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Eo ouaiidino onf. ov \Jucx.t. Sam's port
VYrasurv Department. V. S. imrniqreffoti I
Strplrc, JlujMto, Jr. 1". 1
TION. Ilutlulo, N. T.:
Dear Sir* From oariy i-Mldbopd I bavo
Buffered from a slujjnib liver with ell the
Disorders ueeompr.nylii?! ftiicfa it eompanlon.
Klocturs' pt'0<OTOTOOai und pelCnt medi?
cines I bnvo used in abundance ; tuey only
fACtordod temporary relief. I was rocom
lupndod. to try Dr. ricroo1? Fl'-Raam PrRcta,
I did ko. ink In if tlireo at uhjht und two after
antees a
Sinner every day tor two wuakn, I then re
uoed the do** to ono "t'vllot" every duy
!nd ooiiUmvS this praetioo for two months,
bnvo fn six montlw ineroascd to solid
esh, twenty-six pounds. I Bin iu better
ccilth lliun 1 have liee.n hIuco ebildbood.
IrowHlnose aud uupl?nnant feelings after
tueale buve eoiuplotuly disappeared.
Rci-pectfulfy yours,
U.S.Inspector of Immigration.
"ll'antkh A cood all arouud mil may: lou-t
M I..- atquatuiol wiiu machinery. BOX 21,
*>ew.art News, Vs. my^ -it?
l\TAKTKl>- A poidliOn bj an expert ?:eno;is,>'"r
wnli.i gixxl knowleduool hookkeeuliig and
fcurvtar, axpcrl nee for either half day oi lull
?ort. Addron Mim X Box 626, Nu folk, V?.
\V ANrhl>?tiood eanvaisarsob patentedarllelo'
?l IJh-ral piv avd eiclutive territory. If t/ou
tie a *<> k ? ..I! Leforell ;i m. 08 Miiln it real,
third flt.'i inyltl-nt
,t ami n iioitsts is it co ws to fasti be
l'iui-, reasonable, Apidy tu
C H. ? AVK.
Biyl9-6t? Berkley. Va.
Sfol CAN CLEAR V '. to 8I?? WEtil.KY.?
I Obtain youi S al? agency; do not an.?er un
lei- von can Invest ICD i ? SI ". p yable Olli.? i ??
4*< p: ,?f go'dt; homethlng in** ; an experience
accessary. We send full ptiilici ar? wl ?. hlgheM
feferOnees. Address MANUFACTURER, K O.
$ox l im. Na? Vork City, myl7-et,we2w
^)OAl!li Three cmtl-uven eaa ztt .'tie !?rc
II wall furnished ro in on ao.-ond floor,'in reuttal
?art ni ttir i it >\.h board, for Sit! per month
?a li by ?dilifS>iiiK BOARD, box < , City i'ost
? Oic.'. iuyl-U
1 til .nt- VV \m i i', ok SAL' -Mi S t'l SlRINti
j\ sideline to take orders b.? sample: itapl* sel?
ler, easily .carried We nay esuaiises an<t ra'a r oi
aentttiisslod met rimit.h ?sm|il>- i>n epplliati?ii,
Wlddrrv. iA>vk Um. i.'.',. Sen ^ i.rk , ity.
\VA N fl D?A tin t-elss*col< r .1 n ot teliTtd; i.o
*>? derslands uiarklof. Apply fl Churib ilreet
aft'i ?. in, fe I
\lfANTKD- i ailv ?criits tliioiicboiit Vircinla to
*1 liamlto an arllelo thai Bolls on ilM morli. Ail.
Cieaa :<n Piftb arcnueS, 1 ., Koa>uoke, Va. oc20
fVAKTRD. ? Speolnl Advertlslnf CauTasrers,
*T 1 am Hin r vith prentillttl ntercbantlle tralo;
snoney niakT nt tv.M A Inn clever giorrsl (nnvoa.
?er? en grealesl leller of the d.iy. BT AM LEY
IlRAtil.l.V. 5 1- IC, SI . Ken Volk.
tirccuL NOTtutca.
LA DIRK I CMchcsler'j English Fomv.-oval P.'l!)
