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EsTADUitneo 18..5.
M. OLKNNAN. Owner.
ii-mi GlUC. LATIOSOP l'lil? VtlSOJNUM
U LARGELY IN KX?ESS? l?f ??.' Otbc:
1 fti.tr publish, d in Easi i u > If Kjttin.
* Jig circulation in Norfolk mid Portsmouth
is pri nter than thai <?( any papst published
or virouiated in the two eitle?.
.t is delivered iu th* vition Ol N rf .n i
Portsmouth aud suburb- tor in oeuts ?
week, Veil subreptions, P*MtNR'' ,'
i v Pol r- por year; three Donar? 101 >
mouths. One Dollar hii.I Fifty Cents lor
thro-- -north?. Mil Hit* Conti foi one
n,Aa'erti.-emmn insetted nt the rate of 7i
Ckmi ? >..t At v in ?, in-i '. subse
quollt imertiou 37J Cksvs, or .. ? i nt?
V.H1 n ls?. itki> KVKht ITIIKIt HAY. I outrftO
tor* >tr not :,lo"oi lo pm-e. .1 t oir ipu. e
or advertise other than iboir Iori ininto
busiueaa, except by paying especially lor
the httiiio. .
"Ini Wrr.Ki.t Vir?isia:i ?!tn iJaiiolima>i
eight piigos, 1? deHverett. postage l
thjeo mouths, 26o, tit mouths, 60c, twelve
Uioiith?. -1
1 utored as seCou.l-i ia-K matter.
During: the summer can have THE
them by ordering it at this office,
cither in person or by letter.
A female cyclist, rdlircd-iu bloomerp,
was attacked by a iiook of geese at
l'ort Jervis, N. Y., on Sunday last, and
wos thrown off her tvhoal.
CHueu Victoria hasn't worn bsr crown
more than twenty times during her
whole reign. But she keeps it whero
Wales caut' gi t hold of it.?Exohaugo.
? No better declaration oi principle
than that continued iu the letter of
Clov. O'Ferrall, ot Virginia, has been
given to the public in a long lime, it
was honest, courageous and sincere,
three qualities which highly adorn the
character of Virgiuis,8 t'hiel Lxeeu
tive,?Montgomery Advertiser.
The Turkish Imperial Ootuinitsion,
appointed in cuuuection with the Ar?
menian outrage:', bss departed in great
linste for the scone of his duties, j, It is
thought that the Snltnn has just
awakened to the fact that Ktigluud is iu
earnest in demanding reforms iu Turk?
ish administration in Armouia,
HUMS l l.lt Il.tiVHiMI lltAPPUl.vr.
i ii.
The Virginian expressed the hope
and beliof a few days since that
the President would reappoint Ex.
?Senator Kuusoni to the Mexican mis?
sion, ami it is gratified to lottru that
such has been the cu.se, Mr. Cleveland
haViog signed tho papers on tho ?lth
inst. Jt will he remembered that
(leu. Itansom was originally nomina?
ted to the mission during his Senatorial
term, und utter Berving tor some time,
the Auditor of tho Treasury
at the State Department de
clincd to further honor his claim for
salary aud expenses, taking the poai
tion that the appointment bad been
made contrary to tho Oonslitutioo.aud
such being the cute, he could not allow
the claim. The Auditor was sustained
iu his decision by Acting Attorney
General Conrad, aud as aooDsequenoe,
(Jeu, Hansom's only recourse was iu u
reappoiutmciit tu the positiou, The
mutter was promptly taken up by the
President, aud the outcome is his ro
8ppoiutmeut as above stated. Minister
Hansom's friends are pleased that the
way out of the difficulty has been 6o
easy, und that ho bus been restored to
the position. It is said that the .Minis?
ter will return to his post in a few days,
a not r <? \ it 11.us.
A garter-show is the lotest Parisian
Bsvelty, bot an exchange says that it is
far more sensible tbau the Trilby foot
craze. This may or may not be true,
but at all events the subject is oue
which man thoul.l approach with u
great deal of cuatiou,
, In paris, as elsewhere, a host of peo
pie can always he found to worship at
tho Bhriue of thtso lower love girdles of
Voniis, but no nbero else could u col
lection so varied as to stylo und de?
sign be gathered. But bear what a
Writer in tho I'tnladuldhia Record bus
to say of tho exhibit:
??Belles who would have blushed to
lot the bonux See their gartets iu life
(at least, while iu their high ana In
orod position) ore represented oy their
gorgeous nother oircletsof oi uatedaint
iuess. Jn fuol, some living beauties
Baay here bu jntlged by t!e.-ir garters
(ex podo.IIercutem; ex gartore, venue),
burab lienibarill's batiu and bepearlod
elastics belie her reputation tor thin
rjesH, although they fall short ot the
ample proportions of tho garters ot
protty 'Nell' (iwynne. And Tuglioni's
garter lies iu sacrilegious proximity to
that of tho Prince si of Wales. Put wo
?oust pull tho ourlaiu ? or ralber, the
ekirts?upon Ibe BUbject before the
wings of fancy carry us upon too bold
? fight."
