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North Carolina
Conference of Officials Held at Greens?
boro Yesterday.
I'coTsnn Very S?rc Bocnnso ot Coltl
wcII'm ArbUmry Aollbii? Tlie
tuitstoi-Hliip - An Important Uulinit
l?y tlie Attorney tioiii'ral-tiovci'ii?
or conlvrs ? Uli ??'. Mol?,
(Rnleigb. KT. C. March is.?(?pec!nl)
At Greensboua yesterday there was a
very Important conference, lasting oil
day, hiUwecn Presldeite Spencer ?nd
Viw President Andrews, of tie- South?
ern iuilwny, and W. 11. Day. of counsel
ifor Governor Russell, regarding ttic
lease of tlie Ailan:le nsa? North Car .Una
mil way :?> 'lie f atthern;
?pencir uhci Andrews were jj.tixlous
to carry at the original pr< posX'lon as
It cam- froth Governor Russell. They
< PJ ct that piirt of th ? pi' iposed let?
ter by Governor lias-tell which 5? ?? de?
parture from his original terJ.'atiye pro
1> sltlon. Tu y have agreed that Gov?
ernor Russell .--aall wii.' oj letter which
they think covm's the ground, thai Is
O.A'ers every purpose of the Gi voynor,
ibuk' does not llngrar.iily Inject the rail?
way ma l.er Into politics. They will can
seiit that tlv ? Oovem-rtr write a lett r
in which ha will state thai.1 he pre?
ferred that the Legislature should deal
with thes matt MS, but that 't'he ben
eilelail Interests Involved for the State
?are such thai he advises Che Kail-way
Commissi at to resc'.'iid the reduction
of passcng' r rates and take no further
steps until the meeting of th'.?. Lrgl.sYa
tur'e. If your correspond, ic is oorv ctly
Informed, und he th'.'ttits he i's, then th,i\.
Is no reason why the Governor should
mat ucc.de to fills request aril thus end
this litigation; because, setl.lctn-'ni ? u- no
settlement, the Legislature htts pawor,
to act. .My ilrifornia.mt was in Gnsehs
iboro yesterd'.y and gives tlv. t'xaii.
fitalus of this very Interesting situation,
which Involves no less thitin three mat
?ters?the stoppage of th. (!? vernor's
fight against the 1m~'. .,f the North
Carrllna railway, the revocation of yes
?terdtiy's action i:n reducing passenger
jvtites and the making of a :tO yoiir l?se
of the Atlant'.'.* and North Carolina
raihvuiy to nhe Southern for thirty
iwars at 2% bw cent, iier annum op
the capital si'. k and th" bonded del,:
of the ro.ul, giving the S.nte $30,000 a
ye.ir, and insuring Co perf ct main
iiewnmv r the .\Vla:i'.le atnd North
Carolina railroad.
Treasurer Worth who Is wrapped up
in th:' idea of the lease of the latter
road, says he -f mis the w hole matter
is off. Revenue Q.iltector ??.rl Dunovn
says be takes the same view s'Jttuo
yewterday's action, as h;< docs u-c-t be?
lieve the 'Southern desires t-lic road,
dint neither Worth nor Du: . in knew
?'f the facts developed since ii1i-> confer?
ence .at Greensboro yes I irday.
pi ttiU n convicts fr in one of the
Roatioke farms 1*1 ive nrriv -I ,'. th:
?penlti mi.?.?.?>? to work in the brick yards i
a:-, I shirt fa<t ry, and ? like number of
new cenvicts have been sent to the
Hallway Ooniml'ssloner Pearson n-p
?1? la.rs to !?:? rather sore hetichtse < ??
Chairman Caldw. ll's ?.cflon yesterday
In refusing to adopt a '?judgment" in
the mail Vr of the reduction of passor.i
gor rates. As matters now stand there
ts He- "p.eord" of th - reasons why the
redueO.ca was m il. -in other w irds it
?was mi arbitrary action, so ,i speak
Pearson thinks he has gol his "Judg?
ment" on the record, bit) lawyers Kay
they are ir.i no wise a part of ::. I;
said th.. <;. w rror knows >'Jhe aim ' thing.
