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The Accurate Resume of Current
Thought and Events.
Port Norfolk Railroad Pushed. To be
Dedicated in May. The All Amer?
icas' Entertainment. Presby?
tery Adjourned. Ward Meet?
ings for Councilmen.
Tue Norfolk 1'resbytcry Las ad?
journed sine die.
Dr. Jobnsou and wife left for their
Iioino in the Kast yosterday.
The Hustings Court met yesterday
end adjourned without transacting aoy
Rev. J.W. Orowder will preach at
Wright Mrmorial Church nt both ser?
vices Snndt.y.
It is said that withiu less than sixty
<la\h machinery will be put iu the uew
?niton fuotory.
There will be ward meetings Tues?
day uight to noiuinato Couucilineu for
all live of tho warils.
Bev.J. W. liosmun will leave to day
lor the Eastern Shore ol Yirgiuinto
speud a week with relatives.
Attoution is called to advertisouieut
of Thomas Oaskins for Sanitary In?
spector,subject to Democratic primary.
Sumo of tho rresbyterinu preachers
liavo couciuded to romuiti over ou Sun?
day aud preach m sumo of our
lu another column Mr. Joseph Over
Ion, tho prct-out Keeper of the Altos
i>ouse,aMuouucos himself as u caudidato
for rc-ulectiou.
If tho writer of tho communication
*eut us yesterday desires it published,
let lnni send us his unuie, otherwise it
Will not appear.
A warraut was issued yesterday for
Hen .lordiiD, colored,who is wanted for
attacking aud kicking u womau. Ho is
au old otl'uuder.
Master Toni Itobertion, who was ho
badly hurt at a polo game iu Norfolk
i-i end weeks ago, 1ms uot been able to
leave Ins room yet,
Mr. Ceo. Purker, n well known dry
floods olerk, who lias beeu couliuod tu
us homo for several wooks, hopes to
lie out iu a few days,
The polio; will eommence ou May 1st
I.) take their summer vucatiou ol ten
days each. Oilieer Uoofuagle will bo
the drat mau ou leave.
! hero was no praotioal talk nt the Y.
M. ?. A. last night ou account of Hev.
Mr. Simpson not being ablo to be pres?
ent und make tbe talk.
A negro named Jim Harris was com?
mitted to the couuty jail yesterday in
default of u Quo for abusive language
(o Constable Anderson.
. A soap vender from Micbtnoud was
arrested yesterday ultcmoou for scli
tug without a license, Ho was held to
?newer tho oburgo to day,
Tho ruiile ol tho orniser's model
which was to have taken place on
Thursday night has been postponed
tiutil all the cUaoces urc sold.
There is u perfect baseball fever in
this town, uud ii it continues to grow
as the season advances, by summer it
*. hi bo a regular epidemic.
?&Tbero was a Mother ?ooae rnrty ut
Trinity P. E. Church Inst night. About
ninety little ones tool, part iu it, The
proceeds will go lo tbe church.
Workmen wt-ru euguged yesterday
laying u spur track to tho old wood
<luuk, so that the work of Oiling it can
|.e pushed ahead uioro rapidly.
The Democratic primary will take
nlaca next Wednesday. Tbe candi?
dates ure looking alter tho voters and
toeing it they are properly registered.
A horto- belonging to Mr. Butt, iu
Potith Portsmouth, was kicked ou the
Jog yesterday by uuothur horse, break
Ins tho limb. Tbc animal hud to bo
The condition of Mr, James Llidge
vill yesterday was very critical, be
iiuving bad another ? Bevere attack ol
Xicurt trouble. His friends ure very
The Croon Street Colored Baptist
Church will bo dedicated some time iu
May. By that time the organ will bo
Lere aud tho fence around tho uhuich
t.i.l all bo up,
A force ol mou arc hard ut work
pushing the Port Norfolk electric rail
ruad to completion. Tho company is
auxiotis to get it running by tho timo
warm weather setH m,
A gentleman who came from Smith
field yesterday su>h that there was u
regular blaok Most iu Islo of Wight
county yesterday morning. Tbe berry
Hold was white with it.
The All American Baseball Club will
?ivo n mnsical aud literary entertaiu
lueut ut Kirn Hall on Monday night foi
fbe purpose ol raising fuuds to e>jinp
themselves with uniform.').
