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VOL. L?NO. 4.
The Fusion Ticket is Eleoted by a
Large Majority.
The Election in the County Passed Off
Quietly. About 60 Per Cent, of
Total Vote Polled. Party Lines
Were Not Drawn to Any
Great Extent.
The eleotion took plaoa in Norfolk
County yesterday aud tue fusion tioket
was eleoted by majorities ranging from
eoo to 1,200.
The returDS show that about 60 per
eont of the total voto was polled, which
Is a small vote considering tbe bard
work of tbe candidates fur tbo past
?i'xty days.
Tbe eleotion passed oft quietly and
fvt none ot tbe voting plaoes did any
disorder oocur.
Ho far as Tun Virginian,is informed
1Q0 charges of frauduluut voting bun
been made. At Bevorul of tue pre
ciuota tbe vote was kept by clerks rop
vesenting tbe vnrioue candidates, aud
atissnpposcd thru their count is cor?
rect. The caudidates elected are,
^'rjaasurer, S. W. Lyous; Sheriff, A. C.
Cr'oniwoll; Commonwealth's Attorney,
It, O. Marshall; Commibaiouer Ko vo?
gue. First District, J. D. Moore; Com?
missioner Revenuo Second District,
jLlo. M, Nichols,
Treasurer?Lyons, 287; Williams, 07.
Sheriff? Cromwell, 328; Shea, 21;
Bunting, 10.
Commonwealth's Attorney ? Mar?
shall, 8?G; Kunoii, 50.
Commissioner of Revenue?First Dis
trial: Moore, 304; Banting, 17.
Commissioner of Kevenue?Second
District: Nicholas, 814; West, 50.
VAN NEB'S oueek magisterial distiuct.
Sapervisar?Nimmo, 287; Lambert,
Justices of the Peace?Hawks, 305;
oper, 282; Lambert, 28.); Backus, 25;
1 utnuier, 5(i; Lewis, 30.
Constable?I armiue, 311; Holmes,44.
Overseer of the Poor?ltausoue, 277;
Fallatt, 42; Hayes, 3?.
zion's gbubch.
Treasurer?Lyons, 133; Williams, 34.
Sheriff?Cromwell, 148; Shea. 18;
Bunting, 10,
Commonwealth's Attorney ? Mar?
shall, 144; Eaaou, 33.
Commissioner of Kevenue?First Dis?
trict: Mooro, 146; Bunting, 2!). Sec
?ml District?Nicholas, 141; West, 32,
Constables?Carmine, 139; Holmes,
Supervisors?Nimmo, 12G; L. W.
Lambert, 44,
Overseer Poor?J. J, Hansom, 140;
Slays, 2(1; Pallot, 10.
Magistrates?Hawks, 137; Loper,134;
i;. H. Lambert, 132; Bucbus, 18; Plum
njer, 21; Lewis, 9,
cross HOAOa,
Treasurer?Lyons, 17J; Williams, 11.
Sberitl-^Cromwell, 182; Shun, 2;
Burning, 2.
Commonwealth's Attorney ? Mar?
shall, 174; Kasoo, 8.
Commissioner of Kevenue?First Dis
triot: Moore, 165; Bunting, 22. Sec?
ond Distriot?Nicholas, 171; West, 20.
Supervises?C. R. Niuimo, 17U; L.
W. Lambert, 17.
Magistrate?Cat, Hawks, 17G; Lopor,
14G; Lambert, 178; BachUB, 30; Plum?
mer, 3.
Constablos?Carmine, 172; Holmes,8.
Overseer Poor?Kausoni, 172; Pollet,
S; Hays, 7.
east berkley.
Treasurer?Lvons, 372; Williams, 41.
Sheriff?Cromwell, 362; Shea, 19;
Buntiug, 1G.
Commonwealths Attorney ? Mar?
shall, 358; Ehbou, 54,
? Commissioner of Revenue?Moore,
858: Bunting, 52; Nichols, 372; Webb,
Supervisors?Tilley, 3G3; Christian.
