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IMrtfs comfort and improvement find
lends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet?
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
Che needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in tho
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to il^ presenting
In the form most acceptable and pleas
rau to the tastr, tho refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax?
ative; effectually cleansing tho system,
dispelling colds, headaches and levers
end permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with tho approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid?
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak?
ening thrin ami it is perfectly free from
every objectionable BUbstattcc.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug?
gists in 50c and$l bottles, but it is man?
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name i- printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
iu;d being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if oilcrcd.
we tend lainp'ea. allow lilotala.il
Kpuasoi or co'iuaihuioa to pit
5lie a:?. staple ssl ft. il, e i lore! ? ut ui ire wi I
. Addis?, with - .?mm. Look Hos 120, N
Vo k City.
il/AXTKIl- \ hit lint Ion Ixtokkeipor ??r
si t ashler, referenco stid tecuiity giTen.iuod
erat? lahuy. Addrcla "KNEhU YJ I his oilier,
iv A N T ll l> -linker wants Job in cakchoiise. at
Sl MM'lll .. J.O -A I ill I <l ,???!'.?::. ll lv.11,1. Ai
aUilrrn IV. J.CAil'l Kit, f. <:, Ashlund, Va.
?i.l"-lt ?
ANTIli-Trustworthy p r.-un t.. i . e'. snlarv
fisp and expenses. Iteference. KtieN su self
Sldii.i muueal envoi im . ritl.-lui.vr. i; \
I'. Chicago. SpiO-'JI
?jllslM-s l'AI!TM:it with ..i|it.il wantedTo
3t lako au active Interctt In an cstablbhed pay
Inc uushicni nuh large pronta. Those Ist rested
Jill flad busl.ea?y to Inteiiigate. Address T.
'. J.. cars Virginian. ap7-:;t
/? kk.v i r.-r pin: i i ?ni imi: t.t i. ri?
si oiincy foi n.iiiti. We wants c?oil ore)to
-wok ? o .ii i . it ?? rand at o r. \ddr.ss mau
rei , : i ll <Olt.t MOUKOW, Portrait i.n.p n.,
?ire N -itA* Virginian. :.i lu- 1?
Ol.M?i eeats ti sell tho Ilapid I>i~l< vVn'her.
Vashcaaiiu dries theiu In iwo mluntes without
wiling tie: h?ndig N<> experience nccciury;
?clli a sight: permanent position. Address w. ('.
il Af.ia.-olJ & CO., Clerk No. 11, < olumbus, oiiio.
WANTED?MEN WIK) Wll.t. WOltK roll
"t 876.su month .:i:aiy m largo comnitssioo,
?ellIns gi.eds by sample to dealers;. xp. rienco nn
?h-..??m- write, u-. wc will explain; for staled
Csrticu an send stamp HOI SKIIOI.D si KCl Ale
'V ? O., ill l-'ouith street, Cincinnati, Ohio. .--a
to.sll-: 1 111 Mi si fi I??B in n?iidlng and l.o.ui.
it l.tbi?ralrou>pcnsAtlon to l.-? rt ortieutiai Agents.
Address, HI I LIU NO, this office. ap'.-m
WANTED?A Screl-Hai.! li-ne:.,! M.irhsn
ll dlse License. Address LICENSE,this office.
\\'.\n ii d -A i: tit class col. t -1 . ok settled; iTiT
h demands marking. Apply si Church streel
Ulet S ?. m. * '
tWANTI ? Lad; icr'iu throughout Virginia to
si limidlo an article ilir.t sc'.K on its intnli. A.l
stliob* : Jl I iftli avium: s. i.., lloa-nokc, \ a. o. ij
ON i. ui: I U?i i.i ..iii Mi S ,..i.la n I., ar.i
ami com Co labe room with private family.
J.-us modir.lo; references exchanged. Address
%? .!*,, care Virginian. sol-'.
AV ANTI.D. ? sp.-.-i..i (drertislng Canvassers,
si fmuiliur wiih premium mercbsntlle trade;
(boss* maker ol 1891 AI n clOTer genorsl canvas.
I he day. STANLEY?
i i oik.