Kcv. Mr. Webb, pastor of the Effing,
flam Street ( btiroh, in in Itichmoud
holding n meeting lor kcv, Mr. Berry
inuu, Mr, Bcrrymau will preach both
morning and night ut the Etliugham
otreet M. 13. Churoh to morrow,
Hcatl tho advertisement ol Broslauer
Anthony, clothiers, in which they
^iiarnnteo to sell you a suit ol clothes
At manufacturer.*' pricoB and save yon
from $2 to j;.'> on every suit, Head in!
t/ortiseuient nud cull uud ecu what they
tiarc ou liuud.
The Portsmouth (IrftjM, n juvenile
tfoldicr company, are Utting up the City
Hall lor tho purpose of holding a fair
Bo raise fuuds to equip themselves.
Our peoplo will remember bow they
svere complimented upon their appear?
ance iu the parade in Uicbmond last
fall when tho Soldiers' und Sailors'
(nonunion i was unveiled.
Baby carriages nt Crawford's.
Children Cry for
Uaaeba.ll in Tbla dir*
A few days ago it would huva beon |
bard to convince the public that Ports
mouth people were no much interested
iu tbo game of baseball. But yester?
day would fully convince auy ouo that
it wan not lucking in iutorcst. Their
were tin uo places whero tbo returns
were received from tho game in Bich
mond tmd fully '2.OUO people stood
arottnd to hear the retmlt, and as tho
scores wero given by tunings, shouts
would go up ami one could almost
imagine themsclvoH prosent at tho game
to bear the shouts.
Wlieu the uiuth inning was reached
and tho score tied,all stood in breathless
silence awaiting tho result and hoping
ior tho best. Tho boys are making u
record uo nuo Deed be usharued of.
Itohlieil it iiumiiiv.
Yesterday morning a negro man iu
passing tho clothing! store of Messrs.
, Breslauer Si Anthony, ou High street,
stopped and pulled a coat oil a dummy
iu front of tho door and walkod down
towards the ferry. He wai Boon by
the colored porter of the store wbeu
ho took tue coat und he started after
him. The man seeing some ouo oom
mg after him started off' on a run and
wuh ohused by the porter. Tho two
men rau dowu to the Hay Lino wharf
together. Tho negro who stole tho
coat, tiudiug that he was about to be
caught, dropped it uud made his oeeopo
by hidiug among some freight,
'i lie- Pole* Mutt Vamo Dawn.
The Boad Board of Norfolk county
aud the Committee on Boads from the
Hupcrvisors, hold a meeting ou Thurs?
day in rtfereoue to the board walks en?
croaching on the main road iu Scotts
vilie, and alter coukultiug together for
somo time, they decided that the walks
should he moved further buck from the
road, and iu order to do this the tele?
graph poles that are lowoBt ou the road
will either hnve to ho put ou private
property or removed, Tbo Telegraph
Company has heeu uotiticd by the
committee to remove tho 6ame at
\\ nrit I'riiiiHrv,
L.htur ..1 The Virgin;-*" ?
1 would like tu cull alteution to the
fact that tho Executive Committee has
failed to uame the place where tbe
ward meeting is to be held iu the
Fourth Ward for the purpose of nomi?
nating lour persons other than those
thai have ulready gout iu their names
to be voted for as Councilmou at tbe
commg primary, Tuesday, 2Ctb iust.
This lias been the custom of tho com
mitleo, Democrat,
? lelil I |> on < ouiii> Mreri l.xiumlcd.
Thursday night about 11 o'clock two
well known young meu were coming
from visiting. Wbeu they wero near
Bine sireet, they were stopped by three
colored mon who said that they wanted
money or thdre would be some trouble. I
tine id tbe men pulled out a pistol aud ]
ordered them to leave immediuteiy else |
the trouble might be greater than tht-y
v. anted. Tbo darkies were uot long in
taking this advice, and wbeu last eecu
were trotting up the street car trucL,
< nuebt ??obbmn run.
