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Play Two Games and Each Club
Win One Each.
Brandt, Hallnian, Hallowell and James
were the Pitchers who Took Part.
Both Clubs Play Good Ball,
and Everybody was Satis?
fied with the Show.
Peterel nrg broke her long string of
befouls Yesterday by winning the tirsl
?jf the two gamt s scbe lnleJ with Ports?
mouth. Autt uotwtthtituudiuR the iu
Iuubo heat, there whs a very fair aitdt
cnoe to wttucss the game, JMallowell
?ud Smith were the battery for thu
visitors, ami llalltnnu aud Vetter for
the "Truckers." The tirst two iuuiiiEs
resulted iu the lu.uic boys dravviug
tnluuks, while the visitors scored twu
ruus iu the first on singles by Peuder,
r^atlford aud Turner nud Hull's error.
?} he uext three innings added uothiug
to their BCOte, ulthough iu the third it
looked as if the "t bawptous" would
increase their lead by the addition of
two tuore ruus, but sharp tieldiug on
thu part of Cuptuiu "Bobby" Childs'
tueu prevented this catastrophe, aud
uuce more those interested breathed
The third mump was productive of
one ruu for the Portsmouth^ by two
dbases ou balls, a hit by Hargrove and
31allinau's saonlice. In the lourth the
(treeu legged chaps tied the score ou a
Single, a double aud a tieidcr's choice.
"1 hero was no noise, then, oh, no' you
couldn't begiu to hear what the umpire
said, so loud wa? the uproar. It
fuemcd that everybody present added
their ?hure to the diu uutl coufusiou,
an great was their eutbuniasua, aud
vbou the home club wcul in. in their
fifth, and increased their lead by two
snore ruus, thu BCene was ludescriba
Vlc. Thu visitors made one more tu
their tilth, which tl.cn made thu scorn
ftaud i to S ltituvorol the "Truckers,"
?tut it looked us if the poor uufortu
nate aggregation of bull players hailing
from tbe Historical City of Petersburg
VMl're doomed to meet another defeat,
Kut jttsi bero that uncertain and uivs
tern ii" (dement that makes tbe game
eu popular,took a hand and turned thu
Ilde in the wrong direction to suit the
Portsmouth "rooters," who wore loug
faces, ami bore themselves with din
appointed and dejected mien. Ports?
mouth fulled to get another mau aurnss
the plate. Illlt what Halluiau did lor
Jjtiusclf and what he failed to do, (he
visitors did for him. lor in addition to
{living two tueu bases ou balls, aud
Utting another one, he was touched up
{or a double and thrio singles iu the
seventh innin ?. aud it was all over, the
??Farmers" winning by a score of 7
to 6.
ronisMot i h rtci kksmoko.
K Ii I'" i l: II l'<i I
Cavllle.lt ..... I U 0 l l.lpt ert, If. . u e 2 U
J. mil, ri u ii I I Peailer, Jt-. .1 i '-' 11
). lliua-i, p .1 1 11 ? -a.!?,1,1,1 a .( 4 11
( laid,. 11 A li ?> 1 1 e Im. er, rl . I I 11 1
>1:.iumd lt.. " 1 I" e -notl, . 11 11 i. ii
llararove.vi 1 t 1 u Keeler.lb.1 1 10 w
Sl.iil. u -l ?.' IKl'llrieu, 0 0 :i U
Tliunton.'.'b . 1 it! 1 jt.viiu?,:ib . 0 1 0
" ?Her. c.0 S 5 1
I ulier, ?t,. u u
Tutsi. a iu it s
fortsiuotitfe.u u 1 1 0 v 0 0 ? 1
L-tcuburs . II 0 0 0 1 0:4 0 s 7
Sumuahv: F.arned Runs?Ports
mouth, Petersburg, 4. Two base
lltts -Hargrove, Vetter, 2. Bsso on
llalls- Ofl' Hallowell. 5; oil Halltuau.
4. Hit by Pitched Ball?Pendor,
Turner und Lipport, Struck Out- Iiv
tlallman. 3; by Hull,,well. 4. Wild
1'itch?Halluiau. .Stolen Bases?Sau
lord, Pender, Turner, 'J; Hargrove,
Jlall, Thlirstoo nut! N etter. Sacrtlicu
llits?Uallmuu and Childs, l.elt ou
iases?Portsmouth, >s; Petersburg. It).
hiiiblo Piny ?Childs, Hall und Fuller.
