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r.- . IB1 ' u i '> l8t>5.
M. OLENNAN. Owsr.u._
u LABUEIA' IN EXCESS of nay other
issuer published in East i u Virginia.
-ik oirculath'u in Norfolk aud i'ortumotith
is Ktcator tiiitu that of auy pnpor published
viroumied'in the two cities. ?
,t is delivered in thr cities of Norfolk and
Portsmouth and suburb.* for 1u ceut* a
week. S ail *'ll><' riptions. i'ostigo paid.
Fit.- Dollar? per yoar; Three Pollars lor -ix
months. One Dollar ami Fifty Ceuts lor
tlire? months: an I l iity Ccuts tor ouo
ntont'. ..... ? --
Advertisements inserted at the rate ol n
CtMv a SeiiAt kKium in-i i:ii"^: each subse?
quent insertion :>7i Ckxts, or G > Uknti
witsK isski-ran Kvanv otueb uav. Contrao
tors are not ?howed to o\cO'd t< oir spa o
or advertise other tlisn their logitituste
business, except by paying especially for
tb v same.
TBK WllM.y VmOlSIAS nm' (UllOMSlAS,
eight pngeB, in deliveted, postage paid,
three lnouths, 250,; six mouths, COo, twelve
months, el
Entered as seoonil-.class nialtor.
The idea of a Republican furtu of
government iu Formosa is one of the
most stupeudous Urieutal jokes cvur
conceived says the Dispatch.
The Rome, Ca., Tribune says: Tho
Augusta Chronicle is working for a
million dollar hotel for that city, A
good hotel, nest to a good newspaper,
is the best advertieouient a city can
Mrs. Lucy Eyans, of fnnependonoe,
Mo., is 112 years old. Her father was
a Captain in the Revolution?r; VYar
and her husband was a veteran iu tho
war of 1812. llur ruiai-ons were all
eoldiors in tho civil war,
Statistics show that Gerinau soldiors
are far bttter educated, generally
apealiio?, than those of tho French
army. Out of tho ?J?ll.lTT recruits in?
corporated iu tho German army last
year 617 only were unable to read ami
write, about 24 per 10,000, whereas out
uf 343,061 Frenchmen who drew for
tho conscription uo less than 22,095, or
013 per lO.iJUO, were similarly illiter?
i in: viNint A i io\ in tiii:
?rue in.
The VmniNiAN publishes this morn
in? a letter from Col. John S, Crosby,
written for the reason that ho could cot
pass unnoticed tho commsutB in yester?
day's VinoixiAN under tho heading of
"Confederate Memorial Day." The
Yikuinian cannot bco anything iu the
article in question that Col. Crosby or
any other gallant and ehr/ irons sol
dipr of tho Federal army cttu justly
take exception to. Xothiug therein
written was intended to "revive bitter*
nos's of feeling botwoon tho North aud
South," nor to engender m the minds
of the youth of tho South "sectioual
and disloyal prejudices"
It was n defense of tho Confederate
soldier against tho monstrous charge
of being a rebel aud n traitor. It v.ss
intended as a vindication of the truth
of history, thut these soldiers of tho
Confederacy fought for a 1>BIX0IPI>R
and a riuiit, and surely so good a sol?
dier, so gallant a man as Col. Crosby
cannot tuke just exception to this.
In contesting for tho establishment
of thiB truth of history, in au ellort to
demonstrate to our cbildrcu, so that
they may impress it upon the minds of
their ohildreu, that the Couiedorato
soldier was not a rebel, that ho was not
a traitor.but that he fought to preserve
the right of constitutional liberty,
guaranteed by the constitution aud
handed down by tho fathers of the Re?
public, there is no ground for any
break in the platform of "Fra?
ternity, Charity and Loyalty."
Truly, as Col. Crosby assorts,
"our strife was domestic," aud
he is right in his conclusion, "that
all good men who carried a musket or
bnckled on a sword have not tho slight?
est desire to treasure its hostilities,"
There is no auch desire upon the part
of the soMiors who fought under
the bann *r of the Confederacy;
there is certainly none upon the
part of the people of the South.
They rocognize tho verdict settled
at Appomnttox?they accepted it
without reservation, and no section of
the country containo to day truer or
more loyal oitizons of our glorious lie
public. They object to bciug classed
aB traitors aud rebels, nnd this "mon
atrous pcrverbion of the truth" they
feel it a sacred duty to denounce, and
to resolve that history shall vindicate
tho Truth.
i milt im; i f.
According to the Railroad Gazette,
the railroad business of the count ry is
looking up. In the five months ot this
year the total output of'the coutractiug
car building shops exceeds that of the
whole year of 18(11 by something over
5,000 cars, and there are orders iu hand
tar both freight and passenger cars I
amounting to the anm of 810,000,000.
The Gazette soys tbo business is grontly
on tbe increase, and in a direction
vrbicb promises to continue for some
tiruo yet to como.
c<>MsriTUiiu.\Ai.rry or mi:
Since the Supremo Court's dooision
ou Monday hist that the Geary ?hiueso
Exclusion not was oouetttutionul, the
question of tbo deportation of the Obi
ueso iu this couutry, who are not enti?
tled to remain, has again oonie up, aud
under tho decision of tho court, it ap?
pears that "the Chinomnu mast go."