(Nu .-i fi.:.!. are the)Beat. ? V . -
.-? i?uriiibf Rtturn Mall, Mifiutfuu.
Cblcbeater Ubemlcal i.o., rbiiada., 1??.
?iyl.Vsu,w ,fr
iiaim.ui'i oi:n sm i,, i.i a-i .-11,? .ri,u
Jl did ?ur lion.e.Vo. <s and MO W..t.-i Mreil. nnw
<-..?|i:r.i iv ii,,. Heck-llershlei Ii kluo ? Co
I'pK.rsi'on given January 1, I8*llj possibly snoaer.
?ipi ly in I). LOWEMBKltU,? (iluinbU bull i , g,
llONKi 10 LO iS 520,0 0 ? ? d N i k Cllj
j'l Iti at Estate at six p;r root. Oue 11 five roar.?
Jon S It will l 1 11 l. \ >. Heal Estate Itr >ker! iu; it
J. N. .ION ib.
fiflie" ISO and roMdeuce ITS Ciluiberlsnd stitet.
Jill untcia I rouiptlT Oll? n b' i lo,
Sil- n im: iuwii:-, any -i i , new i im-ii,
I beautiful dctivni nd lowest pru-is f>,r I'.iritaits,
Taiiit ng.. \\.,iir tViiis. " r.it.. -. -i^livi g^ ,.r
anv ityw I pleturci a- NISUAUM's ;.- .Mai?
?.Ivel, Koifolk, Va
TyAVlri IIAKERY? llesidet mir retu'ar s ,uar?
S.I loafwcb.i i Milk, Vienna lire, Finn (Irs nm
end V i- ii.i Cream bread, Maryland anil brown
Flour Iii-, ui:-. ;i-i, the llneM u.leal ?>? nil
kinds ui Cakes, Fastry, < l.ar.utt. linsii-'j t'oani
lWs, etc.
i ntni.nut. to -nit nu pooil
win i I l.l. >uis. iur5-tf
? he features and Keniur
trig Rlenilshes, In l&tl p. i... .? i ?;? stamp.
rlolin II. V\ nnalhury, IK VV.f.MSI . N. v.
uvontor nl Wuodburj a Eaclal s..ap.
STrescriptions p'S?d. -7;
W Vraet. Psieot MedicineSi Tollet Artlci?.
Cl,-?rs anJ lubscco. W. R PU1ELIP8, 2W
t!n 11 ?? ??< >e:i0
I O it Nil V.
ALICENCED SALOON, with Pool and billiard
Tables, lor iale, llo<>il Imatlou; cause ibrsell
tn i allb. Addresi' E ii.?' ibis offiee. mylS-tf
Flllt Kr.NT
VOR REN I Lai? i m ' oio, v 1 i t ? ib lit
? kiiebcni ni* ii d coil iti ii reon city
?ad ?t, rn wilor i I umberUrid stiee..
ri ii: REST?A Ifoiiseaud Var.l v tia'ed on Easi
j* River, neei Ricks W ist , Matbcws i ..n> \ a.
5 be i...1im- con a ? ; a: .i- . : .. lOncs, W ill
Ilent) nf'tia eaod?c,o d batlitbg itbur.'. Tories
luaii. For tnfthei in ohi a Ion write 16 a. U
USTEIt lo"isnnonl' ?>. MutbewstV., V?.
Dneoi Iwo gentlemon can obtain a nicely Inr
kill.cd ruuiii, ceatrally lot and, wltb all uiodo.ru
cciliVcnienoB, Inollldlng bath, eas and beat, wltb
Iu Ibrceminutes walk oi Iba eleotri? line. A. C,
t.,,caic \ li^iuu.i. nolo-tf
Coreet Negligee nbirtH with uoliliy
ColiurB nud tton to iuatcb, Nietiola a
Wallace, HW Main atrottt.
Agents fcr Si?i?nu'a special lialu.
OoldmaD a lloflieimer.lOO Alaiu istreet.
\t iir:il'< ? wluiublnu > * po.iiion
?wom of value to llio world l>y illuftrnt
tng the improvements iu tlie niucliaui
cai ori8. Rod omitieot pbyaioiaua will
tell you tlmt the procrcas iu rueilioiual
?gentH bas lieeu of equal importuue?,
? nil an a strengthening laxative that
fjyrup of Figs is far in advauco of nil
Cthore. _
ti Koiiilirk l?l>le I nr.- ot l< lien full 11 a tl
j'rotn the Qroton Oonneeticul Eoviow.