Last night at an early hour Watch?
man launders, at the Atlantic and Dan?
ville round hoiiBe, caught a negro boy
who gave his name as Mike Joner, in
tho round house stealing brass, etc.
lie curried him to lite county jail. He
bad bad a number of tools, etc. about
him, llu succeeded iu getting in tbe
house by breaking u lock. The boy
refused to talk but acts like au old of?
fender. _
Norfolk Comity Court.
Commonwealth vs. Miles Wright,
felony; nolle proset|iii.
Commonwealth vs. Oeo. Lee, also
Geo, Wright, nolle prosoqui.
Commonwealth vs. James WiIsod;
application for new trial withdrawn,
Case of Dr. Miller for cruelty to a
boy was continued to tho June term,
i lie s um People on Knrib
To r<aionably eipc-t relief are itltejr who
ma coutiuually no* ng tbi missives ?ith
calomel, hlno pill, lodyphlliii and other
?ii-1 . eat Imrtioa. Constipation .auiiut bo
|j i mauently o\ ercotne by taeb viuleut .m
tnrber* of tlio bowels. Hum* b u liver
1 iiey Intlict more harm tl.au tlu-y tem?
porarily reliove. tlo.-tutt r * Htotna li Uit
tor.s is ii safe ami eftectaal ?ui.et.tuto loi
sii. Ii luiriliil ilr .gr. The o.it-ct-.1 Um medi?
cine is aasy no t nuturul au i i? uot accom?
panied -as in the case i I mrotig pnrgativoa
?with sripiug antliibrupt operation. .Ma
l.irm ?yspei - a. Ilillonsuess, s;ek beadaehe,
b<. i ii iura, kiduej trouble, rheumatism and
ucv\onniti-? :ire entirely and promptly re?
moved by tins oxoelieut remedy, com
inendod t>y physi inus averya-htre.
Wire doors :it Crawford's.
Refrigerators at Crawford's.
Look for 21(1 High street, Boson
huum's reliable, up to date shoos alwnt e
give satisiaetion. No argument is so
i onviucing au low prices for A 1 goods.
That's the logio by which our shoes
have footed their way into universal
favor in Portsmouth.
Wait for Hofbeimor's branch store,
?JIM) High street. Famous' old stuud,
I .\ <-i \ bud >
Over our frcBh nrrivals of hne ready
made clothing, eloththg madu to lit
aud made to wear well,
Surprised tint at tho
Surprised second at the
.Surprised third at the
iumrnrr vakiety,
Surprised fourth at the
Lrv^ a.Ia. ops, 200 High street.
Furniture, carpets at Crawford's,
Hoc the twin store prices on um?
brellas this week. 0. B. Wolton St Co.,
332 and 334 High strnot.
Pitcher's, ?Jastorfs* I
Official Records Open to the
A Well Known Physician Tests the
New Discovery With Most Suc?
cessful Results.
i>r. tii'or^e v. Brooke, No, '?"-? Tcmplo
Place. Uojiou. says
"1 t>.<?.<? iibt'j u ?? o i many rheumatism
modielliel to the course of my practice, but
1 inn c.iii.iuii> ? y t' at I novor -a\? .1 rein
eily ai effoctt\a as Mtiuyon's Bhoumiitiem
Cure. 1 Kavu ibo sample txitils 1 got Mon?
day tu ona ol my i atieuts, u lady, -bo has
badchrouto rbeuioatb-n) iu her limbs lor
years. Hir l.nce aud elbow joints wore
stiff, aud huo suffered g:eai i aiu Its effect
Wim simply marvelous, ltcliof I'm lit palu
was obtained in a l>*n bom." after the tirst
iio-o aud inside of twenty-four hours tho
Isdy was leeling better th? i ^io had tor
years. 1 sball prcBcribo Muuyon's t'ure tor
?II c.u.e.; ot rbeiimutisui thai come under my
care in tin- tuturo.'
Stuuyou h Itheuinatlsin (Jure is guiirnntei d
to rine rheumatism in any part of tbe b >iv.
Ai'iito or n.n*-e l r rb uniatiaui euro i in
troiu ouu to five days. It never f<ds to euro
I sharp, shooting pains iu the aim-, lose,
sih -. back or breast, or Moreno's in any
p..r. of lb" body in from one to tiiroo llOUl i
it s guaruntei l t ? promptly eiiru lameness
^titl and -.wollen joints, i-t ri back, and all
pains in Ibo lu K h:i i lo ns. i broni - rheil
luatisut, sciatica, lumbago or pain iu tbu
baek iirn speedily cured.