Magistrates?Toind^xter, 341; Wood,
834; Tilertou, 357. Total vote. 413.
WEST rkkkbuy,
The election passed off quietly in
Berkley yesterday, there being a little
?over a third of a vote cast. The voto
ot West Berkley was aa follows:
Treasurer?Lyons, 250; Williams,
Sheriff?Cromwell, 190; Shoo, 98;
Bnnting, 48.
Common wealth Attornoy?Marshall,
598; Eason, 158.
Commissioner of Rovenue?Moore,
189; Bunting, 135; Nichols, 195; West,
Suporvior?Tilloy, 191; Christian.
Constable?Warden. 'J07; Ward, 94. I
Magistrate -- Poiudexter, 199, S
f?colt, 160; Wood, 198; Tillotson, 191.
oak grovb,
Treasurer?Ljouh, Fusion, ICH; Wil?
liam?, Anti, 10. Lyons' majority, 98.
Sheriff?Cromwoll. Fusion, 103; Shay,
Anti, 9; Bunting, Independent, 2.
UroiiiwoM's plurality, 92.
Commonwealth's Attorney?Marshall
Fusion, 101; Easou, Anti, 13; Marshall's
fuajori?y, 8^.
Commissioner of Revenue?Moore,
Fusion, 99; H L Bunting, Anti, 13;
Nichols, Fusion, 92; West, Anti, 22.
Siipcrvirors ? Tilloy, lusion, 9G
Christian, nntt, 15.
Magistrate??Poimlexter, 104; Wood, I
93; TilstoD, 97; Wing?eld, 24:3cott,47.
Constables? Word. 81; Wardeu, 23.
Special Oouatable, Gray, 92.
"Overseer of Poor?Spanner, 89.
bell'tt mill,
Treasurer?Lyons. 57; Williame, 42.
Lvon's rnojotity, 15.
Sheriff?Cromwell. 5S; Shea, 35;
Bunting, 2. Cromwell's plurality, 21.
Commonwealth's Attorney ? Mar?
shall, 59; Ea60D, 41. Marshall's ma?
jority, 18.
Commissioner Revenue?Moore, 58;
R. Ii. Bunting. 3G; Nichols, GO; West,
Constables?Syke?, fiO: Andrews, 85.
CtOteeer Poor?Only, 59; Hell, 1.
Supervisors?Lyuoh, 52; Weutz, 48;
Mills, 3.
iMagistrates?Tuttle, 56J Vaughan.til;
Hall, ( 5; Hanberry, 49.
add eleotion
dkep creek.
Treasurer?Lyons, 230; Williams, 9.
Lyous majority, 221.
ShernV? Cromwell, 219; Shea, 10:
Bunting, 9.
Commonwealth's Attorney ? Mar?
shall, 215; Easou, 23,
Commissioner lievenue?First Dis?
trict: .Moore, 235; Hunting. 5. Seo
oud District: Nicholas, 225; West, 14.
Supervisor?W, 8. Johnson, no op?
position, 235.
Abbreviated Telegrams of Newsy
Rockport, Tex., 23.?A wind and
rain storm yesterday morning blew
down tho St. Mary's Hotel, The Catho?
lic Church was unroofed, and forty
other houses partially damaged. Rev,
Mr. Scarborough, of the Methodist
Church, was seriously injured. Loss,
San FnAN0l8C0, 23.?Distriot Attor?
ney Barnos tiled two informations
against Durant yesterday,charging him
with the murder of Minnie Williams
and Blanche Lamont.
Wasuinotox, 23.?The revolution in
Ecuador bus assumed ho threatening an
aspect tbat the Navy Department to?
day cabled the commauder of the
United States ship Ranger to proceed
with his vessel to Onayaguil.
London,May 23.?The trial of Osoar
Wildu wua resumed this morning.
