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Brings comfort and improvement rmd
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly useu. The many, who livo bet?
ter than others und enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's beBt products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to heultb of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced iu tho
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
In the form most acceptable und pleas
?.nt to the taste, the refreshing and truly
leneficial properties of a perfect lax?
ative; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches aud fevers
and pornianently curing constipation.
Jt h.iB gtvcu satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
tarofession, because it nets on the Kid?
neys, Liver and llowels without weak?
ening them and it id perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sule by all drug?
gists in f>0c an<l$l bottles, hut it is man?
ufactured by the California Fig .Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
jiackage, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if ottered.
w A inti;i>.
I)tARl> 'Ibra? youti; gt-ntlomeu can getalaruc
I* bark par ,.i room writ la board al u fatr nrlce hi
jetilnil n i? l of the oily, by leldrrasliii: BOARD,
%oX ?... I'n.iofl e? aplMf
?I i eel iel ;,li >? Her 'jm r.ener.1 I.sr ierrant
s' wil.lent records at rrady in come to Nor?
folk. - nil oiders al eni e, I0? Main street.
St " AN h p lts>| on;II In nan to till n io<ltion of
?? truit, hotel manager, a e.\|ieileiieed hotel
eterka for btacli resorts, Call at onto, too Mala
?tnrl. uplJ-lf
\l1 ?NU Ii \|,n?, ii.- i..,t I le ii k per. :i I li?
st nau room womi a, ; i at.ny gl 1- :?<! waitrv* cs,
10 i'haaiberiualds, (? oooksfer btaeb mpit-. t'aii
?i loo Main street. apt2-lt'
FANTKIJ One-hundred agealt. Apply ut Pur
iell Home with ret, reuec. apl.'-.'l
"\\' ANTED?A position with a wholesalo
M grocery er produce trtu in Noitulk.
Can canvass trade in Suffolk and adjoining
territory with which I nm ?eil aequaiuted,
Eight yea ? experience, iciinne given
Address lt. \V., Box 1107, Sull'olu, Va.
\\" an 11.1? The pnbllc t-, kno? tbul telegraph
at and telephone lines will I* bellt or repaired
fcy the undertime!!. All Instruments hirulsbed.
3iiformation rclstlvv t>' the mm. , heerfullj given.
.Adur.s. .1. ii, i,t y, lloemuuiiunolk.Vs.
1\ an it j'?ah iissis'aut cutter sad t r mmei.in I
?I ihr," Ben- Ism coal makeis. ? KAtPK iv.
XOItTIIERN A CO., tailors sad clothiers. apll-3t<
i Al.KSMEN, we ? i, i tVmpiel sfi?w |"T e ti.?. -
t' sev an t cxpeosei oreomaiftsloa le ptopersp
J,Kernte duple ether; tin si stores out of live will
? ????? ? Addis ?Hl, tump. Lock U-x 120. New
lo.k City.
IV A N I I 11 a -I line n in I... ' e ; er er
" m-liif: refe eucs snd s uuilty glveu, mod
salary. Addis i "EXEKUY." ibis ofic ?.
\. AN I KD MEN ivTTt) W ii i. WOltK i "K
'I in- nil, salary r,i lar^e rommlatlon,
eclliug uu'.iU by ta tuple lo ricslert; experience un?
necessary, write us; we will expialu; for nested
Carlleu are seed stamp iim SKIIOLI) SPECIAL
V in., 711 Kourtb si net, i iuclnoatl, i Ihlo. as
VVANTKD?? lint-elattrnl r I ci ok settled; niT
m dersiaads marking. Apply 81 ( liurib snon
? Her s a. in. |e3
'tV AN iii' Lady sgeuta lluoii||boul Virginia to
*? Liuulie to srtli le tlit' tslll im Us merit. Ad
11 e.-?. 821 l-ifib svenue ^. l ., Itoa-noke, Va. oc'JO
i |M Ol: i a 11 i.r~TU.MI.\ . .;. obta a board
a' snd i-omfo labs room ?iti, private tain ly,
fit Uli moder te. releroncea exchanged. Address
at !%,, care Vlrgloian seid
1UANTKP. ? Special Advertising Caovassers,
*t familiar wlih premium uienhaulile trade;
wioncy umk. r of tv... Also clevsr general canvas,
aers on graatett seller of the da?. STAN LEY*
BRADLEY, G 1. le, St., S..? Yoik.
