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Official Confirmation Regarding
, Nicaragua's Counter Proposition,.
It is Suggested that the Corn Islands
Be Ceded Greal Britain. Nicara- |
gua fVlay Propose This to
Force the Hand of the
United States.
B7 Southern AHKoeiatod Prem.
Washington, L>. C, April 19.?
Official confirmation of Luudou dis
liatobos tbnt Nicaragua bud been in
formed that her counter proposition
?ras not regarded as aatisluctory by
Groat Britain was received hero to
Nicaragua's prcBent pluu, it is un?
derstood, ia to eudonvor to reach u
Compromise with Great Britain respect
log tbo ultimatum settlement of the
indemnity of $75,000 to pro Consul
latch. In pursuance ot thin purpose,
a special report may be lent to Lon?
don, who will probably bo Geu. Bar?
rios, who recently returned from
iCuglnnd, ufter an uusueeesstul attempt
to eettlo tbo difUenlty.
it is not doubted that in the cud, Ni?
caragua will pay the indemnity demand,
or oiler to Great Britain in lieu of the
$75,0110 a psrt of her territory. The
report bitH reached here lrom Nicaragua
? hat Mr. Qoaling, the Britiab Minister
to Central America, declared in (Junta
mala, a few months ago tbut "England
especially wanted Mime interest in
Nicaragua with a view to preventing
Ibe Yankees lrom controlling absolute
ty the Nicaragua Canal, '
This etuteuieut, it ib said, was runde
?ublicly and wit bout reserve. It wus
noted in the Guatemala newspapers
at the time,un(i u high authority asserts
that Minister Qoaling b:i? never ven?
tured to den v it. the particular patches
of territory available lor tint, purposes
srould be the so bailed "Corn Islands,''
the possibility of whose proffered
cession by Nicaragua to Great Britain,
lu lieu of a money indemnity, bus been
anoro than only suggeste i lutely. These
tends would ue ot great value to Great
J'.ntam for a cuuliug and naval statii n
and an effective British leutiuel over
Iho Nicaragua couul.
it is said tu bo absolutely impossible
lor Nicaragua to immediately comply
with Great Britian's monej demands,
(She has now ?70,11(10 iu bcr treasury
and her population of about 2,000,000
{people, two thirds ludiaus, have nut
developed resources upon which they
could raise the amount, The propu
eiticn of a "l'uciiic blockade" of
^Nicaragua ports tu enforce payment is
Quietly laughed at, "Nicaragua" it is
said, "has uosbips," the blockade would
only hurt tbo commerce of Germany,
1'rnnee and other coiiutrics an well us
the Tinted States,
'there are those who Miggest that if
Nicaragua should propose to cub;
Corn Islands to Great Uritaiu as an
equivalent fur the "smart money," tbo
Immediate payment oi winch is tic -
tnautietl, this proposal might be re?
garded us a i ihren tl move to force the
iiuiid of the I inted Mates. Nicaragua
is not suturing for luck of diplomatic
adroitness in her representatives either
bbruud or at home.
Both in Jail Charged With the Murder
Of Walter P. Wiils.
By Southern Associated i'roej.
iiTNcununa, Vn? April 10.?At the
toll-gate, a milo below this city, lute
?esterday evening, William VVeinmau,
be toil keeper, got into au altercation
with Wuiter I'. Wills about the latter
Xeiusiiig to pay toll. Woioman's son,
John, came up during tho Bqubble ami
whilo William Weinman is alleged tu
liavo held Wills, .lohn Wciumanj^atruck
the latter over the head with n Bingle
treo of a wagon, Knocking him uncon?
scious. To mghl bo died from the of
<i eis of tho wound und both of thu
Weinmans uro in jail charged with his
sum der. \S ills is alleged to bnvu been
too intoxicated tu have defend od him
self und wax forcibly dragged out of
his buggy because of bis refusal to
pay toll.
'i'u i tiritmr i'eai ttie Itnrcoit.
lir Southern Associate i l'rurin.
