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The Merry Note of Spring in
Street and Store,
Butterfly Bonnets Arc Very Universal.
High Novelties in Shoes. Bantus
and After. Streets Peopled
With Princesses. Big Dal.
loon Sleeves The Rage
The pene-;; will not work In my
finger*. H I oould sketch 1 would not
write these spring days. 1 would drnw
for you instead a picture of a trim, cbio
pirl I met on Broadway this mornlii -.
6ho had a pretty figure and eyos of t hat
odd hue that changes as a chameleon
might alter. from gray to blue. Thrco
days out of four, I fancy, bin' is gray
eyed, but this morning she wore a
white cloth jacket, with trimmings of
blue galon, and the blue peeped out
again from pure sympathy* from under
her eyelids. Her Jacket was a very
smart one, with blue bows on the col?
lar, and her (,'imn was of fsvuy cloth,
with (fray glovca aud whiu gal on trim?
mings. She carried a fluffy gray eropc
parasol, and her hut was a hijr. rough
gray straw, with a wreath of white
narcissus tied with dark bine ribbons.
one girl in dark bluo silk, with white
gloves and n gray straw hat, trimmed
with white lilacs and gray green leaves;
the other girl was in golden brown
taffeta, striped iu two shades, and
caught most picturesquely with
hunches of violets and knots of soft
: white gauces. lloth girls wore bi<
j veils, out from whose folds thojr eyes
? peeped with May mischief.
"There's one thing 1 can't titVord to
I do." said a wise woman yesterday, "ami
I that is to miss these days watohlng of
? the shop vindows. If vou want to
Keep up with tue nmcs m aats you oo
learn a lot in twenty-four hours' close
observation. Hut then you have to un- ?
learn it in the next tweuty-four. Yes?
terday I carried about with mr iu my
head all day. not on it. au image Of a
very coarse jrrcen straw of vivid tint,
bis: and turned up behind. Jonquils
uinl narcissus blossoms were massed
together nt the back, their yellow and
white standing out boldly against tit
green. The same flowers appeared
again in front, with lace frills aud bow
ends of green velvet t<> keep them com?
"A dark blue straw hat had usurped
its place behind the plate glass front
this mOrnlntr. 1 don't think it quite
Usurped its position in my affections.
It has twists,if green grass about the
crow ii, with black velvet bows and high
bunches of black mid white daisies."
The banged girl is transformed.
All the giris are wearing those cun?
ning little sine combs which bold in
TWO Kl'MMr.K omt.n.
She was up to dato, but words never I
seem adequate when you are trying to !
tell anybody about a girl.
It isn't respectful; it Isn't pretty,
but girls really arc like walking May?
poles; they sport so many colors this
month. There was a young woman at
a matinee this afternoon in a dress that
ought to no told about. The bodice of
it was pale blue plaited silk muslin,
with long curl's and epaulets. The up?
per part of each sleeve was of white
xnusliu, spoiled with blue. The skirt
was of white silk, with blue and pink
Ton a mat uonsixo.
spots. There was further trimming of
dark leaf green ribbon bows. It Is im?
proper thing. I suppose, to say "choux,"
but "bows" is plain American, and
r.eems to do just as well. There wa - a
hat of rough pink straw, quite dark In
color, with big roses and leaf masses
and bunches of green ribbons to malic
it pretty. The girl was a brilliant pic?
ture, but one's eyes soon tire, after all,
of euoh orgies of color.
place tue unruly tangles or moir nuny
front locks. Above the COinbH the hill!
lies sliek and smooth as u demure Mil
donna's; below their restraint th
fuzzy ends stick out as if in rcbcllioi
against their tutelage. And the gir
will look at you with her big, wis
e'-<>s und sav. with Mint 1;"'o Mar'
Twain drawl they all afreet nowaday
"It takes so long for it to grow on
Even so. The Madonna can becom
the banged girl in an hour, but to b
come a Madonna again Is a task ?
months. You become wholc-haire
again "while you wait," so to speak
Whoroforo I should counsel deUber;
tlon and much weighing of the pr
I und iMtis before becoming a bang,
girl again, next style.
Meanwhile, though, there are tl.
