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Sold throughout the wotlJ. British depot: Nkw
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Q\ Chum Cum ., Sole Props., Boston, U. S. A.
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]W A NT ll\l I X PKttl EXCEtl Kl'ILDINti
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Sud a-t'lticlit tow Will pay Balary Witb COM
mi 1st Ion (.alouW.M. PAItK, at Atlautlc Hotel,
>?'olfol<. betweeu 2 and 4 p. III. 1 ant-tl
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*<?? ? K- eieie c>. dttalli ..I Infoiillation, er,
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CMa'lUU Ml 1111 GREAT MM. A
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r'.e wbl help, aid and :au-t ton in every way
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AI M S. Vli Ma ii sir*!. Norm L, Vs.
L\in km Chlchestsr's English Pennyroyal Pili
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I i . >. L."";,1 ' Return Mall. AiOtawlfia,
Chleheater ctieuilrai Co.. Pbllsda.. I'm.
HEW FACES'u^^ue3^
tnu Blornlahea. In ISO p. book r,,r n stamp.
fohii (I. Woodbnry, 127W.42d8l ,N. V.
ttvotitor of Woodburr's Facial Soap.
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S'nd Kllliet: for rea siiste, l.riestoi lumbsr, D.S.
ONES, Bus in. Ni .ioi He..-. Vs. uni->iii
tVOR HALK A part or a I of Kerch (Lore I arm
i Nit acres i e. r Kenn?? II. I'rlucef? Anne
Jaunty, Alto rem i hare ol corn crop, household
utnl wre, hay, Ac Pail p, in-- i n now. olberon
?r I fore 111 .lanaiii*. IS!m' Apply to N K, I.V
HAN. reuii-vllle. or .1. Y. I.I.I..I'. !? Hank
ptreet, Nortiiii.- Jj
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].*OB REST Attrsctlre ilwelllui corner Graoby
and York ?lr?et?, with all inod-ni In.- A^J,
?r.? po. eastin aireliStpttinbt-r I.I. feH
li e r W.U.i I It J, DOZIER, 17? York -t .
V^i.A ci neral otU... iuI w au.fr-'iw
What Is Going on in and Around
the Capital City.
What the Silver Men Say. Chairman
Ellyson and the State Democratic
Committee. The Crops of the
State. The Seamstcr Pois?
oning. The Car Fight.
Spcolal Pispntob to the Virginian.
Richmond, Va., Angust 20.?Silver
eqou eay they huve two tumps to gain
by agilatiug the money question dur
iug the cumpaigu that is about to
open, in the t'nut place the Senators
to be cboseu will vote for Daniel'a
successor and the silvoritue want to
make euro of the returns of the in?
cumbent. Secondly, it is very dctura
ble to cany a majority of the mem
here of the Coueral Assembly uot only
to keep the Legialature from endorsing
the adniiuiHtratiuu but iu order that
the administration and its fiuaueiul
policy may hu condemued.
liuu. J. Taylor Lllyson, chairman of
the State Democratic Committee, has
uot decided as to when be will call that
t'ody together to consider plauB for the
fall eanipaigu. W hen asked to night
? when he would convene tho commit toe,
lie laughingly remarked that just now
he was vut ol | olittes sud giriug all of
his attention to hiteiuese. It is quite
certaiu that the ehairman will not have
a meeting of thu (committee until very
late in September or early in October.
He will wait until most ot tho legit-la
tivo uomiuatioiib are uiudu aud matters
take on more shat c.
Kepurte from various sections of the
Slate indicate thnt there will be ahiiud
nut crops this year, aud the lurmere
are iu better opinis thau for a l-jlig
lime past. To begin with there are
plenty of apploa and this fruit is lie
CuUiiiig u big ministry in this Stale.
Corn will give au immense yield. The
crop is the finest that has iiot-u growu
in j eare. While the acreage planted
in tobacco is smuik-r the quality is
good, '1 ho hay orop, too, la above
the average,and altogether the agricul?
tural people have cause to rejoice.