OUICIC V.'.-UK ll,,- Trea-nr.-r .f Lindli ark
'i mitl?se, So. Inn roreil Order ll?pa-oi.l s
ic ^ty j ai I ihe- benefitceltificale <l W I?. H.l
??-d fca?e.1, i ir S ?. Klgui u . u er ..- c ot
? proof o; death. . (,i kit
T'lAV I- RAKBit\ llcsidei our regd'ar l iure
XJ loafwehase Milk, Vienna Itve. Fine Oialia ii
Sjd V ej as Cream Uread, Maisland .I lliown
lciu Hi-.nil-.. ihe rmesl nssoi nein ..f nil
lad? oi Cake*, Pastry, i Lur.oit.- Uusse's Cream
|'utl>, ?: .
JII.UAItli ? i,i I,, pai.l l.ir the n-oirn ..I ali.ek
? and Ti.tdun .-'ettei li..-, end ol lallUcu
trill aussei; lo naiae of "Ncal." Lear? any im r
mao ill i 2l.SC n roll -!r-e'. ai2-lf
i osi...f, AC. l:i|-AKV I- n.'.iv inninin,-. I e
J , i.r-e- 1 nd Mi o'clock, Iklwie. i Virginia ?it.-.-?
tu: Cleveland avenue, on Chapel street. I i ,<cr
g^ua e i.liiin io \ itvtii.ti. Ulli <? inr.ll-ll
ilONLY TO I.KXD in iiiiii.iiiilH tu 'nil , n in...i
HI clt? n-al est He. U. Will I TLB SAMS uiri-ll
iflil.M -Complete ? surtmcul <.i Kobruary
n MagMliieij Raskin's w..ik- liesntlfully bound,
per set, Shakespeare's one-ball Itussis bind?
ings, ai S2 19 for the ii I, nr I mani ..ii ?-i ! srgalm
St M KB AI .Ms, us Main ?liest, Norfolk, V.l.,
?"?" rtfCO tho Features nnil Iteniov
'*>? Blemlshe .in 160 t>. i.k ror a .?
Jnlin II. W.Ibury, 13TW.43(ISt.
siivuuiur ol Woodbury's Facial Bui
JT l'nig?. Patent Medicines, Tollel Artlelea,
Cigars sad Tobauoo. W. I'. PlIILblPS, 218
Main street. icto
rcu: itKNx
joll HKS i.- l.l\i l;i STAHLFy ANHt.ri |r|;
eoraei o- Ui loh and 1 burch mic.-is, iin- nldest
Sn^ lie.?nvenltnl -till a in ou cltv. It.'uts
Seasonal.le iu 1 im- r.p-.ily \\. II. i i N i Kl
|2 l<ank s:i et,i r mo Frceninti a streel. mli20-lm
5,'OltltLNT On F'rqtma'onslri-cl west of dranby,
f iwi. deilrabtorno i s.wlih all ion\eni. n ?-. pas,
tilth and attention; relen iices . i nan.. i, m ..ler
Iti tent, Address It .1. II , tarn Vhglulan, mriu ti
i'Of. III.xt?Tstn very deslrabki r.is v.o-t ..I
Griuby itreol on Freemason, with ?II convfn
cute- gat. dalh un.l alieutloa. Iteferoccet eg
iianpeii; Moderate teat. Address n. H.H.. .am
i'lrginian, >u-; i-t r
<)ncor t?o gentlemen can obtalo a nicely fnr
jslilied room, rentrally located, with all n.oae.ii
tohvculeiiroi, liioluiliiig bi.ili, r?? and beat, wllb
tbiee iniiniles nglk of the clcolilc line- A. C,
;.,i?n Yugluiau. noKKt
ltov. A. U. Brown, L). D? or Kiob
moud, was in Norfolk yeslerdoy.
Yesterday was the anuivereary of tho
Norfolk City Gunrd. -
Mr. Walter Pearson, of Ovo!, Pa., is
visiting Iiis unolo, Mr, Johu Uauu, on
Sliiolds strcot,
Tho Epworth L"ngii9 of Cctitonnry
Church conducted tho meeting at tuo
Union Mission last night.
A special nieetiug of tho directors of
the Y. M. C. A. wub held yesterday
cveuing at 5:30 o'clock.
There wss an important meeting of
the press club hold yesterday and sev?
ers! members wero elected.
I A poekotbook was suatchod from a
lady at tho Queeu street market yester
day morning by a colored man.
Tho urgumout iu the Atlantic City
street cases was conducted in the Court
of Law and Chancery yesterday.
Copt. S. H. Peers, of tho tug*Battler,
has gouo homo iu response to a tele?
gram anuutiuciug the illness ot his hod.
Lion, ilohu Cnllnhnu, guucral moun
gor of tho Norfolk and Washington
steamboat liue, was iu tlie oity yester?