After a few minutes intermission this
(;auie was started with a cbuuge of but
Series, Brandt aud Vetter, the Germau
Lattery being pitted agaiust James and
?smith, This game started with a much
larger nudieuce at baud, for during thu
|irogress of the lirst game lovers ol the
? port were arriving at the park con?
tinuously until a real good number of
ladies aud guutlemen had cougrcgutud
together. They were all iu a pleasant
?uii cheerful mood, bestowing their
airaise tipou the visitors-',us well as upon
the homo boys,when the occasion arose,
jet, that ever present and absolutely
tiecessary adjunct to the suueoss of a
team, Without which there would lie a
vacancy which would bo painfully ap?
parent nud eagerly wished fur, tho
(;ood nalured rootors, w ho do so much
to add to the excitement of the game,
Mute there, and from thu l!ow ol eu
couragement and words of advice and
|>raiso gratuitously giveu they were
thore 111 force.
Brandt, the big boy from Chambers
tiuig, was very much 111 thu gniuo and
liu was splendidly supported by the
team behind him, who, considering tho
extreme heat, playod a good, clean,
euappj game of bail. This is true also
of the lirst game aud the people of this
city should and do probahlv>ppreuiate
*be quaihty of work now bel?g douu
l>y Hie mon who represent Portstuouth
1n the Virginia League race for tho
jieonaut, Portsmouth failed to score
In thu tirst three innings, but suut two
rueu across tho rubber iu the fourth
nud four more iu thu seventh, while all
the visitors oouhl do. aud Ihoy worked
liard and incessantly to overcome tbe
ii-ud obtain, d by their rivals for third
Idace, was to tally three run--, ouo iu
in,! third, 011,1 iu the sixth aud thu
third and last in tho sevetith, when thu
game was called on account of dark?
liens, and tho "Truckers" had wou au
tthor game, which lacreaeed their
number iu the columu ut those already
captured by them. Score:
It it ro K It Ii PO E
I IpiK-ri.U . t i i n ravlNe.lfV ?-? 2 ?? i
IVlider, 30..... 0 i 3 UlCliiliK it* 2b 1 1 ?
>..:,:..r.l,el. o I 2 ii .Mi.iiu.iii. Hi. 114 0
Turner, r. f...? 0 u u i>|ll*ii;n>ve,cl. ii l - u
> in it Ii. c. .., i i 2 11 bull. s>. " 1 0 1
Kei.r. lb..... o ii '.i l ro'nt'n2>*Sj 0 l * u
iritii u. ?1. o .* ?-? i v.-ite-.. i i
Ljri p. ju.u l
Juan*. |>. I I
tollman, rf... I I 0 0
uii?-. :il>.ii U 2 0
'-IHU.lt. |.. II II i
I 8 SI | Total. 0 9 2l
s< .iki: in inkixu:
CaltvJ, Ja kie -s
SfitMMtY : Karned Runs?PortB
mouth 3, Petersburg I. Three-Rasa
Hit?Lippert. Two-ltaso Hits?Lyou,
James. Osville, aud Mangan. Robo ou
Balls?OH Hrandt 2, off James'2. Hit
by Pitched Halls?Maugau aud Fuller
Wild Pitch?Rraudt. Struok Out?Ry
liraudt 4, by James 3. Stolen Rases?
Peuder, James 2, Cavilie l. Childs 2,
MauRuu, Vetler, aud llallruuu. Sacri?
fice Hit ?Rraudt. Left ou Rases?Pe?
tersburg 8, Portsmouth 0. Umpire ?
l in Port Norfolk ">Uoot."
Shooting at Port Norfolk yesterday
was a graud sucoesa. Thu boys were
iu tiuo form aud shot woll. The fol?
lowing is the score:
\V. Hurst.1 0 I 1 1
P. O. Thomas.? 1 1 1 1
W, Stewart.0 1 1 1 1
J. O. Hobdav.(J 1111
W. N. White".1 1111
A. Howard.0 1 ? 0 1
W. N. White won first money; seo
and mouey divided betweeu the other
nurst. 1 1 1 1 1
Thoma.1 1 1 1 1
Stewart_,.1 1111
Hobday..0 1 1 1 1
White.1 1110
Tios wore shot of, which resulted iu
auulber tio. Tho mouey was divided.
Tha scores weru tho best of the sea
sou aud were equal to the best crack
shots of the couutry. ?
Mit. Editor?lu your yesterday's
issuo you said that Herbert Richards,
after being shot aud was bailed, hud u
row with Herbort Solly aud cut uim iu
several places. This ia a mistake. 1
have boeu conQued to my bed since
Dr. Parker removed the ball. Herbert
Sully came to see me and 1 asked bun
to go to see Rauks aud get some pa
pers be had of mine. Sully met liauka'
I brother, wbuui he told his eirauii.