Atlanta, (ia., April 10. -Tho Sea?
board Air-Line railroad announces that
ft will carry the boycott ease iuto the
?United states Courts, A conference
yean held hero to tiay between Yieo
2'rcsiduut St. .101111 and tho general
and special council of tbo rund. It tins
decided to furl bcr test the power of
|ho Southern Builwny and Steamship
Association to declare it boycott, Tbo
tuet wili be mndo in the Federal courts,
A Hall Uilllou t ire.
liy Boutberu Assooiated Press.
Ar.Ditonr, I. T.,April li>.--Tho main
tmsiness portion ol Ardmore, for six
fcnlul blocks, on t'uddo street, north
and south of Main street, were de?
stroy, d liy liro about Ii o'clock this
morning, Sixty business houses were
antiiely destroyed. Tho loss will ag?
gregate 8300,000, Tbo Masonic Tom
ide was burned, Masy families arc
tumped out in tbo street.
Buttermilk, and loo Cream at Mac's.
The Increase in Speculation tho Most
Noticeable Feature.
Bv Southern AsBociatad l'ron
New York, April 19,?-R. Q. Dan A
Co'?., wookly roviow of trade to mor?
row will eay:
In every speculative department
business is growing, but this ia really
tho least satisfactory feature of tho
situation. Cotton, oil und wheat oltmb
above the export price, so that tho
marketing of products abroad must bo
chocked and money is absorbed which
onght he employed in productive in
dustry and iu distribution of products
to consumers.
Everybody knows that oil hue not
risen -DO per cent, because it is iu
triusically muro valuable, nor is wheat
actually worth more than it was two or
three weeks ngo, but (ho expensive and
j ni?-Uyiug bus unfortunately tukeu to
speculation ralhor than to production,
and so wo hnvo higher prices in all
speculative markets without a larger
demand for consumption.
There is uo evidence that cotton is
iu larger demand thuu it was when thu
prico was 1 cent lower, but prices have
been so low tor months that an upward
movement wus easy without much rea?
son, though etucks here aud abtoud are
H00.O00 hales larger ihun they were at
the same date utter tho greatest crop
evor produced horetofure, und spinners
bore uud abroad have tukeu ai out
1.GOO,000 bules more than they have
consumed. The ribo tends lo prevent
tho decrease of acreago, which iu its
one reasonable excuse.
Outside ol speculative market, the
most important feature is the use iu
pnoo ot beef, but wnieh is largely due
to the control of sources of supply by
u lew strong corporations. There
ought to be, but apparently ia nut,
sufficient power iu the bauds of thu
govornmeut to meet any such couspira
oy uguiust tbo public, and thu proposal
ot Secretary Mm ton to admit Mexican
cattle und cattle lrom Caniulu uu easy
lerms lor the beue?t of consumers, is
heartily commcuded, though it is uot
likely to have much iudueuee, 'I be
actual deoruasc iu receipts of cattle at
the four chief Western markets' bus
been 200,000 head during tbo first
quarter of 1895, and the quantity killed
has been only 80*000 head less than last
yeur, ubout 10 per cent., but lneie Lave
litlle tu do with prices in this case, as
i iu tbo case of oil. j
Some large textile mills hnvo ad?
vanced wages ut Fall liner ubout 10'
per cent., restoring the talcs paid after
the reduction in Soptenibaa, 1803, Ea
bur (roubles are comparatively less sc
nous this weck. Tbecoium mills are
encouraged by improving prices uud
are fairly busy.
Money markets nre eouipara'.ively
dull aud accumulation from the mit;
nor continues, although there is not
material increase ill the commercial
demand. Foreign trade shows u heavy
balauce and gold wotml undoubtedly
go out iu lnr^e amounts but for the
negotiations uf bonds by tho syndicate.
Interesting Dots of Newport News
and Surroundings.