I OBI a letter lonlaiaidg money neur!eoiner
i> lourcband Mal streit?, a tuilai Is reward
if returned to 100 Krteaissi i street. up|-.'-lt(
ItAVI- IIAKKitV Hesidei iair ret a s uare
X' losfwebiise Uilk,Vienna Itye Flue Ural's'u
aud Vienna i renui Bread, Maryland snd i;io*n
>-iotit lli<<utt.< -o ibe linetl atcoi meal all
s ids 01 t ake-. Pastry, i bai oil ItllSSo's (Team
J'ufls, CtC.
kl"Ni Y TO I.END oi inn noli lo nil oo .i
JIIihi real estate. < IV III I TLB sams. uir.Vtl
i IT i I.M.?i o or et- sssorlaieni ui Petirasiry
r? Maca/iii, . Kuskui's Works beautifully bouud
Bv.49 ps mi Shakitpeaio'i one-ball Busala Mail
ii.s-s si sv.is for the sei, and many other bai a-.- .
at msb a I M s, I'JsMain sliest, n'w: i?ik, Vs .
.'ntiites auS Itei.
rtaf Blemlatu>s,ln ISO p. i?m x rot a stamp,
lohn II. VVO?dt>lirr, I17W. I.MSt .N.V.
ureulur <it VVoodbury'S Tsuiul Soap.
JT Pnik-s. Talent Medicines, Toilet Articles
Clears snd Tubawo. W. K |>U1LL1PS, 2|a
Wslii stirbt_se.li)
? s?it sAiTiii
Tlegeiit? ll-kcpt honiehol I and kitchen
furniture heioiigiug tu n iitlomnti reuiov
tug from the city. Ft r psrliculars apply to
*pl2 lw 10 Hank street
FOR SALE?A .Vor. kaut lador busioeet, with
au eatsbllskcd tiale, has beta snccestfulli iuii by
ene j any for t hi past IW( It* r< ar-, r- nl is low und
Aoek not very large loa ready cash buyer a big
bariislu vau be had
P. >'.?Nut ii p'aee for fancy trade. Address by
a-i'.r '. T H., nie Vlrglalaa, tpll-tf
V>nlt S w.i -NICE FISH AND OYSTER Si e\ i ^
X cheap. I'epei end l.ovitl svraue, mhSS-sedlm
{."ARMS FOB SALE?Several desirable Farms
j near Norfolk for sale ai icisoiia la prices and
fsy t r ? Als,,. Iluslners Property, lie ' st
Jii.i Pi. 1,1.n.. Lot- iu all | an- Ol the city, W. M.
1 ANNA ii. ioVj i'oiiinit rce street, ' ap; m
1?OK SALB?Four-Story llousd en the west end
ef York street; latest improvements. Kol
terms tpply laFENTRESS* AGELASTO. arl3.ini
Rev. ,T. T. Mastin, or MoKeudroe M.
EX Church, couducted the services at
the Union Mission last night.
In the Corporation Court yesterday
Mr. Willis Simmons, Jr., ?pialitiud ae j
admiuistratro of the estate of Philip
Barnes, deceased, and T. Q. Willoox
qualified as administrator of the estate
of Caroline II. Oarrett.
Judge Brooke has been appointed
local counsel at Norfolk for the Nor?
folk and Southern railroad.
Messrs. Lawler a Holmes have tho
contract for the repairs to tho Norfolk
A special moetiog of tho Norfolk
Presbytery in this oity to-day.
A olats of forty was confirmed by
Bishop Raudolph at St. Luke's Wednes?
day night. Re will contirm a class at
Christ Cliuroh at 5 p. m, to day,
OapU H. B. Nichols nud Mr. A. L.
Wooclworth arc in Hichmuud attend?
ing the G, A. It, encampment.
Mr. W. P, Gregory, who was oallod
to Danville by tho illness of his nister,
Mrs. F.. W. Gaines, says her doatli
may occur at any momont.