Ranks then commenced to swear and
cut Solly in tho faco iu soveral places,
und ufturwards came to my house aud
took my pistol out to shout me,but was
prevented from duiug so. He thuu lelt,
und is still at large. Hopiug that yuu
will cut reel the tujuttioe doue me, 1 am,
'i tin I lftm-t/latn <>niue.
Three negro men have beeu playiug
the tlitu tiatu game around thu city
quite successfully without being
caught. Their last act was ou Tuusduy
wliuu they caught a poor negro coun?
try muu and roped htm iu aud got oil
his money. Since then uothiug has
beeu secu or beard of theso msu, al?
though a search has beeu made for
them. Deputy Sburitl Abbott sue
ceeded iu ca]ituring one of the gaug ou
1 uesday night. The msu denies all
knowledge of what he is charged with,
but suspicion is very stroug agaiust
him and he will be held for some days
to soo if thu balance of tho gaug mm
uoi be found..
,''OM.Vl Nli-ATKD.:
Alto ill ibe Street curt.
Mit. EoiTOit:?I would liko to ask,
bus tbe streut oars tho right to staud iu
frout of my store aud block up the
crossing to the cemotory und mjurieniv
business uud require people to have to
leave the sidowalk aud walk in the
muldlo of thu street? 1 have spuken
to tbu driver about it and ho Bays it is
the superintendent's orders and that it
is the most convenient place, it wuiild
be but litilu trouble for the cars
to stop a few feet higher up aud uot
block up the gHUgway. Hopiug that
you will publish this iu hopes that it
will briug sornu relief. I ?iu respect?
fully, W. E. Williams,
Olasgow street.
Our looation and address yon will
hud below,
What we have to say is that ws arc
showing airemly quito ttu attractive
liue of fall goods and would like to
have you call and examine our 6tock.
No trouble to show goods and polite
aud courteous attention sbowu tu all.
A, J. Phillips, High street, uuder Ox?
ford Hail._
j()e, T?c aud SI straw bats now sold
for 2'ic; stitV lisO, $1, worth Sl.OO to
$3, C. R, Wellou A Co.
A Lug reduction on carpets, refrigo
rators, eauopiea and oil cloth for next
thirty days, buy nnw and Bave mouoy,
at J. S. Craw ford's.
cien.iiis ttelutiflfrd isuo i inn,
but n club bototlgcil to lie: . ulna. Yuu will
iimsr bo able to wield a ? tub iu us lively a
manner as that iltra muscular chappie, but
you may recover physical energy through
the usi) ut HOBtftli r c Mom ..-U h ttoi If
you will take that thorough touic ?, itb regu?
larity and poiaisteuc . soi spasmodically?
bv Uta aud starts. Leglu at OUOe 1 Vigor is
I liliu ? Veil, lor ,h luht, -, tho certain parent
of .1 sea.u. so that delay is dsugeroas. Di
gcat'oti. t u fancti u thiouich the peifs.t
discharge of winch vigor is reuowi-.i, is In
n re.I by tbo hitter,* Ho ate appetite,
sdt-ep anil nerve ipiietttde. Kor coustlpa
lion, uiataru. rheumatism, kidney uti.l
blad Ii r trouble aud biliousness tbe Hitters
Is iini|iinhileiilv tho bast remedy extant Tho
restmativo efTe t- of a winenlasnf .1 three
times egery day will soon make theiiieolvcB
iiianitsst. * Fortify t' ? system and grow
Yesterday Happenings Told in a Ploas
ant Manner.
T?e Norfolk couutj term will bogio
September Dili.
A mod dog was killed oa Diuwiddie
street yesterday.
Mr. ami Mrs. P. D. Gill returned
from Ashoville, N, C, last night.
Tbo remains of Mr-. Poud woro
taken to lticbuioud yesterday for in
Mr, Mitchell will umpire tbo games
iietwueu Portsmoutb aud Norfolk
tbis week.
Tbo Circuit Court for tbo City of
Portsmouth will couveue ou Mouday,
Soplcuibur 2d.
Tburotou has again been reinstated
on the Portsmouth team, und played
right field yesterday.
A series of gamus will bo played be?
tween tho Norfolk aud Portsmouth
olubs beginning to day.
Mr. C. 1!, Drewry, lottor carrior No.
