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TV 1 "Viril.
\VANTtl' lo - or,- |. a. - . - ctol hate bad
*l lw.it ? v hi- ? pent me, I'm i ii I- ? ?J
t-ercinc Add -s lu? Juuic* flreel, Norlullt Va
flOOD PAYING INVE?TMEXT fur pirly wilh
\t .mall capital. Address \V I .1 carte 'O.adk
^ lrgiiiiai,? -1 it ?
\\'ANII.l' A Killt?, in d?bi ???? Botnati lo dn
M lit Iii ? ?? icw.rk inn-1 Ilia oil iiCtulvs. A
m u'l l. am to |..?ii p. f. Dpy Mda'daj iu iii
Il(j between null, orlook lo m'i Laut (licet
JiiiAKD ? avail alee i?iitl?tuco oardets
I at .'l et i ttda *lree ; ter i n'a oaa n l ri'f
?re .ee.-e* ha u U tt'OODUOl ?I |y.Vlw'
1 GENTS-Oeo In ???? Ii county ??? lake aiders by
/V samp ??: easily ? a . 11 .1. ?elia ui eight; ?o ?1
Salary; *aui Ic* ih<1 p.irtlcular.' -cat propel ....
?. leant. Adtmsi with itanip. I*, u. Box libs, Nc?
V^ik eitv,
JlU'.iN'KK WANTED 10 1 S*f till.1811 ELEC?
TRICAL INUU.SI ItY?A thorough practical
alettrlcul cuuttioei (Kiadtiate bl unroi leading
a.uiter*Ulea). al imicitl >tt| eriiiteuceni a
w.itk- in the I... t, hat in. some ? tpllal. lualiei iu
i?o late himself with a man ? am maudlng t npl al,
juslnc** nbllltj ?rii -..n it.! -inline wi. h i it' lo
locate la Norfolk, for the p i|i -?? ol an ah Ish ng
and developing the e'ctl .. Indus iy in ill vttrie I
im am Kelereiitet, dttailn bi Ini'uuuatien e ?
?ic. ?II he fiimlsurd ;?%? teiresptn ling with l".
il., . arc ol Vita/nlattptflto JyJS.tll.fr,??
AGRNTH make Jfi dully Marvelous Invention,
details :?'< ? e t to a soil in il t O'ise. Sample
ti.a '.?? I T KEI . I ' ItSilcr ,\ M Iii IN, I in. Ilitiall.O.
* WANTED?A tint-, l:.-.... r-.i i ui. -.til.-; an?
al demands marking;. Apply si ' harch ?licet
? - 1 KU UI.OtiM.s?Fresh ewrj day. f.. ? i ??
J\ >.i-. Bi tili MOO'S, :,'.? Ur.inhy street. These
I'lormi trill keep a we korrooie. at I, t
JOST?Two 0<nv?i Trnrchuj Bat;?, nuc marked
i A. y. Hale aad the other '. I1. uaie, h it ou
ay L tu- ?ha i Findol ? II her warded il re?
lumed to Mr. SAMUEL KELLY, ol Hi* North
ampton. JuSl-St*
? iNEOIt TW< S SGId UI.NTI.FMFN can ob
? * tin hoardawi lodging foi Sil pel month hy
addressing I.OAKD, Virginlin office jult-tf
CtVlA TO LEND at 0 per c>nl on i ^ lalestae.
?>?'''" P.l Fl IN .v Iti.MLIN*, Academy oi Mu i.
?Tulldluf. i..-l-ii
Tho \y o ry III s et Worli Cheap
M \s\ Cirv ItatRhnNCEA,
?J-INE- iai <<:?: tr. -ic i.il -aie et ihe iicw
I' lint "Eilt ral," I2SC a hoi IVIadow Linen. n
?<>?: m il IJtieii ii - i oaud ol (-a .i an ehvel
? e* 'o matt-It al A i at Marcus IVard'i
|ti go J- I utoau- - i.anh loa. M s.
i U >i - i:- -in ii it, Sm : \ a
La diks! Ch ^t-ttcr's Engl ih Peanyreval Pill?
