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Brings comrort and improvement and
trails ti? personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live l>et
tcf than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, l>y more promptly
tulnptiiig. the world's lust products 10
the heeds of physical being, will nttest
the value to health of the pure liipti?!
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
(ts excellence i- due to its presenting
in Ute tonn most acceptable and pleas?
ant to the taslr, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of ? p. rfect lax?
ative: effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and revers
am! permanently curing constipation.
It lias given satisfaction to millions nnd
mot with the approval of the medical
profession, because i; arts on the Kid
nevs, Liver and Bowels without weak?
ening them und it is perfectly free from
every objectionable Btibstunce.
Syrup of Figs is fur sale by all drug?
gists in 50c and $ I bottle-, but it is man
u fact it red by the California Fig Syrup
t !o. only, whtisc name i~ priiitt il on every i
package, also the name, Syrup <>f Figs,
and being well informed, voti will not
accept any substitute it offered.
V. A NTH I ? I y ni In il .11 iinfurnlsln .1
room or rooms In West Kiel within ten
minutes .viiIk Ol jidstofilcc Addrest -p.
IV.INTI.i' A lirrtl-eliiss eook at I tie n't
....li. t ortsinUUlll, .Note
others hoed applj Also a llrst-olnss
SaLkSMKN io lake, orders and eolloot.
WO lotet, signed I .? business ilrni. r?
ipilrcd: exclusive territory: to
weekly Kor [uirtlctilurs, address P.
<> Uo> l:t.| New York elty, lU.th.i'.Sli
.\<:i\. purttiei trntjiod With $MW lo
take halt interest in safe, rrood paying
I>usuies4. established iiltp- voiirs. Aii
dr< PARTNER Virginian office
1 WAS I II*"; I \n IM i Itl II fUNti
I a.M 1.i ??11?don -.11 to.limit.le.l tu N?ri Ik
mal ..!:.,.cm ii,? .-. Will puv laluty mil....
>. -'? i C? I no Wi M, I'Altr, at Atlantic II? 11
K.U'ol i, titweeil ;.. unit 4 |i hi. tiut-tt
- -t.il ? .li.pip- mi l |..e ? i
ni i k| ..ii-??. nr big riiiiiml ?cii. tu |>r.i
|cr:ip|i Iciul; .. - - 1*1 lonrillr; extcrlonee iin
i. . r Atiars ?. I' ii. 1 ' o N. V. ? by.
IV'MII' - I 1 SMI.N. In tj-ni mill to ?MI
it j ... ? br muilple ul Im i- r ilnvrl; e.i?)r ?flli.i;
?ttt| so,* I. nil Hal 11 br good ioiiuiiiiiloii
A.ldi.-- I' < I iv it' Ni 'v V ii. i iiv.
a ; -lit -.i j. i
ll.irN'IS 10..' < > d?l|) M in I. v illVClltlllli.
.'\ I! et alia ... i a I ; t . ii Mil.I In >? l o oe. trample
Sa? le.l I HIT. HiUSIIKI .VM.tKIN. t'lu liiiiiiti.U
a l.i i Hll.il?. ut a . hi up Mlble be sure
and oxainlue tie- i levant lino at Nub
Ijuiiiu's. i:'. Main street. Norfolk, Vu.,
ami you will suye a pi. at .leal In price
and i|ttallt >
11 Rttl W SICW YICAU r Ut!'
I 1 ?Ml f 11 ??
Mail in...- ? >
I' U M - 1 - M.
?iti -
l i .it
|-i i.
ffully und pi..?n n t;i\-l.
ai > reel, N?i: I U, V.l.
MEW FfiCcS ;
lo? atomistic*. In 120 |i. i.v ror n alamo.
?lohn II - *V.Iliorj . . . v. r.MSl N. Y.
IiiLiiitor et Woouourj - ruc-lal Soap.
I Dir.jra. Patent Medicine*, Teilet Artlri?
Cleiin sad fobarco. W. t. i it! i in'-, Jil
V. A. AISKIjAHTO. Hb lilcal Kiiglneer, 27
rllime si le. l. 002-1 III
l-'Olt SAI.K Two line eolts of tie- Int.- T.
S Cherri can he seen at store ort heilt
l.-y avi line, Berkley, Vu. oel-lvv
K?R SA I iC \.i ei.i established Bakery
wtll oipilpped: ov.-n and tools in ?ood
order; Ioiik -um at ureseut lime
iloiitt! a paylint liusliu si Address BAIv
BRV. '-ai ? Vlrttlnla'n office. seai-Sw
roltSAlit: A fait or a I of lu-ci-li tiion Paris
1' 1 i a I.- ? .-. r Kenn -? I - I . - .\i.oa
?o My. AU'o o ut i l-ar.
final ni-. bay, a- I'm
er I- ler-- isi .'anaaiy, t^
MAN. I'etnperiii,., ?,
?tr. et. N.-rl.i.i;.
'I li I lep, huiiii bul !
?? i >ti now , oi her l.II
-t-i- v In N i: LV
i I Kitt, I- Hank
KOR RI2NT Hack imrlor tor refit, still
aide for two gentlemen. With or without
board; use ul bath: private family. Ap
' i ' i -1 We t'liniiol I inli i-Uiinii.
