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^ '? g ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ffi^ -j^i ?
noon oi i hoi oi in? a
wind nun Neil Few Days.
'liif \cw Xitvnl K'hllcy Creating n
NqniMlron ror Ilnmptoii ISoml* Re?
ceives liiiiniiii.iin Ajip; mill
31? vein on t of IVnviil Vi'syK
sireiuMhcntiig Hio Military.
Washlngtcir* Mnrdhi is, 1S9S.
iAh ulr of suspense wan notloiuible In
the Niavy Department lo-day, due to
the approach c'A the Mme for llwi de?
livery of ih>i :eport of the court of in?
quiry. It 1? not known just whecii the
document wIM come to Washington.
All t'hat is kncl.vpi definitely is that the
Fiiesl-dcir.it has suggested ifrut tha re
port 'be made as'spcci di3 possible and
In conttectuenO;! it Is expected to. rectijh
this cltiyi in the cout;i; X two or three
daiys. The ca'Mr.et to-day talked over
?the matter and the time sfaU'Ji was the
general opinkn of the members when
tit-jay heard till thai Secretary Long hoM
?' * lepoft' on the ?ubjcri. There is an
iniprti?slon that Lieut.-Commander
M&irlx wlil bring the document', though
it is tvjrh'i.r Admiral Sic?ird's power to
ch- .lie any ? o.hvr Otll'cer. A eabk:ict
ofllcer ex preyed the hellof that the
rbporl wlli requS c careful ciwwddera
tion on tlie part of thy Pi ?i.icnt Sind
his cablne; t-.v ? e belr.13 given to Cm
in'.-I'.- , which V.iiu'd seem to vo-stp a*
piilo -.ratten to ? t'im-? uibottt tttu
mNJcfie ol next .veek, although nothing
certain on lh?; point.
I.iite now nav ?'. polrtcy embodied In
th.- i?t c:t.i i i ;i." it' i.'.-.'. r so.ua.Iron to
ca.i lc.vcns at Hampton I'caL'n was
eftgd discussed nt I'lva cabinet meeting
a; length ;?? i-dti. ? and received unani?
mous j,n-To? ?'??? in fact. ;o:it; sufprse
w.. tx;.r.M id the delay cd th? part
cf .Ijj Navy L) p.r.-.ir.ci.i. In taking
o.>n".e ? ii.,wvM ?.-?..rnn=.i:. e [he protec?
tion >??: th-1 n ? ?. i> valuab'e sea. coast
p>via along tin- North Atlantic, the
gathering ' .'? a usei:?sly surplus fleet
i>: Key West ?bc!:ig regarded as in the
e.ii'.uro cf putting i>l cf our egg.-? in
ef t! 'b.v."ke;.
1<a>2 >? -. i I<*ra nc'acb reported .herj
nriilval L'j.Oon at Oravdend to?
day. Under his ordero the commander
w-lM divide Iks brew with tha Amaw
iia-> it.! .1! tail it uVjj earliest possible
inoh'.?ri: for the lji:iltediSuites, convoy?
ing t!:. nritv sh'y. Heyoir.id the Antasb
iw.i, tier sis et ship, Abrcirall and the
ata.ylKi.Mir, no puhshoia&s of ship.* have
be-in m',idi:< by th.- Navy Department.
A number of live: -.tearn yachts ciwihted
I: the United Suites are being off.-ted
to the do. ... tint and it is pro'oable
that some of lf:.i.ao will bo ) o > 'ha- d.
Secre-my Lung ta'kes tin- view that
tolling to i-ccure the torpedo boat de
stroyers lie aunts, p'.k- bus: plnrr.i is for
him to equip spine of tluwe fpe^d?i
boats wit'h : irpcdo tub s i >.l the light
ibntterlcc* and iiivprovise torpedo baaif?.
The Mavy Departinctrl: is cor.wlnced
CCiai tit'.: Srpantsli Government has not
ticqutred iLrSsessioh of Hu? Varcse, the
ItaM'.tn ? itmorc-d cruiser. I't would no*,
however, be a matter of deep concern
If tht' report were i;ii;ue. T-l i.- depart?
ment Itse'If hit I the vessel in m'.nd as
a possible ncf|ii'.sItion, bul abandoned
tlte idea upcirj leatcilng thaa she could
ill! ii? made ready for service In less
t-hiin Mi reo or four months, Which pnac
tlOlCly put her "in of c msldera Jlpn ns
nn emergency purchase.
The gun bejit Newport reported her
arrival by cable to the x.ivy Depart?
ment lirom Grt?>',iO'wn. She will bring
back to the United Stales the N'icartt
guan Canal Comml.<?s,in.-.i ncjd then will
be alM.tc'hed uii once to the North At?
lantic squadron.
