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To Cure
Wenk Stomach, loss of npr-Ute, flatulence,
waierbrasli, rising of fonJ"..ncartburn. night
mure, coated tongue, offensive breath, jaun?
dice, had complexion.liver-suoi ?, yellow eyes,
constipation, palpitation ?>i the heart, and
Bhorl l.n atll aller tueoiS.Oyspepiia, and all 113
symptoms, lake
Dr. Dcane's
Dyspepsia Pills.
Eat plenty <>l good nourishing f.1. A pill after
c. h meal. ?5 > ml .at diuggislfe'.
tuua iu u?i i ftce staple.
klaiiaton. .New \oilt.
V? X ^11 II.
ft WO GIKLS WANTED low.k lu-k.-t uiueli n?
ti^.. i itead) work. se-IS-tt* ?
"11' .\ x 11 Ii" ...iIon In ir\|> rt iccountanj mid
Ii l?okkefpei AI manage ami all round bual
Mesi Uli u In: reierrn ra. A ldi. -? box ;WI Xor
Tolk. ael3-l*?
\\'AX1LD Nu "ii- .i two weeks, small Nap
?I tlda oi Oil Laun b ins:-, la - care takrn;
H. a.- ei ee and wbem in .neb can be seen. Ad
W. I?. M.,care Virginian. a lit-?i
wishes |>o?lllon n ehnreli etioli bich-cluss
Icsliuu nials; i upll at lbo he l nintteni Ol iIii? couu
li\. Address'Mj. M.," box 4B, Clareuioul, Vn.
a GENTS MAKK $."? DAILY. Marvelous luven.
tion Ketalli*23 cent*. Twoioals told in a
bouie. Sample uiatlttd tree. FOKSHBE A makix,
l'luclnaali, U. scSKmu.Ij
"\yANTED?SALESMEN.?Kiiergetio.i io sell
Ii goods by laiupleat home,or travel; easy ?eil?;
Staple goodtj llbsral salary oi good iouiwitslou
Addrvsi V ... box no . x ? York CTir,
miao-th ta-ggt_
W ax 1 EU?An esiierieucod liiisbehuau. Ad*
?I dross TAILOR 8UUP. Ibis ottlcr. au'.'s-tl
\Y ax 11. A experienced i nibiue Sal ami
>> a Mr.-- CLOTIllN'i. Ibis oulcf au2S-ll
VnriNTEU HI LP-Waat-. 1, a :'r t-. iaM o: i.\~.
it t .i ou shiil machine. Applj at Ocean View
I. aundrv aulK-tf
*\\' ANTED A Ilm h ie-s fan y iron and stuicher.
?I A;>t> y at Uc a View I mdrv. a 11?? -11
j Tit It A L INDDrilKY?A tborouub pi ait leal
electrical eiiulueei (graduate ol oneol ibe leading
universities) at prosrul superintendent large
Work lu the Eart, hnriu) some capital, desires i?
associate hiiniell with j ntau louujamliug eaplial,
business abtllfj ami social standing with a vie* to
locate In Norfolk, for Ibe pnrjx se ol a?lnb isli ng
and de?i lo| lug tin ? o Irieul industry in IIa varh i
forma Eeiereuce*. ilctaili oi Infoi tuat ion, e'<\,
vie., will bo furnished by corresponding with i*
H rare of Virginian oUne. iv.i'.-tu ii,?i
i wax i i ivi: i xpi 1:1 i:\ti h in n ihm,
I ami i ...hi Solicitors ?all acquainted in Kurf. Ik
and adjacent lowis. Will pa) -alary with cow
mission, Cs'lonW.M. PAKE, at Atlantic Hotel,
Korfoli,between Xand I p. in. a .i-tf
? GEN i ti> m 11 by samples oiii line no cxperlcu. .?
H requirad: it's a. Maple a? sugar; foi samples
ami full particulars address, with stamp,I'.O bos
ISC, New York city. JeSIr
s GEN 1S make S3 dailv Marvelous iuTeullou.
J\ K. t.nls ...,? t. .sold Ina bouse. Sample
M'l'.t'l AI, NOTIOKa.
[VOTICE TO MY'CUSTOMEltS Learn allorde-a
t, Jj* '?'fiai'!$ ?"' ' ' ?rt-el Clranluji hi
V K. ALLEN S. 1 Clin ab klrrel .1. T. TIII.V?
\\,'ll? WILL I.oax ??.? .mi in ., Hue piece pn'ii
II etty worth *t,.; title guurunieed, X. \.\?
d - ll<
llEUKEW N'EWYI Alt CA It IM In cr.at ralet)
I* eutliely new .i-i.,,-, ui prl.e^ lei , u. ?..
Mall ordeis i-aiefull? and pruiantl. Mad. Ms.
H U M S, 1-- Main street, Xmi I?. Va.
I mm ill W Mtll in VNY ? HOI AN EXCEL
?>.?. 'Ill mi mi c;,.| A , h,N. A
ilE iti\| lias located at -' i lat Main str.el,
Pic a ill help aid ami sii-t you in every way.