A reporter of em paper called upon
Messrs. Ames Ltttrk, u !m are tempo?
rarily located at Mis Rhssett'a old mil
Inery stand. 206 Main street, hear
Church, for the next thirty days, until
their new store IS completed, and was
simply astonished at the sacrifice ihey
arc making of their stock of pianos,
organs ami pictures, VVe would advise
any one who thinks of haying a piano
or organ to (jive lliein a call and se
eure a rare bargnllt, as we cannot
how fhej van afford to sell .Is at
their present prices. To (five you Some
idea how the) are sticrttlolng their pin
r.os tin y are soiling a concert grand up?
right; inngnlflsent mahogony case, with
FTehcili repeating nctlon, ihr.-.- p.-dais
nnd all mo.tern iin|ii'(ivoiueut s for j j;.;.
i-cgiilnr price $<2!>, and this on easy ji?y
liients too. if desired,
WeillllMc (tiliKS.
iiotil approved wcddiii
i olor .nid i|tialtt> are to I?. h
nt Th.- f'askef. Th- tnosl npprovei
stock of sterling silver is als., to h
found there. The iipjiroved tiling tod
is p. I-iiv \oiii wiit.h.-s. diamomls an.
Jewelry at "The Jewelry store. The Ca?
ket." Prices giiurnhteed tin- lowes
and quality of ^.i< tp.. besl
Exclusive di im : in English irons
c:s to be found only on nur counters.
ICO Main street
iu t Ingi
.Ml class.-- iiit. ,1 b> Hr. WECK Bunr
?u:-,ed by V. 11. GALE, 10'.' Main .St.
Important Sessions Held by Both Branches
at the City Kail Last Night.
Vr. it. a. Tnrrall L'UNtlliiiously l'ttow???i
into Movernl Applications tor lite
Place Disregarded nun) Moos,
urea Adopted Lm (hci'oitniion Coun?
cil unit rt-gi-iu-> Bills Acted I'lioii.
Hotli brunches of the city Councils
held meetings Inst nicht the Common
in regular session and the Select in spe?
cial session. In 'in- former meeting
Captain John I. Uoper, tie- president.
Occupied the chair, and the following
members answered to their names at
roll-cull: Messrs. Arpa. Brlekhouse.
Leigh, Peclle, llatinan, Cump, Sheldon,
Walke, Phllputts. Lewis, White. Iron?
monger, and Sin.ill
The minutes ?f I he last meeting of
the Comrtioit Council were read and
The minutes of the last meeting of tin .
Select Council were rend and concurred
in except as follows:
Tin- recommendation of tin' Auditing
Committee, with reference t<> a portion
of tin- uccouni "i Hi.- late Holt W, Page,
ex-City Collector, which had been dls
approved by the Belect Council, was
adopted l>y tills branch.
Iteporl of thi finance Committee, ap?
proving a resolution to appropriate II,
r.cin ror repairs lo the wharf <>f tin1 old
tobacco warehouse, owned by tin1 city,
was adopted.
ltei>ort i>i' sain.-. approving resolution
lo appropriate f'J.SOj for i. pairs to lite
I Brewer street sower, was adopted,
i lleport of same, appropriating 51.500
Cor tli.- Norfolk Public Library l-i tli?
next llscal year, was laid over until the
nexl meeting.
iteporl "I" til'- sunn-, approving an up
proprlatlon "i $126 for court allowancea.
was laid ovi r.
lleport "i same, recommending Unit
the Cilj i Collector ami City Attorney
enforce imynieht of all bills ror sti.-i-t
Improvement, was udopled.
KeiKiri of sun..-, approving action of
Hoard Health in llxlng snlury or
Ueglstrar id Vital Statistics at per
mi ml !>. was adopted.
Resolution appropriating sr..?u tor ihe
purpose <>r repairing boilers dull engine
.it the now market house was adopted.
i'oii)tiiuit)cdtli>ti from lite Board of
Police Cnmtuissincra, recommending
William II. Kini; as Chief of Police;
lohn \\ Ladd as llrsi assistant chief,
anil t'leorge \V. CulhrlHI as second us
Istanl chief; On iiildion .?i Mr. Leigli,
the nominations Were continued
The resignation Mi -l II Moi-i is
hsi Keeper of the Althshouse. was ut
?epUfd, Mr. Silia.ll vAtlng "nil," and stnl
lu that tlie charges made ugnlnsl Mr
Morris shotiid either I"- proven or dis?
Resolution, appropriating $7fi fot
printing n.v. ri'go la ileus t>.i th.- police
department, was lust. Messrs Lewis
and Small voting "no," The sum was
afterwards reduced to |M) a ltd approved.
Acting on an application from Police
Justice Burroughs;, for an assistant
clerk t" lite I'elie.- i'..mi, the PltmnCO
i'??linn it t. .- approved an ordinance pro
v-1?Ii11i; loi an assistant t?. tie- Mayor's
? i. i k at a saint > of fttUper huiiitli. from
October 1st, ISliS. Io Jill) 1st. i and
approved a resolution apiiropriuting tiT'i
to pay sann- The ordinance was lost.
