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Meeting of Committee Held to Hear
A Talking Meeting Held Lact Night
By the Special Committee On the
Telephone Question. Mr. Brick
house in the Chair, The Law?
yers Had Full Sweep.
The City Councils hare had tinder
consideration for some time the propo?
rtion of a nutnher of telephone ootu
vanies till of thutu promising to pny
mouey into the city treasury, give tho
?eity free phones autl to reduce the
t?te of the present charges.
l*.?Souio weeks ago Messrs. llelviu &
Brown, ot New York, asked to be
l<iveu the right to construct a subway
? ystiui. I lie other cnudiiiiitca for city
tavore protestetl ux>>i t granting
the franchise desired by this company,
and the war liettan. They claimed
that it was an elVort of Messrs. Llelviu
* Brown to get exclusive control of
tho streets of Norfolk, when all
other eleetrieal companies would
be forced to uho their wites,
ond that Messrs. llelviu .V
Browu would soon have a monopoly.
The question was considered by tho
Councils and the Common branch
passed the ordinance giviug the uso of
the streets to Ilelviu .v Brown, but the
Seket Council refused to uouour and
the whole tptsstiou was referred to n
special committee.
At the lustouce of this eonintittefl a
die' ting was held Inst night In the
<. oninjon Council ohamber and all who
lind auy n asoua to assign why the ordi?
nance should not be passed were in?
vited to bo present to express their
views. Tho nitetiiit; was in cession
Jrom 7:.'hi to 11 o'clock, bat was uot
largely attended,
Mr. Brick house presided, Tho ob
sect of the mooting was stated anil Col,
r-turl.e, of the City (las Light Com?
pany, ami Mr. Cole, of the Long Lits
taut Telephone Company, explained
their objections hrielly.
The chairman said Lie would like to
bear any persou that desired to speak
on the subject, autl explained that the
mooting was called to lioar objections.
Air. Willcox seid be would state the
objections of Ina eompauy, but though)
lie should huvo the right to reply lo
the remarks o( those who followed him.
He spoke of tho damage which might
rosttlt from tho opening of streets to
tho pipes of the gas eompauy.
THF. llOMi too Sil ALL.
lie oonteuded thai the bond to be
given by Messrs. Liulvin A Brown was
lie hchl that the subways should be
eo constructed as tu sttp) ly all demands
fur a number ol years. Tuere was uo
fpeeitioatioti as to ihe kind ol subway
exoept such a system as ilelviu A
xlronu may obooe to construct. He
?hr present for the purpose of getting
G 'lno idea Irom Ihe gentlemen what
thev expect to place in ihe city,
1 ho ordiuauco wao read by tho
clerk, ami .Mr. Llelviu inid became tu
jNorfolk la-1 March, at whieh time a
tetter was sent out by tho Ordinance
(Jommittee asking bids /or ? competing
line of telephone. < ?ue of these lei
Cers came iuto his hands, lie looked
<jver tho city and came to the con?
clusion that Norfolk would he a
growing city and eventually the
metropolis of the South.
lie said be counted bi'.i poles bet wern
Ornnby ami Church streets and came
to the conclusion that the thing lor
Jioifolk would be au underground ays
som. lie was a practical man and then
oamcd the great works of this cbarao
tor he had constructed. He said he
'Was a native ot Virginia and loved the
fclate as much as auy man.
lie then argued that ihe advanced
thinkers of tho whole country upon
matters of electricity eudorse the uu
dergiound system and gave the mime?
eif eminent men who had testified iu au
injunction ease in favor of uudor
ground wires. Boston was one of the
greatest eleetrieal centres and there
?>re moro und-rgrutiud wires iu that
city than iu auy other city in the
United States.
r.iVB wiiiKs.
lie spoko of the danger to man and
beaut from wires prostrated by snow
und winds ami gave au instance of a
Jittlo girl that hail been fearfully
bumcu by a live wire.
iu regard to the matter of bonds, ho
eaitl tho bond in New l'ork was i.'.'id,
000, and in Norfolk $10,000, lie
thought the bond Bullleionlly large.
Ju speaking of the ordinance, .Mr.
WilloOS asked who prepared the ordi?
nance. Mr. U el von saut the urdiiuiuco
comtuitloe did so,
Wae not the draft by your at
tomuy ?
