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-'>'.!? ? TERMS OF-THE VIRGIN'|?N.
VratTiAtliYWK?lifAtf ;? ddivwi to nub
4Wn,u? ?arTifl* lit Norfolk, P?rtstvtyutli, Herk
ft$h?ttk,^V?>? Xerfolfc; No?v(crt. Ko'w?,'f(>r l'i
pi*)j?rwtek.pjynblo.lo-'tie' 'fardcr m?valy; by
Qgj^^^ltr^fii the UnltoJ tikitoi. }*
llfCV^p?O 'je11?* : i> : (' ? v S"1 00 I
i:?tic\'wontI>8 , * ' 1. ? 8 flo
^t?jfjte monin? ' '. ???;' ? ? ISO
^^^^iftC^Wttll?;-' ?;.?'? .'->\' '" - ' ?- OO'i
?\&$f KBHaVY 'vinttlNi? S- AK? CA It
^0>T^AN>,Oii? I>bjj?riy,Vor \c?r.
MitU?cc?,;I)MftV, dictkB au?( .Pottofficc Orden I
ji rtjiiflii bc%?ia^e tuj iiti'frto tlio order of
iE n?rfqlk 'Virginian.
Otttcc V}i-?iDiniu?ltiltUiiir,
" Hniu, nml . 4'omt^creo NtrcetN,
v; : -XOUt Ol.K,; VA< ? ,?? .
lOVKUTlSlN?-nTTEr1. ? Advertisements In
tld'ot.tlip r^lo cf7o Corfu a Sjunrix Mnt Icmr
a?;^?tli ?ototx;'oeut'iipe'rtlon- ?7\^ Cents, or Si)
bVW hen Inserted EVory. OtU?r, Way. Coritri?o
Vrft ore lioi bllp.wml to ox'tcd iholr d|>:i'<-o orndror
?tcoff)br;,i1)u]i tb'dr.letntln-iitd bnslniss, ixeo t by
:&fifc 0? r-r?lplly idr tnBsar.ie. .
ft*.-!aingNotl.es l?TwtAUly.'-'? Onto per llnofmt
.jprlioii,. Kadi sntsisnioot lmertlon 12 Cci.ta or
r?CfjiU wlien lnsor edi n ?Iturnato dayp.
t'ul fiebrcsuuUtlTtj, Itoon? 47, Times liu-.ldiin;.
fllE',YJRtJtNIAN caniiot be held responsible
estbi rolur? uf rejected comaniliu-ftuaiia or
raise lipl.i.
fei?--- ?- ,
Armenians eat curds, but Kurds kill
The advance guard of the new Con
egress Is expected In Washington this
>?? ? -,
K The. Indianapolis News notes that
?'. the Ohio river fell so low that some of
| the Kepublicans crossed over the other
:r Many a nice man bosses his wife be
;, cause or the belief that If he doesn't
I boss her she will boss him, says the
is Achlson Globe.
With Wellington and Bonaparte as
candidates for the Senate there will be
a Waterloo for somebody in Maryland,
suggests an exchange.
?' The Somcrvllle Journal says that the
man who never votes is very often the
. man who complains the loudest about
the poor quality of the men who are
??' elected to public office.
The Boston Herald remarks how Jol
, ly it. must be for the Sultan of Turkey
\ tov come down to breakfast In the
morning-nnd find a note on the table
renuesing him to abdicate or die.
The New York Press says that the
|^market price of a title of count In Italy
s ts $20,000. No decorations, however, go
|f with it. The Italian Government says
that the money goes to charity.
|?i The ? Sultan knows that when it
'.1 comes to a partition of Turkey there
will be, most probably, a big fight
.among the partltloners. So he awaits
/'?events with some complacency, no
; doubt, remarks the Augusta Chronicle.
The principal Ijhlng the people of
this country have to be thankful for
? on November 28th is the repeal of the
McKinley law,, a repeal which in one
year brought prosperity nnd a revival
of bulness, says the Lowell News.