Messis Lewis and Walker voting "no."
Iteporl of Ordinance Committee, ap?
proving an Ordinance for tin- appoint
in.-in of a umtroti ui Hie polli-e station,
and iixlnp liel salinr) at $2t) per month
was adopted, and a resolution appro?
priating ii^i tor the purpose was laid
??\ .-i
Iteporl of same, approving an ordi?
nance making t?.> voting precincts in
IJrtimidetoii Ward, instead of one as
llerCldfore, nile being at Ihn eorn.-r of
Park and Itraihhletnh avetiites. ami th.
? ?tti.-i at the corner of Itraiubletoh and
Keltey avenues, was referred back lo
ihe committee
An ordinance, liking tin- rental per
annum Of stalls in th.- city market at
M2l> per year, was adopted.
Resolution t.. appropriate $,RO0 for pur?
chase of hose for the Pirn Department,
approved by Plre Cohiinllteo. Wits! laid
l;> port of Kit- i.'oniiiilttee, approving
l-titons of Messrs Pea roe A Co., C. K.
Tows. n.1. Towhsend A- Joy lies, \v II
Wi bster and Not folk i tail and Ice Com
pan.v i., i-recl frame houses, whs
Iteporl ol It..aid of sir.-.-t. Sewer and
Drain I'liiiiinlssloners, approving pell
lion Ii Lowcnbcrg, that a suitable
curbing be pill in front of his new- build?
ing on Water. JacktiOU, and Kell}
streets, providing that petitioner pa;
one-half and the clt> pa> the other ball'
m cosi ..I mum. . wits adopted
?uia t.ninictidlitloll of tile City Kit
giiietjr ilu' Boa hi Of Street. Sewer-Und
Drain Commissioners hffered a rosolu
ii. ii providing that in future nothing
|ess than a ntne-inch girder rail ihonM
1..- us.d on any paved street by any
si.t railroad company, which was
unanimously adopted
Petitions ?! Merchants' and Miners'
Transportation Company und i> Mai'k
to erect frame houses wer.- referred to
tin- Plre Committee,
Petltl?ti of Willis Moot.-. asking that
tr. survey fee lie refunded to him, was
?? i a ii led
Leite! from High Constable Hayes,
stating thai lie hint in his possession
judgment given by Justices of the peace
against sundry persons, and asking
what disposition he should make of
them, was referred to tin- City Attorney
(.uiartorl) ; port of the Inspector of
Buildings for rpinrter eliding Septem bet
is:''., was referred to public Building
i 'ommlttee,
.vii property approved hills were or?
dered paid
Petition from residents, asking fdi a
lire-alarm i>o\ al the corner of Princess
Anne avenue and Chapel street, was
referred Iii the Piro Committee
i' immunlcutiop frotii th.- Mayor, stat?
ing thai Hi- poor of ihe stables of the
patrol wagon Horse to be in a wretched
condition, and in- was Instructed to use
an amount not exceeding $jf> for the
pur I w.s?' of repairs.
Petition from a large iiumbt r of cili
z.-us, asking thai ?tite sin-.-t he extend?
ed from Church Ib.Cluipel streets, was
referred t-> Hoard of street, Sewel and
I u alii < ?oihntlsslbner?
Petition of properly owners, asking
thai Kelly and Jackson streets be paved
with Itelgian block, wus referred to
same body.
Pet Uli.f prop.-rty owners; promis?
ing to pay on.-halt of tin- cost, asking
that tin- roadway ..r Dartmouth streoi
I... paved w it h vltrilled l'u Ii k. refei
i ed to ihe same 1-.aid.
The s.-at of Mr. Heath, member of
the Couhcll from the fourth Ward,
having b ''ii declared vacant, due lo
Iiis having removed from the ward.
Mr. .lohn T. Cross was elected to till the
vat ancy.
The Council then adjourned.
The Select Council me) In Its chamber
with President Winston In Ihe chnlt
and Ihe following members present:
Messrs Briggs Bunting, Uensley.
Cooke. Cirubb. Prince, Itollnnd, and
The minutes ol the last meeting; of the
Select Council were read ti'ml approved,
anit the Chair announced thai ihe meet?
ing had been called lo take notion on
the resignation of .1 ll Morris as keep?
er of the Aliusltouso which was read,
and on motion ?'f Mr. Prince, was ac?
A letter from the Hoard ?>! Police
Commissioners, in which Captain W.
II. Kill? was nominated its Chief of
Police, John W Uuld as First As?
sistant Chief, and tloorgo I- Cuthrlell
as Second Assistant Chief, was reud.
Mr. Holla ml moved t" lay the matter
over until the regular meeting. 1
Mr. Cooke thought Ihe mutter should
be settled at ?n. and Mr Prince said
he wanted !?? hear tin- report "i the
special committee to Investigate tin
Mayor's lettei
Mr. Rolland said he wanted Hie mat
ter laid over because charges might In
brought up Against Captain Klug. If
necessary, he would bring charges him?
self tn slrnv. that Captain King was
not the proper person t<? !?? Chief of
I "ollce.