Mie wi.t lell you tour i.u.m.r a I..11 nnaue belore
In r iiaii.u... i :il: Inrllie next I n ilav? at i ..?
above uumber. Fee, rOcj tl.S'i to sr>, uuld-tm
?f"-i IW1A TO LEND at C wr esnl on elti reales
0 I.'II il I taie. Ill It IX \ IOM LIN, Academy
01 Music building, hi il.ii
kew faces
Big lllonilshes.ln IftO p, i.i, k? ;l
?lohn II. WntMlburr. 1331\
InveuUir ol Woodbnry's Facial - .up,
LA!'IKSi!,.'-C1':'"h",or''f"'' ' p ">yf?yal PiBi
r'!??'.'.... R'"urn Irti'ii'i. .'? .'; ?.'
?.u^.v.tr"' " ???- '?""-'???. ????
I Drags, Patent Mnlletnes. Toilet Artlela,
Clean and Tob.nro. W. W PHILLIPS, 2Ifl
ajalnilrcet. ie-10
.1. X. .liiX'I.S.
OrUee ISOand re*ldrnce i. Cumberlaml it reel
An oidei s promptly aliinded io.
I ou sill
Vi.i:?ai.i A part or n i of llcech Glove Farm
l (414 acres), near K.list ii? Princes! Anne
co'Uly. ai.at ihar-o| c.i..|., buUsebold
fiitnl .a.', buy, Ac Pail poste >lon now. olliei oil
or Irfore lai Janiiary, ISjaf, Apply to s L LY
m ax. Keiiipsrille, oi j. Y. i.EIOU. 1 Hunk
st r, . i. Norfolk. Jj 0
t^-"- rmi it it wr
1) 0.M3 FOE KENT,furnlshei .r uuforni lad,
v vl.h or without board. No ... i r emai
a:r^ i. ioI'-'-ii
. TDK III NT-Thrie Ol foul r. Ill bouse with
?' JP ?I ? tljlidrcn: residence hi tond neighhorbood
Bad eoaveiil ?ilj located foi tti >t ear*, mark, u
' mis ibunhes; refeisnces gitan aud rcijuiter Ap.
I>Jy at SIC ->oiiib Park ats.iue icU 11
The Day's Doings Condensed and j
Put in Readable Form.
A Novel Nautical Sight. A Young
Man Waiting to be Examined as to
His Mental Condition. A Gold
Watch Lost. Other Inter?
esting Gossip.
I Fair weather reported for to-uiorro?*
Mr. (>. A. Sledge has returned home
trout the mountains,
The uext session of Norfolk Academy
begins Weduesilay, the i!5tb,
Charles Coney is iu the city jail, to
be cxuuiiucd as to bin nieutui condi?
A party of young people from Jiratu
bletou went ou u hay ride to Ocean
View last uight.
The soheouer Corueliu, which was
souk in the Periiuitntuoua river, N, C,
has arrived at this port.
A gold watuh aud ohaiu, lost by M,iss
lihumt ou Cburcn street,, has beou ro
covered by Detective (Castwood.
The warruut ugainul 1. Ctutmati,
churgiug him witli selling impure
locale, was dismissed by Justice bur?
roughs yesterday.
There Will be u musical at the Free
mason Street t Disciples') Chureh to
night, given by tho Williug Helpers
Society. Admission tree.
Miss Mury Adams, uccompauied by
her fitter. Miss Katharine Adams, of
lialttmore, lelt thia city yesterday
aftcruuou to visit friun?s ut Newport
An opeu air Gospel meeting was
held at tbu corner ol i'nucoss Aune
avenue aud Church street last night.
Lev. .1. T. Masliu, of MoKeadree, was
the speaker,
A deeu was admitted to record iu the
Clerk's othue to day from O. K. Multby
to OordOU A Sharplcy truutdcriug to
the latter a lot ol laud at the corner ul
Ferguson aud Jaunsou avenues, liiam
bletou Ward; ooueideratiuu, $200.
I be remains of M rs, Mary F. Tan
uer, who died ut th u resideuoe ol uer
sou, ou liotetotirt street, yesterday,
aged ti t years uud 11 mouths, wero
forwarded to Putsimrg ou ibe Norfolk
uud Western truiu yesterday morutug
tor burial.
The two masted schooner Lizzie K.
f?dwards passed up the harbor to-day
with sutis turled uud dropped auubor
on tbu Berkley Hats. The sight was so
uovel that it ultructed much atteuliou.
It was explaiued that the Cd wards has
a gasolene eugiue uud is a stcuinor
as well us fcchuoncr.
Nice rooms for rent; seo advertise
incut iu proper culumu.
Mrs. 11. W. lieuth uud children, of
Kelley aveuue, will leuvo to day for
Loauudulo, N, C,
ulr<i. (J, N. King is at home agaiu on
Ferguson aveuui',uaviug returned from
a pleasant visit to friends in Matbews
county, Va,
Messrs. Young brothers have mado
decided improvemeuts iu their huud
Bomo residence on \\ indtor uvouue.
