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But of an Interesting and Newsy
<ill Form a L. A. W. Club. An Out?
ing for the Children. Transferred
to the Norfolk County Court.
Colored Women Fight
Over Strawberries.
Mr. Geo. W. Moouey has opened a
bioyole store in Portsmouth.
Houry I'ool wan earned to Wood?
land, N. C.| yestorday, whore ho as?
sail Hod Mrs. 8ykos.
Road the advertisement of Levy &
Jacob?, in which thoy aunonuoo sweep?
ing reduotiou in clothing.
Iitail the advertisement u( .lohn L.
AVotaou, in which ho offers tuts fur sale
choop. Hoc udverliseuieut.
Miaa Mattio Coombea, of Chester,
i'n,, is on a two weeks' visit to the
family of Mr. Wm, G. Fraley.
A number of tho trees are loosing
(heir fnilege, caused by tho continued
cold spoil. The Magnolia trees look
tiko thoy had been scalded,
Miaa tfounio Etheredge, one of the
teachers in tho Second District School,
^ ill giva her scholars on outiug at tha
old Carter place at Pinnor'a Point to?
8am Jobor, a colored evangelist, was
arrested in the comity yesterday for
assaulting ono of the colored sisters.
Jlo will bavo a heariug bofore Jnstico
A colored woninu named Clara Par?
ker, who had been urrcsted for stealing
chickens, admitted tiie theft yesterday,
A pocketbouk and handkerchief bo
iongiug to her nut found near tbo coop.
Chief of thu Polios V. t. Tynau and
Several other Keutlomeii will leovo this
morning fur hau Antonio, Texas, to
Btteud the reunion of too Grand Ca:up
of Confederate Votoratts, which tueota
In that city.
In another column notice is given
that the Portsmouth street railroad will
begin running their belt line to day.
1'asaengors can gu the ontiro routo fur
f> cents, transferring from eithor the
unvyyard or Pork View routes. See
The Portsmouth Bicycle Club has
diabauded for tho purpose of organiz?
ing a regular L. A. W. Club, which ro
HiiircB every member to bo a member
v( the American Wheelman's Associa?
tion before he can joiu. Tue reorgani?
zation will take place very shortly.
The caso of Mrp. Anne P.ure, who
was some time ago iudioted fur a crim
liini offenen, was bruught into court
yesterduy fur trial. Aitor argument
the case was transferred to tho Norfolk
Count)- Cunrt und the prisouer was
recognized to appear beforo the same.
In another column a card appears
from Meaara. Breslanar A Anthony, in
wbioh they express their appreciation
tii the largo amount of pa.tr on* ye that
I.hi- been extended to them, 't hey also
state that thoir cut rate rule will
continue to June 1st. See advertise?
The Norfolk County Oonri will begin
ltn May term on Monday. It will bo a
civil term, but there uro several crimi?
nal cases that Imve beeu earned over
from diflerout times, which will be dis
|k)Bcd of at this term. Tho docket will
thuu tie ole&r uutil auuthcr grand jury
A colored woman named Adams, who
lives on County street extended, was
arrested yesterday for beating auotht-r
woman t|iiite badly in iho berry field.
The woman Adams claimed that the
other woman had stolou burnos from
Der that eiio hnd picked, Sue was
lucked up for examination.
vi in ii <n> lite Isrli Si-uk.
On tbe rail, on u steamboat, aboard a fi-b
lug nine, or yaelitinj on tlie loaat, Iloa
tetter's Htomaeu bi.ters mil bo ni.inla
ro.i bis iiicua of averting and rolle lug
?Uno nts io wm. Ii travel rs. murinos suit
?ihr a t.r'e pn uliarly subject tnaonn
i i nc. til i ootors, voyager* or sojouruera
|u tbii tropies ami all a out to encounter
auiuoliniated, sn nnao usions ? i oi tinnier
o s oli ?tu. alioulrl not iiorl.-ct to sva? j
Idem eUf - of ibis safes ard ol ?n I asccr
Sr.iim.i Mini lont;-tri i rourit. (Jon up? ioo,
tiliousuoss, ma arlal f i-r. in ige?! on,
rheumatism and attentions of n o i laddei
? ml i. . nets, aro nun tho iiilmeuts which
II oi int c to-, and it in ii v bo i court- i to not
?lily im b outdance in ts ran odml eflica y.
lint idso hi it i l ife t freodom Irom every
eb sotionable ugn- tout, since it ? tleri e'l
from the p res' nnd most aalntary sources.