II, is couliued by sickuess to bis house,
No. 815 Clifford street.
Mr. Josiah Thomas, of Washington
street, is extromely ill, aud there is
littlo hope of bis recovery.
Miss Lottie Masters, vbe guest of
Mrs.Curtis at Port Nortolk, loft yester?
day for her borne in Dayton, O.
Tho street cars now run until 10:45,
instead of 10:15, except Saturday,
wheu thoy will run until 11:45 p. m,
Thore will be a picuio at Port Nor?
folk to day. There will;bc danoiug in
the pavilliou from 10 a, in. to I0:ol) p.
Mrs, Laura Carr and daughter, Mrs.
Danforth King aud sou, are speudiug
tho month of August at Shaw* Springs,
N. O.
Eningham Streot M. E. Church is
nearly completed. It will bo dedi?
cated bet?re coulcronco comnicncos in
Mr. Edward Powell rottiruod yester?
day from Hunuoke Led Snlpbui
Springs, whero ho had boon vitntug
his family.
The ferry steamer Elizabeth is run
uiug between Nortolk aud Barkley in
piano of the Norfolk which had to be
hauled oil.
'there is no disputing tho fact now
but what tbo electric toad will be com?
pleted in tho urcscribod time, which is
alaruh 1, 189?.
^Mr?, Homy Blair, who has been so
critically ill at her husbaud's rosidouce
iu Park View, is now considered to be
out of danger.
? Cards are out for tho marriage of
Miss AIico McDonough to Mr. Willie
Uriswold. The ceremony will take
place next week.
Mrs. George It. Atkinson returned
last night from Copolaud, Nauseiuond
county, Virginia, whoro sho his been
speudiug suinu time.
^ Mrs. bright, aud hor daughter
Maud, who havo boon viaitiug Mrn.
Curtis at Port Norfolk, havo left for
their home iu Columbus, O.
The gentleman who jumped iu the
ferry dock Tuesday night while trying
to cat oh u terry boat, was all right yes?
terday, and was noue tho woreo for his
A valuable dug was ran over aud
killod by a tram ou EQingliam street
yestorday. Lie ultctnpted to run under
the cars and was caught beforo he got
to tho other aide.
A crowd of noisy boys are making
themselves very disagreeable worryiuj;
the China meu ou Wasluugtuu street
by tying tbo door ami then bunging on
it. The police are after ihum.
Mr. .lohu Uowuiug has returned
from Philadelphia, where ho wsut to
cuter in the swimming match, but did
not do so because bo felt that he could
uot do himself justice in fresh water.
Workmen will begin the last of tho
wosk making house-connections with
tho sewers on High streot. After that
the streut cuu be put iu order. It will
have to be ropaved, being torn up so
'ine electric railrond company bad
the livery man, who curried passengers
to Port Norfolk, summoned before a
Justice for tbis afternoon for doiug a
livery business iu the county without
a license.
A pair of horses attached to ono of
trwiu's trucks got stuck yesterday at
teruoou in ouo of the opeuiugs made
by the sewsr company aud it was some?
time before they couid|bu removed.
Yesterday u uegfo tnau, who had just
completed a sentence of sixty days in
the city jail aud was turned out by one
of the prisoners who works atjout the
building, bclorc he left he thrashed
the prisoner aud came near btiuig sent
back for somo time, but was let oil', too
prisoner being to blame.
Cant. Jobn T. Hrady andJOilicer
tloofuaglo,whilo coming from the baio
hall park together iu Capt. Brady's
baggy, were throwu out by one of tho
wheels of tbo vehicle falling all to
pieces. Fortunately neither one of the
men wore hurt. Tho liorso remained
stonily uutil anotlior wheel oonld be
procured from a wheelwright near by
i'hey thou proceeded to the city.
Go to B. P. Parker's, No. 305 South
struct, for now and secondhand furni?
ture. Kopairing and upholstonog a
Wh n your stomach is out of order and
your skiii is \eiicm, indication a disordered
liter, take Johnson s Kidney and Lit er Regu?
lator, the groatsii of ub fa.iiily medicines,
mi ami Mc. For sale by W. it. Martin.
a:l.5o For ai.so.
We havo about '2?U Beys' Suits,
ranging iu si/.o from (j fo 11, that we're
closing out at $1.50, worth more than
twice tho ruoro.oy. Breslauer .v An?
thony, 111 High street.
Go acoount of brokeu sizes and lots,
wo hare put tho kuifo into prioes, and
if you want a suit don't miss this
ohauco. You oau savo nearly ouo half
by purchasing at once. Wo wean busi?
ness. Levy ? Jacobs, 200 High street. ]
Ttiere will bo n meet mg of tbo W, C.