Newport News, April 19.?Tho
greatest alarm has been fell hero to-day
iu regurd to the tug bunt Alberl F,
Dowey. As nothing could be beard
from her it was feurcd she bad been
lo.it iu the severe .storm of Wednesday
night. The friends of Mr. Dowey sent
telegrams uil tbo morning nutl at 12
o'clock (.'apt. llicr, of tho bout was
beard from, saying they had arrived
solely at South] ort, und thoiiKh thu
voyage had been severe, tho little ves?
sel hud braved il well,
Announcements of tho marriage of
Miss Flt/nb th Urnce to Mr. Kduurd
(Juuuingbatn, both of New Orleans,
have been received here.
A. F. Young and uifo, of Elizabeth,
N. Y., arc sojourning ut tbo Warwick.
Mr. E. T, Lnmpkiu, the well knowu
piano man, is in tho city.
Mrs, Hopkins, of Troy, N, Y., no
cniupunied by Mrs. Kumscy, of Chi?
cago, will arrive here to-night uud visit
Mr. A, E. Hopkics, at Hotel Wur
The Amount Handed in so Far is
Ily Southern Asuociated Press
Washington, April 19, ? Internal
Revenue Commissioner Miller to-day
gave i.ut Ins official estimato of the
revenue to bo realized from the income
tux us he stated it iu a letter tu Secre?
tary Carlisle:
"Telegraphio advices from Ihoool
leotora of the several internal revenue
districts indicate that the aggregate
amount of income tax shown by the re- j
turns which woro filed before the IGth j
instant will be about $14,365,000,
"Delayed returns and corrections, it
is believed will considerably inoreaso
this amount. Thu total expenditures
mi account of the work, including uoc
essary salaries and allowances, tu the
end of the present fiscal yeur, will not
exceed $1115,000."
Ilnr, lint, liny.
Choice Michigan Hay in lots to suit
tho Irado cheap. D. P, Reid & Brio.,
aplO I lit Wim 260 and 270 Churob .St.
Buttermilk and Ice Creiim at Mao's
Don't fail to see Frank ?, Gules' add.
The Importing House of Sypher &
Co. Strongly Suspected.
For Fifteen Years it is Said tho Firm
Has Been Importing Under False
Valuation. Custom Officials
Implicated. Hundreds of
Thousands of Dollars.
By Southoiu Associated Press.
New York, April 19.?One of tho
most startling Btories ot fraudulent
evasion of customs duties winch has
developed in the port ol New \urk for
yeais came to light to day. It involve.-!
ihu nniuo of one of tho hest known
brie-a-lirao dc-ulors iu tho country und
implicates possibly ono or more cus?
toms employes who hnvo until now
enjoyed the unlimited confidence of the
Collector of tho l'ort und the heads of
the various departmoula.
Tho proiniuout cuutoms ufiicials have
not been no disturbed over a caco of
tho Kind for u Iour tituo, aud for thu
last two weeks ft thorough unremitting
investigation of tho matter has been
going on. Tho discovery of tbo frauds
came from the former seoretary und
more recently, bead salesman of tho
bouto of O. Ii. Sypher .v Co., of Fifth
avcuuo and Twenty sixth street,
Tbe informer is L. II, Todd, who
was discharged January last n is e*id
for druukeuuess. L'wo weeks nxo hu
appeared at Collector Kilbreth's
ollice and astounded that oflloial
with information so startling
that ho bardiy credited the man's state
meuts. With tbe assistautance of
Col, Pbclps, of the l.uw Department,
und Apprainoc Diiun, tbo customs
authorities have gathered indisputable
evideucu that Todd's stateuionts arc
true und that (). L. Sypher & Co, liavo
profited to the extent of many thou?
sands ot dollurs during tho last (iftoeu
Bj/l'odd claims that for tbo last tifteou
years Sypher bus been importing luto
tho port brio a-lirac, tapestry antiques,
artistic silver articles uud relics at a
rate of duly abnormally beiuw their
valuation, aud cites numberless im
pnrlutiuus of artistic aud vuluuhlo
articles from Great lints i;, including
triiye, loving cups, valuable table
-pieces uud silver articles which were
iuvoicod as "old silver" aud valued ut
4 shillings aud ? pouce per ouuee.