S me id. .i of the activity prevailing
in naval circle.- is given by the state?
ment aiat the .pay roll of the con?
structs in depart men t.nnly one of seve?
ral deiiarlnici: tts . the Marc rslnh'd
Nnvy->i r. d. for MUroli was S80.000. This
great i?xpendl'.'tire per m nth, it is said,
was n :i equultcid during the I ale war.
Th.' amount raid for ilu- Mayflower
was .ii i \n t. $400.000.
lTecrullI.iig is going on apace at nil
gluttons for the 'army i.md navy.
'Phi- Marhlehend is at Tcumixi. The
Utile Ivancrrcft . n hi?r way across the
ocean t;^ or led by cable her arrival to?
day 'a: IfoiT.i. Fajlal. She appears a>
'he making a'i.ut as good time ns her
larger eon:\ r:, the H'e!i:n.'t TC-ja Samo
sct arriv.:-.l at Key West t i-dai i, nifl
did ihc Montgi mc:yj a;hlle ti'-.- Detroit
sai'led frotn tliaU port for Tortugas.
Tho y* ' bins has 'arrived at Has ton,
Where the \\i!l have slight repairs
No officltil nciticc of the stoppagi: of
the Spanish Irrrpcd ? h ai flot?lln at the
Canary Isktnds and their turning back
from that ii.ini lias ireaohed otir O.iv
erhmenl as yet. s\a i'.ib;it .any assump?
tion thai the nurwemenl? of Hint floiillla
have ii.itltui . i d tin' Navy Departmctvil
'tm withdraw tlie ll.it at Key West is
said to be purely wlwhout basis of fact.
The Navy Department by no meons
has suspended ils efforts |iS obtain pos
tVig! ' ii i f desirable wctrrilvlps abnud.
and in no direction is then, visible
any relaxation of lihe:steadily pursued
ptirposc of tjie Novy ami w ir Depart?
ments io provide :t ,?? I'd* defehwj of the
oata-ilry agialinwt lioslile a.U.tek.
Senator I law Icy, of Connecticut, snld
to-day tilct! i i was the ftntc.ntipn t</ get
through Congress as speedily as ptips!
?ble tla- three battail n military bill,
which was '.r.' cv'.lucctl nt the sugges?
tion iV the department In both houses
yestejrday for ?ntrengthentag the mlli
iJary :aj-ni of the ssryiiee fur.nJ provides
for its increase t)^ 101,000 men If nec?
The report tha-t" (ha Vesuvius- had
been sighted in the early \.'uy coming
t'hrrough the Virginia Capes lv-tatded
for Wuffhiivgtco, gave'a'ise to ?be ru?
mor that eho was bringing the rejifcirt
of the naval board d* itiquinyi to Wauh
ir.ig*t.CLi. This, howeviv, could not be
conilrmed from any olilelal source. At
tlii? Ntawy Department i't was admitted
thutt the Vesuviuij was bouaid Cor
Washington, but it was explained tha?t
sh\> was cvunlng merely for repairs to
'her armament and It wrv? denied tfcttt
?she had 0:1. bourd any mem'toc- of the
n.nval board or that ?he was oarryiog
t'he report rif that body.
"The Vesuv 1ms dfdi col reach Waah
Ington tonight, but it waa reported at
the navtyi yard that she anchored off
t'he government proving grounds at
Indian Head about S o'clock, where she
was met by the big ir.uK;y yard tug
Triton, which returned tjfl th? yaird
about 9 p. m. Jt wais denied that the
TTItrin brought any or.e from the Ve?
suvius to Washington.
Secretary Dong went to bed at 9
Cfctoek wi.'...i the strict orders not to
be distui'b?d amdj Assltft'JRit Sec?
retary of Sta<te Day spent the
evening at the tlvj-aire, . stop?
ping for a few minutes bnltfi at the
While Houso, where be had a Uflk
with ;he President In the presence cif
the olC.ijr members of the family.
The Xcivr/i Dop.vrt meint has the {fol?
lowing li.-t of the Spanish torpedo flo?
tilla i.m.y halted a: t'he Cir#.ry Islands:
iTonpedo boat destroyers?jTerror,
Furor and PMriton, each ?v? HSu tones a>nd
it speed of 2S knots.
.Tiorpedo boat'?tAzon, 127 toi-t=. 25
tut es; H.Igor. 120 tons. 22 kiKOtS;
A:\ste, 12S tons. 25 kno',,57 and Cuidad
'.V p.ijiss, 120 tons and 22 knots.
Two .'lore lJ???tic? ltrcovcreil by ttio
\\ rec tiers.
Havana. March IS.?Circulars have
been sent .11 the Alcades of about two
hticiired towns Iii Cuba; .notifying them
of t?te riliv methods of relie-f, and .also
.-?citing forth rha-t corn meal, euiiountl
Ing to one ji .und per day per capita,
w ll be Hk first supply s&rA.