Trt"??"'" - yjpth?%eot.as{i i .
' ' ! V , i ???" Return Mall. I'i , . tu.
i'???elMM.ter Chemical Co., Pbllada., I'a.
wot A S.fu .w Ir
HEW FACESA,,,'5^?Ja^,.^
ana nieinlalioa.In IM r>. be a. i .: n ? ... rt-.?>j3
PRESCRIPTIONS p'?'et ' a";
Drttgi. latent Mnllclnos. Teilet Artlri?.
Cicani and Tel'arco. VY. *> PIIILLlrS, 1\i
?lalrmrtei. ' ;a_
.t. N". JON I S.
Omc'teOaud re Ideiuo i.s C'atuhcrlaai] ilreet,
All otdem iirotnptly attended lo.
w -
I'd!: KENT- A \,-.\ de? ???? ? -t re. IT Union
f .-.it..i in .I a nice dwelling, 9(5 Bermuda al reel.
B.|i|il\ at No M'1'.f ma unit reel, je2-lni
I IMC Mil.
VoltSALI A part or a I of Beech (Love I'arai
J' 114 acres), near Koiii|.svi|ia I'riacese Anne
t.. i ly Also reut ?her? ol corn crop, ueusehold
g.nnl me, bat. A. Pa f. -s. ? i .,. now, ollu i ? n
ar b'fore lal .laniinij i- ". Anj.iy iu N f. LY
It AN, Komp tin.., ,,i ,i. V. ! i.l' ? II. K Pank
eti ?!. Norioiii iv
CAFE FOR SALE?Good sreond-hand Ferrol
|A Safe, not lone used. Inildc iiic>nir.'iimiii hi i >?
01 Inches, l: \v. Gamble A t , iv'.j Granhy si.
tOR SALE? Fifleeu lituidred breed it a
f road in .t..?. colls an I i. Iiis Will trade Toi
fc al esiale, lumber and hi I s-. D.S. JONES Bos
to.'. Newport News, Va t
Jolt 3ALE-$?.t worthol ?io< It in the Portsmouth
Cotton Manufacturing Co fot A| pl> to
11- office juii'.
1 uill offer for the NEXT TEN l>.\\.<
tents and tints PAN SHOES at prune cost
o make room fur lull si.' ik,
and Whiskey Habits
cured at home wiili
Jout pain. Bcwkjofpea
tti nitirs genl FRC?.
?.???I.M.itiir-i i' M VVOOLLRY,M.O.
f'Slice, k>?>i>Yliile.liall isL. At I., inc. U*.
Officer Hancock Disioissetl From
The Force
For Entering a Barroom and Drink?
ing While on Duty. Officer Nel?
son for Violating Section 52
of Police Rcgnlations Was
Fined Five Dollars.
The regul?r weekly meeting of the
Board of l'olice Comoiii'sioucrs wan
held in'the Mayor's office at 5:15
o'clock yesterday afternoon with Com?
missioners lioltou huU Verdier present.
In the iibseuee of Mayor i'ettit.
President ol the Board, who wan de?
tained at home by sickucss, Mr.
Vefdinr was culled to the chair.
A charge wue preferred hy Sergeant
Kircbmier against Officer Nelson for
violating section 52 of the l'olice Hogu
lutious in leaving hi* beat and entering
tho bakery of Mr. B. P. Sale, cm the
morning of .Inly 2011), uud getliug
something to out. The oiEoor ploaded
guilty to the charge, lint gave an tin BX
onse lor doing ao: That ho we* late
gotling honte that mnruitic;, ?ud >11< 1
not have Iiuju to get bin hreaklaat, aud
that after going oti duly ho fall badly,
aud fearing that he might be taken
hink, wrut to the door ol tho bakery
ami called for a cup of coffee and two
rolls, und jtiHt ?n ho had finished eat?
ing Serguaut Kircbmier caiu<' up,
Tho Board took the ground that it
was a very bad example for au old
ollicer to net, wbo was familiar with
the rules of the Hoard: that it was the
duly of Ollloer Nelson to bo a pattern
for the new members to follow so an to
plnoe the force on tho highest staudard
of i roticionny aud exeelleuce, ami
assessed a Uno <>f ?5 against Ibe oQieer
with the priti'Duiiou that n be repeats
the act he will be dropped from the
Ollicer !iuncock was nrraigued on a
charge preferred against bill] by Act?
ing C'biel of l'olice Kiug. lor conduct
prejudicial to tho good order aud die
cipliue of the force in entering a bar?
room ami dritikiug intoxicating Inpiors
While oti duty.