Mr. llelven asked Col Starke if ho
prepared the ordinance and no said no.
You are answered, Mr, Willcox, said
Mr. ilelviu.
No I om uot. Did your have an at
toruoy.ptiur to tho employment of Col.
No, sir.
run bond.
Col, Starko interrupted Mr. llelviu,
and sau) ho thought it would be im?
proper to have a bond from tho Hub- I
Way Company smaller thau Ihe boud
?given by tho City Uasiigbt Company
bihI aeked Air. Willcox bow niucb bond
the o: in pa Ii v lie represented gave''
Nduo wan tlie answer.
Ob, said Col. Starke, thcu wo need
uot complain. (Laughter, l
Mr. Ilelvm tbeu read a number of
letters from elcctriciauB, Bhowmg tbu
damage winch results from electricity
comiug in contact with iron, eowor
ami gas pipes from the ovorhead wires,
which ia avoidod by tho underground
lie saitl there was a great tight over
Norfolk and tho question was simply
lor high rates; that the liell ( ouipuny
did not desire to give up a gooa thing,
He then submitted hia papers for tho
inspection ol the column tee.
In reply to a tpiestiou front Mr.
?rickhoitse, said twelve pipes would be
laid at tho moat and not less thau two,
Mr, J. 13, Heath, Jr., appeared as
at oruey tor the Southern Hell Tele?
phone > onipauy autl read a well pre?
pared address. It was a proposition,
he said, tu compel the pcoplo of Nor?
folk to pay for the next ten years j$ 18
to Messrs. jBrowii-llelviu anil in that
tune Itichmond might he paying ouly
S10 per year. All of tho latest inveu
tions were owned by tho Hell Tele
phono Company and that these inven?
tions were leased by tho Southern
liell Telephone Company.
siicii.d the ordiuauce be passed au
eflort would be made to compel all of
the electric companies to put their
wires under ground, lie said the
propositions made to olher cities was
ouly to be allowed to do business,while
in Norfolk they always ask for an ex?
clusive Iranehioe.
Mr. llelviu was asked by City
i'.ngineer Brooke if ho could jmt the
electric light wires iu the pipe with the
telephone wires'.'
Ho said, yes, he could do it, but ho
would doit no sooner thau he would
put a rattlesnake in a cradle with a
Pithy. II the eleotric companies de?
sired he could arrange to nut their
wites underground.
Col. 1.. 1). .Starke said he came to
Ihe meeting to hear objections and
hat; heard none.
The only objection raised was that
there not now enough streets for the
corporations already here, lie thought
there would never be auy cheaper tele
phonos till somebody made tho Hell
Company reduce iu rates. He said all
of these other couipouies should he
sntislied with the bund, as they were
not required to g,:vu any bond them?
Major (irandy said when be eigued
Ihe petition protesting he was iu
formed that these gentlemen would go
down sevt rn! tuet, and knowing that
his property might be injured, and the
company being composed of Btraugors,
hu thought they ought to be hedged
against injuring other people. Ho
said, ns a stockholder ol the City (las
Company, he did nut object to theso
people coming, but ha felt certain that
there will bo dillioulty iu escaping an
injury to the pipes ol his company ami
these gentlemen bhonld be required to
give a Buflicient bond.
Mr. Willcox then tillered an amend?
ment providing for a eutlioient bond
fiir the protection of Ihe city aud in
Mr. Willcox eoitl he would have to
r. ply to a few remarks made by Mr.
Ilelviu ami Col. Starke. Ho then said
that he understood Mr. llelviu to say
that ail of tho telephone companies
were olVshots of tho Sell Company;
that they were compelled to use the tti
veutiono of that company, und asked
Mr. llelviu the kind of service he pro?
pose i to give, Mr. Helvin soul thai
would ho determined when tho fran
chise was ??ranted,
Mr. Willcox replied that ho expected
such an answer and asked nhat would
prevent Messrs. Brown A: llelviu from
entering iuto a ooutrsot with the Hell
Company, whereby rates would not be
reduced. Mr, lielvin said he proposed
to give a aheap service aud would htwe
a telephone system independent of the
present syetem,
Tho meeting adjourned, no action
being necessary,
l lie Election in rtoiieital und I.on
ilonil. rr> .
l'V Southern Amueintu I Prem.