The little side combs are meant to 1
but temporary, end it may mit be i
the best of taste to decorate them, bit
I have seen thetn blazing with gem
A better place for those is the big ba
comb, which may be shell, with go!
panels, or all gold, or may produce tl
offeot of a tiara of diamonds?a "ti
i rier" of diamonds, I've heard it callc
Thero are bizarre arrangements i
white and gold, which go not ill wll
some faces, but I should much pref.
the tortoise and gold for plain, ordinal
I people like?well, not like you and m<
of course, but like so many that we s
every day.
From bend to foot complete, froi
crest to Trilby toes, woman's dr.
should be trim, neat, tasteful.
This was What killed the eongrc
gaiter years ago. The elnstio woul
break and it would look slouohy. !
bus taken the shoes years to reeov.
their reputation, am) the process is iv
yet complete. There a-e this sprin;
thpttgh, very ihlo and pretty shoes I
which the elastic1 runs woll down tl
Instep on either aide, all involved wil
patterns of patent leather, and the
say they keep their shape.
More novel is ? low shoe which fnf
ten-- over in a square flap fastened 1
? ? siiiirie button, flat, not round. 1
Ist the park, where tho trees are bud
?lug and the squirrels chatter, the
bright gown* seem more in place. I
watched a pretty oouple this morning.
j sounus clumsy, out rep.uy trie snoes at
I pretty. I wonder U they will ho'
their shape as wull.
The remark is not original. It mils
fc*V*? boon raade many Uaaes since Eve's
uiui\ certainly, ie seems to me us u
tliafaahlous had never b?eu more bcau
liful than they are now -never re?
cently, at least. What if a few court
beauties dttl go sploudldly clad in >>l?i
limes? There were tho multitudes in
their racs for a dreary bnckgTouud,
wl ile now every one you him: is nicely
clad, and the streets must be so much
more tolerable to auyonu at all sensi?
tive, The little buttorfly bonnets arc
? ?' Everyone hn? them,
and their frolicsome ami unreal as?
pect lends a holiday nlr to the street
aud makes, 1 should suppose, exeusoa
tot i:; .i U ns common. The big
sleeves add to the holiday aspect of
things. The gay colors complete the
picture. Nine tenths of those one sees
so clad must work for their living, but
they dot'1' 1 !t_!:*? ? v v < Irrokx.
k.,r . Ii ..1 ..I. II .' S'UH?U.'.
Sixteen months ago. nu tho platform
of tln> World's fair coiigroasos In Chi?
cago, I istatod that, itover having be?
lieved in uuivarsal suffrage unalHod to
nnivarsal intelligence nnd houesty, I
hail never publicly advocated woman
sutTrago Logically 1 have always be
liovt 1 that women hud as much right to
tho ballot n.s men. I denied the right to
I itil - nes 1 have always claimed that
suffrogo is a privilege and should ho
granted as a rownrd of merit regardless
of si x. If woman ButTrago loaders had
taken the same ground, I would have
joined t horn long ago.
I was convinced that whenever a ma?
jority of American women wanted tho
ballot they would get it. 1 never met a
man who iliil not assent to this convic?
tion nnd who did not Becoud my asscr
tiori that tin- worst oppouohts to female
suffrage nro women themselves.
Why, then, did I i xporienco a change
of heart in C'hieaiioV BucnnBO I hail bo
gun to look Into our naturalization laws
und was torrifiod at facts. Bocanso I
tliscovorod that the new states were in
tbo bauds of aliens, not citizens of the
United State?. Because 1 saw that fe
nmlo immigration was much less than
mnlo immigration; that a large major?
ity of foinnlo voters would he American
bom, ami that the Boonor the forces of
anarchy and rebellion were met by the
conservators of homo and Inw the bettor
tor t he country. 1 heard t he t hroateniugs
of riot that broko out a yoar later, and
it KQoinod to me time for women to como
to the fore
What 1 thought 16 months ago I firm?
ly believe now.
flood Look? In liu-im <s.
ITnro is ;t little story which seoms to
indicate that the pretty girl's business
pros poet a are hampered by her protti
!'h" Bocrotaryof a large, custom insnr
Mice company decided a short lime since
Hint it would be hotter for iris oflico
work to introduce half a dozen or more
woui on ns typewriters, operators and as?
sistant bookkeepers, lie had noted that
nf the feminine employees in his office
the pretty ones were tho least ofTeotivi
ami attracted the most attention, tu the
tlntriiuent of tho work of the other
clerks. So he decided to engage only
women who were of mature years and
cxporionood in office work. First he ad
vor fined, staling that applicants should
givo age and number of years'nxperi'
enco. II" did not succeed in getting a
single Bntisfnctory reply. Then ho went
to :i well known business col lego nud
told the manager that he did not Klip
pose Im would bnvo any trouble in aid
ing him, as ho did not want a young or
attractive looking woman.