Ob ul King testitiad that the matter
bad beeu reported to him by two geu
tlctiiou who were in the bar at the
time, unit that on mentioning t r, - - mat
ler to Officer Hancock, ho admitted
that ho had done ho on two occasions,
but gare u? iih reason sickness.
< Hlicer Hancock was hoard in Iii?
own behalf. lie onnfe?sed to tue
charge and ropeoted wbal ho had told
Chief Kiug, sickness being the cutsc
of it. lio -aid he was not a drinking
man and bad not beeu bo for twenty
year.-; that ho hail been very nick
lately and suffered at timos from the
asthma, nud was suffering very much
on the uigbt lie drauk am! did it ouly
to got relief. He bud fCen his error
and was sorry for the act. He threw
bis cuse upon the mercy of the hoard.
l'he Hoard disoussed his case at uomo
length, niiii douriealed very much the
notion ol Ollicer Hancock, as be had
proveu u very etllcieut officer since be
bad been on tho force, but iu viow of
uu order passed by i Ite Hoard at u
meeting beld Novomber28th, nrcamp
torily dietuissing any ollicer from tho
force who was found guilty of driukiug
intoxicating liquors either uu or off i
duty, it wits
h'e*o\vctl. That Officer Honoook be
dismissed from the fores ou aud after
August lit, I6sf?.
A bill against (Jflicor A. D. Wood
house due Mr. J, N". Jones for board
wtis turned over to the ciork with the
order that he instruct the ollicer to
pay the account ami not have the
hoard annoyed with such matters.
Suuntor Itlaclt burii'a Cuiupaiciia
Uy southern Assooiate' i*t^?
Fkankpokt, Ky., August 1.?Senator
Blackburn's campaign was continued
today ut Hild Kuob, A rival burho,
otto '.vas started b\ tho McOreary
people and made competition livels .
Senator Blackburn in his speech tie
nouueed Oloreland for sending Car?
lisle away from his duties at Washing
ton to ''vcut.lato hie cuckoo idras he
foro tho Kentucky Democrats." Ho
then ridiculed the action of the State
Convention on the platform issuo
lic said that the 150 votes nf 1 .onis
rille aud those of tho big cities over
j rode the wishes of the western portion
of the State where the big Democratio
majorities wore rolled up nud the con?
vention made a platloim to Hint the
wishes of a city 'hut went Kepublic*u
last fall by 5,000 votes.
Oi-aill ol Mr., t ttini v l.nttIII,
Bpsoial iM-i'itoh to tlte Virginian.
Oai'E IfKN'itY, Va? Aug. 1. Mrs.
Fanny Lakiu, widow of the lute Oapt,
Kdward i,ukm, of Norfolk, dieil at 7:40
tins evctuug. Mrs. l.akin has been
spending a short vacation with her
nephew, dipt. F.d. W, Jobnsou, keeper
of t ape Henry Life Saviug Station,
uud laut .Monday while iu bathing re
oeived t. stroke of paralysis. She never
regained consciousness ami died this
evening. Notice of funeral horeaftcr.
Ho it's Sarsauarilla oursd m: ol rryatpo
lai which I had f ir * m<- tinm It baf ri?
te. ?.(. i ., o . lets cure o*sie Wbarlou.
2U i hm el ?trefti Noi oU, Va
lloo la t ill- cure sick lieadaubo.
A light weight overcoat is a necessity
at tht> seashore nntl mountains, Our
"Covert" overcoat is ju.st the coat you
want. Nionoi.9 4 Wallace,
09 .Mam street,
Miter Pialcd t\ nr, .