N~jThe body of Mr. Thaddens W,
Swank, who died in lialtimoro, will be
brought to Norfolk for lutermout, and
will urnve this morning.
Thcro will bo a "Pinafore" rehearsal
for cute and chorus iu tho parlors at
Moutotioro Hall this evening at 8 p, in.
A full attendance is requested.
lt. R. Lacy, Esq., Commissioner of
Labor for the Statu of North Carolina,
is in the city with his wife, visiting hie
brother, Lev. Dr. Lacy, OS Boush
Circle No. '2 ot Ring's liaiiRbtcrs
will hold their regular meeting tins af?
ternoon nt I o'clock iu tho pastor's
study of tho Crnuby Street MetiioJibt
Tbe Young Ladies' Society of tho
Freemason street Baptist Obureb (.'avo
n birthday tea to Mrs, M, P, Whartou,
wile of l)r. M. B. Whartou. yesterday
afternoon ironi f> to 7 o'clock.
Tho treasurer of Landmark Con?
clave No. "Jl"', Improved Order of Hep
tasophs, yestorday paid the benefit
ccrtnicatc of W, D, LiJ^ood, deceased,
oigbl days after receipt of pruof ot
Mr. aud Mr.-\ Ii. Y. Zachary linve
issued card;, for the ruurnugn ot their
daughter, Miss Mary ElizAbeth Scott,
to Hon. Robert W. Mullett at St. Luke's
P, L. Cburoh Wednesday ufternoon,
April 17th, at ?.!.:'.() o'clock.
luv. \ iniiiM.\N ackuowledges the rn
OOipt uf on invitation, through J, P.
Jackson, of Pen tress, Norfolk oounty,
to utteud tho comn\cncemcnt exercises
of Sunt born 11.him pitthic College
Thursday evening,May 1 Ith.at Lyceum
Theatre, Ualtimote, Md.
The regular meeting of tlio Presby?
tery of Norfolk will he held ou ue"\t
I uesday, 16th of April, at Court Street
Presbyterian Cburcb, Portsmouth, tbe
session beginning at 7 "u p. m, Judge
W. H. Burroughs is moderator, nnd
will preside nutil u new modirntor is
Messrs. Byrd a Baldwin sold yeater
day at tho Iteal Estate Exchange for
Judge T. S. Qaruett, trustee, tbe Mar?
tin's Point Gun Club propcrty,const8t
iug of uiuc parcels of laud near Mar?
tin's Point, N. C.; also clubhouse, fur?
niture, etc.. for 34,550, wbieb was pur?
chased by Mr. F. ij. Blade,
A Miller named Andreas Barensien,
wlio 1? obdrged with mutinous couduot
on the barge (ion. MoClellan lust Sun
day, whi n pist iusiilo tho Capes, was
arrested here by tho United States
authorities. Tho prisoner was carried
before United States Commissioner
Aokiss, who dismissed tho case, tho ac?
cused agreeing to aceept his pay ami
Icare the barge.
iii.: KvolMIWM
Of modicioal ngents is gradually
relegating tho old tune herbs, pills
drangbta and vegetable extracts to the
rear and briuging into general use tho
plcasuut and oO'cotive 11?;iii? 1 laxative,
Syrup of Pigs. To fjct the true remit
dy Bee that it is manufactured by tht>
California Pig Syrup Co. only, l-'or
sale by nil loading druggists,
Nee u'ltnt Urn i'realdaii oi ibe Select
< on mil llii? in suv.
P. n. dale, Esq., Jeweller;
Dear Sir I take plcssuro iu saying
that the glasses made fur me, for both
far-seoing aud reading, by Dr. Weok.
now under engagement with yon, kivo
perfect untisfaction, correcting entirely
ihu-e imperfections of vision arising
from a complicated form of astigmatism
frnni which 1 have been suffering for n
number ol years. I have worn glassos
made by celebrated optioiana of other
oitios, but lind that these give better
results than any heretofore worn, and 1
commend i'r. Week with great conti
deuoo to nil who experience any trouble
with their eyes. Lours truly,
Jas. L. WixRTOJf,
Norfolk, Va., March U?tb, 1895,
Wo will receive (ho newest shares in
huts as thoy oomo out, Wu will keep a
complete stock of millinery goods to
the end of tho season. Will try to
plonEO all customers, but will nover
charge exhorbitunt prices.
MllS. P. BlR9,
101 Church street,
roil nai.i:.