Porker's servants and several aeiC&Uis
of the Savoy Hotel were oallfcd tjo the
stand and repeated their forper testi?
mony, Nothing new was elioited,
Vhiisaili.es, Ky., 23. -t- Senator
Blackburn auiiounoud last night that he
would answer Secrotary Charlisle's
Coviugtou speech at Lawronceburg
next Saturday.
Washington, 23.?J, E. Maynard, of
Hanover, Vu., has been uppoiutud a
cadet to the WeBt Point Military Acad?
emy, with J. W, MolTatt, of Rives,
1 onii,, as alternate.
St, Petbrsbubo, 28.?It is learned
that Germany has raised slight ob?
stacles against the domaud of Ruaia
and France that Japan shall furnish
guarantees of security of European
aommerce in Formosa and the Pesca?
Fort Monroe, Va., 23,?The twenty
seventh anniversary exorcises of the
Damptou Normal School were In Id to?
day and brought together a large uum
[ ber of prominent people interested in
educating the negro and Indian.
Charleston, W.Va.,23.?A telegram
to CSc.v. Mct'orkle this morning states
I that everything is quiet on tho Elk
I lorn. a few mines ore working with
greatly reduced forces, and no threats
of violence nro in circulation.
Guthrie, O. T., 23.?Settlers ar?
riving from Garnettsville on the eest
of the Kioknpoo reservation, state that
a large number of mum, seekers drove
into the quicksands of the South
Canadian South of there and many of
them loi?t horses, wagon? and overy
thiug in the treacherous nnro. Three
or four persons - ere drowned.
Sr. Petbrirurq, 23.?It is believed
that Russia will not consent to Japau's
military occupation of Corea, and that
sho will soon request Japan to recall
her garrisons in that country.
London,23.?A dispatch from Shang?
hai says it is rumored that China will
repudiate her obligation to pay addi?
tional indeuiuitj- to Japan in consider
ation of the latter'a abandonment of
Liao Tung peninsula,
London, M?y 23.?The cabinet mot
in conned at 11 o'clock to day, Lord
RoHeherry presided and all of tho
members were present. The matter
before the meeting was the considera?
tion of the State of husiness in the
House of Commons.
London, 23.?Hie Sun, in an artiolo
under the caption "Are We on the
VergoV" ascribes the speeches of Lord
Halishury, Mr. Chamberlain and the
Duke of Devonshire yesterday evening
to a resolve on the part of tho Conser?
vatives and Unionists to force a diaso
Rome, 23.?Tho Marquis Di Rudiai.
ox ?Prime Minister, in a speech at
Lndlu lait evening, declared himself a
liberal monarchist and a supporter of
the status quo in the Mediterranean.
He also declared himself in favor of
maintaining friendship with England.
i!??v * umllKliiitf ? omot?.
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hone for men, women and children's
wear, Kin, 12JC, 15c a puir; fast color
lawns le yard; best gingham ohecks 5c,
aud many other bargains this week at
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I HSIH Of lit
Eight Hundred Representative Men
Meet to Discuss the Subject.
"Sound Currency and Better Banking
Facilities Their Motto." The Pol?
itician is Conspicuous by His
Absence. Distinctively a
Southern Body.
By Southern Associated Pre?a.
Memphis, May 23.?Under a banner
with tbe inscription "Sound Curreucy
aud Belter Banking Facilities" be?
tween eovun and eight hundred rep?
resentative men of tbe Southern Status
assembled at the auditorium this alter
uuon to express their opposition to the
doctrine of the free und unlimited
ooinage of silver and to declare iu
favor of tbe ooutinuauco of present
mouetary conditions.
It was essentially a gathering of
"solid men," bankers and merchants,
farmers aud manufacturer*, store keep?
ers and members of professional allied
with industrial mterests. It was espu
eially commented upon that the politi?
cians were conspicuous by their ab
The delegates began to assemble at
tbe auditorium shortly after 1 o'clock.