It ountoracts the eift-ots of u'.i?bi>Uuuiu
food nnd w ii tit-.
II II l ii (In? It ii?l ,l Ffctr,
Mr. J, H, Cobb, publisher of the
Mirror, at Brooton, N. Y., says: "For
nearly two years tho Mirror bus been
publishing the. advertisements of
ilbamberlain'a Kemedies. a few days
? go tho writer was suffering from n
tniwcl troublo and resorted to an old
remedy which did not prove eflioaoions;
finally he tru.il Ubamborlain'a c'olic,
?"holera and Diarrbn n Remedy an.I
two doses did tho business, cheeking
ft completely." I'or sale by all drug
.Shelly Phosphate, a splendid drink,
at Dr. I.. A. Bilisoly's.
Furniture, carpets at Crawford's,
All who fail io etc tlie [jilipntian
Wedding on the 2lst at Monumental
lecture ruoiu will rogref it.
l'he purest and best soda at Dr. L.
A, Pilisoly's,
BJoii'l iilla? Haintsslll'a Special Sale
'I isla IVo-li.
320 High street.
ttefrigoralors ut Crawford's.
Joe cromu soda at Dr. L. A, liili
All the choice fruits with soda at Dr,
V. A. Biliaoly's,
Children Oryfoi
Muiiawar Accident >ud rsarroiv
t m Krim, Daittn*
Yesterday moruiug Mr. J. C. Tay?
lor, who live* nour Oetty'a Station,
aud Im daughter started to towu iu a
wagon. Just after passing through the
toll gate his borso became, frightened
and ran >w?v. The auiuial couiiuucd
a straight tine down County street
until be reuchud the corner of County
und Washington streets, wheu he
turnod snddeuiy around tho corner up?
set the wskuu. throwing both Mr. and
Miss Taylor out Mies Taylor landed ou
her feoi aud was uot hurt, but Mi. >
Taylor was thrown against tho curb
stouo. cuttiug bis bcud quite badly
aud bruising him about tho bip. He
was picked up and carried into the
Chinese laundry until he recovered
?nftioicntly to be carried to a doctor.
Mr. Matthew Cain, who was near
vfhon tho wagon turnod over, rendered
valuable assistance. Tbo escape from
death was a narrow one, Tho parties
were afterwards carried home by Cou
atablo Anderson, who kindly volun?
teered his services.
r\nvv-Vnrtl >niu>.
The Texas came out tho dock and
was mom oil aloDg side tho south doch.
She will have her riflo guns put on
right away. It is said that she can now
bo made ready for 6ea iu six weeks
time, and will probably l-o put in com?
mission about the 1st of .Inly.
The Dolphiu is having her bottom
scraped and painted.
The Ilalrigu will probably come here
from Savannah to have her bottom
Tho uevr steel vessels require leiug
docked every six mouths and havo
their bottom cleaned.
Tho outlook, for work is very eucour
sging at present. An ufl'urt will bo
made to retain ubout the present num?
ber Unit are employed until tbo liscul
year begins.
The (Jushing left the yard yesterday
The pnrk is being much improved.
The unsightly looking old fence is
being removed and a light wire feuco
will take its place,
tcBinrlnl rs.i ? .
The following oircnlarw as Itstributed
by tho police force la*t i-'ght for
Stonewall^Oamp, ?. V,:
"The auniiRl memorial services in
liosur of our Gs-uterferate dead will be
observed on Friday, the 24th instaut.
\Yu renew our call on our fellow citi
.'"n" for contributions to meet tuo ex?
penses of tho occasion. We shall ex?
pect your accustomed liberality. You
will please enclose your contributions
id the accompcuying envelope, which
will lie kindly culled for ou Monday,
May '20th by members nf the police."
As Memorial Day will bo next l'riday
tiio committee will have but u short
timo to make their preparations iu. So
it is hoped that overy one will bo ready
wheu the oflieer culls for the envelope.
A unreel ->ted.
The pcoplo seemed to have appro
cinted tho great bargains thut we bave
been given ilium during the past week.