UdviJ L?win, who has been aUUcted
all wiuter by rlionmatiam, ib uut ugaiu
aud all iiuu tu ouu of tho modiciuus
stdveriiacd in our colnmna. Alter try
ing averythidg pousible, he oaed Chain
tierlHiu'e I'aiu liuhn, wlneh huo relieved
Iiiin of nil pain, from which be waa a
coiihtaut sufferer und prumises to :uuku
In tu tit for duty hood. Wo know David
tins lieeu a grout tuilleror und are glad
to see him around auiiio. Tor sttlu by
Oil drtiggi.its.
Utiawbeiry short oake at Alau'a:
Mrs. John B. Norfleet is visitiug
relatives iu Portsmouth, bor formor
Air. aud Mrs. C. 15. Leet, who have
beau atoppiug witli tho letter's fatber,
Mr. John Lotzia, left fur tboir bouio
m New York citv.
Mrs. a. li.Oolibart ie vibiting frionds
in Mncou, N. C.
Triiokers of tbis vioiuity are ship?
ping largo quantiticn of puns.
The military bazaar was formally
opeued at the uuw Armory ball last
evening,whou an attraotive programme
was reudereil.
Nanskmosh C?uffTt Eti?OftON Ufi i
otits.?The following is a revised list
of the Nausemonit election officers who
will officiate to morrow. There ia yet
a vacancy at Paul's Brauch aud Som
erton, a formerly elected jmlgo at each
of those preciucts uow betug a ?nu.ii
elstu for office:
Snflolk Claude \V Wright, W A
King, Bobert At Ilollaud, judgus; J T
Jolmsou, special cotistublo.
lloly Neck?W D Hollaud, Lafajetto
Bawles, Na/.arotte Cross, judges; Jas?
per Pougbtrcy, special coustaule.
Copohind's Mill?A F llolluday,
Leroj ilodgcs, Jesse^ W Copoland,
judges; .1 K P Daogbtrey, spuciul cou
** Cypress Obapel?Joel il Brinklev.
Samuel Wilkius, Jesse LftUgston,
jurigos; It F Rogers, special coiistalilo.
Kilby'e WtiU?fi A Norfleet. E I. Bui
lard, Beu Ibimville, judges; Uoorgo
Daugbtrey, epccial constable.
Soniertou?it 0 Pllis. .iatues E Heed,
judges: A T King, special coustuble.
Paul a llrnucli?<leurga P Fitobett.G
F Faulkrud, judges; Mille J Riddick,
special constable.
Ubuckatuok?0 T Minton, Walter
Willis, Dcwhou Uray. ]iulgesi", Phillips
Godwin, special cou?inhlo.
Myrtle?T A McfJleany, Bylaud J
Pierce, Beu Turner, judges; F E Utat
liogs, R] or.ial constable.
Euenu/cr?B U Atluuson, Cbas Mor
tip, Exum Butler, judges; Sauford
.Mitchell, special constable.
?liiuution ? W N Ilarroll, Qeorge W
Jnkeniau, Joe (iritliu, judges; .) L
B<uid, special uoustuble.
Veutes?J P Bidgood, W R Old, Jr,
Walton Hiuton, judges; O T Carney,
special constable.
Mit. Bumneu'h Dratd,?Mr. CburlcB
13, Sunnier, a lnxlily respected uiur
chant of Nurneyville, this cotiuty, died
at uu early hour yesterday morning
alter a lingering illness, from consump?
tion. The deceased was (13 yours of
uf;c and leaves ouo sou und six daugh
lore, four of whom arc married. The
funeral will tul;o place to-day, tho in?
terment being in the burying ground of
.Mr. Albert Hawles, Holy Neck, Tho
Masonic fraternity from Sutlolk will
Eiii/.abf.tu Citv, N. 0., Muy 21,?