The manager listened to him while
lie explained his wants, and then, going
to ii desk, foci; out a file of letters, with
asiuile, and laid them before his visitor.
Tin re were upward of half a hundred
applications from banks and couimer
oial institutions, and every one of them,
without n single exception, asked for a
woman of mature age. Tho manhgei
-aid that it was absolutely impossible to
<upp'.y the demand for employers of tin
ilescripti"ii that business men now de?
manded, but he had rafts of pretty gn :
.it all times who were applicants.
Hove to Make lie Cream
Take largo eggs nnd empty tho shells
by making a hol? nt each ond. Fill tbi
shells with ice crenm soft nnd jnsi
freshly frozen. Then procuro some rue
bor bands from tho stationer's, about
half an inch in breadth, and draw tie
l ands over tho eggs so as to closo tin
holes. Brush over with melted buttei
hi sides to (dose all crevices against tin
salt, and then drop them in tho freezing
tub and cover with finely pounded ici
and suit. When the cream is frozen,
peol oil the eggshells and serve.
lloth 1 in liens Vfl. r Blood.
The greatest obstacle to pence among
?ho Now York Republicans seems to !
i mutual eagerness for indemnity on tie
art of tho two factiAiis.?Mime ap
m ^-"tt/ Nervous
-i^p^ v Debility,
x comot or
?Maria, Melancholia, and kindred ail
enta, whether resulting from over nnx
? ty, overwork or study, or from un?
natural habits or ezcosses, are treated
??s u ?p.-iial?v. wst.lt great sii' s ss, bv tho
:;iiiT of Specialists attached to tho Inva?
lids' Hotel and Surgical Institute nt
Buffalo, n. V. Personal examinations
.<it always necessary. Many cases nxo
successfully treated nt a distance.
AQrnt7?/rA A new and wondor
FilOl nttliL, fully sue...ful treat
mont has been discovered for Asthma
and Hay Pever, which can is? sent by
Mail or Express, It ik not simply ? pulli
ative but a rotlical cure.
Vor pamphlets, question blnnks. rofer
iencea and particulars, in relation to any
Of tlir- above mentioned disoascs, address,
v. ith U'n cents In stumps, World's Dispen?
sary Medical AasooitvtiOa, Buffalo, K, Y,
I Is Made from Fine Ripe Old Sun Cured Tobacco. |
lli Sun Cured Leal", grown in the counties around Richmond,
jljVa., makes the choicest, sweetest, most lasting- chew on earth.
D.>n'i overwork Ihi brain,for
the results nrc ntoHt ?Tinus.
Keen up your strength and
energy 1,>-taking Uiuwn ? liou
August 21st, 1894.
1 consider Brown's Iron Bitters the Queen
of Strengtheners. It has built up my sys?
tem and completely restored me of trouble
mitirl and overwork.
Brown'* Iron r;tt. ?< cures Bad
BUiml. Kidney anil Liver Troubles.
Wonderful for bvsnepsia, Constipa
lion, Female Weakncsi and Malaria.
in Street, Milwaukee, Wis.
?'It's Brown'* Iron Bitters you need!"
For overworked men?debilitated women?puny children.
Wholesale Dealers. No. 24 Old market Square.
Are offering Oak Bedroom Suits for only
$17.50. VVc have the handsomest line of
Parlor Suits in the city at prices to astonish
the natives. CHAIRS of every description.
Plush Scat Rockers. Just think, a large
Reed Rocker for only $1.45. the best value
in tlu- market for the money. .Also a large
line of Bureaus, Washstands, Bedsteads,
Baby Carriages, Mattresses, Springs, Look?
ing Classes and Tables.
Oil Paintings
at Manufacturers' Prices
We take great pleasure to show you
hrough our immense stock whether you
purchase or not. Our motto is:
It will pay you to give us a call before
purchasing. Extra inducements to country
merchan t.
f. ?. V
Price, 58 Cents.
Kern Furniture
If Bail
Every consume) <>f dry goods and notions who is incline.1 to an economical policy.