Mnnyou a lloui copatbic Home Itoinody
Company, ol Pbilad ilphia, put up ?-pc iilcs
for near y every disease, wuie.li are sohl by
all ilruceist- mostly for Sicoutl M bottlr.
Those who are iu ilouut rs tu tbe nature,
of tboir diseases should address I rot. Man
yon, 1636 Arch strict. Philadelphia, giving
full ?yimdom o their disease. Prof Mnn?
you ?ill carefully diagnose tbe oaie and civo
von the i uuo;it ol bit- niiy ice al solutely tree
of all charge. The remedies will i-o scut
to huy,a ldrct-8 on receipt of retail price.
ELiZAB?th city, N. c.
Elizabeth City, N. c. April 19.?
Mr. Cl. G. Bell is visiting lrieuiis iu
Mesbrs. T, 0. Burgeron ami 11. C.
Hathaway returned from Edentou yes?
The eutertuintnent held at the Opera
House last night for tho beuellt ol
Christ Church was ijuito a success. A
largo audience was present uud they
were, not without reason, well ploased
with the evening's entertainment,
At tho festival lor the bcuulit of tho
.Tumor baseball club to be held al the
skating rink on ue.\t Friday night, a
pair of regulation baseball shoes will
bo voted ort' to tbe most popular player
ou nuy junior team of the city.
Revival services will bo held nightly
at tho Baptist i liurch next week,
j ?*-"??*?" EDr.Nl ON"nTc.
t Mr. H. (1. Wood bus houghi the
Coke property on King stre< t uud is
having same greatly improved.
The new bottling establishment is
now iu operatiou.
Tho Messrs. Pretlow, of Franklin,
visited Edenton this week.
Mr. ii. 11. Darden will have a nico
dwollitjg ereoted ou his lot on Queen
A sober, industrious man: steady
employment for two years to wear out
a puir of L. C. Long & Son's S3 or
31 tau shocF,
5 |l to Ditto.
Your shoeB mutt be tbe latest style,
ours are, uud yours will bo, if selected
from our stock. As every season eluse.
we clour the decks lor new goods, uud
sn have nothing but new goods to I
show. Saturday and Monday, April
20th au.l -_"Jd, grand eleurnuco sale of
odd do/ens, brnkeu hues, etc. Jacob
Kusenbaum, 21G High street. I
Our ? litltii NtibalMtilliiteda
We claim tho largest, cheapest anil'
best line of ' lothiitfi ever brought to
Ibis oily, *'u unr second trip North
wo closed out $4,500 worth of wi< u's
<iii<l boys' suits at about one.half of
their regular price. They were glad to
sell and wo were moro than pleased to
be ublo to give nur customers goods ut
about tho manufacturers' price to the
retailer. It's not necessary to quote
quote prices in tho paper, us yuu cunt
form any idea of the '.?lue of the goods J
unless you -see them. Miflioe to suy in i
arc tin people to buy goods from this'
teason, if you want to save anywhere
from ?2 to {Ci ou a suit ol clothes. Bres?
lauer a Anthony. Ill Uigh street.
<?<> to ii nmtn ill's tor II rr i.onds.
320 High street.
Oontlernon desiring fine Shirts can
now get the cohdiruted Haiden ? erper
& Ditbmer brand in b'rencb percale,
Scotch madras, choviot, pique and
white in till stylos, made to order at
short notice. W. H. Hi EK8, s >le ugout,
3?G High btreet, Portsmouth.
Under Oxford null.
A, J. Phillips, agent for the cele?
brated feuthor bone and P, \S". corsets,
New line kid gloves. <>ur gouts' Hilda
out kid glove* ut $] aro immense. Every
pair warranted. A. .1. Phillips.
New ruattiugs ut Ci an ford's.