Handsome hue of stiver plated ware,
iee tubs, water netf, l?u sets, etc, at
Brown .V \\ oil's, No. II Hank etreot.
llavo you consulted Dr. Week iu re
fcrenco to your eyes'.' If not, don't fail
to see him. F H (iulo.
cures Dyspepsia, In?
digestion & Debility.
Castoria ,s ,,r? Samuel I'ltcher'a prescription lor Infants
and Children, lt contains neither Opium, Morphine nur
other Narcotic substance. It. is ji harmless stihstituto
i'or Paregorics l>n>ps, Soothing Syrups, und Castor Oil*
It is Pleasant. Its (trtturantco is thirty ytuirs* list) by
SllIUoiiH of Mothers. Castoria is tuo Children's Panacea
?the Mother's l-'rtcnd.
?Tnsforiu Who vi .-Ii adapted torhtldroo t'int
I recommend |t usaufi t.. p to any prescription
known to me." II V Ala mi : ^1 1?,
111 So OslordSt., Brooklyn N. Y.
"Th?nse of 'Cnstorln' is wi unisvrsal ami
Ra merits s>> well known Cut it tavina u work
of supererogation t iendorse it. Few nro I ho
Intelligent fumllles wbo do ii"t keep Castoria
Within easy reach "
CiitLos Minns, 11. 11..
Kew York City.
C.tRtori!? ciiics Colic, Constipation,
Sour Stomach, Dlarrhcna, Eructatioa,
Kills tvi i n s. cin.h sleep, and prouiotoo 4*
Without Injurious! medication.
"For parcrut yearn 1 hav.? recommended
'Castoria,' aud alinll always continue to do
ao, as it has Invariably produced benettcial
Bowin F. Pahdki . M. 1?.,
ISStll Street und Tili Ave., New York CHty.
stany, tt MrtanaT Stkbct, Now Y<->ait Orris
Tue third ?niouehouee robbery ro
ported from tbi> condtry witbiu a week
is Ibal ">f S?iu Copntand, who ou
Wednesday night bad stoleu u quantity
of hums ami other meat.
1 here was a pleasant sociable a'i'i
ifauee last night ?t the residence of
l)r. Skilee, ou Kilby street, wbioli wai
stt'ehiied by a number ol young people.
There was an enjoyable reception
Wednesday niglil at the home ol Mrs, |
Mattic Causey, Main street.
.Indgo K. K. I rontis left lust after
noon on the ">:U7 train, Norfolk and
Western,for Oreenbriar White Sulphur
Spnugj, ?here lie wilt reiuaiu about a
W. ?, Pcrguaou X V.o., wholesale
grocers, ore building u large warehouse
on tho apace bctwoeu thair praseul
place and S. A. Baker'* hardware store,
i'ne building will he oTxTti feet in size.
iL K. Uulley does the brick wurk.
handling u revolver Wednesday night
Alexander White, who ussiats at 15. G.
Butler's bur, Bast Washington Htrect,
was shot through the tirst linger of the
loft baud by the weapon's accidental
discharge, Tint wound is painful, tint
not serious, fie received surgical at
tention from Dr, 12. D. Phillips.
AiiTiRdiSD Bunor.ar Capti;rru, ?
Andrew Oarris, who on Docember 18,
1 ? *-?l. feloniously entered the dwelling
I of .Mr. Darin.'? King, in tue county anil
stole about 935 in en-h and a col i
watMh.tiud who has since eluded arrest,
has been captured by Constable
branch ami lodged in jail. There art
also other charges winch will bo pre
forred, The preliminary trial will take
place at Iu o'clock to morrow in the
Mayor's ollice before a county Justice.
Mrs. V.l. Lyon'h Dkath. A tele?
gram wns revolved in Suffolk ye.*! rda\
anuounoiug I be .'oath in l'oanoke ol
Mrs, I C. Lyon, who resided neur
Rverett'e, tins county, nud who was
visiting her daughter iu that oily. Sbo
was a well Known ai.d highly cultured
lady and removed to Virginia with her
family about lifteeo years ago from
Buffalo, N. Y.