1 chejp. I npai sad l.ovlli uv n ic iuh2t-eodlni
'? ?( Hi -It I' ,11 Hi.il' JKII^IIY lOV.'S VOl'N?:,
I I fre sb, hoalthy anil get tie; rlcnand penlalont
milkers. i>-m laoiily ,u?. r lew v to Site
Aildit -<:. n. LAKIS, Norfolk, Vs. iuh'.?-eod2w?
I^AK.MS K?Tt sali;?SeVeril il?tlr*ble Karins
I near Norfolk for aal* ai roaoiiable prices und
i ??r Irma, Ai-o, Uaslnaw Proreity, Itesldmces
min lliilldins Lots In all parts of the olty. \V. M.
UANXAIi,oal(|Coiumfrca street. ap7 iw
IjOR BALE?Four-Story ll.uie on Iba wait end
1 I of York straft] late.t hiiproYiiuents, l-'or
i Urin? apply tu r'LN 1 UL-.i a. AOfcLA-To. iliIj-Iu?
llov. It. S. Badgban, former pastor
of Trinity M. E. Cburob, was iu the
city yestorduy.
The concert which canio oft' at Mo
Kcud-reu last night was well attended,
H bemu oho of ruio iuterest.and ? nice
sum \ta* realized for tbo beuelit of tho
Cards nro out for the niurriago of
Mr. Willie C. Arnugtou to Misb ISssio
V. Goodwiu ut tho homo of latter'h
pareuts, Mr. aud Mrs. S. W. Goodwiu,
:i?7 lirutublctou avenue, ou tho lUtb
instant, at S:30 o'clock p. tu.
liev. J. T. Mastiu has gono to How?
ling tirocu for a low days.
eudot .1. II. .louos is spending somo
time with bis parents, iUr. uud ?lrs. U,
J. Jones, Park avenue, oh u sick leave
from United States Naval Academy,
Anuapolis, Md.
Mr. E. .). Wright, who worked at
tho Norfolk atul Western grain sleva
tor a number of;yuurs, was taken sick
yesterday morning and brought to his
residence, 301 lligiiluud avenue, where
be died quite suddenly at 1:80 o'clock,
p, in, He was -hi years of age aud be
leaves n family consisting of a wife and
nine children. His remains will bo
taken over tho Seaboard Air Lino at 9
n. ni. to-day to tho old homestead io
Warren county, N. C, where fuuoral
and burial will take place.
Mr. Jos. C,flood,aged .",7 years,died
yesterday at 2:10 p. m., at residence ol
his daughter, Mrs, It, 13. Gilbert, 421
Corprow avenue, niter a protracted ill?
ness. Hi ? remains will be forwardod
to Elizabeth City, N. C, today for in
t yer t ImmI v. ? ill Ii I iik Almut lf<
Everybody is talking about the great
free oiler of l>r. Ureeue, tbo most suc?
cessful specialist in curing nervous sud
chronic discuses, aud w.io discovered
thai wonderful medioine, Dr. Oreeue's
Notvcra blood and nerve remedy, lie
makes a specialty of treating patients
through letter correspondence, and nil
who accept bis oiler are astouisbed at
tbo marvelous success of this method.
Il:s oOice is at 85 West 14th street,
New York city, whero bo receives nud
carefully examines every letter sen', to
bini by persons describing their cns'os
atul telling hun their symptoms. After
thoroughly studying each ho answers
tlio loner, explaiuiug the cause of ouch
symptom nud telling n sure way to get
well aud strong, lie muk?s the patients
nnderstand exactly what ails them ami
tells (hem all about their complaint,
and all Ibis in entirely free of charge.
They save the expense of a trip to the
city, have uo fee to pay. ami have the
benefit of tho best medical advice aud
consultation. Here Is uu opportunity
for you to get well, reader, you can
either accept or reject it. Which will
you do? _
Mrs, J. T. Hoiitten, who bus bad a
sevure ease of grippe, is improving.
Tno second quarterly conference of
tho Methodist Church will bo held to?
morrow night at the rc-suleuco of Cnpt.
J, \Y. liaeohus, Avenue 13, at 7:30
Vurv (Inner Indeed,
Daily, nay, hourly o\p rieuoe I, are tl.o tau?
nt oas ol tho .ly.-. L'ptic, lui .ous iuvalid.