Fair weather to day, with increasing
Most Worshipful Grnpd Master of
colored Masons of Virginia, H. A.
(Haves, of Richmond, is in tho city
and was tendered a banquet at Sarnau -
tau Hall lat.t uig,ht.
Hot cross buns to day?Good Friday,
The Marine Engineers Beneficial As?
sociation of Norfolk will tender a ban
quet to Mr. Georgo Uhler, National
President of the At-sociatiou, at tho at.
James Hotel Monday in .lit,
Mrs. LeKies yesterday purchased
from MoBsrs. Creeey k Dill two boBiin
ful suits of fnruituro to bo presented
to tho Girls' Homo.
The Norfolk and Washington Steam?
boat Conipauy has sold tho steamer
Geo. Leary to tho Natioual Steamboat
Company of Wanbingtou.
Tho following wero visitore at tho
Cotton Exobauge yesterday: W H
Burroughs, elms D M Colo, Geoff H
Strauug, New ^ ork city; E ?S Greene,
Lonisburg, N C.
Frnnoes Barnes' Y's had one of tlioir
most delightful social* at Mm. Miley's
lad night, An excellent program
ma wao given, after which re?
freshments wero served. All prtb
eut had a good time, as they
always do at .Mrs. Mi'.cy's. Their uv.inl
meotiug will be Friday at Y. M. C. 4
sharp. All young ladies will please be
ou hand,as thoy expect to have thocon
veutiun tho '2 i of April sud thoy have
none too inuch tiiue to practice.
Ou account ol tho suduu death ol Dr.
Smith'? buu, tho perforruanoe of cruet
lixiou will bo postpouod from to night
until uuxt Friday ui^ht.
Tho Pocoboutas Club, of Ocean
View, bus elected tho following officers
for this year: W. R. Butcher, presi?
dent; H. 0. Williams, vice president;
B. B. Batch elder, secretary ami troas
!*<>; it i' Conn.
Justice Burroughs disposed of tho
fclh.w in? eases yesterday:
D. M. Mullius, colored, stealing $9
worth of lumber from B. F, Batchol
der; sixty itaya in jail.
Tbos. Maokoy, colored, stealing an
overcoat from Edward W, Normnu;
ninety day s in jail.
Fugouo Tahalorro, Alex. Taliaferro,
Sr., and Alex. Taliafcrro, .lr., all col?
ored, assault on Win. Gurus, Jr.,
white; lined jrlO.-J."> each.
Honry VVinglleld, colored, stealing
Hoods volueil at S'0.70 from Mamie J,
fticbardson; sixty days iu jail,
R. W. McDonald, riiiiuin^ J. J,
Guthrie down with a bioyoleat tho cor
nor of Main and Church streets yester?
day ; lined SI.To,
Martha B. Rowers, colorod, broach
of the peace; lined S12.75.
ll) ?|K p?la Bild I lid l?i?-?l inn
In their worst forms ure cure.1 by Iho
UB0 of P. P. P. II you arc debilitated
nud run down, or if you need a tonic
to regain ilesh and lobt appetite,
streugtb and vigor take P. p. p, nud
you will be strong and health*, 1-or
shattered constitutions ami lost mau
bood, P. P. P. , Prickly Ash. Poko
Loot and Potassium | is tho king of uil
medicines. P. P. P. is the greatest
blond puriner iu tho world. For i-alo
by all druggists.
Tha Involution
Of medicinal agents is gradually
' relegating tho old-time herbs, pills
! draughts aod vegetable extracts to the
rear aud briugiug into general use tho
pleabiint aud effective liquid laxative,
Syrup of Eies, To Rot the truo romo
dy Bee that it is mauufactured by tho
California Eig Syrup Co, only. For
sale by all leading druggists,
iInaitir <? I fertile.
V?'e aro offering thin Laster silver
novultiuN at lower prices than ever.
See what you can buy for 50c, Chap?
man .V Jakeruau.
Did you say your eyes were troub?
ling you? See Frank H. Gale's "adv."