Our hotter halves sny thoy could not
keep house without Chamberlain's
Congh Remedy, It is used m more
than half tho holmes iu Heeds. Sims
Bros, Leeds, Iowa. This shows tho
esteem in which that remedy is hold
where it has beon sold for years uud is
well-known. Mothers havo learned
that thero is nothing so good for colds,
croup aud whooping cough, that it
cures thoso nilinents quickly and per?
manently, and that it is pleasant aud
sufo for children to take, 20 nnd 50
cent bottles lor sale by all druggists,
For Malaria, Liver Trou?
ble, or Indigestion, use
Lieut. II. IS, Smith, of Suffolk, adju?
tant of Hid Sooond Battaliou, I'mit Vir
giuiu Regiment, U. R. K, ol P., liao
lieen chosen by lien. D. J, t umor, of
Norfolk, Mohiel of Ilia staff, with tbo
ruuk colonel,
Tbo Suffolk Literary Club will moot
next Tuesday aftornouu ?i 1:30 o'clock
witb Mrs. L. 1'. Harper. Baaders for
tbe ocoasiou are Misaes Lizzie Kiug
auil (larlnud Ktuitb.
Rev. (loorgo O. Vanderslice, Di 1).,
of Riabuioud, will deliver the Imoea
lauroato lermou before tbe youug Indies
of Suffolk College ou Sun lay, Juno
Hot. .1. C. Heed, of Lynch burg, will
make tbo nunual addres-' to tbe \ ic
tuna Literary Society, ol the same in?
stitution on .I uue 10, Both orulors wero
formerly of Sullolk.
A colored employe <d tbo Camp
Manufacturing Company, ol Franklin,
was recently fouud dead ib a ctetk
neur Cioopus, whore bo had been nt
work. Ho had been mieaiug for three
weeks when tho body was located. It
is suggested that ho fell Irora a font
bridge whilo drunk and was drowned,
1'iot. 1). Ii. Austin, of the Luit Hut
loll, Methodist Cbtiroh,is living insisted
iu conducting his series ol revival
meetings by Uev. tieorge II. Wiloy, of
Appomaltox county.
A runaway resulting in the partial
demolition of n two hoiso wagon bo
lougiug to J, C. C'ausoy, occurred ou
north Main street. Tbe horses were
frightened by some trivial iucoident,
Candidates for county oBioos are re?
quested to pay tbe nmoiiui subscribed
by them to defray tho campaign costs
at ouce. The executive Committee
has appointed P, L. Prudou to muko
tho collections and ull those who have
not yet paid the amount opposite their
names are asked to do so to day.
Second Day Special Sussiox.?Cir?
cuit Court, .ludge B. A. IJuncock pro
suliug, was In session yc-toidoy aud
disposed of the following eases: Taylor
& Tredwell vs. S. P, Warrehton, notion
ou i.egotiable note; tho buii.c vs. James
1). Taylor, with same action, both
cases wero bused on the purchase ol
guauo alleged not to be as ruprescuted.
The oases were compromised by the
attorneys before trial, the Jctoudaut iu
uue case agreeing to puy 50 cents on
the dollar aud m tbo other 25 cents.
Adjourned till April 26tb, when an?
other special term will be held.
The Giievb'TAitusr Pbai nce.?The
Sullolk Clreys had their annual target
practice yesterday over the river, ut
tho foot of Main street. Each man was
ullowed three shots nt u turget '200
yards distant. The largest possible
score is 15. The company is the pos?
sessor of throe medals, one being the
prize medal of the Pour Hi Yirgiuia'
r.cgimcut. Tho following were sue
cesiful in yesterday's contest: 1'iret
medal, L. W, Hall, score 12, L. A.
Thomas and J, E, l'ruukliu tied for
second, euch scoring 11. Tliomas won
by one p. int on the tie, taking second
medal, while Franklin took third.
Average for twenty-four meu pruseut,
."> 1-t'. At tbo conclusion the company
marched to' tho Commercial Hotel,
where they weio treated to refresh?
ments nud cigars by Cap*, Petlit aud
Corporal B/inkley.
Basket Ball.?Norfolk aud Sullolk
basket ball teams played a hotly con?
tested game last night at the skating
rink, rcsuluug in u score of 2 to 2 in u
scries of tivo game. Lach tuam bus two
to its credit, last night ? tio game leav
; tug tho cunmpionbhip still undecided.
sir John Miiiai.' Nnv Pictures.
Sir John Milluis is .-aid to have com
plstely rocoverep from u>a long illness.