Often- you will find a ten-year-old
? fflxl ,ln' a family who is brighter'than
all her,older sisters put together. Girls
are brightest at ton, prettiest at six?
teen, and. most sensible when they be?
gin to look-like their mothers, remarks
? Bn exchange.
- The Lowell News remarks that Ed
jMunds of/Vermont follows Chandler of
New Hampshire! in speaking kindly of
President Cleveland. In olden times,
?when the Greeks wanted to "do" a
man,* they brought him gifts. Histo
? ry may Jib repeating itself.
*n : : |
If England, Kussia, et als, can come
to on' agreement as to a division of
Turkey' the carving will, proceed. If
they can not agree they may carve
Turkey first and each other afterward.
Civilization will have no tears to shed
over Turkey's dismemberment, thinks |
an exchange.
The Washington Star thinks that the
Philadelphia girl who unexpectedly in-1
' periled fifteen million dollars of Eng?
lish money would, quiet a good deal of |
. cpprehciislon by giving immediate a
/ Euratices that 'she does not Intend to I
"f turn It all back to Great Britain in'
' exchange for a title.
Tht?" Knoxville Tribune says that
but a few years ago Bradley, itepubli
tr.:i Governor elect of Kentueyr, was
?.a rampant Liernocrat who de >f>. *ed Hint
If.lnV.thoiirjht there was a dr.ip of B?
? Jnililiran blood in Iiis veins he would
take .v knife and let It out. It is al?
ways well-to watch a man who talks
like that. ?
The New Orleana; States says that
the <s^prrv.cnt of great quantities of ap
p jplib's'l-t? .TEuropo goes on. And yet, If
.jy'ou let' the: McKinlcyltcs tell it, a
'?'dtiswll.y ..blow was ? truck at the Amcri
can .farmer, when.'on ad valorem duty
"..':??P 'to -'per-, cent, was substituted for the
. '$J%<lnloy.'duty. of 25 cents a bushel on
"r-'fejjpif!?: 'grown in the pauper orchards
' ;^<(f^tUror)f>. :$Sf*\WBn??&'.:*
.;' Whatever difference of opinion . that
may'fexlst regarding the position the
United States should taue on the Cuban
question, the Philadelphia Times Is de?
cided In its opinion that this country
should- recognize- the insurgents. It
says that "It Is a mistaken assump?
tion that the patriots of Cuba have no
regularly organized government for the
establishment of the Cuba Republic. It
says elections were held in every part
of Cuba where the Insurgents have con?
trol to choose delegntes for a national
convention, and that body ban estab?
lished a complete provisional govern?
ment, with a written constitution to
?guide them until the Independence of
the Island shall be fully established," .
It cites further that the Cubans have
elected a President, Vice-President,
Secretary of War, Minister Plenipoten?
tiary, a ?enerat in Chief, Lieutenant
General and two Major-Generals- and it
thinks that lit view of these facts there
13 every reason why Congress should
declare In favor of according the pa?
triots belligerent rights.
Tho Plttsburg Post says that "The ex?
actions of trusts and bthcr trade combi?
nations angers the New York Tribune,
which urges the coming Congress, so
strongly Republican in the House, 'to
place before the President a bill which
will materially limit the pernlclotisncss
of such combinations In the future."
The trusts and trade combinations
which the Tribune points out are lu the
production of steel tails, the wire and
cut nnll manufacturers, the makers or
bar Iron, and the coke monopoly,
strengthened recently by the purchase
of other works. It shows that there is
no Justification for the advances some
of these Interests have made in their
products by the power of combination,
and it particularly calls attention to the
shutting down Of factories to produce tin
artificial seurlty."
The Virginian believes that "trusts"
of whatever character ore ruinous to
everyone except those who promote and
further them for their own ends, but
was it not under Republican rule that
they had their birth, and did they not
prosper most under that regime? The
Tribune Is right In the position It has
taken, but it Is doubtful whether its
appeal will receive the approval of its
Republican friends in the next Con?