Ask tu in, mil h- will ell y u that it ts null
nigh lihuo^siblt) tu describe tboin Palpita?
tion* ui ih ? lie.irt suggost?erroneously?
that the organ is arte u-a. bnzziug in tt.o
ems. a us r nietalie taste >n the month an,I
tingling niong ll.o oilges of the tongue rest?
loses, lirokeu slumber i.t night, an inclina?
tion to sleep during the day. whioti die
appears when the recubeul l o-nne is as
Biiiued, fre ueut uueasiuess of t ie stunix-ii
betweeii aud inter meals when digest.on
on^Iit to have i erfornie i ns olUce. These
nre a few atnon^ the indicia of tho com?
plaints epe dily removnhle by the ? se of
ll shatters stomach Hitters, which also
c.iro, and prevents i hills mil fovoi.-i, bil?
iousness, ronstlpntion. rheumatism, uoa
ri.lgm and kidney trouMo.
?'limited llnnita.
Tbo jewelry uiui watch ropairiug es?
tablishment formerly kept by Mr, ?.
I'. Maxim, at No. 171 Main street, bus
changed ban.Is. Mr. George D. Chase
succeed lug him. Mr, Chase will make
a specialty <-f repairing aud will keep
on baud n full supply of jewelry,
watches, clock-', musical instruments,
s'.i i:,;.'S. etc, Ho will also give special
attention to works for tbo trade.
Icecream im el It ut term I Ik.
Mao's Puny Lunch Uooms will com?
mence on Saturday to servo ioe cream
nnd buttermilk. Tables for ladiei at
Commercial Place.
l inn en in VIcKetidrnc.
A coucert and lnemry entertainment
will be given at MoKeudree (.hutch,
Brambleton, to-nigbt for tbo benefit of
the Sunday school library. M?s Cora
Fulford, Professor Pauli, Miss Th?rs
tou, Mr. P. Doming, Miss Halbe Wil
llama and other will tui.o port. Au
excellont programme has been ar
Select yoiu spring suit from the
largest nn.l most complete line of for?
eign hintiugH ami Irousoringfl iu tho
city ai Nichols A Wallace. 1(JU Maiu
Tho Daisy Koller Mills report a
rushing trad-j tho past week. Nearly
every grocer in tho city handles their
lloiir nnd finds ready salo for it,
tlruliil I'reseiilSa
ftler-Ts. Greenwood .v P.ro., the gold
ami silversmiths of Norfolk, uro ad?
ding to their immense stock of Ster?
ling silverware many new nud at?
tractive styles tu meet thi demands ol
the most oxacting in style and price.
They I.audio in silver, Sterling only.
Coin silver not allowed, only taken in
exchange ns currency for Sterling
goods, Kastor novelties in tho great
tast variety at, taking prices.
> vor? t'.'ilv i? i ui,. mg
about onr Aristo Piatino photographs,
11 it v? you seen them? We are also
making a special ol twtlvo cabiuots
and 10x20 enamel photos for 8:5;
twelve enbinels ami full crayon SI, 13.
S. Campbell, ll'J. Main street.
Iiook in our window nnd see tho lino
of Sterling silver novelties for only
Mo, at Chapman & Jakonian's,
The Virginian's Daily Hints
?von ?
BilFof Fare
-kok ?
Thursday! 1 lih o( April.
Icopvkium r. i
n.'Tcr a ?luv u given, but II l ones tho alter years,
An.i It carries up lo heaven, IU lunshloe or us
breakfast. Hanau? sritli Cream
Butler noil. Lcttute Snlul. Small Sausute
Urawucd Potatoes. Milk Crackers. LoSeo.
d i isi im e i=e. itoust um ??< i<amu. i.. e..?.
AsiMtragus, HsaMaas*. * snned Hi u lautv.
White anil Ciiabain Bi.? rtpanith Cream
St_?F?F?C:R. Potato Cakes, .I Meal.
Bread ami llullrr. Jelly, 1'rllties, v/uoloia
BoilegS1 bard by piuiim- in ? . i water ami let
ting come to a IhiII slostly, Sei in liark of Kiev.* a
re?r moutenU; tuen |>Ut ill cold > a n. Shell aud
cm kualhwlse; take out ilia )olk? i.ub ihcrvnnd
mix ?iib . honed basa.satt, ppiip r ami a Ultof
nu ll.-1 butler. I'ui bank In whin . and wall* rc
more erery -p??h. ao thai Ihn rim ?rill .Icar,
tiamtsh with liisWe e-v-'iol lettuucs tforve ?iv
Sumo of ihtiBO from Suffolk who nre
interested in the result will attend the
inubH rueeliog nt [sie of Wight Court?
house to-day for the Douunutinu ol
county officers.
