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i>-TAi<i.ii<nKi) 1856.
KA!N AN1> < OM?liltCB 81'BBBTi
11. Ol.KNNAN- OvfXKK._
la LABGBL,? IN KXOBSSof any othbr
?aner published in Ka*i rii Virginia.
1 *,* circuiati' ? '" Kotfolli and l-orumouth
is creator lltau lhat -f soy paper published
or, touiate.i iu the two cuiu?. .
itii doli?are?in*h( cities ol Norfolk and
l?ortsuioutb and suburb.- sor IU oonts a
week ?.nil sub-vriptioni. .i ??o pall.
F.v lUillar- per roar; Ihrco Hollars for is
iioutb?. One Oollar and Hity P nta for
th.e- mouths* anil Hrtjf Oeu?s for oue
mAdvertisements inserted at the rate of 73
Cr. -is A Sui a I fill ?. issi ttTloX; ea.Ti SUUSe
uuent insortion :?"' Cunts, or ."? 1 k>ts
Tu"',iv-,, iku i-.ykiu ? intn i?av. Oontrae
tors sr. not allowed to pif^l their spa ?
or''?bertiso other than their lecminstu
bnsiuess, except by paying especially lor
tbc same.
Tn> Wi.mt.v Vir.ciiMA-. iM' Oahoi.imas.
?Iaht phroii. is delivered, postage paid,
thipo months, 'J5c.; sis mouths. f*o, twelve
month-, .-i __
1 utcre '. us ?? coi - i ittor
.""persons leaving the city
During the summer can have THE
them by ordering it at this office,
either in person or by letter.
Savannah. Cia., made a splendid
showing in b ulk clearances .'last month
and, iu ftot. it has done so for the la*t
Bix months. The clearances for tho
eix mouths ended .luue ill) wereS-tO,
510,410, nsuiust ? 11,397,301 for tho
first six niontiiB of 1891, au increase of
over 11f per cent.
In a cbsodecided by the Virginia Su?
preme Court of Appeals at Wytheville
last w ek the 0 >urt held that the com
missioners of oleolion for a county had
no authority to rejool l.ho vote of any
preeiuct as corliHod to them by the
ju'dgos of electiou, but that it was th eir
duty to iucludo in their enumeration
each preciuot just as the judges of
electiou certified to them, and that it
was au net of bold aud uaked usurps -
ticu upon their part to reject any pre?
iMtot i.iii:vr.
In a recent editorial the Now York
Herald groups together some interest?
ing facts illustrating "the phuuomcuni
iniproveuieut siucc last year in tho in?
dustries of the country." tho improve?
ment iu wage?, tho starting up nnew
of loug idlo mills aud (aotories, the en?
largement of old establishments and
the const ructiou ot new. Some of these
illustrations are very striking. Thus
the Wool and Cotton Reporter a week
ego makes the following statement:
"It will ho noted that the number of
now wooleu miils has increased from
Seventeen last year to thirty eight this
Near, au increase of over Hjtl per ceui,,
while tho number of oatton mills has
lucreased from forty-three Iftit year to
lievcuty-three this year. The number
of knittiug nulls baa increased over
last year uearly 100 per cent.
"It is ill also bo seen that tho list ol
enlargements and improveots is au im
posiug one.
"Since la9t spring tho Herald esti?
mates that the wages of 350,000 ope?
ratives m American mills ami factories
havo been materially raised, the in?
crease, iu tho oases specified uverag
ng 10 per cent."
'J'Mi: Kl.l-I III.M \ss l:l.( (MUM.
THlll I. Il l I I I .
The Wafchiugtou correspondent ol
the Baltimore Sun writes that paper
that conservative Republicans are be?
coming tbonghtlul over the political
issue. The buoyant confidence winch
followed the great victories ol last fall
is, he remarks, last disappearing un
der the wave of returning prosperity
which is sweeping over tho country,
"Hard times," ns the preteuded re?
sults of Dtmocratio ascendancy, was
their only stock iu trade, With their
disappearance tho Republican leaders
ere left without an issue. 'They nrc
weekly seeking to break tho force of
the suddeu change by altt-mptiutr to
prove that the dso iu wnges, the iu
ereaso iu the exports of our manu?
factured goods, the quickened activity
of every branch of trade, aro due to
the fact that concessions were made to
protectionist principles in tho liuul
th aping of the Democratic tnrill,
Turill reformers claim tbut tho im?
provement is due, not to these oonci
siou.s, but to tho play of economic forces
which are triumphing iu spito of them,
with tho aid of the features of the Wil?
son bill winch remove certain fetters
from our industry und commerce.