T, 1'. at tbo reaideuoe ol Mrs. O. S.
linker, this Thursday, at 4 p. ui. Spo
oral business, also tbo election of
ollioers. Mrs. Wiley will prosiilo
aud every ollieer aud superintendent
aud uieuiuer is requested to be preseut.
Miss 1011a Booue, wbo la to take
charge of tho art department in the
Her I; ley Collegiate and Military luati
tuto, arrived yesterday. Miss Uoouu
is professional in her liny ot work, aud
tho institute is to bo congratulated in
haviug secured ber services. Samples
of her work mar lie seen at tho insti?
Tho lierklov baseball team which
was scheduled 10 play in SuU'ulk Tuns
day, aud didn't show up, wish to state
that thoy uuvor received auy lotter of
acceptance from the Suffolk team until
Tuesday uight at U o'clock, but will
tuoct them at auy future tune.
1 he lailios of Uheitunt Street M. P.,
Churoh will sorve cream and uako iu
tho vaoaut store in thu lie: 1,ley block
Foi want of a quorum there was no
meotiug of tho oouooil Tuosday night.
He Fully Explains His Silence Re?
garding the Chinese Riots,
lir Southoru assooiateJ l'rus.
Minister Deuby at Pokiu has cublcd
a long explanation to the Statu 1 ><>
pautmeut with reference to oveuts con
uectcd with the luipnry iu tho Kti
Cheng massAcro, which ho bad
previously failed to report, thereby
causing dissatisfaction iu otlicial cir?
Mr. Deuby Lad maintained so long a
silence dospijo tue auxioty of tho Do
partmout to hoar from him iu regard
to these matters, that it was deter
miued to cable him a synopsis of the
newspaper roports cabled from China
in regard to alleged Cbiuoso attompts
to prevent a full inquiry by tho Ameri?
can and British t.owniiitiouors into
the uiassnorea reported, This was
doue aud Mr, Deuby was requested to
slate whethor tbobo roports were true.
While tho wording of the oahlograui
thus seut can hardly bo deemed a do
maud for au expluualiou, according to
tho interpretation given it at the State
department to day, the fact that it was
scut Continus tho statements published
that Mr. Deuby'e long bilouoo was
causing dissatisfaction. On the whole
tho auswar of the uiiuitder shown thut
ho was diligent in tho poriormauce of
duty, and tho explanation of his hilouce
appears to he that he did not doetu
some of tho information iu bis posses?
sion sutJioiently important to cable.
To-day the Department received tho
dispatchos from Mr. Deuby, dated
August. 27, in which bo states thut Mr. I
Uixson, our consul at Foo Chow,
started for Ku Tion uudor orders from
him to nivsstigato the recant , riots
there iu the early part of this mouth.
Mr. Hixsou wont with tho couseut ol
the Obiness j/ovornmout and under
protection of an osoort furnished by
iha provincial authorities. He wan
accompanied by n Kavui ottlcor of our
itcet, thu latter, as tho Dopai tuioiit Iiiih
been advised, being Commander Mow
ell, of tho Detroit,
l|Mr. 11 ixsou has reported to'2 Minis
istor Douby that tho work of the com?
mission at tuition is proceeding, aud a
considerable number of convictions
havo alroaJy been secure I. As to thu
Zev.u Chuuu commission, Mr. Deuby
states that it will begiu its work as
soou as tho British Consul ,'ut Chang
King, who has beoti designated by bis
i{overumeut to serve thereon cau leave
his post, wbieb. for tue lime being, he
nuda it impossible to do.
The late Viceroy of C/u Cnuan, Lin
I'iug Cbaug, has not been appointed
by the Pekiu govsrnmeut its commis?
sioner for iLvestigutiug either the .June
or August riots, but he has received
orders Irom the F.mperor to remain at
his post ui Chsng Tu uutil his conduct
prior to anil daring the riots has been
thoroughly investigated.
Trimmings For Summer Itudicee.
Lace, rill in and bead decorations are
;ill noted "ii the bodicos, while empire
capes, opunlets, Vandyke arrangements
and variouf other designs uro shown for
their adornment, write-: Isabel A. Mai
Ion in The Ladies' Homo Journal. As
Lead trimmings mo ijuin? expensive, it
is voll to know thut there may bo got?
ten, in the largo shops, strings of bends
and spangles to bo npplied to ribbon or
pioco material, so that the economical
woman may form a fashionable garni
ture without spending much money.