There was few men of national reputu
tion in the columns that marched up
tbu aisles with military tread,but those
that were reooguized cumo iu for a
hearty greetiug.
(ieuerul ThomtiB C. Catcbings, of
Mississippi, who has parted with his
tlowmg beard since the adjuurumeut
of Cougress, was uureeognized at lirat,
but wheu tbe assemblage kuew him it
made the rulters ring. Other who
came iu for a true Soutueru groetmg
as they appeared at the bead of their
State delegations wcro Congressmen
Kyle, of Mississippi; Clarke, of ( Ala
bamu; Patterson, of Tennessee; Lieut.
Oov. Alverd, of Kentucky, aud Lieut.
Oov. Stauuard, of Mississippi.
Wheu Chairman Crawford, of the
local committee of lifteeu, assumed the
gavel at 2 o'clock, there were six huu
I dred aud twenty delegates ou tbe Hour,
and titteeu hundred spectators of botli
sexes iu tbe galleries. The few words
of welcome iu behalf of the BlnfY City
wero prettily and quiukly spoken aud
permaucut organization wus thou in
The Alabama Congressman, Mr.
Clarke, was recogni/.ed for the purpose
of presenting the name of tbo little
giaut from Mississippi as permanent
otiairmaii, but be avuiled himself of a
call to the platform to luud oil tbe ora
torioal fireworks with a speech tiiat
aroused all tbo energetio enthusiasm of
his audience,
"We are not a forlorn band making
a dosperute aud hopeless fight," said
Mr, Clarke, "but we are to give form
and organization and voice to u deep
rooted aud widely spread public opiu
ion, ttiat 18 growing in voluuie aud
whioh >h destined to mould the ?uauciul
policy of this country.
"We have notbiDg to fear in the fight
that has been forced npou us. The
conservatism of the American people
will not allow its monetary systems to
be dragged down to tbe debu.-ed lovel
of Mexico and China, The rour of the
free silverites is as the roar of a tire.
.Upou chatl that soon burns itself out
aud leaves but ashes aud smoke, It is
but the echo of the liut inoneyites.
.Standing here as a Southern muu, 1
say that I have lirm conlideiioa iu the
Hound sense and mtegrity of that ssu
tion of the country iu tbu cotton mou
and the industry thut has made Mem
phis one of the mont importuut cottou
markets in the world.
"We are not the blind followers or
tools of aoy man or set of men, but we
are led by a muu who has, tike no other
man since Jackson, the confidence of
the American people. (Prolonged ap
plause. I Why ? Because tbe A mericau
people know that their President is
honest (cheers); that the possesses
in en to 1 and moral oouruge (more
cheers); that ho is not only a man, but
a whole mau; that he has a wisdom that
no obloquy can darken."
Shouts and stamping followed tbo
speakers retirement from the platform.
There was moro of tbo same kind wheu
the motiou was pot aud Oeu. Catchmgs
doslared selected as permuuont ohair
On being esoorted to the chair ho
gracefully acknowledged the honor and
"No convention has ever assembled
iu this regiou for a higher or nobler
purpose. Not a man has come here to
udvanoo auy personal end or to accom?
plish any saltish purpose. We come
here believmg that the fret, aud un?
limited coinage of nlver would be dis
appointing toils advooates and disas?
trous to nil public and private interests.
We are assembled for the purpose of
giving this au (pen church tu our
faith, All kinds of charges have been
uiiiilo againit us. Wo have been
charged with seeking the interest of
the money landers. Let us give the lie
to that. We hove beeu accused of be?
ing in league with Wall street. Let us
give tbe lie to that,
"Let us go homo determined to
stand resolutely for sound money,
though tho world, the flesh and the
detil ho against us. [oheers |. Our
views aro sfuotitled by .(he approval o(
all tho intelligent andl intelligcn.ee of
tho country outside of politioal lifo,
[ebears]. Let us stand by eur oolors
aud light as n man lighte who known ho
ban right on his side.