.Most oi tbe silverwurepassed through
the second division of tno appraiser's
department, in which Cyrus A. Stevens
whs assistant appraiser uutil n yeur
ago, when be wus succeeded by 11. W
liart, who has 0barge of the depart
muni at the present time, Fugene
Honeywell, who bus been iu tbe ens
turns service fifteen years, is tho muu
through whoso bauds the Sypher prop?
erty passed and upou whose head iio<\
lulls thu suspicion tbnt Sypher wus as?
sisted iu swindling the customs by oue
lusido tho service.
Collector Kilbreth has always hnd
implicit coulidence iu Hub oflloial,
whom ho describes absolutely above
suspicion until it is cleuiiy proven that
ho is guilty.
I lie case hns muuy ramifications uud
hints at smuggling, and the implication
of ateumship employes are given. The
amount, o( money out of which the
Government has been sw indled will
ruu lutu the hundred thousund uollars.
Many Matters to Interest Petersburg?
ers in Norfolk.
Hpeced Dispatch to thu Virginian.
PETKBsnniui, \ a., April 19.?Tbe
Rev. Ii. W. Battle, 1>. I>., pastor of
iho First Baptist Church, will preach u
special sermon on next Sunday uight,
Iiis subject will be "Suicide, us cause,
its sin, Biid its r< oiody."
Rev. VY, iBrown, pastor of I'.ttrick
Baptist Church, will deliver a special
sermon next Sunday morning beloro
the Junior Order United American
.Mechanics of tins city, His subject will
bo, "Our Country,"
Tho Board oi Directors of the Young
Men's Christian Association, held u
meeting last night and decided to in
struct tho building committee to go
ahead at uiice with the completion of
tho new hail of the association on
Sycamore street. Tbo hull when
finished will cost between $..>0,0u0 ami
The Correspondence Published. The
United Stales Called on.
liy Southern Apsoriatod Pro?.
Ws binotox, April 19.?The State
Department bus published tho diplo?
matic correspondence exchanged be?
tween this government and Venezuela,
.extending over tbo period between
Ootober 1893, and December 1894, re?
lating to the boundary dispute between
Venezuela and British Guiaua, which,
whilu adding but littlo lo the general
knowledge of the subject, indicates tbe
serious turn affairs may take uuless an
impartial arbitration of tbe couflictiur;
claims is secured. Venezuela iui.'-cb it
clear that she relios wholly upon United
Slates intervention to secure a fair con?
sideration of the matter.
Abbreviated Telegrams of Newsy
Fact and Figure.
Bobuentown, N. ., 19.?Mrs. Dulia
I'nrnull, mother of Charles Stewart
l'arnull, was assaulted by n footpad
last in?lit near tho railroad station and
robbed of a small amount or uiuney.
Sbe may die aa a rosult of (bo assault.
She- la over 80 years of age.
Roue, 1'.).?TUe Cabinet ia disoussing
a proposal to bold tho I'm hitmentury
elections on May 19.
London, 19. ?Tho Duke of Austa
uud tbo Princess !li:leuo of Orleaus
will bo married at Htowo iiouae,
Twickenham, ou June 8tb.
Liinhun, 19.?Tlio ".reut sbnernakoro'
strike, which bus been dragged ou for
weeks, ia likely to end within the noxt
tcu days.
Chicago, 19.?Be*, Dr, .lohn Husk
nud oflicers of tbo Sooiety for the Pre?
vention of Crime raided Hudlenka and
?abpst's miIooii on LuStillee t.trtn.'l to
duy und captured aevornl uickul-iu the
slut machines urouud which were gath?
ered u hundred speculators uud idlers.
Nbw Yokk, 1!'.? The tnnl of l'oliee
Inspector William \V. McLaughlin ou
the cbargo of bribe taking area resumed
i in- morning. This ih tho tiftb iluy o(
the trial, but last evening only lour
jutors huii boon selected.
Pa ins, 19.?Mrs. Alia Vanderbilt,
Ibe divorced wife of .Mr. \V, l\. Van
dorbilt, wits a-iUeii to day what trulli
there wuh in the rrport that she was
nbotit to marry .Mr. O, 11. P, Hemout.