Upon Mr. Hollands tie.tlon lb lav bvel
tin- vote was a tie. Mr. Cooke changed
his vote, and the matter went over by a
vot.- oi r, to ::. Messrs. Hunting, H?-as
ley. and 1 Irtibb votin;: to settle Ihe mo- .-?
tloil at once.
Th.- matter ><( an appropriation ol
.tfiiin tor repairing tin- boiler* in the
I market building was taken up by gen
ernl consent ami the appi ujil hit ion
The Selecl Council com lirrod with the
Common Council in their action on llie
1 .p.n of the Auditing Committee in
th.- matter of certain bills of the late
II. W. Page, city Collectoi
Mr. Bcnsley was hef-e excused ami
l.-fi ib.- chamber.
Mr. Wreiin called up by consent tie
matter of appropriating si..".mi foi re?
pairs to the Tobacco Warehouse wharf,
end tin- appropriation was made.
An ordinance in regard to renting the
stalls in ih. City Market Was adopted.
The Selecl Couhcll then adjourned to
meet with the Common Council In
joint session on I'm- matter of electing
?a keeper of t he AlniShduse.
The joint session was called to order,
nnd Mr, Winston was .ailed to the
chair The roll was called and absen?
tees noted.
Tl.lection of a keep, r of the Alius
house was tli.-n taken up. Several ap?
plications w.-re i.a,1 as follows Prom T
It. MeCtirdy, lull \Vllloughl>> avenue;
Thomas tluy, whose address was not
given, an.I .lam.-s W ?ojdet', 122 South
Heservolr avenue
Mr. firuhh nominuled Mr ll A Tar
rail, who Is at pi. sent lining the posi?
tion, ami Mr Tarrall was limllllmOuslv
Tie- joint session then adjourned,
\ vsv.n r.M s.
\KV1N JOSKIN -Charles I. Davis
win niake his farewell appearance to?
morrow night at tin- Academy of Music
in his famous creation of ??Aivln Joslln."
So w-.-li is the play known that little
n. w Can I"- said of It It retains all
Hie '-id popniai feat tires which have
served to make it one of th.- most suc?
cessful collie,lies .Vet put Upon III.
American stau.-, while many new tind
novel features have I.u added. Tin
celebrated "Alvln Joslln" collection in
(Ihiiuoiids. tun carats In all. will be
worn in the last act of the play, and
will I.i exhibition at th. Jewelry
stoi.- of M.-s.-rs. chapman .vi- Jukema'n
to moi r-'w.
i iv demand for good seats has bei n
hsb itii'iiI thai a large and fashionable
audience will greet Mr. Davis in Iiis
farewell ChitIllCtI r of 'Alviti Joslln."
SHOW. Th- wild West exhibition ami
emigres Of rough Uders of jlie world
I'oiuprises horses and horsemen by the
hundreds. Leading ?them all is tie
dashing cavalier of the frontier, Col.
V\ P. Cody, .a "Buffalo Bill;" as lie is
everywhere Known While the repro?
ductions of wild life hi the West, with
its Indians, s.its, limit is and fron?
tiersmen, will maintain its perennial
attractiveness, to very many the evo?
lutions ami exhibitions of skill, courage
and proficiency of the various horsemen
who form th.- coil gross of rough riders
Ol the World, Will be speetallV Interest
Ihgandexciting To a horseman thec<pii
tn.tilth of the North American Indians
will I,.- both instructive, Interesting and
astonishing, i-Id and young, tliey ride
equally well, without style and grace,
but with an agility and tenacity truly
marvelous. Rivaling lite liidaius it, up
proximale primitive simplicity ..i Hd
ing outfit are Up Cattohos from th- Ar
gentiie- Itepitbllc, representatives .-i ;i
race of mixed Spanish ami In.lain ex?
traction who .ii.- all herders of horses,
cattle ami sheep, Besides the llauchos,
Cowboys and Other rough riders ttain
Od horsemen of another variety w ill be
se.-n with the wild West exhibition
Detachments of the lineal cavalry re?
giments In the world win appear iii the
full uniform of tin it res|M'<:llvo nations
Tie (ierinan Dragoon, the Prciich cui?
rassier ihe English liancer aiid the
I! hlled Slates Ca viilrj man will u. with
one another in show ins what training
can d" to aid courage dud skin in hoi .-?
Taken altogether life wild w.-st show
in its presch) new tind improved foi'iti
la a most interestihg und useful object
bsson. ami out- not likely to he given
again for a longtime. If ever, it will he
Seen here on Saturday, Octbbei -th al
tei noon ami night
Ol I lie IO0.0O0 I'ersinis
Wlio have lulely visited Port Norfolk
th-- general ..pinion is that it is theniokt
tleslinble site for homes and for Invest
nichts on Norfolk harbor, and since the
equipment of the electric railway it is
eligible to th.- business men of the three
cities Pure air and water, large lots,
' low prices, loiv taxes, cheap living,
siT. 'is. chinches and all modern advan?
tages, with th.- certainty of rapidly In?
creasing values, dm- to general develop?
ment Olid the location of the Southern
railway terminus In vicinity, Vesti?
bule electric cats ealii way every half
hour Call on M W; Mason, Columbia
building. Norfolk. Va.