He will exhibit four pictures this year,
and they give every piomiso of striking
tho popular fancy. Ono of tbom that
pramisos to bo particularly attractive
is called "Speak to Mo" aud represents
tlir- spirit of a young girl returning to
her lovor while he sleeps.?Philad. I
phiu Ledger.
Will Itinc tlx. Cnrfflw.
A resolution has been introduced in
the S:ilem (Mass.) board of aldermen to
discontinue tho ringing of the dorfew
boll, <>u tho ground tlrat thin is n mi -.in
iuL-l.^s custom entailing an unnecessary
expense. Hut tho Salem Item, having
tested public opinion on tho subject, has
found that n majority of the citizens are
iu favor of tho ourfew bell being rung.
Judge Springer** Ambition,
Judge Springer oxpeots to go out to
Indian Territory and grow up with it,
returning east in senatorial pngjile. As
his salary is at present held up he will
await developments instead of making
circumstances. ? Philadelphia Press.
Wanted the Whole Hog.
A Georgia razorbaok hog has died of
old ii^to while its ownership was being
disputed In tho courts. Tho litigant,
who wanted tho whole hog or none, has
both now.?New Vork Mail and Kx
She's tlctting There.
Now we begin to bear abont tho cup
defender's plating, She has to be sure
of the [date, you know, if she. wants to
keep tho cup. ? Now York Evening
Kot to His Taste.
When Kev. Lansing reads tho vari?
ous com meu ts, he will feel like taking.
S headache, powder.?Washington Po?L
Call It Cheating-.
Cribbing has broken out among the.
Hndonts of Chicago university.?Cleve?
land Plain Dealor.
Something to Be Thankful For.
Wo have to thank tho counterfeiters j
for tho withdrawal <>f the rather inar?
tistic and flabby ii ceut postage stump.?
ISostOU 1 in;aid,
Kor nearly .1 quarter of t
century Brown' ti.ui Hitters
In.-, been a KUCCCtslul it-nicily.
Aur.rsT 6th, 1894.
S Suffered with Neuralgia for two
years, and thought I couid never be re
Sieved. I secured a bott.e of Brown's
fron Bitters and you cannot think how
quick it cured me.
Tlmwn's Iron P.itlrri caret rial
Mood, Kldm-y at..I l.ivei l ronbles.
Wonderful loi Dyspepsia, Const ilia
lion, Female Weakness and Malaria.
CAMELIA BLUEN, 73a Toulouse Street, New Oilcans, La.
"?H o Drown'* Iron Hilters ;nu needl"
t or overworked men- debilitated wotneii?puny children.
?on is 11 oi' iia a nvi;ic i im:u ??: run rote is iiodiii a i?*' 1: ic 1 1 ?1: ?1 r;\ 1 s I i'liiiisnui 111 a nviiirrisETiE^'S'S
To-Day's Callers Can Expect
To find reasonable prices raliug la all depsrtuionls kt IIOSI'NIIAUM'P. CoBTenicnl for Inspection i- oui Children's Department. Among other apealst
uUers we nauie uisuj Be* sad prett) styles la Hingleaud Double-Hroasted
Abo a grand display of Children's Bulls in t sssiuieres, orstads, Cbei lots and other good weai lag natei lals from $2.50.
As 11 feu samples ol i ur extraordinary otters In 11.?? Men .1 Department we name
LIGHT CRAY <?A on M.VE AND llt.ACK ?CCrtrt M?XE1> iC7 Cft CASSIMERK CHEVIOT and C 1 ft
fV.ii>, .p't.UU. CHEVIOT .'I'll-, >P3.UU. i A-siMi iiE SUITS, ?p? .DU. 1 ancY woksli:d sutra, *F*V*
Many ttylei ol estra One Bults ul $12 ami IIS, To these who wish 1 rtrs Bne dre - we particular!) commend tui-o suit*.
DERRY and SOFT IIA1H, ?? I Art (letting more than euer before to do In Makluc to Me rsucn, w? re doinc lictter taUarjag and lewil
Ulauli, Hrown and Pearl; Spring Styles, ?p I ?UU. chargiug Doesn't take long fai such news to go tnu rounds of a watchful community,
M. ROSENBAUM, 1 16 and 1 IB High St., Portsmouth,
Tru Slaters, ticYcu .if Wliniu Uf?l to Urn
(Ivor Kichty.