Shu did not seem surprised, but do
eliucd to answer it either affirmatively
or negatively.
London, 19,?(JuudboI fur Oscar
Wihlo has nuiiouiicud bin inteutiou to
apply to tho Court of Queen's Beuou
for the uiluiiaaiou of his client to bail,
on the ground that tlm admission to j
hull of n prisoner churgod with or in?
dicted for misdemeanor is compulsory
under the statue law.
London; 19.?A Central News dis?
patch from Seoul, says that a plot has
been di-eoverod lo net hrouo tho King
of Corea in favor of his nephew Li
Shun You. Tho couEpiralors, luelu
diug Li Shuu Von, wore promptly
Skw V.iitK, 19,?Tho dock b->nrd
met at noon to day aud in Beeret session
vott d to disehurgu 400 men who bave
for some years been iu tho employ of
the department.
\VtMilAMsroRT, Pa., 19. ? 'I he loom
bands ut Ibe i-iIk mill nl .lohn N,
Stearns .v Co. were granted an a lvalue
in wages to-day ol l cent per yard,
Aboui 400 women operatirea will be
beueflttod by tbo advance,
Knoxvimj!*, 'i'enu., 19.?All is quiet
at Coal Creel, to day. I he miners still
reruuiu out ot the Royal .Mines but
Ibere baa been no further diriurbaueo
und none is expected,
Trustworthy Information Tb.it It
Amounts to Nothing.
Bt Southern Aaaooiate.l !'r?ji.
Santiago db Cuba, i Via Turnus, Tin. >
April 19.- Tbo stutl' correspondent ot
tbo United i re->s nftor searching inves?
tigation write-. "As to tl.c progress of
the insurrection, it 1ms lor the
last mouth beeu practically nil. In
the lirst place, no general lising ol
Cubans has lukeu place, no provisional
government has been lorineii, no bland
ngaiudt government troops has been
1 niude, nn engagement of stiilieieut char
1 acter to be designated ut, a buttle bus
"The plan mapped out by Marti and
and other enthusiasts iu New York was
not endorsed by the better classes ol
rchidout of Cubans, without ?Iwsu
Unaucial n d and personal intluenoo uo
uprising in Cuba can succeed,
"lu tbo province of Sautiago tie
Cuba at tlio custern end of the island,
the oaso ba-> been different. The
moiiutHiuiiiiri nature of the country
and the number of sympathizers havo
made this sec ion the natural choice
tor tho lauding of tho filhustering ox
peditiona and war moteriul.
"Under Gov.-Qeu. I nil en active pro
pornttoii was delayed and clemency ox
teiulud to ail who forswore their cause
outi pledged submission to the King of
Spain. With Martine/ Campos, the
I uew Governor-General in iho Held,
personally pushing active operations
against thu lusurgeuta, the ontcouio
I will not long be in doubt.
"Uud tho movement been supported
by the influential Cubans mid properly
led, some show of success might nave
been looked I r. '1 he leaders are not
capable of intelligent or systematic
handling of men, many of tlie03 having
been outlaws ami bandits lor years,
Olbera ore negroes or lialf-breeds,
"I'ttlso reports of battles fought and
victories won have been manufactured
in tho cigar factories of Tampa and Key
West. As a mutter of fact no city and
n<> town has bueu taken ami no bottlo
of any clisioctor fought."
A Krlillntut llermnn,
Tho "Soniora" gavo a very brilliant
geruiHU at AloiiteoQre Hull Thsl night.
There were nbout Ion dancera aud
itniotig them a number of attractive
voting Indies from out of tho city. Air.
W. Ii, I'aldwiu led, Bor j es Orchestra
furnished tho music. Au elegant sup?
per was served. The chaperoues were
Mrs, Ueorgo W. Taylor, Mrs. R. A.
Dobte, Mrs. Frank L. Oraudy, Mrs,
Thorn liendtreon,
Richmond as the Centre of Virginia
Gossip and Events.