The remains of Air. Martin Simpson,
vrho died in Baliimoro ou Buuday,
arrived here on tho 11:8(1 train tbis
moruiug, Tho odd Fellows, of Whom
Mr. Simpson ;wus u member, were ut
tbe depot to meet tho truin, nod es?
corted the hoarse to tbo Baptist Church
allere funeral sei vices were conducted
at uoou by Huv. Dr, Blackwell, tho
puBtor. All tho stores in lbe business
center of '.tic town were closed during
tbe fuuorul, as u mark of respeot to tbe
deceased. A very lur^e crowd was in
attendutico at the funeral.
Tho Junior I'.nsolull Club will play a
mutch game with n newly organized
Seuior team on Friday aftoruoou. liope
will bo stretched aiouud tbe grouuds
and au admlssiou free of Ul cents
oliurgoii. This will bo done at all
mutch games in tho future. Winder
will do tlm twirling forjtho Juniors und
probably Modliu and Guirkin for the
Mr. I'ercy S. Yangban, of Ports
mouth, Vu., arrived in tbe city tbis
EDEN ton, n. C.
The lierlio Poachers' Assooiation will
be held ui Windsor on the 2-llh. Prof.
Sledd, of our town, will deliver tbe ud
Bev. J. E, While and some of his
eougregatiou left this morning on tbe
Btcamei tilivo for the assooiation.
Gtbera will drive through the county.
Mise Clara Davis, alter spending
several days hero with the family of
Mr. J. A. Woodard, on Court street,
olt Monday lor Norfolk.
1 Hit i lie ?.ri|>.
iltplithoria, pneumonia, 7*<-.irlot fovor. tv
phoi i favor, etc.. Ho.nis Buraaparlllu is of
I woudor ul boueilt iu imparting the strength
an I ?isjor so much di sire.t.
I Moon's l'n i s for tbo liver and bowels act
easily vot , lomp:: ,-n . effectively
\ an per b unit HiirivMioti Quality or
?irren Sen
la now ollered at Burrows' Drug store.
A very clear, light aud hcaiitilul color
in its drawing quality, with a delight?
ful Irngranco, unsurpassed by any Ton
ever placed on the market. Only ?ue
per pound. I'sual prico 31. A trial
will sorely commend this choicest of all
teas. Send for sample.
?tu tht. Wrong -iiiii ot ill.- Mr cot.
Coo. 1>. (Tisbo, 171 Main street, but
be is on Iho right side of prioes. Fine
line of watches, obaint, etc,, belt buck?
les and silver novelties. Prompt at
teutiou given to ull kinds of repairs,
t:l7,l7!i.hu-j ->nr|iliio.
The Equitable Life Assurance Socie?
ty has nearly twice as much stirphm UB
any other life insurance company.
A. Mykhs, Muuuxor.
Messrs. Horace S. Pood aud James
M. .loriliin huve formed a co-partner
ship under the lirm namo of F, M,
Feed X Sou, to conduct ttio sliii)chand?
lery und Bbip supply biiiiiucss ut Water
utioot ai d Boanoke avenue.
October 1st, 181)5. se80,au,tn, tf
A beautiful line of Belt buckles just
in. New putterns, Chapman St Jake
'The Virginian's Daily Hints
Bill of Fare
i in iimiw, may ?an.
i< OFTRIUH r.l
BREAKFAST. ( ranges. Wbssl i".
biulbl hou*. Browned Po aloe* While llr.arf.
Co it i riddle Cukes. Maple Srnip. Collis
o l inj inj e: f?. i.-w. .1 i-.ml Potatoes In Ota n.
binned Mrla'i IMiii. I.rttuce with l-ii; i.iir
stsb. A|> la ? u It. \? hi e and Qrabaiu BteoiL
I'nkel Rllllllirb " SiionR ? I ako.
SUPPER. Mi.el Toniue Bread and
Hinter. Moiled Rite. Quince Marmalade. Cake!
Ilo I |.? ?t *>. n ?.i ? ? i ?ra orj phase drv; learoa
wm. i,int. r. a frlQe of pepper aiel a . up ?I nilik.
Shaki i little Hour over, l.u i<mi > uionunt Serve
lio .
Rev. .T. Powell Garland, L). D? will
bold his third quarterly conference ut
McKeudrco M. E Church to night ut
8 o'clock.