Dr. Melviu, of Halifax county, oitmo
iu towu to day with the stomach aud
liver ot Cleveland Seaiuster, lor Dr,
\V. II. Taylor to analyze, iu order to
learn whether or uot they contain
poison, Scatuster, a hoy about 8 years
old, died ou .luly 20, alter four days
illness. His mother aud her uth?r
children were made Bick ut the same
i no i but recovered, A mau named
Cuhill Urauger ib iu jail charged with
the murder of youug Seumstor. The
presutuptiou is that be put arsenic iu
the breud and tlonr from which
broad they ate was mode. Oranger
had grown tired of Mrs. Seumater, aud
it is alleged, wauted to get rid of her
aud attempted the murder of the whole
family. Dr. Melviu brought samples
of thu rlotir aud meal; aluo a mouse
[hat died after eating of the meui. it
will be several days before Dr. Taylor
cnu get to woik ou this case.
tiik BTHBET i'AIt fiubt.
The Commou Council last uight after
uuduight rejected the , um ounce, re?
commended uy tho Street (Committee,
giving tho fruuehtso for tie Proud
street Cat Liuu to the P.iohruoud
city railway, and awarded it to tho
Richmond Traction Company. The
City Dailway has uo idea of giving np
the tight. Its repreeeutotives are
preparing to day to make u liual eD.it
before the Hoard of Aldermen next
Monday uight. 'The City Puilway
Cotupnny is a branch of the coneeru
that controls all the hues here aud the
ITuctiou Compauy is composed of
Uichmoud people. Tbcso lacts had
much to do with tho action of tho
Council. The etreet car ayudicste
already iu existence here is coutrolled
by Jay Gould's estate.
Elizabeth Citv, N, C, August liO ?
Mr. J, 1>. Sykes pul au electric time
clock iu Louis Seilig's jewelry store on
Monday. It is tho first ever seen in
this city. Mr. Seilig has boeu tryiug
through Mr. Sykes, to get ono for
several years, and their efforts have ut
last mot with success. Messrs. iiatba
way Pros, uud P. P. Lamb also have
eleotric clocks. Mr. Sykes wont before
the comuiissioncrs and got permissioii
to run them exclusively.
At the Mayor's Court this morning
John Oruy, ereatiug a disturbance, was
lined *5 and costs. Pettio Newsom,
lor samo ollcuse, was tiued the same
The Methodist Sunday school left
for an excursion to Nags Head on the
steamer Newberue this momiug. A
Very large crowd was ou hoard,
, Messrs. Kramer Pros. A Co., have
completed the addition to their lumber
mill for the mauufucturo of eaalies,
doors and blinds, uud will at ouce
begin work there,
The management of the Nag's Head
hotel deserve u much larger putronu^e
thau they are getting. Tho hotel is
better kept than for several sessions.
Tbo Pod Stocking hall club, of Nor?
folk, aud the colored club of this
place, played two match gumes of ball
horo lust week und both games were
iron by the Quicksteps, of this place,
first, f"> to ?; second, 0 to 0.
Miss Mary Sprutil, of Columbia, is
i ho guest ot her sister, Mrs Ralph,
Mr. A. Ilucknoee, city burlier, aftor
several weeks absence at Pullalo
Springs for bis health, returued home
Mr. J. W, Drowning is having a
telephone erected from Ins mill to his
residence ou Proud street.
Mr. M. II, Dixou came up from
Nog's Head Monday.
Johnson's Magnetic Oil is the greatest In?
ternal roroe ly f. r cramps, coho and all In?
ternal aohoi and paini tor man or bcu t.
I.iirue bottles, 25 aud mi cent- Kur sa e by
W. It Martin.
Mr. aud Mre. Frank E. Myers will
lcuvo to-uiorrow for i'ork, To/., tbo
groom taking hie bride borne. Tboy
will take eu route New York, Washing
tou aud Philadelphia, aud the groom's
fathor-iu-law, Mr, lt. D. Nichols of
Windsor avenue will accompany them.
Next Suudoy will bo tho luet for Rev*
C. J. Joucs, 1), D., iu the pastorate of
Obriatian Ml mortal Temple. Iu ad
uitiim to other interesting exercises
that liny, I e will baptize a uumber of
candidates at Campostolla bridge.
Miss Mary E. Watkina. of Windsor,
Va , and Miss Maggie Simpson, of
Wbalcy ville, Va., are tho guest b of
Mrs. L. D. Edmonds, 188 Wimtsor
Miss Marion West, of Cornlaud, Va.,
is visiliug frieuds at 208 Park avcnuo.
There will be au introductory at
Cbriotiau Memorial Temple next i'uoe
night, it being the oooaaiou ot tbo
formal receptiou of tbo uow pastor,
Pev. J. P. Parrett, 1). L). Mnny tutu
isters ot various denominations ou m
vitatiou will be prescht to take a part
iu the interesting servieca.