Cs*'iw.theni, the question arises, can the
action of the commissioners st Mid the
test of .the counts when th ? railways
?bring injunction proceedings?
Or.ie of the rpirstl. ms asked is. will
?five Populists spK't? They fear Demo?
cratic Influences?-tha t is itlhose of Re?
publican procllV.'jMes have that fear.
{Republicaiiis ore now staying "we will
bug '.the Populists," i ill tl-.i- RepuhK
can organ to-day says: "Our id, a i;(
fusion i? that when illl is though! best
to cuominate Populists the lac.'- r sh.mid
choose, t'iieir men and every Hepuldiean
ehouL'l vote for thorn, tvnd Wlieii it j
When a young couple runs away to Ret
married half the world says : " How
Romantic !" the other half says: " How
silly!" But you can't tell cither way
, until tlie " honey-moon " is over. When
this young couple gel .settled down to the
regular huih-druui of life, they'll manage
all right and find solid happiness in any
case, if they have good hearts and sound
health. All depends on that.
It's wonderful how much health has to
do with married happiness. Sickness af?
fects the temper. You can't be happy
nor make others happy if you're ailing.
When you find yourself irritable, easily
worried, beginning to "run-down" it's
because your blood is getting poor. You
need richer blood and more of it. Your
hlood-nial: ing organs need to be vitalized
by Dr. Pierce s Golden Medical Discov?
ery. It imparts new power to produce
an abundance of the healthy, red corpus?
cles, and gives you a fresh supply of
pure, rich blood. It's a blood-creator;
it is for everyone whose blood is impure
or in a poor, " run-down " condition. It
prevents the germs of disease from get?
ting a hold on your system. Even after
disease is settled on you, it is driven out
by the blood-creating properties of the
"Discovery." It is a perfect cure for
general and nervous debility, catarrh,
malaria, eczema, erysipelas, scrofula and
every form of blood - disease. It is'nt
called a consumption-cure but even con?
sumption,? which has its roots in the
blood?is driven out by the "Golden
Medical Discovery" if taken in time.
The "Discovery" is the prescription
cf one of the, most eminent physicians
: and medical wVitcrs in this country.
expedient' to ir.onvina.te Republicans 'aho
latter slv:\uld name the men anil the
Populists should support them without
l-cg-a.rd 0:i their flwirjchsd. views. In
other words, follow^Uho Gulden Rule?
"Do unto others as'ye would that they
should cfc unto you."
The heaping us to t'he application flrir
a receiver Tor the Western NortOi Caro?
lina, railroad Is posiponed until Miarcli
2r>th. The l?\;deral Court "has been sent
the transcripts by ihe clerk of Rownrn'
Superior Court. Judge tMcIvur, of ?Mhe
State Count, ei?nt un order restraining
the clerk ftx>m certifying the t-rai.-.s
gcrlpt-s, hut ti was too late.
It is how learned that G'overnor Rus
?ell senjii for Dr. J. J. .Molt to come heni
Sno.luy on business connected with the
PdpuHstl conference rif this week.
M?v. lt. S. RiVes, pasitor of a colored
.Methodist eJrurdh tut Fayettovllle. ?ftere
?his services to Who Governor as chnp
la.Va of a regiment of e.ilored tn;ops for
war with Spain. "
The Executive ConimiMtee of the penl
tonthwy is ia burden -to Supt3rlDteridient
M. iv.bouriic Just, aii It was to John It.
Srwl'Uh. Mew.bourne thl'iiks some of Ms
duties, particularly -as ui> iipprovi.-.il of
hi?s, unnecessary and delaying.