.lohn P. Btith nnd Amanda .Ionen,
colored, wero murried hist evening in
Mr?, lt. ?L .louoe, of Norfolk, talked
to on nsKcmhlngo ui the First Mctho
dmt Church last night in tiiu interest of
tbe W. C. T. ?.
Ko\. H, G. Mooro und Mr. E. T,
Jordau will represent the Suffolk Pres?
byterian Gharob at the Norfolk I'rm
byterv, which will moi;t in Portsmouth
uext Tuesday.
iludgu Kilby yesterday changed tho
date for hearing applications for liquor
lieeuBOs from April ISHb to Wednesday,
tbe 17th.
The county convention of the lb
ptiblicaiiH and 1'opuii: I will lie held in
Suffolk on next Saturday. It is under
stood that both parties uro iu favor of
u coalition.
Meeting Postponed, Tue meeting
of the Town liemnrmtio Executive
Committee,wbioh was to have ocourred
lust evebing, was postponed till Ibis
morning ou account of ? member's un?
avoidable ntiseucu from town. The
time tor closing nominations of candi?
dates to be printed oo tbe primary
ticket < ."> p. ru. yesterday i was preceded
by a rush, ^evcu sepamte lists being
left with the committee. Cnloss *oroe
of the uiimiis have been duplicated tho
ticket will ho a lnrgc oue.
FinsT Day oj( Cihcuit Court.?
iltulgo B. R, Proutia yesterday presid?
ed nt his first session of Circuit Court
in Nausemoud. The bulk of business
transacted wns with chancery suits,
twenty-two decrees being entered up
to 2:80 o'clock, whan court adjourned
lur tho day. The jury was dis?
charged till this iiiuruing, when
(ho following cases will be called
J. E. Vincent A Co. vs. lull
? R?chle, attachment proceedings.
Imperial Cmauu Company vs. .lurues L),
Taylor debt; 3. B, lltibbnrd a Co., vs.
J. Timothy Duck, trespass ou the case
in usstimpt; M. i'. Ilullmid K Co., vs.
M, H. llollaud, trespass on the ease IU
Those who never read the advertise
mcuts in their newspapors miss more
than they presume. 'Jonathan Keuson,
of Bolen, Worth county, Iowa, who
had heen troubled with rheumatism in
his back, arms aud shoulders read an
item in Iiis paper about how u promi?
nent German citizen ol Ft, Madison
had been cured. Ho procured tho
miuKi medicine, and to use his own
words: "It cured me right up." lie
also eays: "A neighbor and ins wife
wero both sick in bed with rheumatism.
Their boy was over to my honte und
said they were so liud ho hnd to do tho
cooking; i told him of Chamberlaiu'a
Paiu Laim mid how it hnd cured mo,
ho got a bottle and it cured them up in
a week. oU cent bottles, for sale by ail
I Try Murray's dinners and breakfasts
?Oe. each. '1 hey are I bo best iu tho
Stuto; ?""I Roanoke avenue.
i Hay.
Several cars en route; must be sold;
also some on track hero. 11. E. Owens,
Water street.
Sterling silver uovoltu s for Taster
presents for 5l)e. A large variety at
Chapman A Jakeman's.
? l < Ion t ? l lie 1 c HUM-.
The Bed Pug Poison sold at I'.ur
row'a drug store. Warranted the
strongest article made. Only 25 couls
u pint. A brusb given to apt ly it. One
of our hotel men suys: "It ituooks them
silly. I would not be without it."
Did you say your eyes wero troub?
ling you? Sie Frank 11. Gale's Madv."
Open and ready for your inspection
out beautiful line of imported suitings
and trouserings fur tho spring and
summer. Nichols A Wallace, 1(50 Main
i n?l?;r Offorlliir.
We ?ro offering this I.aster t-ilver
novelties at lower prices than ever.
Seu what you can buy for ?lic, ( imp
man A Jakemau.
It will bean agrerablo surprise to
persons subject to attacks of bilious
colic to learn thut prompt relief may
be hnd by taking Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Liarrtncn Pomedy, lu
many instances tho attack may bo pro
vented by taking this remedy as soon
as tho first symptoms of the disease
appear. 2? and OU cout bottles for sale
by all druggists.
"Mist boforo your eyes?" See Frauk
H, Oalo'a ?'adv.M
I Is Made from Fine Ripe Old Sun Cured Tobacco.