Visitors to the Colom cemetery ilnd
the g:.;ives of the t'i.ad of the Ma'lne
decop.vted with many flowers, while
from t'he central place of sepulcher
waves a long streamer of red and yi?l
tow, wltei na Inscrl-r't'li \n showlr.e Uhat
the decoration ijihd flowers were placed
there by Hie sailors of the AutBtr&an
warship Donau, "In memory of our
unfortutwstu fiilleriv sa jlors of tlie Unltled
Stiirtes iihlp afaTtr.?."
One Srini.-'ii a-ndi fiuir Ainorican
divers have been working on the wreclfc
tci-day. This aftertr.foon two bodies
were recovered, but neither has bocw
idien I'.lled i'.s. yetJ One is the body of
a man apparently about 10, of med
lum height, with W!s right fore arm
la-,: i e,l in xi design of two hearts
-.' -i il.ili.dng aril jitetced by t'wo dag?
gers. wt*f-> n red tinged clover leaf
above !h'e hearts.
The divers have reoivered the ship's
service pkVte and a six-pounder.
i.\ en 1: 110 v.si-:.
Anoilier i>?y Npenl in i>i%ciiHsiiig
PoMtnfllea A |?|?ro|?rintloii iti 11.
\VbPhlng:on. .Mo. eh IS.?vPh? House
spent r.c.ot'her day on the pebtofftee
appropriation ivi'.l, but onfti disposed of
tAO pageSkO'f If. Most cl'i lib* day wae>
- to a debate ccii the merits of
tiie pneumntio tube ma'4 sonvlce in
New York, Uunston and Phil nK-iiphi i,
and :i! 1 . ai;lvli?a'bllity of coiVtlnuhtig the
existing con'trctJt. iAn effort strike
out the arijiroprijiirir, of ?22?,000 wais
ucfeated, but- tin- a|?ponents of the np
prciprLilfcm smneeeded in securintg tlvr
ndopii a of an amendment providing
Ui'.t no additional con-tract should be
nva<Je. An nm'ar.iJmcnt wbh adopted
making it a ini.-'Ji.^nieanor for any per?
son to "pad" th... mails djiirlng the pe
r? id when the m3<Ms are being weiglv d
lo dclcrminc th;. ccenpdr.tai'Woii t'o be
pjltl i) tli? ra1lfo2?ds for their trnns
portuitl?n. iTp.ii amendment -aias rec
<>mmend.(l by ;he Department.. Thi
conference ra;nri cm th.- agricultural
aippi '.uvip'.atI', in bill was ag eed to. At
"i o'clcok the H.iii.-L' adjou:,:cd until to
His Ttela'livss and Frl.Mids in this City
Requested to Correspond with J. .1.
PowiJ.ll Tai'bor-, X. C.
Chief of P illce Doriiin has received a
1 Hier from Mr. L. M. Ironmonger,
Grafton, Va., n.rr. mincing uhe* death,
from rocposurS. of G. S. Kendj-.-ll. wihich
cccurrcd ait Tarbpro, X. C . on the m'.irn
Ing of Mii-rch *th, when he was f und
dead, lyi'ng beside the tracks <>f the
Norfolk und Carolina r&Mroad.
The lottvr requests Chief Dorniii lb
!ci?orm llxi deceased's frlcr.i.ls and rel
''.v.-.s' if which it Is said he h>s? n great
many in this ciiy, of Ohe fact that hf
was buried by a Mr. J. .1. Powell, .if
Tat'lKir, ?. X. C. who naks chat Kendell'-a
frl.irri; corii:spond wiith him regarding
the mo!lt?r.
Ivend'cll was born und rais d in Nor?
folk and \\i;<s well educat<=d, but like
many ur.ifoil.'uciates. was a slave to hi
toxicaoing llqu" irs, and, a.s a final re?
sult, he was often seen in Hie Polles
Court. He was a druggist by profes
si. ?, and at ona tlnv.i nn? employed
as such at th... city Jail. He wiaw In
Norfolk unt'.l a short l.'ime ngo. whor.i he
inyiU-erlously disappeared. Mr. L. M.
lri.-.a-mger. of Griiftoii, Va.. and Mr.
.1. J. Powell! of Tarbo'ro, N. C, will be
gl .l'i tvi hiv-ir from any at Kehdaal'ti
Washington, D. C, March IS.?It is
said to be prchabie 'L'lial President Mc?
Kinley will s.j>pdl,nit .Tudson C. Lyons,
colored, iNaKonal !Comm?tteemab from
G ? :giu, register of ja,;, treasury, to
sttccord t'he late ft. K. Hruee. Mr. Lyi.ms
wru m candldata Tor postinnsler of Au
gm ;a, (5a., but the white people there
_siic6t<ssfully opposed his appointment.
Ttin Cruiser Sow Coaling und In I'x
Iiccted tit finil .Monday-Nan l'rans
cImco Will Act n?i Convoy ? It In
l'ri'Hiiiiuiil Tlint Her llesttnnlton
Is Key West.