London, July 3D.?The returns from
the eleetioiiH iu the Hast Division of
Donegal and the South Division ol
Londonderry were anuounced today.
1 he former elected Arthui O'Connor,
Nationalist, and the latter Sir T. Lea,
Unionist. Both sat in the last Parlia
incut, bo there is no change in tho
representation lor these constituencies,
But one election is to lake place now
thut in Orkney and Shetland.
It utl. not occur until the 6th of
August, t'til as a Liberal was chosen in
that district in the last election by 1,
1)0:1 majority it is fair to assume that
the next member will be a Liberal also.
Therefore, giving the seat to the Lib?
erals, tho new i'tirlianieut mil lie coin
posed of US Conservatives, 73 Liberal
Unionists, 177 Liberals, 7t) McCarthy
Hos und 1'.' l'arnvllitos.
All >r\v Mill l><? 11> I ti ell Ik.
Beautiful mull hals, all shapes in
chips and Leghorns, a lull line ot milli?
nery at Mrs. P, Kies, l'J 1 Church
"Newest Discovery*?Ext. teeth; no
pain. N. Y. D. Rooms, 102 Main.
Evidence Sufficient to Convict Mrs.
Mary McMillan Secured.
She is a Notorious Stamp Counter
feiter. Secret Service Detectives
Have Been Searching Buffalo
lor Months to Find a Valise
Belonging to Her.
llv Sontheim Assooiate 1 I'rPM
Bit fa i.o, N. Y., Jnly MO.--Tho last
link 10 tbo chain of evidence that for
uiuutUb the united States Beeret service
bus been biudiDg about Mrs. Mary
McMillan, alias .Mrs. Mack, tho
notorious stamp couutcrfeiter, who is
now In the Kriu couuty jail, wish forged
latt Saturday in postmaster (laker's
private ollice, where a salohel belong?
ing to the woman was opened and
found to contain 2h,iiOt'i counterfoil
stumps, excellently made, iu live
original packages.
For two months secret service men
have beeu searching Btitl'alu lor the |
valise, aud its tiudiug nnt oue of the
cleverest pieces ol deteotive work done
iu Buffalo in years. Wiih nothing ox>
copt the (act that Mrs. Mack visited the
American express olhYe with a grip
oiirly in the spring to work upon, the
otlicerB after two months work discov?
ered its in.ling place, ami Inspector
Shea, of New York city, now baa the
stamps iu Ins possession.
11 was foiiud on tue terrace in the
possession of a well known Bu?'aioiau
ol 111 repute who may prove to be an
important member ol tue lug counter
feiliUK gaug. His oouneclinns wuu
the ! cum im:? work is being run down
and for that rut sou his name la with
Ouo important development in tho
ease is the discovery that lor a timo the
gang arrested in Chicago and Hamil?
ton worked in this city.
They were suspected by a local
deputy marshal ol con nie t f el t lug coin,
and he had made reatly to raid tbutu,
hut in somu manner they learuod ol
bis plans autl lied to uew lichls. It
was a fuw days before her arrest iu the
spring tbtit Air-. Mack uauie over from
Hamilton to Bllllaio and asked at the
American Express ollice for certain
packages utidiested to her. She got
lliotu ami putting them iu a big satcUel
disappeared. Nu imo saw her alter
thai in BulValo, autl alter her arrest
detectives discovering from Chicago
that stamps had beeu sent here, were
puzzled as tu what she did with them,
When Mis. Mack was told that the
stamps bad been found she fainted in
her cell aud the matron had hard work
reviving her. So loug as the stamps
were undiscovered she could not be
directly connected wiih the Chicago
eoftntorfeiters. Now, however, her
last hope of escape has gone.
The work done by these counterfeit
ers was almost perfect. Ihe only way
iu which the fraud could tut discovered
was by u careful comparison of tin
color ol the good aud bail stamps, the
counterfeits being a shade too light,
a Nerioim An Kli nt it, I ti< im it.
Bf Southern a?- > ? .-t.- I Prom.