We hud triulo fp-ui Norfolk, Berkley
in d surrounding country, ns well as
from the city. Several niude the re
murk they could'ut understand how
it was, that wo were selling olnthiiig
so much cheaper thau others. We ex?
plained thut it was for uu other reasou
thau to rid ourselves ol onr large stuck
so we can give the workman a chanco
to ilo their work aud uot bo both
cred with a quantity of goods that
nullit be in their way. Will continue
this Kale until about dune 1st, Bros
lauer Jr Anthony, 11 1 High street.
Ifobberv hi n?uiIi Portamoiilli.
Thnraday while Mrs, J, P. Scbrot
der, who resides at '2(l? Fourth street,
was attoudiuK to her duties in her
kitchen some one slipped in the bouse
went up stairs und ransacked her
bureau and other departments, carry?
ing oft'two watobes, a pistol and a ftnull
uuiu of money, besides some jewelry.
Later iu tho day Mrs, Scbroeder went
up stairs and sew the condition ut her
room. It wuo then that she realized
what bad been done. No clue has been
obtained of the thief as yet.
.loHi-pti (?worta-Oii Will tie Akltrd For.
Judge V\ uttn eutercd an order yes
terday morning requesting the Judge
of the Corporation Court of Norfolk
to doliver to tho Ilustiugs Court o(
this ciiy Joseph A, H, CoodsoD. Good
sou wus arrested in Portsmouth for
robbing tho residence of Mr. Edgar
Nash, und was bailed for hiB eppesr
ance before tho grand jury, liofore
that body inot he whs arrested iu the
act of robbing n resideuoe iu Norfolk.
The last grand jury indicted him for
Kell 1.1,i?>.
On and after Saturday, May 18th,
1695, tbo Portsmouth Street Railway
Company's ears i navy-yard, Scotibville
nnd Park Yiew lines) will run from
the ferry back to the ferry, and givti
'each passenger a transfer ticket from
uuy lino he may bo ou, to eith.ir of
the otiiers. l-'aro ? cents, 1.. C. God
win, Superintendent. niyl8-lt.
I or I 111* lVrtU.
Ono thousand yards all-wool yard
wide line serge in black and colors, at
half price, reducdd from ?Uc. to J"..:.
per yard, 'llieso goods are limited,
uud you mil-; come early to seonro
them, Wo reduce our Indies parasols,
white, black and colors, a speoial line,
regular price31.76 end 81.50, for this
week $1.19. All new goods, A. J/
Phillips, under Oxford Hall.
New mattings at Crawford's.
Wire doors at Crawford's.
A "hit," u very palpnblo "hit," line
been scored by our spring Hats. O. 1!,
Welton & Co., Twin stores.
Pitcher's. Castor.a.
The Leading Dailies Investigate;
Munyon's Remedies.
And Declare They Cure 96 Out of
Every 100 Persons.
'?From teitiiuouiitie reoeivrd and from
fact, gathered b> a Times reporter, wo Aud
thn oui ui every tun wiin dare used Muu
vim's liboumat am Cure. !U1 have itecluro 1
tin'i.i.elvi>? cure ) or greatly I. uotlted.
Theto cau now be no i eaiiauey in saying
i.nit Muuvoh'h Itbenmatiani i'm .' m. > be
terinril :i ].oMtir<- cure lor rheninati<ni."?
Philadelphia Times. May it. 18*3.
"Wo know that Uio [sands of pooplo in
our midst have b < u cuiel bv Muuyou'i lit?
tle xngar . tillets. ? oalon i oat.
"Muujoub Iteuietlioa act almost instan?
taneously, speedily curing the most ??)>-.i
nato eases in a low hours."?lialtinioie
'?Our l.K.in people have written u? that
tboy ha ti been cured by Uuuyou's Berne
die?.'"?New \nrk Press.
"Mnnyon'a Kemcdie-i aro handy to any,
plo.irant to I ike and absolutely harmless"?
W -i> Dicton Po?t.
Mnnyou b Bheumatiiin Ours is KUirimtecd
to . .to rheumatism in nur part of tbo b >dy.