"N.-wcsi Discovery" Ext, teeth; no
pain. N Y 1< Rooms, 10- Main.
I'lie nobbles! line of hats to found in
Norfolk can I"- found al Goldman &
JHofhetmci a
imnll r'lnnheti of Sen* (lathered lu
iiikI AIiiiiiI Toon.
Dr a C. Pfilmbr im? returned from a
;horl hi|t to Prederlckaburg.
Mi. MASey, tin- Christian dl munter,
?poke at tin- Union Mission last night.
Pros! was reported yesterday morn?
ing at Humbert's Point ami Smithtleld.
Iloa. George it Wendling left for the
Small last night \ in the Atlanta S|K?>
Andrew II. Pulon, n high olllclal in
tl.rder of Hot! Men, was in the city
A heavy HttlOke settled over til" city
last night. It canto front the ilres in tin
I ?'.smal Swamp
A strange animal, of itnknowii spe?
cies, is iwiid ti> Itavc hi-.-n recently killed
in tin- Pott it b Ward.
There will be an Important meeting
or the Norfolk ami Portsmouth Press
Club Prlday evening ni '< mi o'clock.
Th.- Public lilcli School opened for
the session of l8Hli-'IIO yesterday inorii
Ing, pin pupils being in attendance.
The work of remodelling Watt, Bel
tew * Clay's new building at Mala and
G ran by streets now goes mi nlglit and
Tin Hoys' Home excursion in Ocean
Vh w yesterday was enjoyed bj those i
who went, notwithstanding th.- cool
Mr, Wm 15. While was on Monday
nominated as a candidate for tin !.??!?.
Islat?re i?y the Democrats of PrlnccSs
Aiiitc ' ouuty.
'rfev. .1 D. Potvell, for many yenit rec?
tor of St. .1.din's Church, Porlsmotith.
has moved his residence lu No. ."? Tiitsc
well street, tills City,
At tl-.-- Dcniocratle Convention Iii
Princess Anno county Monday a reso?
lution was adopted endorsnig lion.
John W. Daniel for United Slates Sena
An liluriU of tire ill I.' !". o'clock yes
terdit) carried the department to a
house on lowoi ChUreli street, vvliere a
j ma tress was burning. The loss was- iu
| sigulllcnnt.
Mr. I' X. Williams, nf It: Grunhy
stie.t .now in Richmond, visitinc rctu
ttves, win return to Wllliamsburg on
Wednesday to resume' his studies at
William ami Mary College
Complaint is mad. that tin.h is of
tin- Hoard Health. Issued nearly two
months ago. ordering that all weeds in
Atlantic City Ward he ? ut, has not been
complied w ith by mniiv of tin- property
? >w net's.
The funeral of Mi's laiclmla TotUl
took place from her home yesterday af?
ternoon. Die services being conducted
bj It-\ .1 .1 Hall, of the Park Avenue
Baptist Church The Interment was In
Kimw.I < Jemoterj .
Cards in ?? out for the marriage of Miss
l.oula Atinn, dnughtci ol Mr anil Mis
W. .1. Mason, to Mr. James Thomas ?Sod
win. Ilu- ceremony to take place at Hie
Pi'ccmnson Street I in pt ist Church next
I Mon.lav afternoon nt r. o'clock.
Iii \. Hi II. Hatcher. pastor m Hie
First Baptist Church, hist night mel ..
number of tin- members of his congre?
gation who expect i" lake pari in Hie
bazaar to in- held next month, and
talked ov ei i be an atigi im nt i
The HVe vessels of lie- White S.in.id
roll, which have been at anchor in
l.yiinliaveil Kay for several days, put
out to seit last evening, praising tlie
I Tapes at ii ..clock. They will return In
Hampton Bonds at tin end of tin- week
Professor Rugby will sing and play at
the Park-Avenue Baptist Churcl.
Prlduy night. All lover* ol music
should be present. Hi I. I: Chlh - w ill
also give an address that will lie helpful
lo nil wlio b.-ar It No charge and
eyerybody Invited,
A block of paving is being put down
at titan by and Plume streets,t lie blocks
being those manufactured by Mr Gen.
I. Pcahody, of Hitisliurg, at bis fac?
tory on the Kastern Brauch pf Kll?u
lieth rivet, and made of marsll mass
Tlie new paving is said to have man;,
advantages ovei Belgian block
Tlie IIill!ill In-p. , I. .1.
I' was Indeed a preity st-hi as tin- foni
military companies nt thli city marched
into the hu; drill room at th- Armoi y In! i
night, lieaded l?y the Naval Posi Hand,
playing Alt. W. II. Turner's latest compo?
sition, the I.e.- Hilles' MlUCll, vv'j. I| ll.l l
n dedicated t>> Cnpt. Higgitis bj tin
ybiing composer. ihe galleries were
. row.I. .1 w ith Indies, all of whom applaud
?I as ilu ...I ii. i- entered, and clapped
lin n hands all ilu harder as their sweet?
heart or brother cum. m stuhl
Ii was the annual Insneellon night of
tl.- local militia, ami the boys vv. :. ~,
proud thai they came out with lull ranks.
