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i>T\m isnED 1s:'6.'
PVLL1SIIKD b'.YI.Hi moknixq except
vinoisiAS liull u;n ;.
HAINAN" COMUEU is spheem.
m. Ql.esnan. On-si it. _
Inttre'. as scoonil-class matter.
is LAROBLV IN kxobss ?( ?n- otb i
t aver publish! <l in E u rn V irgtum.
Its ?ireulati hi 'i .Nortid. mid Portsmouth
Is greater timu tu.it of anj paper pubiishod
or .u ontat* I tu llu two c lie*.
.t :r delivered tu ibe cities of Norfolk und
Portsmouth mid sub ro tor in eent^ a
week. a l n '??. riptl ti<. i" i su paid.
Fire Dollar? per year; I'breo Uollars fot n
months One Dollar auil Fifty cent-, for
thre- month*; au i fifty Oeuts lo: one
^Advei tiretu- a'? Inserted Ht the rate of "">
Okmi a s I'Ai.a Flits is h i i"s; em b ?ubse
qneut insertion ? '? Cksts, or .'" i'kst.i
vniNiN-' rao Kvtitv < ?mi a im v. Contrac?
tors' are not nllowe.1 to oxcecd t eir spa o
or ndtartise oiber than tbeir legitimate
bu?mrBs. except by paying especially lor
to- same.
Tai. Wi.il.lV VlltOISlAN and Uakoi.istan,
eiglit p:.gc*. i- dalivorod. postage paid,
tbtee moutbs, 25o,; six mouths, 6?O, twelt*
months, it
All tbo Englisb ofiiccrs oonneetod
with the native army in Madagascar
have resigned nn.i gone borne.
At tbt< ninuicipal olootion in l-'lorenec,
Ore, the entiro womeu's lioket was
eleoted, but tbo men refuse to allow tbe
women lo take oQloe,
Dnriug ls'.'l tbcro whs imported into
the United States 28,325,213 yards of
cotton olotb with n value of ?!, 180,8015.
Every yard ot this could liuvo becu
profitably manufactured in tho South.
?Montgomery Advertiser.
William H. Morrison, ?f Illinois,
beim; asked the other day if be whs u
Presidential oandidnte, replied: "If a
man began runuing fur tliu Presidency
a year m.ii a half before tbe oonvontiou,
bo would drop early from exhaustion."
?m:i i in: I'll i-,i t. < ii.ii i:."
Tbe anuuunccmont that lha Prinee
of Wales is contemplating u trip to the
United States daring tbe cotuiug sum?
mer, liss led tho Washington Post to
soy that "Wales had better stay away,"
The VlItOINlAN says, lot tbo Prince
como. Of course tho l'ost is iudiiVcr
cut to the great delight which his visit
would give tho "a In Wales" people on
this tide of ths water to have bini
nmoDg us, or it would not object to bis
coining. Then again, society should
not be dentived of such n celebrity, und
tbe bare suggestion of such u prohibi?
tion is little less than a crime.
It will possibly do Hin Koyal High
oess bouio good to com;: over to tins
country. It is true thut it may cause
somo regrets, us be cannot but bo im
preseod with the fact that his ancestors
lo.-t u great country by their folly.
That, however, wns n long time ago.
The visit will recompense, bowevor,
any feelings of this kind, for Ihn rca
bou that he will be. hospitably received
by the people in general, irrespective
of tbe "snobs1' ami tbo "toadies" who
will, no doubt, bo around iu great
numbers. Let the Trinei; come, lit?
is a jolly good fellow und the boys nil!
be glad to meet him.
Tbo general Bwakeuing that bus kin
'died new life into nearly every avenue
of Southern thought und enterprise, is
perhaps nowhere more tangibly i ?. i
ionced timu iu tbo strong educational
movement through Yirgiuin, which bur
taken Bbapo in the various normal
schools that liavo been established
under l'eabody stimulus iu 6evend
sections of the Stute.