Her dunghter, Mi?R Ann e Lynn,
whom ehe was visiting at the time ol
her death, is a teacher iu Virgiuia Col
lego for Voting "Ladies, I). C. Lyon,
her ouly son. is the proprietor ol a *avr
null near Rveretts, She also leave- ?
younger daughter, who is a student at
Virginia College, '1 he remains will
be taken for iutcrroent to New York
State, near lltlflalo.
The County Board ol Supervisors and
Bond Commissioners ha.i u joint meet?
ing yesterday in lue courthouse for
road purposes, Present: Walter -lor
dan, joiut chairman; I. W. Rverett, R.
D. Bnukley nnil lt. F. I.ley, Supervi?
sors, nud P. R. Stallinge, Prank
Wright. L, P. Riiukley and .f. K. V.
Daughlrey, road commissioners,
The body took up each Magisterial
Dislriol separately, discussed tho con
dition of the public roads under the
operation of the new iow, received sug
gestiouR for tboir betterment and al?
lowed u'l properly approved bills. The
application of one of tho large eon
trut-tora for a partial payment t eforo
the completion ol work was refused,
It wbb the prevalent opinion <>i .the
members that the eontraotora, who'are
farmers as well, having completed thou
crops, will now rapidly push ronn im
provementH which have b?uo neglected
Mildew is removed by lh-st brushing
Off any loose mildew. Thou a little com?
mon s;:ii should bo rubbed in, afterward
lit i t ally spi inkling with powdered chalk
and thoroughly moistening with cloun
cold wutor. After this tho articles should
be alowlydried in the open ulv and then
rm.M d. and if the marks are not removed
the treatment should be repeated, possi?
bly several times, but in (he end tho
mildew will bo removed.
liow to Makd lee Cream Cuke.
Two cups of sugar, 11 cups of flour,
throe-fourths cups milk, three fourths
cup but tor, whites of G eggs, 3 teaspoon
fuls of baking powder.
How I? TComovo Mlltl^w.
The* Don't Liwk Dossil*.
I Tlio newspaper woman perhaps Im?
' hiul more than hor share of unjust oriti
j oisin in rogiii'<l t? bur personal uppoar
I unco. Shu luts been repreKoulod uHtitilly
as boiiig sotuoW/hut like Poggotty hi in
gard I i buttons as well us heedless us to
boots ami careless in regard lo gloves,
with hieroglyphics on hor cuffs. Thuro
is no profession which offers so many
difficulties in the way "At keeping spick
und ?ptiii, for thoro is constant danger
tit entangling boot lire's in unloosened
dross bindings and facings on account
of thu hasto whioli forbids tli?' taking of
"the stitch in time," but it is to fitu
credit of womou who are obliged Ui
work from !'> to l&hoursuday that the
majority of thOui puss autoug their sis
tors of lei Hiiro ut receptions and ten*
without bving conspicuous for careless
alt no.
A small ootarie of npWspuper women
have solved tho problem ? i preserving n
neat uutl \voll dressed appearance at
small < xpenditttro by employing u gen?
tlewoman in reduced oircttmstauces to
take charge ol Ibeii wardrobes. The
wtimau in question i- iinoxcollontseaiu
stress aud of refined tastes. >hu gi es t.i
their rooms, looks over overy article of
olotiiing, puta on biudings, buttons ami
braids, sows up rents und keeps everj
thing in ordor mid churges t!0 ceuts mi
hour for this work, in this way gowns
may ><?<? hard service uud still presont a
creditable iippearaucp. ?Exchange
University Degrees Tor Women.
Her majesty the qnceu kaviug granted
an umcuded t hai it i to thoUuivorsityof
Durham, whoreby all its degreos hence
forth, witli tbe i seeptiou of divinity,
will lie open to woineu, nil interested in
tint movement foi the higher education
of woineu will nuitowith us in congrat
nlatiug tho senate. We urn pleasod nlso
to state that it is nlso about to establish
a new degree in letters, With the title
IJ. Litt., which will bo of especial value
to those whose tastes do not incline to
scienco or rued cine VVo understand that
a specially reduced e< mposition fee, ftir
all tin- instruction for a Whole year in
tho suhjeuts nceesfary to tln?- degree,
uniouuting to about only ?15, lias been
arranged, and this, together with the
reasonable rates of the women's hall of
residence, will plnce this dogroe within
the reaoh of all aud at loss cost than tho
ordinary boarding nchbol charges. Wo
would specially commend this to the
notice of th"-e wit i intend to qualify
themselves for Uio profossion of teach?