Cam den, N, J., duly 80. After a
lengthy meeting last night tho Catndeu
Iths Commissioners walked down to
Sixth ami Boyden streets and turned
in an experimental alarm from the box
located mere. They wuuted to test
the promptness of tbo department
< ompauiea 1 ami 2 responded to tue
alarm at breakneck speed. Tho hose
fart from No. 1 turned wildly from
Broadway into Hoyden and its momen?
tum sent it careening completely over.
1 wo men were buried under it. They
were Assistant Chief Bum ami Wilkins
Bradley, the.driver. A third rider,
lloseman Wni. B. Jobes, was thrown
eh ur aud escaped serious injury. Ihe
other two men were hauled out and
sent to their homes in a patrol wagon,
bulb are so badly injured that they
may tile.
I in- i'riee oi itar I? on lucreitaad.
By Southern Absoci ited I'rej-i.
Detroit, Mich., July 30.?The Mer?
chants' Bar Iron Association, com
posed of representatives of tvvonty-twn
linns west of I'ittsburg, met at the
Hotel Cadillac to-day and beul a Beere)
session. l ue meeting wus harmonious
aud it was agreed that some at range
meut should he made for increasing
the pnoo of bar iron. Accordingly
the price was advanced til per ton.
This was the ouly business transacted.
I he action will go into immediate
Embroideries, Laces, White Coods,
Drest. Goods and Silks.
Line of embroideries nud Qonncings
at hull price; striped and check mils
bu at 5c, tfo, 10c; India linens, from he
up; colored lawns, worth 8c, now no;
hue colored lawns, worth 12] and l5o,
go while they last at Ho; French ging?
ham, worth 18c, now be; crepe tie
Verne, worth i'Jje, now Ko; all-wool
dress goods, worth 50c, row 25c; all
wool batiste autl nun's veiling, worth
50o, now 25c; enk mixed dress goods, i
worth ?!, now "lie; silks, worth 50o alii
otic, closing price 35c; plaid giugbams,
worth 8c, now I c; mualiu underwear
at special prices; duck suits from $1.25
up B. A. Hsundera, 172 Main street.
Shirt waists at cut prices.
Returning Fifotvt Liberia Tell a Har?
rowing Story of Suffering,
Ity Southern Assooiatod l'to-s.
Pint, a DELPHI A. 1'?., .luly illi.? At tlie
Wuvfurers Lodge, Lombard street,
homesick und destitute, are three ne?
groes or Arkjtnsas, who hove just re
lurnud trnm Liberia, wlmlior tiioy
wout a'i coltSniatH Mimu months ago.
Hi neatly a bqndri ? companions in Ilm
expedition soipu nie Hint to liuvo died
of starvation lind others uro ekiug out
a wretched existence in Atrioa.
The tbrcje taou uro Jefferson oounty,
Ark., farmerslr-Friiok tShulion, ha? u
wiiu nud four ehtltlroo there; .1, 1'..
Tucker. hus a. lounly, aud Eueuo/.or
Uussoll, uurunrried.
They t<ay tbio International Migra?
tion Society, lot liiriiuughnm, Ala.,
offered tweutylJlvo ncros of land to
every colonist) ntnl nscd nu eudoreo
incut, the r.ntnoi o( bishop 11. M. Tur?
ner, of Atlanta,-Un,
Tho Mih.-tcnbbrs were ro<|uiroil to
jiay SU in advance instalments and
their pussage taSavauuah. In roturti
they were to ho given their passage,
food und tIio land on urriva!. 'I Iio ship
sailed in March foi Monrovia with
ninety BOTCH colonists, who were in the
care of tho Bofiety's secretory. The
men deelured . tLey were limply
dumped aehore aiitl allowed to uiutt
lor tin um elves. A Bcora of their com
rados <Iurtl of climate fever, aud some,
it was reported, perished by starvn
Work could not ho secured, nud tho
iL ??Ii oi ile tid nuiaiuls mid snakes wits
i upou with avidity tor food.
Shellnc and Lib two neighbors saw no
hope lor tbem iu iho uolouy nud sun
oet'ded iu obtaiuinj: passage to Liver?
pool und thence to L'hilndelpbib, They
expect help from Arkansas winch will
uuulilo ilium to rottiin to their homes.