Littlo Miss Rebecca Bugg, of Brani
blelon avenue, who was spending sev?
eral mouths in New York with her
sister, haa returned homo very much
improved in beult ii.
rapt, ltohert Eoklea l.ua takco his
family from Lovitlu aveiiuu to Clay
avetiuo to reside.
liiidies' Enterprise Society of Mc
Kcudree will meet iu the lecture room
this p. m. ut 4:::U o'clock.
Yesterday morning ut 10 o'clock Mrs.
Mn; etc McDowell, died ut the resi?
dence of Mr. P. 11. Morion, 710 Junior
son avenue, o?od 2(1 years, after a
protiucted illucsf. Funeral will take
pluce to day from tho residence, Bev.
('. J. Jones officiatitg, lutormout
will be iu Kim wood,
The concert ut Pram blcton Hall by
the Jucksou Light lufantry twas iputo
a success lust uigbt, though tho weather
wni inclement.
The Local Itourd of Improvement
mot last night with Mr. Rtissutt iu the
chair aud other memliuis pn-seut uti
follows: Messrs. Benbani, Bunting,
Lewis, Untteu, Sterling, Whitehuist,
Tue uiiuulcs of the lust meeting were
road mi i upprovod.
Air. Gotten, of i-inoncn Committee,
recommended the payment of follow?
ing- bills: Messrs. batohelder a Col?
lins, $50.28 for cool; Jus, L. James, $2
for service us clerk ol election; liuury
Walke, $2 lor spikes, and W, A,
Anderson, .^'.i.'lll for liolts. Hill of
MerohaulB and rurtuera' Peauul Com?
pany for S2I was tiled uud Holtou &
Co. 's wus laid over.
Mr. Lewis, of Street Committee, re?
ported certain work done on streets
ned called ntteutiou to the condition of
intersection of Charles street aud
Rrauibletou avoutie.
Mr. Runtiug, of the School Commit
tee, handed in a list of children from
thu county attending school iu thu
Mr, Benbuui reported certain extra
work to bo done at the new school
house, whereupon, ou motion of Mr.
Sli Hing, tbe comiuittoc wus instructed
to make estimutes und solicit bids for
said word und report at tho next muot
Kov. J. J. Hall, D. D.,being present
was accorded the floor to call attention
to tho necessity of some better side
walks ou Highland uveuuo.
Mr. Lewis, of a special comuiitteo
for tbe purpose, reported work not
I completed at Cumpostelia bridge by
Messrs. BoltOO A Co.
On motion, Mr. Seholield. contrac?
tor, was given ten days iu which to
ticgiu work of paving intersections,
Mr. Bassctl presented a commnnica
lion from Mej. (I, VY. Taylor asking
tl at the Hoard put u fow more shells
ou Keiles avenue, which wus granted.
A communication was received from
tbo Board of Health calliug attention
tu tbo nusanitary oonditiou of wooden
gutters, weiob, on motion, was refer?
red to the street Committee.
A communication fioui the same od
vised tho payment of the bill ol Hnltou
A Co., lor abating lbe Maple uvenuo
uuisauue, without further delay und
trouble. Filed.
Mr. Untten presented a petition from
Messrs. Gale, Waddy and Winston,
for privilege to build a temporary bout
hotiho at the foot of Willoughby avo
uuc Grauted,
Ou motion, thu Hoard accepted an
order given by Mr. J. O. league iu
favor of Mr. I>. c. Lassiter, to the
amouut of what may bo duo the former
nt the completion of the now section
house, not to exceed 867. fj ),
An application was made asking t'uiit
Mr. Blassiugbnn be niudo janitor til
the public school which was endorsed
by lbe Board und referred to the trus
tecs of the school.
Messrs. Brown, (iuynu and Halstesd
usked leave of ubseuce for u weak dur?
ing summer. Reforred to tho Police
City Engineer Brooke made a state?
ment by communication that he hud
made a protilo of Kelly uvemie for im?
provements at an estimated totul coat
ol 33,500. Referred to the Street Com*
mittee for special report at next meet
Mr. I bitten called attention to cer
tsiu poles staudiug iu thu way ou Glair
borne avenue.