Sun Cured Leaf,grown in the counties around Richmond,
Va., makes the choicest, sweetest, most lasting chew on earth.
Despite tho inclement wenthor thero
wn< n largo audieuce at Market flail
lust night tu see tho "L)ea"ou," n
comedy drama given (ur tho benefit ol
Berkley Avenue Baptist Church.
Mm. \V. 11. Ii.voun ih critically ill ut
lior husband's residence ou l'oarl
street. Mr, Lyon is ulso quite sick.
Mr. <!. K. linker ih creeling ii largo
niacbiue shop on tho properiy he ro
ceutly purchased from Mi. tloo. Cox
tou on the water front.
Tho Norfolk nnd Southern Railroad
Company bare laid tbo truck around
the wator front ns fnr ns tlio Cummer
Company's mill.
Messrs. Len llyslop nnd -ios. Fit/.,
pa'.riok have gone m the ice business.
All the saw mills nnd factories of tho
town are running on lull timn now.
Mr. William Almond,ol Portsmouth,
nnd Miss Muggio fclnlstoad, of this
plaoo, were married ut the pastor's
slmly of the Berkley Aveuuu lluptisl
Ghttrou last night by Rev, 11. II. Ujtiia
ouberry. Alter tbey were made mnn
nnd wifo they wore driven to the resl
dence of the groom in Portsmouth
Two colored chilis met Monday night
in opposition to nuuoxutiou, nud
adopter] resolutions iu favor of n city
Mnj. 11. F. Wood bouse continues
very ill nt his residence on Main street.
is Cuiuiiion.
Few realize just how com?
mon it is. Very many poople have
Catarrh, or nt least Catarrhul symp
turns, wlm would laugh ai the idea. It
is un uupleaabnt disease one ot those
winch make others uncomfortable as
well ns tho one who has it. Tbo Urst
symptoms are: A boovy feeliug bu
tween the eves, profuse und ollensive
mucous d isobar go from tho nostrils,
headache and loul breath,
is recoimuuxded foi Loth slight ami
aggravated oases. It will euro the
worst ease of CATARRH, und is good
for u mere Cold -au inflamed condition
of the iiusal pnssnges ih the causo of
both. It is also good lor HAY FEVER.
It is a sure cure. There is nothing mar
velous nbont it. It is not an accidental,
mncical discovery, hut a perfootly sen?
sible, scientific preparation, intended
to do just exactly the thing it does,
aud nothing else,
i ? caala SU cents? driiirg late*
toen.li HI Uli IM COMPANY,
llnltlmoro, lid,
I rt In <: KP. i? the beat th ug for EC
. BMA, 1 Mb It. It IN won il, BAIj'1
I; Hi M. im II. DAN UK il'.ri Mi'i.l.s
l.i o , OHES ml YCIONO l'fl.ES. i u
siuue i to euro pm iiiaututh , anil does
it. It t ?U , i ll's, too.
Just Heceiued.
A complete Ineol I'at. Leather aad Russett Shoe
ui Kippers for lades shd gem lernen. Lowest
i-riv s In llecitj Look iu niy window,
No. b Bill *i bebt,
Mr. 8i.i ill will praetico in the Courts of
thu state aud ol tue Uuitod stntos.
American Express Co.
are safer than cadi, Itcfundo.l if lost. Paid
anywhere hi thu world without perscuiil
f^^jV i n is Lnii-ri < i.inirrlKi.-? -?1
*' 'i ' ??I--.- - -??TmlDl'J
or i'.'i'tf.W ^trs 'l.'. sig'i'v York!
of the most obstinate eases guaranteed in fr?m 3
10 G iiaw, n i nt Ikt treatment required, and with. ,
out the ha?-Vat i iu; reenlt-.nl doling with Cllbebs,
CopilbS ur SflCdsi Wie, i. .1.1 BUKE A ?"0., (suc?
cessors to lliutij, Phaviuscitn, 1'urls. At all drug. [
?UU, eflu-tt
edd1ng PRESENTS a Specialty This Week.
lAi'or^ XV UPlt Pawnbrokers, tWN Chui Ii street [four doors
,j;iVjV/i>o tx, i)\\\Jt froin Qucenl are Ibemtnt II sral moneylend
rs i>r Norfolk on all kind- ol pi t h ? ? tn> l property alalon ralouflnt rm .' Mail
aiituinnicatlous mil kia promptly attended to.