H. Clay Merrill on 1 rial. Very Heavy
Fines the Penalty,
bv Bouthero Associate I I'rea*
Cnii Aiio.July210?11.0 uy Mornltwns
tried yesterday before ,11131100 l'yle nt
Kuwun. . Iii., on a charge of violation
of the game law's. '1'he prosecution,
w hi oh ia in oborgeol Ibe .Stute warden,
was iuetituted l>y Bportsmens' nssocta
lions, Tbu defendant a.liuitH having
in his possession 127,0(H)game Lints. If
the illegality ol this is proved the
uiiuimtim line in $l!35,!U)0 aud the max
muni S-? "?T?"?.-?">? 11
Many sportsmen were present, n?
noil us several cold storage dealers,
who Luvei estithliMhiucntf similar to
MerrittB iu Chicago und elsewhere,
lue decisiou win, reserved Until to-day.
It was reudored this luoriiiug, Unding
t o defeudaul guilty ol the iiiegiil Bale
of wild game. In bid romarks the
court stated that the law elearly jusli
Red the doeisiou, Merrill immediately
tiled notice tu ?1 peul ami hin Loud WAS
lixvd ut SI0,000.
The lines u?noseed against Merrill
aggregate $'13,000, Uame Warden Blow
auuoiiuced thai lie would tins week
institute two more suito sgaiust Mer?
rill niui ii they provo suocesflful Mit
riti will have lines to jiuy aggregating
O over nur Horton*? Lettes! Appoint
itse me.
lly Sout' eru Associated Press.
Aim a ny, N. ^ , July 30. Dr.Ueorge
11. Fowler 1m- beeu appointed by liov
err,or .Morton la the Stute Loan! of
lieulih us the commissioner represent
inn the cily of Now York. He sueoeeds
Pr. Kd-i.n, ?hu recently resigned
from the board.
Mr. Samuel spencer, ol New- York,
has been oppointod by the (loveruor
on the commisi-iou to represent the
State of New "irltnttue coming At
luutii Exposition.
Suiiill|m>* Annum No tiroes,
llv Souihi 111 Assuci.ttu 1 Press.
Eaolh P?i ?-, Tex., July SO, .Sunday
night 11 cor containing I7J destitute
negro colouisls, retnruing from lor
roun, Mex., waa placid iu n switch
near here to await fresh supplies mnl
assistance rroin the railway eompauies,
Yosterduy si * tol cases ol smallpox was
d BCuvered am ng the negroes, aud the
entire party is now uuticr Btricl quar?
antine, ut a point four miles above the
city, Abundance of supplies ami emu
petent uiedieal assistance are being fur?
nished Ihem.
\ I on ich ? onsplrui 1 iii-i n\ 1 n il.
11v sei l -I 1 11 As.O l.ltn I Van
St. Pe b m i.(i, July 80. An ex
tensivo cbusp raoy has Leen discovered
otnoug the priests of lbs seminary and
I uiversity of Kieff aiuuug 111 tbe iutru
ductiou of u i' in ol greater freedom of
attack ti|inii itie prevailing system ol
Nepotism in gii\oriiuu--uiul positional
and it is so staled Hint tho discovery
has been made that thu students union
iu the I uiv? 1 lily ol Moscow are plan
uiug to aseasainole tho l /nr.
I wo II?rnc ? iiie\es ( .nuin 11 yiiirdor.
lly Southern Assooiate t Preis.
Salt Lark City, Utab, .Lily :J0.?
Two 1.01 so Uneven, (0I1 run and
Cleorge, who escaped from otlieora here
Ou Friday, were deteeted at Wahsatch,
near Fvaiistou, Wy., Ibia morning.
Ou benig coiiimaodetl to .surrender,
they fired, instantly killing Heiiuty
Si.erill Dawer-, of EvuiiHton, and Con
Htnhlo Stagg, of Wabsatoli. An nrmed
posse 13 in pursuit,
Senator Gorman and the Maryland
Democrats in Convention.
The Deliberations of Ihe Body to
Have a "Will of the People" Ap?
pearance. The Senator Hohls
tho Controlling Influence.
His Choice Will Win.
IU Houtliurii Associate I Preis
Bai.TIMOUR, .Inly d<). ? Senator Gor
niHii is keeping everybody in Htiapenso.