Some yHarn ago u puraou gavo as the
f olio v. in g tablo:
Mrs. Luranln Hiagin, burn KM, diotl 1868;
Kriiiidm-jihrr of tbe Rev. Dr. Georgoat. Btoelo.
Mrs. *>bignt.) IWp*. bom IT08, died ISM:
grandmother of the Rev. Dr. W. .c. Htudloy.
Mi?. hilly Obinmnn, born 171?. dtwl 1*17.
M j . Bethlah Dyer, t?.rn .Um.. IT. ITVfi (day
of the battle ?.f liunhr-r Hill), nir.l 1>'&-.; inotbcr
c: leu ohtldron; read t hi- Mbis through 70
.Mrs. Rebeoea Bawnlooat, Lorn I7>?:i. died lt?>->.
Mrs.'Mary Qtheiu&n, born 171s., died aoine
yearn uif<>; wife of th.- Rev. Bartholomew Othe
ntian; mother of Mrs. Au?'i Btevens.
Urs. (jyitthla Atwood, ixirn July i, IT89, died
Mr-e TUw.kfin WiUard, born IT**, died laTo;
married tl,.- Rev Blijah Willard.
Mrs. dm'..rah Pain, born 171?. died lsfjt*).
Mn. M?ri:? Atklas, bora W.>\ died 1?*.'.
Percaiviug it* exlraordiuury oharaotor
wo cunt it to tho llev. Dr. Qeorgo M.
Bteeie, as tbe first of the tr-u was ropn
BOUted to be his grandmother, to uncer?
tain if it wus authentic.
From him wo have rocoived facts
which givn it additional interest, The
tun had three brothers, two of whom
Jived to bo over SO years of uro. The
sisters wero till married, and all but ? do
hart children. Th<? parents were Thomas
ami Mary Gross of Wellfleot, Moss. Dr.
steels'* grandmotherdiod at90, leaving
130 living descendants. Ho Bays that bo
know all the sifters, somo of them fa?
miliarly. ?Christian Advocuto.
Varie.n Springe. IIa., M.fJVir? From a Ter?
rible Blectrie Shower;
A tcrriblo cloctrio storm passed over
Tarpon Springs, Pia., recently, und at
noon a blazing bolt about an large as a
man's head descended from the clouds
und struck a telephone wire near tho
center of tho town. When tho bolt
struek, atorrifla explosion followed that
shattered ?Urs- in the wiudows of houses
two blocks distant
Immediately following the descent of
this bolt enmo a perfect shower of balls
of live about the Biza of walnuts. This
tain of lip- was general over tbo town
and continued for probably ton minutes
The balls resembled molten iron and
spattered when they oame in contact
with the earth.
Several roofs of houses on which the
balls fell werf; ignited, but tho flames
wero extinguished by rum, which be?
gan to fall boavlly. Probably &'? peo?
ple were severely shocked during the
progress of tho electric rain. Whilo tho
balls of lire were falling a strong smell
of sulphur per vorteil the atmosphere. The
places where the halls struck look as if
iron had recently been fused there.
The greatest urror prevailed during
tho rain of liro. Many peoplo thought
the judgment day had coine.?Atlanta
A Faeetloua Indivldoal liny, u llorso by
"What am I offered for this line, up?
standing, superbly gaited coach horse?"
askod an auotioneer in ouo of tho horse
repositories a few days ngo.
"Start him at yoor own price, gouts.
That hoi so would be a bargain at $f>00.
Come, now, put a price on him. I cau't
keep him in tho ring all day." .
"Ten cents n iiouud, " said a would
be fttr.t-tiouH individual.
"Any advance on It) conta it pound?
Ten cunts a pouud 1 nut oHored. Only a
dimo a pound ! Just think of it! Going,
Bein?, floaft'f ar 1Q conta a sound to that
muoMAs .). oaskins, von sanitauy
I INKi'KCTOU. Hub;oi;t tu Deinooratio
primary. ap20l)t
OVERTON. (Subject to DdBio rillc
primary. ap/iO-St
Special For To-day.