Sntiu ribbon is morn generally seen
than either volvot or grosgrniu, and tho
reasons for its popularity are not only
that it tics easier, but that it contrasts
morn effectively with the fabric proper.
Stripes and plaids in silk uro fancied
for plain h.i.lict-s, while if a pln.iii color
is used it is given an elahbratoair by its
trimming, Cotton blouses frequently
have u double ruffle down tho front for
their only trimming, as it is conceded
to be in lH-.st tasto to develop them sini
ply- _
Miss Mary Bartelmo of tho Chicago
bur has ju*f closed a conrse of 16 lec?
tures upon medical jurisprudence in the
Woman's Medical college of tho North?
western university.
lit Ulli.
1!t Bouihern Associate.) I'roia.
Toms Hivkh, N. J., August '28.?
Patrick (Invan Duffy. ex-Polioo Justice
of New Vork city, died this morning.
What'* tho good ol auytuiugV Noth?
ing?anlese it is nn umbrella this
weather. Tbo beat aro sold at C. It.
Welton k Co's.
Why travel without ono of our "Cov
ort" ovorcoataV Correct in fit, style
and place, Nichols & Wallace,
169 Main streot,
Act almost Instantly, speedily curing the
mont obstinate cases. Rheumatism cured
in from I to 3 days. Dyspciwia and all
stomacli troubles quickly relieved. Catarrh
positively cured. I(endliche cured in 5
minutes. Nervous discuses promptly cured.
Kidney troubles, Piles, Neuralgia, 'Asthma
end all female Cumplaliits quickly cured.
Munyoil's Vitalizer imparts new lifo and
vigor to weak and debilitated men. Ask
your druggist for a ?_>."..cent vial of one ol
Munyon's Cures, and if you are not bene?
fited your money will bu refunded. 'Phis
Company puts up
A cure for every disease
Any One Can Make It ami Have Nimie
Ullns That Will lie n Delight.
It may tio easily constructed out of an
ordinary barrel and a good length of
hemp rope sufficiently stout to bear tlie
weight of a grown person.
()n?< should be careful to select a
oleou, uiooly mudo barrel for the pur?
If there is no empty olio to bu found
in the storeroom or cellar of your homo,
it may be purchased al any grocery store
for 96 cents or less. Remove ibutop und
bottom of the barrel, und three inches
from the edge, both top nud bottom,
laut; holes by* moans of n gimlet between
tho staves all around.
Thus you have it row of holes at each
end of the barrel, through which may
bo laced the ropo, inside and out, and
fastened firmly tit u chosen stave on
cither side. You will bo surprised to
find how nicely tho ropes will adjust
themselves in tho half circle or grooves
afforded by tin- gimlet holes.
Ivlnock off tho laurel hoops, and your
hainuux-k will fall at your feet, tho
staves opening out smoothly, held se?
curely by the ropes.
Ropes attached at the four corners
will swing tho hammock from stout
brass hooks fastened on the tree trunks
on tho lawn, or botwecu n piazza post
nnrt the house, upon the lattor.
Thorn is ?. deal of luxury in this sdin
plo, homefy device Tho swell of tho
slave toward the renter will bo found
to exactly fit the back when in u reclin?
ing position, and. moreover, this ham?
mock will not double up and incase one
in uncertainty of getting in and out, as
tho net ones nre so prone to do.
For the lawn tho hammock ui ed only
receivo a ooat of English enamel paint
iu BOino bright, cheery color nud bo Tit -
tod with a Japan060 ruh): pillow, or uir
cular net, which can bu purchased for
10 oouts, but for the piazza WO hnvo
seeu one r-laboratedy decorated.
It was painted n vivid yellow, nnd
tho roya.s hud boon stretched over in
crimson wool, finished in bunches of
pompous that hung front the brass hooks
thut suspended tho hammock.
A very thin pad. or mattress, made
of hair nud covered with a Bngdnd rug,
which hung over the sides of tho ham?
mock as mi oriental vnlnuco, added to
its luxury; bosidi s this there was attest
of down cushions gay in bandanna covets
piled at one olid.?Exohulige.
?.:-!.<-. fui Walking. I
It appears that Newport society girls
have formulated a rule for graceful
walking, whioh pedestrians will plenso
copy if they wish to get on in this
world. An intelligent writer thus do
Bcribcs this stop: "One of the oordinal
points," she says, "is that the advanc?
ing foot should bo placed a long way
ahead of the other, so its to make a very
long stop, almost a stride, and to keep
this stride graceful the foot that is left
behind lifts itself to the tue and takes it
right angle swing. The toe must always
be set down first, ur the body will sink
too heavily nt each, like tiie step of a
fat woman. The pointed toed shoe is
preferred if long enough, a* it cuts tho
air and lends elasticity to tho foot."