The great heart of the American peo?
ple always responds to the truth at tho
proper timo, aud it in impossible to be
lievo that 67,000,000 people, composing
the greatest OoveruuiKut ou earth,
would deliberately out themselves loose
from the civilization of tho world aud
ally theroHolves with Mexico, Ohiua,
Japan uud people of that sort.
"Upenking fur myself bolore this
grcut audience, 1 say 1 stand for
(irover Clevolaud and Johu U. Car?
lisle, (prolonged applause). Why
should these men dosire to engraft
upon the people a policy which is bur?
densome to them, when this people
have given to theoi with n free hnud
every honor that has been conferred
upon them."
Tho bolcotiou ot a committee on reso?
lutions was next as follows:
John Athertou, Kentucky; F. P.
Richardson, Georgia; S. C. 0ox, Flori?
da; George M. Trenbolm. South Caro?
lina; George E. Leightou, Missouri;
Josiah 1'nttersou, Tennessee; Riohard
II. Clarke, Alabama; U. M. Rose, Ar?
kansas; Lcroy Perry, Mississippi; J, C.
Morris, Louisiana; Rufus Hardy, Tex?
as; Duniel Miller, Maryland; W. R.
Moyo, Virginia. '
Thero was no rosponse when tho
States of West Virgiuia and North
Carolina wore called. Jnst as the com?
mittee had been completed tho lull
form of Secretary Carlisle emerged
from the 6toge. In an instant delegates
and spectators, women aud men, were
on their feet and ? mighty shout went
It was succeeded by a yell yet deor
to Southern hearts, and then again
with n volley of cheers, with waviu*: of
hats nnd canes und other accompani?
The ovation continued for 60voral
moment? and was renewed when the
Secretary of the Treasury was formally
presented. Silence having beeu with
difliculty restored, Mr. Carliilo began
his spued), tho delivery of which occu?
pied precisely one and a half hours.
He spoke with unwonted energy and
made few references to his notes. Ho
wan listened to with profound atten?
tion, the audieuce being apparently
auxious to grasp and follow the trend
of h^OtMagumant ami the mass of figures
with wnTeii it vras supported and there
were fow interruptions of approval
until toward the close.
Then wheu, with quivering forefin?
ger, he declared that the hard earned
eavui?K of the poor ought not to be
saoriticed to the avarice of thu wealthy
nunc owners or the ambition of aspir?
ing politicians, his hearers (airly wont
wild, aud when in his peroration he
urged that there could be no prosperity
for one section at tho expense of the
other, but that all must attond or fall
together, it looked for a moment ao
though the audieuoe would storm the
When tho speaker conoiuded ho was
givun a tinal ovation and a recess until
S o'clock was at once taken.
The convention adjourned eine die
Reports of Committees, Nominations
of Delegates and General Business.
fly Southern As.ociatsd Press.
Dallas. Tex., May 28.?When the
Southern Presbyterian General As?
sembly met this morniug Rev. P. 11.
liogo rost to a question of peimual
privileges. He complained that bo had
been misquoted in the morning pupers
in the account given of the depute yes?
terday ou thu election of a seereiury
for home missions, ltev. Mr. i'ogue,
of Atlauta. also denied having used the
expression attributed to him. A com
muuieation was received from tho
ministers of Dallas stating that iv dele?
gation had boon appointed to express
their fraternal greeting to tho As
They will bo heard at 3 o'clock this
The committee of the Greer borosy
ease has not yet reported its Undings.
The commutes on foreign correspond?
ence repotted nominations of delegates
to the Pan Presbytoriau Council at
< .li.-gow, Scotland, in June, 1896,
1 he report of the Committee on
Young People's Societies was received
and docketed. It proposes the name
of Westminster League and insists on
the control of pastor and session. A
constitution is also submitted. The
publication house will remain at Rioh
motid, in spite of tho effort to move It
to Nashville._
llrninetattc IMMora meet,
l,i soathera Associated Pram.