Aim AJiM is to please all. ,:;;^;r;i::i?:[?
\Jf In ii"'i.of P'o ro? I* tho new pulverising inaohhif, *| 1 lliesi desirlntc toffee ground)
"?'?in Polite clerks ml pi n.pi attention given ever ne. GRKAT ATLANTIC AND PACI?
l ie i RA COMPANY, 192 Main atriol.
Keops any longth of Mmo. A delicious drink. Hold In bulk or by bottle. All first"
clam grocors keep it. Out of ton n orders will ri calve prompt ntt lUtion.
CtiAS. H. PLUMMER, Prop'r,
WorUs Corner Avenue Itnnd Church Street.
Everything first-class, r.ar Htookod with the best nnd tha restaurant furnishes the
bom in season LYNN1LWEN OVSI E1I9 n special t; . Berries tbo vary ben.
Purchased on pasture. Thoj n o loniitliiug icily oboioo, and will be serrod to tho
11 m. jr.. sco., Queen end GhurGh sireers. a
Tel. phono D95. Goods dollverod froo. Also Prime Hoof, Veal.Su sago, Lard, Bacon, etot
Two Cain Apricots for 23c. | Franuh Prunes, four pounds !or 26c.
Bluudard Karly .Inn? I vi?, 10c per can. I I r ?Ii Elgin Creamery Hitler, St3c per puund.
Two ?''ana Tomatoes fei Ilk". Kre*b Creamsry Hotter, iOo per pound.
I ? .1 ii,. .-.ih.ii..i i?i ? A i in. I.haeul Kama, Springfield Hjuu
I rencli Hanl Ines '?'s, ?Uli key, 10a I and Westphalia Haras.
'Phono 209. CHAS. A. MORRIS. COP. Church & Holt St.
Permanently Cured in Thirty Days.
No Knife. No Pain. No Honey Until Cured,
Atlantic Hotel, Every Wednesday from io A. M. to i P. M.,
Beginning February b, 1895.
au^i iuiivv?auAVL/^ bCCFo
ItuttUd expressly for .. c.\,
mi so?, tu. BETIZ'S HLE P POSTER w m m
J. El. FULFORD, Sole Agent.
4V*Speclal Delivery for Private Families.
We 11 >iv0 n lull lino of!Taylor's Patent Itomovubln Provision Chamber llcfrigt-rntora?
E. Q. ?1H.N HAL. Malinger.
LEA I I'lKUL SUI'1'8, POUT l'.HEB. et?. i>U.\l.\lEK Sl'OVE?.
At the Very Lowest figures, for Cash or Inutalluieut. Take your choice,
?n-Z and 374 Church street.
twj-lio you want something nice in tho way of marketing to-day? A nie a
Smithfiekl Ham, Pine Beef or Fine Groceries !
It so, 1 * e ?bat iv< Uav . Cash talks and wa soil low. S. J. \VHtTEHDR3T. Agent,
S. E. corner Chun h and Charlotte stroota^
Private diseases ol whatever nature, yield rexiilv. Pamalo discasei of
all kin ib are speedily ?und by ? lark's Ki d Cross EWclrio Natural Medicinal
U aici or Oil
Southern Agency?3+1 Cburch street.
fresh FlsFi i OYSTERS, FISH and GAME*
fr1?sh fish I Kino Shad and other PUh lu great variety.
fresh J-'iSl 1 '- ^elail ?it 31, 32 and 33 City Fish Market
l-DrrCIJ I? I t.11 I T" A. BULLOCK, A2ent,
I' KI.M I I IM I I laifl.ti unit Wlinleialo oeatetv
I' RLS 11 1'ISH. J DEPOTS ;coinuer ?r"Pssblngtori and Brewer street*.
st Main IV
Received to-dav larecquantities of Prliiceta Anne Poultry of all -kind*. A
full supply ol best selected Vegetables; also Pr?lls, < bow-Chow, PI? klei. etc. Choice
Callfoi ma' Peaches uuj Pine Apple, ui whatever dsu jou may want to supply your
lM*' H. SCHLOSS, ProprTotr^r.
Lowest Liberal
Rates T Advances T
Eo not Bncriiiite auy old gold that you may have, hut write us to call on you and
you our nrlci-B Wo roeeivo old R ild fnuii nny jiart of tho Unite I States, and if f*
allowed i? not satisfactory we pay express charges both ways und roturn packago 1
COUdltlUU iis -il :
S. BaclirachL &
ISO Olxux'oliL Street.

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