'tttc matter of the inns-fmasters-hip at
Raleigh enmc-s up 'lip-njorrow tit Wash
X".?'ti>n tofore Senuttdr Prl'Liohard. .lehn
Niohi-tls, C. T. Bailey Bind A. W. Shaf?
fer have gece Hi ore. They are the
avowed aspirants) J. D. Hi'll Is ah-i.i
an aspirant.
The Attorney-General ma do a ruling
i i-day thai where -a perKim flnnd for
con tern piJ of court and Mij line ?Ss'oolr
Ice ted i nil paid in anid the Judge re?
mits it, it requires a E-peclal act of iive
Legislature to secure -t?te refunding of
the tine.
An lander. N. C. March IS.?(Special)
?lion, John O. FeCcher, United States
speciittl examiner for t'he Pension Bu?
reau, wits Ii ere yostierday on business.
Rev. O. L. Stri'.-glleld, financial ng-cir.it
or Mie StolUi Baptist Female Univer?
sity, passed through our town this
evcirihig on his way ?1 Btohlchem.
where he will preach' to-morrow.
A g. ? rl many of our people have at?
tend.! Hie revival am Chowan church,
Wlrolon, conduea^l by Evangelist J. E.
Hutson tills week.
Dr. 10. H. Horton, speclnfl examining
surged i .1 ?a,:t this point for the Pension
Bureau, wenCI to Kelfotyi today on piicr
fossional business.
Mr. William 'Prit chard, from the
county, relumed from Baltimore- this
evening, lie went there ^revera.l days
ago on a business trip and will on'licr
the Baltimore Dewxtl College next
Little Ahcuc Dunniir.ig, the -l-year-old
daughter i if Mr. R. J. Dunning, while
walking icm the ?in^els 'tio-day, fell acd
dislocated her collar bone, breaking
Die clavicle. Dr. Hnrrell wins itnmc
d'aUMy summoned and dresseo the
won nil.
Mr. W. H. Taylor went to Norfolk
tliis morning on a short burtoess Trip.
Farmers around here are selling a
quaihtlilty Pif peanuts. Mr. George W.
Lasslter shipped BOO bugs brrday and
Others are Shipping a good number,
hopkntg for am advance in prices by the
.lime they get in market.
Washington, N. C, March IS.?(Spo
l-'.il)?A mam named Gibbs from Hyde
eotioty, f,.il overboard a iv'.glvt or two
ago nind was drowned, lie ?hid csnme
In . in a fish bonli n.nd was supposed to
have beccf Intoxicated^
On the ICI.li tho inflsstt dauglv:m- of
Mr. .1. B. Moore died of measles, which
are pirv-.tilling.
'Hey. Mr. (Sales, evn-agidl^t-. is crr.::i- |
dueling a. series of meetings here. lie
h is large audiencos ami much Interest
Is being mawifu&tedi
Mr. .1. II. Flake !s filling u factory
;?> rrau'ti truck barrels, fish and truck
?."VX< - and Crates. He will hi:ive it In
runnfcig order {n a few days.
Rev, Ma. k!i.aisle Spear, of Ft. Mar
l< n. I'm,., has uccopie'd' a call from
prime of the Churches of Christ in
Hydii couiviy acid pasaed Miirough here
? a route lo his lield of labor. Mr. Spear
Is a graduate of H.-;iiany C*.illege of
?Mr. J. .7. Hickoy. in>te of Elisabeth
city, has accepted a position with the
Eureka Lumber company.
The WashlnpOMi Placing mill has
s'.iM'tetl up and is managed by Mr. W.
]|. Ed-wnrds.
Dr. Blllllngcr (C. N. Jones & 6:1) Is
erecting ivotks id the West End for the
n 1 i--.tif i-.tiire of chemical*;.
Mrs. 11. Susman, formerly of South
it. is critically ill.
T'he gas compaoiy is busy ptr.iting in
? i'.ii ',r works and expect, to light us up,
1I.1Z A IIF. I'll ? I I T.
EllKWbeth City. N. C, March 18.?