Graves-4ui. Engl-und, March 18.
The cruiser Amazonas, built by the
Armstrongs for BmeU, and purchased
by the Unl'Jad States, was formally
transferred' from the Brazilian flag to
I ho Stars und Stripes shortly after 11
o'clock this moiir.?rjg.
The ceremony was simple and dlg
nOficd, and to the 'HiuK.illain Officers it
was somewhat pathetflc.
Lieutenant - Oommaitder Col well,
United Suites rraV-al attache, accompa?
nied by Ensign Robertas, Assistant En?
gineer MoMorrls und Consul-Goaieral
Osbciii.-.ie, arrived on hoard shortly be?
fore 11 a. in. The chief olilcers of the
ecuut guard and a maim-ber of customs
oitlccrs, aid in uniform, were already on
board. Lieutenant-Commander Colwell
and his parly were received by Com?
mander Oirre?. Ll?irtcnnrit-CommOn
der Co)well, saultiir.g Commander Cor?
res, sa'id:
"Oaptttln, I have here a contract of
sale to which you were a witness, acid
whereby tills vessel Is to be trans?
ferred to me, in behalf of fne United
Commander Corres replied through an
interprca'T, saying:
"in handing over the ship I desire
to say that it Is di-,ne w?th tihe sin?
cere friendship of Brazil."
Li'euienaut-Oom.mai.'.i.ler Cohvell, sut
lirtitng, replied:
"In behalf of the UcOilsd Slates I
"hank you for the sci.-itiment."
In the center of a. circle of officers
of both natioivs, Lieutenant-Comman?
der G.ilwrdl then faced Hoe Brazilian
(tag flying fn.Mii the cruiser's stern amvl,
as the officers bored their heads, the
flag of Brazil wi&f hauled down at
11:10 a. m., after which, racing about
wi'th their heads still uncovered, old
glory was rural up art! th>5 main.
The United States cruiser Sat; Fnan
cisco arrived hero at 3:li0 p. m. Passing
the Aanazon?s, after nalutlng Tilbury
fort, the band played "The Str>;
Spangled Banner," w?th five crew
sMaiid'.np oiti "<i\t ti oration."
Commander Ho well, who was receiv?
ed by I/ieuteivant-O riimanider O.dwell,
Uhc moment the Sarai Francisco reached
her moorknigs, ordered six "hundred tons
of eoa'l for the Slim Francisco and MO
tons for the Amazonas, which is coal?
ing and is expected tia, oramplc'tse tihai
work ecu Monday, when she will go to
Holehaven to take on board her am?
munition, which is waiting for her
there. Thensc the Amazonas rails' j
presumably for Key West, the San
Francisco gciii/'g .1 ?> New York. Com?
mander NUosro pikes command of the
Amazonas and seven Other Officers of
the San Francisco will accompany him.
Policeman Sp'.add 11 Has ai Hough Time
with a" Unruly Prisoner.
C. H. Williams, a white mn.r... was
passing along Union street last might,
and Besing a woman fa ir whom he had
not special love, began beaming her. The
woman's cries attracted Officer Spei?
den'* n.utT.v.ithv.n, who arrived upon the
scene cf th? assault and promptly
placed the ns.naillant under arrest. Wil
llams becanis very much Lncorised and
made an attack upon the officer. Which
developed In La ??:;> rough and tumble
light, out of which the c?fllo?T emerged
with hfa right.' thumb broken in two
places. Aiithough suffering the pnin
which such <a>n Injury would causa the
officer pluckily tc'.'dc his prisoner to the
patrol b~K n.n.i Anally landed him be?
hind the ibars. Williams''faco and head
gave i;.v'.d? nee fhtzit it had become ac?
quainted wi.'.'h the end of th? oflicer's
club. Dr. SpePglKt) dressed the wounded
thumlb lamd Ofllosr Spedden went to his
acthicntioity of LETTER DE?
.Madrid, -March IS.?-fl i neral Weyler
denies the aulJh-i nticity of the letter prib
lished in the New York Journal yes?
terday, in which the iform-2-r Captain
General of Cuba is alleged to have fiv'.d
:!?:.': the r.;<!te.l stat-s w 'Uld n> i| have
dared t? sfttid 3. warship tip Havana
.'.vhile 'he was in command there, as
"rh' y know the terrible punishment
tivait awaited them," adding that he had
Havr.itra harbor "will prepared C:ir such
dm '..tnergeiicy," having "rapidly lln
Ished 'the work 'ihm.1 Martlr.i.z Campos
car el tssly abandoned."
