe crude ar?
ticle. This is nu advance ol 17 cents ?
barrel in two days. (>n the Oil City
Exchange the price is 10 cents higher,
talcs being made nt 81,37 per barrel.
AsnsvintiB, N. Ott 9. A freight
train on thu Southern railway rnu iuto
11 landslide tliia afternoon two miles
webt of Marion. Engineer \V. E, Lou
was canghtin tho wreck uud was 111
Btuutly killed, Nino curs woru badly
Washington, 9.?Information con
liuties to be received at W ashington of
enlistment of meu iu Alabama aud
Louisiana for service in Cuba. This is
iu violation of United States law, but
tio information dutinite enough to jus?
tify action seems to have beeu received
by United .States authorities,
Rome, 9.?Tbe Government has de?
cided not to occupy the territory ol
Adna, in Abyssinia, although the chiefs
and the pcoplo have oilered to euluiiit
to (ieu. Duration.
Rome, 9.?The Government is in?
formed that n severe tight occurred
between tho ttoops and a l and of brig?
ands 111 Sardinia yesterday. Two of
the brigauda were killed ami several
were wounded und a number of others
were ouptured.
ItoxiB, '.'.?Shocks of earthquake
wnro again fult 11t Reggie Di Ca la
bra last evening! but 1:0 damage was
London, '.'.?Sir Thomas Powell
Buxton ban been appointed Governor
of South Australia to succeed the Lurl
of Km to re,
Chicago, 19,- (ienrgo B, Swift was
Inst night lustoilcd Mayor, Swift iuude
only 11 few romurku iu accepting t: e
Mayoralty, Be preached good govern
ineut an 1 barmouy in bis support.
Atlanta, Go., 9,?Col. Beverly
W, Wreun, passenger tariff manager of
the liaut system, bus been elected a
vice president oi tho Cotton Stutes
Coi,r.Muus, O.. '.i.?(."barges wero
presented in court to day against
suites Attornoruey J, 11. loer, accus?
ing him ol purchasing votes to secure
Iiih election, The cbarg-s cuused a
CuicAoo, 9.?The Bagenback trained
animals, which amused thu visitors to
tho Midway Plaisauce of the World's
I air. wero sohl to-day nt auction by
the Sheriff u> satisfy a judgment id
SI,700, advanced by Edward Dierling,
one ot Bageuback'a trainers, He bid
in the lot for $0,000.
Sbw VoitK, ?Thomas Allison, a
well known lawyer, autiounced at thu
county courthouse to-day that he hud
been appointed by Gov, .Morton u
Judge ol the Court of Geueral Sessions
to succeed the Into Judge Usndolph B.
Woon-socket, It. I., 9.? The weavers
ill No. 1 mill, Waterford, Mime sixty In
number, struck this afternoon, being
dissatisfied with tbe wages.
LuuistilIiE, Ky., u,?(leu, T. A.
Harris du d at II o'clock tins morning
at his home, Locust Lo Ige, above
howeu Valley, He had beeu critically
1I1 ;or some time uud tbe eud was ex
pected.' Tbe funeral will tui.o placu to?
morrow morniug at lo o'clock.
London, 9.- d dispatch from sbntitr
oai to tbe Ceutral Sows says that ,lttpun
bus Bui/ed Hie llritish steamer Vik
.?sung with a quarter oi a million cart
ridges, near iui.kit,
Veiieutui-111 Affair.
Uy Boathern Associate 1 Pros*
Washington, April 9,?Advices re?
ceived from Venezuela sdutu that the
Chief Magistrate of the Amsettro region
has been directed by tbo Caretas mm
islry to erect it church 011 the banks of
tho Amacnro river, which is to form
the nucelua of n now suttlemcut which
it is intended to establish there. This
settlement will bo located ou the iKvr
directly opposite to that now occupied
by the llritish and is intended as an
indication that Venezuela regards that
part ol the territory as her own, und
that British coiouista mint u it en
ctuah up iu it,
Konmiku Iii iriiiii!,
By Southern Associntel Preys.
BoAKOKR, April 9.?Tbo Pittsburg
National League team defeated tho
Uoanokes here this afternoon by a
score of K"> to Owing to tho cold
weather uot more than 350 people wore
present. The cold weather interfered
with tho playing to somo extent.
11 11 K
Hoanoke. . 00300000 0? i ti ?>
Pitt bun; . 1 '<! 4 i 0 6 0 1 x ?1."> 11 i
Kattorios -Dunn, Lloyd und Clark;
1 Hurt and Kin Blow,
General Matters in Richmond and
the Commonwealth at Large,
Arrival of Gen. Lawlor, of the G. A. R.
Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument
in Danger, Mrs. Davis and
Daughter Expected. Death
ol Col. H.irman.
Rpocial Dispatch to the Virginian.