It bus bceu advisedly tuggested that
the condition of the marsh IU the rear
of the public school building, corner
Claiborne und Ueeervoir avenues, is
BUOh as to be a menace to the health of
teachers aud pupils to be engaged there
tbu- ensuing session. The mutter needs
prompt utteutiou,
'Ibero is complaint ot iuterferouco
with The Vihoinian by both taking
uud borrowing it after delivering to
tubscriburs by tho rotito boys.
Mr. Lewis Lanier, sou of Captain
aud .Mrs. T. J, Lanier,formerly ol tnis
ward, uow of Lambert's Point, is ut
homo very ill with pneumonia.
Mrs. Moribund und daughter, of
New York, uro the guests of Mit. J.
O, Lenuon, Johnson avenue, .
tluutersvillo is to have u drugstore
in the near future, to bo located uor
uer Central aud Washington avenues.
Miss tlelou Ouykeudall, of Itiuh
moud, Va., who was Htoppiuc with
Mrs. J. C. Fit ut. Pollard street, bus
returned home.
Mrs. Wright's little girl, whoso
brother died with diptberia on
Monday, lias not yet contracted that
disease, as hat; becu reported in some
of tho papers, and it is Mild that tburo
hi e no bad oases of it in this town.
Li port Bays that the tluutersvillo
team played the Brauiblotou a game of
bull yesteruay, with u result of '.? to 0
iu favor ol the former,
Mr. und Mrs. Uolloway, recently
from Portsmouth, have a sick daugh?
ter after at their residence, corner of
Ccuiral avenue and Avelino 15.
.1 l'r. llj V? utltlilltf.
A pretty wedding took placo at St.
Mary's Church yesterday at 1 o'olock,
tbu contracting parties beiug Mis
Auuie C. Lester und .Mr. M. J. Lyi i
both of this city. Air. Jos. Lel.lv
acted us best man and .Miss May Lizzie
j llaitou us maid of honor, who looked
' very pretty dressed in white China
siik. I bo bride wore u brown travel?
ing dress. Alter the wedding the
partj vvtitit to the fnture borne ol the
bride, No. .">s Wood street, whore nn
elegant din nor wus served, after which
Mr. ami Mrs. Lyons lelt by Lay Lino
for a Northern tour, the following
were the ushers. Messrs. J. F, Hat
ton, C H, Uousolvo, J. F. Fletcher
aud ?, 15. Carroll.
? lie II oder ?? lt. um?
Thrives on good food and Biiushiue,
with plenty of exercise in tho open
air, tier form glows with health und
her fuco blooms with its bounty. If
her system needs the cloaUliog action
of u laxative remedy, she uses the
gentle and plcusuut liquid ia.tulivu
Syrup of Figs.
Tho nobbiest lino of hats over shown
iu Norfolk can be found ut Uuldmuu
1 A iiofheiiuor's. j
MTnil>BY," the most successful piny
written in lilty yours, whiob is now
the reiguiutr. success in Now York uud
Chicago, will be brought hero lor two
night?, commencing Monday, Septem?
ber 10th, matiuoa Tuesday. I
This will bo the only visit here, au
the great company pluyiug "Trilby"
is to make an extended (our through?
out tho Western cities iti September,
All tho beautiful Boouery, oostnmcs
aud origiual musio will bo brought
directly from Now York and tho Com?
pany will be under tho direction of
William A. Brady, A company of Bd
inirablo players bus beou brought to?
gether by Muuager Palmer for tho
iiitorprotntiou of "Trilby." Every
rolo is tukeu by n competent porsou
aud there is an ntteutiou to minor
details that is most commoudablo. Tho
eule of seats will begin to-morrow
morning, No udvatice iu prices,
Mutiucc prices sumo ns ovouiug, 25c,
5Uc, 75o ttuu SI.
"A TniP to OntNATOWK."?To those
tvlio wish to tuko a delightful "t rip to
Obiuatowu" by Hoyt's route our ad?
vice is to secure your tickets early and
go to tho Academy of Music lo-uight,
to-morrow mutiuco and to morrow
night. Tho trip will bo marked by
several inuovatious aud the piece will
bo prcsouted with tho origmul New
York cast and new costumes uud
soenery. Tuore bus beou a remarkable
largo advance salo of seats, which
.seems to indicate that "A Trip to
Chinatown" will be received with the
sume degree of cordiality this your that
has invariably marked its former ap?
pearance iu-tbi city. The skit desig?
nated by Mr. Hoyt as a musical trille.
is considered to bo the most breezy ot
his: many work'.'.
Act ' rg-.t ii lor i Itti Tu Kate?
The following letter from Lev. A.
Coke Smith merits u generous ro
Bpouae, Cot the suggestion be acted
upon, The Texas should have an
organ, aud tho people of NortolK and
Portsmouth should contribute it. Start
tbo subscription list:
Noaroi.k, Va., Heptembor 12, 1895.