That the latter contention is boruo out
by facts is seen in the bonctits the man
nfacturers aro refining from freo wool
aud the stimuitiR which has boen given
to the efforts to seek now markets
abroad. But, of course, the Republican
unit-r. and the high tariff orguos will
go on "claiming everything in sight."
It is a necessary feature of their tradi?
tional policy of hypocrisy and ??bluff." I
They have deceived the people so often I
&t?k&<i. ?' .-:lialllBBaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaa?lB>
that they think they can continuo to
deceive them tu thu en.I.
Senator l'roctor, of Vermont, who
has just come to Washington, is quoted
in n published interviow H8.indorniugjtb?
present "protective mensnro as it
etnuds," which, iu his opinion, "re-?
quires corrections rather tliuu general
revision." He intimates that eveu i(
ins parly wero ill power it would lie
ilnubtfiil whether a "general revision
would bethought necessary," The most
Bigui?caut symptoms of tlio times is
tho growing want of harmony among
the high larilT lulluuiiceH nud the in
oousisteneies they are coustuutly coin
milting. Tbe tmth is, n process of
disintegration has sot iu. Tho growth
of our exports of foreign manufactures
is tbo tbiu edge of tho wodgo which
must nltiiuntuly split the protectionist
following to pieoes,
T ho more intelligent protectionists
uro already discovoriug that it is hope
l. sh to stem tho tide of commercial de?
velopment, and that tho policy they
liuvo ho stubbornly denounced holds
out to thum possibilities of profit in
other lands which miiy eoinpeusate
Iheui for tho Iosh of their monopoly ut
home. Tho manufacturers see this
dearly aud are reaching out eagerly
for foreign trade. In Philadelphia,
tbo great centre of oxtrome high larilT
views, a commercial museum has been
established with tho special object of
luruishiug information from all foreign
markets wbicb American, manufactur?
ers "ought lo enter or control." Tho
roccnt prediction that protectionist
mauufaoturers"will doubtless tic among
tbe first to protest against uuy ohauge
which will curtail their opportunities
for rolling thoir goods abroad," ia ul
ready being realized in the utteroucos
of Senator l'roctor uud others declar?
ing that there is no necessity ol a
"general" tariff* revision,
Tlio people, in fact, hnvo shaken Toil"
the protectionist idea ob a coutrolliug
force, und wbilo they have not yet se?
cured a tithe of tho economic liberty
they have learned to crave, they nro
becoming moro aud more coulidout
thut they are on tho riyht path. Deru
j ocretic i i ii.cp.ie-, ns represented by
President Cleveland, are ouco moro
j advancing with stonily march, aud tho
return of "good times" cannot fail to
swell and solidify tho Democratic col?
umn. If the present drift continues
protection will soon have boon role
gatod to tbo gruvo-yiird of tho dead
political issues iu this country as elVco
tually us wns dono iu Kuglaud half a
century ago. _
Kr.vrrnt v Aiin iiii.h,i;vi:i.ami.
What uousenso it is for tho Ameri?
can, a nowBpupor publishod in Phila?
delphia, to nttcmpt to rnm dowu the
peoplo's throat any such statement as
that "Kentucky repudiates Mr, Cleve
laud and Mr. Carlisle for the work
they nro credited with recently in that
State." It says, however, that it cou
not be domed that tlie President is in
sonic respects moro consistent than
either Carlisle or Wattoraon, uud it is
willing to make Hint admission, lint
when did Mr, Cleveland do nny work
in Kentuoky ou thu liuo hero sug?