Tho Durham Collegoof Medicine ns
woll as tlio College of Science is situat?
ed for couveuience in Newcastle-an
Tyuo, and wo nro convinced that this
new privilege to be accorded to women
students will increase their numbers
considerably and n. il heartily congritt
nluto the university upoii tho aequisi
tiou of this amended charter.?London
Hi- Conks First.
Katn Field, tho clovor writer, address
<"1 smi'.ii' i'.'utai'a- i! ii loiiLf ago t'. a girl
' graduato, which an especially timely at
1 this 8onEon. To be sure, tlit-y are to bo
taken with a grain "i salt, but they uro
none the lt-ss valuable aud suggestive:
Dear graduates, cooking is the alpha?
bet of your happinoss. I <lo not hesitate
to affirm that tins republic, groat as bei
necessities are in many directions, needs |
cooks more than all eise. Tho salvation
of tho national stomach depends upon
: tlieui. Wo are a nation of dyspeptics,
and Americans are dyspeptics because
j they eat the wrong foods badly cooked,
I which they drown in ice water. They
an- dyspeptics because our women <ioi?'t
know tho rudiments of their business
und resign theii kitchens into the bauds
of incompetent servants, of whom they
uro afraid, and whose impudence thoy
frequently endure through sheer help?
lessness. Be cooks lirot anil anything
you please aft* rward, On you posterity
Druggists aa.v that their sales of Hood's
hartapnrilla excea Ib?te <> all others.
There is no substitute tor Hood s. ,
Chap. 843--A JOINT RESOLUTION pro?
posing an Amendment to the Kilth
Section of Article Ten of the Co isti
tution of Virginia, and providing for
publishing said Amendment and cer?
tifying the same to the next General
(A| proved. March 8, lam.i
I. ltos..'v.d, llrtholloimoI Deteg.'teaaadS n 1?
<a majoiityol tlic mcinhcra oieelcd lo card ol Ibe
Iwohouv - n< e:i uili rrto),The tollowtu nine d
mini to Hi - C<?aa nut uu ut Vtrg ula be, an 1 is
her.*hy |i..I. a ,1 i~ ba'.at.? leleii .1 to Iii?
ime r. I A ?mihi-, hi ? In -mi ai Iba next ?reti?
nal ehjiliou ?1 --iiia .. > an I ulcuibe'lt ?t the
Ko iir ol lirltta ?1 rui Its c? c rrcuco ii.if.'im
its nnii the ,. oti? on* ol r Hun oi? id aid 1
i?'lii' "i ?ald rontiltutlon, naiotly, itriki mil
hu 11 the < on-.lt'i I. . ..I Vi 1:. a th ? tilth . lau v
ut att 1 t' 11. <> hM> In 111 I lie iii I jar lug viu'di
Sn*. ."? I In- Itciiefnl A*.viiili't may Viy .1 ,aa no
OXitedi, g UlM ? I a. |?n Ml.Ill.ill i.v V 11 ate
elitxen who Iii. ahal 11 the age ui iweu y-n r
t'-;u , tvi.ltdi fh M in* . npili ?! ' k iiilveli ui .1 .I hi
ntibile freu ??' ?I-. : ml cjiiail?i and eorpuralloua
shall ? sec |i ?> ?1 Iu hupu i'liv 1 a Ion lux, ihiI ex?
ceeding nay 1 nia 1- r a 1. a I e irpo * .