The Boston Herald, In writing on the
subject of the progress of the South?
ern country, says that the recent rapid
"acceleration of Southern progress is
not due to Northern energy, but main?
ly to the work of Southerners who
were too young to know anything of
the war and its pasions, and who were
born after its close. In the hands of
this generation the South has taken
Its first great stride of real progress."
The Richmond Dispatch, in reply to
what the Herald has to say on the
subject, says:
"This Is true, and It is not true. Tt
is true In so far as It denies that
Southern progress Is duo to Northern
energy. It is not true, or Is mislead?
ing, In so far as is concerned the Inti?
mation it would convey regarding the
present generation In llie South. The
foundation of post bellum Southern
progress were laid by tile survivors or
the Confederate armies, many of
whom, when they turned their faces
homeward after the "sunset of Appo
niuttox," possessed nothing but the
rags they had upon their backs'.' Rich?
mond, It says, and it might have added
the entire South, affords a notable ex?
ample of the truth of Ibis contention.
"These men rebullded our waste places,
renewed our business connections, re?
established our credit, ami reorgan?
ized Civil government. Hut for the
foundation stones they placed so strong
and so deep and cemented with toll
and privation, the present superstruc?
ture of Southern progress would not
have been possible. Nay more; it
would not have been possible or orcn
tlon even then bad hot this generation
inherited the spirit of their fathers."
Continuing, our contemporary very
truly remarks that "our Northern
friends In such utterances as the above
from the Boston Herald, mean well,
but they are only advancing in another
form the "New South" Idea. There is
no new South. The snmo blood, brain
and energy that made tl-.e South great
before the war Is making It great to?
day. The young men of to-day nrc
simply completing the work their fath?
ers cut out for them nfter the war."
Elizabeth Kelly, the daughter of a
Philadelphia gardener, is said to be tb.
heiress or a fortune of $10,000.000 left by
an uncle In Australia.
The official count In Kentucky lias
proceeded far enough to Indicate that
the plurality for Bradley, tho Republi?
can Governor-elect, will be about 11,000.
John D. Rockefeller lias presented 100
barrels of apples to various charity in?
stitutions in New York city. The ap?
ples all come from his orchard in Tarry
Berlin proposes to have an Immen:-?
"Cairo Street" at her exhibition n'exl
year. Six times as much space will be
given to it as was given at the Chicago
More than lSfi.000 persons committed
suicide In the different countries Of the
world during the year ended September
30,-1805. This Is an increase of nearly
20,000 over 1H94.
Awed by tho presence of the British
fleet, the Viceroy of Foo Chow has or?
dered the execution of eight assassins
who were concerned In the attacks upon
the missionaries.
Tho third man to join the proposed
balloon expedition to the North Pole
under the Swede Andre la Niel? Strind
I berg, of Stockholm. The expedition
jvill starts next year, says,the Philadel?
phia* Record.
The Philadelphia Time? ? says. "lt.
seems guile likely that Senator G:ay,
of Delaware, may he appointed A.-to-'
clate Justice of the Supreme Court to
succeeds the late Justice Howcll 13.
Jackson, of Tennessee.
The "St. James' Gazette," of London;'
declares It to be the duty of Lord Dun
raveii to sut uall at once for New York
and assist the New York Yacht Club In
Its olllclal liivesttcuxtlon of the out?
rageous charge:) made by the lit*vi
against the handlers of the Defender.
"All things come to ,hltii wlio known
how to wait," says the Chicago Tribune.
"The Colonels who accompanied Cljver
nor Altgcld, of Atlanta, could not have
gone there in Pullman ears in the early
sixties." This Is true, as tljerc were no
Pullman cars In the early sixties. But
why lay so much stress on so simple a
fact'.' asks the Charleston News and
Lord Palme!ston ascribed his youth
fulness to (he fact hat he never took
any work to bed with him.
The Countess of Costcllanc, former?
ly Miss Gould, is the proud possessor
of a crown that was once worn by
Mario Antoinette.
News on to the condition or the Hus
slnn Empress is anxiously .awaited In
London, it was reported yesterday
that her life was despaired of.