Nkw York, May 23,?Tho annual
convention of the State Demon uro
Editorial Axxooiatiou was formally
opened at the Hotel Normandie this
morning. Fdilors camu from various
parts of the State and will remain in
town seven days. Many members are
accompanied by their wives. Senator
David H. Hill will bo present to mor
row night at a banquet. Many Other
distinguished Democrats will also be
present. _
liar! liny! Hart
Twenty cars of choico Timithy and
mixed hay on track. Must be sold. D.
P. Reul a Pro._?_
Have you beou ta Goldman & Hof ?
heimer'f, 100 Main strentV
Daughters of Prominent Confeder?
ate Leaders Present,
The Old Jackson Constitution Has
Been Fully Accepted, and the
Amendment Means that In?
stead of Two Departments
There Shall Be Three.
By Southern Associated Pre3\.
Houston, Tex., May 2:1.?When
Qon. Oordon called the convention to
order at 10 o'clock this morning the
auditorium was ugaiu full to overflow?
ing. The moutiug was much more
orderly to-day tlmu yesterday, how?
ever, aud the business ot the meeting
was conducted morn satisfactorily.
(.'huplaiii-Ueueral J. Wm, Jones in?
voked the diviue blessiug on the de?
liberation of tho meotioK
It waH understood that Mrs, Chap?
man, the daughter of Qen. Leonidua
l'olk, waB hi the andionce aud the
chairman asked that she como to the
etagu if she were preseut. She did not
respoud, however, aud it was an?
nounced that she would he expected on
the stngo whenever sho roochud tho
A similar invitation wks extended
the daughter of Ue^-ral D. 11. Hill
and Mrs. .). D. P. 11:11.
Ueuural S. D. Lee, of the Committee
on Constitution, reported that they
had unanimously agreed on a constitu?
tion. Tber have fully accepted the
old constitution formuletod ut Jackson.
This constitution cuutinuos in force
the Committee on History, which the
ltirrutugham constitution- dissolved.
Tho priuuipal umendmcnl is to define
the duties of oilicnrs. and instead of
two departments cast of tho Mississippi
and traus-MissisBippi there snail be
lb ire. as follows:
The Department of tho Army of Vir?
ginia, composed of the States of Vir
?liua, Maryland, North aud South
Carolina aud Kentucky, The Depart?
ment of the Army of Tennessee, com?
posed of tho States of Georgia, Ala?
bama, Tennessee, Mississippi. Louis?
iana and Florida. The Trans-Missis?
sippi Departuieut, composed of nil of
the States aud Territories west of the
Mississippi, exeunt Louisiana. There
wau a movement on foot to iix the same
Memorial Day for all the States, but
the new constitution provides that each
camp mav tlx its own.
(feu. M. J. Claiborne objeotcd to
the part of the constitutum separating
Texas into live divisions, ujyiog it was
done for political purpose., t hm. Lee
explained thai the Mtatu practically
was not arrauged diflbrontly from other
States. 'these sub divisions were
merely for the sake of convenience in a
State so large aa Tex?. There wus
hut one major-gonoral (Oeo, Itoss) for
the Mate, the other generals boing
merely brevets.
(leu, Claiborne renewed his objeo
tiou, which was followed by a motion
to lablu. The motion was tabled, de?
feating the attempt to make but one
division of Texas. The constitution
was then adopted amid loud ?pplsusi
The number ot voting delegates wai
The special of the morning was tti
report of tho J effersOQ Davis monument
comuiittee. Cliairmau Cabcll introduced
Chairman Taylor Ellysou, of thi
Kichmoud Committee, whoso report
Ras mude a purt of that o! the com
uiiltcu from tho United Confederali
Veteraus. Mr, Kllysou stated that in
.luce ;id next, Davis' birthday, a co!
lection for the monument wouldJ;bt
taken all over tho South aud the pies
eut prospects were that at that time
there would bo ti gouerous response
frniu ull tho Southern States, NY'heu
sutlicient funds were raised the corner
stono of the monument would be laid
at Richmond.