When tho Geary not Urst became a
law that powerful organizutiou known
aa "Tho Chinese Fivo Companies,"
with its millions of money, sought to
stay its execution, and at last attacked
its constitutionality, with tho nbove re?
sult. Tho highest conrt in tbe land
having dcuided the law constitutional,
the presumption is that it will bo en?
rill-: IMM'I.VV AI Kl
Tho naval demonstration at Kiol in
honor of tho opening of the Baltic
cuual uoxt month promises to eclipso
any similar demonstration ever wit?
nessed in European wuterb'.
Germauy is determined to make tho
affair a grand success and to that end
every tuition of any conscquonco has
been invited to Bend its ships to parti
cipato in the celebration. Tho United
Stuten will bo represented by four of
tho finest vessels of her navy, and in
tho matter of touungo this couutry
wiil bo third ou the list, Eugland being
first and Italy secoud. Tho English
licet will numbor eight ships and the
Italian lliuo.
Russia stands fourth on tho list of
touuuge, with four ships. Franco aud
Spain will ecud thron vessels eaoh,
Austria will havo four, Norway and
Swodou threo ouch, Kuinaniu two, Don
mark two and Portagni and Turkey
ouo each. Germany will, of course, bo
tbo largest iu tho parade, the majority
of her best ships having already been
ordered to Kiol for that purpose.
He Comments on The Virginian's
Views on Confederate Memorial
FoilTatss Moxa >K, Ya? May 2'J, 189j.
Editor of 'Hie Norfolk Virginian.
Your article in to day's issue, undor
tho heading of "Confederate Memorial
Day," 1 cuuuot pass unuoticed. Ab uu
oflioer of tho regular or my. serving for
many years on tbo stall' of ouo of its
most distinguished und gallant g'oue
ruls, with frequent opportunities of
recognizing the heroism and valor of
tbo Southern soldier, us woll us tho
suffering and solf douiul ami devotiou
of tho womeu of tbo South during tbo
war. 1 deeply doploro tbe piibhcutiou
of uuytbtug whioh may rouse any bit?
terness of feoliug between the North
aud tho South or eugeuder iu tbo
miuds of tho youths of tbo South sec?
tional uud disloyal prejudices. The
motto of h beneticioui and loyal
order of our soldiors of tbo Union
army is: "Fraternity, Charity aud
Loyalty." In tho spirit of these words
and recollecting that wo are now ouo
country, and that there should no
louger bo dissonsious betweeu thuso
who had honestly learned at thoir
mother's knees their opiuious, whether
tho Stute or the nation was supremo
motherland, tlie doctrine of Statu sov
ruignty or national supremacy, re?
spectively, for which Iho martyrs of
two contending armies died in battle.
1 would cull upon all our ex-sokiiers,
Federal und Confederate, to snuctily
(both to-tluy end to-morrow) Memoriul
Day, by clasping hands over the com?
mon graves of American soldiers.
Our strife was purely domestic, and I
utu sure that nil good men who curried
a musket or buckled ou a sword have
not the slightest desire to treasure its
hostilities, as if victory had been won
over n foreign foe, alien forever, for it is
unwise aud entirely subversive of the
tho great lesson of war for "a more
perfect Union."
As tho grand sires of Northern and
Southern meu stood shoulder to
shoulder a hundred years ago under
tbo eye of the great Virginia rebel who
bud no treason iu his soul, George
Washington; but the meu of Virginia
and tho South, forgetting later antago?
nisms stand side by side to houor tbe
graves of those over whom one Bag
floats forever. Both armies did their
best aud God decided between them.
Both were honestly in earnest. That a
perpectual union oaiinot be dissolved,
and that tho States withiu their limited
sphero ore tovoreign local govern?
ments, are the two immortal lessons of
tbe conflict. We are uow n uatiou of
Bretbern with ouo hupe, ouo flag, ono
destiny. Let us nil reverence the
graves of tho American national dead
and let Virginia sot the example of
fraternal charity,
John Bchuylbr Crosuv.
Night und Morning.
Low hanging In a eiuud of burnished gold,
The sleepy sun lay dreaming.
And where, pearl wrought, tho orient gutes
Wide ocean realms were gleaming.
Within the night hu rose and stolo away,
And, like a gen adorning,
Blazed o'er the sea upon th ? breast uf day
And everywhere was morning.
_.?Eugene Field.
Wo Defer Things.
We say, and we say, and wo say,
We promise, engage and declare-,
Till a year from tomorrow is yesterday
And yesterday is?where?
?James Whitvouib Bllay.
Practical Economists are wide awake to the great money-sav?
ing opportunities continually offered at this store. The phenominaliy
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31 HIS.
PHONE 783.
Goods delivcrod free to all part-: of Mi?
LATH (il Till;
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a ?o.j-i Stauiu wua lis iy A . ? L ilai? mrcet,

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