Acute or is,o.e. .1 .i rhi uunit sin Is cure I in
Iroiu one tu live days. It never f ull to o ire
sharp, shooting puma in the arm?, le^a.
aides, back or brontt. or a .rone - iu any
purt of the body in from one to inios hours
it ? guarantee i t i promptlr cure lameness!
stiff und -wollen loiuts, stiff back, and all
p.uus in the hips aud loins. < hroni ? rh-n
luatism, sciatica, lumbago or pain iu the
back nre speedily cured.
Muihoii'h ilnm.ruimthio Home Iteinedy
Company, of Pbilalol hit. put u ? ape ui ?
(or nearly every uiseasr, ami h arc sold by
all druggists, mostly for 25 rents a b ttle. '
'I hoi-o who are iu Uoulii as to the nature
of their liisea-ea should address Prof. Mini
jou. 1506 Arch street. Philadalpbl ., giving
full symptom < ol their diaoase. Prof Mnn?
you will carefully diagnose tho ca e and give
vn , the liouelit of bin adviOS absolutely fron
of all ehiirg . The remedies will o tent
to any a.ldro?e ou receipt id retail price.
Illtns? ? ???iltiiir lli'b.ii'ruic,
Thursday uigbt CoDstuldu Andoraon
and Mr. l-.dv.urd l'osenlhall started to
take a walk up the loud to tbo Seaboard
Air-Line rouiiribonne. When part of
tho way up there, between the crossing
at Blouut's storo und the doput, they
beard two pistol shots lired. They
stopped for a moment, and while stun :
ing on the tract: a n. ,-iu pussod them,
Constable Audersou suid to him: ".Say,
stop a minute, who was that tin:;,; up
tbo track just now." The negro said:
"What do you want to know for."
Audersou replied: "I urn ru officer ami
want to lind out who n was." The
negro said "it was me," at tho eamo
time bring at Anderson."
Mr, Anderson said that his pistol
was in bis pocket, but as quick as a
tlueh he pulled it out aud returned tho
tire, Tho negro walked a few steps
anil rolled over iu a puddle of water,
lie thought then thut he had 6hot him
and advanced. Whou he got within
ten feet of tho negro he lirud at him
and i ui,. He then tired directly at lbs
ncrgo as tin was running. The negro
hallowed und fell, but soon jumped up,
und in the darktuiss he made hisiS-'ape
in .(ones' cow yard ou tue ehell road.
Mr. Anderson says after tho negro
foil,his first thought was be killed him,
but ho cousiileroii tho matter, thinking
possibly the negro had done nothing
to be shot for, but if he hud had uuy
idea thai the negro was going to fire at
him no would hare ended his life, lie
thinks now, and is almost confident,
that the negro is uu escaped convict,
who is wanted and for whom hi- nan a
warraut. He went back out there last
night in search of him aud if ho runs
across him lie will fare worse thau he
did Thursday night. Things are gat?
ing desperate aud stringent measures
vtill have to be resorted to.
Tlie tvrry I i?|ilur<n Witt?
The game of ball yesterday after?
noon botween the ferry employes and
the police forco was not very largely
attended on account of tho threatening
weHther. Those who atteuded were
not dissatisfied with their umuseineut.
both teams played very good bau, es
pecialiy so when neither team have
lieuu playing nuy bull before this sea?
son. The Lmttories for tho police were
llutcbius and l'atem; for lerry em
ploy es, Brown au.I .iouee. Score, 11
to 7, in favor of i'erry employes. Um?
pire, Leach, of the Mate League.
I Hied hikI Coalai
Annie Bosnian, the negro woman
who threw coucetiirnted lye in the face
of a little son of tbo late lip. Watts,
for which she was sentenced to tho
penitentiary for ouo year, but was
afterward* granted a now trial, was
yesterday sentenced by a jury to pay a
tlue of $5 aud costs of court, amount?
ing in all to 851), Besides this, ohu haH
previously stayed threu months in
Ulnar.? ut i in-.,
Wc ate desirous of cutting down our
stook ol men's aed I .?>??.' suits, and tu
accomplish that desired end we will
givo tho good people of Portsmouth au
opportunity to buy sumo of the great
est bargains in men's wear over offered
iti this city. Suits for .>'.">.50, 80.50,
ST.'il). $7.75, 88 and $8,50 each and
every :mo worth from $2 to 311 more.