'?Mist iieforo your eyes?" Suo Frank
II. Gale's "adv."
rnu itKNT
LOU RUN I.- I.ivi in 8TAM.K3 AN I) < Ii U K
I c i rue o' I r ion and ? liun a itrteti, Ilia ? -le i
ami ma.i canvanteni itabtri In tiio cltj II ou
reasonable I >i Krina tpaly IV. I: i i.n i K? --,
12 li. nk sir et, < r 230 Frrein in u ?Ir.-. i, mli.c-liii
I'dUUiNl Oo l''r<cniii?on ilroel weit of Uranbrj
1 i wo desirable.*,wilh all lonvcnlrn . ?. w>'-,
I bath and attention; refrrencea exchanged in ler
ui.-:ra-. Address 1>. J. II, care Virginian, nirl0-lf
IfOR RKNT?Two rary dMirabla f. westof
I (Jrlnbjr .ir.'-i on I refutation, with ill can reu?
ten.-.?> gat.bath and attention. itefirrercca ex?
changed; niodeiata lent. Address O. u.U.. 'ara
Virginian. <H-.v-tt
? o-?
Gdc or two gentleman can obtain a nicely fur?
nished room, tt-ntrally totaled, wttu all modern
conveniences, includinK bath, aa? and liaat, with.
Ju three minute.-, walk, uf uio electric line. A. <i
k.,caio Vbglulan. nol04f
Bov. J. T. M11.1tm, of MoKendroc,
conducted services at tbo L'uiua Mis?
sion uu lower. Church Btreot lust night.
.Mus Stella Crtder, uf Charlottesvillo,
Vo., is uu a visit to her pareute, Hev.
aud Mrs. J. \V. Crider, who ate now
Btoppiug with their daughter, Mrs.
E. S. Aau.hu, l'JS Windsor avenue.
Mr, I,. E. Kidd, of New York, is
visiting his brother, Mr. It. A. Kidd.
Tho bruuch office of 1'iik Viuoinian
was removed yesterday from 11G
OlaiboruoT avenue to 200 Clay, where
Mr. C. 0. Barclay has had a uioo
bouse built for tho agent, Mr. 15. F,
Wilsou. oni pouter having nimbi nu ex
ceilout job ot thin work.
Mrs. J. Ii. Lyon and Miss Minnio
Lyon, of Brooklyn, N. Y., are visiting
the family of W. B. Butcher, on Boso
Tbn Establishment of the Jamestown
Wni lAMsuuno, Ya . April 10. 1895,
Kilitor ot 1 he Nil ilk Virglulau.
On May l.'ltb tho 2i<^th auuiversary
of the lauding of tbo Yirgiuin colony at
Jamestown, the College of William
aud Mary will havo a largo colobration
on Jamestown Islaud. The ladies of
tbo Antiquarian Society have chartered
a Ktoamer. and will run an excursion
from Richmond. This would be an
excellent opportunity for tho people of
Norfolk aud vioiuity to visit thin his?
toric spot, and a splendid obaooe for
some ol your organizations or Sunday
s hools to Have a profitable excursion.
Wo hopo this suggestion will be acted
upon and nu excursion arraugod for.
Yours Ac.,
Jos. Fl. Saukdbrs.
t'ui-li old* I'ns NtfftlStl Matlou.
Notico is given by tho Lighthouso
Hoard that on or about April 15, 1805,
u 1,1)110 pound bell will be established
at this statiod, about a half mile south
of Cum- Newageu, west aide of tho en?
trance to Boutbbay. Tho bell will bo
struck by baud at the hegiuuiug ol a
fog while gettiDg tip pressure to oper?
ate tho Daholl trumpet, or iu case the
trumpof Is disabled. This uotico atleets
i he list of lights aud fog Signals, Atlan?
tic aud (iulf Coasts, 1804, page 24, No,
40, and tbe list uf boacoos and buoys,
First Lighiboiiso District, 1894, pages
70 aud 70,
IJuttermilk aud Ice Cream at Mao's.
Select your spring suit from tbe
lai(/est and most complete line of for?
eign sailings aud troiiKcriugs in Ibe
city at Nichols A Wallace. 169 Main
CtlHIICct II " Ulis.
The jewelry and watul: rspairiug es?
tablishment formerly kept by Mr. H.