A great crowd ol politicians ami their
friends througed the corridors mid
cnrnuiitUo rooms ol the OarrolltOQ ho?
tel throughout tue day ami night ilia
cuaaiug the situation and waiting for
Mr. (Immun to indicate his favorite
for Governor, hut up to a lute hour the
wind had uot passed down the liuo.
W nil ii twelve hours the Democratic
State < (invention will have boeu called
to older,and no oue but (loruian suoms
to know whether the nominee will ho
Hayes, Ol .lone;-, or Smith, or Hurst,
or l ii her, or some onu else. It is esti?
mated that at least 76 ol the 117 dele
gales will do Senator ? Or man's bidding
ami many of them openly assert that
they are ouly waiting tor instructions.
Whoever the Oormau candidate may
be they will vote for him when the
time comes. The man who holds the
dustluies ol the convention in bis hand
spout tho day at ihe hotel, hut main?
tained Iiih placid ailence and no one
could get a word out ol him to indi?
cate what he inteuds to do to morrow,
The local leaders who claimed tho right
to he let in liually gave up the solution
ol the problem in despair.
(>ue ol the astute polillviaus Hummed
up thus: "Senator (ionium will
naturally want to put oil the inevitable
aa long as possible, 'ihe convention
may therefore orgauize and hold ouo
ami possibly two sessions, ullowing
considerable interchange of opinion
anioug ihe delegates before Mr. nur
I mau let; it lie kuown deliuitcly who is
Ins choice (or thu liret place ou the
"His rcuonna for this will bo Ihe
hope tha< some sort of a Compromise,
lor which ho is ahvuye anxious, may
bo reached us between Hayes, ihe
champion of a diuslic reassessment law
and ihe present lender in the contest,
ami Junes, who is kuown as a Uurman
man. Either of these oaudidates might
t.e In nteti on election day. .(ones
would be Lulled by all Ulevoloud Dem
norata and Haves would he cut by the
woaltby Ballimoreaua who are bitterly
opposed to an iniptisitorial law lor the
taxation ol intangible property.
"Hays could be nominated ou the
first ballot if Gorman would keep Ins
hands oil, but Hayes is too indepen?
dent and imieitaiu for both Ciotmau
and basin.
"The Si oator will hardly dare uoini*
i.'p.e 1a'?? L'ruasuror Jones, lor, as 1
have said, he would be bitterly op?
posed by all auti-Qormauiles, Who
will receive the nomination no one but
Goroiau tan tell, but he will try to
give the duiiberatious of tho conven?
tion 0 'will of tho people' appearance,
and therefore, the nomination may not
be made until late to morrow night."
1 he convention will meet to-morrow
Meet and Transact Some Very Im?
portant Business,
by Southern Associated Press.
AsiiKVitii.E, N. C, July UO.?At the
meeting of tin; Southern Biblical as
seuibly to-day uu invitatiou received
from ex Gov. Northern for the assem?
bly to attend the Atiauia Exposition in
Ootober for a nine not speeilieti, wus
favorably discussed by Drs. Shearer,
i His, Gilbert atiti others.
Lev. .1. i,. White, of Macon, (In,, ex?
tended an invitation n, tho nuinu of his
Slate if the assembly can com? as hu
orthodox body, but said they did not
want a religious menagerie patterned
after the Chicago Parliament of lie
ligious. A motion to accept the Invi
tutiou was carried autl a committee of
ways autl means was appointed Iu see
it money could be raised to u eet the
oxpuuse, Dr. James 11. Carlisle, Presi?
dent ot ihe Woilord College, Spartan
burg, S. C, delivered a very able ad?
dress lust u ght iu tho first Baptist
Churoii to uu immense amhunco.
L'o-uigbt Dr. 11. A. White, of Wash?
ington ami Leo University, spoke on
"Samuel, ihe Founder ol the School
of I'rophols."
1 he college faonlly conferences is
preparing a report on the subject of
the Bible IU college and state institu
Hons, winch will be publistiud to-mor
row, Peter Von Momreov, a native of
Jerusalem, delivered an illustrated lec
lure on the farmers of Palestine,
? Iiih I'oetdtl Iii? toil.it.
by Southern Associato i Press.