Havanna, March 1.8.?Don Franciscode
Los Santos GtizmiMi, to wlyam Weyilsr'a
alleged letter wais said i:< have been ad
dres?:?1, denies, that he ov?r received
such a letter. Francisco Diaz, \h?
newspaper reporter, who Is alleged tip
have given 'Ms let'ier to a< Jourratal cor
resparjdeni, d'onies nil-knowledge of It.
sraoroETAivY gaoe spioaks on
Cleveland, O., March IS.?Secretary
of the TnjiJBiiry Cage delivered nn ad?
dress t'his evening before ''.(he Ohamber
of Commerce upon flnnopi.-il questions.
This was In acceptance of an SrivHatilon
given Seorttary Ga&i several weeks
ago by the Chamber. Nim nie but mem?
bers were admitted. After the address
?he Secnstary w\as ent?rtn;ir.ied at the
Union Club.
Say It In In/pnnMll>lo to Tell When a
Itcport Will Ito Itentfy?l.nrira
QllltllilllC* Ol A III III H II I t I <> 11 it. -
eolve?! 011 tlio Iowa iiikI New York
?Unnsrinl Vreoiiutloii observed.
Key \Yest, Flu, March IS, lSf?S.
The court of Inquiry is diligently con?
tinuing its sessions cm board the bat?
tleship Iowa and, judging from state?
ments made by members, it is quills
problematical ihow matr.iy more days
wlft pass before the nubile learns its
Uy t'he o turtesy of Rear Admiral 'Sl
oavd lite correspcirAlent of lite Asso?
ciated Press was to-day enabled to es?
cape ;iln.> rigor <>1 the recent rule, for?
bidding correspondents to gia or.i board
w-aiitvhjps, and was bite lirst civilian tu
interview the members of the court' of
ir.tqulry since they secreted themselves
on Wednesday on tCie Iowul
Captci'n Sampson received the cor?
respondent on ehe pa.-.p of the splcwdld
ship tie commands. In the Admiral's
cabin below were Captain Chadwick,
Lieutcnant-O emnander Potior und
Judgi.- Advocate Mai'.x, They had been
In sssslco Kineo 10 o'clock [this morn?
ing with the shop's writer acting us
"The court ie? B'tlill hard ml work,"
Oaptain Soaiptroi said. "I have Just
left my conferees. It is utterly im?
possible lo say when our report will
be redd?. If 1 surmised the date and
you reported lt. 1 am afraid something
might occur thatl would defeat the ex
pecta-ttoh and ciniy serve to disappoint
the anxious public. When the report) j
is reedy It will hot be tor us to make '
alte iiniioimci: me 'I. Washington, 1 pre?
sume, will do thcii."
If a prelliriih?ry report has bore nent,
to Washington Captain .Sampson ap?
parently iu.iew nptlhCng of it. In the
course of the aflternoon, while ihc court
continued io sessl, n without once com?
ing out of .tin.' cabin, large quantities
of a'm munition were taken on board.
The name thing II Ok place on the New
York. Roth ships are better supplied
with ammunition thai.-j Utey have been
at any Mine before.
A?l l o'clock llils aftern'ton tb regu?
lar hour during previous a SBlor.u df the
court for adjournment. Captain Chad
wick and Diet i ? Miant Potilcr entered :i
gig and were rowed to ib.. New -York'.
Judge Adv..cat.. Marix is staying ein
bciztrd the Iowa. The c.nr.: will r aunie
?Its sessions tci-niorrow
Unusual preciaoitlCir.B are observed on
the New York and the K.wa, dotlbio
hai*h\ir wai.'L-hes being ectforotd. lOvery
craft thaij passes on Its way into tU ?
harbor is suhm luted, to th? closest
scrutiny of searchlights^ . Roth ves?
sels are toady ilvj pull out at Hflecn
mlrvutUs' notice and special attention is
being given t> ? the Instruction ..f the
sailors in small arms^r.n.l firing prac?
To-morrow th'5 acaitU will devote co'n
sideraiblo time *to the preparatloni of dia?
grams showing parts of the Miziln? as
f und aiftcr 'the . xplos!' in.
The United States cruiser Moi#gom
ery arrived hem. this morning from Hn
The Una.Jid States cruiser Detroit
sailed this monr.tlng for 'the Tortugas
islands wfcl'h provisions and ammunition
for the fleet. From the Tortugas the ];. -
trait iwMl proceed to Port Tainpr.i fcjo
load ammunition.
The Morgon Line stfijinvt.r Arkansas
arrived here this morning from Havana
with Senicor Money and O ngr.essmnoi
Amos J, Cummings and Alden Smith
on hoard.
The United States cruiser Nuahvllle
sai'.'...d for the Toil.'ugas with supplies
simultaneously with the Detroit.
The 'Montgomery is, wi-.'h 'the excep?
tion of the torjled" i boats, tha only
warship In? IJhe liiambpr.
The torpedo 'boa't Foole arrly.'d this
afternoon from Charleston by Way of
Jacktl cwllle.