(Special) - Miss Margurlto Hullo well is
vis.'.'lng trXirjds In Edonton.
br. PenJck will shortly begin a sc?
ries of revival m'cotlngs a:' the Baptls-t
uhurc h.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Clark, of
Phll'.idr-Iph'la. ace visiting Mrs. Judge
Brooks, on South U< :u\ street.
Dr. W. F, Howry, -the proprietor t-if
'lihe new Op-ra House, is arranging to
have 121 number of the foremost plat?
form ora?tors of the country lecture
here. The ever popular Tom Dlxdn
will he the llrst.
1M1V.1 ,uglv Easter does or I cfOim Urttlll
April 10th, th-e feminine mind is al?
ready busy with plains for millinery
and other personal advantages for tlhoi
and other pcrs-onal adornment) for that
OCCftSi in.
There will he 131 festival at. pho Mason's
hall to-n'.ght.
Plyn.i nth. N. C, March IS.?(Special)
? Mrs. A. R. Duprce returned home yes?
terday uftornoc.r.' from Norfolk.
?Mr. Fred Dunstar.i of Elizaheth QAy,
P3rsed Ihrcugh our town yesterday en
roul"? itij Windsor.
Mr. J. A. Ches-son, i \f Roper, tvaa in
'.i.iwn yesterday.
Miss Jennie Brinkley, of Riper, Is
the guest of Miss Nona Brinkley.
Mr. 10. D. Mo0a.be returned home yes?
terday afternoco from a (:\v aMiys' trip
to Norfolk.
Mrs. A. W. Manr/rig left this mornlc.tg
f .r Eden.1 ,11 to visit her daugi?lcr, Mrs.
W. F. Durfey.
Mrs. T. A. Vail returned honie yes?
terday from Balt'lrnirre.
Tvd'/nton, N. C. M^arcb Is.?(Special)
?Rev. K. H- Pvt.vn-.pjian, an Armenian,
la expected here to-morrow and will
preach- ni:i Oho Bapttet church. Sunday.
Next week ho will glvo Hlustroited lecv
turesi dap Armenia, Turkey awd Con?
stantinople. He comes highly recom?
mended by n number of noted divfriea.
Mr. W. S. PendleUcui went to Cam
dew ycE-terdity on professional business.
Mrs. J. C. BorJd mourned ci? tihe noon
train yesterdny from 'the hospital at
Baltimore, where she bae been . for
treatment for several weeks.
Miss Ida. Klchaixlts'on, of NLVfolk, Is
vlsl'ting relatives here on Broad tfUretfti.
There will bo speciail services at the
M. K. church Sunday night by the
W. C. T. U.
Mrs. L. Li. Brlnkley leaves to-day for
Norfolk 'to visit relatives.
Mrs. J. A. YVh'Ue, of Norfolk, Is hero
on a risflfl ito frlcirxls.
?I i.it ? s l> 1! u.
Hertford. N. C, March IS.?(Special)
?Mr. W. T. McMullen went to Norfolk
yes>t>?rcki-y and returned la?t n!gh't\
Mr. J. Ii. Saunders went 1)0 Norfolk
Dr. DiSfVId Cox is very 111 fnrim a
sudden llli.-'ess^
.11 ore Cotton .1Enrk?lc<l During file
I'nvtttix Months Titan liver lleforo
in I he History or lite Trade.
New Orleuiras, La., March 18.?Secre?
tary Hester's sla-X-moivt of the world's
visible supply,?f cotton matle up from
special nable und 'telegraphic advices,
compares tihe figures of this week with
kiutl week, laeb ycttr ah*d On 1895, the
h.'.i.er t'he 9,101,000 crop year. It shows
a decil a-se during the week just closed
of 113,116 bales, against a d-eerease la.st
year -cf 103,1117 tir.id deeicase of SO,835
In 1895.