Dt.TitoiT, July 80.?Jim Hall has
sent to "Honest John" Kelly at Mount
Clements .-_',-'>tio, his part of tbestaku
proposed to bo fought for h- lue
Cllowniki ami Hull: Hall thiuks the
mill will be pulled off at Dallas.
Choice Michigan hay, timothy and
mixed ou track will be uold cheap. D.
P, Keid & Bro.
D;> not fail to aeo Dr. Week about
your eyea, P, 11, Gale.
A Temporary Truce Patched up by the
Rival Companies.
Hy 3outbcru Assooiaia I Pros*.
BAtitiMoitB, duly 30.?A temporary
truce baa been patched up between the
Merchants' nud Minore' Transportation
Compauy, whose steamers ply botwoen
Baltimore aud Savauuah and Baltimore
and Buston, nud tue Ocean .Steamship
Compauy which operates steamers bo
twoon New York, Philadelphia aud
Savannah, mid u serious dn>rin>tiou in
tho Southern freight rate eituatiou has
boon avoided tor Iba time being,
Both com pa ni ob have withdrawn tho
roducod ratest aDUOItnood yeolerday aud
will not reuow tho tip;tit. puudlllg the
adjustment id' mutters having an in?
direct bearing on tho proont dispute.
This nut um was lakuu at the request >f
tho Southern Kuilwur Company, 1'en
sylvauia railroad, Seaboarii An Line,
Atlantic ('onnt I.inn und other roads
that would have become involved,
A conference will be bold at New
York,tint it is doubtful if anything will
bo accomplished, as several roprexauta
tivosof tho liuee will be unable to at
iu?ii'i\<i oi surruitdcrliiH 'Sltoy Open
ml I irv.
I5v Houtborn Aacociatoil Press.
Havana, Inly BO,'? A dispatch from
Santiago ito Cuba nays that on July ?8
the insurgent bauds, under Jone Aluceo
anil 1.u1.1 lionet, intimated lo the do
taohment of Spanish troops garrison?
ing the fort ut 'l'i Arnim ttmt thoy
would surrender. Under this aubtt
Ingo they appronohed the fort ami
attacked it, but wore repulsed with a
loss of six kiiind and many wounded.
The Government troupe had two men
In the coureo of tho night tho rebels
renewod their attack on the fort un.i
dining thn light set Uro lo several
houses in the village, which were iL
stroyed. Shortly ufter daybreuk on
the following morning a column of>
troops uuder Col. Segiirns appeared
upon the BCSue. when the insurgents
dispersed. 'Tho troops pursued, but
with whut result ih nut known,
l it,- ration. Mi lite is Over.
liv Houthoru Assoelatotl 1'runn.
Nkw Yoiik, duly 3D.?The backbone
of tho striko of the Brotherhood of
I'ailora is apparently brokeu, All day
the settlement committee of the Broth
erhood was busy with ihu contractors,
signing the new agreement, wlneh dis?
places ihe piece work system, and in
its phico croulcs u wurkly sculu of
Mora than sixty contractors have
signed the new agreement. These aro
tho leading contraoldra ol the city uml
they employ from lifteuu to Ufty work?
men each. As a icsult nearly ?,U00 j
tailors will resume work to morrow.
in si Mail- of i.'oiisiatii alarm.
lly Hoiithern Assooiato l Press
Halt Lakb, Utah, July 30. A dis?
patch from Market Lake, dated this
morning, states that there has been no
collision for the pust few days with the
[tldi?ns, bill that the settlors arc iu a
state of COnstunt alnrin. The troops
now on tho ground ure expected to
hold the situation well iu hand exoep
in isolated case?, where individual set?
tlers who have uot warning may ho at?
9 LEVY t
J Some Spectacles t
\ Sell for isc. But the pur
9 ? chaier of a $5 pair gets
A more for his money than the A
\ man with the cu*">" "~- '
f taclcs.
^ The Lenses
a Alone In Dr. Levy's specta- a
\ 6 cles are worth more than a r
(f whole dozen spectacles
a which some dealers claim to a
" be "at good as Or. Le/y's." \
? $
q My Spectacles a
A Are standard optical values
\ I '.1-cause they produce clear ,
Y *JT vision -- because they are y
q durable--reliable. Because a
? they are the best.