Mr. Cleveland, no doubt, gftvo all
the moral support possible to tlio
friends of honest money in Kentucky,
and no muu made a nobler tight for a
principle than did Beoretary Curlislo
during his rcc ut canvass of "tho
Uluo Grass State."
T his be had a right to do. 11 o was
speaking to his own people iu the in?
terest of what bo deemed best tor
thent and thu country. His lig.it not
only stemmed tho tide of public opin?
ion in Kentucky nud turned it in favor
of sound money, but has put a damper
ou tho silver cruze, which before was
not believed possible. The American
must know thi?, although it does not
euro to admit it.
\ st.tlCl.i: .ilo-st;i \it\ sr.\ M, Alto.
No. 15 of tho Reform Clnb's ".Sound
Currency" aeries is "A stable Mone?
tary Standard," by Honry Farqubar,
It includes not only a most careful in?
quiry into the eesantials of a stablo
standard auii tho halaucu of ndvantiigo
und disadvantage of varying standards,
but brings to hear upon the imniediatu
subject a wealth of reliable statistics.
Prom these, aud from tho admirable
ehurt which accompanies them, it is
apparent Hint tho so-called "uppreciu
tion of gold," when measured either in
?rages or in composite ol wages and
prices, vanishes into thin uir; and that
the actual result of the conditions of
tbo lust twenty years bna be.eu a marked
appreciation of wages in this aud other
gold standard countries.
Tbo factors which nro of the most
importance towards making any niet.il
or commodity acceptable as a standard
oro noted ami annly/.o.l, nnd tho fact
that an ideal standard has not been
fonud frankly admitted. The searoh
ing comparison, however, bore made
shows how much moro nearly gold ap?
proaches tho ideal than does any other
material, and donioustrntes that tho
claim of silver as a stuudurd cau bo up?
held, iu the light of tho statistics, only
by proving iho unlituess of human
labor as a meusuro of value.
Is the Way Grovcr Cleveland Speaks
of His Married Life.
Atlanta, On., .July 12.? The Jour?
nal this ufteruoou prints a loiter writ?
ten four years ugo by t'resideut Cleve?
land to John Tumplo Graves, of
Georgia, the disiuigniibed Southern
orator, on receipt uf uu iuviiatiou to
Mr, <i raves' thou approupiiiup; mar
Mr, (iravofl had, by reason of public
and private associations, become close
lj acquainted with Mr, Cleveland uud
enjoyed his trieudshlp and o>tooui in a
grutiiyiug degreo. When the wedding
eards'woro sent to tlio tbeu ox Presi?
dent, Mr. Graves ucoompamod them
with a letter in which be paid tribute
to tho beauty uud tenderness ol tho
I'roMileut's own domestic life and tho
iiilliiouce of this high example npou
thu domestic life of tho people. Tho
answer came promptly ill tho exquisite
letter which lollows.
'?No. 81fi Madison Avkxi'K,X. V , <
' lll-CKMUKn. '20, ls'JO. (
"John 'J'cmj)\i (j'ruvcn, /-.'??'/,, Home,
"My DraR Sin?Wo reoeived tho
card of invitation to your wedding a
duy Or two ago, und I am glnd that
your letter, received only a lew Limits
ago, justifies uie, ou behalf of my dear
wife aud myself, to do moro than lor
mully notice the oocssiou.
"Aud first of all, lut mo assuro you
now how much we appreciate the kind
and touching sentiment you convey to
us in our married statu. Ah I look
back unoil the years that buvc passed
siuco God iu His loUnitC goodness bo
stowed upon mo tho best oi all gifts?a
loving and niTectiotiato wife all else,
honor, tho opportunity of usofuluess
and the estoom of my fellow-COUlitry
men, arc Ritbordinnted iu ovory as
piration of grutitude and thankful
"Von aro not wrong, therefore, whou
you claim, iu the atiuospbero of fust
unmiug bliss which now surrounds y ou,
kinship with ouo who cau testify with
unreserved tuiulerncss to the eunotiti
caliou which comes to man wheu boa
von directed lovo leads tho way to mur
"Sinco this tender theme has made
us kinsmen, let me wish for you and
the dear ono who is to make your life
doubly deur to you all the joy uud hap?
piness vouchsafed to man.