F, Maxitu. at No. 171 Mam street, has
changed bauds. Mr. Qeorge D. Chase
BUOCecdlOg him. Mr. Chase will make
n specialty ot repairing and will keep
on bund a full supply uf jewelry,
watches, clocks, musical instruments,
striuga, etc. He will also give special
atteutiun to works fur tho trade.
The Daisy Holler Mills report a
rushing trado tbo past week. Nearly
every grocer in the city handles their
llour aud finds ready tale lor it,
ItrlUui Preactila.
Messrs. Greenwood & Bro., Iho gold
and silversmiths of Norfolk, sro ad?
ding to their immense stock of Ster?
ling silverware many new nud at
tractive styles to meet tin demand'' uf
the most oxaoting iu style and price.
They handle in silver, Sterling uuly,
Coiu silver not allowed, only taken in
exchango as currency for sterling
goods. Easier novelties in the great
east variety at taking prices.
Buttermilk aud loo Croain at Mao's.
tt s ItHn Ilia House.
The Bed Bug 1'uisoti sold at Bur?
row's drug More. WanaLted the
strongest artielo made. Duly 25 cants'
a piut. A brush giveu to apply it. Due
of our lintel men .-ays: "It knocks them
silly. 1 would not be without it."
It will bo ar. agreeablu surprise to
persons subject to at tacks of bilious
colic to Icaru that prompt relief may
be bad by taking Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Ketuedy, iu
many instances the attack may be pre?
vented by taking this remedy as soou
as the bist symptoms ol the disease
appear. 'J"i end 5') cent bottles lor sale
by all druggists.
Btittormilk and Ico Cream at Mac's,
Catarrh originates in scrofulas'taint,
1'. I'. I', purities tho blood; aud thus
permanently cures catarrh.
Sterling silver novelties for Luster
presents for 50c. A largo variety at
Chapman a Jakeman's.
If you want watches, clocks, jewelry
or silverware call oo Brown & Wolfe'
successors to S, B. Smith, II Bank
Wo will receive the newest shapes iu
bats as they come out, Wo will keep a
complete stock of millinery goods to
the end of the seasou. Will try la
ploaso ail customers, but will never
charge exhorbiiant prices,
Mas. P. Ries.
1C-1 ChUret) street,
Dr, D. S. Harmon, Consulting Opti?
cian and M:. .to: of Optics, L>; Main
street. Norfolk. V'n. Consultation treo
Manhattan negligee and white shirts.
Perfect world beaters. Nichols i
Wallace, Itiil Mam street.
When Baby was sie'.:, we Rave her Cnstorla.
When sin? was a Child, she cried for Castorfs.
When she became .Mi?, she clung to Castorfs.
When bho hud Children, she gave them Castoriu,
The Virginian's Daily Hints
HOUSE-Ki:r;Pl?RS !
Saturday. I ;<ii ol April.
Hood deeds in Ibla world done,
Ar<- paid beyoud Ipotuu;
A* water >'n In* root
Is sen Shove in finit.
BREAKFAST, i ranges Indian Sponge
Cuke. Boiled llaiilbuu >leea CreaiiMMl l"Ota
loes, Hiked Applet. Wldie Bread, i ..ftVe.
OI rsl rsj e: P*. Boiled llam -tea.d Potato**.
Canned SucoUthj 1*11 .. mid llndlali Salad.
White and Graham Breid - .. .| Oranges and
r.am.t .luuible*.
SUPPER. Lobater i?,..,,??? ?. 'loail ?!
tia.-kers. ? hie*. Caused Pcaubci. Milk.'lea.
F>lft together twociips vi n meal, one cap Hour,
one teaspoon each of a. da aid s'l. Ileat three egg?
?IIb two leasiHMintulS txigur. latus holloa In cen?
tre of four, |.regg mixture, ibcn cups tour
milk, l hoi ought) utls; bake rl iHii? iu war, Servt
Norfolk nud Suflolk tearoa will play
a gunio of basket ball at tho skating
rink to-night.
Town liupublioaus vrtli meet thin
evening nt s o'clock to ohooao four
delegates to ropre'eut Suffolk ut tho
convention to ho held to-morrow.