9 ^02gW&as**$^& f
7 6*AN??f?'%> {
Tho trmup lite insuranoo agents who tries
lo luako you bellevo that any other regular
lifi insnranee company pays n? luryo divi?
dends or surplus :is the Nortbwestoril
Mutual, is limit? of deception by using mis?
leading patios, wbieli no honest man
would employ or exhibit, as they ure made
upta create a falsa Impression.
D. Humphreys & Son,
The Priesthood ?f Bishop Phelan's
Diocese vs. the Liquor Men.
The Bip; Breweries of the St. Vincent
Brotherhood at Latrobe to Re?
ceive Attention, With a Deter?
mination to Close Them.
Trouble Ahead.
IJV Southern Auioceito t 1'rnat.
PiTTsuuito, .lulv SO? Bishop l'hnUn,
of the I'ittaburg diocese of theCatholto
Church, will this week receive it peti?
tion from re priests ol his district
asking that he toko somo action to
close tho big breweries of tho St. Vin?
cent Brotherhood at Iiatrobe. The
priests have long regarded the smoking
htaeks of the Lorotto breweries with
During the retroat at Loretto, which
camo to a close last week, tho matter
was brought to a crisis by thu determi?
nation that the priesthood should not
j be tarnished any longer by tho bqnor
I business if their putitionn would avail,
j Tho brewors of St. Vincont has become
I famous particularly iu Ohio, Penusyl
I vauia and New York.
Tim Mi'iiiiiium t.'llliul < ' i in in lt.?,, i) ii .
l'.v Soulliorn Associato.t Prusj.
Nkw Yokk, July BO.?The members
ot thu Nicaragua Canal Conioiinsiou
met this uioruiug at their headquar?
ters. The member a of the commission
present wore Col. Ludlow, Commander
l?udiuolt anil Civil (Engineer Alfreil
Noble, of Chicago. The commission
will sit every day for some lime aud
their deliberations arn secret, It will
be a few days hefoio they get down to
earnest work on their report uud will
occupy all thoir time between now aud
November 1st, on which datu it will
have to be presented to President
In Two Hours.
Ml. D. D. Lucy, s well-know,,
boi e- maker of Norfolk, testifies
that he was scv2rely scalded
with steam, and that OURATOL
made a cuic in two hours. He
recommends it to all his friends
ao an excellent remedy for
Homo'eopori ami Cooks itkoiild
keop QUKATOb on n slie'.f near the
Rtovo. Nothing will so quickly ro
hevo t!ie tut ucs of a humor I-'ald.
fry it aud you will never bo with?
out it.
Burruss, Son & Co.,
Commercial and othor bualnes? paper dU
i .-.ii ? ne ;otiatc i uu favor.ible to run.
i ny bonds and other securities bought
aud uold.
liopoids received and accounts invited.
lnteient allowed ou t m. depoiit*.
Bare be .ii it l.oxoa lor rent. Charges
Uran U Iis of Exchange nn 1 make cable
tr.iu fer- to Europe,
1 ei lot - ot ere Jit issued to priucipal eittaa
ot the world. ociT
W. H. H. Trice & CoT~
?> < ilANh" ST.
For Rent.
Ri -..lou . -- i Holt Mrect.
i?7. 134 Vi rk itieet,
ISObitrluttt), iti-i n..ii.ii.
Two ne* bouses, Colonial aremte, GUoat
'MO Chapel !-;r?el.
'j7 iMike street, in; Chart h streit.
68 Wunii itrect. ?i Falklanu.
3'> \\ ulke >tr?ii. 503 Church itrest
. l< l.ovltt avenue -tnt tu k arentte.
I ill v, .no i. iii. y. ii. Olhh* arena*.
:;: Fergnon avenue in Reservoiravenue.
ptnta I'.'l ltuiii. im i mitclt mrect.
'JIM Chuioh - .i'-. Church it reel.
O races? 90, I0S, l<8 Mum stre:.
Sti r.-7 Hank ?irret. 60, :i w ater street.
Comer .lames and Ulgli. H?t above.
Kur rout tictooer 1st. lfii Yerk. 123 York,
i'.i buku street, S3 imit street,October,
isy Duke .-irottt.
Railroad. Steamboat and
Mill Supplies.
4 and 6 West Market Squaf?fe
^ Ncrfolk, v?.

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