"Von will, 1 know, feel thnt the kind
wishes can reach uo greater siuceruy
ami furco thau when my wife joins mo
iu the fervout desire that you and your
bride may enter upon and enjoy tho
same felicity which has muilu our mar?
ried bfo 'one grand, sweet song,'
"Very truly, your friend,
"Grovkii Cleveland."
A year or 60 ago Mr. Graves request?
ed of the President permission to pub?
lish the letter for the saue of its influ?
enae upou the lioine lifo of tho people,
and Mr. Cleveland promptly replied
that, although the wording of tho let?
ter had pusseil from his recollection, he
would for this purpose frerfly comuiit
its use "lo the delicacy und discretion
of his frieud."
The reeout interesting domestic
event at Gray Gables induced Mr.
Graves to eousot to tho publication ol
the letter.
Chaucer's Advice.
[Written about IIVO. Modernized 1808.]
Fly thou the crowd and live In hum sty.
Hoarding breeds hate. V.'ho climbs must
risk n fall.
Ambition feedeth envy. Do Unat ho
Content with what is thine, though it he
Nut craving nil thou soest. Wealth dazzles
Watoh thine own steps, thou so alert to see
Another's slip, nud truth shall make thee free.
Btnve nut in vain the crooked to make straight,
Uut trust to time, that bringc-th round the
There is much peace for him who loams to
Nor Idly rages 'gainst o'erwhclmtng might,
lint bides the law that Justly doth requite.
Judge thino own deeds as others?thod shall
Beyond all doubt tho truth shall make thee
Receive- with cheerfulness whato'or Is sent.
Who wrestles With tho world must catch a
This earthly lif" lor no long home Is meant,
Tis but a pilgrimage Forth, beast, from
Look Up on high and thank the Lord of nil.
C011.4u.-r thyself, thy conacii nee ruling tin.-.
And never doubt that truth shall make thee
?Friends' Intelligencer and Journal.
Touch and Go.
Touch the spot in the
back, chest, limbs or side,
where the pain is, with an
Porous Plaster
' and the lameness, soreness,
stiffness,congestion, will go
at once, leaving comfort,
health and strength behind.
Imitation* are rievrr tl l...:.lr 1 l.crr'. lie
wi>. mint uion having O.c genuin? ALLco. H'i
Allcock's Corn Shields.
Allcock's Bunion Shields,
Have no equal a, a relief and cure for corns
Brandreth's Pills
aro a marvelous specific for cuso3of
biliousness and. indigestion.
Here are Cassimcre. Worsted and
Cheviot Suits in plain and fancy effects,
warranted first-class in every respect,
made in our own workshops by our own
first-class union tailois, not a single gar?
ment that the cloth and all of the linings
and interlining^ are not thoroughly
shrunken before tlie shears are put in
them; made from materials that are or?
dinarily quoted at not less than Three,
Four and Five Dollars more than the
Stock Relief Bargain Price, and still
bear no comparison in point of manu?
facture, style and fit included. Here
they are ami here they go. Samples in
the West Window. $10 takes the pick.
More are Serviceable, Form Fitting Youth's Suits,
runde on our owu suro lilting oattorns, exclusively for
the Norfolk house. Stylish and well made Suits,that are
as fur ahead] of Fire Self and Boodle Made Clothing
as the suu is over the oui th. The Stock Belief Bar
guiu Prieo in cans convert the surplus into cash. Not
a single Suit in the entire lot but was a bargain at its
original prioe, hut reruuaut.s must move and quiokly
ut thut, und the Stock Belief Bargaiu Price must muke
them move. Here thoy are and hero thoy go. Sovon
Fifty tnkos the choice.
llere are Children's Suits of good,
material, sizes anywhere to age 15^
made in Double Breasted Jackets with
pants double seated, double knees, pat?
ent bands and riveted buttons, Suits
that have weight enough for the year
round wear; tough as leather and just
the thing for the boy that is rough on
clothes. Samples on forms in ihe Cloth?
ing Window. Here they are and here
they go for One Forty-Five to make
move lively.