The Literary flub will meet with
Mrs. Leo llritt, Mum slrent, on Tuen
day altornoou at -1 :'Mi o'clock. Subject
for discussion, "Standard Magazine
Articles." Kender, -Mrs. .loliu D,
H. 15. Urqnhart whs lust evening
chosen as ouo of the primary judges
to serve to-day, vice S. 1*. Veudorlioe.
Tho marriage of Mibs Muttio L,
MoLemare,fdauguter of Mr. H. L,
McLemaru, olerkjof the courts of
Northampton county, to Mr. T. 11.
ltinl.soug, of Oourtlaud, is anuotinced,
The event will be loiemnized in the
Courtlaud M. E. Ohuroh on April 17th.
TiiiKD Dav or Clin in Uounr.
Judge il. K. Preutis , yesterday con
veueil Circuit JJCouit, trnueuctiug the
following work: The eiise "f William
Wiggins va. Anthony LuuRi-ton, a suit
involviug the possession of a certain
farm in Kansetnond county, untie-ill ii
and ovideuce 6iibwitti .1. The jury do
eided for tho plaintiff and oidcred that
a writ of permission he issued in W lg
gins' favor. Tho case of \S'. 13. Prudeu
vs. Vernon Prndan was continued for
tho Qiueiuiment of declaration and sur?
vey ol land. Chaucery suits will eu
gaga court's uttentiou lo day. The
jury was dismissed till Mouilny,
lai.b of Wioiit nominees,?Infor
uiotiou yeblerdiiy from Iple of Wight
county, where u iiiiihh.meeting of citi?
zens was called on Wednesday for tho
uonnuiitiou of a democratic ticket for
oonnty oflkos is to the effeot thut tho
following were nominated: R, .\. Rd?
?uriis. present incumbent, Sheriff; -I.
VV. Roberts, Treasurer; O. L, Hatten,
Commissioner of Revenue; It. E, i'oy
kin, present incumbent, Uommon
wealth's Attorney, Ihu meeting was u
harmonious one, and the parly iu old
Isle of Wight is reported to be in fine
shape. The election of the uuunues>
iu May seems assured.
Tu Day's PltiMAIlY. ? The Demo?
cratic primary to-day for tho uumiuu
tion of Mayor and nine Oouncilmeu,
will be hehl in thu Conned Chamber,
City Hall, and tickets will be received
by judges from sunrise till 8 p, va., at
which hour the polls will he olosed, the
l ml..; ? oounted mid tho result an?
nounced. Each candidate lor Mayor
is outitled to be present at the coiiut
by person or proxy, io addition to
huviug the appointmout ot one of the
judges who act during the day. The
primary is regulated by the eleotiou
laws of \ irginia, Every Democrat who
did not voto a Rei ilblican ticket nt I he
lust Congressional eleotiou is entitled
to voto.
Nobby effects in Easter neckwear ut
Nichols .t \\ alluse, 10'.) .Matu street.
I Is Made from Fine Ripe Old Sun Cured Tobacco. |
& Sun Cured Leaf, grown in the counties around Richmond, (&
fl Ya., makes the choicest, sweetest, most lasting chew on earth. R
S T. C. WILLIAMS CO., - " ^ . ICHMOl^jr^^
Kor Information.
Tho deputation o? Indies approached
tho uiook uiouibur.
"Aro yo? tho gentleman," they
asked, "who declared that thorn wan
one crime which could bo readily fast?
ened upon woineu?"
Tho meek mouther blatiohod.
"Yes, but"??
Tho deputation waved him to silence.
"You subsequently s:iid tho theater
hat was tho crime you mount?"
Tho meek member's impotout nilouce
gave itfllrinatiou.
"Wo am after information. If"?
Tho doputatiou crowded nenn r.
" ? there is an easier way to fasten it.
on than with tour hat pius and an clas?
tic, wo want, tu know it.'"?Detroit
Even tlio tins.
"It's terrible to think of tho luck a
man will liavo at the races," said tint
melancholy oitizoil.
"Have yon neon having ezperionco?"
"1 should say so. I don't muni losing
my money. I'm used to that. Bui yes?
terday I took my dog over with nio for
company's sake. "
"Now my dog's lust."?Washington
An IMM of (Ik- Day.