Chaplain J. William Jones delivered
a brief but eloquent address on the
subject, winch was greeted with loud
An elaborate reception was tendered
Miss Winnie Davis at the Capitol
Hotel by Mrs. W. M. Pice between the
hours ol 11 aud 12, (Jen. Itoss and
staff called officially on Hen. Qordou
aud staff at the Hutohins House. A
reception was tendered the visiting
Generals at the Light Guards' Armory
from 12 to 2 o'clock to day and a ro
ception was tendered the visiting ladies
at the Capitol Hotel and Hutohins
House by the Indies' reooption commit?
tee of Houston from 10 to 12.
Richmond was eelooted as the next
placo of meeting.
Qimratuiii ? Orders,
Bt Southern Anaaomto.1 Press.
Washington, May 28.?Aoting Sec?
retary Wike, of the Treasury, to day
ordered all vcsssls from infected ports
entering the Sbitddsboro Mississippi
district, which extends from Bay St.
Louis, Miss,, to the mouth of the Has
cagoula river, before they are allowed
to enter any port by tho collector of
customs, must produce a permit signed
by the Murine Hospital officer st the
Dry Tortugae or at Ship Island, Tbo
effects of inia ordet Is to ignore the
Mississippi State quarantine authori?
At iTira. I*. Klet,
No. lOi Church street, ladies will
find the most complete assortment of
millinery goudo,
Its Object to Interest Capitalists and
Immigrants to Look Southward.
By Southern AonocmU i Pro**.
CtitoAOO, May 28.?Tho Chicago
Southern Association is being formed
at a meeting in progress at tho Audi
torium Hotel to-day. Tho meeting is
tho outgrowth of n cull issued somo
time ago by a number of men inter?
ested in Southern Immigration, the ob
jeot of tho proposition being to develop
the resources of t!io South.
Members of the uew association aro
to be railroad ollieiale of Southorn
lines or lines loading aouih from Chi
cago, land owners in tho South and
representatives of companies doiug
business in the South. Its objeots shall
be to interest capitalists und immi?
grants to look southward.
The meeting was called to order by
C. L, Stone, general pnssnngur agent
of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois
road. Mr. Stone Raid the meeting was
open to aiigKCRtiom from any one pres?
ent. Kev. John Husk, president ot tbo
Sooiety for the Prevention of Crime,
made a speech, iu which he pamtod
the advantages ot the South in glowing
I in- Klaailpii moilMir I'lncn.
11 v SoutUuru AHocnuoi i'ross.
Washington-, May ?3.?The ohief in
fernst in Ihe elections iu Virginia to
day ceutered ou the contest for the po?
sition of Sheriff of Alexandria county,
upon which practically depends tho
I contiunaueo of immunity to the many
j gambling hoimo proprietors just across
ihe river from this city.
Wm. A. Pnlmor wab elected to sue
oood H. A. Veiten,under whoso regime,
it is charged, tho gamblers havo en,
joyed free license to do as they pleased.
I Much regrnt is expressed at the defeat
of Frank Flume,chairman of tho Hoard
of Supervisors, arch enemy of the
LuMCHnuha, Vs., May ?The dec
tion iu this city to day fur membors of
the City Council passed oil' quietly.
There was no opposition to tho regular
Demooratio ticket except iu tho 'i bird
Ward, and that out no rigtirr. Toe j
vote was small.
ltoAxoKE, Va., May 28.? Only cotiu
oilmon woro elcctod hero today. A
very light vote was polled, Tho llu
pttblioaus gained two members of the |
City Council. Indications from incom?
plete return1 am that the eutiro Ho
publican ticket is elected iu Roauoko
ItioaMOKD, Va., Moy 23.?Eleotions
for (own unit county officers wore held
throughout Iho Statu to-day. Returns
are oomiug in very llewly. There was
u light voto an it rule ami in many in?
stances party linos were not sharply
drawn. The indications nt midnight j
are that the Democrats have about held
their own.