And luacil <ii he 1 iherrol Ida folio* ing
. . 1 tu? liatoeral A-acmb \ luiiy 1 rj .\ lax n 1
CXI it o e il.i.l.ir pel ail uiu uu v, r* male
mit oil aba l.i iittam d 1 lit? . laenli-cnc
yei<a, wd c ? shall b* uppl.ed 1 a'iii-di'ity in alii ol
p bl iniael.1--. n . c 11 I i?a . rid c-iiporatloni
3 ... i an- |w?ci ti> 1 in 1 o u cajutill ui lax. m I
exuet-dliii; .? ly 1 ms |u annum t"i an piir|itivefl
.1 ?i ihfl,(I II i Ml A -i-i.i-lv ui.1. Ill|tj<r II,.. u of it
mal nnabltaul ? I 1 ? ti'atvu 1 lorilhonte id
rlxn* n mil sixty jii'a ,ilo. u woikiui-, aol
rx te ling twoilaji la am one year, t.pm llie liul
I mail ninl liiKhn.n.t ll.oi.?object, 1 nw.-vrr \
t 1 riled eXi in;* 1 ins tru 1 an ?I dm. aj may 0 - l'r?at ,
tin e '11 11 me 1*1 rai rlbed d) lair,
L'.tteiolrcd, I inn ibcdcrkol Iba Saoata or Ilia
Chili ol tit - IIoiiii of l)t legates, or, if ntaaiicy
happen in bot h of ia d otlliMS.llie pre ding alllecc
of either dauM af id- General At 0 ? Ii y, be aulhui
1.- d .uni u'(lined in cauaa Hi 1 1 lopned ami ml
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notrtipapai published in cji Ii ot Ihci I lot o( tii
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n ecUob of .Senatoia and meinbtrii ut ibe lloiui u ,
Hr-c;nti ?.
. Rj .,iv,..i. Thai Iba Dark ol Hie Swale a ill
1 c licrk ot the. Itoui ol Delegates be requlnd to
Iratanii to the General As eaiilji to le tbotcoal
ibv noil ge cral e'ection u. siomitMit s me nliera
of tin' lioi s' ol iTfirn .1 ceyl ?? <l i' p< of ?.an!
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I... I ? lihera of 1 lie new--ni ?? - in which Ilia mil
propo ? d anioadiaenl tn.h liareboen publHd?xl.
mini: OI'Cl.KKK nr II 1-1 it< lM'i.n,.nil. I
tin iiviimi. V.l., July -IS, I8?\ )
The Ibfaitilag it aeopy ut a Julul rcaolutlon pro
poalni uu aiueailiacul in I lie tlltd Mctlou of ai lele
lOof tli" I'outliliitloti 01 Virginia, and providinc
loi publlthlng aalil [iniaiiduitnl ami vertut ug Ibe
?aiue in the nexi (ieavia' Ataeiahly which ?a
agieed to diiilng the tesaioai M 149-1 K-'i by a
majority or themmnliart uli-ne11. ? o Ih two]
housea, and so recoid d, and ?Ii cd mini leiotui Ion
aatai piotal by the Gavcrr.01 mi Mar Ii Mb, ISJ4,
and I, p ilili'lii J in accordant!! wild a prjvlnlon
. oul lim d I del bin.
.1. mil. 11.?ii.it.
Clerk of 11..11-11 i.f Delegat*! au 1 Kee et ..1 Iba
IIa I. ni v Irglnla. jyit:-l,iat
Polish Plate and Winuow Glass,
iu: i li, -.MIXK > PAINT BVBKV
,. tI.I.ON milI' UNDKIt a HINU?
I NO >> Alt iM EK.
I.ATI-: "i Tin:
11 \r?M:-ii. I'l.iNii. Vieris' im,
Modern languagea laugh) |ir?ctlcj|l? an I iht
otetlrallf altei lh? niethoil ol the Berlin St hu.d 0
IjiBguege?, wlieraliy pnplli [earn rapidly lo apeak
aiwall ... ii-ud and arlto. I'Jghi yoan ??xp-rieoi'?
aaroad. ijlutllu nitn ' is cy A In I. Mum mraal
Gli?. W. DUVAI. iV CO..
o.10 Water street Norfolk \ ?.