Qood Q URor Snap??, (!o pi-r pound; Rood
Oyator Cracker?, Go por pound; Htauilnrd
Bugar Com. v-. ronr cam for 26o; Hue
Mended Ten, UBc i er poiin t. t ic our t-un
I cam Hour.
?< W. Ill DUl.N.i * CO..
bl)2 Crawford sircar*
reablenoen at imall cost. My table win bo
?applied with thr- low in I ho market, and
all the earlieal voffutablca, etc. In season.
Teruil itiuionubiu bv urei 1? or mouth
' EDWARD sibi h,
910 Water '.-root.
H.lid postal or rail at tbo above address,
tu 11dT-1 in
gobtiawau over tboro," puI? tne auc?
tioneer, pointing tu tho man who mudo
the novel bid.
"Take tho horso to tho Boale and
weigh bim, .lohn," ordered the auction?
eer. This was dono, and tbo woiyht?
040 pound*?wai auununced. "That
moans $'i4 for the horso, gontlomon,
und tho reserve bid on him was $06.
"Trot out thu next horse, .lohn,"
Haid the aootioneor, with a ohnoklo.??
Now York Evening Snn.
It Keepa on Turning;.
According to the refrain of an old
song, "the world must turnaround." It
keepa ou turning, aud ? xpsrionoo touches
that tho period ordinarily roquired to
complete n political revolntion in tho
United States is about iwu yours. Look
sut for '901?Philadelphia Record.
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. Tho many, who live bet?
tor than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's beat producta lo
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in tho
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
It< excellence Is due t<> its presenting
iu the form inu.4 acceptable and pleas
inl to the taste, the refreshing aud truly
beneficial properties of n perfect lax?
ative; i Heetually demising the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and levers
um! pcrmanentiy curing constipation.
It bus given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval <>f tho medical
profession, because it aet.s on the Kid?
ney.", Liver aud Bowels without weak?
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs ia for sale by all drug?
gists in 60c and $1 bottles, but it is man?
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose, name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and beiug ".veil informed, you will not
Accept any substitute it offered.
ap!9>3t Subject 1). mocratic prjrutry.
.1 DENi Subject to Democratic primary.
; pit ir
]/?Olt CI.krk OK the MA UK et, JAM KU
1 t. whitehurbt, subject to Demo?
cratic ptluiary, mh28-tl
Tlio Judgo of the County Court of Norfolk
comity luiB set opart WEDNESDAY and
THURSDAY, the2Ub and 25th dayc of April,
IbUS, to hear
All porHOUS interested arc. notified to at*
tcud'euurt un the dava stated.
a'lvah h. martin,
aul'J-td Clerk.
Wo dfsiro to iml tbo attention of ont
friends and tl.o public generally to our usw
lim ot Bilk and Wo 1 SprniK Dross Suitings,
at 2 nud ? i cuts pur yard. These Pahnas
are 85 per cent.loss than ever before ofterad.
4(1 (neb sorget, in black and colors, at SO
cenis per \ard. 3(1 and IIS inch Sarges Hen?
riettas, Morm Serges, etc., 36 and 8)j i onto
per ya> d.
a braut ful line of FanojP Woosteds, 90
inobos w tie, Hi ? euts per yard.
Lovely India s-.u.s fer dresses and ladies
waist, ? oents i ar y ird.
\ lull line of B. Prestb y('s Black Dress
Good hi plain and figure*, etc.
Another caaa of tbo.e large Marsallea
I Quilts, 91.12} .ents o?oli, worth twice, the
VVe I avo ttic ohsapesl well made Ladies*
Muslin Underwear In the city.
Aleuts for liuttorir.ck's Patterns.
?JsSHigh strssk
'..?Ii.lity and Workmanship Superb.
Boud postal for our new Catalogue.
Bpei ial ai;ont for the Celebrated Victor,
Baseball, Tennis au i Athletic Goods.
Columbia bicycles, jlOO. Eagle liioyolss,
Kit HIGH street,
PORTSMOUTH, -_-_? viboinia.
Ilo.idouarters for Fruits and Proiaoo,
Cakes, Candies and (?rackets. Give us n caU.
ill and 113 High street.
Portsmouth, Va,
20UXftM.outh, va

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