Portsmouth's Finn Batting Team
Which Will Make a Fine Fight for
the Pennant. Miss Van Lew in
Court. Tablet to Bishop
Moo re.
Special Disput, b tu T bo Virginian,
Richmond,Vu.,April IU, ? Day boforo
yestorduy Air. II. W. Ivey, n young
luwyor here, nud Miss Lulu llotid wero
married in Petersburg, Mr, Ivor wua
divorced from hia first wife BOtne tiuiu
ego uud it is rulhur n roiunrknhlo com
cideuoe that sho was married u soeoud
tune within twenty-four hours ol tbu
tune her lormer husband took Ihn boo
ond wife. Mho wus wedded lust uight
to n young cigarmakor. Mr. Lvey's
bride resided iu Kichmoud sumc tiino
It is generally believed that Ports
mouth haa a baseball team that is going
to ho very much Iu tho raco lor tho
peuuant. Iu sniuu respects it is belter
than Richmond. Mr. Itrody says ho
hau not u aliadnw of doubl that bin team
will end first, llicbniond probably has
it team capr.hle of better Held work, lint
they are not tho e>pial ol lirady's muu
in butting. Hoth teams tiro well sup?
plied with crack pitchers.
Miss ISIizabetli Van Low, forninrly
postmaster of Kiciiiuouii, was u coin
pluiuuui iu the Police Court today
iigitiutit seven little boys who played
tmll in the street. When sho wont on
tbu blitud Lawyer Sam Page, coitnsol
for tbo boys, proceeded to pul bur
through a rigid oross-examiuatiou.
Miss \ nn Low became disgusted autl
got up uud left thu room suyiug she
would not bo mitdo a hiUKimig stock of.
!'l he cane hud to bo continued and rule
wuh issued for Miss Ynu Low's ro
nppearuueu. When sho is brought
back the justice, probably will hue tier.
Trixie Hamilton, tho variety actress,
w ho occasioued a big sensatiou by mar?
rying youug Baylor, a medicul stu?
dent, a lew data ago, hits left hero with
her biisliuiid. It is reported that they
have gone to Newport News und thut
i'rixio is slurring ut n theatre there.
<iov. O'Ferrall bus had a narrow
escape from an attack of pneumonia.
II? hns been ooulined to bis residence
for several nays. To tiny ho waa much
improved and ventured over to tho
capitol, hut is still fur from being
A handsome tablet has been placed
in Monumental Uhtlioh this week. It
is u memorial to Bishop Mo ire, the
second Itishop of Virginia und Ii rot
rector of the church, ft is the gift of
his grandchildren.
StORIES of the: day.
Acconnl <>f a Chinese Moc k Marriage tleltl
in New Vork.
A Chinefo mock marriago took plnco
at St. Bartholomew's parish house, New
York, recontly. Thcro were nearly !100
por.suns present, and tboy had all paid
26 cunts to soo the unique ceremony.
A Chinese orchostra played u number
of seleotious. There were six men in
this orchestra, and they ovokod fearful
and wonderful strains from their instru?
ments. When they wem not playing,
tiny wore "tuning up, "tint the distinc?
tion was entirely lost upon tho audience,
v/hich applauded everything.
At ti o'clock the bridal procession filed
in. Thore were six ushers, and behind
them came tho lovely Won-Hal-Cheo,
which name means "shu who eats the
nightingales' tongues."
Sim was arrayed in a dark skirt, and
her features wore covered with it heavy
red veil. Tho happy bride waa "lunged
in" while snated in a largo sedan chair,
and tho bearers of tho chair were Amer?
icans, who wore evidently not "up in"
carrying chairs of this kind. On the ar?
rival of tho brido tho orchestra broko
loose again, and tho two policomen on
duty iu tho room find.
A shower rif popcorn grouted tho brido,
and two pages, carrying lanterns, waved
tbem bofore her. Thu bridegroom, in a
fur coat aud attended by six men, wits
manifestly nervous, but hit did well and
is in good training for a real ceremony.