The ti.alal visible 1? 1,170,27S bales,
ag'tiOne.L 4,283,394 la.sti week, li,552,220 larfa
year and 4,620,393; 'In 1S95. Of Lhis Uhe
trual c,f American cotton is 11,889,278
bales, against 4,002,391 last week, 3,131,
926 last year and 4,302,193 in 1S95, nnd
of nil other kiir.ids-, IceliuTlng lOgyp'tt
BrawM. Indfet, etc., 2S1.000 bales, <3|ga4net
281,000 linst week, 420,300 last year and
318.200 in 1895.
T'he 'total world's visible supply of
cr'.tUm shows a decrease compared with
last week or 113.116 bales, an ictcrela.-r
ccm'wired -with lasti year >:if 618,052 a.nd
v decrease compa.red with 1S95 of 450,
115 bales.
The nuvs-t Interesting feature in Sec?
retary Hester's weekly New Orleans
Cotiton 10xcb:inge suatemer.'tl, issued to?
day, is that lit shows more cot'ton mar?
keted dnring he six months acd eigh
teci.M days 'tlhat have elapsed of tth'.s
sen son -than has ever boen moved in
any year kirriwn to -the history of the
trade. In -inund figures 9,975.000 bales
have been brought Into sight this sea;
son. while the largest! commercial crop
hen?toi\ire recorded (tbtttt of lS94-'95)
was 9.901.000 bales, the next largest crop
was 9.035,000 in the year 189l-'92 and
tihe 'third largest was S.S5S.000 in
The movement teito sight for the past
week compared with the s;ven days
ending this dale last year, in round
ligures, shows ao incrase of 81,000 bales,
an Increase over the sa'me days year be
0 ??:? last of 99.000, and over !h". mini-:
i.'lme in 1S95 of 131,000. For the IS days
of March 'the totals sIicj-.v an Increase
over last year of 197,000, an Increase
over the same period y.:ar bs-fopf. last
253.000 and ewer 1895 of 113,000.
Fbr l.'he 199 days of the season thai
have elapsed the aggregate is ahead ~f
199 d'.-.y.s or last yej.r. 2.105.000 a'b.ad of
the sain-, days year beTore laffc', 3.695,000.
i;md of 1S95 by 1,016.000.
The amount brought liulo sight tlur
Itt'g the past week has been 171,061,
it'galnst 00,506 for the seven days ehdl'r.ig
this dale last yoar, 72.058 yovr before
last aind 157,783 same time, in 1K95, and
for l.'he 18 days .if March it r.i-ta been
155.150. against 258,294 Inat year, 202,373
y:ar lie Pare last, ?.nd 3-12.520 same time
In 1SS5, Those make the toti.jj mo v; men I
for the 199 days from Soph nth >r 1st to
date 9,075,418, tugalnst 7,870,391 tewi year.
6,280.637 year b fore last a.hd 8,929,432
same time ir.i 1895.
Tae moviment since September 1st
shows ree.-.ipt's at all Fnited Sta.tes
potts 7.825.573, against 6,2:il.ou hui.
year. 4.671.172 year before ln.st, Kind
7,138,796 same time in 1895; ov:r the
Mississippi, Ohio amd Potomac rivers to
Northern mills nnd Canada. 1.052.20:i.
?.gainst 762,7715 last year, 701.201 y ay be?
fore last 2fl)d 935,917 same timo tn> 1895.
I.r.iterlbr slock in excess Of ?'hose hold
a; the elos-. of the commercial year
362,675. nga>inat 175.635 last year; 281,169
year b!.fore last and 277.215 mi me. time
in 1895. Southern rhfcM takings, exclusive
?I* consumption at Southern outsorts,
731,967. r.ga'r.st 700,967 I nt year, 621.092
year before last and 577,501 same Urn*
l.rj 1895.
F'.reign exports for the w.-.ek hav.
been 170.665. Qij;airnt 107.708 last year,
making the total Uhus far for the season
-.916.060, a gm! nst 4,971,694 last y.o.r, an
Increase of 911.366.
Northern mill takings during the pas:
Seven days show an |.::?aivase of 48.142
as compared wMh the o^rrespondlrtg pe
r'< il last year, and their tcl.Bl takings
sine - Sept-.;nb"r 1st h wo increased 529.