1 r who wants their aim ? ty d< II *r to produce just a little more than any other one that
hey have ever spent s lu-uld not fail to see how much your dollar is appreciated at
Here you will find no old and shopworn goods or last season's styles (that arc dear
;t any price), but fresh, new and fashionable goods bought this season at low tariff
prices, and marked to sell at prices that were made to win us friends and customers.
Sj ace will not permit us to enumerate all of the many sterling values which we will
after lo our customers this week, and we only give below a sample of the many bargains
a e are oltei ing,
Lace Ourtains. Embroideries.
Wo have |ust opened and will have on aalo for tlio first lima
! Mondny ntoruing an exquiaite lino o; Cahthrlo, Nainiook, BwIjb
liderloa. 1 bit line Ii tbo most comulcte mid
.. that , ?11 bo round In the c ty. A tpeclal ten
ptirtuiettt i* tho .Mutch Sets.difrcrent widths Inedgea
,,, . , tut O ill tin.
yard* long. -1t? molies lnd insertions all to match.
. end Ja- onet Kiubroideriea. Fbi* line
Having drei-cd to ,li.. otit .nti< k .1. pnrtm, tit on account of l.emitifnlly pelectod
ad. ol i Oi?:--. we will place on *nlo Voniat uiointn
pain No. i?-U Cream Lace ( .1 lain
wide, forii <r 1 noo * 1, now 91, 6
pair No. Ml. S\uitt Lace 1 multm, 3; yards long, -If, Inohea wide,
former price i .26 noo tl'.'J'.*.
i pair No. 1090, >vlitte 1 ?eo Curtain*. 8} yard! long, 60 luehett
wide fort er pr ca 41, now 91.79.
pur So 1806. 1 ream Lace 1 urta na, 1 yard* lout;. f.o ioohei wide,
font 01 price 42 noiv - 1.16,
Every ilyle and deatgn imaginable, from the eheapeal to the
fine onihreidery one*. 1 ntU- i it tlrawinci price*.
La lie*' U-t Mack UudertVirt*, in plain and Moire.ut 41. rl VS.
91.50, 11.(56and i 1.7. hotter Miluc* can be loimd nuahoro.
J pair No lr"8H. White Lace Curtaini, 3J yard* long, 80 inehaa wide, i 8S?ineh Swivel Silk or Waali Qiogbara*, lovely patterns mid
:? im r ptice 42.75. now 41.39. * * , color-, regular 60c; our pr ce. 3tV.
- linn No 1023. Cri Hin Lace Curtain*,3] var.l- Ioiir, 4~ inclio* Wido, I < ota ee Pole* >u 1 Fiatnre*. Wo ihow tbn moRt olegaut 1 -des
former price 43,29, now $1.19. ami Fixtures ever ahown in Norfolk, Price* 10c to $1.20 each
I complete.
E. Brownstein & Co.,
1126 Main Street,
E. Brownstein & Co.,
- ? Norfolk, ?a.
By Tb? Moiri? Auction, floate, 98 Bank street J?
T. Kill y, Jr.. Piopriotor. .
11 Oh.ihtns. Not Ions, Hosiery, Hut* t'ap?, Uenur
Kumt i.iuK t;<?>.|? s>ii <??. Ac, ?t our aticti<>ii-hou<f
on THUKSOAY MORMNO. May the 8th, at 10:8V
o'clock, balepositive.
iu>8-2t K. IL MORRIS, MnnuKvn
Taylor i Co., Auctioneers, 203 Muiu street,
Palms, Ferns, Roses, etc.,
at Auction.
precisely, wo will sell nt oar Mure, u largo snA
beautilhl at sort inen t of
and othrr Bedding Plants. Ladles specially iat
Tiled to uttiu.i tin- sale.
A Xt ctiom sat.fW ?ttllUICi; Dili*
Ity 11 L. 1'ae.e A t\,, Aucti'.nwri.
P.y virtue of a deed of trust ila oJ April 20, 1194
lOrueastru. nud duly recorded, and at tli?
ic,|uosi oftlteiHirty therein leettnd, default hav*
inu l-e lima e in the payment ol ihe debt 1 will
???U at public auction on Til l RSDAY. May loth, -<t
1- ?'c ook in . at I bo n..i lull. R .,1 Estate fc'x hana-a,
Nu. IIA Main -t.-t. THAT V.M. ABLE imu-u*
a.n li i in situated ?n Hi.ntb side of \Vu?hli i?