Editoi ol tliey"? Rinian:
Tho Liev. Wulcr U. Isaacs, uhaplum
in tho United Stntos Navy, who has
been assigued to duty on board tbo
Texas, writes mo that ho would be glut!
if tho Christiuu people of Norfolk
would present the Texas with au organ
uud sung books,say Moody aud SuuLoy
Gospel Hymns, Noa. ? und Ii.
1 would bo very glad to recoivo any
contributions (or this purpose It
Beems to mo it would bo u very prop't
tuing lor tho goo.i people of our city
to do. What is done must bo done ut
once Itespeotfully,
A. Coke Smith.
'I tie \ . 'I. < . %. Mar I ourvr.
Tho outlook for tbu V. M. ?. A, Star
Course is more encouraging, n number
of subscriptions baring been rocelvod
iu tho last fo.v days. An attractive ur
rav of talent has been uutliued, in?
cluding sumo of the most plcauiug aud
popular musical orgaui/.utions ou the
platform, such as iho Lotus Gleo
Club, und Miss Mursball; the Mozart
Club, Wesloyau Uuivorsity Glee Club,
aud Mandolin Club, Ltostou ideal Con?
cert Company, und otuers ol equal
Parties deairiug tickets uro requested
to make their wauts known to tho com
mitte ut ouco, us it is neoessary to closo
Mr. Itilllarv liuir.ss I', law i>|>t-iir<'il.
Mr. llilliary Fentress, n well known
ctti/.ou of Atlantic City, who lor u
number of yours wan the keeper of tho
Smith's Creek tole bridge, has niysto
riuusly disappeared.
Wednesday night Mr. Fentress'
daughtor was taken sick uud ho weut
ulter u doctor und bus never been sccu
since. Mr. Pentroas whs 70 years ol"
age and it is feared that some terrible
aocident lias befallen bun.
Kr.'i in Melon 1 no I hull.
Tho members of tho Lrumbloton
football (cum have organized and tho
members will occupy tue following po
s;li. iis: hum, r. c.; JefTors, r. t.;
Crown, r. g.; Bonner, e.; W right, I.
g.; Lawler, I, t.; Howard, 1. c.j lior
niu, q, b,; Woodhouso, I. h. b. j
Walker, r, b. b.; Nye (captain), f. b.
Substitutes Calrow, Weaver, Over
ton, Ktberidge und Morris. W, M.
tllldgius, manager.
Ileeiin Iteoorilttil.
A deed was recorded iu tbo Clerk's
oflico yesterday transferring from
burton Myers to James L. Ltberulge,
it piece of laud ou tho east Bidu ol
Brewer street, near Freemason, $100.
Wm. Stevens to Mrs. Lina 15. Jake
man and .Mrs. Ida V. Jacobs, u lot und
buildings at the northeast corner ol
Mariuor oud Kelly stroots, deed of
i he < ill ??*i mis i oin 11,u.
The New York steamer will bring to
Noriolk this afternoon 'Jln Cbiueso
men and women. They will leave Nor
folk via tho Seaboard Air Lino for do
Atlanta Exposition. Tuore will ui ? i a
aboard the steamer twenty-four Arabs
bound for tho Streets ol Cairo at the
Ln position.
No I tr< .
iho Pire Department was called out
last night by an alarm from box '-'1. al
the corner of Main and Newcastle
streets. There wus no liro.
Hill llHrKlllllw (Ins Mfcii.
See lust Sunday's Vihuinian for
prices. Wi la it's, 190 Main stroot.
A lightweight overcoat m a necessity
ut the seashore and mountains. Oni
"Covert" overcoat is just the coat you
waut. Niouolu a Wallace,
i ? Main b trcct,
I cod Collen i simply delicious) at
Mao's. Try it. uud you wili drink
nothing else tins wurm weather.
Yon can only buy this sonsou's
Youmun hat from Ooldtnuu .'. llof
Ihciiuor, hoIo ugents.
Dr. Miles' Pain Pills, "uuu centudoso."
Concluded from .Second paffC
Norfolk percoutRRO to bo absolutely
oorreot should 1)0 writteu -171 liV-lUO,
making n ditlereooe of a fraotiou iu
favor of Portsmouth.
Tho foilowiug information is fur
nishod by Tiik Vikoinian's Richmond
'?Very much interest is felt here as
to tho reorganization of the Virginia
Lcnguo. Thin will bo all'octod at a
meeting on tho 12 th of October.
I resident Niok Young has written
hero that tho League t-nuuot hnvo tho
protection of tho National uulesH tho
rules art- observed, ltd complains of
Norfolk, Petersburg nud Lvuebburg
for playing Mills, Turner ami Mason,
and uIho ot Portsmouth for allowing
Modaun to play on that team alter
he loft Norfolk. It in rqorotbeu likely
that a tutu will be e.hosuu to tako
charge of tho atluirs ol tbu League and
have outiro control, subject to the up- I
proval of o Hoard of Directors. Just
who that person will hois not knowu.