Riils wore allowed aud the Hoard ad?
Thore aro lot-i of negligeo shirts,
but wo think we have found the best.
It will cost you nothing to look.
Nichols St Wallace, U?0 Main street.
For electric fan* und ventilating fans
of nil kinds, address K, )!. Cobb, No.
'?2 Roanoke avenue, Norfolk, Yo.
Agent* for tbe Libbcy cut glans,. The
iiticst cuttings for ihe lowest price.
Chapman A Jakemeo.
lor sale ?ir um l^xctoanvo
F'or a first class bioyole.a nearly now
stylish bu^gy. 13. E. Owen, 2l? Water
I street,
to 30 Union Street,
Two Woducday tvoniug Hilde read?
ings ?in ibe Saaratueuts, Baptism ami
the Lord's Supper will liu given at
L'olley Memorial Presbyteriau Obureb,
iieKinmng to-night ami next Wodnos
day. All who come are asked to bnug
their Bibles.
Services tonight at LeKiea Memo?
rial Methodist Uhurch at 7.45 o'clock.
The funeral ol Mrs. .lonuie Cope
laud, wife of Mr. Jarhoi K. i opelaud,
took place yesterday, 2 p.m., from Le?
Kiea Memorial Methodist Church, and
wan conducted by the pastor, Rev, J, 1'.
Rotltteu, The lutorment was ul Flui
Rev. Gco. H. Ray, D.D., left yes?
terday fur Lancaster to lecturo ami
dedicate u church there ou .Memorial
i > r. ,f. B. Floyd loft yesterday for
Kastei u nbore to vieit relatives.
There will be u regular meeting of
tho lowu Council Thursday night. All
member* are requested to be present.
Mrs. .1. K. 1'. Hazel) is very ill at
her residence ou Liberty titreet.
Lev. (Jeo. NV. Wray, of Fur in vi lie,
Vit,, will preach the baccninureute
hcruion for the.students of the Berkley
Military Institute June (Kb, at H p. m.,
? u Chestnut Street M. E, Church.
The newly elected Board of Direc?
tors of tho Berkley Pormuueut Build
iug and Loan Association met last
night aud elected the following olGoera
for the ensuing >eur: ,lohu M. Lark
ley, president; U, S. Russell,vice presi?
dent; J. J. Ottloy ,treasurer; (Juorge T.
I Tillv, secretary; L. V. Allen, solicitor;
L. Berkley, F. M. Tilley und J. 11.
\ Jacocks, trustees,
Mr, E, M. Til ley aud family have
gone to Ocean View for tho .summer.
The hlroighlout Democrats of Wauh
ingtou District were addressed by
Metiers. I, N. Eaton, 11. c. Williams,
C. H. Carter aud others at Markot Hull
last n gbt. Du accouui of the indent
eta weather thtre was only u email at?
Don t fail to attend the transporta?
tion meeting ut Wuuuiugtou titreet Hull
The OSd Friend
And the best friend that never
fails you is Simmons Liver Regu?
lator, (the Red Zj?that's what
von hoar at tho mention of thia
excellent Liver medicine, and
people should not bo persuaded
that anything else will do.
It is the King of Liver Medi?
cines; is better than pillf, and
takes the place of Quinine nnd
Calomel It acts directly on tho
J. ' r, Kidney an?l Bowels und
g . i new lifo to the wholo . ? -
ic:u. This is the medicine you
want. Bold by all Druggists m
4?i?iuid, or in Powder to be u>/J??
*?y or made into a tea,
'? *?-r:vt:nv packaok*oV ?J?
*?Bt ti;,, / stami, in tr.f ou veraWSJ"
?'? U.2JUIUH tl ?X*. |?l??orV**M"
Are Instantly Destroyed
iu the pie iiaut uui harmless aroma of
Anti-Skeet Wafers.