Hcmuaibor tlit-rio bargains can only be
found at Levy & Jacobs', 2U0 High
< mtniv Jail.
The following woro lodged in tho
county jail yosterday: Abby Bull,
Kdward Tyler and Dave Bullion, tor
disorderly conduct at West Norfolk.
Tbo throe men had four pistols on
Four others wero admitted for
drunkenness und disorderly oonduot,
They wero arrested by Constable An?
Aro von all tired out Do vou 0nve that
tired le. ling or sick >,% , ... .,. , . cau he
relieved of all the>o by taking Hoods
mm local
Circle No. a, King'a Daughters, bud
nn interesting meeting nt G o'clock lnai
j evening wiiu Mrs. ' Dr. A. VV. Kley,
Mam street.
I Mr. J, j. MoNauiaro, formerly of
j Suflolk. now a successful jeweler of
Lnkewood, N, J,, hits boon visiting in
town this week.
The Ouowsn i N . O. | llaptist Associa
tiou will couvenu next Tuesday nt the
Baptist Churoh at Osteaville.
Mr. 11. It. Joyner, superintendent of
Southampton oomity ulnishoiisc, was in
SnflolSf ou buaineaa.
Mins Carrie Phillips, ot Atluuta, Ca.,
is visiting relatives in town.
(Jeu. L, S. BaLer, accompanied by
his daughter, Mins Lizxio, will leuvo
to dsy for Raleigh, N. ('., where be
will ntteud tho unveiling of thu Con?
federate monument.
'I'ho vacant lot on Main street ail
joiuiug the bokery is being converted
into u lawn touuix court.
Mrs. H. O. Cheathuui is expeotsd to
return from Meridian, Miss.,where she
has been attending n couvoutiou of tho
Woniou's Missionary Soeioty of tho M.
E, Clinrch .South.
A uiimbur of small shad, estimated nt
100,00U to 501), Ol Ml, were recently liber
uted in waters tributary to the Nnuee
iiiontl. They were sent by the Fish
Commissioner from Washiugtou, L). O. j
Tho miltary bazaar will open Tues?
day and continue ten days. I'ho various
oommittcss of ladies who hove ehsrgo
of the departments uro makiug active
RlIMAKKABLE B an K statement.?A
slatcmenl just issued by the I'armera'
Bunk of Nuusiminnd, shown it to be uue
of the t-trougr-nt Uuunciul instllutious iu
tho country, the amount of capital
stock?ouly $20,200?oonaidered, Tho
undivided proiits aro $02,240.93; sur?
plus fund, $100,000; total resources,
commencement Sr.ASON Of/ened.?
The annual eutertuiumeut of tue pri
mory ami introductory ola-am of Suf?
folk College occurred last cvouing in
the nuriiloriiim ol the City tloll l lieii
ter under thu direction of Miss des-ic
M. Barker, with Miss Marguerite
VVhittiold Crump as accompanist. The
programme ootiMutcd of eighteen num?
bers of piauo soms, dneta and trios,
recitation", oborusca and ualisliieuio
exercises, concluding with a pretty
musical sketch, "lheBostiug Party,"
by the two classes.
UuivBN Oer op Tows. ? Miobaol
O'Brieu aud (iunrgo McCarty. tho two
tramps who refused to \acate a box car
when ordered, Thursday evening, aud
who fought desperately when loreo was
used by the puiict, wero yesterday ar
raigned iu the Police Court nntl fined
S l.?? each. In default of paymeut they
wero put in the county jail, but after?
wards released and driven out of town.
Baiti.k's Accomplice Arbkhtrd.?
Constable Pranch yesterday arreetnd
on a truok furm ono Shermau Godwin,
colored, who is ailu^od to bo uu ac
complice ol William Battle, recently
apprehended in Portsmouth, charged
with burning J, B. Uruoipler's barn,
near Chuckatnck. istittlu and Godwin
will have a hearing in jsil Monduy bo
fore Justice F, W. Rawles.
Baby carriages ot Crawford's.
tlrs. I.atnbklu Dlria't t'ouat on Such Bad
I.ik k.
Young Mrs. Lambkin was delighted to
lee hoc dour Mario WeJan ahe called. In?
deed him assured her of the foot herself.