ITcra nro Hoys' Kueo Paula, samples in tho New
Annex Window, Atlantic street. All sizes, inoludiug
age 15. Kueo Pants oi stuff that hIiowh Big Value for
tlic price, ami makes it possible for every boy to wear
u tidy Kueo Puuts at a small outlay of cash. Here
they are and here they go at tho Stock Rebel Bargain
Price of Ten Cents a pair, as long as they last.
Here are Men's Fine Fants, Fault?
lessly Tailored, accurately cut and as
correct fitting as it is ever possible to get
Ready-Made Trousers, made from
Fine Cassimcres, Tweeds, Serges, Flan?
nels, Worsteds and Cheviots, warranted
every fibre pure wool, some silk mixet!
and not a single pair in the lot that is
not well worth from One to Three Dol?
lars more than the Stock: Relief Bargain
Price now in force, hut ( leaning up tune
is now here, and the odd pants must be
sold without reserve. Mere thev are
and here they go; $3 takes the pick of
lot. Samples strung all over the Cloth?
ing Window.
Hero are Mou's and Boys' Straw liuta of Fashion?
able Shapes, and iu every particular first class goods.
Samples in both windows and raits iusido impossible
to show in the uiudows. Some 83) per oent. loss than
the original price, others at half their actual value.
P.ach and everyone a Qenuiue Money-Saving Bargain.
Look 'cm over. If the size is right tiie price is surely
riL'ht. The East Wiudow shows baug up Straw Hats,
only ?Oj.
Here are Men's nnd Boys' Sweaters,
samples in the East Window; actual
value Twenty-Five Cents everywhere
under the sun. Save your dimes. Here
ihey are and here they uo. The Stock
Relief Bargain Price names them only i 5c
Hero are Underwear Bargains thai put Hal v.-a
and Quarters In your pocket right along, Scotch's
Pateut l.lastic Seam Drawers, standard prioe every?
where but here, $1; Tho Stuck Belief Bargaiu Price,
only T?.!. Drop Stitch Balbriggan Underwear for the
Half are regular bummers, Fancy Siripo Derby Rib?
bed Underwear at 60c ate Big Leaders. Cool l,ace
Undershirts only u Quarter. Light Uan/o UudurebirtB
ouly 15o,
1 lere are Neckwear Values that tower
head and shoulders in Fabrics and De
jsigns over and above any ever placed
on sale for the price. Silk Imperials,
jfull lengths and widths, only 25c. Pull
Band Bows, Tecks, Club Ties and Four
in-hands of choice designs and latest
[shapes arc included in the line tor a
Quarter to make them move lively.
lloro are Negligee Shirts, Perfect Fitting, made
by the very boat American Manufactures, fashioned
after the latest and most approve I stylos with deep
turn down collars, attached and detached, and large
jiear! button-., just such Negligoo Shirts that ex?
clusive Furnishers usually ohargo fancy prices- -Here
thev are and hero thoy go?samples lu tho F.ast Win?
dow? Toe.
Glfiiife Tailors, Furnisitors,
S?0***u ct<%, * 1
?, , . ?> T-.. . ^ ? ? Fashionable ? Office Coats.
Working* Elegant Oasai- i Lj ,)t uuJ ? Yqu oau B,B0
Pants strong ? mere I ants, ? jjack striped ? use them for 2 5
and durable. X natty styles. ^ Pan to, beet ? house com
Mid - Bummer | Mid - Sammor * mske Mld. | fort Wid.
1 rice J 1 rice x, summer prico 5 Summer l'rice^
73c. 1 $1,24- I $2.69 | 21c?
= I MEN'S ! MEN'S | MEN'S | MEN'S I 1
|?= ?-> 2> <> Finest Husi ?> Fine Dress Y
=K 9 Good and Du- $ Natly POM' J ueiB Suits. J Suits Import- ?
? ? ruble Work- % 118,11 Baits. Y, Cheviots, t> ed Diagonals ?