wiPo?- "BATSALTe"
Rack IU cents a boi. All druc?ists. lly
mnil front tlie NATIONAL HOl.lUI I'INvi
COMPANY, 96 Fifth avenue, Now Xork,
i *Ui?if V
An Ophthalmologist lhal Knows His
Business. Rev. Dr. M. D. Wharlon
Mr. Prank II. dale, Jeweler:
Df.AU St it: ? 1 hove bail rnv eyes
carefully exauiiuedaud eludes titled to
tbetu bv Dr. Week, under engagement
with you, iiii? I do not liuhitnto lo say
that he has given me more satisfaction
Unit! 1 bave ever derived from any pro
vious conaultatiou, aud pronounoe bim,
us lur iih I cuu judge, a master m his
profession. M. P.. Whahton,
Dr, Week ia under engagement with
Mr. Crank II. dale, where he ean bo
found daily. Examination free. 1><>
not tail to avail yourself of this grand
i in r in kick. This week Mr. (luio will
oiler diamonds at reduced liguroa.
? u reeuhl v * 11 r pri hmiI .
"i had u very uovore cold on my
lungs that caused much soroness aud
guva mo cousidorahle uneasiness iu re?
gard to the result." says. Mr. T. 13.
Smith, of P.lllerica, Muss. "A local
druggist culled my attention to Cham?
berlain's Cough Remedy, Htid on Ins
recommendation I gave the remedy a
careful trial. T!:o result surprised me;
I recovered entirely iu tliroo days."
2G and 5U ceut bottles for smlo by all
A i: ? I. u |; \ rsj
l/AN WH\;> Ai AUI MV Or Ml 8 I .
Friday Evening, May 24th,
for the btooat hi lite Masonli Oi i bans' Home. New
CoUuwcs, Sparklirg Minne, a Klni ?her.*,
eellcut ia-: aud loiouel ul llrcbestrj, uailerlhs
?ireetioii Ktt I'r- I N'ttWTOX f IT*, ttiy 1(^12!
? Iii. HHOND, Ya , August 23, X8M.
X I'm L I'llATT, Esq., Agent
? Di ?r Sir ? It g.vos no pois.ro to
? a Id in testimony to the value ol tbo
x Uleeiropoise b a curative sitent.
2 r ou:o two years siio 1 m ei (treal
X bi ueltt from its tonic off cts. hi re
X i i.voting roin a so ero attuek of tue
O gilp fi centl it i uii a y in ie
4 H?ring aeute rheumatic pain was.
J lets ,u t<r allot bur remedies I .i t
? laiioi. ?Uli signal -u ? -? i nl ii
5 Ii w nun tes ol local iriattneiil a!
5 bigb powo: mi ? cm : t i i.Ha. tin- most
X iuiausein er nc I have used it m
?. my fain ly for auveial yeiirs, u ata?
ri! iv i.i iiiaeanes, au i have ceuoralli
round t prompt and effective in
their alley all noricnio.al. 1 tli.u?
so highly of it that I wolll.t not part
with mine at anv price.
i ours ti uly.
Mr, Winston t< the Treasurer o.
the Iticbmond, Frailsrloksbure ami
! otomau Itailro i I. an i Ii s teitimo'-y
curries great woiglit iu faur oi the
i it et; opoiss treatment. &
o??-?ro*?>?>?? ee???4?t
ft3'CUtOUl.ABS Fit EE.
1 apM-na JUCUilOND, VA.
ATRILBY VASE Given to Every Purchaser of $1 Worth
of?ood. Monday, Wisloh a- ??.. I rhl.y at JOHNSTON CHINA CO,
J'l Ig I I l.f.inny .tm'et.
mm Qneonl ar.T the most li' iral inoocyiend
ors ?f Norfolk ub ?II kinds of peraOital property at a loir rate of lot ires'. Mai'
communications ?-Hl l>* i>ioni|<tlr intended 10.
IB tin IIa? of | iouie-s I? tbo new pulverising inaohlac, tp clally foi IIIrse dcslrln? coflfoe Ton-id
verr IIa l'olll? oterks und pnuupt attention elreo oteryone. GRKAT ATLANTIC AND'I'ACI
llr TEA i UMI'A n V, m Muln sir.el
Klgln Creamery llutlor, t3e per pound,
t ran? Apgcots rot J v.
4 pound!) Frenvli Prune i I'??rv?
. * it. i 111*11 n?r - V.
'.'ran. Plljfrini coin forTfte,
a . urn Pilgrim Toinatoei tor 25e.
'Phono 209. CHAS. A. MORRIS, cor. Church & Holt St.