"I was beginning tu fear lost you were
uiiahl? to come, as you expected," khe re?
marked. "It was ((rowing so late."
"Oh, I was determined to come. You
see. It will be my last chance before I go,
and California la so fur away that I may
not 1>h back lit Chicago for untold ages."
"Yea, Indeed, you poor exile Hut nev- j
or mind. Your husband may make enough
money in enable you to livu In Chicago
some day."
"No doubt. But of course I should not
bo satisfied unless I had my own homo?
though really your little flat seems very
nice, nnd no doubt you are quite contented
iu It."
"Ob, yes! Ono could bo contented any?
where With Alexius. You have no Idea
how happy wo are."
"Indeed I always quite liked him in the
days when he spent mo.-l of bin time at
our house."
?'Vi's. 1 remember. It was Immediately
across from my home. Uo could keep
watch on all my movements from >uiu
"Very likely. I remember that yuti
were generally at one of the front windows.
Do you Und this a pleasant uuigbborhoodf"
"Quite so. I'm always afraid of bur?
glars, and now 1 shall be more so thuu
"I should bo awfully afraid myself.
Put, then, 1 received such handsome wed?
ding presents"?
'Speaking of presents," interrupted
Mrs. Lambkin us she drew out a cus0 and
opened it. "today Is my birthday, and see
what a lovely gift my husband brought
"DiamondsI"gasped Marie. "How love?
ly! But?hut aren't you afraid he Will
ruin hlmsolf giving you such expensivi
tldngsl' 1 shouldn't think of allowing
my husband to do it."
"But, then, dear Alexius is such it good
business man. He can quite nfl >rd it."
"Who would have thought ? in tbo days
when he used to come to see"?
"I was surprised w hen ho gave it to mo.
I hadn't the least, idea?why, here comes
A lex! us himself. Whatever has brought
him homo so early today! .lust give me
that case, will you, dear* He?he always
hates display."
"Oh, bother I What if he Uoosf 1
haven't half looked at it. Do you quits
like tho sotting:- Why, Mr. Lambkin, how
do you do? 1 am just admiring dear Ku
dora's lovely diumonda."
"Radofa Lambkin, wherever did you
get Ihoso things?" queried her husband,
oblivious of the signs sho was making to
And just, theu the door opened once
innre, and tho head of tho hired girl up
. peared.
"If you plouse, Mrs. Lambkin," jho ra
I'rcc (ram all the disagreeable preusy effects that result from the
use of lard will he had, if COTTOLENE is used. Fisll and
? cakes fried in it arc simply delicious because it adds a flavor to
them that cSUtlOt possibly be obtained from the use of euy other
fryiug material. C'.ct the genuine COTTOLENE, as there are
numerous questionable imitations. Tho
trade mark given here is on each pail.
Sold iu 3 und 5 lb. pails. Made ouly by
N. K. Fairbank Company,
fc" DENTON, N. O
The cool, cloudy und r.-uuy spoil con?
tinues, mi.I our farmers o somewhat
discourage i
Mr. aud Mrs. A. F. Hush roturnud
yesterday (rom Washington City.
'The Im ebnll motors ni our town
were plea ed lo know thai Norfolk's
team won \Vo<luosdttv's gauic.
Tho Chowan Baptist Artooiatiou
uieets next I uusday w.tli the Church
at ? iatesvillc.
marked, "the young muu trout atone?
Silver's la horo to ask nbout theau then
diamonds they scot on approval."
In lite slight puuse which follower! deal
Murin arose, smiling, und said thut slit
really must go. ? Chicago Times Herald.
A I'ltsxtlDK ijueatlon.
"Yonder site comes," sidd n tall, lank
man who was silt Lug on a trunk near lha
railroad etat ion.
"Yonder who comesf" asked a fat,
heavy man who sat near him.
"The train," replied the built man.
"Why du you suv, ' Yonder she conies'?' "
naked the fat man,
"Well, that's the customary way of
?peaking of n train. Isn't It? A nU oustoia
Is what llxos things. Everybody says,
'Yonder she eoiues,1 in speaking of a
train's approach."
"Well, I insist you should have said,
' Yonder ho comes.1 "
"Oh, pshaw I Nobody ever snys'ho' In
speaking of n train," returned the lean
"Well, I'll agree to leave it to I ho Mil
tion agent and see If it wouldn't have been
better for you to have said, 'Yonder In
comes.' " mblrd the fat num.