Mr. aud Mre. A, B. .Jordan,of Wind?
sor avenue, huve ruturued from their
trip to the uiountaius, much beuclitud
iu health.
Miss Putb Perktus, who has beou ou
u visit to the Misses llurwell, Clay avo
uuo, leaves to day for her home iu
Diuwuidie couuiy, Va,
Mrs. C. W. Carbart aud ohildren.
who spent several weeks io Washing?
ton, L). C iB at home ugaiu on Pram
bletou avenue.
Mr. ?). (). 11 uuter,of TunBtoll avenue,
who was ovuicome by heat sumo days
ago while at work, ie able to be out
1'esterdsy morning Mrs. T. A. Nich
I oleon, residing on East lirambletou
avenue, had a tall by stepping ou a
lianauna pool, wbteb came near erip
pliug her aud made it nooessary to
have a physician.
Tbo ijoeal Poard of Improvement
met lust uigbt with Mr. Jerujgaa in
ibeobair, i ll her members present as
follows: Messrs. Pnuks. Cooper, (late,
I Jones, Spnuu.."sterling und Whitohursl.
Minutes of thu last meeliug were
'road and approved.
Mr. t'ooper, of Street Committee,
reported that tho euutraut for hauliug
garbage Lad lieeu executed.
Mr. \\'hitehurat, of the School Com?
mittee, reported thu extra work to l>u
done ou new school house completed.
A communication truui Mr. J.Welter
Y'ouug, oi Peeves avenue, relating to
the uusauitary eouditiou ol oertaiu
places on Peeves avenue and Lovitt,
was read; also from tho Poard ol
lieultli as lo cor turn properly ou
brown avenue.
Ou motiou of Mr, Cooper the resi?
dents u I Nos. 222 aud 224 Lovitt avo
uuo were instructed to draiu their lots
to the front instead of io the reur.
Ou motiou ot Mr. Cooper, atuouded
by Mr. Sterling, the motion of drain?
age for live residences on Peoves uvo
uue. wus reterred to the Street Com?
mittee with power to net. Same to up
ply to Condition of Drown nveuuu.
The Coiumitteo ou desks lor the
male school hud invited partien com?
peting to have sacuptoB of their furni?
ture ou hand to bo exumiued by the
board. Threo or four school furniture
companies wore represented.
(in motion ot Mr. Sterling, seconded
by .Mr. Uale, the contract was awarded
Messrs. Viokery & Co.. on the "ideal"
desk, at an uveruge price ut $1 each,
screwed down.
Ou motiou of Mr. Sterling, the
School Committee was instructed to
buy teachers' desks fur the school on
[ their own judgment.
Ou motion of Mr. Sterliug, it was
! ordered that the money remaimug in
bunds of the Wuter Poard be appro
priated to extern! the water maiu of
Pram bletou avcutie to Mr. Dartou
Myers' property,ot Cumpi.Stella Dridge.
Also lhat of Clay uveutie, to be eu
tended, short d.-tsucu to oonueel with
that ou Pramhletoii avenue.
All mutters pertatniug to employ
merit of a janitor lor the school were,
on motion, roiened to the School Com?
Properly approved bills being al
lowed, tho Ponrd ndjuiirned.
Miss Vesta Gray.
Miss Vesta Gray wus recently admit?
ted to the bur in Fremont, Neb. She is
tho first woman ever admitted in lior
county. Miss Gray hits been n closo
stndout of law for two years and will
practice with her father. She is a young
woman of many accomplishments, n line
musician, und has done good work on
Tho Woman's Weekly of Omaha and
other home newspapers.
Sunburn n Healthy 'I l.mi;.
Au optimistic dermatologist has late?
ly promulgated the theory that sunburn
is ruthor R good thing in its way. Tho
action of the sun upon tho skin is really
beneficial, he says, and it ie only iu tho
first place that the ofiwt in unpleasant.
After tho sunburn has worn olr the tex?
ture of the skin is finer, smoother and
more elastic than it was before.
TlIK old AMi (IBNTlNIt london DOCK
Biiandy, ?oh! by John W. Pi khow.the
druggist, Maiu street, has wotidei lully
sustaining powers to tho grievously
sick and weak, tidtug over patients'
strength along nuttl tho disease has
spout itsolf. I his BltANDt is specially
imported for its mcdiciual qualities. It
is reliable, always digested, and Ibut
easily, and is adapted to tho baby, thu
adult, tin- ill valid uud tbo agud. In
bottles all sizes (} pints, 2?0.j | piuts,
fjOc: pints, $1; gallon, $8).