70,000 NoltllAr? Killed, Wounded ami
Ollierwlse Incapacitated Muco die
Washington. D. C, March IS.?Sev?
enty Hinth-aml men Is the number of
Sp j-iish soldiers whia have been killed,
woui.-ded and' otherwise lncap.rc:tatod
for duty during the pres. -nt war In
Cuba. Those figure,'? have been re:
eelvod in this city lectciily from re?
liable sources and ani said to be as
nearly aut'hu itlc as it is possible to r.ib
:uln them without recourse to (.he re?
cords kept by tluy Spanish Oovern
ment. FuSm the slime sourco consid?
erable oilier In formation, hearing oh
the mlfiteiry strength of Spain and her
dependencies Is tibtalned. The pn.-s
o.-.CI force of Spain in Cuba is as fol?
lows :
Regulars, 13r,,(loo. Of this cumber it
Is estimated that 80,000 of them are
effeciijVij for military purposes. They
are distributed .throughout the island
us fldlows:
About 25,000 are In the two eastern
provinces of Saivtj:r,i:i do Cuba und
Puerto Principe and the remui'n'ler a.m
In the province of Ssinjta Clara, Maiian
san, Huvana nud Pinan- del Caiba.
Tihere cire about 30,000 members In
wti.il. Is knowi.:i as the voluiptcijr. army.
'These '3I.-C mostly in the ? proviaice of
Haviiita. nrrd aro largely in the na
ture of lro.me guards, corresponding to
our Sitite mil I tin. Then? are 55,000 men
who are not effective for military duty
from various causes.
The strength Of the Spanish army at
frame ahd including her neirhy posses
alone Is 100,000 men. which it?, times of
demand for additional soiTTTrs inay he
ln.irear.ed as XoUvws: Wirst reserve,
fdi.OOO; second reserve, 100,000, all of
whom are instructed In military tac?
tics; and a second ren-rve wf.'.t'.iiih Is nnt
i.'i3truct?d, or 800,000 men, making In
all a grind total (ft 010,000 men Since
these figures were, received bore, re?
cent drafts of 15,000 men t<ci strengthen
vh army in Onba leaves only sr.,000 m?a
of Spain's regul.iV arirtyi maw In the
porultmifar, the Baleahlo Islands, the
Spanish pa-svisions Iti North ACrlca
aiv'i the Canary is-Xinds.
In the Phlllippine Islands Spain has
.??hi army of :t2,i)00 ine'.ns which Includes
.-about 16,000 natlxvi tructpi, Qeveral
regiments of tl-jfe latter wore dl?ba?ded
during the time of war. If Is said that
they are <?f little use to the Spanish
Vi rnnveul. Im Porto Jtlvo there n.re
5,000 Ei;ain!sii troops, which In |he event
<T Ii i-isllltlcs cmild he suipplemented by
4,000 volunteers.
u a i.M x<i fc.it l?tkitvi r.wr.i>.
TheKllnntlon in t'ubn simply Imto.
Woshing'tun. March 18.?Senator Oal
linser was at the Capltoli lo-daiy for
the ilrst time since his return from
Cn'ba. 'When requested1 to make n
statemen't as to G?ls oflisorvathiiiH on
the condition of affairs on tb.w. Island,
he responded) "You oiro c'tg.n iny
name 10 any picture you maty dr.nwt of
utter wretehednc.-is, destitution and
hc'.lishi-i.'ss In that country. The o:t
illtlon .(if affiii ., ?o far as 1 hafa an
opportunity to obteerve It, and I wjaii
only in Ha vail a and Mat inzas, Is slm
irily Indescribable.
"With respects to the mllStnip atsipeot
bfuiffalrs In Oifbn, I saw notha-ig which
Imipessed me wiith Urae Idea than Spain
knows much aihoiiv mod'On 'wniTiure.
The sobers I saw are riot drilted ns
our Boidietu m:e. Indeed, they lack
every clement or soldierly hearing,
lanvitover may be Raid of their merits
as tight ens. The drills that 1 witness?
ed wi :e n tiviivcsty on modenr.i military
ideal While thtci were unidergolng]
their evolution's the seidl^ra were t ilk
lug to each other and smoking n?
f.:eely and1 lymconcenriedty as tt.uy
w.>ti'ld do In their own mess rooms.
"Naturally I'heie was much talk
about tha .Ma'1 i.> disaster, and aw far
ns I cotif.?' ii-certaln from my ooriy-iir
isatien wriih Americans acrkl viilili those
not entirely under t'ho Influence ear the
8pj.irki.r-ds, the opinion was universal
that the Mai:..- bail been dcs-trooi:d by
an external agency, and almost every
pen-son with whom I 'discussed the sub?
ject, in Cuba ixpcclw ih.i't the Undings
of ih.. Amifrlccci court of Inquiry will
substantiate this view."
It tin ami ttrnilst reels Itevlew <?r lins?
I it ess fur Hie Week.