Both agreed to it, and when they lmd
found the agent the fat man naked:
"What la tliotrutn }U8t coming into the
stnt loilf"
"It's a mail train," he nuswercd.
Then the lean Ulan Went out und bOUglll
B good olgat lor tho ful man.?Washing?
ton I'Obl.
The latent definition ol hypnotism,
"A plea to escape the legal consequences
of crime. "?('liu-agc lJOht
Brings comfort and improvement find
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live hel?
ler than others und enjoy life more, with
le-s expenditure, by more promptly
adapting tho world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in tho
renn dy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to it.s presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas?
ant to tho taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of it perfect lax?
ative; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headnches und levers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid?
neys, Liver aud Bowels without weak?
ening them and it is perfectly tree from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
^i-t-in fjOc and $1 bottles, but it is man?
ufactured by the California Fig s^ynip
t 'o. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Fipr-.
mil being well informed, you will not
ti enl anv substitute if offered.
Siek Headache and rolldre alt the troubles inei
ilenl loa lillfoii? stav of tie. Sy*t?at;auch nt
DUxIimmvi* Nausea. Drowslucaa. l>isir*Mi nflrr
?mihi?:. I'aln nt tin- 8I1I0, Whllo their most
remarkable succciw has bean ahown la oui tog
Headache, yet CattTsa'a Litti.ic i.tvtn rni.r,
an* equally valuable in Constipation, curing
nini preventing liila nnii"Tine complaint. while
i bar ?li.> enrreel nil itiaordera ?t tic- Momaoli,
nil regulate the bowels.
Ache they would ba almost priceless to those
who suffer from ibit distressing, complaint:
but fortunately I heir goodnesi oi a* nol end
here, ami those >.h.. once try them "ill Had
lilt ?? little pill 1 vnliinhlo hi Hi nniPT ? that
ii.-v will nol be willing to do without Ultiu
lsui ftfior all alelt bead
is tho bane of so many lives that here is xrhcri
Wo make our rreat boast. Our pills earn it
whllo others do not.
?ARTRa'a I .mir. I.IVKR Vn i.i are very stnnll
anil very easy lo take One or two pllla mako
a dose. Thoj uro sirietly vegetableand do
nm gripe or purge, hm by their gentle action
please ?II who u ..? Iheni. In vial- ai ".'i cents;
five for 51 Bold evoi rwhere, or seal by matt.
ca:"/:i MEDICINE co., ihw 7:ri.
Email Till, killte Small fries,
Palpitation of the Heart!
Shortness of Breath, Swell?
ing of Legs and Feet.
"For about 4 years I was troubled
with palpitation <>f the. heart.
Bhorl ncss of breath nnd swelling of
the legs and feet. At times] would
faint 1 wua treated by the best
physicians in Savannah, Qa., with
no relief. I then tried various
{Springs, without benefit. 1 tried
Dr. Males'Heart Cure
also his "Nerve and Liver Pills. Af?
ter beginning to takctlicmlfeUbelterl
I I continued taking tbern and J am
now in bei i or health than for many
years. Since my recovery I have
gained tifiy pounds in weight. I
nope this statement may be of
value to some poor sufferer." ,
E. B. BUTTON, Ways Station, Ga. '
Dr. Miles' Heart furo Is sold on a pos?
itive guarnntco that the Drat bottle will
benefit. AM druggists soli It at (1,0 bot?
tles forlfl, or it. will bns -ni. prepaid, on
receipt of price by the Dr. Miles Metrical
Sold by All Druggists
! Hcedinn a ton; c, or cbtldreo who want bails,
uif hi., sh mid tale
It is i>. . ?-. . core.i Malaria, > . .?>:,
Biliousness, Liver Complaint* aud Ne"r*kiai
I-OIC I Still II I II ,% DVIIIMiKEM?"'1* i
SpeciafFgr To-day-|
I iue loaded Tea. "J5o per pound: Fanor.
?a.orte.l fluke*. lOe per pound: Standard. _
Cumed Tom .tora. Me per can: J a,noy Erap
orated Aprico'.n, I'.'c rer pound
?02 Crawford street.