Very few of tie- young men who have en?
listed in tin cans.- of the Slate were ab?
sent, and reasonable ex'.-uscs were niadi
lor all of ih. -c with one exception. Tills
was u member ot the City Guard, who was
probably lost in th.- shiirtli
I The lirst l ompi-nv Inspect..! was the
Norfolk i'.ighl Artillery Blues, und. - .i
I maud of ('apt M ?' Keeling, lit tills com
inaiid liiere are men, end el wi-re in line
I fist iiigilt, the oiil.v nbsi'iipl- beiiiK IJi I
leniinl l-ipps. who is in Washington oil
business of the government.
Tin Noii..Ik ' lly Ouiird, Cupt; M Tar
lall, has lt!i on roll. They luriied out r,il
strong, four i? lug out of tlie . |jy, two sick
and eile Well; lie was hiisMlig no due
knew vv lo r.- In- win
?>ut oi a membership of v. iInj Jackson
I Light Infantry, ("apt Mulllns, luriied out
.VI mi n Oho was si ?); and one la Balti?
I'll.- Hilles ippolled Mi pi.-. ut o i:
ol a m.II ot M. 'flu- four absentees wen
Tii.- brtys made a In h.lsfimr appeal uici
and w. ie highly complimented I ? i'oj
Stealn and I'ol, \'a-h and stau. who wot
also I'll <ellt.
* I III i ao \ Ii u .
Tin Ocean View Company seems do
tei mined to give, the public at this slngi
of the attraction season a g reutet pro
gramme than ever before, instead of
get tine, e.irse. as Is usual at Other
points, Thej arc constantly uddlitg Iii
tin it well mied programme, Th.ivd
last night illied the paviilioh, and all
wen- v-.eii received. Preddo & Ortflln
ib.- lat.-st acquisition, are great in their
musical ai t. entitled ','Puti in a Music
Sh ip'' Tle-y ale late of Dockstilder'.'t
minstrels. l>'- I.n. the electric wbli
iier, as usual, kept tin- crowd i:i breath
less suspense with Ills during win
walking ni t The pyrotechnic display
was good. Tie- Zwick.-: Sisters, in
their Salvation Army son.:, v. i ? . i.i
often. Kittle Mae, tlie contortionist;
wa- also well received, and tin NOW
Vo:k team, I.ewisX- Williams, with the.li
tunny sayings and dances, kept the
crowd's attention throughout tin- |ier
fotinande, und Haket, ihe ever popular
num. v as \ - i y good,
Nearly everydne needs a g.I tonic at
this season Hood's Sarsaparilld is the
(rue tonic and blood purifier,
For correct yiabao? see Dr. WliCK
THURSDAY OCT. 3, ?895.
Buuntuis timl < "n a m
Bool ami I'otntn 1*1??
11| ow lu d < '"i a M URlt.
i'< a. ii Muruiuladc.
i Irulium < loins. < Jocoti. j
DIN NE 11.
Vegetable oystci Stew. Crackci
Cold Ml ;'i Crisp Potatoes.
Slid, i Bonn -ni;..I Lemon BUI Iff.
Willi?? Bread om-, n Of fa.I.ihm:
Br?>ti?l ami Buttci Cheese Omelet.
Curiiiul Buns.
11 obey. T,.?.
Till? Is otherwise known ns salsify
Wash. Scrape Hktu ..n the tools, slice
lliln; cook Muli an hbiir, lotting vvntot
evaporate (o n . up rmi Tin ii a.1.1 milk,
uuttei. kill, peppei . an It I'.\ sti i
st.-w. Serve lot.
Tie I,... a I I ton r?l i ?I Improvement nut
I..st night ?ltd M i .let nlguti In liie
cluilr, with other members present n.
followa: Messrs Banks i'?toper, tlnle,
.Iiiiiis. Spann. Sterling ami WhltClllltBJ
Th- mlllUti "I th, hi I mo. ling
wen- rt'iid ami approved
Mr i '""i" i' ii purled all matters rtb
ferred l<> lint Street I'onunli. attend
? ??I i". nuisances abated nnd Improve?
ments made. Kolle.\ avenue was re
ported as lie,.dm;; attention.
Mr Wliitohursl "i Ihe School Com?
mittee-, reported deskH placed In pnsl
tioit til th.- new school hop . and otltet
nuttti rs progressing litu l>
,\ communieiitlou rrom Mr i- i
Cuke, pertaining In < rlnln lines ??,
Brnmblctoti avenue, hetween Morfoll
Term I in? I ami Kollov ll venue, wits, on
11ioi ion. rcrerred to the sp.eel t'ommlt
ti b.
Mr .1 i' Tongue, iii'ciiitcdt, presented
a loll Tor certain extras which won
on motion, r. t. i :.-.| to Uic Seen tnr.v for
coiuhtunlcntlonwlth him with Instrite.
lions with rcgurd to I lie mattet
Mr Blnket toil, of Ihe School Tl ns
tees. was prescht and suited He- ueces
sltj. oi an additional teacher lo meet
the deimuuls of th, public schools In
tllC waul
im motion oi Mr Sterling secuudetl
l } Mi Utile. Um Si I.I Trustees wer?
Instructed to employ an additional
t' acher for He- iiow sei.I building.