Richmond, Ve., April !>.- Governor
O'Ferrall returned homo this ruorniug
from Pineas! le, whore bo attended the
funeral of Ins old comrade in arms,
Capt. iT, II. II. Piggatt, a man who
Bavod his life during the war. His EX'
celleucy did not learn ol the death ol
ox Governor Kemper while be was
away-, and when bo gol back it was too
lato to attend Hie funeral. His Excol
leuoy nt nuoo sent nu appropriate tele
jO'nui to Hon. 1', 1*. Harbour at Gor
dousville. I lie ling on the Capitol was
pliu-cd at half must in honor of the de?
lieu. Lawler, Comraauder-tn Chief
ol ti o Gruiiil Army of tho Republic,
will arrive hero to-morrow, aooompa
UK i by Ins BtnlT. A C0U1 Ulittl Q Uf lor d
Grand Armv men will meet tho visitors
uud escort them to Murphy'?', where
( i gaut quarters havo boon seourod.
I l,is i. tho lirsl time the Commaudar
iu Cbiel has ever visited Riclitnoud. Ho
mid his stall' will ho entertained to
morrow night at a hamplet,
Thcio was no game <>i baseball hero
today. It is reported here that Ports
mouth is after rfostoraud Knin.aud Hint
Ihej may b i roll used to go to thai city.
It looks as if the crowds in attend
iiucn upon liusoluill here tins season
would excel those ol last, I Iic p itron
sgu of the games already played was
most euconragiug, Probably S?OO was
oleared by Richmond on the three eon
tests lust week,
llnro is great danger, it is said, of
the splendid Soldiers' und Bailors'
Monument on Liberty Hill being de
Btroyod, It slauds on tba edge ol the
hill, which is several feet high, for
several years the earth baa been grud<
ually falliuo; away ou the bide of this
hill, ami laut night (here was a big
luud elide, Many tons uf dirl rolled
down the incline nearly into .Main
street. An engineer who looked at it
tins morning said the monument could
bo saved by properly driving n row of
piles at Ilia foot of the hill lo prevent
uuy more slides.
Mrs. Jefferson Davis aud Miss Win?
nie Davis will arrive hero to-morrow
afternoon for tho purpose of being
pesonl at Ilia reinterment in the Davis
scotion in Hollywood Cemetery of the
remuius ol youug Jefferson Davis, who
died in Memphis sumo years ago uf
yellow fever.
The Governor to-day uppoiuled Mr.
John Jackson, of llichmoud.a membei
of the Hoard of \ isituisof tho Normal
School at I armvillc.
Col. Asher llnrnian, formerly of
Stauutou, died here to day. Before
the war he WB8 u well known Btage con
tractor, und during the war colonel of
the lwelfth Virginia < avalry, C. ,S. A
He was uncle to ."-flute Treasurer Bar
P. i'. P, A wonderful medicine; il
gives an appetite, it luvig
orates aud strengthens,
P, P, I', Cures rheumstisms and all
|,uins in tide, back and
shoulders, knees, hips,
w ribta uml joints.
P, T. P, Cures syphilis in nil its
Min ms stagos, oid ulcers,
fi >res und kidney com?
P, P, P, Cures catarrh, eczema, ery
sipeias, nil skin diseases
uud mercurial poisoning;
P, P, P, The best blood purifier of
the ago. Bus made more
permanent cures than ull
other blood remedies,
"Newest Discovery" Ext, teeth uo
pain. N. Y. D. Kooms, 102 Main.
9 Will You Select 9
* Tor Easter *
t <>
A *J A beautiful plant of A
A "some sort--a growing .
Easter Lily--a Palm - Y
.a magnificent Hy- A
"dr?nge, or .
f; ? T
P ? Do you prefer Cut 9
f V Flowers, Roses, Vio- f
A ?"uaUJl^jk.^Icts, Carnations, Hy- A
.-icinths, Lily - of - the \
0 f Valley? $
9 ! f4
a 1 Wc have both Plants a
* Pand Cut Flowers and v
f* Acan please you with $
a Please let us have X
j'your order early, f
17 Granby St.?'Phow 777.
Officials Endeavoring lo Find tlio Ef?
fect of the Recent Decision.
Hv Sotltkorn Associate i Press.
Washington, April 0, Commissioner
Millar and tho otlioiala of tho luturnal
Revenue Uureau wero busy all day en i
deavoring to llud ont where the Inoonio !
J'ux law. as construed by tbe Supreme
Cdiirt, "left tbom." Am a lull copy ot
tho Supremo Court's dooi.sion could not
bo obtained, it not having yet been
printed, ami as its exact boaring on the
preseut regulations could, therefor,',
not bo accurately determined, no addi?
tions to collectors could be ishtted to?
day, but directions to collectors how
to proceed will probably be ready for
issuance to morrow. I u tho meantime
this telegraphic instruction was sent
to each of the sixty llirio Collectors of
Internal Revenue:
"hold income tax HhI. duo April 10th
until further ordors. Uoluiu pusscumou
oi all returns received,
".los. s. MiiiiiBB, Commissioner."
Tho tux list directed to be held refers
to tho rotnrtiH lor the previous month
in tho bauds of collectors, who. under
instructions from Washington, forward
the list hero from Ihn ofllee on the 10th
of each month. Those lista will now
biivo to bo revised to oohform to tbo
additional exceptions inado by the Su?
preme Court.