Dou't leave for theseashoreor moun?
tains without one of our "coverl" over?
coats, made for cool eveuiugs.
Nu noi.s & W a Mi aos,
PI'.) Muiu street.
Iced Tea at Mac's. Ice Cream at
Special salo of neokwear. Goldman
X- Hoflheimer, 100 Main slreot.
The County Pourd of Supervisors
will hold tboir regular monthly uieot
lug in nutlolk to-morrow.
.Mrs. John Adams, of 1'ittBburg, Pa.,
has returned houie Bttcr a vieit to her
I parouts, Mr. and Mrs. VV. J. Steele, of
1 the couuty. She was necompauied by
her sinter, Mise Plorrie Miele.
Mr. Johu H, Prowu, wife und sou,
of Pallimore, aro guests of Mrs,
Prowu's mother, .Mrs. P. A, Childrey,
Kilby street.
Misset Muniott uud Whitehcad, of
Pocky Motiut, N. C, aud Mies Paooba,
ot W iluiiugtou, N. 0,, were yesterday
registered ut the Comuieroiul Hotel,
Prut. Uowlaud Doggott, who lias
been u resident oi Suffolk uliout nine
years, expects to leave to <lsy for
Charlottesville, Vs. with his (amily.
He will eugago in business iu that
Mr. James It. Tyler, of Courtland,
a relative of President John Tyler,
bus been conveyed to the Soldiers'
Home iu Piobtuoud.
The ollico fixtures and iuterior
equipments for the new Cleik's otHce,
wmeh wore due here AugiiBt P'uh.huvo
uot yet arrived, having heeo delayed.
Dr. S. Carson Wells, professor of
ninthcuiatios and unliirul sciences at
Pouiiolio College, Salem, Vu., is visit?
ing Cnpt. A. P. Comer, Sarntogu
Pkoi'KRtx Tiiansi mis. -These deeds
woro yostorday recorded in the Couu
ty tieik's ollico: Ployd I'ieruo, A.
Wooliorci, aud others, io Oalviu .Mor
rib. oue lot near'Suffolk, $125; Mary
V. Audcrson aud imsbaud to Moses
Taylor, hve acres ol laud iu the coun?
ty, und other real estate, 5flt.lt); \\ il
lmm Cooper and wife I,, Luvesay M.
Itoherts, tweuly eight sores iu the
county, $200.
Akoi m> ritte Wiim.i .? The schooner
l.oio.s IhiiIuuo, ('apt, Albert Hurling,
arrived yesterday from Orislield, Md.,
to lake lumber from the Sullulk Haw
null t (inii any. Hchoouer 11. P. Sped
dou, ? upt. O. W. Mitubell, arrived
Irom Washington to lake lumber iroui
Johu P. (Jay, Schooner D. P. ' >ns
low.Capt, (I. II. Puinsey, led for Now
port News with lumher cargo Irom the
Suilolk Sawmill Company,
Aujuoueu Lksank, .Mih. Annie 13.
Poyett, a widow, ngeii BO, residing on
the corner of Itiddiok street and Pop
Inr avuune, was jeaierdey aftertlooii
adjudged insane by u commission ot
lunacy, composed of Mayor U. L,
Brewer, Jr., Or. A. W. Kley and u. S.
P. Hollaud. Councilman, with Dr. \\.
W. Mutiuy as examining physician,
She will be tukeu to the Cistern Lu
natio Asylum in \\ liliauisburg within u
low days.
(iosK Ant.ii a Mi iiDi. it Ell,?Shurtll
A, 11. Puker left yesterday for itioh
mond to take into custody Jesso Win
itou, whom he will briug baok to
Nauaemoud lo lie tried lor lue murdoi
of-lohn Day, tin July 1, 18114, Win
stou killed Day iu Power Parish iu u
dispute lestlltiug over u game ol crap.
Ho immediately left the county ami
eluded the authorities although they
were tracing htm and occasionalP
know of his whereabouts.
After wandering through North Cur
oliuu uud parts ut Tennessee Wiuatou
returned to Virgiuia and wrh couvicted
in Pi iuco (ieorge couuty ot cow steal
mg und sentenced to the penitentiary
for one year under an Bum un d name.