837. The totpd t-aklngs of Anv.rican
mills. North and South and Canada 1'hus
fair for the sraso.ni have been 2,711,214.
against 3,144,384 last year Thes? in?
clude 1.958,264 by NodJherri spinners,
aga.insl 1,428,427.
Stocks at the stiabonrd and -the 29
hading S iithorn interior centres have
decreased during the week 90.714, against
a decreisse dm i-'g thf o-Trespor, ling pe?
riod last scanm of 59.208. and are now
372.271 In cxe.ss f-.f this dir.- Infi;' year.
Including stacks left 0vcrr.1t ports and
interior towns from the last crop and
thr number of bales brought !nt 1 sight
I.OlUS far for th .ri'W crop, Iflle supply to
date is 10.091.972 agatat 8,208,940 for
the same period last year.
Rort,"Vyiiite Hands with Shapely Nails, r.nxn
riant Hair with Clean. Wholesome Scalp, pro?
duced foy CuTicuuA Soap, tho uiosteffcotivo
skin pnrifylii]; and beautifying soa)> in tho
world, an well as purest (Ulli sweetest, for
toilet, hath, and nursery. The only preventive
of inilammatinn ami eloprgiiif: of the POKES.
MM ikrmftMi
We l'r?|H . n 1M0?, V. S. A.
II .? I . I' urlfv i.i'.-l |t?aWliy III,
ft C.?y.
-nl|t ADl
^pther Members of the Family as Warmly Advise Use of
Pane's Celefy Compound.
Few men in. this CMtnl&y-wit < have liv?
ed to "clear the eight-barred b \ic which
not many conic In Bight of, and fewer
go over," have on j- (jed m Ire of fho
bloss-j-.g of a long, actlv ?, well-spent
tftie t.hat Pa'll&k A. 1) .nah. j, the
founder of IC'.?a Boston Pilot.
In ovry city, village and IwimliL*
through- ut the several cities and terri?
tories of the Unlcim where the Irish
Am ?r'.van people have SEttled, th? name
of Patrick Donahue is spok,-<n .\,'..h res?
pect;', admiration ami affection,
More than half i century i i." Mr.
Dona hoc established the Pil .. In IS70
i h ? engaged John Boyle O'lt illy. wh.
was i;s brilliant edit' >r for Lwenty y ars.
To every good cause and t every
chuirity he has be. n a generous sub?
scriber. Scarcely a Qniholitt church in
New England thai, has rjot bi a .1 re?
cipient- of his bounty.
fMr. Dona hoe I? now elghty-Klx.
The P (!? -?? !ng open h it r. sen! to
Wells, Richardson & Co., is, j.-, fact,
addressed to the thousands of frlands
all over tCie land, im whos hrarta tur.d
hares Pn'trfcsk Dvnahoe has found ???
larire a sl?ce.
I rccicttly .suffered fnem prostration
brought on by a protracted illness of a
v.-ry trying character, and ad the sug
ge-iiion of frteods who were believers
in your remedy (Paine'a ceDry c m
poUcd) I was induced to give It a triad.
I am happy S5o say that the result was
ny ist satisfoct'dry, and 1 felt Us good
affcel Immediately. Hencs 1 am aid
to recommend its use tn? cases like
mine, where the nervo sysl--.ni, from
nny n V.is ?, Is run down and needs a
reliable tonic,
I am happy '." stai? that tw.i faemh >rs
of my family have us .1 Palne's celery
compound with the most gratifying re
.sulls. ttty daughter-in-l< -,v, Mrs. i>. M,
Donahoe '.'is ree;-X*t ! ihe most pra
nouir.-eed rrsulis fram its use, whilst my
s oi, .1. Frank Donahue, the organist ?
the (.."' t.liedr il, is loud Its pra/.~>:i,
Having Hound i; e< great help in regain?
ing his str-nuth from i.verwjrk in his
Yi s. i bcltcvc in iPnlno's celery com?