White Capping an Krtltor.
Whito < lapping nu editor in Indiana is
n dangerous thing. For that little of?
fense n man hat been scut to the pcui
tontinry for two years. It will not do to
fool with editors. Theynro loadod. Hud
the Whito Capped belonged to any other
profession iln< Capper would not have
been punished, but tbe jury could not
stiotd it to hnvo the freedom of tbo press
tampered with in auy such way. In?
diana juries do occasionally strike the
right gait.?Cincinnati Commercial (ia
Kirnt iPrinted In America.
Tho Aitkou Bible, a copy of which
has just been sold in Boston for $:soo, is
claimed to have been thu first. Biblo
tho English lauguago ever printed in
America. The imprint, is us follow.-:
Printed and sold by R. Aitkou, at
Popo's Head, three doors nbovo tho rqf
feo- bonso iu Markot-st, MDCCLXXX11.
? Philadelphia Ki deer._
Burruss, Son & Co.,
Commcrcl il and other business paper tlK
t.oaus negotiated on favorable toi iu-.
i ity liouds aa 1 other Eocurttics bought
ami sohl.
i topos ts receive l mid acconuti Invited.
Interest allowod ou t tin- deposits.
H.,to De|.o-it boxes lor rent. Charges
Drau Ulla o( Exchange and make, cable
tr.ui ter to Uurope.
bettors of crO.lit issued to priucipal I ities
ot tho world, ocj/
Be in it With a Nooby
gtylish Colors mil in all sl/os, large
stock to select from at the lowest prices.
liMIX tl.l.xin.
Horses & Mules,
On TUESDAY, the ICth instant, we will I
ha.o .mother nice lino ot
which will consist of all kinds, from a u'co
roadster to a com ion plough hor o. Also a
lot of i otton Mules. Wo keep a mc lot of
Horses for pi nato sale all tho timo.
HE&lEMbER. wo lmvu discontinued auo
tiou ssles on Fridsys.
We give 2t hours'Vial on all auction
stock, and if uot as roprcsoiucd money will
he rofundO'i,
oocc oooc oooooooocxx>oooooe^
I DR. OliO. D. LEVY,
? 17 (i ran by Street.
g riy Promise
8 I lo i orrect all defects of
R \ islon that are capable of
X correction?to correct them
g scientifically ami with ab?
? solute accuracy.
8 r\y Guarantee
Is to conform strictly to
the above and to give a
? omph tc and thorough ex*
ainination free of cost to
i cry i a >c that comosmnder
my charge.
Hy Spectacles
And Lye Glasses are the,.$
equal of any made, and
superior to any sold clse
wherc In the city. Hesides
they have that fit about
them that others can't
fly Instruments
Arc the Unest that can be
pro? ured?the same as in
use In all flrsUclasstoptical
offices. No showy, massive
looking apparatus to fright?
en children and disgust
Hy Business
Is -teadily on the increase,
which is proof positive
that I have given satisfac?
tion to the public during ?>
my three years' residence
in Norfolk.
fly Reliability
Is attested to by over five
thousand patrons In Nor?
folk who use my Glasses,
among whom are the lol
lowing well known gentle
men, to whom I respect?
fully refer as
fly References:
Jas. G. RipdicU, M. D.,
L. B. Anderson, M. D.,
1 B. M. Baker, tVI. D.,
I F. M. Morgan, 1.1. D.,
i M. R. Allen, M. D.,
j R^v. M. ?. Wharton, D. D.,
> Rev. E. H. Rowlings,
) Rerf. E. B. Hatcher,
' Rev. G. P. Rutledge,
> Rev. J. T. Mastin,
) A.P.Warringlon,Esq. Att'y-at-Law
i R.W. Shultice, Esq., Att'y-at-Law.
) H. H. Rumble, Esq., Att'y-at-Law.
> Leo. Judson, Esq., Att'y-at-Law.
] T. W. Shelton, Esq., Att'y-at-Law.
? Mr. Lawrence Royster,
i i r ; ol Corporation mid Luw and Cban
l rcry Court*.
5 Mr. W. F. Gregory,
J or Messrs. Kare, Urcgorj A Co/
j Mr. D. Lowcnberg,
j Mr. John Whitehead.
Oiiices Closes at 5 P. M."
On nn annual uromlnm of. $T 11,00 paid to
the best one , f the Mivv \ork Life insurance
Companies 111 December, 1?91, the cash
, iviUoud w.is only -s'j.'ii?ll\per cent.
Uli nn imiiiiiiI pre i;ium of $0- + Qi) paid to
TIIK Not; I HYVi SIEUN the eiuh divider*.!
in p. r uiii. i, istii, wir- ?-.????::oj per cent,
llnth ordinary lifo plan und luuuriug ilia
sumo iiuiount. These run AOl'DAI. HU
SUl.1'3. Two nn 1 u half times nn Iar?o.
D. Humphreys & Son,
15?YEH & CO
Railroad, Steamboat a
Mill Supplies.
4 and 6 West Market. S

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