After allowing properly approved
bills the board adjourn..I
Mi It A Mnpp ami family. Who
spent th.- summer at Lyntihnvcn, Vit.,
ami otle r points, nr.- at home agallb on
s .in h I tes.'i >. oir a venue
Mis lluvey Taylor, corner Pink ami
Willoiigliby avenues, who has. been III
ai her mother's, Mrs ? .1. Button's,
?_? lr. Brnmblotoii avenue, is eouvnl. se. m
Mts. I. U Edmonds, IIIS Windsor uye
nue. will pa) a short visit io her par?
ental home at Wliaeyvllle, Vu.
'I'll.- I'nrsohag?' ami Aul Society of
Mcl I - ndell ?'hui ?Ii iiieets this all. I'll'iOII
at I p. m in th-- lecture room. Busi?
ness "f importance is to be lrnns?ct?Ml,
therefote a full nttendance I? desired.
In. conic atel help in th- work. Be dili?
.Mis- (Rev l -I A Bark? r. of Pot CI S
I >ui g, Va.. Is the guest of Mi s Ciipt. 10
II B ams, ensi Wllloughbj avenue.
Mis M \' Beule, "t South Park live
nue. has gone to Baltimore, Md.. t-.
take her dhiigliters?Misses f.lertrluie
ami Ethel -to school in that eilj
Coldltel W illiam II St- wail will do
In. i a ICcture "ti the lit - ami character
of Mathevv I'oniaii.e Mnury, at the
Christian Memorial Templei on Thurs?
day ui'-slit. October iOtit. at S o'clock.
The proceeds will be devoted tb the
Voting l'. opl. 's Soc iety .-I Christian
Endeavor Admission will be ten
Rev I'i Tudor Joined In tie- holy
bonds of matrimony yesterdoy even?
ing at S ,,'dork Mr Jos.-pli A. Adams
and Miss I Ia Fowler, at tie residence
of the bii'le. Xo. 120 South Is.-lie ave
nue A reception followed. They "ill
reside mi Kilby ii v en tie.
Mrs v C Dalby will re-open her
music school for young ladies at NO
1101! Maltb.V avenue, on I'riday next.
An Hnportnnl meeting of olllcer*
and teachers Of MoKetHlt'OC Sttmlav
s.i.I will i? held to-night, aflor the
regular s.-i v i-??. Parsonage Society
this aftet noon at 1 ;H0 o'clock.
: ti. w liter Sii|>|il.i .
The waier in Babes Law-son : nd Brad
fori! is nt ii very low point, nnd rain has
m \ i be n so badly needed before, The
woods around Norfolk and Portsmouth
in. burning very liere<-ly and wilt continue
t . do so until i.iin comes The weather
Bun an people, when asked yesterday
when rain coil'd '>?? expect. ?1. s,ild Hint
the oi ly hope In liv'ht til present was a
?norm on th" Piorldii react, which might
liily reach this Section by Thursday.
Tl ?? rain full tot lb. mist month has
l..-?-n b ss than one-lifth oi an Inch some
thing iinpfoeed -nted in Mils section.
"I i.seeii Iteiilttiev."
In lb-- presence of a ! n i ji - - uudh m-i
Ifoti. iieorge B. Wen?Hin:: ho t night de?
livered It'iH Intcsl anil best lecture.: "Bib
Sbell Bcalili-s." at lite ball of th.
Voting Meit'S Christian Association
Ti e lecturer gave great pleasure Id l-.b
it milt nrs and was freiiuchtly applaud
The Sniroll? I an .
The Suffolk (Va.) Pair for 1K9-". <.
inences Tuesday, Qbibber i.'-tb. ami will
hist four days Tie- nuillligetnetll ha;
been Birtiinate in securing pledges for
a largo exhibit of agricultural and tin -
ehiiiilcal products, while He- show ..f
tin.- horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, etc., ami
tin- unusual display "t poultry, will
milk?' thus.- departments very pleasing.
Th.- i.i.iies' art department, tie- domes?
tic department, and the array of Mho
ii. . ale. drawn, ami fancy work win he
an attractive feature
Tin- racing will be Hp- fines! thai has
. vor i.n hu?!, nnd the largest number
-.1 tin.- fast hol ies from th.- Richmond
lair and Kiiltintori races have been
entered, besides many noted horses of
local reputation will be there.
Tin- railway companies win have half
rate tickets on .-ab- ft oin Norfolk ami all
other stations, atpl the Atlantic and
Danville Railway Company will um
an excursion three days "Wednesday.
16th, to Friday, 18th, Inclusive -which
will leave Norfolk ai II ii. ni.. ami re?
nn nine; leave Suffolk at 5 p. in.
We are sob- agents for tin- Youmau
Hat. i-..ai .e... ?* iiofUv-lui?ir.