ENOINKS. UUIi.Kltd sWVvlll.l. uni "1
kiuitt of raaebiuer) m tho itioit iuiproved
rintterua, Alao rej airing ?: Hie abortsal
aotlcu I'urticulai atieutioii to ? u.,.,,..1
wotli 1 1 VAl.'ri I'Ail s: HOIl.tSIt XUUBU
jKi'.lthi'',.t- . 0 the only perfect roraedy
lor laahy t... Ii r ?ul.ee lit y can ii inaerte I
iu;, h? minute! by any eugiueer, an t ,ira
warrauti .1 in ?lop IoaI.*,
.Jig 1
W o r k i n g
Paul?, strooit
and durable.
Mni Sninuiur
Elegant Cusui
moro Ponte,
unity Rifle*.
Mid - Summer
sutumor pi iuo
Oflice Coata, %
Vou oan also
miu tliuiu for
lionet! com?
fort. Mid
? ion. mm- a
o Hummer Pricef
I I 73c. I $1.24 I $2.691 21c.
1 t MEN'S
(Inotl and I In
ralilo Work
i n g Suite.
Mul Bum tu rr
Natty Buei
ii u a a Suits.
Many Stylos,
Mid Hummer
m t $2.87 ?? $4.37 * $7.23 f $9.62
Fiuont Bnai
HOHR Suite,
t! 11 i- v l 11 ! ,
' a m h ininres
iiml Tweed e.
Mul Siiumior
Kino Dr?8B
Suits Import
od Diagonals
a ii 11 Clay
Wo rat e da.
-yz ?^*>?>o<t><>*f>s>t>?oo?e<>?.>4>ft(>oo?|o(>o?i>m?>o?**i???i?**?*
Neat ami scr
?iceable Suits,
Pretty i-liades
um! paterne.
M id Summof
Suits for after?
noon wear
good enougb
for Su inlay,
tee. Mid Sum
mur I rlco
% All-WoolCas
$ aimero, Chov
^ i i) I n ii (I
o Twood SnilH.
Mill Snmmor
S d i t a that
wero 80, ?0,
37 aud 87.??.
if 97c. I $1.49 $ $2.4-81 $3.15 | g
1 Gannon Bali doming Go., 89 main 31-, Norfolk. |
Dirnbergcr makes a Flying Mile in t M.nute, 45 Seconds,
Demolishing ail Records.
CRIMSON /j^^^Ajiy/j^^jj \ BE A
^Sa?8R^ ' feifeJ ^^spsS**
WHITE & B?BS0H. Sold B96HtS, ISl|a| St., H?FfOlL
Special Bargains in Clothing*
In order to make room foi the approaching ["all Sea?
son, we have divided our Light Colored Suits into three
lots and fixed the prices at $6, $7.50 and $9 per suit. The
regular prices of these goods were $10, $1^.50 and $15,and
there is not a suit among the whole lot that did not cost
from into 25 per cent, more than the present selling price.
This sale will begin TO-DAY, .'uiv 10. and continue
until the entire lot is disposed of. EARLY BUYERS
Pabst Milwaukee Beer. ,,;;';vt?Eflv
tm.?.m BrUTS HLE BHD PITER m*m
O.Ei. FULFORD, Sole Agent.
a? .-111 in IMItvttrr fir Pritate I ?mlltue
9i hphv! (,nl>' 14 Days
i ucicr) . Remaining of
Removal Sale
va. I
Mrs La/krfy (vtairor) youroAuguren has a a.
Mrs M.: Y'j. so they be telun-ms; ano *?xe 'ns *</w*/vr*i?"aumsms, iovss the
na^^m^JL'n-Jl Z"'S ?Z T' S"? "A* * <S^Ar r*SHP? po? MCOSIC, but thin TMaJ'S Ovr/v^y nat.
ural, FS* he? qkaa-path C* f/Ap ft IS SHULL LAlff OPt* WIO a comet AT A T/mpskawm f'/C^'C: I (&
Iis, Iii, Pictures m Absolute 60s
Our LcAiiar for Monday Only Is
A? EMERSON UPRIGHT. 7 1-8 Oolavaa. MoiowaM Oed?
\ou Uon t ueoil caah, wo aoll wu aaay t?*mi

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