Tlu Hoot'iiiR. Riitlci iuK. Bpouting and lol> Work promptly uttondod to.
E. II. l U il N 11 AI.. MiilURor.
At the Very Lonust Figures, for Cnsli or lnrlftlliuout. Tnko vour clinic.
?3? ^J6S^-3F'J?"TLjB&ZJaE&,,
Family Marketing!
The boil Meats, Poultry. Vogotables. Canned Goods can !>o tin I at
Iv/VSST AI/V HIV AIARK IvT 'l< > 1 >^W.
Wo get everythlug ircsk and -oil at tiio lou-sat tignro,
H. SCHLOSS. Proprietor.
C' I'd you want lomcthtug mco in tho way of marketing to-day? A aiea '
Smithfteld Ham. Pine Beef or Tine Groceries I
If ho, tee "bat w< baVJ. Cash talks ami wo soil low. r*. .1. WHITKHUliST. Agent,
S. B. oorner Obttrcb nud Uharlotte xtvnetf.
FRESH I'lSll j tine Shad and other Flsli In great rartety.
FRESH FISH I Kc,ail at 31, 32 and 33 City Fish Market.
DDUCU I. ICI1 I T. A. BULLOCK, A?g>r-.t,
TKl-.Ml PlblJ I cm. |,er nud WholesaleDealer.
FRESH I'ISH j DEPOTS ? rfji'er ur,"f'a'hni-rn.n',!>ud Urewcr st recta.
Permanently Cured in Thirty Days.
No Knife. No Pain. No Honey Until Cured.
186 Main Street, Every Tucnday and Saturday from to A. M. to I P. M.
Beginning May 7th, 1895.
Pure Hut browed t i-<lay.
Bottled *? xpro 1 ity lor fx uliai.
Pabst Milwaukee Beer.
J. EI. FULFORD, Sole Agent.
??^Special Dcllven tor Private Families,
BS_ aaap noun aaaa maun unae asnn eaan ?ana bbbb kbdb ?E?S5..Ena3.Btt8
bbbI Gael assu obi. bbbb hbdu nvaa bbbo bbbb soaa aa?Bl oasa Bt"g?
t Mammoth and Record Breaking Sale J
s! ? ? )
The Cannon Ball Clothing Co,, 89 Main SL, Norfolk, Va.
We have always been regarded ub the Kioga of Low Prices, but
an over production compel* us to muko n still greater sacrifice. Wo
mnat raino money, su without resorvatiou 812,0(10 of our stock will be
closed out wilhi'i
The Meist Thirty Days.
without fail. It will pay you to cotuo u hundred miles to secure some
of tboco extraordinary bargains?a obanoe you will uuver bavc nguiu
in a ltfotime. nlorobanta uro especially invited to this great sale. We
will lose money on overy item hold, but to accomplish our object we're
ready to make evory sacrifice.
.Men's Working Suits, strong ami durable, $2,37; Men's Suits, good
quality, $3,25; Men's l>niiiiict.s Suits, (putt! natty, 85; Men's Business
hints, strictly till wool, c?7..">U; Men's Diagonal Imiiorted Worsted
Suits, 89.50; Hoys' Knock About Suits, G5o;Bova* Suite, better qnality,
three styles, 81; Hoys' Combination Suits, with extra Panla and Cap
to match, 81,75; Hoya' furo Wool Suits, -I to 16, 82,50; Hoys' Knee
Panla, regular sizes, 1 to 14 years, l(Jc, l?cuud 23c; Men's Ollice Coats,
89 Main Street, Norfolk, Va.
, ? aa bbbb bbbb bbbb tausn suss oaan bscb aansi nsa? neex BaS3._5B
1 cub BBBi uann chbd Baun imi bbbb bibd biibu bbbB aaan uu
S. B?CHH?CH & BRO., ^
Lowest Liberal
Rates Y Advances T
Do not sacrifice any old go',.1 that you may have, but wrlto us to cell on yon^
yon out oriccs We receive old gold from any purl of the Unite t Stat-?
ullowed is not BRtislAOtory wo pay express ohargei both ways audj"""
i-ouditiou us ruceivod.
S. Bacb?ri3?

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