The assortment, as may bo under
fteod from Ibe foregeiue. is large aud
vnriocl, but of tho most unique of tho
oolleotion are those having painted
thereon, tho face of u handsome clook
without houilH, which signifies "liauila
off." _
It now appears that tho appeal ol
the Hon. Mr. O'Couuor, M. P., to tho
Homo Secretary ol England, Iu behalf
of Mrs. Maybriok, tho American lady
serving a life evutonoe iu that eouutry
ou tho charge of murdering her bus
buuil, was not made iu vaiu, a.* tho
Home Secretary ban promised to
examine the cuso, together with the
uvideuce discovered siuee tho couvie
tioti, and to do what is proper iu tho
1 he trial of Mrs. Maybriok was one
of the most rcmurkublu that has taken
place iu England for uiauy years, aud
few are tliey who believe her guilty.
Her senior counsel ia tho presout ?ord
'Chief Justice of Englaud, who ih said
to be a Iirin believer in bor iunocouee.
Able and distiuguislisj i counsel were
associated with hitu iu the eonduot oi
the case, but despite their best otlorts,
conviotiou followod nud thu prisoner
was Buntenood fur lifo.
Ouo of thu romarkablo features of
oaee was the charge of tho presiding
judge to tho jury, which is said to have
bad a great deal to do with the convic?
Tbo miuil of that judgo afterwards
guvo way, uud some havo goue so far
as to say that his couduct toward thu
prisouer during the triul bud not a
little to do with the mi.siorluues which
fell so rapidly upon him.
Siuco Mre. MuybrieL's ponteuoo the
wotueu ol America have worked faith
fully 111 her behalf, aud iu hluglaud the
inovemeut bus not bcuu without sub
?tui,UiU eneouragomeut aud support.
As an exchaugo says', Mr. O'Couuor,
Sir Chutlua ltliseell uud other sympa?
thizers Lave acquired new rights in
the uew govcrnmuut, aud oue right it,
to aik iho llotnu Seoroturr to investi?
gate aud review that winch the late
l.tberal Homo Secretary refused to do,
uud to uscertuiu if tburo nro not prima
facia reasons for grautiug Mr.-'. May
brick's friends au opportunity ol show?
ing where thu verdict wns against tho
evidence, aud why sho buouUI uu lon?
ger remain a victim to a judicial bluu
tier. Tho appeal of Mr. O'Couuor is
iu lunt directiou.
Myself uud Mlue.
I.et me llavo my own way.
Ls t others promulge the laws. I will mulct'm
a.nut ,f tlx- inwH.
Let others praise eminent men and bold Uf
pence. I hold up agitation and couth.-t.
I praise no eminent matt; 1 rebuko tu bis faet
the oue thai ?ras thought ino.>t worthy.
(Who nr.' you. And w hut nr.. you secretly guilt]
of all yonr life!
Will you turn umiIp nil your lite- Will yoc
grnh and chatter all y..ur life?
And who nr.- you, blabbing by rote, years,
pag ?. languages, reminiscences,
Unwitting today that you do aot know how t<
speak properly a singloword?)
Lot others llnish Bpeelwons, 1 never Bnist
I star! t licit: by exhaustions laws, as nuturt
d< ? -. fresh and modern continually.
I give nothing as duties.
What others civ.? us duties I glvo as llviiiB Im
iPhi.il l give the heart's action as o duty.)
Let others diaitose ol questions. 1 dispose oi
nothing;. I urotiso unanswerable nues
Who :.r.- Ibcy I see und touch, and what :ib?ut
What about these llkos of myself thai draw in?
?o close by tander directions and indirec?
I call to th.'world to distrust tho accounts ol
my friends, but listen to toy enemies, at
I myself do.
1 Charge you forever reject those who would
expound me, for I cannot expound my?
I charge that there be no theory or Bchool
founded out ..f lue.
lehargoyouto leave all free, as 1 have left
all free.
_rJ5L2li Whitman.
A lindly Needed lisauiplr.