4> out- -ri'iil :in?l Hill flol tr riiiccslor v. cmlil rise In Iii? urni e if he Imcw
Iii? lalal null sml ?mlln? ol TIIK l'A.IKII'H ?ANHIMITU.V i l.nTillV<i
i'OJIrAXV. Xett Voi-Ii l'IO . 'Iltis ivell?ttimwii ami |?o|>uliir < 11> i Ii I u v
rNtnultMllltteitt, IWIIieil nflrr the Streute?! ntnil llils ?oimlrv ever Mail.
iyiim imlortiiitnicl;! sol*i;?l Iii Iii?' Hliertll'of Ni'M A orli ?'Ity. >Ioii. Kilmtril
.1. II. I iiitscii. The Nhei-ifl <tl<t h is ?n ort? clitM . oitil snlil i lie etil Ire stock
to Hie lilKliesl htililor. I')ti:tl)!,\\i?t:it. l.ll\VI:VSi!?S ,V ?'?>.. ~.l Leu.
mini sii-eei. Vim York t'H.v. a wenllli.i < l<>ililo^. t'oneei'ii. ?hi? nur
chnstMl Iii?? ? nili e sio. li for.H|M?l i'nsli. < oitstsitilg i?f itoHrly fcllti.noo nf
line 4 lollilii;/. h:."I.OIIO ot litis eiinrmoiis tine sloeli lins beeil HnlnaiM
ii> lliclr ., Ii sloi-o.
iiiiii Hill Iii? ilIsjmsi'il ol a( JiinI exnetl.i oitc-hnll liie 1'nritter |irico.
Fine #20 Black Dress Suits are now #10.00;#16 Elegant
All Wool Suits me now but #8.00; I50 #12 All Wool
Suits, ,0ur Price now #6.00; #10 Men's Suits, Our Price
now #5,00; Men's Fine Dress Pants s>. Former price S<>,00;
All Wool Harrison Cassimere rants #2.50, former price,
#5; #1 will bu> all JS Pants; ()vercoats thai were ?520,#1?
and S1 (i .ue now #10, #7-50 and #5.00; Boys' Suits #2.50,
former price w as #5.00; All Boys Suits thai were SS.OO are
now #1.50.
t'oXltlTMt.VS or s'r.s We till I r.iniKi inone.i 10 nil niiMtthtffectorjr
|iiir?'iiitsi'ts. 11 returned H'ltltlii leii iIii.vk.
11? ? <>io|>an ieil l?jr draffs Or
ii ail
?Inlt.i I,
s. ivll Ii (lie |irli lie
tit |iii( rimni nllliln n rail In
Hill |)ll l cliaslin; I" llll' aiiiiiiiiil
il ei
.Dug. II not satisfactory
?illlev \ isli In:- Hits great ?nie
will to in isli tree t riuis|iorta
rv< >i?t< ?Hie.. %T
w e: 1
r g
Our immense success of the past season un?
mistakably proves the power of
close figures.
We make it our business to study the inter?
ests ot our customers.
1 >I<- Width Cashmere, nil colors. 10c
per yard.
Double Width Dress Goods, in changea?
ble elTects, at 12 -m per yard.
Dress Manuel, 315 inches wide, all new
Full Shades, 25c per yard.
Double Width Camel's Hair, all wool, 4l>
per yard.
Bes1 Indigo Blue Prints, 5c per yard.
Apron Checks. :> V per yard, sold every?
where for 5c.
Calicoes, Irom I to 6 yard lengths, worth
5c, we sell at 3 ' c per yard.
Save Money by Buying your
Port Sprints', W. \a. Sept. \i, IS9&.
l>. .ii- Hli . l?nclosed i>I<>hso ilml ?heck for
JiT'.i. hulniicc on Klccttoiiolse, as i reel
like Ii wuiilcl !,.. ImpOHSlbll 1" ilo without
Ii. Ii has liclpi 'I in. ? -i min Ii Unit I do not
fill lik.- tin- Mann- hcrson. I am so mtieli
stronger, ami my health I? better every
It. I.e.- I ? .illlHI. II. i ll USltlli Ii I Stiffen ll
?-.I nun h uith rheumatism, enlaruotnenI ol
the liver, dreadful pain (u hack of head,
could in.i exposi myself in ilntnp weath?
er without Homo ill effect*. Since usln^ tin
i i. i tro|K>lttc i can ro ma in ilntnp weather
iiinl rain and don't feel any hml effects.
So i in general Improvement of my health
I ?in to the Rlcetronolsc.
i dislike .'? (five m> niinie to Iho public,
mi i in.tin mit t.i hesitate, it the testimo?
nial w nihl be of hone I) I to the itfniated
I ciin't ?uy loo min h In prallie, so I mailt
. i i permission ii? use my letter, hoping ii
win in- tin- cause .if selling others.
Write for fnil Information to
Richmond, Va..
Nu trouble to answer questions.
Mademoiselle A. B. Jacol will resume
her private classes In Fri nch nml Oer
mnn <m Tuesday, October the 1st.
Hours to suit business men. For terms
ami other particulars apply to her at
her rooms, Is'o, 214 FREEMASON
STUEE'S. ?i9-2w
organist and cholrma?ter ?f Christ
Church, organlst Church Street Syna
ifbgucf, and visiting choirmaster of
Trlnitj Church, Portsmouth, will re
sume his class in piano, organ and vo?
cal culture October 1st, Please notify
soon, Call or address i is BUTE
STREET, city. so29-lw*
ocl-3t_City Collector. ,
Umbrellas, Canes.

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