Thu sedan chair in which tho brido
sat was preceded by tho matchmaker,
who bore tho brunt of tho ceremony.
Tho bridegroom followed, and whon
thu chair had been sot down ho opened
tbo door, and out came tho brido.
More "music, by tho band" followed,
and then the bride turned over tho keys
of her trunks to tho bridogroom. This
part of thu ooromouy seemed to havo an
exhilarating inflnenoe on tho groom, for
ho promptly ' 'opened wine," so to speak,
pouring a dark red mixturo from u do
canter into a "chalice" (Chinese pro
Bumably for "growler"), from which
ohalico the newly wedded pair drank.
Miss Ho Ah Fneii, "a Chinese girl in
costume, " according to tho programino,
thou sang "Seo This Bunoh of Jasmino
Flowers." She sang in her native
tongue, and tho first line was, "Hao ye
to sicu hwx "?Now York Tribune,,
i '
Strong; Americanism of Mr. Eustis at
the Banqtjot.
Bv Hmitliorn Associato .1 1'rnn.t.
London, April 19.?The Americana
constituting the now American society
in London diucd nt the Cule Boyal
this ovcuiug. Tbcru were aliout l.">0
portions present. Ainbrssador Bayard,
who presided, hud ou his n,:ht, ?lames
II. Knills, Uuitod Slates Ambnaindor
tu Franco and General i'ulriuk A. Col?
lins, Consul Gouoral, nod ou his left
Andrew Carnegie.
Among the others present woro tho
stall' of tho Lmbnssy and Consulate,
and Hiram Maxim nuii Col. Goraud,
On tho wnll behind Mr. liuyard's
chair tho Amoricnu and British Hugs
were draped over a lurgo pioturo of
George Washington, Tho diuuor wus
very elaborate.
lu proposing the first toast of tho
ovoning- tu the Queen?Mr. Bayard
said: "The mauhood of America re
upends to the mnnbood of Great Bri?
tain in this toast, ss Americans of
every opinion ami party honor thu
British sovereign's sex." '1 he toait to
the President of tho (Juited
States was theu given by the
Ambassador, Ho referred to Mr.
Clevolnud'a vigorous actions at
all times when tbu honor of the uouti
try demanded iIocihivo steps und wheu
America's equal rights in the councils
of tho world were involved. "Wo echo
the voice of our chosen cbiof when be
makes known our demands," be suid,
"and we stuud behind his policy. The
organization of Americans in European
capitals doubtless will mould public
opinion to tno advantage ot our coun?
Ambassador KustiH caused a mild
BOUsatiuU with bis responsu to tbo toust
"<)nr Uuests," The stirring Amori
cumin which bu breutbuil iu every
sentence was all tue tnoio remarkable
iu contrast with tho hontimcnts of
Ambassndor Bayard's spuueh.
?ill,- Meiiiaton Uncling
llV Souluorn AHsoeiutni l'rusn.
Richmond^ Vn., April 19, ? Loo
Camp, Confederate Veterans, at their
meeting to night adopted resolutions
inviting Bliss Winnie Davis to he their
guest on their trip to Boustou to
nt tend the meeting of the Urand Camp
of i'uiifcderato Veterans. Tho resolu?
tions also provide lor onteriaiinug her
in u uiuuuir befitting one of her sta
tioil, in ciisu she accepts. The camp
also invited liev. Dr. Hogo to be their
guest ou the trip.
To nitrify, vitnli/.c au 1 enrich tho blond,
m t give nervo bo 111) nu i digoitlve strength,
tui.u iluo.ls Bartapurilla.
Couslabiu Bios, .v Wall have romoved
to Academy Musio building,
If yon want wntchtis, clocks, jewelry
or silverware cull on Brown St Wolf,
successors to S, B. Smith, 11 Hunk
- ' 4
q Laster} oj>cns a New Sesasi n. ^
{ Spectacles, {
f too, have an Laster character, as a
a they open not the same season, but a
"A the eyes., and arc iliu> largely in- *
v crease the area ot vision. The \
7 defects tliat niav be corrected with r
9 9
9 Glasses 9
? 9
\ are many, and the benefits they \
v confer upon sufferers from Imper- f
r feet vision is simply enormous. It
9 your eyes give you trouble don't
a delay. It may prove dangerous,
$ Permanently Located. $
r* Established 1892.