The notion of tho Pennsylvania C< I
lego For Women iu promptly suspend?
ing those 1?) girls who wnlkod homo
from church with their "fellows" iu
defiance of an ironclad rule ol tho iu
si itntion will bo heartily commended by
nil thoughtful persons, and if it wore
followed ut homo by a genorous'applica
tiou of puuisbmcut of tho old fashioned
suit it would probably bring tlie.-.e
prematurely grown up young missen to
a clearer notion than they ewsr bud be
foro of their positiou in relation to soci?
ety in general, <>nt'i)f t'ltf things in
this country that strikes tt foreigner
most offensively is tho spectacle of girls
of in und upward "flirting" with boys
of tho sumo ago, going to the theater
with them and accepting all manner of
attentions from them. It is bad for the
girls and worse fur tho Ih.vs. Inciden?
tally it adds to tho number of old mnids,
for few girls who grow up iutthis mau
nor ; re likoly at 20 to provosattraotive
to men. Those good penpio who uro
alarmed at the increasing number of
young men who prefer to k'srt the selfish
life of a bachelor had better turn their
attention to this evil.?Philadelphia
nis Dream.
In Lough Erie, m ar Cturick-on Shan?
non, Ireland, uu ancient black oak ca
noo, without nml or rivet, wus lately
discovered in n strange, way. A Mr.
Mulligan dreamed thatjhe uaw a oauoe
at the bottom of the lahu. The lnke was
I dragged aud tho canoojfound.
Still Greater Bargains in
Children's Knee Pants this
week. Regular Quarter
grades of Short Pants, all
sizes, neat dark patterns,
down to 19c.
Double Breasted Jackets,
with Pants, Double Seat,
Double Knees, Patent Bands
and Riveted Buttons. Excel?
lent School Suits, weight
enough for all seasons, dark
patterns, neat and durable,
only Si.35.
Men's Pants, strongly
made, neat Pin Stripe de?
signs, guaranteed absolutely
free from shoddy, only $1.
Men's Fine Trouse,s made
from First-Class Worsteds,
Cassimeres, Tweeds, Flan?
nels and Serges, remnants
from Suit Combinations.
Many of the lot the bare
cloth costs more than we are
now charging for the Pants
ready to wear. To clean 'em
up quick the' price is down
to $3.
Bigger Values, Better Val?
ues and Stronger Values in
Men's Fine Suits for Ten Dol?
lars than ever known in the
history of the establishment.
Odds, Ends, Accumulations,
Broken Scales of Sizes, must
go regardless of cost of manu?
facture, $10.
Cut Prices in every depart?
ment of the Big Store to con?
vert Light Weights into Cash
Telling Prices and Selling
Prices is the maxim now.
The Biggest Bargains ever
quoted in all kinds of Worthy
Apparels for men, boys and
Straw Hat Bargains in the
East Window. Think of the
Extraordinary Values in Fine
Straw Headgear now quoted
at only a Quarter for the pick.
The price would scarcely pay
for the silk bands and sweat
bands in the hats, to say
nothing of selling the hat
complete for 25c.
Rattling Big Bargains In
Medium and Light Weight
Underwear. Note the quality
of goods, then the prices.
Each and every grade saves
Dimes, some Quarters, others
Halves. Medium weight
Merino Shirts and Drawers
down to 35c.
The Neckwear Tree in the
Furnishing Window shows
Wonderful Values in Tecks,
Four-in-Iiands and Club Ties,
never known so cheap.
Choice only 15c.
Sweaters at half price.
The quantity is limited. 25c
for regular Half Dollar Sweat?
ers as long as they last. First
come, first served. 25c.
Jed Rook
E3utter I Butter I I Butter I I I
Fresh Country Lutlor. Uc fcr pound, or three pounds for SOc
Clngor Soaps, 5c per pound.
Spiluglield ll-ins, Siuillilield Mams. Sn^ar Cure d Rums, and Kine < ..rued Ueef.
?Phono 209._. CHAS. A. MORRIS, cor. Chiirch_& Holt St.
FIAfORS Rt RRfl -'?w?brokers. :i?Nri??. I, ?-r...-i (r.?.>t .|,.?7. "
* ? , v ,a n>. T , ' ttom, ^wn) are the uiosl liberal ...oney lead
ersof Norfolk ou all kind* of personal property at ? low rale of Int rei'. Ma'
couiiunriicailoii* ?III lie pruuipl.T attended lo.