Tho only name that has been anggoslod
is that of Mr. Betts, tliu uojptro."
Tho Town Council met last night
after a vacation since .Inly the llth,
Messrs, Jones, Tilley, Graves, Whit
worth ami VVbltatooe wero present.
Tho Recorder read the minutes of
tho laBt iuiri.ii ?, which were ap?
The Raeorder reported a baiuuoo of
;?:!:iu,2l iu buuk ami two iiotou over?
A motion was made nuJ carried to
pay tho lntoreat ou >, '.< ? duo aud re?
new tlioui,
Mr. Miller asked for a ic'tiate t > bo
allowed Into on the taxes duo lor tho
year of ';i:iou Ibe Town Hull property,
Ropiest grouted.
Mr, Tilley, of the Street Committeo,
reported Liberty street extouded aud
Twelfth street in au unhealthy coudi
tiou, caused by not liuvin?; the propi r
draiungo, aud asked tor on appropria?
tion oj t".*>0 to .'execute tliu work at
oboe. 1 ho amount was appropriated,
to be puid iu sixty days.
The Committee on Water reported
progress aud wire ooiiKrut.tlr.teil lor
their excellent work.
Mr. Joucn stated ihat tho town oni
ployca had uot been paid siuoo April,
mid wanted to know what could bo
done to lioip thoiu out. A nieuitiui sug?
gested to dispense with tho employ us
aud bave the manor dioppud, and CO
adtlou was taken.
< in motion, adjourned.
Mi-:? Hcttio Kodgorsou, of 1'elurH
bin K, wbo has been visiting Mr.-, duo.
Foster on Chestnut strict, lelt last
night for Hampton,to visit ber brotbor.
l'be Kinu'a Daughters' will servo
cream ami cake for the benefit of the
Hare Memorial Home to-uigbt in their
hall on iierkley avenue, They will
liuve peach uud vanilla cream and
lemon ice ou Iiund, tmd h>-po to see a 1
their friends.
Mr.-. Prank Parker is critioally id at
her ruHiileueo ou Liiberty struct ex?
Riakauetii City, N. C, September
12.? I'lio body of a small colored hoy
about Id years old was found iu the
water back of tho lar.-'e grocery store
of Kbriugbnus Lros. a Co. du yester?
day uftoruoou, Wbeu fouud tliu boy
l ad been lirownod t>>r soruu time. The
Coroner's lmpiest wan huhl at once and
tho jury's verdiot was that "the do
ceased was pushed overboard by eouio
person or persona unknown to this
Mr. E. C. l'otter, of tho Norfolk and
Southern ladroud, is in tbe city to
Sheriff Riddiek, of l'eripiiuiiuanH
county, shot and seriously wounded u
negro named Steven Hallowell iu at
lemptiug io arrest bim near Woodville
yesterday nfternoou, Efforts hail been
made to arrest liallowoll, wbo is a largo
uiid powerful man, for two yearn, but
have always been unsuocessfnl, Alter
being caught tin escaped from Hiddiok,
who ualled to him to hull several times.
He refused to obey and the Sheriff
eliot turn twice. A lorpo part of his
head was torn away, but although tho
wi.utitt is dangerous it is thought hu
will rocovi r.
Mien Baby <* a' sick, wo gave her C'flstnrin.
When she was a Child, slm cried for (lasforia,
W'hi-u she became ?-lis-s, si.o clung t?> Castorla.
Wbeu abe bad Li..idicu,aLo guvotbt :u Coatoria,
Kit in tu er Stur.U ? ual Uu -llwiuu llo'uru
* in-v a r? i.line.
1 .nilie.s' Carpet Slippers. I s, 5'fl
nutl G'a. 20c
Men's Rubbor'Boston Shoes,G to 7 10c
Hoys' 1.ubbcr Boston Sboos,2 to ?
Boys' Razor Too Tan, 13 to 2.... ?s".>
Boys' Kazor Too Tan, ."> tu -v . '.*-e
Ladies' Pat rip Oxfords. -j to 8 . 118c
Ladies' I'au Oxfords, - ? to H lue
Plenty of other stylea. very cheap.
Hi.i.i.? Ik's <)m: PlUOK Sikh: .Sun; ,
IG bank street, opp, Courthouse.
? i .mi.I C ur Ii I "us ,
A nice line of low priced, nice 1'ia
mond liar limes has oome to hand at
" i iio Casket," ranging in price from
810 to S 15 I'or pair. Higher priced
goods well upon the hundreds also in
slock. It you wont a gem of u Btone
gu to tb it gum of a jewelry store, C.
F. Greenwood A Bro., 158 Mum streut.
Lverylhing good aud everything
reasonable to be found thero.
IPToVr KAcn a<:urn,
iJr you are all worn out, really good forDOtaY
iui{. I' iaeeneral di-tjililv Try
nnowira iron hi'vthhs.