When tbe close of tlie war loft the
Southern woman n bread winner with?
out warning or preparation, teaching
wos resorted to ns the most available
means of earning a livelihood. In the
rurul districts, in many cases, tliefo
brave women were but poorly equipped,
judged in thu light of modern require?
ment and few in the cities hod the
special training now necessary. Evon
at tins day the meagre salary of the
county school bus hindered progress
and it is too frequently the cu^o thut
schools ore held by second und third
grade teachers. But, in spito of these
difficulties, great strides have been
taken ami the Mute is at last seeking
to give to all her loyal women the bet?
ter training and bisher thought that
make tho protensi'm c:i urt mid n
science rather than a mere means of
earning one's !>rcu i.
Several years ago the Peabody Kt.'u
cation Fond was alone in the work Jof
maintaining Etimmer normal sobo 11s,
but tbe recent Legislature made a
fuirly liberal appropriation and to day
there are seven f.ucli tch'-ols in ,'thc
State. The object of tiio normal k to
academic aud method trciuir ?'. IrAthe
lonr weeks of u summer sossion\ ?
teacher can havo the advantage of tie
very best special instructors of the
eoeilry. The poorly prepared may
m ronui.ic iVoittiiAi.s.
receive the most primary instruction;
the enthusiastio specialist cornea in
ouutaol with the highest edtt
catioual thought in her department;
nil may lind help ami direction ac?
cording to their needs.
'1 lie advantages arc striking and
poleut. The necessary fellowship and
common purpose, engendered by lirgo]
gatherings <ii men and women eugaged
in tho Bume work, cause uuiformity
nud sympathy, l'ho isolated country
toucher cornea in eoutact with fresh
ideas nud hears of problems nud
methods of instruction tliut give
courage for constant endeavor as they
are solved duriug the winter. No oue
can full to cntdb something of the tu
b| iraliouof themoveutont.and the Stain
finds u united body of systcmntio and
accurately traiued tcaohors, with the
will nud the way to liglit iguoranoe 1 u
themselves and iu tho oommunity.
11 is a great movement although for
the mubt i urt silent. Last year the at
tendance in all the summer Bohools was
quite Iar^'u and nt lledfoul City where
tin) School of Methods ib held, tliero
were ;~dH> unrolled tesohorw. Those uru
the schools that are supplying the de?
ficiencies abnvu referred to. The
int rely iiouiiuiil cost of ntlouding putu
i In-lit within reach of nil, and it is
devoutly hoped that citizens us well ns
teachers will give hearty co operation
in thu work ho well nud successfully
Crust l-'liiwem.
The fr.f-t sprite breathed on i bo window pane
And traced with un Iclclo keen.
And the flowers that sprung 'ncath his umulo
Wuro fairer than earth's, 1 WOOD.
Ho dipped ids pi n In a moonbeam chance,
That lir<>ki> In n tremuUius |km,1.
Ami caught tli" tlno of n pooping star
To stinrpi u ins glittering tool.
I.Ike witchcraft sprang each leaf und f, rn.
And tho lily's fragile t-'rneu;
There woro delicate spray?, und buds lndf
And ? rune In u silver vase.
The Sowcra dreamed on the window pane,
Ami tint midnight stars (icepcd through
Win tin' artial brushed the pi.-t.iia frail
Wi a wash ?f crystal dew.
lie Ii iStenod to give the finishing touch
And htd his name in the loaves.
Tneu over ins Shoulder tbrew a glance
Ami bang his pen (rote the eaves.
_? liuiio Owens,
Wlfo Heuert Ion.
The Illinois legislatureoroatod n now
crime?wifo desertion. Formerly in
this state, as elsewhere, u man oould
desert his family without any dnugt r of
imprisonment. Ilo might bo compolled
to give up some money to provide for
wlfo and children, but ho was guilty of
no crime und was safe from arrest flu
is ho no lougor. Desertion of his family
has been made a felony, punishable
with imprisonment at hard labor in tho
penitentiary, and not only has tho law
boon passed, but several prosooutiousun?
der it have hoguu in tho Chicago justice
No ono will complain of this. Tho
Abandonment of thoir families by men
who forgot honor and obligation lias be?
come hn nbuso so widespread us to call
for thosoverost punishmont. Men mnrry
young women hud desert thom after
thooliarm of tho first intiuiaoy has worn
off, and this thoy havo been ablo to do
hitherto with perfect impuuity, It is no
lougor possible iu lllitn.is. Tho law may
I not roshlt in restoring husbands to for?
saken wives or iu reviving lost love, buv
it will nt least deter ntlvunturorsmarry?
ing young women without Qrsl cousin"
orittg tbn legal aspect of tlio matter.?