Oliices Closes at 5 P. M.
A *j a ? IW O Cl i V A ? ITA* A
m> - f
o ^ -??> -?*>, -ea? <c* -^-^^e, c
Railroad, Steamboat and
Mill Supplies.
4 and 6 West Market Square,
itVox*?oJJUc* V?*
The Greatest Colonization Scheme
of the Age Successfully Matured.
Tho Indiana Veterans Have Purchased
100,000 Acres of South Georgia
Farm Property and Will Move
in the Fall, 12,000 Strong,
dust the Beginning.
P.v Southoru Associated ProM.
Atlanta. (Ib., April 19.?The Sol?
diers' ('(deny Company, of which P.
II. Fit/goruld, of Indianapolis, is at
tho head, to day closed a bargain with
Uov. Northen, of Georgia, and tha
Immigration Bureau for a solid traot
of lllii.OUO Rcrcs located iu South
Georgia. While tho originators of this
colony aro Federal veterans, any moral
person may obtain a home in this
colony upon equal forms. Twelv?
thousand persons will be located this
fall, hegiuuing in September.
This ih tho lurgest colonization
scheme of tho ago uud has beeu gotten
upon tho share pluu during last few
years. Having secured all tho needed
money they havo not only eoleoted a
site, but have bought tbu land out?
right. Tbo papers of Georgia print
lout; complimentary editorials on Mr,
Fitzgeruld'a selection of a site in this-'
statu aud a- sure his friends of a warm'1'
?? limpid- I I'm l:ns(ir Offering-.
Ail orderiug ouo dozen cabinets at
$11 will In- presented with one of my
carbon aristus with huudsomu gilt
frame. This oiler is only for Easter
week. M'l Maiu struct.
"Newest Discovery"?Ext, teeth no
pain. N. V. D, Rooms, 1112 Main.
Burruss, Son & Co.,
Commorclnl and other businoss paper iU?
Loan- nucotiiited un favorable terms,
t ity bonds and oilier seruritioj bought
uud Hold.
Deposits roeelvod und accounts invited.
luterest ullo.iud on t ru<- i.epositj.
Bufe Deposit boxes lor rent. Charges
Drau Uli? of ICxcunngo ond mako cable
Irnnsfer io Europe.
Lettern ol credit issuod to principal cities
cl tho world. oo27
lorses & Mules.
ON APRIL 23d, 18O5,
Wo will sell another nice lino of
Wo will havo an o\trit lot of fine Moliu
from Nashville, leuu.; al.o a lot of nice
driving and farm hom-n?aud . heap Mules?
and iu fact wo keep a Bupply to suit all pur?
poses, uud ou
Wo will I a- .. our third Si total combination
rntlo of Kentucky horact, from tho well
known fsrin of n. K. Hurt, of voplar Plains.
Ivy., and our patrons can look lor gilt edge
b o .., (sadlera. trotters uud drivers), and
we would udviao our ouataruors to attend
tlii-. bale.
\S o ha-o discontinued our salo at auction
on I relay, but will haveaulo evtry TCE8
i'Ai. We give VI hours trial on all btook:
.-old at our l'uodday's suit. Meu4 for cata?
logue at once.
Tho trump lifo insurance .-.pouts who tries
to ii akti you beliove that any other regular
life insurauce company pays nu lurt{e divi?
dends or HiirpluH us tbo Notihwosteru
Mutual, is kutltv of deeoidion by using mis?
lead n? ltATiOS, which no honest man
would oniploy or exhibit, as they are made
np ta create a false impres>iou.
D. Humphreys & Son,
I Twin City Loan Office,
offers I'orualo a largo and elogant sslestlo;)
at tiricca lower than any place <? tho cStfa
Money loaned OU all good* Ot yalWAi

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