There! This is uncommon sense, but
tho Newport pedestrian always walks
just that way. Tiuueforo lot every girl
who can forsake her wheel king enough
to wulk nt all try it. She will feel she
is in Ihn swim right off, for Miss Amy
Bend and Miss JuUu Grant, besides half
ti do/en other fair ones now doing this
swan step uct, are declared to bo "beau?
tiful walkers."?Boston Herald.
i fie to uamnuii'i tot MarsjsUns? i
IMtll I S tlOtt 1 II A 1? \ I II I i s I: i| I \ I s
llrgluult?}! m u. in., ?uliii< ut lu:3j r :"
11 iU fieihioentl i t the Hot* .
auJ.-ii n.J. MULVKY.rroprUI r.
id connection with the
Hotel Vernon?
h ?upi>lie>t with l-'luti. (toft Crabs unit ?ii
Delicti ten obtainable The iihtiIIioii is op u
at ..ii limes to picnic purtio?. i.'aius reason?
able and service nrst-clus*. I'avillLu upon
tu Um public for ilancl i: Mondays, tVeduos
?lavs Hint Knuay*. on Mon int'n. Wednes?
days and Krhtaya heron tie i enn will make
hail hour trips ?o I'orl Norfolk from'2 toll
p m. mill after !> o'clock hourb trips unlit
ii t&. ihi' laai cm Icavlne. Port .\ormlk lit
lh.it lmnr. Ai ooiinnorUtloim loi twenty
guests tor iho summet I'm raten and par?
ticular* address M J. MUI.VBY.
nwri Unlit! mm m m mm uaily
Fine Maryland Peaches,
f=e:/\f=?s /\imd/\f?p3ues.
_ tub e. ('. uuookb co.
l^OK SS^Vl^IC.
IIoiibi; aii'l lot mi i'ooko an lint l ark Vlow,
loi.sxliw hoi- lim jrpari ohli H coouts;
pantry, eity water, ui <> closets, front ami
back porohcK, Trie,' ei.SGO. Part cash
hal.iin e on time.
John l. WATSON.
Portsmouth, Va.
li^Oll 8ALI'. Oil ItKNT?A I AltOK HOI'S!.
I with all in od" i' u hiiprot emeuta; lot I'J
foot truut by VII foci deep. Apply mi prom?
ises. North and Pearl streut, l ark \ low.
Specials for To-day
A fie h lot of our ?fic Ton ju t arrived;
you hud butter try it and sare -. c poi
pound; Linked llouun, Be per can; I ro?h ,
Kliied Oukos, oulv lOc pei pound; Finest .
tlookiu ( ttaiuna. Bo per pound. Our sun ,
Iteam flour .a iu Kreut demand; uivo it a
C. \V. liDOOlNS A OO.,
U02 Crawford street. i
ocmeitiiiKj to inteiesi lite lames 01215 H'oii si.\
Misses'lleefera at $1.00. A nice lino of In- ?
lint-' Long Cloaks. Ill in* and svnite Du k,
Worth, li e. tionig st 7? per yai i. Jnsl ro
ceived a Nav> iiluo liucki selling at lie.
a tew ui those large Mosquito Itugs at $)'2,
worth ?KO. 8. BULL, Agout.
J. O. Williams Made Tort Laureate of
WaI.h For tin,. Year.
The unio.no und impressive oerotnouy
incident to seating a mau iu tint bardic
chair took place the other night in Che
Congregational tabernacle iu Serunton,
1*1?. Tlio bard so honored was J. U.
Williams of Liverpool, whose burdio
name is "Pedroj " His poem on'Tlup
piuoss" was given the prize at tho ro
i>ont National eisteddfod of Wales, ut
which yd poets contested.
A peculiar foaturo of these Welsh
prize compositions is the fact that each
piece must have J I different, meters and .
possess tbo trim poetic sentiment. Mr.
Williams was successful, but at tbo time
of his victory ho was iu this country, |
and hence was unable to bo placed in !
the baidic chair with the ceremony ?
which is attached to this uctiou of the
National eisteddfod. Because of his
presence In this country the Welsh litte?
rateurs of that section resolved to per?
form tbo ceremony.