= wing Suits. ? J,auy styles. <? (J a s s lmercs fand Clav I
35 I Mid - Summer * ?"? " ^ninnier ? BUll Tweeds. 2 Worsteds*. $
ggg S Price ?x lrice Y. Mid-Summer e> Mid-Summer $
~= * ? J Prico ? Frice ^
11 $2.87 * $4.37 ! $7.23 \ $9.621
t 3
Neat and scr- ?> Suits for after- o All-WoolCas- T Su ilo that o- i~
vicoable Suits. ? noou wenr? ? simere, Chov- $ wero $5, SO, ?
Pretty shades o good enough 2 ) o t u n d <Z> ;-7 und $~.~>{). ?, "3
and paterae. ? for Sunday, ? Tweed Bnita. $ Mid-.Summer ? -3
Mid - Summer $ too. Mid Sum- # Mid Summer % I'rico J ?~
?> Price v> ruer Price ?> Prico *> ?~
11 ?7c. ? $1.4-9 I $2.481 $3'15 I I
1 Gannon Ban ciotftlnQ Co.. 89 main st-, Norfolk. 1
illllllllllllHlilllliHlll?lllllllH llllllllllll lil??i?ll IlllllllillHIIlllllliilllHIllllllll
It has boon decided that no moro spoiled linen will be washed in the eoarts;
it is cheaper to buy new now.
Muslin Corset Covers, 15c. ?J.'ic, .'I7;e. 50e, ~<<e, 7."o.
Downs, t'Jc, Tille. 75e. 87}0, $1. Drawer.. 20c, 25c, 33o, :'>7J_i\ ?Oe.
Chemises, ?i.'ie. 'J.'c, :J7;e, ??o, 02jo 75o, :'l. Skirts, with deep ombroidorai
flonnce, 58o, ami rangiug upward to the iin<<>t at 83.
Then, Ladies.' White Waists of India Linen. Embroidered trimmed, 50c,
7.k-, 88o, SI, $1.25, aud tho $1.75 ones now SI.50.
Waists of Forcule, slightly soiled from huiidiiug, ?'.lc and 50c, instead of ;"0o
and 7-'ic.
Hoys' Shirt Waists of outing cloth, just odds mid ends, 1 .*>.-! instead of 2fie.
M..thorn Friend Shirt Waists, a strap goes with raoli und there is nothing so
good as the strati for tioys?percale or white, iinlaundered, 50c. Printed Per?
cale in the newest designs and white ones also, laundered, 7."-.c.
Have you ever tried the patent strap on your boy''
Mosquito Bars, ready to use, made on hard wood folding, turn over canopy,
made well and tug enough to cover tho bod, not a hoys' size, $1.25 ouch.
Demorost Sewing Machines, new ones, tbo calnuet work of r;c!i quartered
oak, four drawer. No fuuey prico but on narrow department store profile,
This space is small and short words have to bo used, but it hint is given that
if buyers follow will lead them to soruo greater values than they have an> I lea,
lloclcli ii ii'ton j ? to 11< R i l b ye, < i rtuil >>- Street.
Shorlhand. Bookkeeping. Typewriting, Penmanship,
Now is the lime to enter II you ivnul to take a position in the fall. Elogaut room*
overlo-king Norfolk liarbor. Studouti ml ml lud .it hiiv time. ludi\J nul instruction*
No vacation iliirinu toe tuuituer. For terms, cull ou ot- address.
I. VV. PATTON, Principal.
Lowest Liberal
Rales T Advances T
Do not snerifleo any old (fold thai you may have, but write n, to rA\\ on \.ei slid givaj
yon oiu i't le. s Wa rective old gold from any purl ?>f tho Uuiied States, and il amouav
allowed is u?>t satisfactory wo pay express cli?ri:< a both ways and return uackime iu s;un?
eonditiou ?h reeoivod.
S. Bachracln & Bro.9
i:3?3 ClnutMi Street,
Pabst Milwaukee Beer.
mf.rn.iu. BEITZ'S RLE BHD PQBTER **?m.
ii ..n: ~i >\v.\i:i>s
Pure Iks r l.r.-.r. .t t . Jif.
Itotilo.l ,.,?r.i?( i;, ?i.?a.
U. El. FULFORD, Sole Agent
-Spedsl Oflivnrr lor Privat? 1 .luiilic*

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