Huuiano Journal.
Woman Diamond Woi-lcers.
Woman has cutorcd an outiroly new
Geld of iudustry. So far ns is known
femininity has never boon known to do
fiuytbing with dinmonds oxcopt to adorn
her person, but now she is u com pot i tor
for honors iuouttiug, polishing, setting,
splitting and rouudiug these gems of
many colors. A well known dealer has
in his employ u woman who means to
become proficient from A to Z in this
branch of industry. And why not? Any?
thing that requires delicacy of touch,
patiouuo or skill woman can do. Accu?
racy comes with time and experience.?
Now York News.
Theories supported by
Facts arc invincible.
Porous Plaster
is, without doubt, the best
external remedy lor strains,
sprains, lame back, sciatica,
and congestion oi the chest.
Vltrnja Make Hure ?? d ttt - Inc
Ailcock's. Never i I u| ?itb en Imitation
Allcock's Corn Shields,
AIIcocIc'm Bunion Shields,
Have De --. i < lei and rare f-jr coral
Brandreth's Pills
purify tho blood, tone up tho system.
^Thore Is ao reino?y like ihum.
Constantly forging ahead, always serving the people with the
Freshest, Brightest and Most Reliable Ready-to-Wear Clothes of,
Standard Make at Manufacturers' Ground Floor Bed Rock Prices con?
tinually throngs every department in the Mammoth Establishment.
The flood tide of Unprecedented Bargain Values flows on steadily.
There is no wavering of purpose, no unnecessary noise nor anything
other than the steady bustle of a lively and legitimate trade, built on
sound business principles.
THE TEN DOLLAR MEN'S SUITS on sale this week are by far the Greatest
Bargain Values that have ever been put on the counters in the history of the house.
We know that every cloth- ???m.m.m.....,.mo....m......9m..o. ice .in()1]1(ir> Tjlc styie
iiiLi' store in (own lias suits
make and finish of these
o suits arc Tar above the
? ordin?rv range, and the
to sell at Ten Dollars. The ?0
quality Is one thing, the 5
patterns are as pretty as suits thai usually command double this price. As a matter ol
course we have cheaper suits at cheaper ju ices, and liner suits at higher prices, but we
rcler to this Ten Dollar Range as Unprecedented Bargain Values, and are just as good
for the ten as one ten dollar bill is worth another.
People do say that the YOUTH'S SUITS we arc quoting at the Six Fifty are in
every way as good as Suits they've many times paid three and ('our dollars more and
never got clothes made so s>ood ???^????????"????????????????i Seven-Fifty and EmhtDoi
not lit any anything like as well. I DP* fcgsT IW^kk m w S s a uPwar(*s 10
There are other suits in the S ?J jk ^ jl IL JP ? finest Youth's Attire monev
Youth's Department at Seven. 8 ^Pf ^ ? ^?
?i can produce, and the line
consists oi' .Many Novelties al prices that only manufacturer's can touch.
For One Forty-Five your boy can be clothed in a neat looking, good, strong, serviceable
suit in sizes ranging to age 1 5. ??00808Seo60e8ceos80e6880 suit. IkwoikI the shadow of a
The Pants arc made with double | ?lt ?| >?j ? doubt, contains all the value
knees, reinforced seat, patent | %$if% i ^j^3 ^>**$ 1 alH^ moril there is ever possible
s ^ m si)
bauds and riveted buttons. Llns; 5 ? 8 to crowd into the One bortv
Five. Better boy's suits al Two Dollars, Two Fifty and upwards until you have reached
the best and finest Children's Attire known to the trade.
i I
I U U ir
m 11" W H t
KNEE PANTS at the Bargain Price goo????*??*?*????????????? Hosiery at Fifteen Cents in Past Black
of Fifteen Cents puts a dime in your pocket % gssa ? First-Class Goods that counts an equal sav
v, hen you buy them Liei.-. g | /^ g ing on every pair you buy.