U will euro you, cleanse your liver, and gits
? o good appetite
Nkwpokt News, Vs., September 112,
?Tbe remains of Virginia Uooksey.tbe
little (laughter of (Japiein und Mrs. W.
N. Oooksey, whose snd doath ooeurred
Monday, woro taken to Hallimoro yos
i tcrday lor iutormont in tho (nuidy
square in Oreeuwood Ceuiotery, in thut
oily. Many grief stricken friends at
tended the (unural cortege to the Mor
ohauts' and Miners' wtiarf. The lloral
offerings were very beautiful, compris?
ing many artistic and exquisite designs.
In houor of the memory of tho little
juvenile, the Hugh on tho steamer
Lomso wore at halt meat yesterday.
Mrs. Waiter Stepbons, el Norfolk,
' wns in tho city yonlerday.
Tho public toboofa will begiti Mon
| day and tho teaobors will arrive to?
morrow, uinou;; whom atu At
Dioksey Bagby and llalliu Webb, of
I Riebmund, who hud charge of two of
the departments last year.
Father Wilson, of Norfolk, was in
the city Weduesday to bold tho final
service over tho remains Ol littlo Vir
gniiu Oooksey, father Dotiohuo being
absent in Slauntbn.
Mrs. Theodore litve/.ey "ill return
to Philadelphia to-morrow und carry
with her her iuluiit graudaugbter,
Kliseabetb, tbo daughter of Mrs, Katie
l'eo Iiivu/.oy, whose sad death occurred
bore a few wer,.-, ago.
Mies cVnuioShield has returned from
a visit to frieuils iu Toauo,
MleS UoBSIe MultlUgllV Im, I.'till In I
from dames (Jity, where ?ho bus boon
the guest of friends.
.4 i'ii.in nnd simple Hcnssu \Tlii.
Uccauso Mrs. Lspliel is goiug out of
iiujiuess, has rcutud her Btoro out und
sold her fixtures is why she im selling
her Btoob of slioon at cost, und in most
instance* less than oost, Tbov uitiat
bo sold at some pi ice. Roiuombor tho
110 Okurch street, cor. I'iumo sin oi3
\hi'm:iir.> is
\f *N WYOK'fl aOAOEMi ok MUSK),
Friday and Saturday, Bn urday Matinee.
With the original New vork fast, inc'udin
Harry 1 uu r I ? urj ti.ui? new mm up to
date. Hi-its mi mile 1 liursday. Prlcos. Iii .
ft e. iSe aud ?i soll,w,f,su
> ??oid.it*, Me .1.1. s.|.t, i,. Msllnee Tuesday.
Fttsi Giiii Produciton ui *" i rilby. '
With A M I'nhusr's Uiulviille'l roiuoaay, unilri
i .- cii .1.i Wm. A. II iiiy. i "? lively bulfr
r iii .,r llie .<??-iif. i. nl I lien r. Itramatixi'tl l>v
. ii il M IViter, i in l> iMmriei ?lelili no il novel.
T i' ;i ?? id mat ? il i " in i Sat urea, uiiiruliiK.
I'm. . i . ? ". : . anil Si. Mi :i
Prof. F.. M. Rutihy, late Pupil of
Dr. Wish, London,
l prepared to ;:,v,i Piano and Organ Les?
sons, tiio Cultivation 'i th<- Voice ami Solo
suii;,iic Speoisl ? -iro given to boipnnerB.
Thorough au 1'iactieal n every detail. For
particulars eall i u or address ISO i reomasou
btiet. ?eli-lu,th,sa-ht
I'ltOl'OS \ I.S"
i )Il? il 'i1 \ I - i "11 ** I ii' II - Poll ihk NAV>
I V A till. Nultr'ObK.JV's .-? pteiubi r .ill. I- ? ?
M-iletl prep?a i radnrual "Proposals lor Supplies
i.i ti.. Navy Yard, Norfolk, Vu., to ho openttl d.p
I nut er .ttiij?. '?: ? ill i ?? receWml nt thellureau ol
Kupplha and Ac.ms, Nitj- Department. Wa?h
legi.|i. < .. .mil i.' .M...1; i,.?..,...uv -i'b.
1- ... and publ l o|ien il Imuiedlateiy Iberi-aller,
; . lurnldi ut ibe Navy Yard, Norfolk Vs., n
? uoiity el I in'. ? I. 'i-lii- hruouis. lunlnarr,
i. dio ks, leti |, liar bun, rnmy cloth, parnil
j .i}.' i und soap. The ail t oi iuhm mmfortu to the
Ni v v itaudaru and ps>? I be iimuiI naval inspe lion.
in.oik |iro <.I- ?iii i." tarnished n| ..n application
Intl.. savy 1'arOtlici, Norfolk, Va the ailcntloj
ol in umlvcturcra md il ?alcrs Ii InvUni i le bids,
at! other thing I...:..- equal, decided hy lot. Tin
liiiiaitiuent reserves the right to waive do'ocls or
to rajn i say mid nil hid* I ee 'i.1 Ivi ma, .. u
10 tl.?teriiBIMit. I idVIN SlKWAkT, Pny
luailer Qensial, V; S. N, <l-i -. -w
Polish Plate and Winuov; Glass.