John alcGoldiick, secretary of the
Tammany Hall General Com ml I fee,
was stabbed by a barkeeper In the IV
qtiod Club during an election celebra?
Mr. John Wananinkor has sent to W.
T. Durbln, of Anderson, Ind., his per?
sonal check for $10,000 to make K'?i>d a
guarantee given during the last Presl
denlla election.
Mrs. Mary Jackson, or Louisville.hni
just completed her 103d year. She rc
meinhcrs when the site of tin? present
city was a Rial Blockade to protect
residents rrom murderous Indians.
A statte or Ole Hull, the famous vlo
lltilst, Is to he erected at Bergen. Nor?
way, his unlive town. The sum of
$10,000 has been subscribed for tltis pur?
pose, part of which was raised in this
Prince Padumn, or Africa, will at?
tend the Afrleun Congress at the At?
lant:'. Exposition next month, lie |y a
graduate of the University or London,
and belongs to a powerful family of
Sierra Leone.
Mr. Fielding, brother of the Earl of
Denbigh, was lined live shillings, with
the option of three days in jail, by a
[Hi teh Police Justice recently, lor rid?
ing a bicycle without a light, He te?
rmed lo pay It Hist, hut on seeing the
inside of the Aberdeen jail he chnitgcd
his mind.
Hannibal Andrew:-. Is Maine's latest
hero. He is the veteran brick mason
of Milton Plantation, :t veuty-ohe
years or ago, who, with crippled rheu?
matism, had the neighbors hoist him
with ropes to tin? roof of North Wood?
stock's n< w Bchoolhotise and laid tin
last brick on top of the chimney.
Word lias 1.n received or the death
In the Island of Corsica, on October 7.
of Baron Jean I'eraldi, Prince de Con
' suede. His widow, who, with a son
an<l daughter, is at present residing
In this city, was a daughter of Clla
clnto de Arigcll, formerly a well
known resident of Philadelphia, says
Die Ledger of that city.
John Chamberlain, of Washington,is
collecting the materials for the regu?
lar Thanksgiving dinner of the Ameri?
can society in London. The supplies
he will ship will Include Rhode Island
tin-keys. Maryaud canvanback duck
and terrapin, Lynnhhvcn oysters,Phil
adelphtu ca|)on, Virginia hams and
Kentucky mutton.
Loving ICchncR.
Praise, and tilt! world will heed you;
Blame, and it heeds you net,
For a word of praise in the memory stays
Never to he forgot,
Or, if chiding can he remembered,
It is only for its stint:.
Bu lovinti words. Ilka sum;.; of birds,
A iv forever echoing.
Look for the fragrant roses,
Net for the thorns and weeds,
Foi tin- crimson ?l:y when night 1? nigh
And the golden tan recedes-;
Gli-teie; tho ^t irry Dipper,
Btiarkles the Milky Way;
Tlirough midnight trees the clearoye sers
OIlntpMOH of the dawning day.
Kisses, bul no upbraiding*:
Thti smll ?. t ut not the frown,
For the lovo mast he deep that afloat wil
> keep
If hardships y.n-ss it down.
Like i lie falling dews of Ruitimer
Or the Wuleoilio autumn rain.
Kind words may How I vom tli? lips and gt
To the skies of the heart again.
Praise, mid your friend will hear yon;
I'laiao, and lie heeds you no;.
For a word of praise in the memory stays
Never to Ik- forgot,
But if chiding lie remembered
It Is only for its sting.
And loving words, like songs of lards,
Are forever echoing.
?Julia May in New York Recorder.