Neckwear in the Furnishing Goods g | - J( ' g Brettelles Je Paris Suspenders at Fif
Department at Fifteen Cents saves Ten g 1 %$# ^*s*^a g teen Cents saves ten pennies. They are
eooo?oeo*oo8?0?GO??oo*6*eS strong and well substituted for 50c. grade.
Cents every time.
Mi&nmw fcSaizeci Is Money Jllfecl?!
You can save nickels, dimes and quarters enough in the various departments in buying: your Furnishing Trinkets
here to enable you to go to the Annex Building and buy a Hai with the surplus.
Sinre Form-Fitting
ents I
Bear in mind the Clothing you get here fits correctly. Alterations, when necessary, are made free of cost, and
nothing is permitted to leave the premises unless it fits properly, matters not whether Ready-Made or Made to Oraer.
others, Tailors, Furnishers
Spa S3 a! lei S3JS.
\Vn havo | urchnsod tho bto'k
Of To lot b'ettof a largo importer
at about half tboir value. end
proposo to sell theui on the sumo
bat la.
Boti worth 8 S 50 will bo sold at 5 G 00
?? ?? 12 0j .1 6 50
?i .. i; no u i. 7 50
?? JU (10 ?? '? ?? ? 10 50
" '? -J5 00 ?. 10 CO
Theie are all fino Imported
China, ami the pneo thoy arc of?
fered at are lost than coat iu
1 rau; o without the duty.
1. Iffl.ll! ft.
Kos. 98 ami roar ol 92, 94,
90, '>H, 100 and 102
Main Street.
Pbatcd :ro;.l a i t t: < k. best
wake of calico, at ttSc t iteh.
P< r ale Waist*, lam I -red, a! 10c, M
.">0<-. gi eacb
Crcpon Wain a in all color*,.% 1,33
a plcco.
Sill: W. Ms trn::i ',:.?>:, t?"%$ a
pa. a. ? Up and look at I beta at /
, IllnS B?K. 100 KfliriS!., / '
Sl. ?aliiiakernnrae.
John H. Woot'bury's
F"soisji Soap
Woodbury h l'nol I ?o p. while posgi au'wi
remarkable med dual hu.i tiutiieutic prop*
crtio* haa no poor an a Toilet .?oa;>.
l Kita; only *i5 cents a , uke Uiual prloat
35 to 50 cents.
D3!liiS!Si'5. SO. 75 Hill STREET.
orroBiTE st. .iamks norm.,
_PHONE 7G3._
<L? c ? i 1 C\t
143 arid 145 Churcli Sired
atJUfH Rolls New Matting
fJj^^Fft 1 i ol Is Linoleums from
t^LO <jOC 10 $' Pcr ydi'd.
Oil G&tTBl&GES
From S3 to $75
r r o (vi
TO eoa
Diiyiny for Cash, Wo Can
Soli Right.
'?i tlnclUh Dlaaaeiid t:
i> ,-<".-?* "t1?!'-"! an? ii.,IT Renntne. A
?A ? m ''"". r;..:* -.:.
... i<M,ltcii In. .. \,/
"j'? ?kA' .'?*? fa I. e no til!,', r. "/"..-. '.'J<? y
(, 'V. . .1; .... ?,?!??.! tivanl.n.a.1.:.*.
\ M 1 .|: 11,11..r SmiIIm." ??? ??"??*?
_A"" Ar 1. ,. ? ,:rn itatl. lo.uuo ToUnwalali
rhlrheater ? hi .... ,l t'.i., Uadleef. .K'i"
Bt'.J 1 / ... Uci Dm ' alladau, Pa.
jj?p minis
!\ permanent cube
olthe iiioballfl ite i iti s puaratdei .1 In iruo 3
to a dajri; nootbei trialniein rCtiuiml, and with.
<i.i the Daimeatl is re illaol >tt.. - with Cubeba,
Copaiba or Saudafu. .1. I l.ultii A CO., l?u*>
.tu Hi. Pbaroiacl-n,Paria, .\i u!> diu?

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