[jsl (Mm idciriie. us west Bfoit?elon Avenue,
Monday September 30th.
Itatos in tho I'rimary Dopartmeut have I.con
re iu od, Aip y la
M 1(8. 8. i. Tl OK Bit,
io8-8ti,we,2w l'rluoipal.
Olebrato.l not only for it- Rtcat mediei'
nul properl es, but for ltu purity.
A Delicious Table W ater.
He ommendsil and ordered by boiiiin
physioiaua for bucht s Diseuso. Diabotaa,
htouo hi the Kiduoys or bladder, (travel,
flout lilietiiuBtism, I no.n.v l>ire.isos sud
NOltKOLK, V.\.
Prop isals .no InVIt 1 by tl.o n:ulor?KUod
for supplying tiio : u: folk < uutity Alnisijo so
with about
Bids will be opene I at tho Conrthouto of
Noi-folk eounty at
12 O'clock M. September 23, 1895.
3i onlQcatioai ami other information fur
in -Ii U itt th County 1 runuuror s and C'ouuiy
t lork - oftlce i.
Sup'.rititt'iidcut ol the 1 our of Norfolk Co.
Vetter Leads in Portsmoiith==Corcoran in Norfolk.
The two beautiful ?old watcho? offered by THE T. 0. WILLIAMS COM?
PANY, of Richmond, Vn., manufacturers of the CELEBRATED NOSEGAY
TOBACCO, to bo voted to tbe must popular plarora ou tue Norfolk aud Porte?;
mouth liusoball ToaniH, will bo awarded aftor tho Norfolk- Portsmouth series is
played, Following ia tho ballot to date, which will bo changed from day to
day until the season clones:
Vctt i.?.1,151
Hargrove . 1,112
iTbaraton. 118
lion 1. 1118
Loach . 81
llrtmlt. 'ill
\ llathuaii .Ti
Hall . ?'J
Kul or. fi'J
It'avillu .
Oollillowor. 85
O ll..;:an. 81
Wrokl . 11
.,. 9
. 7
lit ills_
Thornton. t
Herr . . 6
Mol'artllu. 9
Child.. R7 I ?/?'"!,""". 2
Moiui l.au. CS WM*. ?
Hattnau. !W I
Also, n lot of UN
No. 136 Church Street, Norfolk, Va.
8 T E A M II L A T B U.
1' isi .ing in 11h psrfeetiou nil tbo coin
? t-u .m i refining attributes ol In nie nie.
with tlio advantaged of public entertain
meiit mi l la ilit i h foi the enjoyment of
! qi ular .iiuu uiueut, auch an
Music, Dancing, Theatrical, lite.
ami presenting many intcreatinc; ami at
tractive featureaoonduoiva to the comfort
.m i uleasnro "f gaeetii. Iloatio*. Pifltiuk>
tliiuttntr. IIa thing, Diiving, Write for in?
formation au<i Uriah ii i ll
fit! FREE! FREE!
ir,e L:Si oi Sior tiiieiioiiiiins lot mis Week:
A muri' a'n Qrcatest Minstrel,
t_ e: w SIMMONS,
The Man With th. Worl.t-Wide Itoputation.
Tbo Europeau Musical Ecceotriqne from
Ulyiii|ua. Paris.
Auotlicr Week of the Child Wonder,
Introducing a Uran Nmv specialty.
Delineators of Comely par ox ollouce.
Singers, Dancers und Jok< rn,
t.raiul Conoorts !
UV I ror KISOHEIt'8 Aca lomy of Mu-i;
H mi mil Orchestra. Dane inn every i vcu
:ii ? The lineal au i bighoat salaried Vaude?
ville Ai tiats in '.lie State.
Performances at A and 8:30 P. m
Does-MtMake You Mi%vous.
notice :
> liave tili* ilny pun In sol Irom John O. Tillen,
trjsti ? ior H. Ciay rickett, a I that stock c f Ka-cy
Uioccrica, l'ixtur..i. Rook Accouuta, sie., eotitalntH
?? the - .if No 4.1 Market Place mid doh ??!>>'
appoint ll.Claj Plekell my immuner to <-;uduct the
Mild biialnotS m.d.r tue litm ?>. d -iyi of .hi
IK'KITr i.l.O.KUY COMfANV, loa aluta
buainosi will be carrlod on ?nicily on a .??h u
and I will nut lie rcsp^olnle I'nr in-' l>!ll- nude
Othei " i.r. r ANN I L; / A 1'ICKhTl-.
coiiSiiiuii.HAL hmmwi
Chap. 848--A JOINT RESOLUTION pro?
posing an Amendment to the Fifth
Section of Article Ten of the Consti?
tution of Virginia, and providing for
publishing said Amendment and cer?
tifying the same to the next General
(Approved Mareb 3, 1804.)