Now York", .March lS-dtradytr tO
morpciw will snv:
The aggregivt;- volume of the coun?
try's business o.int'lnucs sufficiently
large to fallow of favoralbl ? comparisons
with past periods aillke in 'this and In
pn.ling y ais Aside from a Mulcting
in demand at few Uudlmtg Kastern nuir
k'-:s, where uncediilnty ?s to th ? i ut
CDme of foreign complicatems Is ad?
vanced i i- ;l reason for unwillingness
to 'oiivlaairk in new business, the s!>tua
tion Is one possessing nearly all of the
fttvorable features n< ted for s*:ime time
past. The best repott.'s as to distribution
In leading l!: i.,s c:m ? from the Central
West and the Northwest. Favorable
wtitither has improved dislrlbutlarj of
dry go'iis, clothing, mllV'.riea.ry, build?
ing mnitierkils, agricultural Implemei.i.'s
and nearly all other products forming
staple article spf consumption nm:?::?;?
th'.', prosperous farming community.
Southern Irani manufacturers are nc
tlve. aind fruit OJ?d ycgotable ?shlpmetV.'s
promise ni'ke tiit be early amd heavy.
Favoratbl-e features of t\vs. country's
geheraj trade sltualiam are summed mi
in lLberal shipments of leading cereals,
unprecedcinited totals of exports at New
York, f-. wer busir.etss Seillures and slight?
ly forger bank clearings, Prfces have
moved irregularly during the week. Th
position of print c> iths Is :i very de?
pressed or.?e, prices during the past week
reaching the lowest nuotnitlon ian re?
cord. Whflc low grade eclJtons have
been weak, the medium and limi r grades
have, howeV'i r, malntieilnctl prices, as
have n'.so ti.'iffee, sugur, molasses, iron
and clipper and raiw woeil.
Wh nt exports are sma.lier than last
wes'k. but cor.nidarably liecger than In
correnpondlng iperlods of preced-'cti;
years, aggregiaiting 3,625,684 bushels,
a gains! 4i484,000 bushels last week,
r,C2S>,000 bushels last year, 592,000 bikdi
ls In 1806 and 2,998,000 bushels |n 1895.
C rn ?,xj|)pil.'s Eoccceded those or last
* Hi, liggroR fil-ng' 3,918,000 bushels,
ngnlnsi 3.285..0P0 bushels Iii the preced?
ing week. 6,989.999 bush is last yd . ?,
1,802,000 bushels i:: is'M apd 486,000 bush''
els In F895.
Business fl-.,;ur.s in tli.-, United Stn-ies
th'.s week number 2:i:! ns against 247
last week. 2,11 in the corresponding
w ek ? f IS'ar. 300 In' KSflC and 252 in 1895,
L1 title encouragement isippears in the
marktet' f,:'' cotton goods, wiah print
cloths sixleen'.h leaver thi in a. week
ago, and standard grades under ?i?.hl
by many of less elate. The demand Is
large, but not huge e.toug'h. In Wf-ole.-,
goods, on tic contrary, the material
a lvrniec in price has raised the only
obstacle ".t) increased transaC'tii^ns, and
somewhat frequent concOllatilohs indl
eate that dealers have li;en disa'ppo'ir.'t
ed !::? their dilsbrlbuKCcni The small
jHieldlhg b.'j v\v,ol may result in a, preaiier
reeling If this tendency In thu n.i;mu
facturc continues.
Failures for ' the week have been 20S
in '.the United Stall's, ngalmst 216 lost
ymr, and 27 in, O.-iaada, agalnot 50 last
Hawkins Says i Is MM II
Hell Be Eiecinfl.
Hot. Tyler Coming to Tl<iown(cr-Col?
oretl Ilv|tiililicitua F.iiiiorHo Joliii II.
. Mil J Hi for Register- I'ol. Wlcklllliil
Will Itmi for ConirresM-ftioltf Nook
emCioinic to ISi-IiIhIi Columbia.
Ritehmond, Va., March IS, 1S98.
Governor Tudor expects lo leave
?l<cir.Klay cm lii.-j trip to Tidewater. Ha
wlH ape ml a> week in that section in or?
der to gather information concerning
t'toa oyster question, especially with
roterence .to the wishes icif. tt-.ia people
?aw lo ?i'ao should be appointed to the
State Hoard of Fish??;?. Tho^Vj:;
whor will lie at Newport Nows neX'i.'-;
Saturday fo witness the launching otf
the Kentucky airkl Kearsarge. lie has
ssnt inviiuitlons t'ci the staff to meet
Mm tli ere.
A mejt'lng of ocilored Ru;tuib'.ilea.r.h
?wuw held hurc to-Viay and John H.
Sino'Uhe, of this city, wau endorsed for
Ucgl.-iter of Ilka Treasury lo succeed the
lute Blanche K. Itruce. Smyt.he Iis in
ex-CMkr.il&tcr to Liberia and I? one of
t'he brightest men nnrong hid tace.