M^FBKU^KA'rS* ?** tU?* Kfc* Rt a" tlm?9 tbo Ulisr WEEP, MUTTON, B.MOKEli
J, So J3BWv ?9Ss OO.'S*
For Saturday's maiketino. ana Every Day in me WeeK. Gat the Best.
"o you want lOoiothiui; uico la the way of marketing to-ilny.' A uioo
Smithfield Ham, Fine Beef or Fine Groceries I
It so, seo what wo bar-. Cash talks aud we sell low. 8. J. WHITEHUKBT. Agent,
_E. cornur Uhuivh au.l Obariotto Street**
At tho Very Lowost 1'jgnros. for Cash or Installment Take your choice.
ami I Church JtrMt.
gggflT J:;s;i~T~ OYSTERS, FISH and GAME.
rKllbrl I' loll I KlnoSuad and oilier Fish In great variety.
FRESH FiSH V Retail at 31, 32 and 33 City Fish Market
A. BULLOCK, /\K<ant,
Cateliei aud vvbuieislu uoaloa.
FRESH FISH J DEPOTS-} {-'"^.f ef*\jrashlaejOP*^ Kievrer itrosla.
Cream Bon-Bons, Butter Cups Taffies
and Cocoanut Candies,
Mado Freah Dally At
Norfolk Candy Kitchen, No. 44 Bank Street.,
Pabst Milwaukee Beer. ^llfi^
we. so;, 7?. BETTZ'8 RLE BP POKER ?? " m
?J. E. FULFORD, Sole Agent.
S9*?peoial DeUrerj for Private Familie*
To upset one from the idea of coming here, when fa
GS once having been here, you're almost kept as busy fa
<a spreading the news of the tremendous values as we fa
Jf) are serving them to you. No old rut business here. ^
^ Your money is worth more to u,s now than the fa
^k profit would amount to by carrying the goods over fa
^ next season. Of course the stock is a liitle broken, fa
However, you may lind just what you are looking fa
\j for, and at about hall" ihe cost you would have to fa
\a PaY six weeks ago. Time and space will not allow fa
g? us to tell you all.'but here quote you a few prices. dT
V Had you not better come and take a look at the
^ balance. ^
Men's AU Right Working Suits.S2 ^17 (A
Mi'u's Knock About Suits. 3 GO
^ Mtti's All Wool Business Suits. G 00 , SfiJ
t? Men's Tiuo Ureas Suits.... . ? ,r,U fj^
^. Men's Imported ( lav Worsted Suits. 8 Oil ^.
V*^ ltoys' Washable Suits . V*'
tjft Hoys' Combination Suits, enp to niateb. 1 ?r't' Wa^
Hoys' All Wool Suit*. '2 W jy
W Hoys' Finest Dress Suits..2 GO V T
One lot of Men's Working Pauts.?. '?'?]} y>)
boys' Kuoo Pants, endless vnriety. IGc np
I Cannon Bail Clothing Co., 89 main St., Norfolk:. I
"They Are Alive Here"
Six hundred remnants of Wool Dross Goods, bUok, white and
colored, tho eutiro acoumnlation ot short longtbs, raoffint? from one to
?even yards, to be aoid this weak much below cost. Tin's is the last
obanoe for a remnant bargain thin season. When you como you will
tiud that tbo forinor prico of from I'-Mc to 81 a yard baa been disro
gardod. ?
Twelvo hundred dozen. White Pearl Rutlons. 18,20.22 ami 24
ligne, are goinj: to be sold this way?Two dozen for lOo. Yet, twenty,
four buttons for ton cents. There is a oUoiou, and those who como
soon will get it.
Storm Sorgo, 42 inches wide, rongb cheviot finish, navy and
black. Tins Serge is proof against call water, whioli meaty! that tho
dye in unfading. The prioo is IJ'Jc. a yard. It is fur below auy price
wo know of.
All Wool Vord Wido Dross (ioodi', Shepherds' Plaid, designs in
varioui abadee, l!h- a yard.
Surplice Frout Night QowTJfl, now ones, SI. Uood aluslia
downs. tiioRH.
Chonillo Table tJovers, four aud one half feot sipiari", heavy,
good, SI.Da
Chenille Covrrrs. moro than throo foot square.beauties,these, ?>0o.
<'dd lota ?f DodicH* Muslin downs, sumo of Lonsdale Cambric;
among them tbem) sligbtiy soiled from showing aro marked duwu, cut
to tho (piick, and'only tho (|umk will get auy.
$1.50 $1.00 S9c 75c
Reduced Reduced Reduced Reduced
$2.50. f$1.50. $1.35. $1.0Q.

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