Thr?ei-fourths of f'.l th- nch s. pains
and disabilities (hat aged pcrsnr.s suf?
fer fr.-m arise plali t.y frcui retarded
circulUtlon. Tf/.'a .-low b'oi d stream gets
dhbkcd with an accumulation of waste
matter that dcelar s Its presence b
! twl-rtges of rheumatism, lit tuba go, neu?
ralgia! and inability so sie ?;>. All tin s
' ?nnntumd rondV: hs can be corrected
and permanently don'? nwny with by
vlg'o iisly cleans'og th- blood end r';?
ulnting tlte tardy cIiv.ulntloT. Palne's
cirlery Compound !d pro-erhi::entV.'dpa
ble of doing this h yotnl any other rent?
ed v
There' Is n 'thing vague t t'>oul the s.u.
of "g" d h alth" that is pp'imlsrd Ayy
Palne's celery compound aad vouched
for by men and women who have used
if. It me.ivs. among 6thiv things, firm?
er m-rv".-A c- n i;deter rWgestlon, M.vpct
breath and m'ire regular bttvllly fu>r.rt
?tionsl Palne's celery compound ?..eures
th si- wh r other remedies fall, because
lvalue's celery compound is the discqv
cry of n groat physician, who knew nil
thai the school and toxi books
could teach hint, but more]
than i *'.' i . he know sick men j
and w .; as few physicians In
a: iv age have ka.i.vn them. Pr?f. l?d-|
ward 1.0. Phclps, M. IX. liU D., of the
I i irtnioulh medical school, was able to
drive <<?>. disease fp in the system, b?r
cause h,> kn w wh.re the disease was
lodged and h nv to help the exoiv.tory
organs, Instead Of confusing them as
? . many illogical remedies do i.a theiT
. :f rt : ' , ' a use the blood. Palnc's
i dcry compound encourages and
strength ns the Uldr.i;iys and cnalbles
Ihem to cleanse Ifce bleed of its .wapte?
pois nous niatt. rs that are th ?, direct
(i lusa of drowsiness, listlessnbss, mel
anchnlin, blood diseases, wasting sick
r. - heads hes and that general
" an down" condition that opens
the ?1 'or to d.?r.Me organic,
dIs as i ? or 4>:h- heart, kidneys
? o- stnii.li. especial when a
peitron i-: advanced let. years aind li?i
i i?rer ].id ef the ahuinduiht en
?rgy Hint clia-racterisses youth alone.
Pain's celery compound makds the
bio d z\ brlgfit red color, increases its
volume ir.i the arteries Bind (pilekens
its e.lreul iti o and enables a
nerve tired person to sleep
eight or nine (hours at a etrtch
ISvi <ry mam wr t.vtjman -whose
in' rvous strength is at all overtaxed,}
or wh se life Is a busy one In muinyi'
directions, will reel the invl^onaitlng,!
vil.alizing effect or Palme's celery com?
pound, and sta i his or her health mend1
from the first use of this greatest ?itf all
known Invigorators and remedies.
Absolutely and permanently cured in 9 d^ys
by a new scientific and invigorating treat?
ment. No publicity?no injections?no
restraint. Can be given secretly. No " free
treatment" scheme. JJjyj''{'"jj,"!],,Jcd'"* i0
R. A. OlINN. M.D.,
i <?1 East 21st Street, New York City,
Norfolk anil Parispllf
Directory, 1833....
The work on this Directory Is rhclor
way and will bo pushed speedily und suc
ces'sfnlly to completion, and book issued
In rood time by home people.
Do net he deceived by any statements
made to the contrary. I have Issued the
Directory during the past 25 years and
btlllt it up to what It is. and propose to
continue its publication.
Ja27-tf J. Hi ClIATAIONB.
Notice of neeting.
N or folk, Vn., Feb. 23rd, I1-!'?.