The seating of tbo bard la u bcantiful
ceremony. Tbo adjutors, tbreo in num?
ber, declare who the successful competi?
tor in, und then the arch druirl selects
two of tbo poets present und commands
them to bring forward tho successful
bard. He commands tho poet tobe seat?
ed in a magnificent oak chair manufac?
tured for this purpose Then tho pout is
commanded to rise und tho arch drnid
unsheathes his sword over tho poet's
heud, and in n solutions' voice asks Uio
multitude threo times in saccoBsiou "if
peace reigns supreme." J
Tho multitude answers in the affirm?
ative, ami the arch drnid declares him
the poet laureate of bis nutiun for one
year and one day. Following this cere?
mony each in turn congratulated tho
victor poet in impromptu verses.?Phil
lidulphla Press.
II. I Hi att t'puu II. I hluFTS.
Tho up to date girl, says tho New
York Bun, wears her heart upon her
sleeve. It's a gold or silver heart, to bo
sure, and it diuiuJ.es about her neck
from a long, slender chain, but it is of
locket pattern, and within it are a like?
ness and tho lock of hair?presumably
of her sweetheart. Tho hearts are about
an inch and a half long and uppoar in
all grades of ozpeusiveneas. Sometimes
they aro of richly chased gold sot with
precious stones, but again they aro sim?
ply of frosted silver. Thoy are known
us "Trilby hearts."
Mrs. MuClurg-.
Mrs. Virginia Donugho McClnrg of
Colorado, tho WOll known lecturer, is
visiting tho east for the benefit of her
sou's health, which will probably oblige
her to Stay here for some months. Mrs.
McClnrg organized tho lirst party, aside
from government expeditious, which
explored the ruins of tho cliff dwellers
in the southwest. For ten years she has
made a Hj.ocMhv of these studies and
explorations. Mrs. McClnrg is not only
an urchioologist, but a poet of merit and"
a worm advoeato of equal suffrage
Wonld Make a. Good Wife.
Tho girl who stole out over her
mother's sleeping form to elope with
her young mu,u is a wifo worth having.
If she could do that, sho ought to be
nblo to get out and kindle tho tire and
get breakfast without waking her sleep?
ing spouse.?Springfield (Mo.) Repub
' ?icary.
POirrSMMtrrii ,iiivi:k iiii:nt^n
Bells $ Camps.
Special Prices on Instalments
Wo will place on our counter* for TEN
DAYS our outird Bto.L ot I KICKED LAWN8,
etc., at
8c Per Yard.
Former prices. l'.ilc to 'l'c.
children a .Mull Cups, all grades, regard*
le-H of cost.
Ladies' VestR marke,I in suit all.
A pood KOo shirt at 3*0.
Lots ot Itemnauta at any prico.
Special lot of fall weight Cuailmerea,
Paintings. Ac. below cost. Vvo iuvite alL
Ag utJ tor Uutterwlok's t'-tterna.
j'i'J Ulgti street
Ntn, and Notes.
Tho average percentage of all wheat
acreage in 07.
Tito acreage of rice is the same as
that of last year.
Fur keeping insects and bugs from
melons, cucumbers and snch like a
sprinkling of finely sifted coul ashes
sceiitod with a little kerosene oil is very
It appears to bu quite certain that
there will be u shortage in tho pepper
mint oroD.
The Beat Wo I vor naa.
The country will seo in any case from
the treasury returns now published that
thorn is uo occasion for congress to tin?
ker the new tariff. Defective as it is, it
has already proved itself to be tho least
burdensome and least objectionable tar
ill" tho American people have had since
i-i.ii, und in its provisions of free raw
materials, by far tho best under which
they have over lived.?New York Her?
Ttesult of a Wiae Tarift
Occasionally there is a short lived
strike on tho part of some of the more
impatient laborers, who uro disposed to
rush tho business of raising wages, but
it will bo noticed that there are no more
strikes on account of v.age reduction*.
?Washington Post.
What They Mean.
All signs point to plenty and pros?
perity next year, und those things mean
Democratic victory. ?Solected._
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
tightly used. The many, who live bet?
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the vtilue to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
I Its excellence is due to it3 presenting
1 in the form most acceptable and pleas?
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect la*;
ative; effectually cleansing the s/steffi,
dispelling colds, headaches mid fevers
und permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions ana
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it nets on the Kid?
neys, Liver and Rowels without weak
I etnng them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance
Syrup of. Figs is for sole by nil drug?
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man?
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being weH informed, you w}U ft**
I accept any substitute if offered. -

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