He was recognized by a convict from
this county. Sheriff linker was in?
formed of his prsseuce in the peniten?
tiary and notilied tba authorities there
tbul ho was wanted iu Nsusemoud for
murder. His term expired at 12 o'clock
latt uight aud the shurilV will probably
take him to day and proceed to Sullulk.
AbLKUKD Si t' IDATj Aim mi i It war
yebterday reported here that P. P.
Pope, who was. in jail iu lale ol Wight
couuty, uwt.il!.., to be taken to the
penitentiary, where he Iibb beou sen?
tenced for Bix years, had attouipted to
commit uineide by taking laudanum.
The dose was not returned uu his
stomach and no aeriotiH damage was
doue. It is not known how ho came
iu possession of the drug.
Dr. N. Jackson, Homonopathist.
Ofllce, Moritz budding; Residence, Ho
I tel Norfolk; phone, 280. Jy7 eodtf
Si.-k Honda, lie an 1 ? liovn all the troubles ln.-l
?leal tou bilious state of the sjrst-m Buch as
lliuineas, Nausea, Urowsiaesi. iMsir.-^i after
citing. Pain in the Side, While tneirmost
remarkable succes.1 t;?s been ahown Iu i iring
Headneli?. vet CiSTEa'a I.ITTLI LlVtS Pll.tJl
nr.- equally valuabls In Coaslipailon, curing
and preventing this annoying complaint ivli
they .ii-.. eoi r- t all disorders of the ilomaeh,
siimulat? the liver and regulato the a iwels
Kven If ihev only cured
Achft thev WOUtd be ulmosl prircl.iu to tboso
Who suiTer fr.nn li e- distressing complaint!
but fortunately IllClr itomlnens <l.,es in.; ehil
li>-r,-. and t),..*.> ?!.?> once try them will tin.I
these little pitta valuable in op mnuv ways that
tliey will not be witling to do without them,
llut after all sick hen 1
In the bane of so ninny IIvph that here Is whr-m
wa make our great boast. Our pills cure It
wIdle others do nol
CaSTca'a I.irnx I ivlii Tills are very small
and v.-ry easy lo take < Ine or two plus make
n it ose. Thev are strictly vegetable and do
not .:: i)... purge, but by their gentle net Ion
Sleast all who uso them In Mill, at to cents;
vo for $i sold everywhere, or sent by maik
OABttB MEtlClilE CO., Hi* ?::?.
M R Small Boss. Small ftiw.
\M)T 1 C Iv !
Owners and occupants of yards and lot*
t.ro hereby ootifli rt to bnvo th. ?n Is clean?
ed oil of yards 11> i Im? und pilcil upon llio
?troota within Uvo doya from August 171h.
Uy ordor ot tliu Hoard of Health
niils-Ht an lary luspt clor.
White Sulphur Springs
Tho White Hulplinr Bpriil't* will bo kept
opeu dur ng the mouth of Btptomuer, md
apocinl in tu. >?. ill i ?' matte timt n o it i.
hUltl-lW Wh,tu Hulplinr Spi imr-i, W. vn.
Be Sure You are Ris:lit, then
Go Ahead.
Wem? Not selling SHOES for Ll ** tli.i ii
i O ' not me wo OlVIMI llieni awuV, Lot
will gi i' r it as n in-It ui i i. lot your mono.
us um house in tin- city.
Doyle & Small,
146 Main Street.
Celobrato.l t.ot only for its Ricat tuedioi
ual properl 0?. but for its p irity,
A Delicious Table Water.
Ho omiUOIlded an t ? t :? red by hit.ling
livBiotaUM for Itrighl's Diseuso. Diabetes,
btouo in tlio Kidueyri or It adder, Oravel,
.ut. 1 lie 1 in a t is 111 Urinary Diseases aud
DyS] epslu
Are Instantly Killed
\\ n u
All Druggist! or from the
lu.w.t No. OCFIfth avsuuo, New York,
*S|>oc*iiil Xot it'O.
Oi iii K01 ManciiAM *' .nu Bilsens' )
Allginit 20th, 1895. I
(jomraencina: THURSDAY, >agusl 23d
.ui : u iitinuing until furthei notice steam
it will leave Norfolk tor Providence every
1 uesda . 1 hum my ah I Hatttr lay ut ? |>. m.,
itirti'i 1 ofTuosdayn mid murin-- as horo
t iforo, iburi giving pan .us ol tlio lino a trl
... ei.iv hoi ilee. r. H. WIIIOHT, \ ? 11 .