Ono of the issues of the day hooiuh to
ho thn question whether bronze paint is
morn moral?or immoral?than siik
flesh oolorod tights. This is a day of
em nil things, especially in tho mutter of
Btago oostnmo. ? Buffalo Enquirer.
\ HtlKtK.1l Kti > >
\tan wick'h a? adi:mv OV Ml SIC ?
une NK1HT, Kill DAY, Al'lUl. I'Jth,
W. s. ( I.l.YI'.l.ANIi'S
75 l'l OPI.V, 7ft
?J Hig Sho is in .h?Due White, Due 3
?> I I? k Du- Amu t: reue w
Seats on S hi \\i iluosil ?}'. pre es Me, fi le.
7fie mi I *1. np.'-tu,th fr
tei Monday, inaliueo .m l uiffht, April
151b i hn nuccontfill Anierionu comedian,
\\ II.PI HO til AUK. dtedh\ bis own coin
puny, p o < nitiig
i y tor ling <'? ? a". Keats ou s?io Saturday.
I'ricoJ. - <?, COci J&o iirnl 41. apl'i-Ht
Just Received.
A complete ilaaol Pat. Leather and Rnraetl Skat
anil S lj>|irn foi U-i-n und Kehileuiea, Lowe*!
pricii iu Iba i-itj tank In ni) window.
m iIk-moil elwtinata citri guaranteed in from 3
i o <3 day*; bo other lr*ai meal i - quired, und With
oat tbe nanicatliig results of do^lm; with Cubeta,
Copalbaor SaadartVeiH .i l Kit KM a CO., fatic
cettarato Uroiii, I'barniaoicn, I'arU. At?II drug.
|liti. .11.-ii
nin! Wlilafccy HabltA
cute.i ?L lioint- With*
net paiu. Book oi i ar
tlfulars scot FItt'.K.
Ii. M WOOl.l.KY, M.P.
"uiluhali St.. Atlanta, tin.
New, Meat and Nobby Styles 20, -^s. 35 and 374c.
The above are 25per cent, less than regular price.
Very pretty CREPoNS in light shades, 12AC .>u>i
the thing foi evening wear.
Another lot DRESS DUCKS received. They arc1
prettier than the first lot and selling last at 10c. per yard. 1
Come and examine our DIMITIES. We guarantee
to show you the largest and prettiest ass ?rtment in the
city. We have onlv two qualities, but they are corkers,
and 10 and 12c. per yard.
A few more of those TURKISH TOWELS left, 22
inches wide, 46 inches long. 10c. each.
1*3-3 Clunvh Street.
cti_v one: rrioe:.
11 AYR ^ Examined by Your Physi
YOUR cian if they are trotu
IiYI:S v bling you.
It may prove di?astr< ui to delay or mbmit to inad?quate
treaitneut, IUI. EI.LIOXT, i)i uli t wi I i>e- at the Jewelry
?tore ol Qrfeuwooil A liro., 15H Main atreet. Norfolk, \a.,
011 i III RHIMV ol o n n wo 1 k. from 9 A. M to 5 l\ M.
(onmUI/I'A ! ION FREE.
S?ritemcmber EVERY THUR8DAY.
Para Bc-i brewed t,.-<lav.
tiieJ eapreaily lor famiioi.
Pabst Milwaukee Beer.
phone, soy. 744. BETTZ S RLE P PORTER w ? mi
J. El. FULFORD, Sole Agent.
1 .* w , >e< la i Delivery for l'rivato Families.
WEDDING PRESENTS a Specialty This Week.
YY ?o,?:i:iur.??,.,re?. JOHNSTON CHINA CO*
' TATORT A'' Ul?fl I'ownbrokrr-.. :i?S ( h.ir.l, .ir.-..; ,r.,.,r ?loori
I? J/lbWUJ o^. OI\U, from Queen) ore the most liberal nioaer laad?
er? of Norfolk on oil kinds of net muhiI property it a Ion ralo of Interest. M?il
coRuannicatlons still lie protuptlv .flended to.