Attoivniy Generali Mcintague hao
reached no conclusion as to the stepa
he will fake In prden to ascertain
whetbier or not the posHlani of Register
of the Land Ofllps has been abolished.
He has been busy in court for a day
or Han', hut will give his atleibttoti to
the Register's case to-mfcrrow;
iSuperint.i.xlent of Public In.-itrtrctlom,
J, \V. Sciuthall, has received a letter
from the Wcniaii?' Christian Tempo:
ance Union of thl? city, asktag him to
lix a da;t'e 'when ho will receive ai com?
mittee from that bodiy. 'Hi? hat? named
March SO, The ladles did not say wit ait
the objoab of their call would be, but
it is presumed n'.-.nt' they wSi'h to im?
press on the S?t:?rlrib?tndeht tiie neces?
sity of having pu'blic school chlMiron
Instructed In hygiene, cspe'elaMy with
refCTOitire bei the effects cl.1 ailcohQl on
the human syetem.
Ii i? said Col, W. F. Wlckhcum, the
chairman of tho Republican Commit?
tee (Limb fnotfcKid maiyi be ? candldsito
for Congrj-ra in Foujtihi Dl'sfrlct next
fall, lie has since his marriage a few
yeacfl :ngo, resided in Pawhainn acwr.r
ty and has his laiw olllce In Richmond.
Hon. T. C. Pllchex, tiie veteracii mem?
ber uf tho House or Delegates from
Faun, tiler, will probalbly run for Con?
gress in the Klghih DlMi'Ict next fait.
1L,:-.. 3. F. It.xey Is the present repre?
sentative, bu: it ia generally concedes
that he willl not be relutin?d. Mr.
Plkf.??r will nrakc a red hot canvass
if he decides lid.enter the light'.
There will lie recount M the v.ivta
cast. In this city for Commissioner of
th.' Revenue A maJorS.'y or -iho mem?
bers Cif the City Democratic committee
ha v..-* pr-'inl'sed to vote Cor It. Mr. O. A.
Hawkins, the defeated candidate, will
iile his p 't'jfion .Uo-morrow. He says
he is cnnfldont that the new cou.v.t will
elect him. Mr, Hiaiwklna does not and
will not ( barge fraud, but he claims to
have evl'doritjc that serious clerical er?
rors were made.
Hundreds of dollars changed hands
on the result' of the primary election.
0. ao gentleman who struck the en t Ina
combination won fl.700. Scores of t>its
of $100 were mild?.
Delegate Harry B. Owen, of the Man?
chester district, has ivcently decided to
become a candldaitis for Senator in 1809.
lb succ ed Mr. Flanagan. Mr. Owen
Is one of the mosl popular me.m in the
Hons..' and the Democrats of his district
say he Is tho very man to put up to
defect Mr. Flmr.ugan, Jha Republican
leader, himself a, very popular man.
AiS 2:16 1 iclock to-morrow afternoon
about fifteen of the sturdiest young
citizens of Virginia will Haare by way
of the. Chesapeake maid Ohio railway for
British Columbia, there to d*lve in the
ciartlh for gold. The p?fflty has been mak?
ing preparations for ithe tr'.'p for months
past, a.txl wMI be amply provided with
stores of all kinds and mining mach in
ry. The expedition goes out under can*
1. 'racL with the British-American Mining
?and Trading cpmpairoy, of Baltimore,
Md.. and will work the Robertson Pinn
eer mine, naiM tio be tont of thi' richest
in that section. Dr. C. OB. Woodley, of
North Carolina, who accompanies bhe
ou'.lt. will 1' ok after the' pihysical well
b Ing of tho party. T.m addition to these
mentioned a number of others are
expected lo Join 'them on the way, i.r.r
eludlng three mWVfrs of lex'pea-ience. The
Rritish-i American Cold i.Mlning Bind
Trading eompi.iniy, under the- aunpices
? if which l.ihc expedition g:*?s out, Is said
?li t he or.ie of th? most substantial con?
cerns of Its kind In 'the cou.r.iLry.'
St. Louis, Mo., March IS.?A siiec'ial'
lo 'the 'Republic flroirn Ctnllas, Tex.,
says: Officc-rs nb Terrell have three
bus'nes.1* men of Wills Point under ar?
rest, charged! witlhi cotlir.n swindllr.lg
through bogus bills of badlcg. The
prisoners are James l^ybrand, a
banker; J. L. Cheathnm, a piano
bivrter, and K. T. CMatthews, Cheat
haim's iiuslattiiiL The charges arc
brought by S. M. Bond, a cotton buyer
of San AutK'jnio, wihlji aaij-s tl.at th?
swindle was originated and oixnated
by Lybrand.
Lybrand is out om heavy londs und
the two lolher meirj are in Jaa at Terrell.
Prlnoft Bismarck will celebrate on
March 25th th'J. 60th anniversary of his
er.'tcrinig l'.he Prussian array.

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