Sufforcd For Years With
Rhoumatio;f), But Com?
pletely Cured by
"In 18S0 I was token down with rhcr.
mat ism. I wns in bed nine weeks und
doctors attended me. Frcui this time I
suffered wllll rheumatism a great deal
find was confined to my bed nt times un?
til in 1S03. One day a Irlend seeing
me crippled advised me to try Hood'sBnr
snpnrilln. I finally decided to follow thi*
advice and I took two bottles of Hood's
Sarsanarills, nud have hecn n well nml
sound man ever since. My weight has
increased from IBS lo 220 pounds and I
feel belter than 1 did when I wns 35 years
old and 1 nm now fit.'' David Collins,
lumberman, 221 South Churles Street,
Baltimore, Mnrylaud. Remember
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is the One True Blood Purifier.
Hootfs Pills
Hence, it Is your dull/ to protect yourself and home
against Death Dealing and Infectious Disease-Breeding
Clothing, Manufactured under a system of Abomina?
tion, which is a Curse to Civilization. You can do
practical work in behalf of fair, hcalltiy and Union
Heady-made Clothing by 011.*% purchasing goods bear?
ing the While Label of Out UNli'E? OA HM EXT
WOHKEHS UF AMKttICA, Demand this fac
simile of label. This label is the Positive Guar?
antee thai Burk'? Form-fitting Heady to Wear Oar
moils are strictly
Union Maile, and is
a certificate of the
United Garment
Workers of Ameri?
ca, that all the details in tlie course of\ponslruction are far
Superior in their make up to any Manufactured Clothing
whidi is made under that Dreaded Disease-Tnfected Tenement House, Sweating and Convict
Quality and Bed Rock Prices Consolidated are the
draw the crowds that continually keep the Big Store
' Union ? Made Form
Fining, Correctly Tail?
ored Men's Suits made
from Stylish, Durable
and Choice Materials.
Suits that no man need
be ashamed to wear.
Rare Bargains in Young
Men's Suits for Seven
Gr?at Value in Storm
Overcoats for Six Dol?
Strictly All Wool
Brown Cheviot Men's
Suits at only Eight
Black Clay Diagonal
Men's Suits, Nine Sev?
en tv-Five.
AH Wool Blue Tweed
Cassimere Suit and
Cape Coat to match.
Double Breasted
Extra Good Suits in
medium sizes, only
The sizes are up to
thirty-live inches, breast
Wear like leather.
Warm, good, service?
able suits for men, onlv
Eight Fifty.
Fit equal to Custom
Made and A1 in every
Jacket, Pants, double
seat and knees, patent
bands and buttons, extra
long Cape Coast.
Union - Made i-orm
Fitting, Up-to-Date Over?
coats, made from Stand
a r d Materials thai
No where in the land
can this Two Dollar
Blue Tricot Boys' Suit
be surpassed
command higher prices
everywhere and made
nothing like so we!!.
Three Dollars never
owned such Sterling
Values in Boys' Knee
Pants Suits as those on
Never were such
Choice Materials made
up so good placed sale
for the Two Dollars.
Brown Plaid Cassi?
mere Suits for Boys up
to age 15 are Big Lead?
ers for the Two Fifty.
These Suits positively
stand without peer in
in the Clothing world.
Another shipment just
to hand.
Ufa- '
sale here to-day. The
material is sightly, sup
e r b I y made J and
thoroughly reliable.
The best Winter
Weight Underwear in
America ever placed on
A Special Sale in the
Hat Department.
Otto Muhler's Ger?
man Silk Paragon Frame
Winter Weight, extra
heavy Woolen Sweaters
Nobby Fedora and
Derby Hats only Two
sale this week for the I
Fifty Cents.
B i g Bargains in
Boys' Caps this week, j
only a Quarter.
Umbrellas. Extraordi?
nary value for the dollar.
are on sale now for 7?c.
as long as they last.
The latest styles of the !
most approved blocks in
Stylish Hats only $2. j
Rattling Good Storm
Overcoats, large col?
lars, extra long; size
to age i5.
a r m, Comfortable,
Strongly Made Ulsters
for Boys, and an extra
good garments for the
money, only $4.
The Purchasing Power of the combined forces of the many
Branch Stores, together with the vast facilities
produces the best results
for manufacturing,
apparel to tire con?
sumers, from the makers direct, on the Lowest Possible Basis of Cosi

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