Not oi?, 11 .1 0. WHITNEY, Traffic M'g r,
' Baltimore. Md. n iSIO-Ut
Polish Plate and Winnow Glass,
INQ >?'? AH 1NTEB.
To Whom It May Concern.
I have tlim da. 1 p[ pointed my lilisb.ltul,
L. I'. Kley, m> agent, t ? com'.uo! for 1110 a
general . roosry uu 1 frr? . 11 oat business 111
Hu roriirr ol Iii rliltiy avfiiia.. an 1 H con I
Btrcol ll- rliley. \a Itespoi tfullv.
utilM-lw MILS. sali.IK A. ELEY.
Irwin's Twin City Express,
Ampi, facilities for hauling anything to
and from auywiiuro in tlio throo,itiea. Tola*
|>bouo No. 0, Charges reasonable.
Slowed away in one of tue crowded storerooms in ttjo
building u case wan found tlie otlior day. In it were forty-two
?lo/eu Mtiirte, uulauudured. 'I Lie ia part of tbe groat lot that
we thought wero closed out at 5'Jo during the recent sale, They
have hutliua of really vory good white muslin, bosom and de?
tached oull's ot fast peraalo; ere good value at 78oi Were a bar?
gain nl B9o, and while it is murder, tboy must now bo sold, aud
that no oiie who sccb thoni will fall to buy, they will be a'Jo eoob.
Thirty-Nino UeoU, May be you dou't need any Shirts. Wall,
yon don't have to buy any of tlieso. There are peoplo that will
have to bp tied with a mighty strong rope to keep them away
from hern. Look in the wiudow where the Hbirta are.
Mosquito Harn, nine leei ilno|i, great wide ough that will
cover a giant's lied, made ou folding canopy, rondy to put up,
pulley, ourd, everything, delivered, $-'2.
Ladiee'China Silk Waista, white, navy and white, black
and white lignreil nod striped; also nvoning shades, full aleerea,
62.CO. Until this week thcso were SS and $5,50. Do not come
unless you come soon.
Ladies' N ii;ht (I owns of a M Italia, liko heavy India Linen, for
eumiiior wear, V nook, tucked yoke, 29d oaoh. Thcso woro 4'Jo,
nro oow lets than cost to make.
Ladies' Vesta ol Turo Silk, whito and oolors, 50c each. For
Hummer wear.
Men's and Ladies'Wide End Ties of Wash Silk, wore ITe,
nro two for 25o to close.
Trilby Hearts, Silver I'lstnd, 25o. Trilby lloarla Hint open;
Lockets, SLWt. 'Trilliy Scarfs and I/our in-Maud Scarfs of Illach
Saii.u. l-'ino onos, 25o.
Tun thont'-siid yards boat Amoricau Prints, bluo ground,
white tlgurns, 5o a y?trd.
Unllormilk, itosewater end Olycenoe Soap, the kind that
Wrisley makes. Thrco (lakes in a box, 1 ,'c a box here.
Dtrribergcr makes a Flying Mile in i Minute, 45 Seconds,
Demolishing all Records.
WHITE & DolSoI Sole typis. 151 Plain 31, SoifolL
Special Bargains in Clothing.
In order to make loom for the approaching Fall Sea?
son, \v<- have divided our Eight Colored Suits into three
lots and fixed the prices at $<>, $7.50 and $0 per suit. The
tegular prices of these goods were $10, $12.50 ami $15,3111!
there is not a suit among the whole lot that did not cost
from 10 lb 25 per cent, more than the present selling price.
This sale will begin TO-DAY, July 16, and continue
until the entire lot is disposed of. EARLY BUYERS
oooooooooooooooco OOOOOOOOOO
So !
) 00 0000000000000000c
Of the Latest
Style and
Best Finish !
2-4- to 30 Union Street,
The "New Departure" Buggies f
Which are the best built for the money. LOW
Bates T
Advances T
i'o not Bncrin.-e any old gold that von may havo. but writs us to call on you and give
yon our i>rlo?s. Wo receive old gold from any purl of iho Untied Slates, and It amount
ellowod U not satisfactory we nay express charges both ways and return paokago In same
ccm.litiou us rooetvoJ.
S. Bactiracli

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