LOTS IN park VIEW ??m
r?rt eanli. balance on long time. Great
opportunity ior a houne-seakor. Uon. B
io ta lb * ch.uec. INC. It. WATHON,
iO'J High street; . ;
Three Biggest Sellers,
Three Best Wheels Made.
EAGLE, $100.
Rand 'or onr new <ata?oguo.
l h i you nutkbig but a postal.
. H. si
103 nifiH 8TBEKT,
Guarantied m r.: iloath to potato baga.
Hol I ill bottom pri ra by
Portsmouth's Summer Resott
MR. MATT j. MlTAEV. tbe woll known
caterer ot thi? city, ha* leased tbe HOTEL
VKItNON < us nrillruu evorv half hour on
Saturday and Hun lay. i-vory thins nrst-elasa
i or enjoyment, i oinlort mid pleivr.ro coma
at all limes in tbo Hotel Yeruou. whera
everything m I tin kept in Benson to supply
tbo abl ? tbo liar, aud add to the coin tort
<i| visitors and KUests. Hotel is now open.
I aP *
reiitloneoa at small coit My table will be
i <n i tied with tbo boat in tbo market, and
all the earliest vegetables, ec, in season.
Terms reasonable bv wo 1. or laouth.
210 Water street.
Bend postal or call at th above address,
Ith; Wi low lto ker, Only ?1.50: l.ir?e Ina
por oi Bugs. 'I'e to 70o. Rook at theaa
I pri es: M ittingl t at sell for 15c, lino. 26c.
yOc por yard; our prtco. Sc, 10c, 15o and 18o,
np26- '?'"<< County street, city.
Moquotte Rugs, 91, worth $1.00: large
(.....i hugs, wot tii tf?, our price, 93; fine
line flowers, ltlbboni, l.acos. Embralderiea
and White Goods, .lust some beautiful
goods (Muslin) ior Curtains, toe our Cur
thin No .
r.KO. H. 1SF.LL, Agent.
\V< are glTiug away those line articles of
(,:rni uro whi h ou seo displaced in onr
window, :or every emli puiehase you will
rn aivo coupon*, Come in and get our olr
i atar <>' explanation.
Wo have just re elved tbo largest end
mo t Oomplet - line of Ladies' MuBlin Da
derwear o bo fo n i in either city. These
goods ..re of rat? manutaoture ana the eele
I rate.I h ok st tch biaud.
I rcncli Organdies. Ginghams, etc.. White
tiou s of i cry it.mi iption, Embroideries
Skirl Wi ist- etc. l ull hue of tleut'a Fur
nbhlui;s Clout-, black and I'anoy Suiting*
bv the vard or miidb to order, aud a level
lino of Spring Paintings.
22? High street:
American Express Co.
are safer than ra-h. refunded If lost. Pal
:,: > here In the world without person
Itt< athieatiou.
imhncipal office of co., 65 beoa~
Way, n. y.
9 3 60 for a iplendid Snit ?11 tr> iu*;< b. really worth .8 5 59
6 on for <io .il Uualneas Unit?, any ?tyleyou want, worth. ? J~
8'0 for an oxtra quality Pait. vortb . , .Si!
7 00 w II Luv von a good ' ii.-innre Suit, worth. };' J?
Hfniorn . Ioih WniMSii n t. Wurth . JJ.."H
10 tu tuUenit beautiful Wnrnto.! Ruit, *ur;ii. 11 UJ
91 00 Ohild'lSull (short (laots^ worth.52 Oil
1 10 (or iiiitis((KUt l'laid Suit (sln.it pant*) wortli. '2 7-?
11 0') buys yen an e\tr? quality Cbihi'l r'Uil, north. 3 00
3 f.0 lor btaiituul l'laiil Suit (ah< rl pnntej worth.%. 3 ?0
$1! B1 ror rin elegant Platd (boys' i Suit, worth..9 f> On
4 50 bnyn u ? .eiolid oya'Suit, worth. 7 00
6 7.'j taken nu elenunt l'l.id or St iped (bor?') Suit, worth. 9 0J
1 7 CO foi hii extra quality l'oia uit. itx stylei. worth . 11 0)
&VL ROSENBAUfiVI, ? .6 and 3 18 High St., Portsmouth

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