? ?"?" street, jn- oast oi O'Kcefe btre-t. j-aiil lot
front* ao loci will, a depth ol ISO feel
ri RMS Dne-lh rd ea-h, balance In 6 ntul it
in.,111118. letttrjd h\ deed of hum ami luring t
per cent. im,.io?t.
Tr '>t?sv
H. L PAGE & < <>..
nirMils Auctioneers.
HKA I. i.si a i i: *<;i.\ is.
W. H. H. Trice & Co,
For Kent.
RESIDENCES?Ul, 20 Yotk sliect.
: new Uouses, i olonb I avenue, i ihent
171 Huusu i . IS i ban., t ? nil et,
6. Ilenuuda street. '.0 Mariuer tit re :.
74 KS AiHiieei .ir.vi..v. tor.a street,
Wslke i it i III, 187 i Im ul ~ire*t..
b"> 1 uikiand street, :t Fenetiorcli itrtet.
I rambletuo K.ildeneet- l.ovrU a e'?
r_',. W I'ouahby avetthe, 04 1 ?rk ?renne.
113 ' .il b- iivenl n. I! :i Higblatul avenue.
I .i - ? I!-.'. i,'i> ?,. t. 4 .? i bar. h - re t,
Siorr,?lit! i liurcli street,
'. : l ank -Ir et. 182, !.?-? >?:?. 71 WsttrttrOOL
Large -t..re ; oinnieree ttrect; Uvai Main.
Si <? ? ii ? iiinnlH II k whni i,
I urn WsieblMISfk Pnils' wharf.
2iMI fc i ??' wliai for rent ulienp,
hi.. I ? S' 184,11k Main street.
] KICK PROM 41011 TO *7M> E?.CH.
Terms Out -tliir I caah, balauca lu 1 anil 3
vc.ire w11ll l?> per cent, interest.
A|>| ly to
H. L. PAGE & CO.,
Solo neonta. No. 1U Bituk ?tront,
Till* perfect, .\ortoik,
" H. C Hoooatfl a Co.,
h total rtsents.
PHONE No. Tl'.i.
FOR BENT? la. Itlil 05. 107 and 10*
Highland Mvantio, 1'Jfi Willonghby, I2U B.n
tor, > Alattby. 10? Pars sa t'uu.tall. l.iia.
i ,., um. lib and no Chapel, ntih uir er?
improvHineut*: 213 hank, 123 Bermuda. 71
L'l.iirlottu 30 Uiinibct and, 71 and .t.thapn,,
St 6 Beriuudt, 4 ro um t-tore corner Lhurca
and . liKt io'.t ? wood yard on lleriunda street^
nice atore tti Berkley, corner Liberty cut
KiRhth street' <?> laic* at > ir min Beach.
FOR SALE?Two hoiiaea in ain>> ?ve?
nu.0 OU Willnnifltliv. i > on < lav oua
on Kell v. t' on Tnnatall, three on High*
laud, ono on Park, two on l.ovitt. t.otr
lit lea iiu so ? on M I.i Mr ut ?o tit
vp linen'. Lot? on FroomMOn, Corprew.
liouih, llighlan '.. Ke \y. i riuooai Ainu .iv,~
duo and a Uuutoraville. .-.be Farms, large
uud hui di.
Iho plate in dispensed wilhi tho tetth
Ir i more lirinly :n the tnoutb by means ol
rotidiitr. nud one-halt tho weight is re?
move, i. Satisfaction U ? .a- nr.- : in over*1
?:i iiank street, corner Plutae
rChUfcMter'ii Emllsh Dtnasand Hrsnd.
"''sin"1 n "', Ji^'tioica'sS
'"^*)"" ''''' V'"1.?'"''"' "' '\^&
>^vSjTaVntioothrr. (?? ?? v
i 7 - Af ??<???? ??"' . ?tnratitite,
I C W l,ulno?mj..f ri .iilr,,..,,.ic.au,?.
\ ?j? t? i.iki. ??? '? ??itfii, rfnr l.ttrilea,"(aItMe?,
?\. if & return Mull. 10,000 Klltiaoaa?i,
t'hlrt,r?trr Chemical Co., MadUon Hqunrr,
l;-.? .- i. Lt-.i,..'... Vallwls?, Fa*

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