A general meeting of the Board of Trus?
tees of the Hospital of St. Vincent c|()
Paul for ihe oloction of officers for the
cn.-uin?? year will be held at the Hospital
Itulldln;', Wood street, eity, on WF.D
NKSDAY, Ms.rch smb. I$9S, between the
hours of 0 ard 11 n, m.
fe23- ANaiOl.lNlJ BICSI.TSY. Secretary.
Tlint ran ho found among llio
standard brands of LIUllilHNGI
Gamao'e & Waller
12 to is PLUME street,
Corner Randolph.
Snio ngents for Higgin son's
"White Cemedl" Wall Plaster,
"Rrooklyn lirldge Krnnd" Itosen
dale Cement, "SehiiTordeckeri"
(Cbitnnn); "Saylor's," (American)
Portland Cements. Pllltlngtoii's
?Excelsior" Mortar Colors.
Also full line Sewer Plpe^ Piro
Clav, Agricultural Linie, Shingles,
VonMohlCo.?2u b
il land yf?o n nnilSidnrtrlnl
uncut ot Iba French Itemed];
CALTHOij free; Ixor.o, ir?) mull
i lotfal guarantee thai (UJ.tuohtiIII ;
STOP lHnehnrae? and Uralmlon?, ;
<'t:Hf. r.,iiil?rrlM-l,, Vi.riroCftc .
and RKKTOKK l.tml VICor. j
It costs you rintblnir to trv It. I
?It linrrl-.nti!-.l'lr.tlnii?li.n.
111,! <i in a nnn-poUwnou*
remedy fur (imiyrrlnrii,
(Ilci'.t, 9 p>- nil :i i ?! r t I.m ii,
Wllltegj n n n a i il r .11 um
chatgnit, or siiir i .i i:. .
lion, Irrllr.lion nr iilrora
tlon <"-f im m:n im muni'
.,oV\'H?tv.v.:OMtuiMtOo. tr?ne*. Mo? ?.iiiIpoeui
\tmkOMOMMMl.0.BBSS ??r ?)"ii:pt?i?.
???;/?.'%. n ii i j?;f- <>r *e?d "' pkdn wrapper
^MuSa&sariS^n I* "'- *,r ' >?^'-, <-??"'??
? *-Jt^eSk?*V 1* Circiilur lent u? imiuui.t
AIM"I'laX ?iAI,;:M-FUTOR& Il.vv.
Jarno? A. Freeman's Sons, Auctioneers, |
423 Walnut und U S. Broad street. !
Philadelphia, Pa,
AT 12 M.,
Al the Exchange, Third und \Talntlt, Phil?
adelphia, Pa.,
31.ST, groas ions, 17.12 net tons- engine 16x18,
holler Cxi2. Porom lory sule.i inu,ri,l2,lft-at
deeds of trust, we shall brocecd to sell
:ii public auction on MONPAY1, ihe 21st
day of March 18.18, at 12 o'clock m., ih|
front or 11\.- Norfolk county conrthouso
door tin' following property, to-wlt:
hear eily of Portsmouth, In Norfolk noun?:
ty, \':i? an the south side of South street]
extended; and known as hd No. Ift accord-*
!ng io m. L. Tnbh's planj recorded with)
the deed of said Tabb to .(no. S. SlubbsJ
and .1. Neville. Heed of trust made hy,'
/.acharhih Taylor and ox, dated the 20Uil
<lav of October 1603, and nf record in the
Clerk's Olllcc o'f No: folk county court la'
H. B, l?r?, n. :i7.v )
Norfolk county, Vtt., and designated as lot!
No 112, lv Street; on Do- plat of the ?'am
postelln Iota of P. Btchardson. Heed of'
1/U81 mad ? he Srf.fth Ash el al., dated
March Ktd, H07, and of record In said
Clerk's oi:ne in i>. i',. job; page 20.
A I-VAU H. M Alt'!'IN,
For EeSrcacy,
for pnr.'ty, and for improvement of the com
Vlcrion nothing equals Pc>::/.ovi'ii Pownr.n.

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