I. Reiolvcd, llrtbellouie or Delegate* and S mto
(a majori.) of the uiauiberaelevted loeacb of chu
t um houses altering thereto), Tbe lollowin; niiie.id
nivat to Hi" 1 onalltution oi Virginia lie, and la
heraby proposa.l, a ii is heiebv icfcrred to tho
Ijencrul Assembly to ho chosen at Ibe next seo
rial election ol 8enatois anJ meuibetl of the
11.il Dcleca'o* foi In coiourrence in conform?
ity tritti tin' |> oviaionaof tecllun me of ant lo
twilve of >aid Coaatitution, natuflr, strike out
from tbi Constitution of Virginia the fifth china
ui article ton, irhleh Is In tin- following woidi:
.Si r. 3, I in: (Jeuerai Assembly may levy a lax not
cxcei . 000 dollar p i aaauia on .-very male
< 111.. 11 wuo hi- altal el tbe age of iwenty-o,*
year . which (ball be applied exclusively in aid of
publl free lohools; and counties ami corporuiluos
shut 1 imve pj? er tu lni|iOMia cai itnilon tux, not ex
?. ? ilin. mi v 11 in.? p. r annual, 'or all purposes.
.\inl lust-it in lieu thereof ihe following:
Se . . The '.rnrr.il Assembly may I vy ;i tax not
exi idtng o 0 dollar per annum 00 every male
I iii.i'1 who boi attalutd mo age of twenty-one
v earn, ?Im shall be applied exeluslrely in aid of
p hi 1 eo schools; nuu ciuotias and corporations
?null 1 ii.a pawer to impose u capitaliou tax. nut
exceeding Ulty coots per annum lur nil pnr|K>ses;
and iho (Jed ml Asaeuibly may iinpo>o upin cTiry
male inhabitant of Do suite bum, en the a^ei of
miii' 11 Hinl slxlj year*, Iheduiy ol working, not
ii in liny two 'I.iv. in any one year, upon tho put?
llu roadi und highways iberelu, subject, bowaver,
1.1 -m il exi mpli Ma frt>iiis,iid,diily as may !?.? from
time to min- |t^si ribed by law.
L'.lteaolred, That the Clerk of the Senate or the
Clerk <?! Ihr Mouse or ivi,.n>. .. or, if a vacancy
happen In both 01 ta d oilires.tuu pi, i'diDs atficer
of either bouaa of the Geueral Assembly, lie author?
ised and ro.pilred to canaa this proposed amend?
ment und these resolutions 10 be published in one
newspaper published in each oi ihecitiea of tho
Commonwealth huthi., mo.e than teu thousand
inhabitants, once a week for three <ou-e utlve
months previous to the time of obooaiug the ujeai
bers of the ?.cm-nil iVssembly at the next general
e uctloo ofSennton and niembrrs of the House of
3. lie .dved. That tbo Clark of ihe Senate and
tbe Clerk ol Ihellouajof Megatea be required to
Iransuiitto the Goucral As-embly 10 Lc chosen at
im next general eiectiou ol senators and members
of the House ?f Delegates acertlfi d oopy of said
p upH- d nmcndmenls ami of tbese resolutions,
logethct w tli tlu o.-rt locates of publication by tho
pub takers oi tbe ncwii apcis in which the said
propo >d aaiendment shall lu>e beeu published.
o11111. ur Oik* ni HuusKnt Dki.koatib. >
|-.n iisioNii, Vs., July 20?, 1S9% {
The foteji lug i.s a copy of a Joint resolution pro
p sim: an amendment to the fifth section of article
10of ibe Constitution of Virginia, and providing
for publishing wild amendmeal and certifying tbo
same 10 the aext Ueaeral Aisembly?which waa
agreed 10 dining tbe scssloos ut I893-I8M by a
majority 01 tho members electeJ to each of tho two
bouses, and so recorded, and which joint resolution
?:i. n| prove 1 by the Uevernot on March .sih, JSW,
ami 1- pablislicJ in accordance with a provision
contain* J therein.
Clerk of House of Dc-legatoi and Keejer of tbe
[tolls uf Virginia._jv'.'<M,13t
Canoe Found Afloat*
Notice is hereby given th.it I ha e taken
up 1. nice < nuoo 10 iu 1 in the Nunseiuond.
ltiver. Can.!?> liad been stripped of sails,
and la supposed to havo been atolsn Owner
can rucover property by pio-in;; tamo and
paying eo-t. Apply to
se7-tf_Suffolk, Va.
Mrs. Julia Robertson Smith,
Amistod by .Miss KATIE BKLli, wjll roopaa
hor Primary School. Oicluatvolv for JUtttlo
Girls, on MONDAV.Septombor SUth. Parent 1
wishing to ontor their duugb,tor.* will pioa?e
noti.y her in mlvanoe. i'or further Bat?
tb"ilara on uiro at rta denoe, il?7 eV.iji
bTRKET, eoruer Dulse.

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