In the Una of progre? . the near putT?rl*inx mncUlm-, sp eiml; l..i 11. oVsirinv < ofli-o ground
rerj An . l-oliti-<> nks .u,d pi .tU|.i attention given everyone. GRKAT ATLANTIC AND I'ACI
l ie TKA < MM I'A N \ . |M Mi in Hi nl.
Keep'Riiv Inngtli of tinio. A delicious drink. K..LI jii bulk or bv bottlu. All lint*
clnis grocers ke?'|> it, tint of to? ??. ordorii will receive itrom;>t nil ti?>???
Work! Curuor Avenue Jl anil ObOroh Street.
under new management.
Everything flrst-eiaa*. liar atooked with 0n> host und the rostaui-.iuL furnishes tha
l>oat in M-.it.on LYNNIIAVBN OI8TEB8 a specialty. Hervico tho very bojt.
Purchased oil immun-. They aie something ronlly oboioe, and will ho nerved to tho
j. s. Bui. jr.. sco., oueen end Church sircels.
Telephoue 03C. Goods delivered free. Al-o i rinio Deaf, Veal, Sausage. Lard, Bacon, etd?
Two Cans Apricots for she. i Kreuch IVuuta, four pounds lor 2&c.
Si ndaid Karl? June I'eisi !?? |"-r ran. I Fr ?Ii I'kln Creamer; ii itler, 25c par pound.
i*?riit.'alii l'oui.lue? fhi Iii, J l-'re-b i 'o .?ii-ry Uuller, 2l)o |i*r pound,
i I? ' . Salmon for 25c. V l'lui Ui ?rSu Ii nil Hums, Springfield Hums
l-'reneliiSanllnra ? j'f, wllb key, to. I and WiMipbnlii llnms.
'Phono 209. CHAS. A. MORRIS, cor. Chin ch & Holt St.
Permanontly Cured in Thirty Days.
No Knife. No Pain. No Honey Until Cured.
Atlantic Hotel, Every Wednesday from io A. M. to i P. M.,
Beginning February 6, i8gn.
Wo iin\f> a lull im?- oflTnvlor's Pa ton I Itomovnblc I'rnvijion Chamber licfrigcrators.
CALL AND BXAMINEJOUII STOCK ltt:i oltl. l'Ultl ll.V-il.v.
li. D. ODEN HAL. Manager.
At the Very Louost Figaros, for Cash or hula hr.ent TiikeyOUr choice.
IC*. "HT ? A.FJF'JLsi1E5Jgst,
CiV I'o yo-i w.int something nico in tho way of marketing to-day? A nioe
Smithfield Mam, Fine Beef or Fine Groceries f
If no, sco ?hat wo h?v..\ Cash talks aud we soil Inw. 8. J. WHITBHDRBT, Agent,
S. B. oornor Uhun h and Charlotto streets.
fresh fish , OYSTERS. FISH and GAME?
fresh 1'lSll i Fino Shad and other Fish In great -variety.
fresh fish ' 1<c5,lil at 31, 32 and 33 City Pish Market.
I'KborJ I4 lol l i oliliei ant Wholesale uealar.
fresh I1SH j DEPOTS? ? ^"'^/u^'xv^iKnKio'naud Hrewer streets.
East Main Market,
seltruif \>"i?nl.l<M slso Fruit*. Cliow-l'hon-, 1'lrkle?. etc. I'bolco ^ffiflflj
.. Peach snd Fins Ipple i whatever else you may want to supply your .JE3EL
H. SCHLOSS. Proprietor.
mjt S. BACHR?CH & BRO.,
Lowest Liberal
Rates T Advances T
bo not s.ici iflcs any old go.il that von may have, but urlto us to call on you and give)
?on oni nrlces We receivo old gold from any par of tbe Unite i States, ami if amount
allows i i- not satisfactory wo nay express eh irges both ways and return package in same
rou.litiou as re -otvud.
S. Bactirach & Bro.,
13? cntireli Street._
Haclctita}jt6n Kvtilclijigj;, Granby
Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Arithmetic, Banking, Etc,
No odueation i* complete without a thorough bnsinoai training. Stadants a<5
at nuy tiuio. Individual instruction. No olasses. Elegant rooms ovov looking N
harbor. Terms reasonablo. For circulars address
I. W. PATTON, Principal

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