I or ?>al?.
Stylish Boggy, nearly now, very lit- ]
tie used. 275 Water tdreet,
"Newest Disoovory"?Ext. teoth no
pain. N. Y. D. Hooms, 162 Main.
?*? o _z.
9 o^l7 GRAM BY STREET-?-0 %
Uurruss, Son & Co.,
Couinieroi.il aud otlior bnaineia paper dii
1. an negotiatod un favorable form i.
( Uy tloudd mi I other aocuritiea bought
aud sold. .
Deposits received And accounts invitod.
Interact allowed on t ma deposits.
Safe Deposit roues for rout. Charges
Draw- B 11? of Exchange und make cable
tran-fer-i to Europe.
I,otters of .rout issued to principal citidf
ot the world. _ ooJ7
Tho tramp lift) insurance agouti who tries
to make you belio. o that uuy otbor regular
id - insurance company pays as large divi?
dends or mm-.dun us the Nortbwnsteru
Mutual, is guilty of deception by using mis?
leading RiTIOS, which no honest man
would employ or exhibit, as they are raado
up u create a false impression.
D. Humphreys & Son,
Twin City Loan Office,
one very bsinJaomo MARQ9ISB ItiNO con*
UiniugJLii genuine diaiuouds and 6 emerald
ill 91tT,6o, otifiual CO*, 950.
Richmond as the Centre of Virginia^
Gossip and Events.
The Rise in th* Price of Wheat. Tho'
Woman's Parsonage and Home ,
Mission Society Meet. The Sol- |
dicrs' Impressions of the
Strike. M. T. Cooke.
Special DUpstch to tho Virginian.
Richmond. Va., May 23.?The re?
port that Mr. Sommern is to sell bia'
interest in the Norfolk baseball club.
occiisioDcd little or no surprise in base
ball oircles bore.
Thero was to day a rise in the price
of grain in Richmond, which dealers,
say will continue.
The Woman's Parsonage and Home,
Mission Society of the Methodist!
Church South met here to day in fifth
annual session, in the abseuoe of tho
president and first vice president, Mr*.
1). T. Elani, of Furtuville, second vice*
piosidciit, presided. This morning was
occupied obielly in hearing teporte.
There are nico auxiliaries with about
22() members. Two auxiliaries have
disbanded. While the year has not
been a very prosperous one, some good
work has bean done. Drs, Wbitehead,
Young, sicdd and Leftwtob utado short
talks to the society. Tho session will
last for two days.
Most of the members of the Bluen
who returned home last night are of
the opinion that if tlie military had not
been sent to Pocohoutas thero would
have been riot und bloodshed. They
saw and heard euougb In convince them
that the (lover nor acted wisely nod
well. There has beau talk to the effect
that sonio of the Blues would loso their
positions on tbsir return, but as far as
ciiu bo uncurtained this has not been
the cuku in a singlu instance, notwith?
standing somo employers made grot.*
saonlices to let the men go,
Hon. M, T. Cooke, of Norfolk, was
here to day. When asked if he would
be a candidate for re-election to the
House, he said that was a matter ho
bud not considered at all, aud he had
no idea bh to what ho would do. A
number of Mr. Cooku's former asso?
ciates are exceedingly anxious for him
to come back. They are talking about
Ilim for chairman of the Finance Gom
mittee, as it is understood Mr. Moore,
of Albemarlo, will not come back. Mr.
Cooke is well filtod for this position,
which will bo a most important one
next session, in view of the alleged con?
dition of tho State's ti nances.
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d*y, Friday and Saturday. 3r.
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4 and 6 Wc^?^ -V

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